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JosephDavid Lawyers is a Family law attorney located at Chadstone Office Tower 1, Level 8, Suite 8222/1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia. It has received 156 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of JosephDavid Lawyers: Chadstone Office Tower 1, Level 8, Suite 8222/1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia

  • JosephDavid Lawyers has 5.0 stars from 156 reviews

  • Family law attorney

  • "I can't thank enough Sam and his associate Ashlee for the support and guidence they have provided to me in regards to a successful mediation for my case"

    "My experience with Samuel was excellent"

    "Dear Mr Samuel David at Joseph David Lawyers"

    "Sam was extremely understanding of the family law case that I was heading into"

    "Samuel David helped me through a very nasty separation and despite outrageous demands from my ex partner, Sam managed to negotiate a very favourable Property Settlement for me without the need to go to trial"


  • Shottoshondhani

I can't thank enough Sam and his associate Ashlee for the support and guidence they have provided to me in regards to a successful mediation for my case. Sam is an extremely patient, through and meticulous person in regards to arranging the paperwork and establishing a case so strong by covering every single possible angles that the opposing party doesn't stand a chance when the final paperwork is submitted. His approach is take time to aim; but when you are ready, go for one shot one kill. His negotiation skill on behalf of his client is extraordinary and he discusses every single point with his client in details before proceeding to the next stage. I must mention that when I approached him with my case, I was overseas the whole time during the case due to extreme sickness and the case was a real jam. But he figured out the way to finalize the matter and fought his very best till the very last moment to get the maximum output for me. His fixed contract method is an absolute blessing as there is no hidden and sudden surprises to his clients and is not based or biased by commission base and he accommodates his clients like family. The outcome I received today was totally satisfactory to my situation and very blessed to know now I can move on and plan the next steps of my life. If you are looking for a professional and in detail family law expert with a great team and connection of people at the right places to solve your case in the most favourable way for you; then look no further and waste your time. Contact him directly and he will take care of your matter in the most proficient way as much is possible in the real world scenario. I wish him and his firm Joseph David Lawers the best endeavours for their future and if any of my mates need help regarding family legal matter; hands down I'll recommend his name to them blindly. Warm Christmas wishes to him and his team well in advance from me and my parents. May he stay blessed. Kind regards Byron

  • Michael I

My experience with Samuel was excellent. Samuel gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful. We were granted an urgent final hearing within 4 months of Samuel excepting the case, this was unbelievable especially to get to this stage so early in proceedings. Thanks to Samuels thorough affidavit and attention to detail. Samuel was a calming and confident presence during very difficult time in my life . Although I acquired his services on a payment plan . I never once was treated as anything other than a valuable client by Samuel, I very much appreciate the knowledge and support I received through him. Samuel understood that my financial situation was not good and he went above and beyond all my expectations to make sure I get the best representation possible. I will confidently tell you this… I am your most grateful client and that comes from my heart. Thank you so much for helping me fight to try and get my children back into my life. I will be sure to tell them in the years to come of how valiantly you fought to get them their father back God bless

  • jess kofoed

Dear Mr Samuel David at Joseph David Lawyers. I hope this message finds you in the best of your health. I just wanted to extend my feelings of immense appreciation and gratitude, for your honest and tireless efforts handling my divorce settlement. I would like to commend your sound knowledge and skills in your field. Without a doubt, you are a master of your craft and aptly equipped to persuade any legal matter inside the court. Thank you Samuel for everything your kindness patience and understanding. You stood by me and helped me through my darkest days to receive a fair settlement. I sincerely believe that I would not have been able to get any settlement without your help and support. Rest assured that whenever I need any help or assistance in my personal or professional legal matters, you Samuel and your firm Joseph David Lawyers will be my first choice and only choice. I will also recommend you to my social circle. I would like to Thank you Samuel once again for all your hard work, and guidance at every stage of my matter. Kindest regards Jessica Kofoed.

