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1, 114 Higashitatecho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8377, Japan




クロスフィット松柏 is a Gym located at 1, 114 Higashitatecho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8377, Japan. It has received 56 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of クロスフィット松柏: 1, 114 Higashitatecho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8377, Japan

  • クロスフィット松柏 has 5.0 stars from 56 reviews

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  • "I'm very pleased with my experience at Crossfit Shohaku"

    "CrossFit Shohaku is one of the only places I've felt at home on my trip to Japan"

    "I had some anxiety about dropping in to a foreign CrossFit box, but boy am I glad I finally gave it a shot! CrossFit Shohaku (evergreen) is a fun, cozy, rustic evergreen box, with a welcoming happy family vibe, and a super supportive Coach, Kris"

    "Great little spot in Kyoto"

    "My wife and I dropped in on vacation to do 19"


  • N Shika

I'm very pleased with my experience at Crossfit Shohaku. The gym is charming and well equipped; the community is welcoming and supportive; and Coach Kris is attentive, accessible, knowledgeable, and just exceptionally dedicated. Most important though is that I am feeling and seeing results! I joined Crossfit Shohaku because in recent years with young children at home and a relatively long daily commute, I have found it difficult to establish and stick to an exercise routine on my own. My weekly session at Crossfit Shohaku has become anchor that keeps me honest and balanced about exercise, diet and more. On some weeks I am able to push myself to go for a run, but most of the time my weekly crossfit session is the only exercise I get. Surprisingly, even just one weekly session has a meaningful impact. The workouts are always challenging, always different, and after each session I am exhausted, but very satisfied. The next day I feel sore but in a rewarding way that keeps me motivated.

  • Tilde Thurium

CrossFit Shohaku is one of the only places I've felt at home on my trip to Japan. I'm a powerlifter. I have tattoos. I'm genderqueer. Which are all things that are outside the norm in Japan, and made me a bit nervous about working out. Everyone at CrossFit Shohaku was so welcoming! Helpfully letting me know where equipment was, and explaining how the space works. The owner is one of those people who just radiates kindness. He had an appointment to go to but stayed a bit late to give me some deadlifting tips. My only regret is that I'm not staying in Kyoto longer, but now I'll have an excuse to come back. The gym had all the equipment one could want, and open gym had ample room to get a solid workout in. Booking a drop in was easy online too! Whether you're a traveler or local, an aficionado of any strength sport, or you just want to get stronger and move your body, check out CrossFit Shohaku. You won't regret it.

  • Paul Buchholz

I had some anxiety about dropping in to a foreign CrossFit box, but boy am I glad I finally gave it a shot! CrossFit Shohaku (evergreen) is a fun, cozy, rustic evergreen box, with a welcoming happy family vibe, and a super supportive Coach, Kris. Plus their equipment is all brand new and shiny!! Oh la la~ :D Coach Kris helped me on my form throughout the WOD, it was challenging and engaging, and we had a great chat and a plethora of laughs with all the other members too throughout the class. I’d love to be a full time member here if I ever lived in Kyoto long-term. If you’re having second thoughts about whether or not to drop in here, let this be your sign to “just do it!” :) P.S. RX and scaled here is called Tora (tiger) and Neko (cat), which I found to be really amusing yet accurate! I was totally Neko this time!! lol

  • Richard Ulm

Great little spot in Kyoto. Kris wrote a good workout with a nice warm-up and was pleasantly picky with my form. I got my butt kicked and had fun doing it the entire time. If you are on vacation and need a place to workout or you want to give CrossFit a try, check this place out. Thanks Kris for a wonderful experience.

  • Erin Noel

My wife and I dropped in on vacation to do 19.5. The only bad part about our experience at Crossfit Shohaku was getting destroyed by that terrible workout; everything else was fantastic! Kris and his wife were very welcoming and friendly and we had a great time. We'll definitely go back if we're ever in Kyoto again!

