Commonwealth Bank Redfern Branch

170 reviews

166 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia



Commonwealth Bank Redfern Branch is a Bank located at 166 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia. It has received 170 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





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  • The address of Commonwealth Bank Redfern Branch: 166 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia

  • Commonwealth Bank Redfern Branch has 4.4 stars from 170 reviews

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  • "extremely rude and unprofessional, will never come again"

    "The branch manager went beyond the call of duty when he sorted out my Visa travel cards last month"

    "We were in the queue at the Comm Bank Redfern for about 25 minutes and watched with admiration at the three staff members who dealt with the huge variety of intellects and attitudes of customers"

    "Pretty disappointed here - I've been to the branch twice and came out both times without any sort of resolution"

    "Very slow"


  • Vicky Hu

extremely rude and unprofessional, will never come again. Had called commonwealth to confirm how to set up a business partner bank account and the male teller working today would not hear it even though it's on their website that the process was possible. Kept saying that the process is not possible even though I've called and confirmed it was beforehand with another commonwealth and I'm assuming all commonwealths operate the same?! Manager wasn't there unfortunately. Definitely never coming back here, I hope they learn to improve their service and at the very least try to help solve problems rather that being lazy and not doing something because their not bothered. Hands down the worst commonwealth branch I've ever been to.

  • Merle Blue

The branch manager went beyond the call of duty when he sorted out my Visa travel cards last month. They had been re-issued and cancelled by CBA 3 times so I always had trouble choosing a pin number as the cards were not recognised. At last success with the manager who offered personal service in his office so I could also complete some transactions. He showed initiative when he cleaned up a couple of new accounts that were attracting unnecessary fees after re-financing. Joyful season and a happy new year to you and your team. kind regards Sam

  • Jedda Kelly

We were in the queue at the Comm Bank Redfern for about 25 minutes and watched with admiration at the three staff members who dealt with the huge variety of intellects and attitudes of customers. They obviously care about their work, they took the time to explain to things to their customers and they were patient. We were amazed at how they coped so well. They must be exhausted at the end of each day because the number of people going in there is just relentless!! Great team at Redfern CBA.

  • Anthony M

Pretty disappointed here - I've been to the branch twice and came out both times without any sort of resolution. I tried to apply for a business account online only to be told to make an appointment at the branch. Made an appointment and went in only to be told I have to apply online? After researching through the site and attempting to apply online, I was AGAIN told to go into the branch and then AGAIN told to apply online. Absolutely useless, this bank just lost out on business.

  • Bernie Lamy

Very slow. I haven't been able to het service the last 3 times I tried. Theres always a queue, sometimes out on the foorpath. Eventually went to Newtown and found a branch. Got in with trepidation, as I expected long delays behind 3 or 4 people, but the staff came out to ask each customer what they needed and sorted it out to speed up service etc. Amazing service...! Why can't Redfern Branch do something to reduce the long queues...After 25 years, I am fed up with this branch.

  • Ramesh Sharma

I was amazed at how patient the staff were given the attitudes of some of their customers. The staff always had a smile for you and patiently helped you step by step through whatever transaction you needed done. However, the head office should seriously reconsider the policy of closing for a one hour lunch break, especially since some of us can only come to the bank during our lunch break since most branches close for the end of the day before we finish our work day.

  • Yuanming Zhao

In last night, we come here using ATM to deposit more money to pay the tuition fee. But this ATM has something wrong. ATM eat our money! Then today morning I come to the Branch told them what happened to me. After going through some tedious processes I just return my home. Then the money just back at the same time. Common bank handles this kind of thing very quickly!

  • Hazel McSweeney

Impossible to have any privacy. Staff speak so loudly u can hear it in the queue. I asked for my cash in an envelope and was told 'it's only $800. Why would you want an envelope?' Everybody in the bank then knew I had $800 cash. Was hassled to 'help out' by a aboriginal and his white friend IN THE BANK!! Security did nothing, even when asked

  • Viviane Fremann

I went to Commonwealth bank in Redfern Yesterday to order only a travel money card. However, the bank attendant, Vivienne, was absolutely amazing and gave me very good suggestions on how to save more money, purchase a house and so on...I'm very satisfied with her customer service...thank you very much

  • GaryandKaren Hill-Steiner

We came to make a complex transaction at the teller and were very pleased with her attention to detail. A number of other CommBank staff were involved with the transaction and all went smoothly and was handled professionally. The teller and manager both deserve a big well done from us.