  • Not identical Twins

Sam was extremely understanding of the family law case that I was heading into. It was an extremely emotional time for me that affected not just me but the rest of my family. If it was not for Sam I doubt I would have ended out with the outcome I did. Sam was very punctual with his replies and was always straight forward with the best action to take. I had very little knowledge of the law system and Sam was very patient and was also available for my questions. He did not take longer then required for appointments and hearings, as he is aware of the cost of needing an attorney, nor did he take advantage of me for financial gain. If it wasn't for the time and effort this man put into my case, I am unsure of the relationship I would have with my 2 young girls. I am forever thankful for what he has done for my family and me. If in the future I should need a lawyer I will not hesitate to contact Sam again.

  • Mel Browning

Samuel David helped me through a very nasty separation and despite outrageous demands from my ex partner, Sam managed to negotiate a very favourable Property Settlement for me without the need to go to trial. Sam was extremely professional, attending to every detail with sound and prompt advice. Sam has also provided wonderful advice and support for my family with the sudden death of my father, which included saving thousands of dollars by advising us that we didn't need to apply for Probate as well as rewriting mum's Will and Power of Attorney documents etc. One of the greatest benefits of using Sam's services was that he offered a fantastic fixed price service that represented great value for money with no unexpected costs. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone for any legal issues without hesitation.

  • Paul

I found Sam online when searching for a lawyer to take control of my divorce, and financial settlement. My situation was quite stressful, especially as I did not understand the law and my rights.. Sam put my concerns at ease with his confidence in the matter. Sam is very professional and straight to the point. The most relieving part of the process was knowing I was on a fixed fee, so regardless of what may have happened in my case, I knew what my maximum cost would be if things were to drag out resulting in multiple court appearances. Sam managed to get a great outcome on my property settlement, more than I had expected whilst both parties achieving what they wanted in the end. I highly recommend Joseph David Lawyers, and will continue to use them in future if ever needed. Thank you Sam!

  • Tevy Lov

I am very grateful to have chosen Sam to handle my property and parenting matters. That was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Sam is very honest, straight to the point and always look for my best interests in mind. We’ve achieved the greatest outcome for the property settlement today thanks to Sam’s outstanding professionalism, expertise and enormous effort that he put into my case. As my case was a very tough case to deal with. His prompt responses and great advices has clearly guided me every step of the way since the beginning. His Fixed cost service was another amazing bonus as I don’t need to worry about any extra cost. I would highly recommend JosephDavid Lawyers to anyone who needs legal assistance. Sam’s services deserve more than 5 star rating!

  • Mati Arvik

Samuel David takes family law to an entire new level of representation. I was enduring a very hostile parenting and financial settlement situation, which was only settled by Sam in a professional and orderly manner. Previous lawyers failed to achieve what Sam achieved for me, and had I not found him, I would still be fighting with lawyers of less calibre trying to achieve an outcome. He's more than just representation, he's a coach that ensures you are on the right track, and his communication about your case is clear and concise. His advice, patience and guidance were absolutely without a doubt my greatest assets having him as my family law specialist. His dedication to what he does to help you is truly admirable, and he deserves more than 5 stars.

  • Yotta K

Sam is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with and from the very first meeting I felt at ease. Sam is kind, understanding and professional. He explained the process and costs involved so we knew exactly what to expect. Even though our matter became a little more complex than first anticipated Sam went above and beyond to find a resolution and communicated with us every step of the way while honouring his word regarding costs. This is the kind of lawyer you want to work with - a true professional with integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam and I am extremely grateful for all the work he did for us. He is worth more than five stars!!

  • Cass James

Anytime I’m asked if I knew any good Family Lawyers, I recommend Sam every time. Sam is genuine and straight up from the start, you know exactly what your getting, the potential road you’ll be travelling and there is no hidden surprises along the way, his just real with you. When we were in a battle to settle a family dispute and arrange custody agreements we were so thankful of Sam and how he helped us. Sam was empathetic to our situation and incredibly encouraging and supportive every step of the way. Sam’s incredible wealth of knowledge and professionalism was the only reason we got the positive outcome we could have only hoped for.

