Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills

1772 reviews

633 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia



Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills is a Bakery located at 633 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia. It has received 1772 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills: 633 Bourke St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

  • Bourke Street Bakery Surry Hills has 4.5 stars from 1772 reviews

  • Bakery

  • "I enjoy going to bakery a lot and always exploring new bakeries"

    "Visited the original bourke street bakery in bourke street"

    "The long queue at breakfast or lunchtime is a pretty good indicator why this is a Surry Hills institution"

    "I am a proud Englishman from the north of the country and even I have to admit the pies here are better than back home"

    "I had a lemon curd tart and ginger brûlée tart "


  • Gloria Chan

I enjoy going to bakery a lot and always exploring new bakeries. I know Bourke Street Bakery is actually quite famous and have several shops so I decided to give it a go. Beef brisket pie The crust is very nice. You can taste beef brisket pieces and they go so well with mushrooms. Taste even better with ketchup. Creme brûlée It is very VERY nice. The ginger taste is not strong. Goes SO SO SO well with the tart. The tart itself is a bit thick to make you can taste the tart. Lemon curd tart It is filled with curd but it is too lemony to me. I think it’s the same tart pastry as the creme brulee so it’s alright. Pork sausage roll I actually expect a lot but then it disappointed me. Tbh the sausage is juicy and nice. The roll is also ok. However they couldn’t combine well together. Olive sourdough (not jn picture) One of my favourite sourdough. If you go to the bakery, there is no way you not buying it. SO JUST BUY IT. The sourdough is not hard at all. Olives give very nice taste to it. Almond croissant (not in picture) It really disappointed me. I’m not sure is it an accident but what. The pastry is bad. The filling is bad. The toppings is also bad. I almost couldn’t finish it. My standard: 1 star: the worst, not worth eating 2 star: bad because of either taste or portion or not worth it 3 star: it’s ok but I’m not going back 4 star: it’s good and I might be going back 5 star: I love it and I will definitely go again

  • Manikandan Sigamani

Visited the original bourke street bakery in bourke street. Very small place around the corner, but very beautiful exterior with the plants around the top floor, and very quiet corner to enjoy the good food. Ginger brulee tart is truly life changing, the first bite almost made me cry, it was so tasty I didn't want it to finish and at the same time, I just want to finish it, so that I can move on with my life. Pork fennel sausage was fresh and noteworthy but ginger brulee takes all the credit. Each one is handmade, flame thrown on the top to get the crispy layer on top. The staffs are super friendly and helpful and shared the stories of the places. There are recommended foods, this one is to die for, non-negotiable.

  • Damien Chan

The long queue at breakfast or lunchtime is a pretty good indicator why this is a Surry Hills institution. Definitely a must visit if you are looking for pastries, bread or a coffee. The pies, sausage rolls, and croissants are excellent and if you have a sweet tooth I recommend the chocolate sour cherry cookie, lemon curd tart, and the ginger crème broulee are excellent choices. It’s takeaway only so grab a picnic rug and enjoy the food nearby on the grass. And to avoid the long queue, best to go before 12pm!
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  • David Wild

I am a proud Englishman from the north of the country and even I have to admit the pies here are better than back home. We got a chicken curry pie and a lamb Harrisa sausage roll and they both blew my mind. Pastry is excellent and flavoursome without being greasy, fillings are terrific. Juicy, well seasoned, adventurous. These were top top notch pies. Coffee was also delicious and the home batch cold brew was awesome. We took ours onto the grass just across the road and ate in the sun and it was a wonderful morning Get yourself here for a pie!

