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2 First Ave, Woodville Gardens SA 5012, Australia



AMA Accountants is a Accounting firm located at 2 First Ave, Woodville Gardens SA 5012, Australia. It has received 159 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of AMA Accountants: 2 First Ave, Woodville Gardens SA 5012, Australia

  • AMA Accountants has 5.0 stars from 159 reviews

  • Accounting firm

  • "Went to AMA based on the ratings/reviews projected by the many clients who had visited him, and definitely did not disappoint"

    "Hello Everyone! Just wanted to share my feedback about AMA team for the tax"

    ""I had an amazing experience with Amit, the AMA accountants"

    "One of the Best accountant and consultancy services"

    "I have been with AMA accountants from past 3 years and I am happy that I choose AMA accountants for my tax affairs as they are careful, responsible, and professional"


  • Suzan Bulca

Went to AMA based on the ratings/reviews projected by the many clients who had visited him, and definitely did not disappoint. I had my first consultation with Mr Amit, the director..He was punctual, very professional, and has a lot of insight into ATO matters which gives him the edge over others. He has other in-depth knowlwdge about the legalities of setting up small businesses etc. I really appreciated Mr Amit's genuine demeanour, as not only was he very helpful, but he seems as though he really strives to do his utmost to get a great outcome for all his clients (new and regular). Thanks again for your time yesterday, Mr Amit

  • Deepak Jadhav

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to share my feedback about AMA team for the tax. I know Mr Amit from since 2.5 years and he is very good, professional and very much knowledgeable in his field which is much more required when it comes to tax. We all work here and earning money, so we need to know the better Tax agent which can file your tax in a proper way and it can also help you as well. Highly recommend to go with Mr Amit AMA tax experts. Good Job Mr. Amit and very happy with the service which you provided to us. Kindly visit his office or call on given number to get expert advice.

  • baljinder singh

"I had an amazing experience with Amit, the AMA accountants. His expertise and professionalism truly stood out. He not only provided accurate financial advice but also took the time to explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. I was thoroughly impressed with his attention to detail and the personalized approach he took to address my financial needs. Working with Amit has been a game-changer for my financial planning. I highly recommend Amit, the AMA accountants, to anyone seeking top-notch accounting services.

  • Kiran Kundnani

One of the Best accountant and consultancy services. Very professional and responsive, they take care of all of my personal and business needs. They provide with best advice when it comes to tax related enquires and also mix it up with business advice. All of my ATO administration and taxation has been smooth since I have been with AMA accountant. Would highly recommend, I have recommended AMA to my other family and friends and so far all have had a great service from AMA accountants and are a very happy customer. Kiran Kundnani

  • kritika kaushal

I have been with AMA accountants from past 3 years and I am happy that I choose AMA accountants for my tax affairs as they are careful, responsible, and professional. I like the quality of their work and service also they know what is right for their client and what is ethical. They answer all my queries explaining everything whether its small or big, they always pick my calls or reply to my mails on time. I am happy to recommend AMA accountants all the time. Thank you Amit

  • Amit Dudi

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the hard work, dedication, and expertise of MR AMIT CHUGH….Your meticulous attention to detail, precision in financial matters, and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in keeping our financial operations on track. Your contributions are truly valued and make a significant impact on the success of our organization. Thank you for your exceptional work!

  • Vivek Shukla

AMA accountants have been our family Tax consultant company for long time now. The service provided by them is clear, proactive and user friendly. They have a deep understanding of Australian personal and commercial tax system and Amit makes sure all the client’s queries are addressed in detail before proceeding. I wouldn’t be hesitant one bit in recommending AMA accountants to my family and friends for any Tax related issues. V


I want to share my personal experience with Ama Accountants. I would rate then 10 out of 10 Star Because Amit chugh has always helped and served professionally in all terms related to any accounts related or whether its for our employees . And for his kindness and generosity I would recommend Ama Accountants to everyone in our community, friends and business relations. Keep up the good work

  • Simran Kaur

Best accountant and best service, as my TFN was got compromised and was in big trouble with my tax cant even do lodgements tried to fix it but cant and after contacting Amit Chugh the accountant and telling him about all my TFN issues he solved all this within couple of day it was impressive and now i can lodge my tax returns easily, thanks for great work really appreciated

  • Ravi kumavat

This was really Fast. Just sign a few documents and BAMMM! Its all done. Thanks to AMA tax consultants who were really helpful and fast. It was all new for me as an international student you don’t know much. But AMA here helped me and did my 2020 returns for free as a good gesture. They sure know how to keep their customers happy. Thanks Amit and your team.

