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Restaurante Mangai

Avner Souza

Ótimo restaurante em Natal, atendimento de primeira, local muito bonito e aconchegante. Visitamos no feriado do dia 1° de Janeiro, estava bem movimentado mas mesmo assim chegamos, nos servimos e comemos sem problemas. Rapidamente um garçom vestido de cangaceiro nos conseguiu uma mesa para 6 pessoas. O buffet e muito variado mesmo, vários tipos de proteínas e carboidrato, muitos tipos de carne de sol para experimentar. Uma variedade excelente de sobremesas, desde bolo ao sorvete, passando por doce de banana com canela. Realmente uma experiência muito boa!!!

Hollywood Fitness

John Parmer

I've been going to this gym since October. I bounced from LA fitness, to 24, crunch and snap. I will never leave this gym. The owners have staffed the right employees to create a culture that is open, friendly and respectful. There's enough room and equipment for my goals (and I believe any goal). There's a real, hard-to-find neighborhood feel to it. You can check all your stress at the door and focus on your goals, and everyone is knowledgeable and helpful. George is the owner I believe, awesome guy. The trainers are all very friendly and the older night guy is hilarious. All-around this is the best gym in town with the best members. I'm proud to workout at hollywood fitness

Harold's Laundry

Diane Marie

Good machines, dryers that get hot, bill changers and quarter machines, free dryers on W/Th, attendant regularly cleans surfaces, and mask policy enforced. Just watch closely when you insert quarters - some machines will not register every quarter you insert so you may lose some money. I used to go here regularly until I got a small washer/dryer unit for apartment, and now I visit just for bulky loads or when I need to dry things quickly.

UOC - Universidad Abierta de Cataluña


Aprendes por PDF, te exigen fechas de entrega pero no de corrección, algunos profesores te pondrán nota sin ningún tipo de corrección... Lo que me acabo de animar para no repetir nunca más y no recomendar este método fue que tuve familiares que estaban en situación de hospital, en teoría te devuelven el dinero por no poder atender, envié varias veces todos los informes médicos al Servicio de Atención para la cancelación de matrícula y varias veces, también, en el apartado de cancelación de matrícula y cuando paso el plazo de reclamación me respondieron que tenia que enviar un certificado médico... MUY PROFESIONAL

Keyes Real Estate

Nima Mohebbi

We were so grateful to have had Brad as our realtor. This transaction was personal to us. It was our first home, where we brought our son into the world. To complicate matters, it was an incredibly busy time in our lives, and I just didn't have the capacity to pay attention to details of listing. That's where Brad stepped in. He went absolutely above and beyond to make sure we were completely taken care of during the entire selling process. We had to do a few updating projects on the property before listing it, and Brad handled each one marvelously. Brad stepped up in ways that I couldn't have ever imagined a realtor doing. (And I've used several over the years...) He arranged everything--hired top-of-the-line professionals, picked out paint colors, met with vendors, etc. He was literally THE hardest working realtor I've ever encountered. More importantly, I am a generally anxious person, and I hounded Brad frequently with a lot of questions. He always made himself available (usually at a moment's notice). That said, he was always honest with me, and told me what I needed to do to handle the transaction right. He pushed me to be reasonable in my demands, and got all parties to the right place. Hire this man. You will not be disappointed.

Pure Up Brno

Eliška Cibulková

Byla jsem na brow liftingu u slečny Petry..a musím říct, že to byla opravdu skvělá zkušenost. Prostředí Pure up je pěkné a čisté. Přístup bych hodnotila 10/10. Cítila jsem se..jak kdybych trávila odpoledne s mojí kamarádkou…slečna je opravdu milá, přátelská, komunikativní a má profesionální přístup. Na této proceduře jsem byla poprvé. Proto jsem nevěděla do čeho jdu, ale slečna všechno vysvětluje a na jakékoliv mé případné dotazy reagovala jenom pozitivně. Takže jsem odcházela spokojená a zrelaxovaná zároveň. Tento salón doporučuji všema deseti:)

Another Heart To Feed

Rahul Luthra

Another Heart to Feed is the heart of West Didsbury. The food, service and coffee is par excellence. Rarely do you find a place that gets it right across all areas; food, beverage, service, ambience and exceeds expectations consistently. There is passion at the heart of the kitchen which proliferates into the cafe at every table. Even on a weekday morning the queues start for the essential morning coffee to kickstart the day. Come back for lunch and be delighted by the soulful food that arouses the taste buds and satiates your stomach and warms the heart. Another heart to feed is not just another coffee shop!

