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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a Car rental agency located at 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218. It has received 2028 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 2400 Yankee Clipper Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32218

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car has 4.3 stars from 2028 reviews

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  • "Edited to add: I emailed the address below in the response from Enterprise and STILL have not been contacted regarding our awful experience"

    "I recently had the pleasure of renting a car from your Jacksonville Airport location, and I want to thank you for the outstanding customer service I received"

    "Terrible experience with rude employees and entire rental check-in problems followed by horrible customer service Check-in to receive our reserved car left much to be desired"

    "Rented from the Jacksonville, FL airport"

    "I’ll give two stars because the pick up was smooth and easy"


  • Christina M

Edited to add: I emailed the address below in the response from Enterprise and STILL have not been contacted regarding our awful experience. Upon arrival at the Enterprise desk in Jacksonville Airport on Monday evening, we waited an hour to pick up the car. There was one person working the desk and a line of people behind us. they were having issues with their “system”. We had two credit cards declined, were told it was on our end, so we called our credit card company, who told us it was the merchant’s issue, not theirs. Willie, the desk agent, was a lovely, kind person, and I felt very sorry that he had so many computer issues and so many angry/impatient customers to deal with. We informed Willie that we were unsure of when and where we would be dropping the car off, and that we would know more the next day. He told us “No problem, just call and let us know.” We got to the parking lot where there were two people working. They told us to pick our car from our section. There was only one vehicle. We checked out with them and left. We drove 30 minutes, to the other side of Jacksonville, to the Mayo Cancer Center. We got out of the vehicle, hit the lock button on the door, and then, could not get back in. The battery on the key fob was dead, and all our paperwork, suitcases and bags were locked in the car. I called customer service, which was closed, and then the roadside assistance line. The person I spoke with demanded I give them the contract number, which I did not have. He berated me for not having my paperwork, despite the fact that I’d explained we were locked out of the vehicle. He told me to bring it to the nearest enterprise location for help. I explained we had just left the nearest one, 30 minutes prior, and we could not drive the vehicle, so how did he expect me to do that? He continued to insist I bring the car back. At 11 pm, after traveling all day long to get to the cancer hospital for treatment, and the representative not only was incredibly rude, but offered no apologies or sympathy. My husband walked to the nearest shop and found someone who had a screwdriver and bought a new battery. This entire interaction took an hour. The next morning we received multiple text messages and then phone calls wanting the license plate number, the registration number and photos of the car and the key fob, because somehow, they hadn’t registered the correct vehicle to us. Of course, this was all happening at the same time I was meeting with doctors at the Mayo Clinic and had MUCH more important issues to be dealing with. We spoke with Enterprise reps on the phone and via text at least a dozen times in the less than 48 hours of having the car. We informed them as soon as we knew on Tuesday that we would be returning the vehicle to the Jacksonville airport the next day, instead of to the other location as originally planned. We were told we would not only owe less than estimated, but that we would receive a discount for all of our troubles. We returned the vehicle on Wednesday at 4 pm, an hour earlier than scheduled back. We were charged the original quoted price of $169.42, and we were offered nothing more than an apology from the drop-off agent. She informed us that we would get a phone call from the corporate office. We have not heard from anyone. We have always used Enterprise for both business and personal use and never had any issues prior to this particular incident. At a time when we were already under so much stress, this was the last thing we needed to be dealing with, and will likely stop us from ever renting with Enterprise again.