  • Melissa Ang

I had a lemon curd tart and ginger brûlée tart . Love how the ginger tart tasted. It’s not overpowering sweet nor the texture is different. It has a delicate crispy texture and crunchy top layer. Overall it was good. Not the fan of the lemon tart, although the lemon in the middle is so smooth, the pastry is crunchy and perfectly blended not too sweet. I still prefer the ginger. It is quite on the pricey side though. The tarts are $6 and the chocolate drink is $5 !
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  • Choong Lin

Sydney, Surry Hills Always reliable at Surry Hills. Probably the best of the BSB establishment. Very nice rhubarb and pear danishes. Muffins are good too, or snail, or lemon cake, or carrot cake, or meringue tart ..................................................................................................................,.........................and heaps more with a coffee to go. Yes so many things to choose from. You can even get very nice fruit mince tarts around christmas time. What more can you want? +

  • Ferdinand

This place is such a little gem in neighborhood, serving awesome pastry, excellent coffee and irresistible dessert . Start with Piccolo, it was perfect temperature and silky smooth creama. Beef brisket pie, generous big chunk of beef brisket was a perfect for wintery brunch food. Pastry was crunchy, golden baked to perfection and pie filling was tasty. I choose ginger cream brûlée, for me it was a happy ending, those filling was not eggy at all, smooth texture and sweet ginger after taste.

  • Tracy Zhang

How to describe when you met a little bakery you just fall in love with ? Bourke Street is one bakery I love just passing by. The shop is not big, focus on breads, the customers seems all from neighborhoods, grab few bans and a cup of coffee, talking under the shadow of the big man’s wall. Touch me it is. Although the baguette is not the best in town but I love it anyway. The muffin is good too, not too sweet and the dark chocolate and blueberry goes well. I love the bakery.

  • Javier Gomez

I've come to this "boulangerie" for almost ten years and still spot on an delivering flavour and excellent pastries. I just got my two favorites, a carrot cake, the best! and a pork fennel sausage roll. The staff always friendly and price is fair, you get what you pay. Coffee is also good, but not the best. Location is excellente, unfortunately right now the light rail is being constructed just infornt of surry hills branch but stil operating as usual. We love this place!

  • Holly Corpe

This is a super cute, artisan bakery that does coffee and fresh juices. The bread range is obviously massive, however they also have a great selection of pastries and savoury items too. The pies are of great quality. Their pastry is buttery and flakey, but robust enough to hold the chunky meaty filling. The plain beef pie had some good steak chunks inside and plenty of gravy. The ham and cheese croissant was another great savoury option. Defo recommend.

  • Shuway Lee

Came for the ginger creme brulee and it didn't disappoint. Crust is crispy and the ginger infused custard is spot on, not overly sweet and not too ginger-y. Other pastries were a little disappointing (maybe I expected too much). I got the chocolate tart, chocolate croissant, chicken pie and sausage lamb roll. All tasted average and nothing to rave about. There was a queue even at 10am on a Sunday. Limited spaces available so be prepared to take-away.

  • D. Lundy

If you go past the bakery then you'll likely already be familiar with the lines that go out the door and down the street. Don't be afraid - it's a sign of food done well. Had the lamb sausage roll and was very impressed Combined with the ginger tart, it was a great little introduction to the institution that is Bourke St bakery - definately enjoyed the food and it stood up to the hype. Friendly team for such a busy spot, too.

  • Wendy S

Dropped by Bourke Street Bakery for a takeaway on a Sunday morning. There was a queue to order, however, the queue moves quickly. For those who would like to dine-in, probably got to arrive early as the place have limited seats. Ordered the ginger brûlée tart and it was great! Definitely a must try for ginger lovers. However, the croissant, both plain and almond, were slightly below average for me. Staff were all friendly!

  • Ella Duffy

Amazing place! Food is all really reasonably priced, with lots of options to choose from. Would definitely come earlier next time as some of the options we wanted were sold out, but there was still loads on offer. Staff are seriously friendly and helpful, even though myself and my friend took out time deciding. Almond croissant was heavenly and the bread on the chicken sandwich was delicious. Would definitely recommend!

  • Fiona L Chui

They forgot our order of sit down coffee. And the almond croissant was not croissant at all. It was ‘bread’ literally bread with some almond paste inside. It’s ok to have various versions of croissant but not like this when it’s completely, not croissant and wrote croissant on the tag. I order croissant I expect it is some form of croissant with layers, not a bread roll.