  • Claire Armstrong

I am so grateful to Sam for the amazing job he did on my family and property case! I had already been to another lawyer previously who did not have a good handle on the situation and by the time I came to Sam it was all looking a bit dismal. However, Sam did a thorough investigation and managed to have it turned around. He fought my case with such eloquence and knowledge that left the opposition mumbling for words. I highly recommend Sam, I was told upfront of what my costs would be, no paying for each email and phone call and available for my phone calls and emails. Thank you Sam you're an absolute gem!!

  • Jennifer Chan

I have been extremely fortunate to have Sam as my lawyer. Going through such an emotional journey when it comes to separation and divorce, Sam has provided the most amazing support with regards to his professional legal advice and knowledge. He is a great listener, extremely generous with his time and very efficient when it comes to completing tasks on hand. He understands how tough my situation is being a single mom with 3 kids and his offer of fixed price really help reduce the financial stress. You would never find such a genuine and sincere lawyer like Sam anywhere. Keep up the fantastic work Sam

  • Jonathan Alur

If you are looking for professionalism with a personal and caring touch in Family Law, property and parenting, JosephDavid Lawyers are everything you will ever need. With fixed prices and subject matter expertise, Samuel David was instrumental in assisting me with my Family Law matters. His astute attention to detail, knowing and working hard for the desired outcomes I was hoping to achieve, was second to none. His advice was timely and bang on! I highly recommend utilising Samuel's Services to anyone who requires it and based on my own experiences, I can assure all, you will not be dissapointed.

  • sharyn doherty

About 2 years ago, I was looking for a family lawyer and came across amazing reviews for Samuel David. I thought dozens of people cannot be wrong, and I was right. Sam exceeded my expectations every step of the way in what was a long and bitter dispute. He was patient, tolerant of my distress and always had the best outcomes in mind for me and my children. Over many months I learnt to trust Sam's advice without question as his advice gave me the upper hand time and time again. I am forever grateful that I made the decision to go with Sam. Any other choice would not have achieved the same result.

  • Janine Price

I originally engaged with another law firm which I was extremely disappointed with. I contacted JosephDavid law firm and spoke with Sam, from that moment I knew I found the right family lawyer. The speed to which he addressed my issues and prepared the paperwork for Court was truly impressive. His attention to detail and preparing me for all that was ahead was amazing. His honesty and concern toward my case was consistent and professional. I cannot thank Sam enough for all his hard work. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who requires assistance in any Family law matters.

  • Troy King

Sam's experience, intelligence, integrity and compassion shines through in every conversation. I came to rely heavily on Sam's calm and considered voice of reason, he kept me grounded and provided frank, open and honest feedback. When times were tough, emotional and the other side took the low road, Sam was strategic in his guidance. He always took the high road and kept the focus on what was best for my children, the outcomes and the sanctity of my relationship with them. Because of that, I again get to hear my children's laughter and joy echo through the house.

  • Jennifer Bastian

I was looking for a Solicitor to have my Will drawn up and a friend recommended Mr Samuel David. On meeting with Sam, I found him to be very pleasant to talk to, genuine, honest and very patient! I didn’t really understand much about what a “Will” entailed, but Sam took the time to explain the process to me and he was very patient with me when I kept changing things over and over again, resulting in a few drafts, until the final Will was drawn up. I highly recommend Mr Samuel David to anyone who is looking for a good, genuine and honest Solicitor.

  • Joseph Rich

I feel extremely grateful that I had Sam and his team by my side through my recent family law matter. He is an outstanding lawyer. His excellent legal knowledge, drafting skills, efficiency and clear client communication all contribute to an extremely high level of service. However, what really sets Sam apart is his honesty and genuine desire to find the best outcome for the client. If you're looking for a top-notch family lawyer who combines expertise with transparency and genuine care, Sam is your your guy. I can't recommend him highly enough.

  • Nati Bee

I had a great experience working with Samuel & Ashlee for my family law property and parenting matters. They both made a tough process relatively simple for me to navigate (something that worried me with my neurodevelopmental disorder). Both Samuel & Ashlee were easy to communicate with & answered my concerns in a prompt manner. A special thanks to Ashlee for being approachable, knowledgeable and for working hard to get a good result for me. I would definitely recommend working with both Samuel and Ashlee. I'd give 6 stars if I could!

