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Stanley Pl, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia



Gallery of Modern Art is a Art gallery located at Stanley Pl, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia. It has received 8408 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





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  • The address of Gallery of Modern Art: Stanley Pl, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia

  • Gallery of Modern Art has 4.6 stars from 8408 reviews

  • Art gallery

  • "@QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art) in Brisbane stands as a testament to the dynamic confluence of art, culture, and community"

    "One of the things Australia does exceptionally well at no matter which city you visit is investment into beautiful, well laid out and accessible public infrastructure, and GOMA is no exception"

    "As someone who loves art, I was delighted to visit this free art museum in Brisbane"

    "We visited on a Sunday afternoon at 2"

    "I went to see the AIR exhibition on a lazy Wednesday"


  • eva gartnerova

@QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art) in Brisbane stands as a testament to the dynamic confluence of art, culture, and community. Located gracefully alongside the Brisbane River, its architectural splendor is enhanced by the tranquil waterscapes outside. Spanning both historical and contemporary art, QAGOMA provides a well-rounded view into the artistic evolution, making it a journey from the classics to the contemporary. The exhibitions are diverse and insightful, weaving together poignant narratives with captivating visuals. Special mention goes to their extensive collection of Indigenous art which paints a vivid picture of Australia's rich First Nations heritage. The gallery's interactive spaces cater to a broad audience, ensuring that art is more than just a visual treat, but an immersive experience. A hidden gem within the gallery is its comprehensive library. Stocked with a vast array of resources, it's a haven for researchers, students, and art enthusiasts alike. And the best part? It's accessible to everyone, free of charge. QAGOMA's dedicated team, ranging from the informative guides to the insightful curators, infuse the space with knowledge and passion, ensuring every visitor leaves with a deeper appreciation for the art. After soaking in the art, the in-house café offers a delightful respite. Serving up delicious bites with views of the river, it's the perfect space to relax and reflect. Plus, the added charm of a quaint little café corner ensures you can enjoy a quiet moment with a cuppa.

  • Roger MacDonald

One of the things Australia does exceptionally well at no matter which city you visit is investment into beautiful, well laid out and accessible public infrastructure, and GOMA is no exception. I loved being able to have the opportunity one sunny midweek morning to be able to take my teenage daughter to this wonderful free art museum in Brisbane. The collection on display is impressive, and the magnitude and solemness of the building architecture provides a very tranquil and reflective environment to contemplate the art on display. The external galleries overlooking the river are impressive and give a great view of the city and bridges. However, compared to the next door Queensland Art Gallery, which is also free to enter, I found that this gallery was quite a bit more formal in its approach and had a narrower range of exhibits and style on display. However, a must if in Brisbane and have time to explore the Southbank area. The museum has a small gift shop. Staff all very helpful and polite.

  • Zach. D. Yeager

As someone who loves art, I was delighted to visit this free art museum in Brisbane. The collection is impressive, with a diverse range of artwork from both local and international artists. I particularly enjoyed the contemporary pieces and the thought-provoking exhibitions that challenge traditional ways of thinking. However, compared to the Queensland Art Gallery, which is also free to enter, I found that this museum lacked some of the depth and breadth in its collection. Nevertheless, it's definitely worth a visit, especially if you're on a budget and looking for a cultural experience in the heart of the city. The museum also has a gift shop where you can pick up a souvenir to take home. Overall, I had a pleasant experience and would recommend this museum to anyone looking for a dose of art and culture.

  • the.m.influence creator of the Project Love App

We visited on a Sunday afternoon at 2.30 PM. We longed for a cool drink and found the bistro. It was just lovely enjoying the end of summer with river views and a cold glass of beer and rose. Next to the exhibition called AIR. The start was a tad odd but the concept was GREAT. We discovered we have a Bodhi tree right in the heart of Brisbane. So good! Next, an overwhelmingly sad but beautiful expression of the toxicity of nuclear arms testing on Aboriginal land. Very impressive and all telling. Then, 30,000 black butterflies. Why black? We still don’t know …. Yet, then for the masterpiece “CHANGE”. Just this piece alone makes the exhibition amazing. We had a couple of drinks and olives at Brutus bar before going back home. An afternoon to treasure. XO

  • Russell Gordon

I went to see the AIR exhibition on a lazy Wednesday. The exhibition celebrates and acknowledges the invisible air we all breathe and that it is something we all share and need. At the venue, the staff greeted me with a smile and were very courteous and helpful. It was easy to navigate to the ticket office inside and I purchased an adult ticket which was priced fairly for the exhibition. Several different artists contributed to the exhibition and the works are displayed in different rooms, creating a different thought provoking experience as I ventured through the exhibition. If you are in the area and looking to escape the heat of the day I'd recommend visiting GOMA.