  • Andreea Amarinei

Lovely place with nice staff and yummy treats. The red wine brisket pie was amazing, and the coffee is one of my favourite in Sydney. There was quite a line when we went but it was worth the wait. Will happily be back again to try more of their food for brunch as they look so good. Currently only doing takeaway but had a nice picnic at the nearby park

  • Salmaan Saleem

Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills is my favourite cafe/bakery to go to. They have delicious fresh croissants, very fresh sourdough bread, great coffee and mouth watering cakes and other desserts. If you haven’t yet tried it, you’re missing out. Highly recommend it. They have long queues on peak hours (before work) or on weekends so get there early.

  • Emily Ann

Delicious sausage roll and flat white! It’s quite a small space with only three tables to sit at inside, and a handful more outside along the sidewalk. However their food and drink are amazing regardless of whether you eat it there or on the go. All of the items they had on display looked amazing, wished I could have tried one of everything!

  • Paul Irrianto

Really good bakery, plus their sandwiches is yummy. The ginger creme brelee is a something not to be missed. Their almond croissant is fluffy, not too sweet and has a good crunch to it. Come to Bourke Street bakery early, if not you'll be waiting in line. There's not too many sit inside the bakery. Good coffee too ☕ …

  • Darren

My favourite bakery of all time. Located in a quiet neighbourhood Surry Hills walkable from Central Station. Amazing sausage rolls, chocolate tart and almond rhubarb tart. Very fresh pastries. It was so good I visited a few times in a week for breakfast. Seating spaces are limited, so do get there early and beat the queue!

  • Drew

I understand now after tasting the delicacy’s here why it constantly has so many gathered here waiting to be served. A true modern day inner city Bakery with all the trimmings. My favourite is the almond croissants and the bacon and egg quiche. Best I have ever tasted and the staff a very nice people. 5 stars!

  • M Wayang

Nice local boulangerie & patisserie. Friendly staff, cool mural and leafy street corner next to the trams. As much as I enjoyed the baked goods, I don't believe they are particularly worth a detour to get here if you are a traveller. Tarts are on the sweeter side and pastries are thicker and doughy than most.

  • Rhys Travel

Always tasty pastries and breads. Efficient service. So well located. A nicer spot than the one in Barangaroo. Nice vibes in the area. The sweets were particularly good, fresh and flavoursome. So glad it's about a 10 mins walk from home. Looking to try the baguette and bread next time as they looked so good.

  • Valerie Jacquard

A great place to find fresh bread with a lot of varieties and decent prices compared to other bakeries. Service was quite cold and the choice of pastries very limited (maybe because it was Thursday ‍♀️) Very nice outdoor terrace. Come early to grab your lunch if you want to avoid the long queue.

  • Gemma Whiting

Been going to this place for years and years. Never fails me. The lamb and harissa sausage rolls convince me not to be a veggie, the ginger Creme brûlée tarts and the coconut orange tarts are just as good as ever. Service always so friendly despite the place always being heaving. Worth the wait!

  • Mingqian Donut Chai

Beef Sandwich & Bacon Quiche were really delicious. The sandwich was packed with generous slices of wagyu beef and arugula, very well complemented with the pickled salad. Bacon quiche was crispy and fragrant on the outside and moist on the inside. Mocha is really good as well!

  • Sarah charles (Thewhereto)

The original Bourke St Bakery - only a small place, but always busy. Plenty of breads, amazing sausage rolls and pies - we thoroughly recommend the lamb and harissa sausage roll! The creme brûlée tart is also amazing. On this visit I had a fluffy berry muffin and espresso!

  • Isma Lin

Voted as one of the best cafe in Sydney. Try their flatwhite and fell in love with it. And also try their pastries. To die for hahaha. Croissants. Located in small neighbourhood. Walking distant from st peter church This place... Is a hidden gem that locals already know..

  • Mher Foudoulian

Pies are legendary here. Pieces from heaven They've got a buttery crust with huge fillings. Best pies in Sydney
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Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes

  • Anakin Knight

Bourke Street Bakery is one of the best places to have breakfast/brunch. A good cozy ambience with very tasty food. Been here twice and got very freshly baked crispy yet soft dishes. I had croissant with jam once and veggie sandwich the other time. Definitely a 10.