  • Sam Zürcher

Really nice box that even looked very Japanese (traditionell). The training was well organized and guided and the small group allowed the trainer to help me correct movements. The training was held in English and Japanese. I can definitely recommend this place! Cheers Sam

  • Shawn Jain

This is a really special crossfit gym. Dropped in on a visit to Kyoto, and the gym is super clean with great equipment, and staff and fellow patrons are very nice. Kris is a great coach as well. I wish I lived in Kyoto so I could have this as my home gym!

  • Sean Sacdalan

Visited Kyoto the second time around and I’m so happy I dropped by Crossfit Shohaku! Kris is so so kind and the community here is great. The equipment is just spot on and facilities are really good. The class programming of Kris was super good …

  • Trenton Sandquist

Great place for a drop in!! Kris is very nice and a great L3 coach, and CF Shohaku is an interesting location. As well, it is really easy to book a drop in on their website in English. It was a great experience and a much needed workout after traveling!

  • Maria Ma

I had a great drop in class with Kris. I thought it might be too much going into the workout after a few months’ downtime (and ending up being the only person for that class), but Kris made sure I got a challenging workout without overdoing …

  • Tammy Walker

An awesome, welcoming gym in Kyoto with friendly members and experienced coaching! I dropped in at CF Shohaku while travelling in Japan as I needed to complete the Open 23.1 workout. Coach Kris was very helpful and easy to communicate with. …

  • Tyler Ellis

CrossFit Shohaku was such a cool gym! Kris was super welcoming and very knowledgeable. Even though my wife and I didn't speak Japanese he made us feel like part of the class by translating what people in the class were saying and things we …

  • Avvai Ketheeswaran

Spent three months in Kyoto and this was my favorite place to come to almost every day. The community at Crossfit Shohaku is sooo welcoming and kind. Coach Kris is awesome and is really good about looking at your form and offering small …

  • Xavier Leza

Un box en un espacio idílico. El coach es muy atento y cercano. Te hacen sentir como en casa desde el primer momento. El ambiente en las clases es de 10 y hay un gran espíritu de trabajo conjunto. Sin duda un gran box si estás por Kyoto.

  • SJ Crifasi

Great spot to drop in while visiting Kyoto! The setup is really nice, an old bathhouse converted to a Crossfit Box!! Kris was a real pleasure and took the time to give me some helpful tips for the 18.2 workout. He also saved me from …

  • Floyd Brinton

By far the coolest box I've dropped into. Head coach and owner (Kris) is very knowledgeable, encouraging, and welcoming to drop ins. Highly recommend this gem if you're traveling in the area and want to get a good workout in.

  • lorenzo capelli

Chris è fantastico. Coach attento e molto gentile. Ti fa sentire a casa. Se come noi siete a kyoto in vacanza e avete voglia di allenarvi, anche solo un giorno, è il posto giusto!! Grazie di tutto. Super consigliato!

  • Mathieu Dumontet

Great CrossFit gym with a CrossFit level 3 coach. You'll have a great workout, coaching tips under the watchful eyes of Kris with a nice Kyoto vibe to this whole experience. Drop by, try it and enjoy.

  • Ian Kong

Extremely surprised with their Beautiful heritage building. Not only that, Coach Kris made us feel like home! Very warm and welcoming! Definitely a box to drop in for all your CrossFit needs!!

  • 정영경

일본 정서를 느낄 수 있는 건물이라 여행중에 들러서 운동한다면 특별한 경험이 될 것 같습니다 영어, 일본어가 가능하신 코치님께서 말도 많이 걸어주시고, 규모가 작고 인원이 적은 박스라 화목하고 훈훈한 분위기속에서 대화도 많이 나누고 즐겁게 운동하고 왔습니다! 샤워시설이 있지만 수건과 샴푸린스 등 세안용품은 직접 챙겨와야 할 것 같아용

  • 박준우

교토에 있는 크로스핏 박스입니다. 박스 건물은 예전의 전통 일본집을 리모델링해서 지은 건물이라, 교토의 분위기가 그대로 살아있습니다. 코치분은 미국분이시고 영어와 일본어를 하실 수 있는 분이라, 일본인 외에도 다양한 국적과 운동 배경을 가진 사람들이 오는 박스입니다. 운동에 관심이 있는 분이시라면 꼭 한번 들러보시는 것을 추천합니다.

