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Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo is a Law firm located at 919 Story Rd #1204, San Jose, CA 95122. It has received 91 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo: 919 Story Rd #1204, San Jose, CA 95122

  • Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo has 4.9 stars from 91 reviews

  • Law firm

  • "My fiance was supposed to review our prenuptial agreement with lawyer Matthew Vo today at 2pm"

    "I happened to to know that the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo accept the Metlife/ Hyatt legal services, the plan that I had paid through my company benefit for years"

    "To the extent this matters, I first want to say I am a lawyer too, so my review is based on high expectations of the legal community"

    "I don’t usually give low reviews but Matthew’s Triet Vo office was very disorganized and provided false information"

    "We were looking to do a living trust and saw a few people had recommended Matthew Vo on FaceBook so we decided to contact his office for a consultation"


  • Mikhail Rudenko

My fiance was supposed to review our prenuptial agreement with lawyer Matthew Vo today at 2pm. Matthew's assistant quoted her $150 for the review (after double checking with the attorney) and scheduled the appointment 3 days out. My fiance asked whether she should send the prenup beforehand by email, but was told to just print it out and bring it to the review. When she showed up it turns out $150 is not the case here. It costs $2,000 flat. I called Matthew and asked about what happened. He reiterated the same story as what my fiance told me. He mentioned he needs a deposit and typically charges $350 per hour. When I asked him who is responsible for this - he or his assistant - he said that I'm wasting his time. After some back and forth Matthew admitted that he is responsible as the owner of the firm. He also said he was sorry. Asked what he should have done in this case, he said "Why are you asking me these questions?". I mentioned that I'd expect somebody of his esteem in the profession and with such stellar Google reviews to do an honorable thing and finish up the job for the price quoted then instruct his assistant not to do this again. All he said was that he made a mistake and he was sorry. And then got quite. Basically, Matthew Vo doesn't own up to his mistakes. He thinks that it is ok to likely falsely advertise his services as well as put people on the spot and waste their time. Some people might have felt the pressure and even agreed to pay what he asked in the office instead of the price quoted on the phone. All the 5 stars reviews are nice and dandy but as always in life you can only see people's true unflattering colors when things go wrong. Matthew is no exception. UPDATE: Most of the people who left 5 star reviews for lawyer Matthew had only 1 REVIEW overall on Google. Probably friends or bots.

  • Liem Doan

I happened to to know that the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo accept the Metlife/ Hyatt legal services, the plan that I had paid through my company benefit for years. If I would have known this, I and many of my friends did not have to search high and low for a a reliable attorney to do our Living Trusts for many months. When working with him in preparing the paperworks for the Living Trust, we found that his office also provides many different services such as tiles transferring, properties ownership... He also coatched us how to properly prepare all our accesses before transferring them to the Trust to save future Tax and avoid the headache latter if things happen. We were amaze about how he made the process so simple. We just follow the short questionnaire to get all information he need then meet with him one time to understand in details of each item in the questionnaire and to clarify any item that we were not clear. Even at the time we did the final sign off, he went over item by item again to ensure that all the items were exactly the way we want and to the best benefits we can get. We did not know that we can defer 100 per cent propety tax to the spouse that passed away if we properly prepared the paperworks before transferring the properties to the Trust. I highly recommend The Law Office of Mathew Triet Vo to all who have plan with Metlife/ Hyatt legal services. Even who do not have these plan, his cost is extremely reasonable compared with other offices. He can services the whole California, no matter what city you are living in.

  • Lien Dinh

To the extent this matters, I first want to say I am a lawyer too, so my review is based on high expectations of the legal community. I originally scheduled a consultation with Matthew for my Vietnamese speaking parents. Matthew is unique in that he speaks both English and Vietnamese very well. I was so impressed by the consultation for my parents (I attended it with them), that I decided to have Matthew prepare my estate for my husband and me too. My other estate planner decided to retire during the pandemic, leaving me with a half completed estate plan. Matthew explained everything and outlined all of the options very clearly (in both languages), and spent time answering all of our questions. Most importantly, he didn't rush us into committing to something. Most Vietnamese people, actually most people, don't realize how important to have an estate plan until it's too late. I have referred Matthew to my entire extended family and to other attorney friends. I hope if you're reading this you also realize how important it is to get your estate plan in order. The best part is that his firm provided us with a binder that has all the documents and Power of Attorney forms needed to make sure everything is well organized so when I do pass, my kids won't have to go searching for my documents.

