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American Airlines is a Airline located at 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy American Ticket Counter, Charlotte, NC 28208. It has received 280 reviews with an average rating of 1.9 stars.



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  • The address of American Airlines: 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy American Ticket Counter, Charlotte, NC 28208

  • American Airlines has 1.9 stars from 280 reviews

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  • "My wife and I planned a trip to San Antonio, Texas, for our 44th wedding anniversary celebration"

    "Very smooth check-in at CLT, where American offers daily nonstop flights to just about anywhere you'd want to go in the lower 48, making them the obvious airline of choice for CLT locals who aren't fond of unnecessary layovers (something I've always had to deal with on Delta)"

    "If I could give no stars that’s what it would be!!!! AA you all are the WORST!!!!! Let’s start with the fact that I got to the airport 5hrs before my flight, so I was going to upgrade to an earlier flight! So I am priority 1st, the 5:50 flight was sold out for business class so the ticket agent that refuse to check my bag for me & made me do it myself told me I could go to the Lounge while I waited for my flight"


    "If you have time to spare fly American Airlines… I am have traveled extensively in my life to a wide variety of countries using international as well as local air carriers"


  • Bob Kuehner (0122374453778)

My wife and I planned a trip to San Antonio, Texas, for our 44th wedding anniversary celebration. We left on March 10, 2023, with a planned return on March 17. We had a great time at the Riverwalk in San Antonio, but American Airlines turned it into a disaster. We flew American, from BHM, thru DFW to SAT. On the BHM>DFW leg, takeoff was delayed due to mechanical issues. Fortunately??, when we arrived at DFW, the next plane was also late arriving, so we didn’t miss our connection and made it to SAT as planned. The big issue was the return flight… SAT>DFW>BHM. We left plenty of room on the 17th when we planned to return home for a drive to Hilton Head Island to visit grandchildren on the 18th. On the SAT>DFW leg, the flight was delayed by almost two hours due to mechanical issues. This forced us to rebook through CLT when it was clear the connection couldn’t be made in DFW. This gave us an anticipated 4-hour delay in arriving home, but we could have made our grandkid visit had it happened that way. Only… the nightmare isn’t finished yet. We arrived at CLT too late to make the connection—the last flight out for the night. Since American said that delay was due to weather, no lodging, meal, or hotel transportation credit was offered, and we were on our own. This didn’t make sense since the original delay and the only reason we were in CLT was because of mechanical failure at our original departure at SAT, but no point in raising our blood pressure, since it was already after midnight and we were still hanging out in the airport, waiting in line to talk to an American Airlines rep. By the time we could speak with someone (close to 1 AM), there were no flights out on the following day until late afternoon. This would have caused us to miss the grandkid trip. We asked them to cancel the last leg of the flight and opted to rent a car one way and drive 4 hours in the morning to Hilton Head Island in order to make our visit with the grandkids; then, after the visit, drive 7 hours home to Birmingham. Total extra, unplanned expenses for lodging, extra meals, Uber, and a standard car one-way rental were just north of $900. As we drove the next day, we called American. It took 2 hours to actually speak with a human. Of course, she told us they didn’t issue refunds for “weather delays” and seemed really confused by the concept that we view the original mechanical delay as the domino that caused the rest of them to fall. She then told us it didn’t matter anyway. They couldn’t initiate the refund process over the phone, and we’d have to do it online. But… not yet. We’d have to wait for 48 to 72 hours afterward to begin the process. So… we went to their special “refund site.” I mean, really. I should have read the other reviews before I booked with American Airlines. Any reasonable person would be worried when American Airlines has its own specially designated website to process them… http://prefund.aa, really? We’ll watch this and update you when we have a disposition on the requested last-leg refund. In the meantime… I’d recommend that you jump on a Greyhound bus… it would be faster, better maintained, and quite a bit cheaper!

  • Bryce Hosseini

Very smooth check-in at CLT, where American offers daily nonstop flights to just about anywhere you'd want to go in the lower 48, making them the obvious airline of choice for CLT locals who aren't fond of unnecessary layovers (something I've always had to deal with on Delta). Check-in wasn't quite as smooth at LAS (my most recent destination on American), but it was still acceptable. Boarding process could be better: personally, I think that the folks sitting at the back of the plane should be allowed to board first so that you don't have tons of people standing around either in the jetway or outside the gate waiting for the people closer to the front to put their bags away. I'm sure the AA employees who are constantly busy with last minute checked baggage etc. would also appreciate less unnecessary congestion in the gate & jetway area. Even so, I still prefer AA's more traditional seat assignment & boarding process to Southwest's confusing seating free-for-all. It's a little slow, but also pretty well-organized. Paying extra for priority boarding is always an option if you're impatient and have about $30 to burn (although I'd probably spend that on a slightly more comfortable seat instead). There's not really enough seating at some of the older gates, but again, that's more the Airport's fault than AA's. Excellent on-time performance flying out to LAS; we were over a half hour early even when flying westbound (i.e. against the jet stream), which in my limited experience is highly unusual and impressive. We also arrived quite early on the return trip, but that extra time was quickly burned up while we were stuck on the taxiway waiting for a gate; still, that's more the airport's fault than the airline's (it seems years of expansion still weren't enough to prevent congestion here). I dislike the trend towards smaller seats in newer aircraft; I'm a pretty small person and even I wasn't entirely comfortable on my outbound flight (the return flight was on an older aircraft and thus significantly more comfortable). In-flight entertainment is ok, with a decent selection of movies, tv, & music on tap, provided you have a smartphone and some headphones: I personally enjoyed watching John Prine's last performance on Austin City Limits. Cabin service is skimpy right now, supposedly as a Covid measure; we can only hope that normal food and beverage service will return soon. All-in-all, I had a pretty good experience with American, and will likely fly with them again at some point.