  • Poonam Juneja

I am NDIS Provider now. Thank you to AMA Accountants and big shout to Amit to explain the whole process and help me getting the company registration, NDIS License and helping with the compliance side of NDIS Audit/Interview. It was not an easy ride without proper guidance and Amit has supported step by step. Highly recommend Amit & his team. Thanks PJ

  • Gagan S

I had a great experience with AMA Accountant. They are diligent, fast, efficient and very knowledgeable in the field. I found them very approachable and easy to communicate with. Amit offers a no fuss can do approach to his services. I fully trust his ability and the accounting know how he brings along. I would rate Amit Accounting Services highly.

  • Virat Singh

We are blessed to have found AMA Accountants and had pleasure of engaging Amit & his accounting firm to help our business. They have been with us for many years and have been helping us succeed our business. If you are looking for an accountant in Adelaide then reach out to these guys. Very professional and good service. Thanks Virat Group

  • Naresh Rathod

Big shout for Amit Chugh and his team. Very professional, experienced and polite accountant. He has helped us saving our tax and guide us with NDIS and disability support worker deductions. His knowledge and experience is very depth and his tax process is very smooth. Highly recommend to all those who needs help with tax and accounting.

  • Jaspreet Singh

Excellent service as always, I have contact Amit two days ago & emailed him all the required documents for my tax lodge & etc. Also, they are very professional as they communicate a lot during the process which makes things very easy. I’m very happy with the service the provide & how they look after all the things. Highly recommended.

  • Sonia Rawal

I would like to shout for Amit Ansh Arora, AMA Accountants who has really helped us in organising our tax returns. Also, I thank you for your excellent service and the on-phone support. It’s a good experience of services. I will “Highly recommend" for Amit to everyone! I am grateful to you Amit. Thanks AMA Accountants AGAIN!

  • Happiness Bishnoi

My experience was absolutely amazing with AMA Accounts. This was my second year with them for tax return.Amit ji has been so patient and accommodating with the whole process. Well, I am going with these guys as long as I am in Australia and I would suggest whoever is looking for a new tax agent to chose AMA Accountants.

  • Dhruvin Mehta

Amit is the most humble and professional tax expert I’ve met. His in-depth knowledge of the tax laws and his ability to explain is second to none. Amit takes the time in explaining each step of the tax return meticulously. Highly recommended and highest regards in my eyes. Thanks Amitji for your invaluable services.

  • Murphy Noble

As an international student in Adelaide, I needed help with my Tax return for the end of the financial year and i approached Mr. Saki Jameson. A smart gentlemen that assisted me in literally 5minutes at an affordable price from the AMA tax experts. I highly recommend Mr. Saki Jameson. Thank you for your help

  • sandeep gosal

Great service! I have been using AMA accountants for the past two years for my annual returns. Specifically, I want to say thank you to Amit for helping me.He is very responsive and knowledgeable. He always help me patiently with my lots of queries and always happy to jump on the phone when needed.

  • Ei Sandar

I was impressed by the level of professionalism at AMA Accountant. Mr Amit took the time to explain complex tax concepts in a way that I could understand, and I appreciated his commitment to maximizing my tax refunds. His expertise saved me time and stress, and I was happy with the final result.

  • Nikki U

I have had a great experience with AMA Accountants for over 3 years. They’re very easygoing, helpful and quick with all the process and information. The availability is great too, Mr.Amit gets back to me within minutes be it anytime. :) They’re really all you can ask for. Grateful …

  • astha pamnani

My experience was absolutely amazing with AMA Accounts. And Amit has been so patient and accomodating with the whole process. Well, I am going with these guys as long as I am in Australia and I would suggest whoever is looking for a new tax agent chose AMA Accountants. Cheers, Astha

  • varun garg

I am extremely happy client of AMA Accountants. They are extremely knowledgeable and good with tax filling. I was supposed to pay around $3400 as return and instead I am expecting a return of $650 which shows their ability and knowledge. I am glad I came in contact with Mr.Amit.