  • Lauren Etienne

I don’t usually give low reviews but Matthew’s Triet Vo office was very disorganized and provided false information. Two weeks ago I called the office and asked the price for a review only for a prenuptial agreement. The assistant had me wait on the line while she confirmed the quote with Matthew. She came back with the quote and it seemed great so I told her I would call back in a week or so to schedule. I called back and was given an appointment which was today. Before hanging up, I asked the assistant if I needed to send a copy of the contract prior for Matthew to review but she said it wasn’t needed and to just print it out. I arrived to my appointment early and when I was finally called in Matthew asked what I needed. I pulled out my documents and he said he needed this to be sent prior to the appointment. I mentioned the assistant said I didn’t need to and then he said that he charges more and the quote was incorrect. He wasn’t very helpful and didn’t try to fix the situation and said I can go somewhere else. All in all, I felt they didn’t want to work with (maybe because of my appearance, which I hope wasn’t the case) but very bad service and I won’t recommend to anyone.

  • KimTram D.

We were looking to do a living trust and saw a few people had recommended Matthew Vo on FaceBook so we decided to contact his office for a consultation. Matthew and Jennifer both did a great job in explaining us the process since this was our first time doing it. It was very clear and easy to understand. The process was easy and it does take a few hours to gather information for the forms. Not only they helped us with our living trust, they also did an Advance Healthcare Directive for us. After our living trust was done, we have a peace of mind knowing that all our assets will be protected from going through probate and also they will be carried out per our wish. Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo is definitely a highly recommended place go-to for your living trust and also their price is reasonable too!

  • Hue Ngo

My wife and I recently worked with Matthew Triet Vo and Jennifer Thu Tran on our revocable living trust. My wife and I had been putting off doing a trust because it seemed like an overwhelming task. This is not the case when working with Matthew ! He made the whole process very simple - He provided a list of the information he needed before our meeting. The meeting only took an hour. We met in person with Matthew and Jennifer to sign the trust documents. He has covid safety protocols in place - it was very safe for all parties. I highly recommend working with Matthew if you are looking to create a trust. He made the process so easy and is competitively priced as well.

  • Loan Vo

My wife and I just did the family living trust with Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo. We have MetLife insurance cover so we did not pay any fee for the living trust packages. Ls. Triet and Jennifer are taking time to explain any questions that we had. We would suggest that you have a list of questions ready so you don’t forget. Great services, friendly, and the office is nice and clean. We finally find a good lawyer for our family. We recommend Law office of Matthew Triet Vo to everyone also for other services like sponsorship for relatives in Vietnam, making a will, car accident, and etc. We give them five stars of services. Great job!

  • C N

After years of hesitation and waiting, my husband and I have finally decided to have our living trust made after attending the Living Trust workshop at Mathew Vo Law Office. All questions had been answered and well explained during that meeting and, best of all those who attended were offered a discount. A few weeks later, we returned to have our revocable trust made and Lawyer Mathew Vo had taken times helping us with every details. We are completely satisfied and happy that we have chosen Lawyer Mathew Vo. We have recommended him to our friends and relatives and to our adult children as well.

  • Dominic Doan

We've had great experiences working with Matthew and his wife, Jennifer, setting up a Living Trust. Matthew walked us thru detailed explanations of different options as well as plans so that we can make proper decisions for the Trust. In addition, the fee is reasonable and communicated up front during the free consultation. Moreover, Jennifer also offered a free service of creating POA for our son. I would definitely recommend Matthew to anyone who needs to set up a Living Trust. Matthew and Jennifer are extremely professional, approachable, and friendly, who can help to put your mind at ease.

  • J Shao

I searched an attorney for my living trust planning. After googling, luckily enough I found the Mathew's office with highly rated. Called to his office and I got in person talk immediately and arranged the follow-up appointment. Friendly reminder was gotten before one day early of the appointment. In the free consultation meeting with Matthew, he understood my needs and explained well to me. Following up with the documenting, Matthew helped to create our living trust that was over due for a long time. I strongly recommend Matthew to you if you are considering your family's estate planning.

