Asomdwe Park

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Asomdwe Park is a Memorial park located at Accra, Ghana. It has received 612 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Asomdwe Park: Accra, Ghana

  • Asomdwe Park has 4.2 stars from 612 reviews

  • Memorial park

  • "The place houses the body of the late president of Ghana, Professor John Evans Atta Mills"

    "Professor John Evans Atta Mills, the late president of Ghana, is interred at Asomdwe Park, a historical location"

    "Asomdwe Park , Accra, Ghana"

    "It house the mortal remains of Ghana's late president, Prof Evans Attah Mills"

    "Wow where the heck did the bird come from"


  • Udoka Young

The place houses the body of the late president of Ghana, Professor John Evans Atta Mills... It is supposed to be a tourist center, however it seems the place has obviously suffered some neglect.. Most of the pictures put there to celebrate the president have fallen off, some of the wooden decorations have also given way. The pond there, I heard, used to have more animals... But now has just two ducks and I-don't-know-how-many-fishes. There was an ostrich and some rabbits in their cages. The entrance is manned by a soldier. Entry is FREE. Place needs attention

  • Innocent K. Boateng

Professor John Evans Atta Mills, the late president of Ghana, is interred at Asomdwe Park, a historical location. As the name suggests, the place has a very peaceful atmosphere, good for relaxing, taking a stroll or meditating. Following the recent renovation , the area has been transformed into a lovely tourism destination where visitors can pay their respects to the late president and find a picturesque backdrop for photography. You may as visit both the Osu castle and Independence Square simultaneously because they are both fairly near by.

  • David Michel

Asomdwe Park , Accra, Ghana. Located around labadi , this park is currently under renovation, which is great. It means , you may not be able to have access unless you kindly ask. It's great to note that , there is not much to see but it feels pretty good to have such a place to remember those who founded the country. Inside the park , you may find an ostrich, ducks and tilapias. Overall, it's a nice place to make yourself remember history. (Pictures are not allowed for now concession they are doing renovations.)

  • George Gasby

It house the mortal remains of Ghana's late president, Prof Evans Attah Mills. It has lots of green, space, quiet and fresh natural air. Located on the Castle drive and closer to the Osu castle, Ghana's former presidential palace and the Osu beach. Landmarks like the independence Arch, Nationalism park and the Black Star Square are within range... Not forgetting the infamous 28th February road. Cameras are allowed but It doesn't have seats for visitors

  • T.B. Henry

Wow where the heck did the bird come from. The park was closed but they let me and a few guys look around. It was just after a memorial service. #1 what’s up with the English what does begone unbelief mean? #2 why was the president’s name all over the park? Akufo-Addo? I didn’t know who was buried there, because his name was barely there! #3 next time place the name of the person your memorializing instead of the current president.

  • Ankonu Annan

Asomdwe Park is the venue which holds the mortal remains of the Late Former President J.E.A Mills ... It is a serene environment and a recommendable place for tourists... It also like a mini zoo for some animals like the ostrich, fishes and birds... Tour guide services are very affordable and the tour guides are very professional..

  • Annan Monney

I think I've found a spot for my nephews, nieces, and neighbouring children this Christmas. It gonna be the first time they will see Ostrich, a pond of Tilipia fishes. Most important to read and learn some of the live practical quotes from our Late Ex President. However most the park will be more engaging when we go there.

  • Paulina Augustt

From the outside it does not look much but its a beautiful site to visit. They had ostriches and a fish pond on display as well. I think those need a little tending to as the look of the fence could discourage you from going closer for fear of getting hurt. Great for photos and rich with history

  • Christopher Atanga

Very quiet environment with lovely ducks and ostrich and a beautiful painted wall with the Ghanaian flag colors. It is really peaceful but don’t expect much tho. To add to that, it is resting place of Ghana’s late president John Evans Atta mills who the first head of state to die in office.

  • Funmi Adeboye

It's under construction, saw the ostrich, and the fish pond.. but that was about it. Hoping to go back once construction is done. I went back in July and construction was thru. They did a really good job of transforming the place. Didn't realize it was a place to Honor a fallen hero..

  • Ohene Rawlings

The place gives you a memory of a Peaceful President who was loved by 80% of Ghanaian population and the only President who could order for an investigation against his Vice President, Rest In Peace Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, Rest Well Peaceful King.

  • andy nguyen

Park is open to visitors despite closed gate, have to find the hidden entrance near the ostrich’s. Security guard will show you around the animal area and the park area honoring the late leader. Donation/tips based admission. Friendly security guard.

  • Kyme Bevass

Beautiful resting site for Ghana's 1st President after independence. A great place to interact, network, shop, relax, and sightsee. A very modern and exciting destination for all international and local tourists.

  • Emmanuel Kingsley Arthur

As I was touring today, I went to the Asomdwe Park. It's where our formal president Late Prof. Evans John Atta Mills (2008-2012 ) was laid to rest. It's a colorful scene.

  • StillGee CG

It's not so different from what it was the last time I visited. It's not really tended to anymore. It needs to be made interesting again. Nonetheless, it's okay

  • Prince Andrew Ardayfio

A park built for the Late John Evans Atta Mills. Very calm place but secluded location. You find some people sleeping at the entrance

  • Chanel Yakubu

Fun place to take great tourist photos. You can ride horses as well. Grabbed a few paintings from a local artist. Overall very nice.

  • Philip Tara

It was very peaceful as the name suggests. The tomb and the tombstones is very befitting of the president who is laid to rest there

  • Patrick Cassidy

It has fallen apart. Some folks just hanging around area. No enterence. It's good just to walk right by it. Needs to be renovated

  • Quophie Jules

The last resting place for the mortal remains of the third president of the fourth republic of Ghana. J.E.A Mills (1944-2012)

  • Henry Chinonso Ugwoha

On the day I want to this location it was closed but it is in a serene environment with lot of cultural heritage

  • Rita Anang

It was great being there actually. Bring back the memories of Formal president John Atta Mills

  • Egbaremuta Samuel


  • Kwaku Baffoe Appiah-Ofori

I love the natural scenery of the garden, with ostriches and swans

  • mosimileoluwa yomi

A very beautiful park free to enter where Atta Mills was buried.

  • Rita Adzoyo Offei

Such a calm environment and the attendants were welcoming

  • Isaac Asamoah Kyeremeh

Nice place but not up to standard of a national park

  • Patrick Amedza

It brings back the sad moment of my country Ghana..

  • Krsslung

Best place for our president to rest

  • Michael Worentetu (obofomusic)

Great place for all your event...

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