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Princess Alexandra Hospital

Olga Jureidini

I visited Emergency department in the PA hospital due to my injured knee. I also had an urgent referral from the doctor. I walked in at 11.05 am and walked out at 6.45 pm It was a very long wait. X-ray and CT scan were done. I also needed to do MRI but alas hospital offers it only to VIP and it is opened only during the day hours. After waiting so many hours I received the result ' no fracture'. The rest is up to me again. GP appointment again, MRI appointment after! My knee is swollen and it is painful to walk and yet I couldn't get the right diagnosis straight away from the hospital!

Downtown Grocery Market

Denise McNaughton

I always choose this corner store in my neighborhood The owner and especially his brother Mo make you feel very welcome when you enter their store they have a wide variety of items and if you cant find what youre looking for they quickly get the info and are sure to order whatever it is for the next time you come there, Their prices are also better than their competitors, and the sore is hands down the cleanest store in this neighborhood

Le Sélect Bistro

Joanna C

I first brought my friend to Le Sélect Bistro as fellow french speakers, and saw that they had so many options for my partner who’s pescatarians. So you bet I went again!! My first visit, i got the lamb which was tasty but a tad too salty. The second visit surprised me with how a simple roasted chicken tasted SO GOOD. Not one bite was dry and the skin crispy and so tasty. We also got the oysters, usually we don’t enjoy the red wine vinegar - but not surprised that we’d love this classic pairing with the oysters at a french restaurant!! Highly recommend, date night or self treat. Definitely worth it. Shout out to our waitress Stephanie who’s made us feel very welcome and served impeccable service!
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Andrew Caton - RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

Graham Lillycropp

I used Andrew to buy and sell my house. Thanks to Andrew's hard work and dedication I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. With a small budget and a goal of having a fixer up Andrew was able to find me a house bigger then I ever expected Four years later Andrew sold my house for 30k over asking price and a %120 profit over the buying price. I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a friendly and passionate agent.

Trendell & Turner Travel Associates

David Boase

My wife and I recently travelled to the UK for three weeks. We spent time in Chester, Cardiff, Penzance & London. All journeys were by train with tickets pre - purchased plus accommodation. We did not have one issue with our travel as it was so well organised by Lolo Trendell of Trendell & Turner Travel Associates of Manly Qld. The accommodation was planned with a lot of thought as all were in short walking distance to shops, eateries and Tube stations. We did have a car booked for Penzance however the day (Sunday) prior to our travel we decided to cancel. As it was a weekend, we were unable to contact the car hire people. We then emailed Lolo on the Sunday, who was able to cancel the car hire and save us more than two hundred pounds. We were extremely impressed. We will certainly be using Trendell & Turner Travel Associates from Manly Qld for any future travel and recommend them 100% to any intending traveller. David

Chuồng Tê giác 2 sừng

Joel Bonzon

I saw a lot of families with children who were enjoying. There were small kids’ rides inside as well. A big place but signs/directions could be improved. The animals are not in the best state compared to other zoos but not as bad as others I’ve seen too. Just that some enclosures have trash like candy wrapping.
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Hotel Atlanta

Carmen Grube

Ein sehr einfaches Hotel in verkehrsgünstiger Lage. Preislich angemessen, wenn nicht gerade Messezeit ist. Viele Dienstreisende, eher kein "Urlaubshotel". Für eine Übernachtung o.k. Mitbewerber um die Ecke ist exklusiver aber auch deutlich teurer.
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Zimmer: 4
Service: 4
Standort: 5
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Wygston's House Bar & Restaurant

Anthony Burnett

Lovely pub, close to DM University, great decior, ooen fires and the staff are welcoming and warm. We had three meals, fish and chips and mushy peas which my wife said was one the best she had in a long time. My meduim rare sirloin was cooked perfectly, and the hot spicy chicken wings were a beaut. Dog friendly and prices were good too, three beersand three meals with sude, just over 70 quid, so overall, very happy with our visit, id always head here now when in Leicester.