  • Sueh-Lin Cheng

We needed to have our Trust and Wills done, and were very happy to have found the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo to complete it. The attorneys provided very clear explanations all steps of the way and were very patient in answering our questions. They even provided additional advice on various conditions. We completed our documents timely, fees were very reasonable. This is the best legal service we have received regarding estate planning (we had done it before). I will definitely have other members of my family get their estate plannings done with this law office.

  • Daniel Nguyen

Matthew & Jennifer are very professional and they provide good services as well as great advices throughout the process of creating, funding, and executing a Living Trust for my beloved father who passed away last year. There are many benefits in having a Living Trust which I would recommend the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo for your seek of knowledge and understanding. I'm a very satisfied client of the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo and I hope you will share the same experience there also. Best, Daniel

  • Melba Epili

I searched a Lawyer through internet and found the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo with a high rating of 5 stars. So, I called and made an appointment. I have had a very pleasant experience with my Living Trust documents. The transaction went smoothly and completely processed my documents with in two weeks time . Service fee is very reasonable and affordable. Definitely, I will highly recommend the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo . Thank you Atty. Matthew Triet & Jennifer for your service.

  • Kevin Nguyen Jr

I was hit by a car walking home and had to be hospitalized. Attorney Vo was AMAZING. He handled pretty much everything from medical bills, dealing with insurance claims, to even recommending me specialist for treatment on my injuries. Kept me updated the whole time and was easy to communicate with. Took a lot of stress off of me while I focused on recovering and fought to get me a pretty good settlement payout. I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to deal with insurance claims.

  • Anh Pham

I came to the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo for several legal matters since July 2017 to date. Throughout the course of getting help from the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo. One thing I like to say about Matthew Triet Vo and thanks to him that I am very glad I found him. His depth of expertise and real-world experience always gets me the best results. With Matthew Triet Vo, I have a trusthy lawyer that has my bach with the assurance that everything's done right.

  • Tuong Nguyen

Triet helped our family with a Trust doc. The process was quick and easy. He was extremely patient to explain everything to me clearly. I was surprise there was so much complication that can arise if legal things are not taken care of properly in advance. The staff in the office also has great customer service, very professional and respectful. I also appreciated the understanding and patience with my young children who might have been disturbing at discussion.

  • Nathan Le

My parents came to the law firm of Mr. Vo in order to create both a living trust and a will. Both Mr. Vo and Ms. Tran have been immensely helpful in the lengthy process through both timely email correspondences, constant revisions of the actual living trust, and helpful legal advice should something happen in the future. If you need to seek legal help with writing a living trust and will, I recommend you get in touch with the law firm for the next few steps.

  • C M

Needed advice on my recently deceased mother's trust to gain access to her bank accounts. Looked up Matthew online and he had very high ratings. Matthew saw us right away, answered all our questions and found a solution for us. He also provided information to us since we were inheriting property. We decided that we wanted to get living trusts ourselves. We are very pleased with his services and now have peace of mind. We highly recommend Matthew.

  • Linda Nguyen

The Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo was so helpful throughout the entire process of re-doing our Living Trust. We were greatly appreciative of Matthew and Jennifer’s customer service and professionalism. Their advice and clear explanations of legal terms was very valuable to us, along with their high-quality work. We highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs help with legal issues, especially related to estate planning.

  • Davis Nguyen

I'd been working with Lawyer Mathew Vo for my Living Trust, and I’m very happy with their service. I was shopping around with other lawyers, but his office is the best. Lawyer Vo is not only a knowledge and but also trustworthy person. Their service is fast and reliable. I’m strongly recommend his office to you. I guarantee once you use his service you will not look for anywhere else.

  • Tony Tran

Just had a very good experience doing the Living Trust thru Attorney Michael Triet Vo. He is very professional, helpful, caring, and polite. His front office support, Ms Jennifer is also an excellent resource person. Did everything in a couple of weeks. I highly recommend attorney Michael and his staff to everyone who needs help with Living Trust.

  • Sonny Luong

We came and drafted the living trust for our family last year with Lawyer Matthew Triet Vo. He gave us consultation and answered many of our questions with clarity , integrity, and sincerity. Once we had follow up questions , he responded quickly without hesitation. Services from his office staff were knowledgeable and professional.