  • Landy_ghaly

Worst branch ever. I have never seen a bank branch that closes from 1230 - 1330 for a lunch break Purposes. Went there today there atm was out of order to deposit a cash. Then the internal atm machine we couldn’t use cuz the staff closed to the branch for lunch break ah …

  • Yannick Lawry

Cash machines almost always out of service or unusable due to touch screen technology failure. Opens late, shuts early. Staff are perfectly nice which is just as well given the glacial pace at which things move if you actually need to use the teller service inside..

  • HD Chelsea

Was visiting Redfern and had to pop in to do some banking at that branch for the first time in the area. I can understand why the branch was closed for lunch as they had minimal staff , but what a great team looking after the community. They truly deserve 5 stars .

  • Moshab Ahmed

Worst customer service ever. They are not sure about anything. I had to go 4 times just to order my bank card as I was unable to do so online. Everything they posted my card to different address and once lost my papers too. Absolutely disgraceful …

  • Poppy Taylor

Young man helped me with opening account, very helpful, polite, highly professional keep him don’t let him go. I’ve had experiences in the past with lots of bank staff but none like him. Very helpful thank you so much Greek young man …

  • Renee Selmer Johansen

The lady at the counter, I think her name was Dailie, left the counter to walk all the way round and lead me to the deposit machines near the entrance, explained it and helped me do it. It was really nice to have such good personal service!

  • nianyi xiong

Very happy experience here at redfern branch. The staff Vivi is really friendly and patiently with every single details in the progress. It is really helpful and have already solved a big problem to me. Gonna find for her help next time.

  • Gleb P

Worst branch ever. Wasted 20 mins in a queue and then because of some stupid printing issues that had advised to go to Elizabeth st. branch instead. They have just lost a client - I am going to close all accounts and never use CBA again.

  • Z K

Been here a couple of times and always received great service. This isn't a big branch but queues don't have long wait times. Staff are very accommodating and patient in explaining things, always get things done here in a timely matter.

  • Diogo Machado

The WORST bank! Customer service is absolutely RIDICULOUS! Don't expect to solve any problem in less than 5 calls, 4 of which they will hang up on you after you waited almost 30 minutes to speak to someone. TERRIBLE SERVICE! Honestly...

  • Jacob Mikkelsen

Went in to get some documents verified, and the whole process was quick and easy. Dailyn was very helpful, and helped me sort out some out of date information, and even got me a better interest rate on my savings account.

  • Anabil Shoishob

Paul, the manager of this branch is an absolute legend. He dug up my bank statements from 2015 in an urgent basis. He even offered and put me on a much better interest rate for my savings account. Best service ever!

  • Duvan Guillermo Gualteros Rey

Very good staff and quick service! Cesar helped me opening my netbank saver account. He helped me with all my inquiries, he is friendly and knows a lot. I will recommend Commonwealth Bank to my friends and family.

  • wallacek wallace

This is a poor excuse for a branch. It is understaffed, too small, and unhygienic. CBA should be very embarrassed by the standard of this branch. It is an offence to the wonderful and diverse community of Redfern

  • Rob Marston

Great team. Went in last week and friendly staff served me. Back today and Vivienne was very helpful with account admin - friendly, through, efficient and a great service to the Redfern Community - thank you

  • Hamzah A

I wanna say my visits to CBA Redfern have been fantastic, the staff have been very helpful with my queries and solved my account issues in a fast professional manner!! Always happy to visit every time!

  • Jock Melville

Had some problems with my cards and Viv was fantastic! Help me update my details on my account and even helped me update my account to make sure I got better interest with my current account …

  • Paul Battenberg-Hardman

Excellent individualised service from Paul and his team! We had some rather complex ID issues when opening our joint account but Paul and his staff handled it with finesse. Strongly recommended!