  • Tak Landrock

I recently had the pleasure of renting a car from your Jacksonville Airport location, and I want to thank you for the outstanding customer service I received. At first, I was not too pleased but read my story to the end, and you’ll understand. When I arrived at the rental office at 11:30 pm, Bryan informed me that they had run out of all rental cars, including the mid-size one I had reserved. The only vehicle they had available was a 13-seater passenger van. After flying for most of the day and still having a 45-minute drive to my hotel, I reluctantly took it. What other option did I have since all the rental car locations were about to close up for the night? As I approached the van, I couldn't believe how big it was. It felt like I was about to drive a school bus! I am short and stand about 5’7. As I climbed in, I was a bit skeptical at first - I mean, who needs a van that big for a solo trip? After all, I had never driven a van this large before, but pleasantly surprised by how roomy and comfortable the van was inside. Sure, it was a bit of a challenge navigating it through the narrow airport parking garage, and my small suitcase with a few days of clothes got a front-row seat. Usually, it sits in the dark trunk. Driving down the highway, I realized I needed to park this massive van at the hotel. Will there be a spot open? Will it fit? How will I get it in a spot between two cars? As I circled the hotel several times, getting increasingly flustered, I finally managed back the van into a tight spot. I was proud of myself. As I got my suitcase out and headed to check in at the hotel, I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. I got a van meant for a large group, but I was a one-man show driving it. I did return to the airport the next afternoon to switch the van out, and your team took good care of me. I got the mid-size car I reserved, and it was brand new; it only had 10 miles on it. I loved the new car smell as I drove it back to my hotel. The one thing that impressed me the most was the apology I received for having to bring the van back and the simple question, “What can we do to make it right?” Overall, I always have a fantastic experience with Enterprise Rental Car and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable rental vehicle. The friendly and helpful staff at Jacksonville Airport is why Enterprise is my rental car company,

  • Rachel Shinkle

Terrible experience with rude employees and entire rental check-in problems followed by horrible customer service Check-in to receive our reserved car left much to be desired. After waiting in line for 45 minutes, we were told our car was not ready and that only a van was available. We explained to Emy, budget employee, that we reserved months in advance and needed an SUV. She informed us to hang on and she would make a call. She returned to say we had to wait 15 minutes if we wanted an SUV. She started processing the paperwork while telling a coworker how ill she felt. The coworker offered her Tylenol and Emy left mid check-in without explanation to go retrieve her meds. She then checked us out. I asked for our total amount of charge and she refused to answer. She told me to put my card in and she would tell me after. I then asked again for the total two more times and she continued to refuse. I finally swiped and then learned my total. We wait another 40 minutes for our car, even though we were promised 15 minutes. The car was dirty (interior and exterior,) had a low tire pressure and oil maintenance required lights, as well as a half empty gas tank. We documented this with pictures. We returned the car with 5/8ths of a tank but were charged $85 for fill up. When calling the customer service line, the initial agent refused to allow sentences to be finished or even fully explain the situation. He said it was our fault for accepting a car that wasn’t full. He was extremely dismissive and unhelpful. After speaking to his supervisor and explaining the situation, she refunded the $85 fuel charge. Even with this correction for a charge that should never have happened, I am beyond flabbergasted by the entire experience. No apologies for their poor service or screwup, just disregard and disrespect to their loyal customers. Very displeased

  • Cindy Johnson

Rented from the Jacksonville, FL airport. The rental process was very easy when you check in online. No waiting at the terminal counter. Rented a 7 passenger van for a quick trip to VA. Price was very reasonable. The only hiccup was when returning the vehicle. When I entered the return terminal, there was no one there to flag where to park the car, so I parked in one of the return spots. I stood outside the car waiting for someone to check me out...I could see 2 employees working with return customers. After the first employee finished up with his customer, he walked away like I was invisible, and begun waiving other customers coming in to specific return spots. The second employee had finished up his customer and started waiving customers to specific spots as well. Mean while, I had been standing beside my return for at least 10 mins waiting to be checked out. When I saw the second employee starting to check out his next customer, I walked up to him and explained I had been waiting and just parked in a return spot because I had no one flag me to a spot. He genuinely apologized to me, and asked the customers he was starting to check out if they minded him checking me out. They said no, they didn't mind. He worked very quickly to get me checked out, I don't think it took him 5 mins. He apologized again and thanked me for using Enterprise. I was very frustrated with my 10 min wait, probably because it was 100 degrees outside, and partly because I felt like I was being ignored. But because of Ed's genuine apology and willingness to expediate my return, Ed deserves a 5 star review. Thank you Ed!

  • Dolo Kee

I’ll give two stars because the pick up was smooth and easy. I really love enterprise. Have been a member for years now. This one particular time I’ve rented from the air port ms. Kim Deremer made sure to turn me away from this location. She constantly harassed and condescendingly called/emailed me about returning a car that she must have thought I was going to steal. Although I spent a ridiculously high amount to extend it (no I didn’t pay daily I paid once a week as I got paid) I’m assuming she was so nice-nasty because whoever checked it out did not collect a security deposit. (Negligence on enterprises behalf) but one thing about it I will never rent from this location. Like I said I’ve been renting from enterprise for years and have neverrr been harassed everyday as I was by her. Not to mention her sending a tow truck to pick the car up from infront of my house because she thinks I was trying to steal it. As if I didn’t spend at least $4-500 renting the car itself. And still will be paying the remainder this week as it’s not enterprise that I have a problem with. Just this specific location. Never renting from here again.

