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Café Datel

Pavlina Kralova

I přesto že byla kavárna téměř bez jediného volného místa, jsme na stůl čekali jen chviličku. Obsluha byla celou dobu precizní, milá a usměvavá. Co se týče jídla, výběr je sice menší ale oto víc jsou pokrmy vychytané do detailu a chuť je jednoduše dokonalá. Další velké plus je výborná káva a limonády ( meruňka, lichi doporučuji )
Jídlo na místě
Typ jídla
Cena na osobu
200–300 Kč
Jídlo: 5
Obsluha: 5
Atmosféra: 5
Doporučená jídla
Míchaná Vajíčka a Lievance

La Vera Napoli

Lia Tedesco

La Vera Napoli catered for a 70th birthday party last weekend. We were extremely happy and impressed with the quality of the food, the professional service and their responsiveness. They catered for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs - nothing was too much trouble and it was all delicious! They really went out of their way to ensure everyone had lots to eat and lots of fun! Would highly recommend them!

Texas Card House

Joe Bodrogi

I have been in the casino business for 10 yrs. and I have to say that the Texas Card House is true Vegas experience right here in the little city of Austin. Management ensures rules are followed and enforced, dealers are trained to a standard well above what one would expect, and the players are fantastic (lots of action and very few issues). If you are a local or visiting from out of town and need to get your poker fix like I did, I would definitely recommend checking out the Texas Card House.

Lean On Meals

Cody Graham

I have been using Lean On Meals for quite some time now. My life is very busy with living between two cities, juggling a business and staying very active sports wise. Time is very valuable to me, Nutrition and ease of managing my nutrition was always an issue. Then Lean On Meals entered my life and it has never been easier. The meals are amazing and I have less wasted food while travelling and my time is now spent where I want it to be spent, Skiing, biking and doing what I love, not meal prepping. There are a bunch of meal services cropping up out there, the PEOPLE at Lean On Meals are what set them apart, they GET IT, and they go above and beyond to provide you with not only super meals but super service to ensure your body is fueled properly. For me it comes down to time, and I choose to use my time doing what I love. If time and nutrition are important to you then Lean On Meals is for you. It's very simple they are the BEST!!

Прем'єр Палас хотел

Оксана Маргазинська

Була у відрядженні у цьому готелі сервіс дійсно на п'ять зірок. Хотіла б повернутися сюди з сім'єю під час відпустки.
Тип поїздки
З групою
Номери: 5
Сервіс: 5
Місцеположення: 5
Особливості готелю
Гарні краєвиди


Marija Keraminaitė-Sarulienė

Konsultantai net ignoruoja pirkėją, jeigu išvis savo skyriuje pasirodo. Jeigu netyčia surandi kitą konsultantą, tai jis tik pareiškia "ne mano skyrius". Nuolat skundžiasi, kad labai daupg darbo. Keletą kartų teko net išeiti iš parduotuvės nieko nepirkus, nes skubėdamas jau nebegali susirasti būtent to skyriaus konsultanto. Labai graži parduotuvė, bet iš esmės trageldija joje apsipirkti

حديقة المنتزه

Amr Helmy

One of the best parks in egypt, better go with your car as it's so big. NEVER forget to spend some time in the Royal Souba , it's just the best place in the park where you can find some very rare species of plants with unbelievable extraordinary features and shapes, and don't see any photos of these plants before you see them in real life, i promise you will be super excited

Collection O 73565 J J Global Exotics Stays

Pranamya Y

We had booked 2 rooms prior. However, we were told only 1 room is available when we reached. After waiting for a long time, we were given the 2nd room. No proper facilities were given. The bath towel provided was colorful (pink color! rusty! Paan! I am not sure). The room smelled like the mixer of cigarette smoke and room freshener. It gave me bad headache. We were not provided with packaged water bottle. No toiletries. There was no lift. We had to climb 4 floors to the room. The room was untidy.
ट्रेवल ग्रुप
परिवार के साथ
कमरे कैसे हैं: 1
सेवा: 1
जगह कैसी है: 1

Rosebud Motel

Francesca Obiegly

I have stayed at Rosebud Motel now on three occasions and highly recommend it. The host Alberto is such a friendly and lovely man The room is very clean and comforting I never give four stars so it has definitely been given my highest rating. Would recommend to anyone wishing to visit the Mornington Peninsula. Thank you Alberto you will definitely have an ongoing customer in me
Trip type
Travel group
Rooms: 4
Service: 4
Location: 4
Very clean and comfortable
Hotel highlights
Quiet, Great value

Hotel Focus Szczecin

Zbigniew Głowacki

Lokalizacja super. Wszędzie blisko. Plus dla hotelu, że jest sauna i smaczne sniadania. Niestety w listopadzie w pokoju zimno. Pokój nr 16 zimne powietrze wlatuje nieszczelnym oknem, mimo całkowitego jego zamknięcia. Zachęcam do wizyty kogoś z działu technicznego. Dogrzewalem się przy otwartej łazience i włączonym na max kaloryferze weń :)
Pokoje: 3
Obsługa: 3
Lokalizacja: 5