  • Kristina Marié

If I could give no stars that’s what it would be!!!! AA you all are the WORST!!!!! Let’s start with the fact that I got to the airport 5hrs before my flight, so I was going to upgrade to an earlier flight! So I am priority 1st, the 5:50 flight was sold out for business class so the ticket agent that refuse to check my bag for me & made me do it myself told me I could go to the Lounge while I waited for my flight. I ask him if he was sure b/c it’s not an international flight, his direct answer was yes I’m sure I work here! I get to the lounge the lady was beyond rude she asked for my membership which I told her I didn’t have when handing her my boarding pass I noticed my seat was missing, it said it would be assigned at the gate? ( I’ll get back to that) so the “manager” of the lounge was supper rude every time I ask a question she tried to sale me the $500 membership totally ignoring my question! (Keep in mind she could have given me a day pass for my trouble!) So I ask who can I talk to about my seat assignment she told me to call the 1800 #. I ask is there no one in this airport at all that can help me? She gave me half A$$ directions & told me to step out of line! (Yes I was fuming) I finally find customer service where the lady was helpful but couldn’t really help. So she called a manager. The manager comes & tries to fix my seat assignment but is unable to do so, after she calls lots of ppl who can’t assist either. She tells me her fear is that they will put me in regular class b/c it’s not a full flight. So I take off to my departure gate 3 hrs before departure to see if they can at least help. I get there, they can do nothing but assure me they will place me in the correct seat (we will see) I call customer service to complain, the agent tells me I have to send an email online! Like what the hell!!! I have spent like 2 hrs working on an issues that should have never been an issue to deal with 2 very rude AA employees & 5 really helpful ones. But still my issue is unresolved & let’s not forget I could be gone by now if they would have put me in the 5:50 flight! AA you are really the worst airline ever & you need to update tour systems & retrain half your Employees on what customer service is!

  • Ben Langley

Pathetic. Incompetent. Sleazy. Shameful. Poor experience and service is what to expect with American Airlines for the most part but fully demonstrated at CLT AA. After waiting inside the plane that needed an APU replaced that left the passengers roasting like the other Turkeys this Thanksgiving, American proceeded to line up a second plane that needed maintenance. This time though they already were two hours into the maintenance and decided that the customer should only be informed until after the departure time there was a "slight delay" (AA website for SOP no more than 30 minutes after they know there is an issue). While they updated their new delay time repeatedly by only 25 minutes each time, the true time would be a 4 hour delay as the part to fix the plane was that many hours off-site. Their employee at gate E28 on November 25th 9:10PM (20 minutes after scheduled departure) was happy to help at least 15 people cancel their flights but would not acknowledge how severely delayed the flight was and were not offering another plane or anything else that is actually required of them. Our end destination was only just over an hours drive by car back. We opted for the car and called customer service before we left they told us the forms to get our claim done (the one and only helpful effort on their part) despite we did not cancel the flight and were forced to take the car they don't feel they are responsible to pay the small rental fee reimbursement claim. I'm hoping their greed for petty money for their mistakes costs them more than it did us for sheer freedom from the air toilet that American Airlines currently is.

  • Charlene Rupp

If you have time to spare fly American Airlines… I am have traveled extensively in my life to a wide variety of countries using international as well as local air carriers. However I have never in all my years experienced such lack of communication, customer service and all around rude and abrupt employees. The aircraft’s are old dingy and not safe. The staff are not friendly and don’t even try to hide their dislike in dealing with passengers. We boarded our international flight in the Bahamas to Charlotte however shortly after takeoff we had to land in Miami due to the wings not working properly. We asked if we could take a flight from Miami to our final destination Kansas and got refused and forced to take the new plane. Told they will “sort us”. In Charlotte the rudest staff I’ve ever had the experience to meet said there’s no flights for days. We (a family of 2 adults and 2 children) had to be on standby till 10:30pm. We walked to Delta and they could not help but they were kind and explained what we must do in a courteous manner showing empathy and kindness. Something we didn’t get from American Airlines. We landed in Kansas after 3 flights and an entire day of traveling. I think because one owns the monopoly on flights should not allow one to mistreat one’s customers. From an international flyer you can learn a lot from an air carrier like Emirates they are leagues above your offering because their aircraft’s are immaculate and their staff offer the human touch with exceptional customer service and support.

  • Jon Korn

Flying from Louisville to Jacksonville connecting in Charlotte for my daughter's wedding. Flight cancelled in Charlotte and next flight is 30 hours later and after the wedding. That happens, no biggy.. book to Savannah and will drive 3 hours. I call AA 2.5 hours before departure concerned my luggage won't make it. I'm told to not worry. 50 minutes prior to schedule departure and 2 hours before actual I ask the desk clerk for AA to check on my luggage. She tells me it's going to Jacksonville. I ask her to call someone to get on my flight and she refuses. She's extremely rude and completely annoyed. I beg her and explain my wife and me have everything in the bags. She still refuses. I call AA, wait 55 minutes and I'm told they don't have the authority to call anyone in Charlotte. . I get to Savannah and I'm told they will arrive on the next flight. I call at 10pm and I'm told they might arrive the the next day after the wedding. It's very obvious that I'm just a number and the expense off customer service is not worth the few that get screwed. I have medication, a $3000 medical device, and about $2000 of clothes in those bags. I'll have 3 hours before the wedding for me and my wife to find something to wear. Bad deal and no way to treat customers. I