Al's Auto Repair Shop

Cynthia Louise Leake

This is the best place in Dallas to take your car if it needs repair. Sean is the owner and he is the most trustworthy guy ever I have taken my car to. I have been there on two occasions and the last occasion didn’t even cost me a dime because unbeknownst to me ~ nothing was wrong with my car. The check engine light had come on and I was very nervous about this, thinking it was going to cost me beaucoups of money. Before my ride showed up to pick me up so I could leave my car there, Sean came up and dangled the keys in my face and said “you’re good to go, the gas tank cap was loose”. I was like “OMG, are you kidding?” So see there ~ Sean could’ve taken me for hundreds of dollars and I never would’ve known the difference, but instead, he was honest and saved me hundreds of dollars!! That speaks volumes!! I will definitely go back every time something is wrong with my car. Thnx Sean‼️

カレーハウス CoCo壱番屋 左京区一乗寺店

tep Ha

いつも利用してますが、今日はちょっと酷かったのでコメント書きます。常、日頃行くのですが、店員の挨拶が、元気良すぎでちょっと耳につくぐらいで普通な感じの店舗です。 今日はアルバイトの経験未熟めの方が多く手仕込みササミカツカレーとパリパリチキンカレー、ハンバーグカレーなど注文しましたが、ササミカツカレーなのにパリパリチキンカレーと説明ありましたので聞き返すも、自信を持ってパリパリチキンカレーと言い切られました。当然、付属の芳醇ソースも持ってくることもありませんでした。その後に他の店員さんがパリパリチキンカレーを持ってこられました。面倒なので何も言わず皆で食べていました。が、ササミカツカレーに髪の毛まで入っていました。半分以上食べていたので何も言わず、さっさと食べて帰りました。 新人の教育はちゃんとするべきだと思います。

Cafe Enchante

Anna Kalil

Great vibes, nice staff, lots of options for nomz and non-dairy creamer if you need it. The bagels themselves are just meh but serve as a good vehicle for their awesome sandwiches. The lady lox is super well priced for having smoked salmon. I usually get takeout but also meet up with a friends and eat in occasionally. Always plentiful seating.
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Engel & Völkers

alberto toberal

Tuve mi casa a la venta 3 años con ellos , con 2 agentes distintos , los primeros un matrimonio argentino que nos hizo un estudio de la casa y todo muy bien ,como si fuésemos hacer el negocio del siglo ,al año y medio empezaron a decir que bajaremos el precio que con eso vendrían visitas( hasta ese momento no había venido nadie)y se les hizo caso( mal por nuestro parte), unos meses después sin noticias de ellos llamamos a la inmobiliaria para ver si es que no trabajaban allí ( como ya nos había pasado con otra inmobiliaria) y nos a tiendo un responsable de ellos y le comunicamos que es que no estamos informados del proceso de venta ni aparecen clientes ni nada, ese mismo este matrimonio de agentes de Engel nos llaman enfadados , que su responsable les había llamado la atención y que sino informaban es por qué no había nada que decir, que si queríamos vender la casa bajaremos el precio que pusimos de origen a más de la mitad, nos plantamos y dijimos que no por qué aún sabiendo cómo está el mercado creemos que la casa valía algo más de lo que ellos decían ,nos llamaron al día siguiente de esa conversación para supuestamente ver a unos clientes y aparecieron en la vivienda de malos modos y enfadados,recriminando que habíamos llamado a sus superiores los cuales desconocíamos quienes eran, y que éramos unos ignorantes por qué desconocíamos el proceso de venta de un inmueble, nos trajeron un papel para finalizar el la relación laboral entre ambas partes y aceptamos , al día siguiente Engel nos volvió a llamar pidiendo disculpas y toda la palabrería barata , para que no nos fuésemos , y caímos de nuevo nos asignaron otra agente , que era igual de mala o peor que los anteriores , todo muy bonito al principio y alcabo de unos meses baje usted el precio si quiere vender , aguantamos un año con ella , hasta que nos cansamos viendo la inoperancia, y decidimos irnos de esta inmobiliaria. Más o menos todas actúan de la misma manera , pero lo que no puedes pretender es que poniendo solo un anuncio en cuatro páginas webs( por decir una cifra) aparezcan los clientes , o encima pedir a todo hora que el cliente baje el precio para que te hagan el trabajo y cobres una comisión rápida.