  • Arina Dalila

Pretty much tried all of their sweet pies, and it was really good. The crust was homemade and different than others. This pear tea was also my favourite here, would come again for it.
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  • Grace

Amazing bakery with lots of delicious bakes! Try the sausage and fennel rolls and quiches. The pies are amazing too! The coffee was strong but that's how I like it! It's a small place, with limited seating. Suggest you be patient and wait or order takeaway.

  • Hugh Goold

Ok for a hung over sausage roll - but expect reflux! The oiliest ones in town. The croissants and pains aux chocolats are chewy and tasteless. A big shame given how much competition there is with tonton and la vie est belle just around the corner.

  • Xin Ru

Chicken pie was popping hot with generous amount of peas, tender chicken meat, and well-paired pickles and mushy sweet potatoes. Loved the ginger creek brûlée, kind a reminds me of the Ginger milk curd! Fast service, don’t worry about the queue.

  • Mayank Mittal

This Bakery is having everything so yummy and flavourful. This is so close to my place. Crowdy on weekends. Coffee there is so creamy and nicely brewed. I had Almond croissant, Lamb Sausage Roll, Ginger Brulee Tart. Must visit place in Sydney.

  • Hui Ning Lau

I was here on a weekday afternoon and ordered the carrot cake as recommended online. I thought the carrot cake was decent but not particularly good. The male server at the counter was a bit aloof. Seats are very limited yet there were still

  • L L

A place that never lets you down when it comes to their hot bakes. All types of bakeries are amazing. What I love the most here is their ginger tart (unique, full of flavours and iconic). I can't wait to visit again. Highly recommended!

  • Joanna Low

Love love love the beef brisket with red wine & mushroom pie! It was really yummy am currently missing it now as I’m doing this review. Generous fillings and the beef briskets were tender and succulent

  • Scott Morris

Went here to grab lunch and got 2 of their meat pies (beef brisket, beer beef bacon) and what looked like a home made iced tea. First, their meat pies were creatively delicious with some unique flavours mixed perfectly with the familiar

  • Elyssa Gadanidis

I dropped a 15 coffee order at this location and I just want to say THANK YOU to the team who helped get it all sorted in time while handling the morning rush!!!!!!!!! Y’ALL THE BEST
Take out
Price per person

  • Ferry Tjhia

One of the best bakery in Sydney and their latte . The tiny place is just best for takeaway.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 3

  • Dan Elliott

One of the best bakeries I’ve ever been to. The pastry and bread is faultless and each item I’ve tried has been truly delicious! The lemon tart is a highlight. The bakery itself is small and popular, so expect a 5-10 minute wait.

  • Ted Reviews

Pork and Fennel Sausage Roll. Lamb Harissa Sausage Roll are delicious here. Washed down with some Smooth Belgian Iced Chocolate Drink from their fridge. You'll sleep like baby for the rest of the afternoon after a Sunday Brunch.

  • Jun Oka

Potato Rosemary Sourdough was really nice, plain white & soy linseed sourdough perfect with smashed avo. Great texture. They have your nice croissants as well. Beef brisket & red wine pie was delicious, plenty of meat inside.

  • Neal

I love the Bourke St Bakery. I have often had a coffee and something to eat after a run, sitting in the park opposite. The food is great, the service is just as great. I love everything about the place. Well worth a visit.

  • Jeffrie Trika

IMPRESSIVE bake house ... Original; stewed beef n vege meatpie, lamb, raisin, almond sausage roll, lemon tart and croissant, they'll warm it up for you Thank you @the coffee paddler in Gundagai for the tip!

  • Karen Esmore

Was given the wrong bread ( olive and rosemary) that I went especially to buy. Girl gave me a plain loaf -I didn’t check till I got home. No point in going back. Cakes were good though. Mistakes happen.

  • Margie Ely

Love the pies, breads, cakes,homemade juice, and coffee here. This shop only can do takeaway,no Dine-in. Located near Surry Hills Lightrail stop . It has branches in few places around Sydney NSW. …

  • James Dewar

There's a long queue out the door for a reason! I go for the pork and fennel sausage roll and ginger brulee tart combo and it's a knockout. Two of my favourite things, and the coffee is good too.

  • Lachlan Chan

Excellent quiche, egg flavour was soft on the inside with a hard but not flaky crust. Perfect quiche. The croissants were amazing and the coffees went well with them all. Pastries to die for.