  • Dee Sam

I would like to thank Joseph David Lawyers for their outstanding expertise in managing and finalising my family law property dispute with a fantastic result. Samuel David and Alexandra Brkljacic were extremely well prepared and delivered a truly outstanding outcome for me. They delivered quality documentation and effective advice throughout the whole process. Additionally the fixed fee schedule gave me a peace of mind throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Joseph David Lawyers for family law matters. Thank you :)

  • Laurayn Smeaton

I was so impressed with Sam's extensive and informative information concerning my questions I had today. I came away empowered and relieved. I was so pleased to have received good care without charge and it has left me with a sense of trust should I ever need to employ the services of the legal profession, I would choose JosephDavid Lawyers. Sam is a very good representative of JosephDavid Lawyers. Enough for me to recommend this firm without hesitation. Thankyou Sam, your kindness to me today was a great blessing.

  • Saily Chilap

Sam has handled my property settlement matters by being very patient, supportive , empathetic throughout this process. He understood my personal circumstances and worked with me hand in hand accomodating those. He has been overly considerate and I am very thankful for his service. I will highly recommend Sam for his honesty and professionalism. If you choose Sam to handle your legal matters, you are in safe hands and you will have one less thing to worry about when you are going through tough time in your life.

  • Mani Thiru

After trying many lawyers unsuccessfully , finally I found Sam. Sam handled my property settlement matters very professionally and being empathetic ,supportive and very patient throughout this process. I am very thankful for his service. I will highly recommend Sam for his honesty and professionalism. Moreover his fixed price property settlement was an advantage. I felt I am in safe hands when I was going through the toughest time of my life. I can't thank enough for his honesty and support. Thank you Sam

  • Alana Ingram

Highly recommend Sam! - He has truly gone above & beyond in assisting me through my various legal issues. While Sam is prompt & professional, he is also supportive & has kept me focused throughout a highly difficult & emotional period. I have always been provided with thorough explanation & information on matters & the offer of fixed prices costing alleviates stress. Most importantly, I trust that Sam has my best interests at heart, is dedicated, client focused & always strives to achieve best outcomes.

  • Liyichen Berzins

Thanks for sam all the hard work the last 2 years about my property settlement. My case was very difficult and tricky. Today the case is going to finish and I get very good result . Sam he was the only one help me when I was having my finical problems . I am a single mother and caring my 2 years old baby full time . He is so patient and caring about his client. Fight for me and get the best outcome for us . I just want to say big thank you for sam . Highly recommend sam . He is great lawyer .

  • George S

Sam is an outstanding lawyer. He worked particularly hard in my case and always presented professionally and ethically. I was impressed with his responsivess and attention to detail. I was able to speak with him on the same day of contacting him. The compiling of all the material was completed in a concise manner. In the end his super efforts resulted in submitting the best possible case. I have no doubt and without hesitation that Sam can and will deliver a great outcome in your matter too!

  • Zara Harandi

Excellence, professionalism and honesty are the main core competencies of Samuel David’s work quality. I’m very glad that I chose Samuel as my family lawyer, and he helped me through a very though separation and complex asset split. He is very responsive and always put his clients’ benefits first. All his advices are based on what is best for his clients. His confidence and patience were the most important factor for the success throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Samuel David.

  • Laura Hinrichs

We are forever thankful that Samuel David, with his exceptional legal expertise and quick mind, managed our family law property dispute saga to its finale. We received outstanding communication, quality documentation and effective advice. We felt very comfortable working with Sam, always professional and sincere. Sam’s strategy, with the assistance of his talented associate, Ashlee, saved us a lot of money. If we ever need a lawyer again in future Sam will be the only lawyer we call.