  • Sonya Patel

We are very happy with AMA Accountants Team and special thanks to Amit for helping us setting up NDIS Home Care Services. The whole process was very smooth and professional. Our Business has set up with in a day and Amit & his team has answered all our queries. Highly recommend

  • aman deep

Very professional and highly experienced accountant.very happy with the service provided by AMA Accountants Team. They have started and completed my work in same day. Highly recommend these guys to everyone who is looking for affordable accountants in Adelaide. Thanks Aman

  • Ratheesh Alon Rajan

Amit and Saki, excellent in professional Tax /Company related services.I used to work with them, they were always available through phone , email and text even in weekends. That makes our appointments easier. Great Communication , Excellent service. Highly recommended.

  • Ranjodh Singh

I choose AMA accountants for my tax affairs as they are careful, responsible, and professional.They answer all my queries explaining everything whether its small or big.I am happy to recommend AMA accountants all the time. Excellent service. Thank you AMA ACCOUNTANT

  • Latha Latha

On our first visit to AMA, job was completed. We registered our company on the same day and all paper work been completed. Me and partners are really happy with the service provided. Amit is always helpful to guide with any kind of tax enquiries. Thank you Amit :)

  • Shubham Jangid

As our business accountant, amit from ama accountants is always approachable and responsive. Wehave beenwith ama accountants for more than 10 years. The service is outstanding.his attention to detail and genuine care is amazing. Highly recommend these guys

  • Ravi Patley

It was my first time to get my tax lodged with Ama accountants and it was an amazing experience as Amit explained many things about tax and benefits which i was not aware of. I Would recommend everyone to get their tax services done by Ama Accountants.

  • Srinath Amingad

Amit and team have been great from the start. They gave me a detailed explanation on what can be claimed and what not, while providing a seamless service as a professional agent. Very responsive and great communication. Would recommend him to everyone.

  • Sandeep Sandhu

A fantastic work done! Great customer dealings from beginning to the end of the process. All responses were prompt and professional. We got exceptional help and support in clarifying our queries. I would recommend AMA accountants unreservedly.

  • Harpreet Gill

We found the Tax process very smoothe one since started using the AMA accountants services. Amit is very pleasant, knowledgeable and offcourse very professional. We will use them again and recommend them to our friends without any hesitation.

  • Emily Taylor

The best tax return I've ever had. Amit was very helpful and gave me more information about things I did not know. He also was polite, personal to get to know who I am and what I do. I would recommend to anyone. I will see you next year.

  • abdullahi haji abdi

It was great service with me to tax agent Amit chugh had good communication clear speaking guy so i was very happy with the service i had with you its fabulous agent, I recommend to anyone come see you guys in the future much appricate..

  • Gurjant singh Virk

Ama accountant is the best in adelaide with highly qualified accountants and perfect for tax or other business income and expense related enquiries. Genuine and friendly staff . Specialy mr (Amit Chugh). Highly recommended …

  • Dav D

It was my second tax filing experience with AMA accountants. I was quite pleased with the service that was provided. Amit was quite helpful, asking insightful questions and clarifying many intricacies to aid my understanding. I was

  • Monika Nandal

Amit from AMA Accountants helped me in understanding what ITR is, how to apply and what other things you can add as well. It was the first time I was applying for tax return and I am really satisfied with AMA Accountants services.

  • Aahan

I appreciate the quality of service from AMA Accountants. I had a not so amazing service from my previous accountant I am so glad to find Mr Amit who is a very experienced and professional accountant. Highly Recommended!

  • Calvin Kotian

I have been working with AMA consultants for help with my taxes for the last three years and can absolutely vouch for them. Amit is both knowledgeable and helpful and the staff are very friendly and professional as well.

  • Vatan Kotlia

Amit is very professional and caters to the needs of his clients, educating them on exactly how the taxation system works. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a tax accountant. Best wishes to the team.

