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16 Tee Jay Rd, Brackenfell, Cape Town, 7560, South Africa



Eezi Move (Cape Town) is a Mover located at 16 Tee Jay Rd, Brackenfell, Cape Town, 7560, South Africa. It has received 331 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





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  • The address of Eezi Move (Cape Town): 16 Tee Jay Rd, Brackenfell, Cape Town, 7560, South Africa

  • Eezi Move (Cape Town) has 4.0 stars from 331 reviews

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  • "I chose Eezi to move my household contents across the country based on their competitive pricing, and positive reviews"

    "EeZi MOVE, welcome to the nightmare"

    "Horrible experience, definitely not worth the massive amount of money they charge"

    "Hugely and deeply disappointed and concern regarding the recent handling of my antique mirror that was in bubble wrap and totally intact when the move was conducted by your company, from George to Cape Town it was delivered totally shattered"

    "I am not to sure here"


  • Rashaad Amra

I chose Eezi to move my household contents across the country based on their competitive pricing, and positive reviews. My experience of Eezi Move was anything but easy or pleasant. My experience was characterised by confusion, a lack of professionalism, last minute changes, and myself and family having to drive around Cape Town looking for boxes, tape, and mattress covers, change our flights, find interim accommodation and find another courier company to ship the many items left behing by Eezi Move. If i were to move again, i would defintely not use Eezi Move, and instead pay the premium for professional service elsewhere. Moving is stressful, Eezi move comprised most of our stress! (i previously used Elliot, they were truly amazing!). Communication and instructions could have been clearer. On several occasions when i tried contacting the call centre agent, i was told "only email correspondence was being accepted". Who does this? The Eezi move team allocated to pack my contents were forced to rush the job due to being allocated another job whilst still busy on my job! (with some team members having to suddenly leave whilst packing) This was particularly unprofessional. The team had to rush off abruptly, resulting in items left unpacked, which i had to then pay another moving company to courier across the country. My correspondence indicated that the team would have extra boxes (additional to the amount charged) available in case extra were required. With more boxes being required, and additional boxes not being available, we had to instead make multiple rushed trips to find additional boxes to pack items prior to the truck leaving! The loading team arrived even before the packing team finished half my work, this meant i had to supervise both the packing and loading teams simultaneously. I did flag the insufficiency of time between the scheduled arrival times of the packing and loading teams in my correspondence to Eezi move, this was ignored. Eezi made the move way more stressful than it should have been. Next time Elliot!

  • Suurlies

EeZi MOVE, welcome to the nightmare. Eezi move has managed to give us the worst moving experience ever! Without going in to too much detail: Staff directly extorted us for tips even though the move was paid for. they damaged our furniture and boxes while moving by using our linen boxes as a landing pads while jumping off the truck. They stood on other peoples furniture inside the trailer - and stood on our piano's keyboard. They placed our furniture on the roof of the moving truck during transportation. From JHB to CPT. After the agent confirmed everything would be in a covered trailer. (Picture Attached) They damaged our Piano. struggling to get a hold of them - whenever we phoned them they were rarely available. Once we got through, and was promised to be called back, we either never heard from them or we had to demand to speak to somebody again. Totally unprofessional. Their head of customer care supervisor laughed at me on the telephone when I was expressing my issues after the move and arrival. She denied we had any insurance coverage or claim as our insurance was limited, even though the invoice and the agent confirmed we had coverage. Finally they sent me a contract of R1000 compensation as long as I don't leave a bad review or to not mention anything. Pure extortion and litigious behavior. Just ask yourself, do you want these type of people moving your furniture? I will rather save someone else the trouble, than accept their R1000 "Compensation". Do not use. REF: 958273-2

  • John Willmore

Horrible experience, definitely not worth the massive amount of money they charge. We paid for the packaging, moving and unpacking. 2x packers were sent, they did not pack the house up as quoted, and 2x full kitchen cupboards were left unpacked, we packed ourselves till 10pm that night. When the time arrived to collect the packers there were 2x loud gentleman driving the pick-up vehicle, they kept asking for hand outs, freebies and a tip, extremely unprofessional. The Move: The move itself was okay. Unpacking: 1x person was left to unpack, he was old, tired and exhausted, even if he was physically able to, it would have taken him a full day to do so, nevermind the half day he was there for. He literally just started dumping things in cupboards across the kitchen. This part of the service we paid for and was honestly nonexistent. The other staff arrived at 5:30pm and immediately asked for freebies again and tips. They packed some empty boxes from the garage and left, didn't even bother to check the house for the other half of the boxes that were part of the move which we are still stuck with. Overall this was completely horrible, Out of the 3x services which we paid for (packing, moving and unpacking) we definitely got overcharged and under delivered. We called and emailed them about this and still no response or ownership taken.