  • Frank Maydak

Got to enterprise counter to check in. The attendant was working with another customer. As I waited another customer came up and went to the kiosk. After a couple of attempts at the kiosk, they got frustrated and came into line behind me. As I waited more customers came up and another attendant came out to help. He walked right past me and started to help the group that just walked up. Not cool When I went out of the airport to the area where the cars were parked, the attendant told me that there was a Durango down at the end of the row (about 60 yards down) and I should take that. Well, I get down there and there is no Durango and I had to walk all the way back. I told her it wasn’t there and she went looking for a vehicle. She came back a few minutes later and told me to walk down yet a different aisle to a vehicle. When I got to the vehicle, it had water spots all over it and the exterior wasn’t very clean. I mentioned it to the attendant as I drive out and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I guess we didn’t do a good job at cleaning it.” Other than that, the car was fine. Just another rental Company

  • Heather Teschner

I was stranded at the airport because your location closed knowing that my flight was slightly delayed. I’ve been trying to contact this location, and the phone system says it is unable to connect. The Enterprise Corporate number assured me that they had my flight information and were authorized to stay up to 2 hours after 12:30am to assist clients, but did not do so. I had to spend $70 on an Uber that took 40 minutes to arrive. I’m told by corporate that my reservation should be held for 24 hours and I can pick up a vehicle at the airport. That is not good enough. I’m no longer near the Jacksonville airport. I am supposed to be at an appointment in 30 minutes and I do not have a vehicle thanks to Enterprise. This experience has been terrible. Update: I emailed Chris R as requested. I received a generic email reply from another representative. I reached out to Enterprise corporate to make a complaint. They put me in touch with the area manager. She said I would be refunded $70 for the Uber, but I was never refunded any amount.

  • a

Usually this place is great. I have rented from this location countless times and returned vehicles clean and without any issues. This time, I had left my credit card at home as I've switched only to using apple pay on my phone. Most businesses accept apple pay these days, but of course they don't accept apple pay. I'm a person of color right when I approached the counter the lady said firmly said that we weren't going to rent to me and that I could go to another rental kiosk and try. Despite having a return flight back home and a debit card full of cash. She immediately profiled me. This experience soured my trip a bit. The other attendant looked on at me horrified at this terrible level of customer service. I don't know if posting this will change anything. I can say this interaction felt racially charged. Anyways I took my $500 of business to Hertz where the woman at the counter politely explained the policies and fees. I don't think I will be using enterprise anymore after this experience.

  • Timothy Souza

I will not rent a vehicle there ever again. Speaking with people there is great. People are kind. But I was billed for cleaning fee after I return the vehicle in the same exact condition in which I received it. I rented a vehicle for 11 hours and I was billed a $250 cleaning fee. I was not happy to see that bill. As a matter of fact when I dropped the car off and I was grabbing stuff out of the passenger side I noticed beach sand in the seat and I never even went to the beach. Customer service is great but the fact that they pawn previous customers issues on you and bill you for it is not okay. I tried calling customer service and they told me I have to go there unfortunately with the airport service desk you have to park somewhere and take trolleys all the way there just to communicate with someone. it's a huge inconvenience. I will not run a vehicle there ever again

  • Maly Pleasant

From the moment I checked in to picking up my vehicle I was treated with the care. I was greeted by the gentleman that showed me to my vehicle and made sure I was comfortable and made sure I got to my destination with ease. I appreciate him taking the time to explain how to exit the airport as I was from out of town. When it was time to return my vehicle it was super stressful just getting to the airport. As I pulled into the garage I was immediately greeted by the most sweetest and most caring gentleman. Rod offered me a bottle of water and made sure I was okay leaving. I really appreciate everyone that helped me along the way. This was m first time getting a rental on my own and everyone made it super easy. Thank you to these wonderful employees!!!