Istanbul Grill

G. Lara

This restaurant feels European at times due to the pace of serving (you will not be in a hurry to leave unless you want to). Food is delicious if you like Mediterranean dishes. We ordered an appetizer of 3 cold dishes, all of them excellent (try the Spicy Ezme!). Main courses and dessert are in the pictures. I will have that Hunkar Begendi again in the future. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of food and overall experience.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Recommended dishes
Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Hunkar Begendi, Chicken Tava, Baklava with Walnuts


miki tan

初めていきました。予約の時間より早く着いたので裏にある農場を散策。気軽に声をかけてくれたり畑で仕事しているのに丁寧に色々教えてくれたり、皆さん感じの良い方々でした。そしてお食事は野菜プレートと季節のパフェを戴きました。 沢山の野菜を使っていてお味も優しい!メニューの中身は2週間くらいで変わるようです。クリスマスパフェも見た目は華やかでフルーツもそのまま入っているだけでなくひと工夫されています。かわいいピンク色のクリームはビーツを使ってました。大きいものは2人でシェアするとちょうど良さそうですが3人で行ったのでレギュラーサイズを1つずつ戴きました。 お店の中にはお野菜やクッキー、ブリーベリー酢などが売ってます。畑を見てその野菜を使っているのかと思うと安心ですよね。新鮮なお野菜を買ったせいか帰宅したら、早く食べてあげたくなりお料理しちゃいました。素敵なお店を見つけられよかったです。

Fabre & Partners Statewide Real Estate

R Willcocks (Brockstar)

Paying to have your house on the market with these guys? Get your money back now! They falsely claim to have shown people through your house when they haven't. My name, phone number and email address details along with 30 other people's details were freely given to one of their vendors who had suspicions that their house was not being marketed properly. Their client contacted me to enquire if I'd ever been through their property.. I hadnt. This realestate had given their client my personal contact information yet I had never enquired about this property let alone viewed it and they are flat out lying that I had! Martin seems to be a realtor with no integrity! Stay away!

Foothills Veterinary Clinic

Ray Stephens

Excellent veterinary care from Michelle and her nursing staff "apprentices". Swish cat required some dental care. I have maintained our veterinary doctor client relationship for 10 to 20 years now, and Michelle provided "last rights" to Moki my cat of 16 who was blind, arthritic and had fallen and severed his spinal cord. I would find it undesirable to drag myself around with a colostomy bag and catheter, even though there was no pain with no nerve signals, and I knew why for the catheter. Home visit after his last afternoon with me and Moki drifted off slowly and peacefully in my arms. It has never been easy to lose any one of my 10 feline mates, but Michelle helped make loss of Moki a little less painfull for both cat and human.

handwerk mit stil

Anne Christiansen

Handwerk mit Stil – Wahre Retter in der Not! Nicht nur bei der Verwirklichung von Wohnträumen ist Handwerk mit Stil in der Lage zu brillieren. Auch in schwierigen Situationen, wie der eines Wasserschadens, erweist sich diese Firma als vertrauensvoller und kompetenter Partner. Stets wurden weit über das erforderliche Maß hinaus Lösungen für mich konzipiert und arrangiert. Für mich war Handwerk mit Stil der einzige Lichtblick in dieser Angelegenheit und ist deshalb auch für solche Aufträge absolut zu empfehlen!!!

Rebuild Health and Fitness

Adam Allan

I have been a rebuild member for about 7 months now. Looking to switch things up from cycling I embarked on a new fitness adventure. I couldn’t have been luckier with my choice. An awesome community with an incredible focus on helping everyone become the best versions of theme selves. Each coach (especially coach Vicky!) is all over the detail and your technique. The movements are challenging but fun and the atmosphere tops it off. Couldn’t recommend any more!

Pacific Smiles Dental Cranbourne

kat Cleary

I saw two seperate dentists here who both seemed lovely but stuffed my teeth. One didnt do a root canal properly and its still infected now. Second gave me such a large filling and took away most of my tooth enamel leaving leaving me in immense pain leaving no choice but to remove the nerve.. thus needing a root canal now and crown which likely can't happen as the tooth has no structure from a dodgy shaped filling and grinding half of my tooth down . Its a molar too so a via tooth. Wish I had never gone there and will not be back..

Meet the Greek

Thomas Kirchhoff

Normalerweise: kennste einen, kennste alle. Und wer mag schon unangenehme Überraschungen. Meet the Greek möchte es anders machen, überraschte uns letztlich aber nicht durchgehend positiv. Der Fleischspieß war sehr gut, innen noch rosa, also nicht das Einerlei, was man sonst so bekommt. Das Knoblauchbrot triefte vor Öl und war langweilig. Auch das Gyros mit Metaxa-Sauce konnte nicht überzeugen. Du kannst hier gut essen, keine Frage. Der Funke wollte bei uns nicht überspringen und dem eigenen Anspruch wird man nicht gerecht.
Verzehr im Restaurant
Art der Mahlzeit

K P Kini & Co Chartered Accountants

mohammed shoeb

सीए प्रिया किनी और टीम पंजीकरण और अनुपालन संबंधी सेवाओं के हर पहलू को अद्भुत गति से प्रदान करने में अभूतपूर्व रही है। वे बेहद संवेदनशील हैं और आपको हर प्रक्रिया से अपडेट रखते हैं। यदि आप अपने नए व्यवसाय की तनाव मुक्त स्थापना की तलाश में हैं … ज़्यादा


jessy arpitcha

บริการที่รวดเร็วและมีประสิทธิภาพ สไตลิสต์สามคนทำผมของฉันพร้อมกัน ตอนนี้ฉันชอบผมของฉันมาก สีมันสดใสและน่ารักมาก ตอนนี้ฉันรู้สึกมั่นใจมากขึ้นแล้ว ฉันขอลุคบาลายาจโดยใช้แสงน้อย ร้านเสริมสวยทำผลงานได้อย่างยอดเยี่ยม พวกเขาผสมผสานรากของฉันได้เป็นอย่างดีตามที่ฉันต้องการ


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