  • Denys Vogelman

Hugely and deeply disappointed and concern regarding the recent handling of my antique mirror that was in bubble wrap and totally intact when the move was conducted by your company, from George to Cape Town it was delivered totally shattered. I am totally devastated at the lack of respect given. The antique mirror was given to by my late mother. It also started raining the wooden dining room table was taken out in the rain with no cover on it. The mattresses were meant to be put in plastic covers on moving day, this was not done. The fact that the mirror was not wrapped by your company does not mean it should not be respected. I have moved many times, never have I experienced such treatment. I would not recommend Eezi move. There response to my complaint was sad. Standard response given to all the people that they covered in the small print. DO Not use Eezi move. Unless you are letting them pack for you. Seems like that is the only way your belongings will arrive in one piece…or maybe not. You automated response is the same response for every review. Here is the reference number I sincerely don’t think I will get any reaction from the owners. As I did email your business and your companies lack of interest is terrible. A response of we are not responsible is covered in your T&C’s. Ref 1018294

  • Chris Kriel

I am not to sure here... I see people on these google ratings were charged R18000 to move provinces between Gauteng and Cape Town, and belongings destroyed? I requested a quote and they charged me R93 000 to move!? R93000? I don't have a mansion of stuff to move. Other quotes i got is in the correct avg, ball park range expected of R18000 - R28000 using the same inventory list supplied of a normal 3 bedroom house. I don't know if these guys are legit or if it was a well run business which is now in financial difficulty or if they even looked at the inventory list, but R93 000 is ridiculous? So many of these companies had the same inventory list but all calculations were different. I understand not all furniture are the same size hence different calculations but I don't want to pay a one month installment on a truck just to move. I must admit that they were quick to respond and friendly, but loosing out on business due to an obvious and ridiculous price difference of 3-4 times more than average quotes I received. If this was an error, i also understand but would call a potential client back to rectify? Don,t bother calling to assist now, I have "moved" on.

  • Daniel Kidd (Daniel Kidd)

Be careful when using this moving company. They broke one of our most expensive pot plants in shatters. The moving team were clearly negligent and could easily have safely moved the item. When asking management for financial assistance to pay for the damage (and bearing in mind that this move cost us a lot of money), we were shot down immediately and referred to the fine print, which essentially excludes liability for everything under the sun. This means that the moving company can do whatever they want during the move without facing any consequences. Management then tried to argue that they move these pot plants as a "courtesy", thereby suggesting it is a favour which I did not pay for. This statement is simply not accurate bearing in mind that I paid them handsomely for moving the pot plants. I was thereafter told that I should have wrapped the pot plant, which apparently would have made a difference, notwithstanding that the pot was dropped from a height of over 2 metres! I would be very cautious to use them and would rather stick with the "smaller" outfits who care about customer service.

  • Gérard Damstra

To ANYBODY that ever considers to use Eezi Move as a moving company for relocating... STOP... Take a shot of Tequila... And forget that you ever had that idea!!!! By far the WORSE moving company the the whole wide world( I'm pretty sure ). Not only is the staff ROOD as hell, they beg you for money and ask for tips because according to them they are working so so hard... They also ask you too make coffee for them, as if i even had coffee that morning. But the biggest issue of all is all the BROKEN and SCRATCHED and Damaged property that you get offloaded from the truck. All my boxes were packed by myself, in a way that i know stuff will not break if handled correctly. I have moved 11 times in my life before and have never ever ever ever had ANYTHING breaking in transit. My 65" TV is broken and unrepairable and multiple other items like crystal glasses, normal glasses, plates, shot glasses(i mean really, how do you even break those, lol) wooden furniture damaged and destroyed!!!!! Word of advice... STAY AWAY... STAY VERY FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Belinda Fourie

Terrible. I paid for pre pack, they never completed. Day of move after they said it would be quick they arrived with a van and trailer to move a four bedroomed house. When I asked what is going on the staff said the big truck in on its way. Never arrived. When i approached management they said i mustnt worry, they will make sure all my stuff is moved same day. Really like i want to spend the whole day waiting for there little 1 toner to drive up and down. I had to get another little truck from another compay to come help. they had to do five trips for me. Infact they moved the bulk of the furniture. Eezi move workers where great but where put in a bad position by management These guys tried so hard to defuse the situation without any support from management. They are very professional when it comes to making sure all payments are madr upfront. useless when it comes to planning a move. Make sure you know what vehicle they are using to move you. They also never packed out or took there boxes which they said they would.