  • Jean-Daniel Valery

This is for the Jacksonville Airport location and I think it applies to more than just Enterprise but after collecting my bag, I went to the Enterprise counter to get the vehicle I had reserved the week prior, only to be told that there was about a 30 minute wait in the garage area for cars to come in from the off-site location. Since the reservation was made a week out, that car should have been brought up to the garage just before I showed up, not once I checked in to pick it up. Let the walk up renters wait and the people with reservations get out on time. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Not the first time it's happened to me in Jacksonville.

  • j h

I chose Enterprise after seeing so many horrible reviews about the other car rentals (such as thrify, budget, and dollar). I'm glad we chose Enterprise! The counter closes at 12:30 am but due to a flight delay, I was going to arrive around 12:20 am. I called them to let them know of my situation. They proactively informed me they would move the car outside the gate in case no one is at the counter and keys would be in a kiosk. Fortunately, I was able to make it in time. Check in was a breeze - no hard updates. Car return was very easy too. I will definitely rent from this company again the next time I am in Jacksonville.

  • Geoff Parrett

Service was impeccable. I originally picked the wrong pick-up/drop-off location and was able to change it prior to the needed dates. However, only the pick-up location changed so when we checked in our agent noticed the discrepancy and fixed the problem immediately. No questions asked and a smile the whole time. We also needed a larger vehicle so they obliged with no upcharge. Working in customer service for the last 30+ years it was refreshing to have complete positivity and reassurance from the front desk representative. Best customer service experience I've had in a long time!

  • Joyce Nelson

Worst rental car experience of my life. Not only did the van run terrible. You could not drive over 45mph without it feeling like the wheels were going to fall off. The inside of the vehicle was disgusting. So many stains and just run down and dirty. Employees at the Jacksonville airport location could careless about my complaint and I have been waiting over a week to hear back from someone at diffrent level. Overall they do not care about their customers experiences. Terrible customer service all around and 100% the worst vehicle I have ever rented.

  • Alfi R.

Was glad i picked Enterprise for my rental at Jax International Airport in FL. I ended up switching to this company since i read a lot of bad reviews for the other ones, don't regret it. Everything was super smooth from beginning to end, especially if you do the check in ahead of time (its a plus!!) They are located at the baggage claim to pick up. It is super convenient. You could literally walk to the terminal after dropping off the rental. Would definitely book with them again. No complaints from me, Thank You Enterprise

  • Ronald Cruz

Rented with Enterprise after a view years and didn't have a good experience. Got a car the key fob wasn't working and I tried to get it resolved. Went to a location as advised but they didn't have any cars available. After a long day of work, I was asked to stay at least an hour to see if a car becomes available. I was deterred from the tow and exchange option telling it would take at least 4 hrs. I did speak with a manager upon return and they did apologize. I just prefer not to worry about my rental car when I travel for work.

  • Daniel Vasquez

Made a reservation. Confirmed the reservation. Added flight information. 30 minute flight delay & upon landing and there was nobody at the counter. This location left people stranded. Attempting to call a local representative and the call system routes you to a national call center. National call center claims that it's company policy to have a representative available after a known delay for up to 2-hours. The competition all had reps available to attend to clients that were on the same delayed flight.

  • A Robo

Rented a car from Jacksonville Airport. Check in was great, William was a big help and demonstrated great customer service, he gets 5 stars. The vehicle itself is what ruined it for me. Smelled like someone was chain smoking in it, stains on the seats, and while driving you could tell the brakes and rotors needed replaced making me feel like they could give out at anytime. Also paid for them to fill the whole tank but I only used half a tank and never saw a refund for the difference.

  • Lena Cline

Had the best experience with Enterprise. The transaction went seamlessly from start to finish. Alyssa in Jacksonville, FL airport (JAX) was incredible, so sweet, and made my check in enjoyable. She can put a smile on anybody’s face. When returning, it couldn’t have been easier. I didn’t catch her name but she had the biggest smile on her face and was genuinely happy. She was so kind. Overall, it was a great experience and I am a loyal customer.

  • Genna Sibcy

Enterprise was so easy to work with and accommodating with the vehicle we were wanting. We had to wait roughly 20 minutes but didn’t mind at all and throughout that time the team continued to check in on us. Then when we got the car they made sure we knew where everything was and we’re set to go. I also need to add the car smelled amazing the entire time we had it which for me was super nice! I absolutely will work with them in the future.