  • Krystal Grant

I would give it a zero if I could!!! Had to share our major letdown with American Airlines in Charlotte, NC. We were planning to surprise our brother at a special installation ceremony, and they messed it up big time. Left our disabled dad stranded, missed the connecting flight, and we ALLLLL missed the event and purpose of our trip .. They Lost our luggage (we had to buy more clothes because they didn’t deliver our bags to the airbnb), I had to advocate for our belongings 4X after 4 failed promises. They broke every single promise, disrespect from top to bottom (shrugged her shoulders and told us there was nothing they could do about our dad at the other gate waiting. He had 6minutes to come with no transport and a hip replacement )– our weekend is a total waste.) While everyone else celebrates, we're stuck dealing with American Airlines' chaos. Seriously, they ruined our chance to make our brother's day unforgettable. We will have to find an airline that takes care of their disabled elderly passengers because this is NOT IT!!! To make it worse, I can't speak to a live person, just a series of online complaints. Just HORRIBLE all the way around! #PISSED #DisappointeD --

  • Hanna

Me and my clique of school friends were excited to go to Frankfurt for a school trip. Surprisingly, we had to go from our nearby airport all the way to Charlotte (CLT). This did not bother most of us and we were able to go from BWI to CLT. After we landed, we sat there for about 45 minutes to an hour due to the fact that another American Airlines flight broke down and had to use the gate before us. Still, we were still not mad or against American Airlines for the mishap. When we got off the plane, finally, we were almost late for our flight and were able to rush to the next gate 15 minutes before the plane took off. We thought we made in just in time but the lady at the gate closed the door right in our face and accused us for it being our fault. We went to the American Airline customer desk and sat there for 45 minutes just for them to tell us that we would be able to go to Frankfurt 2 days later then our missed flight. We were enraged and we had to stay in their hotels. Plus, for the cherry on top, they gave us the food vouchers after we left TSA, therefore there was no where to eat and the vouchers went to waste. Worst experience ever. I hope the CEO gets to experience this himself. Shame on you American Airlines.

  • Giuseppe Monteleone

THEY WILL TAKE EXTRA OF YOUR MONEY FOR NO REASON. If i could rate lower than a 1 or a zero , i would. Customer service is absolutely terrible and not one persone working at the kiosk or handling phones was nice or understand. My carry on luggage (which is supposed to be placed in the luggage cabinets overhead on airplane) was apparently "too large ' . Knowing i had extra space in my backpack, i asked to "take some stuff(s#i+) out of my luggage to put into my back pack. Not only were they trying to rush me , but NOT EVEN TWO minutes in , she LIES and says i cussed her out(i literally said after she already had an attitude for NO reason, "ok then can i move some of my s#!t to my backpack ?)and she said 'yes go ahead " and meanwhile they take my own luggage away and wouldn't even let me make sure there's nothing that could fall out, AFTER SHE broke one of my zippers of my luggage. They are absolutely the WORST to deal with even if you're like me, that makes sure everything is in ordinance with the rules in airports before even arriving

  • Patrick Matthews

Canceling 100s of flights with no customer service what so ever. Gate attendants were entirely rude and unprofessional. No regard for thier customers what so ever. Literally had a gate attendant tell me i was SOL. Was later told they would NOT refund my flight, instead the would put me on a different flight...4 days later. They would not pay for the hotel to stay the 3 nights, they wouldn't even help find a hotel. I was told i could camp out in the waiting area for the next 3 days/nites. I had 2 small children with me. I ended up spending $2100 on a Delta flight plus eating the $1500 from the original American Airlines flight that never happened. I strongly recommend NEVER flying American Airlines. Avoid them at all costs. After spending 30hrs trapped in Charlotte and talking to numerous other screwed passengers this is a very routine thing for American Airline over the last several months. They got 1 star cause Google forces me to select at least one. By far the worst travelling experience in my life. -- Million Mile flyer.

  • Doaa Mohamed

American Air line worse flight ever, delayed in flights and I have to stay in the airport CLT 20 hour with my little kids 4 & 6 year old!! At the beginning from Richmond they promise us to offer the hotel in case we don’t catch our connection airplane and when we talked with the manager in American air line in CLT Airport before that girl in a video she left me without respect!! without Liston to me and the customer service asking me to book a hotel by my own because their mistake for delaying the airplane accrued the connection airplane left!! and either the new tickets each kid will be in different seat away from me and each others!!! They west my time and my money. Also the airport CLT in North Carolina open 24 hour and all the Restaurants closed at 10 or 9 PM which is force me to get out to find any food for my kids and I have never see that bad service in my whole life what ever from air line company or airport service. If I’m able to put here 0 rate I’ll do it. Not deserve for anyone to put money in their ticket.

  • Kat P

Never received a cancelation text when my flight was canceled. Only received texts that it was delayed 3-4hrs. It was 9pm and bad enough that we were waiting at the airport for that long, if they told us sooner we would've had an opportunity to leave and get food and a hotel with proper sleep, but what REALLY stood out and made it way WORSE was the AA representative at the desk who looked at us and laughed while saying "ohh... you didn't know your flight was canceled haha, yea it's been canceled a while ago." Literally had to double check if I was on a Spirit flight for a second. Completely unprofessional and disgusting look for the image of a company. Another AA representative was equally as useless - asked her where the main desk to change flights is and she responded "it's in B com" and I asked her where there was, her response was "in a different terminal"..... real helpful... I don't see myself flying with AA again just to avoid the treatment of their staff.

  • Louis Thompson

I fly American Airlines for work at least 3-4 times per month. They have damaged my toolbox on multiple occasions. I have missed multiple connecting flights due to maintenance issues on the planes. Today took the cake though. I flew out of Fayetteville,NC today on flight 5133. We sat on the tarmac forever it seemed and the engine shut off. We had to be pulled to the gate and wait for them to get the plane started again. I missed my connection in Charlotte and now have a 7hr layover to get to Houston. I am so disappointed with American Airlines. It seems like there is always an issue and when you contact customer service to file a complaint they aren't very helpful. Ready to have my boss stop flying me on American Airlines and choose a different airline to fly. There is always an issue and they don't value the customers. I am a gold member as well as a credit card holder and still don't get treated right as a loyal customer.