  • Angela Terao

Amazing class with Kris and other drop-ins today!! It was super fun and we felt sooooo welcomed ! ☺️ Kris was very thoughtful of checking our form during the strength part as well …

  • Julia

Had a great time at this gym. I worked out there 3 times. All excellent experiences. Very clean and unique gym. Chris the coach is very friendly. All athletes were also great!!!

  • Magnus Blair

Wonderful place to drop in at, rare you complement a Crossfit gym on its decor but you have to here. Kris was very friendly and the whole place is exquisitely Kyoto.

  • 小川信行

I have a little bit pain on my back, because of doing deadlifes. But I am ok. I enjoy working out. I will visit your box, if I have any chance. Nobuyuki Ogawa

  • Kristian Muñoz

If you're in Kyoto and you want to do some Crossfit, don't doubt go there, Kris will love to have you there. I went twice and I had a great time both days!

  • Jordon Smith

Great place to train in Kyoto when travelling. Stopped in for the open gym and the staff were really friendly and happy to chat and get to know me as well

  • Jordan H.

Friendly with good coaching (small adjustments to progression) and a nice community. Plus in a cool spot with history (and old bath house).

  • David Lin

Had a great workout at crossfit shohaku. In addition, the box has an amazing history. Make sure to check it out if you are ever in Kyoto!

  • Chisako Nishimura


  • CrossFit Durst

Fun CrossFit box with an English-speaking owner. Perfect for dropping in while on vacation in Japan. Great workout and experience.

  • Esmond22

Best box to drop in in Kyoto. Highly recommended. Easy to sign up for an online drop in session and the coach was brilliant.

  • Matthew

Great coaching! Kris was very welcoming. Highly recommend for anyone that is new and interested in trying out CrossFit.

  • Miguel Berges Albacete

Super cool box with a super cool owner, really kindhearted and helpful.Would definately come back if i have the chance

  • Don Knowme

Kris is super nice and accommodating to tourist. He allows “open gym” drop-ins and has good local knowledge.

  • Igor López

Great new box! They even have a cozy tea room. If you're at Kyoto don't hesitate to drop in!

  • June June

初めてのドロップインでしたがとても楽しく参加させていただきました。 クリスさんもメンバーさんもフレンドリー クラブ活動みたい 自分とのたたかい、 持久力はアップ 身体が強くなりそう

  • Daniel Zwiers

Kris made me feel very welcome and is a great coach! Can recommend doing a drop-in here.

  • 김태산

교토 방문 중에 드랍인했습니다 ~ 오픈한지 얼마안되 모든게 새거였어요. 아주 아늑하고 이쁜 크로스핏 박스입니다. 교토 먹방여행을 위해 드랍인 ㄱㄱ

  • Alistair Bradley

Superb drop-in with Coach Chris. Beautiful old building and space to train in


元銭湯を改築したBoxです。京都の雰囲気を感じながらworkoutが出来ました。 また、二階には和室もあり、畳の上で休みながら日本を感じれると思います。

  • Ovidiu Serdean

Very nice little gym with warm people. We really enjoyed the drop in :)

  • Mitch Cooper

I had a fantastic time working out at this box. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Chika Akagi


  • 정영일

교토에서도 크로스핏을 할 수 있다니 !! 좋은 경험이였고 좋은 코칭 이였습니다!! 다음에 또 뵐 수 있길 바래요

  • 霜降り明星のオールナイトニッポン

Great place to do some work out …

  • Nick Jonkman

Awesome box! loved the drop in WOD.

  • cha youngshin
  • Allan Macdonald
  • Abbie Girl
  • 速水駿祐
  • Mitsuru Tamura
  • Giulia Pesa
  • 堤悠一
  • takafumi Fujii
  • David Waters

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