  • Ha Ho

I went to Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo for my Living Trust by their high rated reviews . I’m very happy with their service. They spent time to explain and answer all of my questions. I strongly recommend Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo to everyone who is planning to create a Trust that is suitable for his/her needs.

  • Giang Pham

I came to Matthew Triet Vo office to do the living trust. They are really taking their time to explain everything in detail to us. They are very responsive to our question through email and finish everything in a timely manner. I and my wife are really happy and glad that we come to their office for our living trust

  • Daniel Nguyen

This was the first time I ever dealt with a personal injury settlement and Matt was great in helping me throughout the way. The process was very straight forward and I'm happy with how everything turned out. If you're looking for someone that is knowledgable and easy to work with then Matt is for you.

  • TT MM

We tried to do Living Trust. Previous Lawyer did not complete. We searched in Google and found out Minh Triet Lawyer office. With good explanation, we understand more on the process. It took 6 weeks to complete (include holidays). It is convenient for us. We don"'t have to do much. Just sign and done.

  • Phoenix Nguyen

I'm highly recommended Law Office of Mathew Triet Vo. Mathew and Jennifer helped me with my living trust. They are very acknowledgeable on planning living trust. Also Mathew Triet Vo speaks fluent Vietnamese and accepts legal insurance from most large companies. Thanks for reading my review Phuong

  • Roger Trang

Came to the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo for some legal services, and was very happy with the outcome. Staff members are very helpful and polite. Willing to listen to what I need and gave good recommendations. I have referred my friends to come to this office for any legal services.

  • John Quach

Attorney Matthew took time to explain details about types of Living Trust, gave clear examples of differences, and options that a Living Trust has. He spent time to draft a complete portfolio of Ling Trust. I recommend Matthew Vo to whoever needs to have a Living Trust set up.

  • tran tran

Jennifer was very knowledgeable and thorough in preparing our wills and trusts. She patiently explaining the pros and cons of our financial concerns and goals. We felt comfortable putting our trust in the Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo. A big thank you for your service!


Matthew Triet Vo is expert and knowledgeable. He clearly explained and provided guidance us with important information regard on Living Trust. Make us feel very comfortable on all steps. The process is done smoothly. This Law Office is very helpful. Highly recommend.

  • Amer Bubalo

I was very happy doing business with Mr. Matthew. They were very professional, patient and they guided us through all the details of the process from the beginning to the end. I would recommend his service to anybody who is looking for professional work.

  • Kenneth Lay

We had our family trust done by Ms. Jennifer Tran. She was very professional and helpful in explaining the reasons behind setting up a trust, and walked us through process . I believe she still offers the class for free to everyone. I highly recommend.

  • chi do

When I had a consultation with him, he took his time explaining and making sure I understood. He's very nice and unlike other lawyers, didn't mention about money until I asked. His fee is very affordable too. I would definitely come to him when needed.

  • Julie Hall

My husband and I were wanting a trust. Jennifer made us feel so welcome and comfortable. She explained everything to us and took the time we had for questions. We are very happy with our trust and would definitely recommend this law firm.

  • hoa Vo

We chose this law firm because of the high rating and professional backgrounds of Matthew Vo. The whole process was easy to understand and professional. It gives us a peace of mind and we are so happy we were able to get this done.

  • Khang Nguyen

Dear Matthew & Jennifer, We really appreciate for your great service. Your team works with a great effort and best. We are pleased with the kind of service that we have received and would recommend your service to everyone. Khang N

  • Rose Hoang

Excellent service - lawyer Triet Vo and Jennifer Tran were super helpful in creating a living trust for my mom. Very professional, kind and took the time to answer questions thoroughly. Can't recommend enough - thank you!

  • Kelvin Vu

Fast and reliable service. When my dad passed, the Law offices of Triet Vo helped us with transferring accounts and house deeds into my mom's name. It happened quickly and we did not have to go through court.

  • lai Huynh

I found Matthew Vo's office through my insurance provider. He was kind and helpful - he answered any questions I had about estate planning. The process for compiling my trust went smoothly and quickly.