  • rajaram jadhav

i have changed to many Accountants in Adelaide. when i met Amit ji i am very much impressed. AMA accountants are the best srviece, quick response, profesionals , great tax returns service. i will give 5 star ratings.

  • Elena Starre

I can recommend everyone to do their taxes here! As a foreigner on a working holiday visa it is intimidating to even start thinking about taxes, Amit explained everything with patience. It's very much appreciated.

  • Tanya Rathore

Mr. Amit Chugh is a great tax consultant. He will explain everything and answer all your questions. He is a very patient man and have an amazing service. Me and my husband are very happy going to him every year.


Amit was really helpful and guided me well to file my tax return. The entire process was quite smooth and he explained me all the details before proceeding to the next step. I will definitely recommend him.

  • Mehta

I am so glad to choose AMA Accountants. Amit and his team provide outstanding customer service . Polite , friendly, knowledgeable. quick and efficient . I would highly recommend him . Best Accountant .

  • Sahil Chahal

AMA Accountants have been our accountants for over 15 years. Amit is our personal business accountant is exceptional and very experienced professional accountant in Adelaide. I highly recommend them.

  • Pinder Dhaliwal

A great professional accountancy service. I’m very impressed with Amit Chugh, his fabulous knowledge, provides amazing advice and is always happy to help and go that extra mile . Highly recommended!

  • Isha Patel

I had great success with the service of AMA Accountants. I was quite impressed with the service that was provided and it went really smoothly without any issues. Highly recommend it to anyone.

  • vk suhag

I would highly recommend the AMA Accountants. Their staff is very polite , friendly and professional. It was a pleasure dealing with them. Thank you AMA team ! I will be surely back next year

  • Rajendra Hudda

AMA Accountant has helped me with my uber registration and BAS. Highly Experienced and professional accountant. Amit is very experienced accountant. Very happy with his services and knowledge

  • ashwin kumar

Amit took care of all aspects of our tax return process and explained all key details. He makes us feel the tax return process is so simple. Thanks to him and to his expertise in the field.

  • Vajid Mukhi

I have been with them since last 4 years, Amit is really a very knowledgeable and hard working guy always there to help and support with accounting matters. Thank you for the great service.

  • Mandeep Singh

Really happy with AMA Accountants. Amit has provided me with amazing financial advice over the years. I truly believe i have found the best accountant in Adelaide since i moved from Sydney

  • Sumesh Jassal

It was my first time to visit AMA Accountants, I am very happy with their service, Amit is so good to explain everything with patience, always to my friends to visit him, thank you. …

  • Bharat Chugh

They are very professional and deliver the services on time. I will strongly recommend AMA Accountants in my friend circle. Handled accounts very smartly. 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Iresha Dilini

AMA Accountant is the best in Adelaide. Providing professional and best service to all clients. Highly recommend for those who want better accounting, bookkeeping and tax services.

  • ankit chaudhary

Mr Amit is very good consultant with good services at AMA consultants. Helped with the other related services too. Great with any help and maintenance related to Tax,book keeping.

  • Ankush Nain

Very happy with Amit sir and his service. I got my full tax refund and he has explained me whole tax process very professional way. One of the best accountant. Highly recommend

  • Ravinder Chahal

Such a wonderful job Amit. Thank you for giving us the bestest advice ever for completing the tax lodgement. Very professional and friendly approach . Appreciative :) …

  • omgrig girfmo

This place will be happy to charge you the long and expensive route without telling you there are cheaper and simpler options available - oh and don't forget the hidden fees

  • Ashmit Kumar

Highly recommend AMA Accountants for all your Accounting needs. Nikki and Amit have been so efficient in lodging my tax return. They will provide you with a timely update.

  • Shubhangi Shreshtha

They provide great services and are highly efficient. It was a hassle free experience to get my tax-returns lodged through them, quick and easy. I will 100% recommend them!

  • Ankush Kashyap

Experienced and professional accountant. Highly recommend Mr Amit to anyone who is looking for accountant in Australia. Thanks AMA Accountant for helping me with my taxes

  • Sanjay

first of fall i appreciate to ama consultant,, i m very happy with their service.. they guide step by step and in a convinient manner… thankyou so much ama consultant….