  • Rutendo Munyati

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I have done many moves throughout the last 4 years with other companies with no issues. My dryer was so badly damaged. Eezi move covers on limited goods for fire, collision, overturning, theft following and hijacking only (which are subject to applicable policy and claim limits). The lack of cover would not have bothered me if it was simple damage but my machine has been rendered useless. I don’t even understand how my dryer was so badly damaged and I can see that someone tried to put the top part back in place to try and ameliorate how bad the damage appeared but my machine is non functional including a broken motherboard. 1/5 because I can’t give 0. Additionally the coordination for the dates of their moves is very abrupt and last minute. I was informed a day prior that my move had been scheduled ahead by 24hrs ( basically the next day). If you like your goods to arrive in one piece I don’t recommend this company.

  • Renier Lombard

We recently dealt with Eezi move and it was an unpleasant experience, to say the least. They were scheduled to collect our items before a certain time and lied to us about their estimated time of collection. Subsequent to them not arriving, their driver lied to us about his arrival time and current location and we missed our flight, which we had to then rebook. We then cancelled because their driver just did not arrive. After dealing with their agent and explaining the situation to request a refund they refused to pay us the full amount we paid them, only refunding us half of what we paid them. Stating it was part of their T&C's. Really!! They made us miss our flight, incurred additional costs, and they didn't even pick up our furniture. We had to then ask another moving company to help. Not pleased as to how they handled the whole situation. We do not recommend using them for your move. Customer satisfaction is not part of their values.

  • Dale Lottering

Dear EEZI MOVE, It has been a privilege to be your client (yes indeed!). The service I received all round justifies this statement fully. I have used EEZI MOVE three times this year - from Pretoria to Somerset West (twice), and then again from Pretoria to Jeffreys Bay. Firstly, I wish to thank Melinda Ferreira at your Pretoria offices for her prompt, and always professional, service and support. Thank you Melinda. Lastly, but not less important, I wish to thank your team of guys that collected our furniture and delivered them at the drop off addresses on both occasions. No damaged goods, on time. and service with a big smile. The McDonalds lunch I bought each one of them after the goods were loaded was certainly a great big thank you with appreciation. I will not hesitate to recommend EEZI MOVE to anybody, anywhere, any time. By the way, your rates are almost unbeatable too. Thank you all!!! Sincerely. Dale Lottering & family

  • Stella Swanepoel

Eezi Move moved my entire LIFE on 30th of July from Grahamstown to Mossel Bay. They arrived on time and that was my first impression. David and his team provided fast, friendly and efficient service. My belongings were packed with the utmost care. They finished packing the truck at 23:00 and decided to travel to Port Elizabeth to overnight at the truck stop. David was concerned about the safety of our area and he did not want to compromise the load on the truck. The truck arrived promptly on Monday 1st August and started with the off load. My furniture was undamaged and I did not experience any losses or damages to any of my belongings. I recommend Eezi Move with the utmost conviction and confidence. The team was friendly, honest and reliable. I received the best service at the best price! Stella Swanepoel

  • Vasti Godfrey

WORST EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIVES TO DATE. The fact that THEIR truck could not fit in by the storage facility, and the men had to walk an extra 70m with our things added an extra 2k to an already alarmingly high number. Thereafter our things COULD NOT ALL FIT and it was now our issue, even though we had stated that the extra things we had was not on their checklist form , so we had taken dimensions of it and added as extra. They now wanted to charge an extra R6000 to squeeze in a few more things- BUT there would still be items that would be left BEHIND. I'm sorry I ever came across this disgusting company. all they do is milk you for every last cent. A move is already stressful and now THIS too! God sees all, is all I'm saying. Hope nobody ever uses them! We SURE AS HELL WONT.

  • Tanja Marais

If i could give minus star i would! The men kept bumping and hitting the walls of the house my furniture and when asked to stop they simply ignored and kept going, with no acknowledgement nor an apology. They left my wooden dining room table outside in the rain with no regard to cover OR move it 1m back into the empty garage. Stacked the kitchen boxes with all my glassware and break ware (clearly marked FRAGILE). One of the men used the bathroom facilities and urinated ALL over the toilet, the handle, the floor everything was covered and had the audacity not to flush. They were laughing and snickering with each other when questioned why they are bumping and treating the items so poorly. Would not recommend to anyone!

  • Shejali Kandhai

(I am posting this on behalf of a family member who recently used Eezi Move.)The men who were suppose to be helping with the move, were very rude and had such a bad attitude, behaving like they were doing her a favour, she PAID for! They then proceed to ask unnecessary question regarding her living situation that had nothing to do with their job, such as asking if she lives alone, where's her partner and other intrusive questions. They made her extremely uncomfortable. On top of this they did not want to carry parcels up the stairs either. Just so unhelpful, so rude and no willingness to do their job! Don't work then! And especially don't try to intimidate women. Will never use this company again.