  • Seth C

I loved the experience here a couple things the could do though is they need more interactive stuff it's really just looking at different paintings. A guy followed me and helped me and my grandmother look around. We saw some of Picasso's painting before he got into more pixelated stuff. Overall it was a great experience lots of walking but it was all worth it thank you sm art gallery

  • Lynda Gibbins

Only 2 exhibitions were free, the other two were quite expensive so we didn't bother. "Gone fishing" was free, and the indig. works diverse & exquisite. After we wandered down to the museum then to the QAG. The latter is entirely free, and we happily wandered every space. Magnificent!
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  • Simon Williams

We bought tickets for the exhibitions on display eX De Medici and Michael Zavros which were both excellent. The gallery spaces are fantastic, modern, spacious and easy to navigate. The staff were very helpful. There is a cloak room, an excellent cafe, and a shop on site. There was only one other free exhibition which was a little disappointing but such is life.

  • Elsa X (Elsaxx)

It's such a nice museum with very beautiful layouts, and the exhibition is so well presented with good commentary and background of the artwork. It's very quiet and there are staff walking around to make sure everything is well organised. There's also a little gift shop, toilets and cloak room at the entrance. The best thing is that it's free!

  • Jamin Piggo

Great museum and we'll worth stopping past. We visited outside a peak exhibition, so would think it would be even better during an exhibition. Spacious and well curated. Will definitely head back when an exhibition is on. Update: definitely even more spectacular during a major exhibition.

  • Munro Stuff

Beautiful building with light-filled white and wood interior. Filled with what may subjectively be called 'art', certainly not by me. (Note that most of the reviews shown here are for the nearby Queensland Art Gallery, also free, and with an incredible breadth of art - go there instead.)

  • Myles B

This is my favourite gallery/museum in Brisbane by far. It always seems to get a good set of exhibitions each year and has built a good collection for the free parts of the gallery. Kids love it, and there are always good activities for them. Great restaurant, too, but you need to book!

  • Lisa Harris

Stunning venue. Event - Slim Fashion Awards 2024. Service was excellent. On the rooftop there should have been some fans, and everyone could have enjoyed the event without feeling uncomfortable. Catering - a tad underwhelming, as was sadly very over cooked steaks.

  • Paul Frederick Chiongson

I love the exhibits artworks here, the modern art displayed is tasteful and refreshing unlike most "morderm art" in other museums which is literally trash. I also love how the galleries are setup and the flow of traffic is rather easy and

  • Clinton Morgan

I watched an old Japanese movie today as a viewing from the Japanese Film Festival at the Gallery of Modern Art. It was great to see that there's still opportunities to see older films, relics from times gone by, and a reminder of how far

  • Jameel Sardharwalla

A lot of aboriginal art as you'd expect, some modern European art but not as much as I was hoping to see as I'm interested in all art not just one culture. The tours that explain the art are fab and free so definitely worth doing. You can

  • DO MY

Always choosing Gallery of Modern Art as a destination to relax, learn, breathe whenever I have free time. We had so much fun and comfortable experience here. Thanks the staff, and all artists for these spectacular artworks!

  • Simon van Wyk

We had a great afternoon here. Very well curated. Some items were surprising and some not so. It's quite conservative but maybe that's more about Brisbane. Beautiful space. Good way to spend a few hours.

  • Corina Giurgiu

We have seen 2 wonderful temporary exhibitions: one of eX de Medici and one of Michael Zavros. Extraordinary work of 2 extraordinary artists. I attach some pictures of eX de Medici's work.

  • Petr Vasicek

Biggest waste of space I've seen. There is no modern art, don't come here expecting that. There are some clay pots and sticks in one of the floors and that's it, the rest is empty.

  • Persian Creation

Pay attention to the date on the photos as we went only last week to find out the marvel displays are not permanently there. Only been for a while in 2016.

  • John S

A great event good for all ages. I met a beautiful man from India and his nephew. I really hope he enjoys his stay in Australia

  • Booboo Bingbang

What a great gallery, see photos but it's very Australian and without pretense some fabulous indigenous art works.

  • Erick B.

Very pleasant and with many exhibition options to enjoy. The structure of the museum is very large and excellent.

  • Irna Spigariol

We went to the Air Exhibition, like always the featured Exhibition was inspiring and thought provoking.

  • Ricky

It's free, but it's a small collection. The other exhibition requires the purchase of an entry ticket.

  • Ernesto Foodie

Just a couple of exhibitions were open to public, however, and as always great staff and great art.

  • scottdennis

Wonderful time at the GOMA seeing two exhibitions and the current displays

  • Joshua Woodbridge

Its great, I wish it was slightly bigger but it's fantastic

  • scott blacker

Amazing place. The fairy tale exhibition was a sight to see

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