  • Shauna Gaughan

Extremely appreciative of the service and speed at Enterprise. Rented from Budget 2 months ago at the same airport and waited 2 hours for my car. Enterprise was no wait, had several clean and good quality cars available, and the people were very friendly. We were out in less than 10 minutes. Car was in good shape and worked well, return at 5am was also quick and easy! Thank you Enterprise! I don’t know why we ever checked out Budget!

  • Debbie Mazie

Booking my reservation was easy, though I needed to speak with a representative at the JAX airport where I was picking up my vehicle and it was almost impossible! I was constantly transferred to the main reservation desk, who were not able to correctly help me. After calling many times in two days I finally spoke with a representative from the JAX airport. It was very frustrating. Everyone that I did speak with was helpful.

  • Carolyn Nooney

Process was easy, but don't do a business account, they still make you switch it to your personal name and make you go back to the desk after you are already in your car about to leave in driveout. Also, I left a black victoria secrets pullover in the rental and called 2 hours later and they said no one could help me that I would need to call back Monday, I was there by noon... why would no one be there until 5?

  • Geoffrey Rand

This was the easiest and fastest car rental experience I’ve ever had. Online reservation was easy, picking up the vehicle was unbelievably quick, and I was on my way within minutes. Return was a breeze and Lana had me walking to my flight much faster than I had anticipated. Enterprise took out all the snags in the car rental process and I could not be happier. I will only rent from Enterprise from here on.

  • E Neva

Been using enterprise for many years. Have earned many perks. The rental process from start to end is flawless. Using the app is extremely helpful. Now as far as the enterprise inside JAX airport, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful in assisting with my reservation. Rented a couple cars to go down to Savannah and enjoy a convertible in florida. Would highly recommend this location.

  • Ken Sloane

Enterprise is always my #1 choice. Rates are usually the best, the cars are excellent, and the staff is consistently helpful. On my most recent rental, storms caused us to be an hour late in our return. When I explained to the staff checking the car in he took the extra hour charge off and told me, "We always want you to be safe and take your time in bad weather." That's great service!

  • David Rigsby

My most recent experience with Enterprise was picking up a rental at the Jacksonville, FL airport (JAX). Every step was smooth and quick. Enterprise has upped its customer service approach, and going through the paper drill was made about as easy as possible. As a repeat customer, I can easily and honestly recommend Enterprise as the best of the rental car companies.

  • Margarita Camacho

So easy to use, rented a car at Jacksonville airport. The busiest rental car counter was Enterprise, which didn’t surprise me, given their reputation for great service AND competitive prices. The line moved very quickly (waited about five or so minutes) and I got my car so quickly as well. Check-in was friendly and efficient. Truly the easiest part of my travel.

  • Cindy Evans

The service was fast and the vehicle was exactly what we ordered. I did feel that the employee tried to trick us into signing up for the fill your tank discount by not explaining it and leading us to believe that they were only going to charge us for the amount of gas the vehicle needed upon return. Glad we asked questions to ensure we completely understood!

  • BTS

They never called us back when they said they would after having my husband sit around for and hour on his lunch break while waiting for the manager (who never came around to talk to him) There isn't a local phone number either and when you call the 800 number, they give you all sort of excuses and run around. Enterprise is just utterly disappointing.

  • jeff wilburn

The customer service I received at Jacksonville International Airport was amazing! Everyone was courteous, efficient, friendly and helpful, both when picking up and when dropping off my car. My rental met my expectations, was spotless and road ready. Competitive rates, no hard upsell of extras, genuinely caring employees: great rental experience!

  • Gadsden Rule

First time Enterprise user. Was able to check in via smartphone before my flight left. Arrival easy - skipped counter and attendant had my car picked and presented immediately. Car in great condition. Return was a breeze, with attendants Ed and Torie fast, friendly, and professional. Great experience! Will be my "go to" in Jax going forward.

  • Toe Knee

First time doing a rental car at the airport and the experience was as smooth as can be! I checked in prior to the airport so all I had to do was go to the garage and pick my car. Drop off was just as easy! friendly service, clean vehicle and the whole process (in and out) took 5 mins max! look forward to renting with Enterprise again!

  • Martina Luevanos

Did the pre registration online, once I arrived at my destination Jacksonville, FL. I walked up to counter was asked for my name and was provided instructions on vehicle pick up and within minutes I was driving my rental. Rapidly and professionally. Hassle free. Thank you Enterprise at Jacksonville FL!!! you guys ROCK!!!

