クロスフィット京都 - CrossFit Kyoto

48 reviews

56 Koyamakitaonocho, Kita Ward, Kyoto, 603-8161, Japan




クロスフィット京都 - CrossFit Kyoto is a Gym located at 56 Koyamakitaonocho, Kita Ward, Kyoto, 603-8161, Japan. It has received 48 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





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  • The address of クロスフィット京都 - CrossFit Kyoto: 56 Koyamakitaonocho, Kita Ward, Kyoto, 603-8161, Japan

  • クロスフィット京都 - CrossFit Kyoto has 4.6 stars from 48 reviews

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  • "Great local CrossFit box - only 1 of 2 in Kyoto"

    "I dropped into the box for a crossfit workout"

    "50歳代後半で2017年からクロスフィットを始めました。若い頃の怪我や年齢もあり2019年、2020年に膝の手術を、2022年には肩の手術を受けました。 以前コーチから「重いものを持ち上げることは、骨粗鬆症予防に効果的」と伺っていました。体質もありますが、膝の手術ではドクターが「骨が硬くて手術道具が壊れるかと思った」、また肩の手術では「術後1年で肩の筋力が同年代女性の平均を上回っている。回復が早い」と言われました。 手術前はシンプルフィットやクロスフィットクラスでワークアウトをしていましたが、ブランクが度々あったので、今はリハビリを兼ねてワカバクラスでワークアウトをしています。自分のレベルに合わせて調整してもらえるのはどのクラスも同じですが、ワカバクラスは自分のペースでできるので私のお気に入りです。 最近は回復の手ごたえを感じていますが、コーチの指示を聞き無理をしないようにしています。 2023年の目標は、「怪我をしない」と「自重デッドリフト」です。"

    "Dropped in for a workout during my vacation in Kyoto"

    "Was in Kyoto while traveling through Japan"


  • Abbie Girl

Great local CrossFit box - only 1 of 2 in Kyoto. Friendly and experienced coaching staff that speaks both English and Japanese. Members are mostly Japanese with a couple foreigners. Box is well equipped and even has three model D Concept 2 rowing machines. Class sizes are 3-8 people, so you get a lot of personal attention. Workouts are tailored more to fitness than competition, but you can scale up if needed. No family plan or unlimited plan.

  • J Lam

I dropped into the box for a crossfit workout. The website requires you to log in and pay in advance but I was able to communicate via whatsapp and sort out availability etc prior to workout. The coach is super frinedly and so are the athletes. Even though I speak very basic japaense, I was able to have a good workout and to have the support and comraderie you get like every box elsewhere. Thank you for having me for the session.

  • Eiko Sonoda

50歳代後半で2017年からクロスフィットを始めました。若い頃の怪我や年齢もあり2019年、2020年に膝の手術を、2022年には肩の手術を受けました。 以前コーチから「重いものを持ち上げることは、骨粗鬆症予防に効果的」と伺っていました。体質もありますが、膝の手術ではドクターが「骨が硬くて手術道具が壊れるかと思った」、また肩の手術では「術後1年で肩の筋力が同年代女性の平均を上回っている。回復が早い」と言われました。 手術前はシンプルフィットやクロスフィットクラスでワークアウトをしていましたが、ブランクが度々あったので、今はリハビリを兼ねてワカバクラスでワークアウトをしています。自分のレベルに合わせて調整してもらえるのはどのクラスも同じですが、ワカバクラスは自分のペースでできるので私のお気に入りです。 最近は回復の手ごたえを感じていますが、コーチの指示を聞き無理をしないようにしています。 2023年の目標は、「怪我をしない」と「自重デッドリフト」です。

  • Ivan Martinez

Dropped in for a workout during my vacation in Kyoto. Russell was quick to communicate with me about coming by and what to expect. Also, I found the gym easily through Google Maps so I was able to get there at an appropriate time. Cool little gym with a diverse and friendly crew. Coach Russell has a great eye for movement and I got some much needed strength work in. Highly recommend if you are in the area.

  • Zach Morman

Was in Kyoto while traveling through Japan. As an English speaker the folks at CF Kyoto made t easy. Simply follow the website and ask for a drop in and fill out the form. Members were nice and welcoming along with the owners. Very unique gym set up in an old bath house, a must see. Thanks for the hospitality, would recommend it to anyone visiting Kyoto as well as quality coaching for those living here.