  • Jennifer Winn

Huge delays and cancelations leaving hundreds stranded. For those who could not wait over 12 hours for a new flight and Charlotte was not their final destination, the man at baggage refused to help. He came out and yelled at everyone to leave who didn't have Charlotte as a final destination and that we would not get our bags. He lied multiple times, stating they can't pull bags cause there's a red light on the tarmac. Then he said that he was an independent contractor and didn't have to help those who had bags being held hostage. Refused to help anyone set up shipping for said bags. Said we had to go to customer service for bag issues, but when I called customer service they were shocked at the whole situation and said he should have helped us and had to transfer use to baggage to set up our bag being delivered to our home since we now have to drive 8 hours to our house. And the airport is another 3 hours away.

  • George Connolly

I have traveled all over the globe and this is by far the worst airline I have ever flown! Travel plans get unexpectedly canceled or changed...the airline does not have control of that...but the company policy to handle the aftermath of an issue is horrible. Extremely uncaring company. They know people forget from one day to the next and from one travel event to the next. So they just don't allow you to speak to anyone.... They sent an old man around with a flyer with well over 300 stranded humans at an airport just wanted to get to their destination and have some comfort while they waited for hours and hours for the airline to correct their errors... Not one flight....several... No one allow d to speak to anyone at the airline...just a flyer saying accept what ever we send you in an email.... Honestly the worst experience I have ever had on an airline.

  • Ethan

I’m truly impressed by American Airlines ability to get a whole plane load of customers on the plane, then discover the plane wasn’t fit to fly, get the passengers off, send them completely across the opposite end of the airport, reload them and then discover the pilots “timed out”, unload the same customers a second time, then have the audacity to offer a hotel room several miles down the road, where if you’re lucky, you might get a hours worth of sleep in. The incompetence of the “Assistance” people was overwhelming. Our flight wasn’t the only one they completely botched. As a share holder I’m appalled at the treatment of the customers. The leadership should look into the procedures and practices of their own company and how it treats the very people who keep them in business. Poor execution, poor performance, poor procedures. Do better

  • Nacoko Cusaac

I paid $3000 for round trip ticket, due to my husband passing away. I had to spend the night in a airport bc my flight was cancelled at short notice. And some of the airport staff was rude. Then I had to pay a shuttle to take me to my destination so I ended up paying for another source of transportation bc American Airlines did a terrible job my daughter bag was on a plane that this cashier name Brianna in Florence SC lied and said we couldn't board to leave bc it was to late wich was a lie then I asked this young lady can I have are bags bc my daughter seizure meds was on there and she wouldn't let us get the bag and was just rude. My whole trip coming and going was very very bad Im still waiting to hear from American Airlines sincerely Mrs Cusaac my trip was in August I will never let this slide.

  • Scott Cote

Flight was delayed out of Columbus ohio so I missed my connecting flight in Charlotte. American app was of no use so I waited in the mile long American assistance line. Since it was after 7pm the phones were shut off at customer service. Once I got to the counter the staff understood my situation and got me a ticket out the next day. They put me in a disgusting comfort inn hotel which had a shuttle out of the airport that I waited approximately 40 minutes for. The hotel was gross so I left and took an Uber to a better hotel which I had to pay for since the cheap one took my voucher. This was now close to midnight. The much nicer hotel should have been the one that they put me in. I've flown American many times before with not many issues but how they handled problems is terrible.

  • Joey Fernandez

It’s amazing after 6 changes of boarding time , they canceled the flight! Oh no we were told it’s not canceled it’s postponed until 1100 am. So you not entitled to anything. Now leaving to JFK and sleeping here. They gave out food vouchers and hotel rooms to a few. But it wasn’t Cancelled. Shame on you AMerican Airlines your prevarication and unethical practices. Over 400 people from flights coming in. Not cancelled postponed, so they don’t have to be responsible. InTampa they stated plane arrived , but was never T the gate. Over 1/2 hr later Plane pulls up with passengers and they changed the times to avoid FAA regulations and fines. Damm I expect this from Spirt Aines not you. Last time I fly with you. For sure filing a complaint with BBB and DOT.

  • Kasey Irons

Horrible customer service! Flights were delayed to weather which I understand is out of there control. When the flight finally arrived the crew was timed out and the flight was canceled at 1:00am. We spoke with American airlines customer service when our flight was originally delayed and were told to wait as they couldn't do anything until the flight was canceled. Seems to me they would have know the crew would be timed out at that point but decided to leave us sitting around waiting for a flight that wouldn't happen. Of course after the flight was canceled there are no hotel to speak of and all we got was an "I'm sorry". I think this is the end of American Airlines getting our money!

  • Joe

I wish I could give these clowns negative stars. Connecting flight was cancelled due to “unexpected maintenance”, waited 15 hours for a rollover flight because I had to leave that day and no one way rental cars were available. Otherwise it would have been the next morning. Their customer service is rude, does not make any attempts to accommodate, and does not communicate. Trying to get them to fix their screw ups is like pulling teeth. There’s no sense of urgency to get you on your way, the only reason you’d choose to fly. Unless you’re forced to fly with them you’re better off driving, even if it’s literally across the country. You will experience problems

  • Seamus Koch

Will not fly again. First, the night before the flight at 11 PM we were informed that our first flight was delayed. This would cause us to miss our second flight. We called to try to get help and they just told us that they could get us a flight two days later. No reimbursement for lodging or anything. So, we decided to wake up at 3 AM instead and drive to our second flight to get us home. Once we were in the airport the American employee messed up one of our tickets and we were unable to get passed security. We had to rush back to the clerk to get a new ticket so that we could get through. We barely made it through on time. Overall, an awful experience.