  • Alex Chen

The pies and sausage rolls are always amazing here! The chocolate croissant was supper fluffy and crispy and a must try. However the almond croissant wasn't the greatest and was quite dense.

  • Jo-Anne Curry

This is my daily go to for their amazing coffee. A few favourites: chocolate croissants, ginger brulee tarts, flourless chocolate cake, and their pies & sausage rolls are to die for!

  • P L

It's as good as I remember. The pies are great, with good pastry for the filing and crusty tops. The ginger brulee tart is still in my opinion the best sweet pastry in all of Sydney.


Nice little cafe with a bit of rustic look. Coffee was great. Baristas were happily making coffee. Food was good, felt bit more handmade and above the really normal cafe food.

  • Zuyu Isara

This is the best pie in surry hills!! And the rest of the menu looks delicious too. I will try every thing one day but can’t go past the beef mushroom pie. …

  • Bianca Ng

Super friendly staff and amazing pies! The filling is thick with loads or flavor. The crust is buttery and flakey. Delicious. I couldn’t resist the sourdough too!

  • Keh Feyy

highly recommend the beef pie!! carrot walnut cake was a tad sweet and almond croissant is normal. pretty small place, only outdoor seatings are available

  • eatwithhangryal

Came all the way here just for their legendary Ginger Brûlée Tart (AUD 6)! It was incredibly delicious and definitely the best in Australia …

  • Ifa Zahra

My husband's fav breakfast place. I think almost their bakery are soo good even the plain croissant is so tasteful, crunchy and smells amazing!

  • Michael Payne

Superb bakery with a great range of pastries and breads. The ginger brûlée tarts are truly incredible. Friendly and helpful service too.

  • 욜로진

I got the ginger tart and almond croissant. The ginger tart must try item. Almond one also was good. Ginger tart is very unique flavor.

  • Leo Teng

Tiny shop their pork n fennel roll, brownie and milk drinks are the items i will get where ever there is a Bourke st bakery ! Love it !

  • Hien Vu

I love this bakery. Great coffee/ juices & absolutely delightful pastries. It’s a pretty, cozy place in a corner on a leafy street.

  • Wendy

It’s you want a great pie, this is one of the best in the area. They don’t scrimp on the filling and the flavours are delicious.

  • Sheldon Wile

Amazing place in Sydney for Sausage Rolls, meat pies and sweet pastries. Highly recommend the sausage rolls and tarts available

  • Amy Lee

Great coffee and bakery! There’re many types of bakery. Shop looks cosy and staffs are friendly! Ginger tart is recommended.

  • Kelvin Ong

They make the best Ginger brulee tart & Pork & fennel sausage roll ever! Love their lemon tart, danish and pear danish too!

  • Gagan J

Great selection of rich buttery pastries! Their signature ginger brulee tart lived up to the hype. Excellent hot chocolate

  • Connor Rate

This place is awesome! Crème brûlée tart was unreal and their pies/sausage rolls are incredible. Definitely worth a visit!

  • Jason Lau

Pastries to die for. Loved eating their crossiant and pear danish! This place is definitely worth the line up.

  • Yasuhiro Nishino

Located in nice quite neighborhood, amazing beef pie and other sweets. Must go Bakery if you visit Sydney!

  • Lerustin Aguena

Awesome little place. The almond croissants are sublime , and the staff is super nice. Thanks guys ❤️

  • Nhoc Lam

The ginger ruin the tart. Should have a vanilla flavour to choose from. Rush service. Over rated

  • Kevin Poh

Just had their beef brisket pie and it gave me life.... Also the ginger tarts are really good

  • jimmy ng

must hv a try on their coffee and signature ginger tart! Best in Sydney!

  • Bernie Hush

Enjoy lovely pies, sausage roll and Coffee with friends and family

  • Jon M

Nice little bakery , pretty busy with nice atmosphere

  • Alvaro Ferreira

Bacon and Egg roll did not disappoint

  • Rina

One of my favorite bakery in Sydney!

  • Pranaya (NY)

Mmmmm, still one of the best bakery

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