  • Morgan Meredith

I have been going to crossfit Kyoto for approximately two years and I love it. It is by far the best gym community I have ever been a part of. The owners are great as well as the coaches. I have made a lot of friends here and improved my exercise ability. It is a fun, clean and relaxed environment that allows you to train at your own pace and pushes you to improve.

  • Stuart Ayre

Superb box. Friendly community, everyone gets five-star treatment, inexpensive, and the facilities are decent. I've tried a couple of boxes in Japan and this is my favourite. Russell (the main coach) has been teaching CrossFit for over 7 years and it really shows. Whether you're a complete beginner or have already done a million burpees, he'll help you get better.

  • Matthew D'Amico

If you're dropping in, the size of the box requires some flexibility with your time, but they're very clear and up-front about this. I had an extremely enjoyable experience here. Russell is an excellent instructor who takes the time to observe your movments and gives advice throughout your workout. Oh yeah, the t-shirt is cool too.

  • Daniel Villa

Great experience, 100% recommendable. Russell has everything you expect from a coach, the people make you feel at home, but in Japan, and the WOD had heavy lifts, fantastic! And in the drop in fee is included a t-shirt in several colors to choose, that was a great detail. I'll go back soon.

  • Briann N

Google Gym in Kyoto is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional fitness experience. Small classes provide personalized attention, and the strong community spirit makes you feel welcomed. Ella and Russel were amazing. I highly recommend to anyone visiting Kyoto for training.

  • Pat Hegarty

We were travelling through Kyoto for 2 nights and decided to drop in. We had emailed closer to our class time to ensure there was space. When we arrived Coach Russell was very friendly and welcoming, and the box is well organised and tidy. It was an enjoyable experience.

  • Charlotte Saes

Russel & Ella are such nice hosts, the vibe is really awesome! You can sense the social cohesion and the community. Had a great time here. If you’re visiting Kyoto as a traveller, I definitely recommend a drop-in here.

  • Daniel Goertz

I like the super friendly and quaint Box. Russel, head coach and owner is coaching very accurately and is giving the WODs a fantastic structure also in terms of pre- and post-stretching. …

  • Judy Tang

We made a mistake with the days and yet Russell made an effort to open the gym up for us. Good man! Box has all you need for lifting and rolling out. Hope to see his members at Regionals sometime!

  • Heather Kane

Really enjoyed the class! Great step by step explanations of exercises with lots of assistance and encouragement. Very friendly and helpful instructors. I really felt welcomed and motivated.

  • Lucas Hu

Came for 2 drop-in open gym sessions. Very friendly and welcoming instructors! Looked like everyone in the class was having a lot of fun too — kind of makes me wish I had participated.

  • 真理子


  • 重田恭宏


  • Chris Berdot

Despite of the heat the wod was nice, great ambiant among the members and amazing coach/owner, I highly recommand this friendly box !

  • Jared Oestman

My wife and I dropped in while visiting Kyoto. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. The coaching was also great.

  • Nick B

Great place for go for a workout, it has an awesome athnosphere and the lovely people too! Can recommend enough

  • Michael Weitzman

Very professional (CF L3) and extremely kind people. I really loved being a part of this community.

  • Sarah Eichenberger

We had a challenging and super fun crossfit workout while staying in kyoto. Highly recommend!

  • ざくろ


  • Felipe Font

Súper amables. Muy cuidadosos con la técnica. Mobility. WOD muy chulo!

  • かずと

角で走ってる人と祖母とが接触しかけました。 僕が見えやすい位置に居たので、接触しませんでした。走るのはええけど、もっと安全対策はでけへんのか

  • ひろみ


  • Elia Marin

Best gym in town! Cozy place and amazing coaches!

  • Fang Sadap

っbchtgv っb

  • 박지아


  • Gabriela Pazelli
  • Jun Enomoto
  • Kazuyuki Makido
  • Júlio Mandai
  • Kelley Kaminsky
  • Anna M
  • Moeko Kawai
  • 三浦孝昌
  • James Lalino
  • Thiago Negrão Chuba

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