  • John Breeden

American continues to prove their penchant for inefficiency and mistreatment of customers. I brought a carry on that complied with all requirements, in other words I did my part. While boarding, the attendant told me I had to check my bag because the carry on storage was full, in other words American had failed to provide a plane that could meet customer demands. Once I was sitting down, I see an entire storage cabinet of available carry on space. The only reason I took this flight was because it was noticeably cheaper, but it looks like what I gave up was customer service. Don’t be like me, be better than me. Chose someone other than American.

  • Latisha Royal

I wouldn't give this airline any stars. I usually fly Delta but had to book my 21yr old daughter and niece a last minute flight. The customer service was horrible my daughter was only 2 minutes behind time to check in baggage. She was put on standby. She got there at 7:30 flight left at 8:22am. She really could've made that flight. So now when she arrived to her connecting flight she was on standby there. The customer service in Charlotte is absolutely worse. This was a horrible experience for both my niece and daughter who has never flown before. So it's a negative star for me.. I see why American airline is short staffed because they suck...

  • Jackson Ayers

I've flown out of Charlotte using American 4 times. 2 of those times were delayed. The first time, my flight got delayed by 5 hours. The second time, we got delayed by an hour when we were still on the plane. This will be the last time I will be flying with American for a while, especially out of Charlotte. UPDATE: I was unlucky enough to fly out of here again. This time, my flight got delayed by 30 minutes (a common theme when it comes to flying out of Charlotte with American) and they made me check my bag, even though it fit in the carry on bins and there was plenty of room to fit it in. Use another airline if you have to fly out of here.

  • R B

I booked my ticket online and was double charged. When contacting customer service I was told it’s a possible glitch and they will it compensate me to help me with this inconvenience and the customer services that seemed murk be out sourced over seas is rude. They are not required to of themselves when being rude. And no where I. The terms do I see a double charge is ok and no one will help I’m extremely dissatisfied. They hold you money and can’t even give you a straight answer nor do they care home much of an inconvenience. If I took anything out their airport I doubt I’ll get it back soon would fly as a response

  • Linh Luu

Night from hell after our flight was cancelled because they had no pilot at 11:30pm. The lineup for customer service around midnight was about 100miles long. We were thrusday, they found a flight for us on saturday, but they will only pay for 1 night of hotel and couldnt find a hotel room for me and my son… However, a special thanks to MALEEK and his colleague, they helped me get a room for the night and also corrected my rebooking because apparently the first agent I didnt have the first leg of my flight confirmed in the system. Thank you Maleek for caring and 5 stars to you and your service.

  • Wazir Gray

Disrespectful staff and rude/mean beyond comprehension. Will never fly with American Airlines again in my life. Lied and tried to force bags to be checked even though they were within personal item limits. Wouldnt allow us on flight and refused to help. Called customer service and was told they can't help after explaining situation, wasted energy and time, didn't refund so they will never recieve another penny from us. Manager refused to give the employees names, karma has already reached them as they are mean hateful people who are living a miserable life with how they treat people.

  • Jay Patel

Really a bad service.. they have delayed my bags at the texas(dallas) air port since 9 days now i been calling them every day but not getting proper response and for the customer service call have to wait for one hour to talk with agent. 99% the call get disconnected in a first time by saying that they are having high call volume. I had some important stuffs and cloths in my bag because of my wedding function and didnt got the bag so i have to arrange extra cloths in an emergency …. How irresponsible they are… need to get the reply back from them ASAP…

  • Laura Achee

Gate agent was very rude. How can she tell me that a travelpro 21 inch carry on won't go in the overhead? I fly with it almost every other week, plenty of bags bigger than mine were in the overhead, there was plenty of room, and I was in a large plane with the "larger bag compartments" (where you put them in like a book). Then it was not just going to be waiting for me at gate I had to go to baggage claim. Please train people on customer service and knowledge of luggage. By the way, this was my return flight so how did it get the overhead

  • scotty woodrum

This is sad to say, but they live up to there name. American the land of Greed. Well so is this airline. After handing my luggage over the check in clerk said tip me for checking your bags for you. Lol. Is this not what they pay him to do. Well let’s move on. Seating in gate area is a joke. Good luck finding one. And praise the Lord if you find one where the electric plug in works. This place doesn’t Evan deserve 1 star. $8 for a bottle of water. American Greed and no one to do a damn thing about it. Keep flying those colors. Your a joke

  • Dave D

Day before Christmas and my daughter's bag was delayed for a day in Ireland. American Airlines in NC said they would forward the bags with her Christmas presents and clothes to NJ instead of NC from Boston since we were on our way to NJ. They sent her bags to NC instead. Very sad. We had to go out and buy her new clothes and medications and toiletries as her bags are still in NC and we can't get them for another week. Very poor customer service by American Airlines. Waited on hold for two hours across two days.

  • Cindy Paz

If There where an option for negative starts then it would of been a negative. Do not and I mean DO NOT BOOK WITH AMERICAN AIRLINES. My whole family flight was canceled. We booked 2 months ago. And then to come here and have them say that the flight was canceled because there was no pilot, is plane Ridiculous. The worst is that they don’t even offer a sure way ticket back to our destination. Now where stuck on the airport with no way on even renting a room because all hotels are booked, and no cars to rent.

  • Lucas Browning

My wife was trying to fly to Saint Louis from Jacksonville and had a lay over in Charlotte. She had a late flight and they canceled her flight when she arrived in Charlotte. This was on a Saturday. They told her they might can get her a flight on Monday. They offered no rental car assistance or hotel assistance. Told her she could sleep on the floor of the airport. I drove 315 miles to pick her up at the airport. They would not give her luggage back to her either. I would give zero stars if possible.