Serena Beach Resort & Spa

Hilmy Hamed

Great experience staying at the hotel and I appreciate the Swahili architecture and ambience it brought to the hotel. It was quiet and great for family. We had and apartment style room where my our kids had there own room and we had ours. Stuff were amazing Mrs Khadija and Mr Ali thank you for your hospitality. My family's biggest regret is not booking for more days with you but next I am in town I will book in advance..
Aina ya safari
Kikundi cha usafiri
Vyumba: 5
Huduma: 5
Mahali: 5
Sifa za hoteli
Ya kifahari, Mandhari ya kupendeza, Mazingira ya mahaba, Kuna Utulivu, Panafaa watoto, Huduma nzuri


Philipp Becker

Leider waren wir außerhalb der Happy hour weshalb ein Cocktail stramme 10-15€ kostet was einfach zu viel ist . Zu den richtigen Zeiten kann man denke ich einen guten Deal machen. Bedingung war etwas unmotiviert Cocktail aber sehr lecker und gut garniert. Es gibt eine sehr große Auswahl an Getränken und Snacks
Preis pro Person
10–20 €
Essen: 3
Service: 4
Ambiente: 5

España Doner Kebab

Fernando Garcia

Fui ayer y pedi dos kebab para llevar, para cuando me lo dieron me avisó de que uno de ellos tenia menos carne y aunque le repetí un par de veces que no me lo recompenso con raciones mas grande de arroz mas salsa de lo normal y me devolvió dinero.. Se le veía muy avergonzado. Cuando nos lo comimos no vimos diferencia y no nos dio la sensación de que habia menos carne.. Además la salsa es de las mejores que he probado en un kebab, he probado otras pero para mí se quedan cortísimas. Esos detalles me hacer seguir yendo a ese kebab. Es el mejor de toda Sevilla.

King Street Station

Ric Wallace

This is a classic old school city train station with a beautiful tiled interior done in white, gold and green. It reasonable clean and very well maintained otherwise. The Amtrak staff were friendly and efficient and everything was right on time. If you’re in Seattle and want to visit some of the real landmarks of the old city, you shouldn’t miss King Street Station. Despite its size in lays in the shadows of both the baseball and football mega stadiums. The area just south of the station is now home to many studios, galleries and restaurants. So many great places to explore!



国立競技場に行った際に寄りました。場所は競技場から下の通りにあります。 ドリンクはデザートとセットにすると安くなるので、ケーキやアイスクリームとのセットがオススメです。自家製レモネードもすっぱくてさっぱり美味しいです。
1 人あたりの料金
食事: 5
サービス: 5
雰囲気: 5


Володимир Чубатий

Зручна локація (майже 2 км до ст.м.Нивки або 3 хв до автобусно-тролейбусної зупинки). Поруч супермаркет АТБ, Сільпо, ринок, невеличкі кав'ярні, сквер. Екстер'єр: 5-поверхова будівля, є дашок, парковка. Збоку будівлі на -1 поверсі ресторан. У ресторані прийнятно, нормально так би мовити. Але труби течуть місцями. Інтер'єр. Заходячи в хол, зустрічають на рецепшні привітно. Одразу видають ключ(скретч-картку) оплата - і можна йти в номер. Ліфт робочий, в хорошому стані. Коридори прибрані. У кімнаті, коли ми зайшли, було чисто, охайно. Хоч і площа кімнати невелика, але цього було достатньо. Є холодильник і сейф. Шафа з кількома вішаками. Ванна кімната: наявні рушники для тіла і обличчя, папір, мило. Душова закривається, не тече. Із мінусів: ліжко дуже скрипить, стінка ліжка подерта (стерта "шкіра"), краї ліжка вимазані, волосся у постелі (як тільки почали розстеляти), крісло із ламаною спинкою, одноразових тапочків в номері немає.