  • Cecillie Nel

Eezi Move consists of a very capable team, and everything from the word go was done in a professional manner. A special word of thanks to Anelia Streicher, senior consultant, she was very helpful, kind, soft spoken and extremely professional. Their response time was quickly and in a friendly way, unlike other removal companies we worked with in the past. Arrived on time and finished the job before the planned time. The movers managed a difficult off load but it all happened in a trained and skilled way. Eezi move was accommodating to go the extra mile which was much needed. If you like excellent, then I would highly recommend this company to handle your move. You will not be disappointed!

  • Surei Bronkhorst

Good day I have used Eezi Move twice already to help me move. Both was very long distances. The service was outstanding from the word go to the end !! The staff was friendly when pick up the phone, all calls was returned when missed, emails was awnsered everytime. Logistics team was so profetional, fast and friendly. All of the boxes was delivered and nothing was broken even the furniture was very good taking care off, no scratches , dents, or brakages. Eezi move, thank you guys for taking this mountain of my shoulders and making the stress of moving alot lesser. I will strongly recommend them for all your moves country wide !!

  • Marion Nixon

I used Eezi Move to transport a glass fronted cabinet from Gqeberha to Cape Town. It was a last minute decision arranged at short notice complicated by my connectivity issues during the day. With great patience the call centre and Gqeberha agent got it all sorted and on my last day in Gqeberha the cabinet was collected. The timing was perfect and the packers super efficient. The packaging was simple and very effective. Much to my family's amazement the glass panes in the cabinet doors were all intact on arrival. And the delivery timing was great too. I Immediately recommended Eezi Move to my friends and clients.

  • Amy Rinquest

I was really disappointed with the careless and unprofessional service. Movers arrived 20 mins late to second pick up, reported to superiors that I was late when I was waiting on them. They dropped and shattered an heirloom headboard from the 3rd floor and didn’t even bother to carry pieces up to my 3rd floor flat. They chipped all antique wooden furniture (heirlooms) carrying them up the stairs carelessly, despite me asking them numerous times to take care. At the end of the moving day they resorted to dragging antique furniture to get it out of the truck despite me begging them to handle the items with care.

  • Marian Van Der Merwe

Long distance from Oubaai to Pretoria. Very professional company. Excellent packaging ensured successful undamaged delivery of everything in record time. Fragile pieces all received in perfect condition. I was informed of ETA and kept informed and it was delivered on time as arranged. Excellent communication between myself and company which resulted in perfect delivery. Very satisfied Will use them myself again and will definitely recommend them. Eezi move indeed EEZI Kudos to whole team - Eezi Move Anelia Streicher Senior Consultant and all truck personnel that made actual delivery.

  • robert marnewick

There are not many companies that go the extra "mile" when dealing with a customer complaint, Eezi Move ticks this box. Post management becoming aware of a customer complaint we were contacted by management expressing their apologies and they went the extra "mile" to resolve the complaint leaving me very satisfied. The complaint related to a matter that was not in the control of Eezi Move. I would like to thank the management team of Eezi Move for the professional way in which they dealt with the complaint. We would definitely make use of the services of Eezi Move in the future.

  • Zelda Esterhuizen

I have used Eezi Move twice and both times I received good service. Especially the first time, both truck helpers were so friendly with the loading and off loading. The driver was professional. The sales manager were very helpful both times. I would certainly make use of their service again. Both WC and EC branches. Their transport vehicles are in good road worthy conditions. They reply to emails very quickly. Eezi move also offers wrapping services, packing services and other different add on kind of service/packaging. Keep up the good excellent service Eezi Move teams.

  • LD Joubert

I recently had a move from Johannesburg to Cape Town, my items were moved with no difficulty, in a fashion which I found to be stress free. They were incredibly timely and were by far one of the cheapest companies that I got quotes from. the quoting process was also very easy and I was able to make changes p until the day before the move with no difficulty Mika was incredibly professional and was always willing to update the quote with no attitude and without having to follow up with her. I really was impressed with the overall service that I received.

  • Jill Wheater

Be confident with EeziMove Eezi Move were easy to deal with and the move was swift and efficient. Communication is basically digital and you need to get used to the SMS notifications and email confirmations. There is a consultant to speak to but most of the comms is digital. I found this a bit stressful in the beginning but it worked really well. The packing team were excellent. The removal team likewise as efficient and well supervised. I was moving from Jhb to CT and I was updated on the progress on a constant basis. Overall, highly recommended.

  • Reinhardt Cromhout

Several of my boxes were delivered wet and damaged. I have reached out to my sales consultant on email to raise the issue as well as providing all details of damaged boxes delivered on their questionnaire about my experience with the company. After nearly two weeks I have not received any feedback from the company, so it seems like my damaged items are just considered my loss from the company's point of view. This is not the service they promised and that I paid for. Will never be using this company again or recommending it to anyone.