  • Nisha Sansoa

I had very good experience regards my tax return and fees was very affordable! I highly recommend Amit because he is very helpful and reliable towards his works! …

  • Arpit Garg

Attended by Mr Amit Chugh, best tax consultant. He was very patient and explained all the process and technical details. Overall, it was a smooth experience.

  • Dibakar Sah

I would like to thanks AMA team for helping and assisting on our accounting, tax and business consultancy services...AMA accountants team is very helpful..!

  • Jerin James

Amazing services and very helpful Team. Great understanding of local laws and entire Bookkeeping and payroll services is maintained by them professionally.

  • navreet kaur

Been consulting with AMA for nearly 2 years. Highly recommend their services. Always respond in short period of time for any queries. Very professional.

  • Amandeep Singh

I am uber driver and dont know anything about tax and Gst. AMA Accountants has helped me with all the registration. Very happy with the service.

  • Mandeep Singh

Excellent service, I have been with AMA Accountant past 4 years. Always satisfied with service provided by AMA Accountants. Highly recommended

  • mansher kang

Amit was really helpful and thorough with the process of filling tax return. Pretty happy with the entire experience. Would recommend. …

  • Céline André

Amit was professional and clear in his explanations. He advised us well for our first tax return. It was reassuring for us. I recommend Amit

  • Siddharth Gupta

A really excellent accounting practice. Staff is really professional and helpful. A good knowledge of tax services. I highly recommend them.


I do not have to stress anymore AMA does take care of my business accounting needs on a very reasonable cost. So happy to use them.

  • Princey Rathod

Best tax agent and very good experience with AMA Accountants. Amit is very experienced and polite accountant. Highly recommend

  • aleena jeby

Mr Saki Jameson is an excellent tax agent that assist international students with affordable price. I had a great experience .

  • Rutu Patel

Been consulting with AMA for over 2 years. Excellent service and would definitely recommend. Thank you to Amit and his team.

  • suchita Agarwal

Amit made sure to answer all my queries and lodge my tax return within 24hours. Thanks for being so cooperative and helpful!

  • Buddhima Fernando

The best service that i had when i lodged my tax return. Thanks for the support. Highly recommended the amith and his team.

  • palakk

This was a very easy experience and Amit was a professional. I felt very satisfied with my experience at AMA Accountants.

  • Varsha Parkar

Amit is highly professional and expert in tax filing. Very prompt in communication. I highly recommend Amit and his team.

  • Ash Sehra

Hi been with them from last 3 years amit is really hardworking guy always there to help and support from every angle .

  • Navi Toor

I had very good Experience with AMA Accountants. The while team is very helpful and professional. Thank you Amit Sir.

  • Mithu Masum

Always great services from Amit. Very accommodating and strong will to understand clients' needs. Highly recommended.

  • Bella Yona

Definitely a one stop shop for all your tax needs. Amit and his team have always been very prompt. Highly recommend.

  • Jaspreet Kaur

Amit is very clear about things and guide very well about all queries and questions. Thankyou for guiding us well .

  • shilpa kamath

Amit has been super helpful and always goes out of his way to keep us updated on the changes with the Tax process.

  • Raman Sohal

I recommend AMA accountant ( Mr Amit). I had very good experience with him. His service is very quick and polite.

  • Nirmal Singh

Amit and AMA team is amazing. Always on time and precise with accounts and taxes management. Would recommend.

  • Bryan Wood

AMA accountants have been efficient at processing my 2021 tax return. I can highly recommend their services.

  • saumya saxena

Amit has been really helpful with my tax return and guided me thoroughly on every step. Highly recommended.

  • Sanjay Kewlani

Best in Adelaide Reliable and Honest Advisory. Customer Service is excellent lives up to every expectation.

  • Inder Jhajj

Very professional and let you know about every thing very detailed. Really appreciate his work thanks.

  • Hardik Gulati

Amazing experience, worked very professionally. Highly recommend. I will keep coming here in future.

  • Randhir Sah

Thanks AMA team for providing excellent accounting and taxation services - much appreciated..!!!

  • Skymultitech

I am very happy with AMA Accountants service. They were setup my company profile within one.

  • Ishu bhagat

Great service! Immense knowledge and experience with taxation. Highly recommended …

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