Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal

86 reviews

Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal Car Park, Alpinia Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia



Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal is a Parking lot located at Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal Car Park, Alpinia Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia. It has received 86 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal: Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal Car Park, Alpinia Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia

  • Brisbane Airport Parking Domestic Terminal has 4.2 stars from 86 reviews

  • Parking lot

  • "Now aside from the excessive over priced parking they are making it very difficult to even get a park"

    "I accidentally booked for 7pm instead of 7am"

    "I was shocked when I found out about the parking prices"

    "price is a bit expensive, but comparative to other airports/taxi/rideshare so no issues there"

    "The parking was excellent"


  • A Mc

Now aside from the excessive over priced parking they are making it very difficult to even get a park. Tried to use the Domestic car park Tuesday 11th October. Only Park and Fly was showing available for the online pre purchase which I'll never use after seeing how they treat cars. When I get to car park a ticket is issues and car park spaces showing available. The problem with the incompetent Brisbane Airport is the parking space monitors don't work and show green when a car is actually in the space (news flash 2 cars don't fit in one space). It would appear that park and ride is being managed by a contractor (as I was told by an attendant) and I'm assuming Brisbane Airport is making even more money from them than people just self parking. Level 3 was probably at 50% capacity with not one other space available right up to level 6 (even though signed were showing spaces available) the problem is the 50% of spaces that weren't being used on level 3 were controlled by Park and Ride and couldn't be used or I was told cars would be towed. So I was issued a ticket at the gate without an actual car park that I could use being available. There is no chance I will be using the park and fly Valet Parking ever! I have used the airport park alot in the past and seen how they drive around and park cars. Seen several near misses with the way they speed around and mistreat customers cars. So I was issued a ticket at entry without an actual car park that I could use being available. Great when your trying to get to a flight.

  • Joe Kelly

I accidentally booked for 7pm instead of 7am. I pressed for help at the boom gate and the gentleman was of great help. He said that he adjusted the booking and I will just be charged the difference rather than having to pay both the booking and taking a card. This is great service. They could have easily been super mean about my mistake but were very nice and understanding. They also fixed the issue very quickly!! I was shocked. I park here a lot and will continue to do so after this experience.

  • Michael

I was shocked when I found out about the parking prices. This is just greedy, or "going the easy way" of earning money. The airport itself has much improvements to do. It never leaves a good impression on me. It feels provincial and gives us a low quality impression. The banner "best airport in the south pacific region" is just a joke. I live in Zurich – a very pricey city. But airport parking cost me 5 CHF per hour at the airport. The high parking prices just leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

  • jaymz

price is a bit expensive, but comparative to other airports/taxi/rideshare so no issues there. what I found really excellent was the customer service. I went to leave the carpark, and the boom gate wouldn't let me out. I pressed a button on the ticket machine, and within seconds I was having a chat with a nice bloke called Jake who sorted it all out. great service, could easily have been an annoying delay to leaving but instead it couldn't have been easier.

  • Andrew Gormley

The parking was excellent. It was straightforward to gain access to car park no. 2 by scanning the code on my phone. I found a bay on the ground floor quite close to the lifts. On returning from Melbourne, I had no hassle getting out quickly, although I was surprised that I had to scan the code again. I'd thought rego plate recognition would have done the job automatically.

  • Jas Stauntch

Now the parking has made new priority levels what a rip off making you pay to go up levels just money hungry if your there just pick up you may aswell wait at the gass station or wait at wollies and tell your love one's to call when they are out ....don't waste you money on the new parking rip off

  • colonelbmx

Prepaid for parking only to get there and find it full, spent around 30 min looking for a parking spot. Plenty of others must of had same problem cars parked in non parking areas. Thought pre booking would save time but was I wrong almost missed my flight, absolutely ridiculous

  • Yari McGauley

Terrible customer service. No way to call or contact airport parking to extend our stay due to a delayed flight. All calls, faqs, emails redirect to a online form, which refuses to send if you need to extend your stay, saying it will simply charge $20 or more on exit.

  • Sally Davis

I found it easy to book online, easy to park on the day and even though our flight had been delayed, to our surprise and delight, we were not charged extra on exit. This was not our first time using Brisbane Airport Parking and it won’t be our last.

  • Kestan King

The fact that they are offering a car parking product that guarantee your parking space, there is a chance you will be left hanging without a parking space even though you paid for parking. It’s not uncommon for the parking to be over booked.

  • Annette Ogden

Parking here has gotten a lot simpler with the QR code 'ticket'. As soon as you know you are travelling, sort out your parking. The sooner you book online, the bigger the discount you can get.