  • Rehema Trimiew

This was ridiculous, the lady at E15 never would change my seat for me. And then insisted I check my bag even though the lady ahead of me rolled hers on. All of the overhead bins are empty next to me. They really don't care about their customers they just have a zillion rules. Clearly this was a mistake, I'm definitely going back to Delta flights. Now the flight attendant is focused on my supposed airplane mode while the white lady next to me has been on phone calls and no ones said anything to her.

  • Gary knight

I have never been treated like a Sub-Human as much as I have today by American Airlines! There were two gate changes that I was tracking. But the third gate change in less than an hour is “My fault” and that “I should feel lucky that someone like ME could even get a reserved seat verses standby” I am beyond furious, and will ensure that the DOD is notified. I will also ensure to NEVER again ride an American Airlines AND ban them at my 5,000+ organization. - A lost customer for life Gary K.

  • Jacob DeJean

The broke 3 out of 5 bags. The changes our flight 3 times and left us with a 12 hour layover. Then they blamed us for not calling and complaining and getting it changed. We had to get our luggage and leave the airport. None of this was mentioned before the trip, but blindsided at the airport. The only thing they would tell us is that has been the rules. Well I'm a normal person, not an airport employee so that's why I need guidance before the trip! Will never use American Airlines again!

  • chandra ruch

Absolute WORST customer service on the planet!! My nose was broken from falling luggage on a flight from Ashville to Charlotte. Flight attendants were great but a trip to the ER and $750 out of pocket later and AA customer service told me to pound sand. No, I’m sorry your nose was broken on our flight and you had to sit there in pain, wiping blood off your face the entire flight. Nothing! Fly on this airline at your own risk, literally! They do not care about their passengers!

  • Suffokatie

2-hour delay over a preventable, or at least foreseeable, issue. Not weather. Based on my recent experiences with this airline, I believe they intentionally wait until the very last minute to take care of problems, no matter the inconvenience to their customers. I wish people would stop viewing giant corporations’ negligence, incompetence, etc. as “normal” and start demanding the level of service that many small, financially insignificant, ma & pa shops are able to offer.

  • Andrea F

Check in at the kiosk was so very easy, and gave options for upgrade if I desired. Checking baggage was as easy as handing the paperwork to the clerk and my bag, and it was off to be loaded. The flight was delayed due to the flight crew being delayed from another flight. Everything went well. Two days after Christmas, the flight was packed. The gal in the seat next to me was very odd, but that it not the fault of the airlines. I would fly again.

  • Nick Jatoft

Straight trash have no organization skills and will mess up every flight you will ever take. Ruined my vacation more then twice! Had a connection flight and they are so unprofessional we lost both our connect flights and everyone treated us like straight trash never use this airline please take any other air line, PAY THE EXTRA MONEY this airline will never make anything right and put all their problems on you! BE CAREFUL NEVER COME HERE!

  • Charles Martin

Worst experience here with American airlines. My original flight was late, rebooked, and that flight was late. I missed my connection, and had to stand in a line of over a hundred people for over an hour to try ro get a hotel voucher. They clearly don't care about their customers. Customer service through the phone or the app is literally nonexistent. It's not an exaggeration, if you call they only say they can help with reservations.

  • Nader Wahbeh

I paid $1885 for a tick to get to Houston on Monday، my connections ticket were canceled and they changed my whole route and my ticket was 1 hour delayed. I has to run from terminal D to terminal B to catch up with my flight. When I arrived to my gate the manager gave me no option but to check my carry on bag which very light. I was the last person to enter the plane. There were many pins empty to let me take carryon bag.

  • Alyssa Young

Flight was delayed twice then had to get off the plane and board another one. That one was then delayed another two times. Then after going on 4 different planes in the past week they made us check in two of our carry ons because they were “too big” but they were the correct size and went on every other flight. It’s our first time traveling on American and it will definitely be our last time. It was an awful experience.

  • Rian Van rooyen

Terrible service. Very rude an unruly staff. Especially at the Charlotte Airport, more specifically Leglenda. This individual is presented as a "supervisor" they are far from super. They are short, rude and unwilling to assist you with any matter. Leglenda I hope your higher ups see this review. It is 100% your fault I am typing it all. You truly are an example of what no one should look for in an employee.

  • Shannon Kaupp

The worst airline I’ve ever flown on. They could care less about their customers. They gave my seat away when I had been waiting for my flight, the gate was still open, and they told me they already gave me seat away 20 minutes before take-off. They lose no sleep over screwing their customers over. I cancelled my AA credit card and go out of my way chose any other airline that’s available whenever possible.

  • Steph Unanue

Well I think someone is not reading the customer complains here. So they have just 1 star as review. The service is the worst, super slow, disorganized, no indications, they make you go from one line to other one. For the amount they charge for their flights you would expect a better service than this. Completely disappointed kf being 40 minutes waiting for check in with just 4 people in front of me ...

  • Hi55188

I paid $85 because they said it was an upgrade and it ended up being the same seat with the same leg room. I tried asking to correct it back and the lady told me she can’t do anything about it. Then they upgraded the person next to me who had the same problem. I am active duty military and it was disrespectful. This airline doesn’t care about it customers at all. They just lost a lifetime customer

  • Alex Webster

Spent 24 hours in an airport today to get disrespected by staff as my wife was asking to sit by me on the plane. (Willing to give up her first class spot to move further back and sit in an exit row) only to be given constant run around and lied to. One attendant kept filing disrespect by running his mouth while the other female attendant threw slurs from behind her mask. Worst airline experience.

  • Saeed Ahmed

Both flights were delayed for hours; the one from LaGuardia took forever to arrive in Charlotte, and the return flight took the same amount of time. I don't believe American Airlines values its customers. I am astounded that they operate an airline in the United States. The way their flights are being delayed makes them appear to be in a third-world country. Unfortunately Traumatic experience.