  • Monica Hopkins

Enterprise has been great for my recent trips. On this last trip I was charged an extra $17 not sure why, was it the sand in the front seats and trunk. I even purchased the gas refill and brought the car back with half a tank. Thank you for being a great partner so far. I will be doing some competitive pricing going forward.

  • qhuasimoto Bigelow

I rented at the Jacksonville Airport. I feel the individual (not sure of his name) that took care of me misled me on several things and also charged me for an upgrade that he implied was included. However, upon return, Klarissa was an absolute wonderful person. She listened to my complaints and helped me. Thank you Klarissa.

  • Cherlyn Varnes

Such an easy process to rent a car and I was able to pick from several! I loved the Chevy Traverse!!! I picked the car started it up and drove around to check out at the window! Loved his easy it was! They refunded my money since I had paid for XM radio but it never connected for some reason. Thank you enterprise!!!!

  • Sheldon Smith

Serena was very kind and extremely helpful. She made the rental process very easy -- especially as I had been traveling since departing my home at 4:30 a.m. that day. I hate to use cliches, but I kept thinking "southern hospitality" as Serena was assisting me. She was one of the highlights of my trip. Thank you!

  • Tim Whittenberg

Was checked out late at night due to flight delay...the lady was very sweet and helpful (Jacksonville, FL Airport...don't remember her name). The vehicle was great, as they upgraded me for free...check-in was smooth and quick by Darwin. He was very nice and helpful with directions. Great experience. Recommended!

  • Rob Rainwater

I often travel with a group of friends and have had many friends rent from other companies with numerous problems.I do and have always used Enterprise because they’re problem and hassle free. Peace of mind and no added stress, when traveling can have uncontrolled stress, why stress over things you can control.

  • Howard Novasky

Ed met us right away when we pulled up and was extremely friendly, courteous, and very efficient. He was able to get our vehicle checked in quickly and made my wife and I feel like truly valued customers. All of this and it was fairly early in the morning. Thank you Ed for being fantastic at what you do sir!

  • Randy Newman

Great cars. Great service. I just wish their rewards program amounted to anything. I rent a lot of their cars and that sometimes gets me a tiny discount. But it never amounts to a free day or an upgrade that's worth much more than just a few dollars. They need to make their rewards program more rewarding.

  • Steve Corner

Everyone at Enterprise was very nice and professional but the car wreaked of cigarette smoke after the first day. I think they tried to cover it up but a day in the hot sun made the car smell which made it miserable. Maybe they allow smoking in their cars but if that’s the case then I’ll rent elsewhere.

  • Brandon Decker

The workers that helped us at the desk was awesome. I was completely satisfied with the experience except for one thing. After checking out the vehicle, the exit route was very complicated and confusing. I think you need to add more signs and make sure they are clear and big enough.

  • Chuck Haley

Car was small but was very efficient. No problems, but one area needs to be reviewed at Enterprise. Within several hours the car said it needed maintenance. It was not convenient for me to take the car back to the airport, so I took a chance that it would run for several more days.

  • Amy Martin

Enterprise was fantastic both the online reservation and check in as well as the in person service received at the Jacksonville FL location. We had previously used another company in Jacksonville and found the Enterprise experience to be completely different and 100% positive.

  • LaQuita Buiey

I was very disappointed with the rental selection. The availability of rentals i was given had odors in them. The Routine Maintenance Light was on, the brakes squeaked really loud and bad. I’ve never had a problem or bad experience with you all. It this was not a good rental.

  • Karen Wollweber

Rental is directly across from the terminal. Easy to access. Since we checked in online, we simply went to our car and drove off. Drop-off was just as easy. Drove the car into the garage, Ed helped us and we were walking into the terminal in about 3 minutes! Great experience.

  • kevin

Fast pickup and return at jacksonville Intl Airport. Car (expedition 2023) had some electronic issues that did not affect driveability. . More of poor quality manufacturing by ford than of any fault of Enterprise. Enterprise People I spoke with were fun and helpful.

  • Ivan Maxi

Terrible management. I made reservation 15seat van ahead of 2 months and check the status of van 30 days before pick up and make sure to be ready. But when we go and pick up, they said it's damage and not available. Just say Sorry only. They mess up our trip plan.