  • Latha Alur

I want to thank Sam for his urgent assistance with signing bank guarantee documentation. I was naive in such matters and approached Sam who took the time to explain everything clearly and addressed all of my concerns. With Sam's help, I felt safe to take the decisions I took at the time, without a second thought. Sam is extremely authentic, very professional in his approach to service, caring and dependable. I highly recommend Joseph David Lawyers for your legal advice. Latha

  • Sokha Ngann

Sam was very helpful when it came to dealing with my divorce. I went there without knowing what to do and left with confidence that everything will be sorted out. Sam provided me with amazing support and advices that got rid of my stress. I was extremely impressed with his ability to uphold situations quickly and the amount of organization and effort that was put into it. He was really professional, mindful and a good listener and I highly recommend Joseph David Lawyers.

  • Terry Reid

Sam contacted us within 24 hours of being notified by our Financial Planner regarding updating of our Wills and Powers of Attorney. Following his reviewing of our then current documents and a discussion over the phone, there was a quick turnaround of the new documents and a meeting was held at his office, the updates confirmed and all documents signed. Sam was very professional and friendly and we will continue to use him going forward for any legal issues.

  • John

My experience using the services of Sam from JesephDavid Lawyers was top notch. Sam was very professional, extremely well organised and presented my case in its best possible light. My case settled today at a Mediation Hearing and the result was outstanding. A big thank you to JosephDavid Lawyers for their expeptional experience in helping resolve what was a unique and somewhat complicated matter, but Sam took it in his stride and his dedication paid off.

  • Ainsley Swanson

I urge anyone needing family law advice to seek Samuel's counsel. Having never been exposed to family law matters, I was unsure about where to start and found myself with a legal team I was unsatisfied with. A close friend recognised my predicament and recommended I meet with Samuel. I immediately found him to be sincere, incredibly responsive and exceptionally knowledgable. Always respectful and professional, I regret not having found Samuel sooner.

  • Neecia Evans

The last few months have been difficult to say the least, a very challenging time in my life, having Samuel as my Lawyer made the world of difference to my situation. He was always professional, always available, a helpful, compassionate man. His advice and directives were always for my benefit, I have never felt more supported. Cannot thank him enough! I highly recommend Samuel David and already have to my friends, you will not be disappointed.

  • Melissa B

I engaged Samuel’s services for a family law matter. My case was very stressful and emotional. Samuel put my concerns to ease with his knowledge and expertise in family law. Samuel is very professional, very prompt and easy to communicate with. The documentation he prepared was thorough and completed in a prompt timely manner. Samuel offers a fixed rate for his services. Good outcome. I highly recommend Joseph David Lawyers. Thank you Samuel.

  • Danielle Reid

I have found Samuel professional yet easy going and he was clear when explaining the process involved with my legal matter. Sam's associate Ashlee was also professional, efficient and concise when answering all my questions throughout the process. Ashlee kept me informed at all times and helped to achieve a very quick turnaround and exceptional end result. Thank you to you both, I would definitely recommend the team at Joseph David Lawyers.

  • shavan bawa

I want to thank Sam for helping me through a VERY difficult parenting and property dispute. Sam was incredibly patient, understanding, supportive and empathetic. I STRONGLY recommend that anyone looking for quality, professional legal help in a highly emotional and distressing family law dispute to get in touch with Samuel david .He honoured their fixed-price agreement and delivered results far better than I hoped! Thank you so much sam ☺️

  • Anita Choudhary

Mr Samuel David handled my case with great involvement so as to get me the best possible outcome. He kept sending me timely updates after every development so I was in the information loop always and never short of information. I am extremely impressed with his professional approach and sincere advice. I would highly recommend his services to any one who is need of a lawyer at the most reasonable prices. Thanks once again Samuel.

  • Damien Towner

I want to thank Sam for his outstanding compassion and understanding in my very difficult family law matters, to help me in a challenging period of time in my life, and to secure Orders to allow me to spend regular time with my son. I highly recommend JosephDavid Lawyers, without any hesitation at all. Sam is honest, genuinely cares and sincerely gives his best for his clients and his great results speak volumes. Regards Damien

  • Merrilyn Thomas

I recently had a pleasant experience with the Director of this firm, who handled the intricacies of Probate Application for my family. From start to finish, we were so impressed by the speed and efficiency of Samuel in sorting the complexities of this matter, which led to a much earlier conclusion than expected. Therefore, I am delighted to recommend this firm to anyone needing a personal touch with legal assistance.