  • Ane Cox

I thought it was great, but I also know that I got lost when I returned, maybe installing a QRcode on the parking space so you can scan that and then it directs you back to tour car

  • Leilani Leslie

Super easy and convenient. Absolutely worth the extra coin to park in P1 or P2 and not have to rely on another form of transport to get you from your car to the airport.

  • Ross Thomas

Don't do it! Missed my flight and had to book alternative parking because of this pathetic system. No one picked up when called. I'll just book an Uber next time.

  • Louise Sarow

Great place to park, safe, secure, get protection on your car from the elements - love Brisbane airport parking - hoping for 15-20% off for February trip

  • Jeff Prince

I was expecting Number Plate recognition like last time. As was the guy in front of me, who took a very long time to find his QR Code so he could enter

  • Kathleen Page

It was wonderful being able to walk to my car after the flight and though the drive home was congested much better than paying someone else.

  • Fiona Patterson

Parking for $29 in a close covered car park for a weekend away in Melbourne…. Magic…probably the cheapest thing over the whole weekend!

  • Aastha Shrestha

Cheap rates if you book online. No parking fees for 30 mins at waiting area. Drop off and pick off zone , easy to navigate

  • forestR1

Overnight parking $90? I would have parked illegally for less if the prices were shown before hand. That's rediculous.

  • Delicioux Brisbane

Fantastic Park&Fly at the domestic airport. Scan the QR code, drive up to the designated area, drop the keys and go ✈️

  • NA LI

Easy booking online, quick access to terminal. Love the code scanning entry and exit system, will come back again.

  • andrew gilmour

Booking on line was very easy as was using the QR code for entry and exit P2 parking in and out in no time

  • Chris Faber

Couldn’t believe how easy it was - no waiting around to get home. Definitely be using this option again.

  • Mark Saniels

When booking carpark at airport could not get carpark nobody picked up phone would not park my car their

  • Sharon Hamment

We always use Brisbane Airport Parking. Our car is safe and undercover whilst we travel to see family

  • Giuseppe Ye

Stupid website, not working tonight. Keep asking my mobile number, though I have already entered.

  • Paul Hill

We chose Premium parking and found a park close to the lifts, very handy and worth a few extra $

  • James Small

Easy to use car park. A bit of a maze to drive in but large spaces and close to the terminal.

  • Richard Drew

I like the new number plate recognition and the price is very good for a weekend of parking

  • Glenn Sankey

It was so easy to enter, park and leave the carpark. We will definitely book it again

  • Helen Gavigan

Extremely easy to book, very easy to access and really great value for money as well.

  • Dorothy Hetherington

Not too bad. Not as expensive as I thought. easy to navigate, plenty of parking

  • Gaye Thomson (Gaye)

Plenty of car parking under cover and very easy access to the domestic terminal

  • Jennifer Dierickx

Loved it and had breakfast in the VIP room and relaxed before our flight home

  • Colleen

Very easy to find and ample parking available. Easy entry with scanned image.

  • Ron Hall

Easy to get in. Parking very good. Pickup very easy and leave very Easy.

  • mluca12

Parking was simple. My car was undercover and secure whilst I was away.

  • Anthony Harding

Easier to get in and out of these days but still very expensive.

  • Ken Groube

In and out without a hiccup. Great experience. …

  • Ross Smith

Covenant but like all other airport parking, expensive

  • Neesha.Y

So handy and the bus to airport is regular.

  • Neil Shardlow

Booked online, quick, easy and convenient.

  • Paul Anderson

Love the number plate recognition.

  • Glen Mckay

So easy to get in and out quickly.

  • hux mut

Signage is poor. Prices too much

  • Katrina Cox

Was very easy and great value.

  • Selina Nitopski

Surcharge for everything !

  • Simon & Christine

Quick easy and hassle free

  • Jan Waltham

It's a lovely airport....

  • Vanda Murphy

Very very very expensive

  • Sidney Miller

Easy to find, ok prices

  • laivi tahk

Confusing lift signs

  • Ross Glynatsis (Boss)

Very organised

  • Clyde Kingsford

Went to plan

  • Srujan Chennupati

Very good

  • Jacoba Rosenberg


  • David Ward
  • Tony Gonn
  • Alice Meinicke
  • Tom Hurley
  • Selim Ozluer
  • Kerry Neilson
  • Joe Mitchell
  • Patrick Shannon
  • Dave Powell
  • Evan Thorncraft
  • Maria CHALMERS
  • Thanh do Phan
  • Dr Sophie Jayamaha
  • kathy m
  • Kathy Barry
  • Sharon Atkinson
  • Priscila Alves
  • Prasiddha Thapa
  • David Brown
  • Terese H
  • Richard S
  • Shi ko
  • Liza Van Gelder
  • Michael Murray
  • Noel Dahl

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