  • Morvarid Bostanban

I wanted to say thank you to Mr Nouman Maroof, who gave me very good advices. He was professional and the other staffs were Very Friendly. I really appreciate your time. Best regards

  • Kushal Paudel

I visited that branch for the first time and feel really great by their service. I was fully guided by the branch manager Paul and was very helpful and explains everything clearly.

  • Danny Boy

Visited the branch today to fix my blocked card. I was assisted by the branch manager and my enquiry was dealt with quick and easy and professionally. Great little team at Redfern.

  • Aimee Hu

Very beautiful lady super effective to answer my questions~ they got a lot bad reviews, ppl like me who got good experience should leave positive review, to be fair. Not true ?

  • Bianca A

I attended the Redfern Branch last week. I noted that the entire team were extremely friendly and efficient and all of my issues were resolved in a timely manner. Thank you!

  • Lupe Milaslava

Thank you Viv for providing excellent customer service ☺️ my Aunty is elderly and Viv was very helpful in assisting her needs we are 100% satisfied and happy …

  • Rojan Kc

I am happy by the service of viv. She have good communicating skills,honest, dedicates. Anyway I love her way she explained everything to the customer. Thank you

  • Rini Oktavia

Vivienne Lim has provided the excellent service when I opened my new account at this CBA branch. I definitely will come again to this branch. Thanks Vivienne!

  • Nicholas Sabin

What kind of bank closes for lunch (12-1)? As if the opening hours weren’t bad enough, they close during the one period where people who work have time to go?

  • Meead Saberi

This was by far the worst Commonwealth Bank branch that I have visited. Long queus, unprofessional staff, irresponsible branch manager and I can go on and on.

  • Darren

Vivienne, very friendly lady helped me a lot. Helped unlock my CBA online account. If you need help unlocking your bank account.GO TO VIVIENNE …

  • Ali Hadigheh

Very rude staff. I can't remember his name but he clearly did not want to proceed with my work. I thought organisation teaches them how to deal with costumer

  • Emma Abdelkerim

I’ve just been to the Redfern branch and talked to Vivenne! She was amazing, explained everything to me perfectly! She was so lovely! And very professional.

  • Salon Shrestha

It shows it will be open till 5pm then why its already closed at 4:45. I ran towards this branch immediately after finishing my work and got disappointed.

  • David

Popped to activate new account and card. Dailyn was extremely fast and efficient. Sorted me out in no time and was pleasant to deal with. A nice welcome.

  • Antony Elliott

Just landed back in Australia and Viv helped me out with setting up a new account and all banking requirements. Great service would recommend to anyone.

  • Joseph Eisinger

Vivien was absolutely lovely here, she was extremely helpful and warm and I hope to visit her again very soon for future transactions and banking!

  • James McKinlay

Shutting the entire branch down for a lunch break when you had at least three staff on hand shows how little focus you have on your customers.

  • Celia Barraud

Alex was super helpful today! Quick friendly and efficient Dealt with a difficult situation involving rude customers with grace and composure

  • Suan Pee

Very busy branch. two to three staff working. Even though they are very busy, service with a smile and respect customers ..withwithwitdignity

  • paralegalish

Excellent staff! Very helpful & patient The customer service was outstanding! You have our business for life. Great experience for my sons.

  • 程慧萱

The service is very nice. Especially, Lady Viv is very patient and her advice is very useful. She really helped me a lot. Thanks so much!

  • Julian Ferguson

Alex was fantastic. I hadn't booked an appointment and he sorted out all my business banking needs on the spot. Seriously - huge thanks.

  • israel hatooka

i just want to thank Mr Mohammad rezaul Islam for helping me with lots of helpful every time when i am at the bank thanks israel hatooka

  • Bronwyn

What amazing staff in this branch who work so hard to do a wonderful job to serve everyone so well when they are always short staffed

  • Zimu Yang

Lucas is very profeesional and friendly, if u need a new bank account or whatelse, I bet he is the best guy to go with in Sydney.