  • President DFNC

Sam has gone above and beyond during the entire process for my family court case. Sam and joseph David lawyers were the best decision i made when it came to selecting my lawyer. I am grateful for everything you have done for me Sam, you have been beyond amazing. I highly recommend anyone that is currently needing legal assistance you contact Sam and his team , Sam deserves more than 5 stars. Regards Aaron M

  • Shwethaa Reddy

Choosing Sam was the best decision I made during my legal issues. Sam handled my case with utmost professionalism with due diligence. I got the best outcome in my parenting and financial settlements. Sam was honest with the possible outcome and sets no unrealistic expectations. Always replies to our queries as quickly as possible. I can’t thank enough, I would highly recommend him for family law matters.

  • Cyril Escobinas

Sam and Ashlee has helped me throughout my divorce. They have been very helpful with the process, from our first meeting until the grant. Though my situation is quite complicated, they have been very patient in answering all my questions and numerous phone calls with no additional costs. They respond promptly and professionally. Thank you so much, Sam and Ashlee. I highly recommend their service.

  • Paul (Paul AU)

I wanted to let you know, Sam, how very grateful I have been to have you represent me when other firms gave me no hope. Over the past few months, you have certainly seen my worst side and kept me sane when I have really needed it! Your professionalism is second to none, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be on my side! So from the very bottom of my heart, one BIG Thank You, Sam P.E

  • Jesse McIntosh

I would definitely recommend Samuel David for his professionalism, attention to detail and quality service. Samuel helped our family with a Deed of family arrangement and did a fantastic job. Through this process Sam was very reliable and followed up in regards to progress. Thanks again Samuel for your assistance and consideration in helping our family. Much appreciated :) Excellent work.

  • Andrew Rossiter

I chose Sam because he was conveniently located and fixed price. Sam gave me prompt and effective advice and clarifications in a clear, calm, systematic and professional manner. Sam ensured that at all times I understood my options, his recommendations and the reasons for them. Sam transformed murky legal technicality into clarity. A real pleasure to deal with and highly recommended.

  • Hannah & Nico

Sam helped me throughout the process of my divorce. From inquiry to our first meeting he explained very well services and he has a fixed fee which is excellent, he help us understand what we can expect . He guide us through the process and he respond very fast whenever we have questions. He comes with resolution in every problem we face. I highly recommend his excellent service.

  • Jatinder Sarna

Sam came highly recommended and is someone I highly recommend. He is very reliable, always honest, upfront and doesn’t sugarcoat things to give you false hope. Sam kept me updated through out my case and that was the best part. I felt like he was looking out for my best interest and he earned my respect and trust. I will be sending everyone I know to Sam from now on! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Katie Hearn

Sam from JosephDavid Lawyers was helpful and got my Legal Family Law matter dealt with very quickly and at a great price. Would recommend to anyone who wants the stress of their matters dealt with in a Quick and Professional manner to go see Sam as he is pleasent and great at his job getting you the best outcome as quickly as he can. He will also do your Will at a great price.

  • Cheryl Nunya

I have just concluded my property settlement using Sam as my lawyer. He was recommended to me and I could not be happier. Sam truly has your best interest at heart. He is not just in it for how much he can make. Sam was always honest and upfront about everything, communication was fantastic. Highly, highly recommend. Thanks Sam for making this process so easy for me.

  • Sue Anderson

Sam was exceptional, he would always get back to me with any concerns, very responsive, professional and knowledgeable. My file was very complicated with multiple properties and businesses involved a very difficult matter which he resolved with professionalism whilst always looking out for my wellbeing due to my ill health. Highly recommend Joseph David Lawyers.

  • Maya Milosevic

Sam was a great help with my case. He's highly professional, prompt, caring and understanding while giving great advice for possible scenarios. Most importantly he was great at explaining and patient with me (as I'm a detail-orientated person ) aspects of the case which put me at ease in a highly stressful time. Really appreciate his time and the extra effort.