  • Kristin

It appears that someone didn’t do their job and we waited on the tarmac for 1.5 hours for reported security paperwork. This in turn made us have to turn around and get more fuel, and then miss our connecting flight at our next airport. We had the first flight out on an incredibly beautiful morning. There shouldn’t have been any issues… To AAs credit, they booked us on the next flight out.

  • Jillian O'Connell

Continue to have terrible experiences with American. I fly weekly on various airlines and everything from customer service, gate attendants, and the planes have been frustrating and disappointing. Even though I can’t give zero stars, the one shining star that remains is for the flight attendants that have been great. They are the sole reason I will consider flying American in the future.

  • Drew P

I fly American Airlines out of Charlotte on a regular basis, and I don't believe I've ever departing on time. Today is no different...because passengers were notified at a scheduled departure time, that our plane had mechanical issues. So they switched out the plane and our gate. Needless to say, the gate change was about a 15 minute walk away, and we were not compensated in any way.

  • Elmira Dewes

I have flight from Buffalo to Myrtle Beach, long story short, my flight was delayed 5 time for 5 hours, I missed my flight to Myrtle Beach, they did not offer any suitable flight. So I have to rent a car and drive to my destination. Now I am in Charlotte and my flight to Buffalo already delayed 4 times. Hopefully I can make home. I would not recommend American Airlines to anyone.

  • yuanfan yang

Customer service is terrible. Flight delayed to the second morning, and all connecting passengers had to stay at boarding gate overnight. Many of us can only lean on the seat or sleep on the floor. When asking if AA can provide hotel for passengers to wait overnight, the manager Christian said she will call airport police to take us away if we stay at the customer service desk.

  • Christopher Kintz

Horrible airline. Avoid at all costs! They cancel my flight due to "weather" (when fights to other nearby airports are unaffected) and flat out refuse to give hotel vouchers, telling me to just sit in the airport for 24 hours. DO NOT FLY WITH AMERICAN AIRLINES! YOU WILL REGRET IT! EDIT: "Shelly" from Customer "Service" called the airport police on me because I took her picture.

  • Jose Gandia

Original flight from San Diego was delayed by 45 minutes causing us to miss our flight to Norfolk. Was told by the counter that it was due to weather and so they did not offer a hotel voucher. There was no weather issues throughout US and nothing was said so this is unsat. I don't know why the military even book is through AA as it cost then more money at the end.

  • Avelina Von Dran

Horrible experience. My husband and I are moving with the military and we wanted to see if we could sit together and the lady was just being rude so I said forget it. We talked to the other desk person and she did it for us while the first lady made a whole ordeal about it, laughing at us and making rude comments out loud. Must suck being that miserable in life.

  • TJ

Beware that on flight 2874 from CLT if you pay extra $$ for premium seats that include free drinks they will not get it from another cabin if they run out. Even if its towards the end of the flight. Im not sure it's worth the extra 35.00 for a drink. There were 4 rows of people that asked for different kinds of drinks and she said they were out.

  • Cody Davis

Fly on another airline. I paid $104 to "upgrade" my seat. I was seated in a chair built for a child. I have bruises on my hips. The standard offering would have been more comfortable. I have contacted customer support via email after being told there was a 2.5-3.5 hour wait time to reach a person by phone. I do not expect to be contacted.

  • Aso Aso

The customer service manager refused to help his customers on flight because of their delayed service of American airlines. He kept almost 100 passenger who lost their next flights and did NOT accommodate them and he gave the next flight in 24 hours affecting their schedules, life and this is disappointment on his company.

  • Anthony Battaglia

Update. Yet another delay due to maintenance issues. That 4 consecutive flights. Who is leading this falling apart company, apparently nobody. Used to be good. More maintenance issues than you can shake a stick at. Staff is as unhappy as the flyers. Disorganized and lacking communication. AA you can do better.

  • david yost

I hope AA takes better care of their employees than their customers. My connection was late and had to rent a car at my own expense for $300 bcs no more options until after Thanksgiving. I’ve been flying them consistently for work and will make every effort and go out of my way not to use this airline again.

  • Allan Hannah

Hung up on me because they did not want to answer my questions about checked luggage. Clearly I had the correct number but their response was "Sorry wrong number". Suppose to fly with them next month for international flight and so far all the bad views live up to their reputation, 0 star rating if I could!

  • Josh Botak

Trash everywhere and awful service. Flight was cancelled due to “weather” which was a lie to not credit customers. Really the pilots timed out. Slept in the airport overnight because AA wouldn’t do anything to help. Everything was then closed so we couldn’t even eat. Will never fly American Airlines again.

  • Laurie M

Wheelchair transport wasn't there as promised when we booked flight to take my mom to her next plane, so she missed her flight. Now she is currently stuck there for 6 hours waiting for another plane. If your handicapped, choose another airline that actually cares about the elderly and can accommodate!

  • Nuru Pasa

Worst horrible ignorant anti American Airlines ever. Never fly with this anti America airlines if you don’t want to stranded in airport for 20 hours, last second no notice cancellations, no notice , no hotel no voucher nothing, this CAN Not be America . Spread my message, never fly AA or southwest a

  • J.T.S.

Left on plane for over 2.5 hours. AC not working, no fresh air but they are concerned about covid. They won't let you off till it hits 90 degress! Thought American airlines was better. Guess not. Glad I am actually flying out one day early or would have missed my schedule. Probably United next time.

  • Anthony Nunn

Flight today from Charlotte to Columbia SC. 2 planes and they cannot close the airplane door. Impossible that 2 planes can have the same mechanical issue on the same day, same flight, same airport. Somebody does not know what they are doing. This is why I never fly American Airlines.