  • Florence Dunigan

I really want to thank Aneia& the complete staff for accommodating us with a very nice vehicle. Our visit here was a bittersweet one but overall we truly thank the staff of Dollar General for all they did.If ever in the city again you guys will be my choice ♥ ..

  • James Moulton

We have rented vehicles are airports many times. Usually its not a very good time. But this Enterprise was fantastic. They were fast and friendly. They all seemed to work together and helped us with some questions about the area. We really liked them.

  • Alexa Richards

I had a great experience working with Jasmine at the Jacksonville, FL location. She was able to make an unexpected change for me and was so kind in the process. The process itself was very easy. I will always use Enterprise for my rental car needs.

  • Sabrina Kidwai

Checking in at the Jacksonville airport was easy and seamless. The car was ready and was in great condition. It was so easy to return the car, too. Enterprise is my favorite company by far, and I always try to rent from them than other companies.

  • Mike Tighe

Thank you to Darwin and Ed! Great complete service at Jacksonville International Airport! I really appreciate their help in finding my eyeglasses and helping with our luggage. It is great service like this why I continue to use Enterprise!!!

  • Helen Calabria

Mirna was very helpful on finding us a vehicle we wanted. When we returned the vehicle we spoke to a manager about a charge. She was able to resolve the charge issue within minutes. Both ladies were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

  • M L

We rented a car from the Enterprise at Jacksonville Florida airport location for my daughter’s wedding in St. Augustine. As always, Enterprise was a pleasure to work with. Their rates were very reasonable- no jacked up prices renting from

  • M D

We rented a vehicle which has just been cleaned with the cleaning certification in the console. The entire time that we had the car, it had a significant smell of smoke and marijuana. We often left the windows open while driving and

  • Vikki White

Flight was delayed so when I arrived no one was there. I had to sit 5 hours for them to open back up at 6am. 16 plus hours away from home and Enterprise left me stranded. FYI flight details were included when reservations were made.

  • Kendra Thacker

Glad I opted in for a Roadside Assistance. There was a screw in the tire and within 30 minutes a replacement vehicle was ready. Everyone was great throughout the entire process from the original pick up, replacement, to drop off.

  • L L

Had to wait over three hours for a car because of “poor planning by management“ therefore I have to take an Uber to the hotel and come back the next day to pick up the car completely unprofessional. Especially for a work trip.

  • james murphy

Picking up, and dropping off car was extremely easy. Attendants were really helpful. The rate was great for a week of use, and the car was well cleaned, inside And out. Will definitely continue to use Enterprise in the future.

  • Am Mt

Professional and friendly staff. Pick up and drop off was super easy. Car was clean and new. I reserved a sedan and was given a small SUV without additional charges. Very good experience. I do highly recommend this location

  • Keely Carabin

Picked up mid size SUV in Jacksonville, Fl. Travel up the east coast for two weeks. Returned car in Charleston. Great car! Clean! Best rate! Half what Budget and Avis quoted. Enterprise has a new loyal customer! Thank you!

  • Mike Lopez

Reserved a mid size SUV and all they had available was 15 passenger Vans. Not a fun thing to hear arriving off a midnight flight. I had to come back to the airport the next morning, but they did give me a free upgrade.

  • Al Cash

Outstanding service from start to finish. Car was in perfect condition. Shout-out to Serena at JAX Airport for a smiley, cheerful, and professional early-morning greeting. She started my day with a great attitude.

  • Mark Rains

Renting a car in JAX was easy. The team was quick and professional. I especially appreciated Connor's support in getting my car returned quickly. He, and everyone else, we're all professional and very helpful.

  • Hollie Jennings

I love the new streamlined process with securing reservations and checking out at the Jacksonville FL airport. Upon return Jasmine gave me a warm welcome. This gesture made me feel appreciated as a customer.

  • ella bright

Every staff member from Picking up to returning was extremely Friendly. THEY MADE EXPERIENCE VERY WELCOMING.. I also loved the presentation of the cars and the fact that i had a CHOICE!! THANK YOU

  • Buffy Tanner

Shaye at Enterprise at Jacksonville, FL airport was fast, efficient, and AWESOME at getting us our rental car. Drop off was also a breeze. Loved that we didn’t have to take a tram to get the car.