  • JP Venter

I had such a good feeling chosing Eezi Moves, the sales service was excellent and the team that arrived was friendly and efficient... but ... this is how my goods arrived back to me ... I don't think anyone would be happy to receive their belongings back in this state - the handling during transit was careless. This was a long distance relocation, Ballito to Cape Town, for these types I would strongly recommend adding some 'goods in transit' insurance on top the quote, for my shared small load, value about 300k it was +/- R2700.

  • Tilisha Mansura Huckle (Tilz)

Hi, I had used Eezi move over 4 times now, either inter-city moves or across various provinces. Be it in JHB or CPT, their level of service exemplary across all regions. They deliver on their company credo and live up to their claims. Also, most reasonably priced with impeccable quality standards. Be it the admin team to the delivery task team- we received great service overall. Thank you Eezi move for your dedication and support in my many moves. We will always use your services

  • Gail Janse van Rensburg

In October I relocated a family member from Gauteng to Cape Town. Eezi Move are very professional, friendly, affordable, helpful and super efficient in assisting us with this move. The Eezi Move truck collected the household items on Sunday morning in Gauteng and were here at my door in Cape Town the very next day! They really made this long-distance move absolutely stress free and for that...I say THANK YOU! I can highly recommend Eezi Move to anyone thinking of moving.

  • Lynne Roscoe

What an amazing experience just to be dealing with real people who answer their phones and not a voice recorded message. Changes were dealt with professionally and at any time of day. Careful planning and clear instructions given before the move made it an absolute pleasure....especially when moving a piano. In fact I did not have to have the piano tuned when it arrived. It was an indication of the care the movers had taken. Will definitely recommend their services.

  • Anthony Bisset

Eezi Move , lived up to their name, a seamless , professional outfit. From the get go , my interaction with Brandon at the George office , who provided clear , consise information , to the friendly moving crew on the day , all moved like clockwork. The off loading on the other side also proceeded without a hitch. What's more the quote was very reasonable and in fact the best one , I received. Eezi Move, I will definitely make use of your services in the future.

  • onthatile moloi

I recently moved from Cape Town to Pretoria and what I thought would be a completely stressful situation with sleepless nights turned out to be the exact opposite . I dealt with Anelia who was extremely helpful and absolutely amazing to say the very least. The crew was utterly professional and not to mention how fast and efficient they were. Eezi Move made my move stress free and an absolute breeze. I'd recommend them to anyone moving anywhere!

  • Clarice Louw

Terrible experience, except the wrapping services were quick. I asked for a certain date and on the day I thought I'm moving, the operations team sent me another date. Then they also said my furniture will be delivered in 2 days from collecting it. This wasn't discussed with me prior. I had to whip out money to stay/overnight somewhere. Sorry but if your time is precious to you and you had plans etc, do not make use of Eezi Moves. Never again.

  • Susan Klopper

A big shoutout to the best moving company in SA #EEZI MOVE. Our move from Gauteng to the Western Cape was made easy and pleasant with your professional service and friendly staff. Special mention must go to Burnett Payson for being always available for questions, and always willing to assist and give tips. I highly recommend EEZI MOVE to anybody moving in SA. You will get good value and professional service from the beginning to the end.

  • Gregory Wdb

Hi - this is a compliment review. I had the privilege of using Eezi moves. They moved me from South end Port Elizabeth to Summerstrand Port Eilzabeth. Loads of stairs etc. Fast, efficient and timeous. Mardi was my go-to gal. And I was full of stress and nerves, and she kept me informed at all times and she destressed the situation. Well done team.... You rock!!!! 10 out of 10. Will definitely use Eezi moves Port Elizabeth again.

  • Lauren Marais

What an absolute dream! Everyone from the Eezi Move team in Cape Town made my move so light and easy. From Anelia's professional and patient responses to Kaizer and his team that helped me with my move. I felt at ease and I would definitely recommend Eezi Move. Kaizer and his team were friendly, kind and extremely patient. I could not have asked for better help during this frustrating time. Thank you to everyone at Eezi Move.

  • Natalie Esteves

I worked with Daniel and he promised countless times to follow up and I phoned and phoned but he never did. False promises and poor communication. Eventually I went with another company and about 5 days before my proposed moving date, only did Daniel call to say they couldn’t accommodate me. He never called back when he said he would and they were completely disorganised. I would never use them or recommend them to anyone.