  • Ann Lidoski Clements

I arrived at Charlotte airport on American Airlines from Rome 90 minutes ago, and there are few workers at immigration here. I am still in a long line waiting. Maybe they should make sure their hub can process passengers . Next time I fly internationally it won’t be with American.

  • Michael Anand-Obleton

Miss Jessica was the best flight attendant ever! She made our flight from South Bend, Indiana to Charlotte, North Carolina wonderful, and she helped us make our connecting flight to Savannah, Georgia with seconds to spare. She also made a great CranApple and club soda. …

  • Rob

I really wanna give it 1 star cause I hate American Airlines. But this one trip I took recently out of my control of airline choice was outstanding. The only thing not giving it 5 stars is their lounge is always full and the food sucks compared to delta.

  • Mary Kate Griffin

I specifically want to thank Sheba and Morgan at the CLT American Airlines Baggage Office. They helped me charge my phone while they personally searched for my bag. Not sure where I can leave them a proper "thank you," but this may have to do for now.

  • cassidy

HUGE shoutout to Belinda!!! (I think that was her name) She was awesome. I left my wallet on a plan and she walked all the way down to the plane to get it for me. Thank you so much Belinda. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Great New year!

  • Michael Remauro

American Airlines in general is terrible. For the past year this is the airline I have flown. Again, everytime I fly my flight is late or delayed, NEVER EVER leaving on time which never let's me arrive on time. Flight today delayed over 2

  • Eddie Anton

I will literally vote for anyone that will rip AA with the same sort of tenacity they tear into people's spirit. 3rd time flying with a +3 hr delay. Literally sitting in a plane without a pilot for almost an hour, as if that's acceptable.

  • Daniel Moreno

can't believe that American airlines still thinks that being rude with their customers is the correct way to handle situations that are beyond clients hands. Instead of trying to help people, you find ground agents that treat you in a

  • William Herrera

I flew to Punta Cana from Charlotte with my 17 year old daughter. They sat us in different sections of the plane, which I was not happy with. On our return flight my daughter was assigned a seat but I was not. I was told it would be

  • Devin Boothe

AA has been so nice to me. I've been flying exclusively with them since United made an ass of themselves. I've never had an issue until yesterday. I was due to fly out of PHX around noon, but the plane was overheating. It wasn't an

  • Mike P

Worst experience. Deserves zero stars. I am missing two bags after 8 days. I’ve made five trips to the airport and my bags are still sitting in Charlotte. No attempt has been made to contact me despite having my contact info.

  • Isaac Benitez

Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the woman who assisted with oversized luggage and seat changes, for flight AA 430. She was dressed for Halloween with a spooky doll in a front pouch. Thanks for the great service!

  • Wicked Cardzzz

Because of their over scheduling, we missed our connecting flight and my family of 5 was stranded at the airport overnight and had to rent a car the next day to get home. I wish there was a decent airline out there.

  • Kirk Dameron

AA ppl generally are not focused on customer service. With 20 mins. left of boarding time left, AA gate agent said bins were full. Have to chk bags at gate. THERE WAS A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF SPACE REMAINING IN THE BINS.

  • Michael Carpenter

Lousy airline. I have almost two million miles on this airline alone, and man, they don’t even care that they stink. Lousy culture, employees have a chip on their shoulders. And like I said, they just don’t care.

  • Tony K

We just had excellent flights to & from Key West via Charlotte (none were delayed & our checked luggage wasn't lost). However, why the heck can't they board passengers from rear of plane towards front... omg!

  • Dakota K

Horrible people. The man working the gate to Montego Bay at 8:45 am. You should be fired and never allowed in an airport again. I hope American Airlines does the right thing and you lose your job.

  • David Brand

Nasty and rude at Gate C13 for flight to Houston. These people need to be trained in customer service and they need to realize that we have choices. Done with these nasty and unprofessional people

  • Bryce Keeney

AA is not handling 2022 well. Constant delays due to lack of crew and poor management. Avoid if possible. Would be nice if congress didn't allow them to become a monopoly over the past 20 years.

  • Mark Devino

Delayed departure and an oversold delayed return flight. Arriving early doesn’t seem to help either. We were the last two on the plane, nearly denied boarding until the last possible moment.

  • Graciela Sandt

I really enjoyed my trip with American airlines. The personnel was prompt and made our flight ✈️ very pleasant. I hope to flight with you again. Thanks for the great service.

  • Dhumbay Blog

My seat is in row 10 , American Airlines, AA1770. Inside i hear such a terrible, sound which make my ear trouble for a week, due to the sound create by plane. …

  • Julio Jr Quinones

Gave away my first class ticket then blamed weather as an excuse to not put me in a hotel. Terrible customer service and overall experience. So much for loyalty

  • Cole Gustafson

Most unorganized company I've ever seen. They will delay your flights every time, they will take up your vacation and take you longer to get home. Never again.

  • Keith Suttles

Worst flying experience ever. Flights screwed up from the get go. Two hours in their ticket line. Canceled flight. But they gave me a food and hotel voucher

  • Rexstick Adventures

they helped me re-book my flights and it was helpfull, on my flight they gave me a lotus cookie and a full can of coke, seemed peacefull …

  • Michel Galan

Charlotte airport is a nightmare, don’t fly anymore to that airport, anytime the bag are late or arrive 2 days later …

  • Dean Johnston

Rude counter staff. Gave my sear away since I was 2 m8nutes late to the gate. Just the least bad of a failing I industry

  • M Young

Easily the worst airlines in the US! They seem to be racing to the bottom, sorta feels like the kmart of airlines!

  • Yesenia Camacho

I couldn't figure out how to turn the little vent, but a nice flight attendant helped me.

  • Tonya Morris

This was my first time flying. It was interesting experience. I will do it again.

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