  • M Nop

he is knowledge about living trust,i did living trust with him last years,he explain and answers my question clearly and very nice person,a price is affortable,i would like to recommence to every onces

  • Thinh Pham

An excellent Vietnamese attorney. Mr. Triet Vo helped my divorce case with an outstanding outcome. Sincerely and caring, excellent knowledge on the subject with affordable fee. Recommended. …

  • Soraya S

Matthew Vo’s office was very kind to help me get answers regarding immigration and other legal questions, very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

  • Tu Hua

Matthew Triet Vo, Who is a resposible person, if he accept any case, he will take care good from A to Z,he is reliable Attorney at Law. reasonable price, I strongly recommended.

  • Dũng Trí Nguyễn: Phạm Thế Hiển, Hưng Phú, North CA

The Law Office is responsible , explained, provided detail information for me to do and changed the one I wanted for my living trust. I'd like to rate 5 stars in my service.

  • Tam Nguyen

My dad did living trust with Lawer office so far we paid lower fee with lots of discounts. I also learned useful information, quick and easy appointments. Thank you.

  • Anne Lieu

Very professional, explain very clear & understandable. His fee is very affordable He speaks Vietnamese too. I suggest this lawyer if you need help. He’s number one.

  • tu lu

I had referral from a friend and be trusted. Matthew able to help and guide quickly to get paper done. Documents have been taken care and nowadays no need to worry.

  • susan doan

I am glad to see Jenifer.She explained very clearly what I want to know.She is very professional and has a high knowledge of familly law.I strongly recommended.

  • Jenna duong

Law Office of Matthew Triet Vo does excellent job. He explains and answers clearly all our questions. Price is good with great service. Thank you very much

  • Tanh Huynh

I had my living trust prepared by attorney Triet Vo. I would recommend to get this service here because it was professional and the fee was reasonable.

  • C. Ozdogan

Attorney Matthew & Jennifer are very professional & courteous, friendly and make you feel like you are being taken care of. I highly recommend them.

  • T Tran

knowledgeable and very patient in explaining everything you need to know. helped us with our estate planning and living trust. highly recommend.

  • Lien Tran

We have our living trust done from this law firm with highest professionalism. All were done smoothly in timely manner. Strongly recommended.

  • PhuongNam Dat

Very professional. ✅ Jennifer và LS Triết amend và giải thích rõ ràng về Living trust. Văn phòng sajch sẽ, giữ đúng giờ đã hẹn. Cám ơn nhiều.

  • Dung Ha

Highly recommended to everyone !!! " Best Vietnamse Lawyer " Thanks a lot A Triet & Jennifer for your professional advice and answer .

  • Tiffany Tran

Had a wonderful experience, everyone was so knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to help as make the best decisions for our family.


I was helped by the law office of Mr.Matthew, and this was really the best choice for my case. Thanks and good luck Mr.Matthew!

  • Mary Trang

We're feel in peace and happy after complete living trust with Jennifer Tran at Law office of Matthew Triet Vo. Thanks so much.

  • Hoang Dao

Triet helped our family with a trust. He explained very clearly what we want to know, and thank him for being patient with us.

  • Hung Bi

Law Office Mathew Triet Vo ,and Cathy Vo, is an extreme professional law firm. I'm HCB, strongly recommend.

  • Duong Tran

Willing to answer all questions you may ask. Clear instruction form to fill in. Highly recommend.

  • David Ta

This Law Firm is the one of the most acknowledge firm regarding the laws of Living Trust.

  • Vivian Nguyen

Great service, nice people especially reasonable charge.

  • Jacklyn Le

Lawyer Vo agood lawyer you can trust and reliant on him.

  • noi huynh

Highly recommended. Very professional and knowledgeable.

  • Christina Phan

Very responsive, helpful and courteous.

  • Vic Hong

Excellent service, very professional!!

  • Angie Nguyet Pham

Great service and easy to work with.

  • an pham

Excellent service

  • Kevin T. Nguyen
  • Vivian Chau
  • lina tran
  • Xuan Lan Luu
  • C Tran
  • Van Hao
  • Hoang Nguyen
  • Tintin Htwe
  • Sony Nguyen
  • Anh Ngo
  • Khang Nguyen
  • KenN Nguyen
  • hai to
  • Duc Vu
  • Simon Trinh
  • Henry Trang
  • Than Bui
  • Van Nguyen
  • Son le

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