  • Charlotte du Plessis

Eezi Move was a great help. The movers are professional and friendly. We had a major setback and Letitia made sure to sort us out last minute! She has no idea how much that meant to me and my family in this time as this move was extremely stressful and Eezi move just took the stress of moving our goods for us away completely. Very prompt and always on time. Thank you Eezi move for giving us a GREAT moving experience.

  • Aidan

Positives - collection and wrapping were a smooth and seamless experience. Negatives - boxes arrived in terrible condition (some torn, some water damaged). Some smaller items were missing, and washing machine was damaged as well - customer support took over a month before saying they could not assist as their insurance only covers in transit theft etc. It seems you are kind of on your own if things don't go to plan.

  • Jo-Anne Hoult

I have moved twice with Eezi Move.. The first move was absolutely outstanding, friendly staff and infinite care taken with belongings. The second move had a couple of snags and after a call from customer service, 1/3 of my moving costs was refunded. In this day and age, one needs reliable and professional service and Eezi Move tick all the boxes! Look no further, their service is unrivaled! Thank you Eezi Move!

  • Chris Heunis

Probably the worst customer service experienced ever. Made contact more than once on different occassions and every time Ruan is just as rude and abrassive as the first time. Cannot multi task, nor does he take the time to read emails before responding to it at random. Extremely poor service level and no skills whatsover when it comes to customer service. Had to give it one star as "no star" was not an option.

  • Kiyara Dayaram

Eezi Move was by far one of the most reasonable quotes I had received and I had received quotes from approx 15 service providers. We paid for the packaging services which were carried out brilliantly and all of our items were wrapped and boxed with the utmost care. Delivery was done promptly and swiftly. We were very impressed. There was no damage and we received all of our goods. Thanks so much, Eezi Move.

  • Caitlin Stott

Eezi Move could not have been more accommodating, professional and efficient throughout the process! They handled all my changes to the move with such kindness - reducing a lot of my stress during the move! Not a single item broken with quick and enthusiastic service from the movers on both sides! Eezi Move definitely made a really stressful time a much more manageable process! Thanks guys.

  • Elizmaré Coetzee

Eezi Move was a great company to work with. Anelia, our consultant, helped with every query that I had and the team that did the moving for us was brilliant. They took great care of our furniture, where super quick and efficient and had no problem with the bigger things we where worried wouldn't fit through the door. I would 100% use Eezi move again, and recommend them to other people.

  • Lisel Richter

I got several quotes form moving companies and Eezi move was by far the most affordable! There were some minor internal communication gaps when booking and confirming the move but the pick up and delivery went very smoothly. The delivery team was early, packed things speedily and professionally. Eezi move it a very hard working team. Good service, I will recommend and use them again!

  • Maike Versfeld

Affordable, uncomplicated and very efficient We organised our move through EEZI Move and were assisted without a problem. We had to amend the quote a few times as the goods that we need to be transported changed but this was done without problem and promptly. On the day of the move everything went smoothly, nothing broke. The guys who assisted were very friendly. Thank you!

  • Ray Broncho

Thank you to Eezi Move for assisting ing my move from Jhb to Cape Town, the communication was very good and accurate. Yolandi was great in giving advice and assisting with the quote, the timing was accurate and the Gents that assisted in loading and offloading was superb, thank you!! I reccomend Eezi move as they were reccomended to me and lived up to all expectations!!.

  • Zara Langford

I cant thank Christie and his team at Eezi move enough for the amazing service that i received. The guys were super quick, efficient, careful and solutions driven (had to remove door to get couch inside) and most of all kind and respectful. Hats off to the whole team at Eezi move - from the super quick quote, competitive pricing and management. Highly recommend!

  • Dayne Myles

I must be honest that when I received the quote from EeziMove and they were so much cheaper I was quite apprehensive. I wasn't disappointed! Probably been one of the most efficient moving teams and office we've dealt with, from confirmation phone calls, and emails, to polite and professional staff on the ground. Would definitely recommend.

  • Anton Dinkelmann

Hi EEZI move team, my experience with your team for both my moves - locally in CT and inter-city was amazing. Teams were professional yet friendly and well presented in their EEZI clothes :) Everything was collected and delivered on time and in good order. Don't want to move again soon but if I do you are my only choice really

  • Alexander Boshoff

Shoutout to Anelia, the consultant that assisted me to make the booking - very quick with replies and amending quotes. Also to the actual moving team who were great communicators and very careful with moving our stuff. They planned well and consider the very rainy weather on our moving day. They were also very much on time.

  • Daleen Dick

Eezi Move made a very draining experience easy to handle. From Anelia who did the quote to David and his team who packed and delivered our stuff to the Storage unit. He had a difficult time to get the truck into the gate, but he DID it. They even help to move some of my boxes on our trailer. Tx to a team = WELL DONE


An awesome experience. Great service from all staff. Guys moving the furniture were professional, friendly and quick. Had no issues with breakages or lateness of delivery. Received quotes from 3 other companies and Eezi Move was by far the cheapest. Will recommend them to anyone moving their household possessions.