  • Anil Pradhan

Viv was very helpful and friendly. She helped me to clear my questions in a polite and friendly way Thank you viv …

  • Alexander Shukletsov

Staff is helpful and very responsive. The manager explained everything in detail and advised on the banking products.

  • Aizel R

Always friendly and helpful! Vivienne helped me update my personal details and I appreciate the staff's patience.

  • Sarah Mandelson

Vivienne was exceptionally helpful and lovely! Her colleagues were also good. A great local branch! Thank you

  • dixie lee

VIVIEN was so considerate and extremely resourceful and helped me to quickly resolve my query . .. dixieLEE

  • Athan Toskas

Visited the branch last week , wow what great staff, limited with staffing numbers but fantastic service.

  • Liam White

Super friendly and speedy service. All Staff and the manager were proficient on what they were doing .

  • Aneil

All Staff and the manager were proficient on what they were doing . Super friendly and speedy service.

  • Hurtle Home

Thank you Vivien for you help in branch today. You were a delight to transact with. Thank you!!

  • sj

Viv She kindly helped us with our deposit. It was difficult, but thanks to that, I paid well.

  • iris sun

Viv and Dailen have a very good service attitude. They are very warm and I like this bank.

  • Tony Suden

Very slow , need staff who can serve customers fast, some of staff members looks confuse.

  • kilig yes

Vivian is a very good teller. And she is very patient. I am satisfied with her service.

  • Ann Long

Service was so bad!I forgot something and was told to get it in my brain aggressively!

  • Puza Bhandari

Viv is so kind and good. She talks politely and help me very much thank you so much.

  • Abdullah Alataş

Dailyn help me in Redfern everything is done. And soo Im happy now Thank you …

  • w h y W

Quick and qualified service from Dailyn Chua! Helped me with my blocked account

  • Diego Castro

Im very happy for the attencion! The people are very happy and very good work!

  • tobias Kavanagh

Thank you to Vivienne and the team at Redfern for great help. Thanks so much.

  • YiYuan Chen

Excellent customer service from Daily, she made the transaction very seemless

  • Ya-Chu Tsai

Vivi is the most friendly and helpful person I have met here. Thanks a lot!!

  • Joy Ng

This is my local branch and the staff are amazingly patient and helpful.

  • Amin Jafari

Hi, very cooperative and flexible. Keep on your excellent job, Thanks

  • Poppy Taylor

Great service by both ladies especially young Amanda Davidson. …

  • Anthony Taouk

Great service & assistance from Viv & team re Commbank app transfer.

  • Jayme Tait

Great staff but terrible branch, go to another one where possible.

  • Relentless Records

Vivien has given me the best customer service ever..... Tha K you

  • イトリ

Vivian is a so good staff! She taught me everything carefully:)

  • Fazi Nisha

Great service, worked quickly to ensure all our needs were met.

  • Rudy Sabbagh

They are dealing with rusty customers with skill full attitude

  • shakeel riaz

Helpful, friendly and informative service from Team Redfern..

  • Alina Luo

Vivenne is really responsible for us. Really appreciate her.


Vivien lim really kind and patient! Great experience today!

  • Cam Olaya

Came in and was served by Viv, she was extremely helpful!

  • Yuni Prastika

Very comprehensive from the Redfern Team. (Lucas and Viv)

  • Chi-Heng Tseng

Thank you Viv for providing excellent customer service!

  • Ivan Ledinich

Dailyn quickly solved my card issue, recommended …


Excellent service provided by Alex! I would recommend.


viv help me with netbank. I’m happy for her service

  • Jessie Nguyen

Good service everyone,very helpful and very happy.

  • Karthikeya Acharya

Vivienne and Junyad are great folks at the bank!

  • Martha Gratiena

i understand clearly about self service banking

  • Xinlong Yin

Viv has the good for me. She is very kind!!

  • Kexuan Dong

Vibe really helped me a lot! Good service!

  • Paris Bradford

Very friendly service, very professional.

  • Adib Oshana

Very good service and very helpful …

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