  • Shelley Mobley

Enterprise makes renting a car so easy and car selection was good. I needed roadside assistance and within an hour the problem was fixed. Lisa was so kind when I turned in my car making it right

  • Michael Kirven

Pick up and drop off at the Jacksonville airport. I was able to "register" for the car via my phone to avoid the line and go directly to the garage to get the car. Quick pickup and dropoff.

  • Roman Rosario

Great experience with Enterprise at JAX airport. Pickup at the counter was easy. Car was in good condition. Return with Darwin was great! Better than the other places I've rented from.

  • Pastor Michael Brown

Had a wonderful experience as I always do with Enterprise. Amanda and also Shante from Enterprise on Pat Booker Road in San Antonio, were super in helping me with my last few rentals.

  • Jon Wagner

Ordering off app was easy. Van not ready for pickup when I arrived. Waited 40 minutes for another one to be prepared. Tire pressure monitor was low. Wound up taking a 3 row SUV.

  • Sam

The experience with you was great. From the start to finish the pickup was fast and easy and the Drop off was perfect. Price good as well. I will be back. Thank you very much.

  • Eric Luciano

Very friendly staff at Jax terminal. Easy to make reservations and quick pickups. Clear communication and drop offs just as quick. Will use enterprise solely going forward.

  • William Whetzel

We were running a bit late to get to our 7:00am flight on Monday Oct 30, and the man who checked us in (Dan? Or Pat?) was very friendly, helpful and quick. Great service.

  • darrell parsons

All the employees were friendly and helpful. I would have given a 5 but the minivan we reserved wasn’t available. But they gave us a comparable vehicle which worked well

  • K G

Fast & easy check in, polite, friendly and professional staff. Got to select our rental from a large selection also. Will definitely use Enterprise for future rentals.

  • Robert Mansfield

Everything went smoothly with getting the car and returning it. Darwin ensured we had all our luggage and directions to the flight. Thank You for the friendly help!

  • Christopher Cross

Always friendly staff, easy check in, really nice vehicles. My favorite rental car company great inventory and good prices on rentals. Easy and quick returns.

  • Nikki Sprinkle

The customer service was excellent! It was a smooth experience from checking in to pick up my vehicle to being on my way! Thank you Conner for your help!

  • Scott Melcher

Professional and friendly staff. Quick check-in and drop-off process. I will continue to use Enterprise as my preferred vehicle rental choice.

  • Edgar Alvarez

I had an amazing experience with Enterprise. The staff was friendly, the car was clean, and the whole process was smooth. Highly recommend!

  • Eileen Huston

Enterprise at Jacksonville Airport has excellent customer service and the pick up/drop off process is extremely efficient. Thank you Mirna!

  • kevin walker

I pre filled out all the details, pick up was extremely quick and easy . Drop off extremely fast and friendly. Car was clean and reliable

  • Steven Richard

Car was clean and ready to go when I arrived. Enterprise staff were all very helpful and pleasant. Return was extremely easy and quick.

  • James Lee Jones Jr.


  • Bill Kirk

Easy to pick up and drop off. Car was a small mid size and we had no problems. I will definitely rent from Enterprise again.

  • Herb Butterfield

Easy to set up and rent a vehicle from Enterprise. Customer service was, as expected, great. People were friendly and nice.

  • Don Carroll

Excellent customer service. Had me in and out without waiting and had a Toyota for me as requested. Great Job Enterprise!!

  • Haidar Farhan

Nice customer service nice You find everything with the Enterprise is super good. I will give him my all five star rate.

  • Fran Smith

Best car rental experience in several years. Pick up and drop off of car went smoothly with excellent customer service.

  • Paul Prange

Enterprise anticipated my needs and provided excellent service. It will continue to be my go-to auto rental company.

  • Barry Minor

Fast, easy, covered & convenient pick-up and return process. Eager, helpful & knowledge staff with clean vehicles.

  • Sonja Brown

Car was exactly what I reserved. Conner had everything ready for us and check-in was a breeze. Car was very clean.

  • Samuel Thompson

Check in to get my vehicle was easy. Your agent was most friendly & made a couple of helpful suggestions.

  • Renee Powers

Great experience with our Enterprise rental car, no surprises and easy check in and check out.

  • Steve Gary

Enterprise always has provided me with good customer service and cars without problems.

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