  • Barbara Shepherd

We recently moved home and used Eezi Move. While moving is a very stressful experience, the Eezi Move team, and the crew allocated to our move on the day, we fantastic! They really did go 'above and beyond', and took exceptional care of our belongings. We cannot thank, or praise them highly enough.

  • Wilmarc Lewies

Their service from the first phone call to the final delivary was excellent.Their staff on the truck where great.I am pleased to say at least their is still a company out their that values customer service. thank you very much i will certainly recommend your company to any one who needs to move

  • Jenna De Freitas

I had such a wonderful experience from from first contact to collection to drop off. The service has been wonderful the movers were so helpful and really went above and beyond. The service from the operations team was great and they kept me updated the entire process! 10/10 for Eezi Move!

  • Stefan Van der walt

Outstanding and reliable service. Excelled communication each step of the way. Used Eezi Move on numerous occasions across the country. Professional manner in which the whole process is managed with friendly and efficient staff on the ground and in the office. Will gladly recommend them.

  • Mark Wantenaar

EEZI Move was very accommodating regarding our date changes, the team respected our furniture loaded effectively and help to make sure that the furniture was placed in the correct rooms. The price quoted was the most affordable of all the removal companies that I contacted for a quote.

  • Maja Engelbrecht

Brandon was thoughtful, professional and communicated excellently every step of the way! The moving team were also so polite and efficient, thoughtful and accommodating. Every phase of working with EEZI movers was a pleasure and we are very grateful for the excellent service received.

  • Erika van Rooyen

Fantastic service. The moving team was friendly yet professional. They moved the furniture with care, respect, and absolute skill. No damage done to any of the pieces they moved, not a chip, and all walls and door frames are in tact as well. My first call when I have to move again.

  • Lizzy Botha

We used Eezi Move for our local move in Strand in April this year. The entire experience was absolutely fantastic! From the starting the quotation right through to the actual move on the day. The team who moved us was efficient and on time!! Definitely recommend Eezi Move!!

  • Werner Venter

Moving made easy. They arrived on time to load in the Westen Cape, and arrived on the scheduled time to off load in KZN. The driver kept in contact with us from leaving to arrival Very friendly and professional service received, from the office staff to the loading team.

  • Jan Terblanche

It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with a very professional team, who kept me informed of the proceedings from inception right to the time of delivery. They kept to their timeframes and handled every item with the greatest of care. Highly recommended!

  • Fiona Kantor

The best moving and packing service I’ve ever used! Online booking and inventory system quick and efficient. Fantastic staff from time of booking, packing and moving! I highly recommend using them for your move - big or small …

  • Cameron Jason Cloete

Very friendly staff. The team was on site before the agreed upon time. In less than an hour my furniture removal was complete. The fact that a team is sent a day before the move to come and wrap speeds up the process significantly. Highly recommended.

  • Antoinette van Rooyen

I received professional, friendly service from my request for a quotation right up to the final delivery of my belongings. There was always clear, prompt communication and nothing was left to chance. Thanks for good value for money and peace of mind!

  • Valencia Naidoo

Removal from Cape Town to Johannesburg: Prompt quotation and decent price. Room for improvement with feedback regarding estimated dates for collection and delivery. However, all my items were received in good order and the movers were very helpful!

  • Mieke de Wet

We made use of Eezi Move's services to transport loads of furniture over a 15km stretch on the 25th of April - they managed to pack, transport and unpack everything within 2 hours. High quality and professional service! Would definitely recommend.

  • Jamie DuPreez

Excellent service from Eezi Move to move a few items from Cape Town to Durban. Well-priced, professional and efficient throughout the whole process. Great hand-off during delivery/drop off too. Would use them again if needed! Highly recommended.

  • Robert Sean Paxton

From the quotation process to wrapping my furniture to the delivery I could not better on any of your processes and procedures. Everything just happened without me having to ask. Keep it up Eezi Move I would recommend you any time and any day!!

  • Gary_DeAfrique

I’ve used Eezi Move for about 16 years ever since I first moved to Johannesburg. Recently I used them when relocating to Cape Town. They have always been reliable and affordable. Great customer service and always willing to go the extra mile.

  • Marcel Gouws Henze

Eezi Move didn't just move furniture; they moved mountains of stress for me. Their professionalism and punctuality turned what could have been chaos into a seamless experience. Kudos to the team for making my move feel like a breeze!

  • Anel Hugo

Excellent service! The team helped me with a piano move, and so far they have been beyond accommodating, helpful and super on top of their admin. They got very creative once the plot twists starting happening. Can highly recommend!