Madison Park Hardware

Kelley Johnson

I love this store! It's a true blue old school hardware store that almost always has what I need as a fix it myself homeowner and gardener. Great tools, supplies, plus the more fun necessities in all housewares every season including specialty items. You could stock your whole kitchen with quality things from here plus have great gifts and kid's stuff too. The staff is totally accessible and knowledgeable and nice and I can be in and out fast. I go several times a month and can avoid all the big stores that take too much time and are harder to navigate and often disorganized. I highly recommend trying our small stores first and this one is exemplary. Plus it smells like a real hardware store and just opening the door is a pleasure to my senses. Long live tradition that is high functioning and prices are no more than the big stores, and often less. 5 stars and this review is long overdue for how much I love it. Going there now for 2" nails, a garden tarp, bathroom cleaning wipes, laundry soap, a new teapot, and to return some electrical supplies that I ended up not needing.

OBrien Real Estate Wantirna

Angela May

We recently selected OBrien Real Estate to sell a property that was owned as (3) tenants in common- one party residing in UK. Geraint, Albert and the team at OBrien's Wantirna were absolutely marvellous. Taking us all through the Auction Process from beginning to end. We were able to trust their procedures and advice and have been pleased to achieve a great outcome for all parties. Well done - Would highly recommend to all.

Spa Wellness Plaza Mercado

Raquel :

Fui con mis amigas y el spa funcionaba al 20% casi toda la hora que estuvimos. Solo una cama de chorros, la cascada tampoco... fue penoso. Toda la hora que estuvimos nada de relajación para dentro y para fuera probando botones y nada.. casi a la hora de salirnos consiguieron que fuera algo más pero nunca al 100%. Lo dado sería comprobar el funcionamiento antes de la cita y si no está ok no dejarnos pasar. No nos devuelven el dinero

マクドナルド 広島五日市店


定期的に行きます。お店には入ったことはなく いつもドライブスルーのみの利用です。 混んでいる時はお店の方も忙しいせいか 少しあおられているような感じがします。 何か1つ入っていない事が結構あるので 買った直後に袋の中を確認した方が良いと思います。 株主優待券での購入の場合 わかるスタッフとわからないスタッフがいるので あらかじめこちらで用意して枚数を渡した方が良いかと思います。 駐車場から道路に出るのにとても見にくく出づらいのでお車で行かれる方は気をつけてください。

Chipotle Mexican Grill


Went to Chipotle around 2PM, and the place seemed to be run by new staff. The big table was dirty even though it wasn't busy, so we had to clean it ourselves. The team seemed more interested in chatting than helping the few customers there. Ordered 2 burritos, and the person who rolled them clearly had no experience – they were just folded improperly. My wife even commented on it, but he ignored her and walked away. The food tasted okay, but the lack of cleanliness and proper service made for an unenjoyable first visit.
Food: 3
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 2

Transpoly Transporte e Logística de Veículos

Daniel Laborda

Nao tenho como não dá 5 estrelas. O primeiro contato e o atendimento foi muito bom, meu contato foi a Marcilene. Mandei de Manaus a Curitiba um carro e uma moto. Ambos vieram na mesma cegonha e chegaram em incríveis 14 dias. Me surpreendeu mto. Alem do bom preço em relação a outras transportadoras, o ótimo serviço prestado foram excelente. Mandei o carro cheio de objetos pessoais e de casa, chegaram tudo da msm forma que embarquei em Manaus. Recomendo demais a Transpoly.

Kensington Pharmacy


I visited this Pharmacy and I was served by a young man named Sam. The professionalism and knowledge that Sam displayed was second to none. He made me feel completely safe and confident to discuss all matters. The pharmacy itself was also very clean, with an abundance of over the counter products. I would recommend this pharmacy to anyone in need of pharmacy related services, with Sam being the perfect server.

Rogue Fitness Attibele

Manish Prabu

अट्टीबेले के आसपास सबसे अच्छे जिमों में से एक, बहुत साफ सुथरा। प्रशिक्षक मिलनसार और पेशेवर हैं। विशेष रूप से भरत, सबसे अच्छे प्रशिक्षकों में से एक, जिनसे मैं कभी मिला हूं। मुझे लगता है कि मेरा फिटनेस लेवल अब मजबूत हो रहा है।'


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