  • Anthea Jackson-Rushford

I am so grateful to a friend for referring me to Sam. He has been my confidante and lawyer for my personal dealings for a few years now! He is so prompt in responding and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I highly recommend Samuel. He will put your mind and assets at ease and safe! :) Thank you for all your help thus far Samuel! Truly appreciate it!

  • Kelly Interlandi

Sam is amazing, he has a wealth of knowledge and has helped and supported me immensely through what was a difficult family matter. Sam was companionate and motivated by my best interests entirely. Sam achieved a fantastic result for me, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I would recommend Sam to anybody looking for a family lawyer.


I want to say big thank you to Sam (Samuel) for sorting out my tough Family Law Property and Parenting matters. He's an amazing lawyer and great person to deal with. He always responds quickly and you can ask as many questions you have and he will respond thoroughly. Highly recommended. Keep doing great work Sam. Thank you again. Cheers

  • Pat Madigan

My accountant put me on to Sam at Joseph David lawyers when I was newly separated Sam was a godsend he made the process which is horrid much easier to navigate He is very knowledgable and got me an outcome much better than I was expecting Anyone going through this process should not hesitate to make contact with Joseph David Lawyers

  • darren laycock

An amazing Lawyer Sam and Ashlee were there for me every step of the way and very supportive. Together we achieved a great outcome relieving myself of great stress l am one happy client will definitely recommend these guys to my family and friends . Thank you again for everything . Darren Laycock

  • Hayden Turner

Sam was great to deal with! His clear advise over business and personal matters was second to none. I can’t expresses how impressed I was with Sam’s professional service and prompt communication. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone I know who needs valuable legal advice.

  • neha Singh

Sam was so easy going and straight forward in explaining my legal process. Guided me well throughout. Best part is he has a fixed fee and he provides his services to the point. Tries to understand your situation and help you as far as he can legally. Thanks for everything

  • Rhonda Bowen

Sam was extremely approachable and listened to what I wanted as an outcome without any pressure. He was very clear and to the point as to what options and rights I had in my case. I would highly recommend Sam. A very pleasant experience in an unpleasant time of life.

  • Jason Dabrowski

Samuel was a huge help and was so effective with his actions that helped relieve the pressure of the legal battle I went through. Very affordable costs compared to most other lawyers while I’m certain they wouldn’t be as transparent as Samuel was . 110% recommend .

  • Adam Mohammed

I dealt with Samuel David. He is a top lawyer. He is very honest with his client with financially, giving his client with honest opinion and he keeps you updated as whats going on. He is very responsive. I would recomend him to anyone. Simply he is the best.

  • Sunilmon Molel Chandy

Sam is very relatable and promising in his service. Sam looked after me well in the divorce case and a car driving case .I got well satisfied results from both the cases. My 5 star for Sam’s service. Highly recommend for anyone. Many thanks once again/Sam.

  • Dee D

From the very first time I met Samuel he was professional from start to finish. He was compassionate and diligent and took all the legalities off my hands. He is trustworthy and genuinely a nice person. Highly recommended JosephDavid Lawyers.

  • Jean Karunainathan

I would like to thank Sam for his extreme professionalism, work ethic and competency. He handled my case and I was very happy with the quick outcome and settlement. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again Sam. All the very best.

  • Dina A.S

Samuel was very professional and helpful. He was compassionate and highly competent. Samuel was also very effective in communicating changes and advice during the entire case. His expertise is highly recommended.

  • Manjula balamurugan

Sam has handled my family property settlement. The whole process was smooth, best outcome I had hoped for. He explained my options, always prompt in getting back to my queries, supportive and professional.

  • Cyrus Master

Samuel David is a Professional who will give you the Best possible outcome for your Situation. I highly recommend Samuel for his clear communication , expertise and always being to the point.

  • shayne hammond

Sam put in an outstanding effort in our case. For a fixed fee he achieved a great, successful result for us. I couldn't recommend JosephDavid Lawyers highly enough. Excellent!

  • Wajeeha Zaheer

Had an amazing experience with Sam . Everything went smooth and on time. This man knows his job very well . Again Thankyou Sam for helping me in my worse time .

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