  • Linda Kemp

Eezi Move delivered my items damaged & broken. The driver was under the Influence of alcohol. I definitely would not recommend Eezy move to handle anyone's move. Staff handling quotes and information regarding delivery is amazing.

  • Ruben de Klerk

Damaged a lot of furniture. Won't be covering anything. They are extremely harsh on your belongings and leave scratches and dents in everything, even though everything was wrapped 3 times with bubble wrap. Stay Away...

  • Bulelwa Faith Mahlakahlaka

Eezi moves moved my furniture in December, they were so efficient and good value for money. I highly recommend them as you have a peace of mind when they move your goods. They stand by their name (easy) Eezi moves :)

  • Marius Nysschen

After many obstacles we eventually managed to get everything arranged over the New Year weekend. Everything went smooth, even making my flight back. Truck arrived as communicated, at the destination. Job well done!

  • Alexandra Ackron

We have used Eezi Move a number of times for moves in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Langebaan and they were amazing, responsive in quotes and communications, constant updates, we were very happy with their service!

  • Nina Naude

What a wonderful bunch of people! Friendly service, an hour early and eager to please. From the first email to the last. Best rates and definitely best removal company.... I can honestly recommend them to anyone.

  • Nina Maartens

Great service! Eezi Move is very affordable, even in the case of a long distance move as mine were, they were on time and delivered all of the furniture with out hassle. Everything was in perfect condition.

  • Paul Jaxa

Eezi Move company is the best I've ever used. I used them twice in a space of two 2 years moving. They give the best service. I'll always use Eezi Move to move when I move again. Keep doing well Eezi Move.

  • Liezel Conradie

I had such a great moving experience with Eezi Move when I moved items out of storage from Pta to Cape Town - such a stark difference to my previous move with another moving company years ago. 5 stars!

  • Hedley Suckow

If You're a little guy, RUN!! These people are useless at communication or any kind of interaction.. I take it that they are brilliant at communication with a potential big money contract or job...

  • Audrey-Ann kouter

It was my first time using a moving company and I am totally in love with my choice not one moment was I disappointed rather very impressed with the service....Eezi Move deliver on their values.

  • Michael Shelly

I am quite happy with the service I received from Eezi Move last month. Quotes and admin side went very well and the loading and packing of our furniture was done quickly and professionally.

  • Doug Renecle

The company showed flexibility, professianlism and the moving staff a pleasure to see them tackle the job at hand. The price was very affordable and. The company cab be highly recommended

  • nicole wilson

Very professional. Movers arrived exactly on time and communicated well. Price comparisons were impossible to beat. Would definitely recommend eezi move for all your long distance moves.

  • MN JL

Hello Letitia. The movers just finished delivering. Hendrik and his team, you and your staff, we’re awesome and did a great job, thank you! Very happy that we chose eezi for our move.

  • keenan klaasen

STAY AWAY! My couch was damaged by the staff (Movers). A brand new R10 000 couch! I was advised to mail customer care and told they take 30 days to get back to you! Unacceptable!

  • Sharine Potgieter

Effortless and efficient service at a price that we could afford. Eezi move and their various team and support staff were flexible, helpful and friendly at all times. Thank you!

  • Ilze Scheepers

Eezi Move has the best and on time service! Their team does all the heavy lifting and with the best attitudes!!! Thank you so much, I will use you again for sure!! :)

  • Lize Marshall

I have never in 12 years dealt with a more arrogant manager - Micheal .. hopefully he will learn how to deal with people in the future - arrogance gets you nowhere

  • Angelo Bijoux

Used them for a cross country move and they were great , moving inside the province and they wont even respond to you after mailing , whatsapps and calls .

  • Gernari De Villiers

Amazing experience with professional movers that was very kind and attentive to my possessions. It made my move Eezi and I would definitely use them again!

  • Laura Steffens

The service consultant was very helpful. The team of movers worked at lightning speed and made everything run smoothly. Would definitely use them again.

  • Ashley Dhunraj

Excellent and efficient services provided. The team took utmost care to deliver my items safely, especially my 65 inch TV. Highly recommended Eezi Move

  • Deon Halls

I was very impressed at the professional service that I received from Eezi Move. I have no hesitation in recommending there service.

  • Kris Stadler

Just a terrible experience overall. If you can rather just move your stuff do it yourself, at least you would care about the items.

  • Anré Marais

The team was professional and friendly and communication by sms and email was quick and easy. Thanks for a Eezi move!

  • Bianca Boersma

I have used Eezi move twice this year and received excellent sevice form Dicky and his team!

  • Luzanne Van der Colff

Quick response to emails, professional service and took good care of furniture

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