Clean Touch Handwash


This is the BEST hand wash Carwash in NYC! They are always professional, friendly, and courteous. I have been going here for years and they always do a great job detailing my car. I always have the wax detail and interior done. The shine last for a long time. Well worth the money. The employees work hard and take good care of my car. I appreciate their hard work. Highly recommend Cleantouch Hand Carwash.

David Lloyd Amsterdam

Kan Kan

Ik ben al heel lang lid van David LLoyd met het nummer 14554507 platinum abonnement. Ik neem gasten mee naar de sportschool met mij om David LLoyd aan te raden. Maar door het personeel die er werkt achter de receptie zijn de gasten die ik heb meegenomen ervan overtuigd dat de kwaliteit van David Lloyd achteruit is gegaan. Het personeel gedraagd zich heel bot en streng tegenover de gasten en mij. Er word niet gegroet en mijn gasten worden behandeld alsof ze niets waard zijn. Als voorbeeld: mijn gast heeft een handdoek voor 2 euro gehuurd, tijdens het trainen is zijn handdoek bezweet geraakt en hij vroeg of hij een nieuwe zou kunnen krijgen om met een schone handdoek te gaan kunnen douchen. De receptie deed er heel moeilijk om en gaf een hele opmerking aan mijn gast. Ook tegen mij gaf de receptie een domme opmerking met dat ze geen nieuwe handdoek mag afgeven terwijl ik een platinum abonnement heb. Hierdoor stop ik ook mijn abonnement na een lange tijd lid geweest te zijn bij David Lloyd. De personeel die mij en mijn gasten zo slecht heeft behandeld heet Awatif. Ik zie zoveel klachten in de reviews maar nogsteeds geen verbetering. Ik raad David Lloyd niet meer aan bij mijn omgeving.

Diseño De Sonrisa Medellín - Esthetic Dentistry

C.L. C.

I am from the Caribbean and I was really suffering with the condition of my teeth. I had little hopes that I would be able to save whatever was left of my teeth until I met Dr. Carlos and his wonderful wife who ended my misery. I recently had the pleasure of visiting them and I must say that it was a fantastic experience. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed by the friendly and professional staff. Dr. Carlos himself was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to explain everything to me in detail. He was always patient and attentive, answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns I had. The treatment I received was top-notch, making sure I was not feeling any pain during the whole process. I could feel the results even after just a few visits. Dr. Carlos was always gentle and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. His attention to detail was evident in the final outcome, which exceeded my expectations. He is a complete artist. I would highly recommend Dr. Carlos to anyone looking for an experienced and caring orthodontist. I am grateful for the exceptional care I received and may God bless them so they could keep helping people.

JD Sports

Kaan Kalya

Also ich habe bei JD Schon sehr oft sneaker Und Klamotten Accessoires gekauft also ich kaufe zu 85% hier und ich bin TOP zu frieden noch nie gab es Probleme oder so und dies erfreut mich sehr vielleicht könnte mir jemand ein Mitarbeiter oder jemand der weiß wann der JD Öffnet ich wollte diesen Montag am 20.04.20 wieder shoppen gehen die Türen wahren offen dann kamen Mitarbeiterinnen und Sagten das der JD erst nächste woche montag am 27.04 20 öffnet stimmt dies? Mfg Kaan:)



Позаду французького павільйону легко приховане красиве місце . Водограй у стилі бароко . Затишне та атмосферне місце до якого потрібно спуститись по сходам. У середині знаходяться цікаві скульптури . Рекомендую туристам завітати у це укрите місце.

Central Park Chinese Restaurant


You will usually always get a table, never once been booked out, we have been coming here for years. The service is always polite and friendly and the new wait staff seem very good, although Sunday night wait times too long. The Mongolian lamb, honey king prawns, san choi bow excellent, but the fried rice was NOT very good and well below standard. (Try Beijing Duck Restaurant around the corner if you want the best fried rice in Sydney). Lift your game Lee Central Park! Sadly the fried rice wasn't fresh and looked like it had been mixed up with leftovers from the night before and was a little bit salty. Price wasn't too bad, my only other gripe, the outside windows need a good clean, it could deter customers.

Sixt Rent a Car


Најгора локација Сикта на свету. Спора услуга, стари аутомобили прекривени огреботинама и само вас зезну за новац тако што наплаћују више него у ваучеру за изнајмљивање чак и без икаквих додатака са стола. Само зато што могу.


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