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MINT dentistry is a Doctor located at 2520 Fairmount St Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75201. It has received 884 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of MINT dentistry: 2520 Fairmount St Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75201

  • MINT dentistry has 4.8 stars from 884 reviews

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  • "As I am looking for a new dentist I thought I'd leave a review as to why my family and myself will no longer be returning to Mint"

    "If only there were a zero-star rating"

    "Terrible experience! Not sure why so many good reviews"

    "The manager over at uptown very rude and unprofessional! They did my invisalign scan 3 weeks ago and told me in 2 weeks will call me to come in for the trays"

    "Great at first; they are very friendly and nice going through the normal procedures with paperwork and x-rays"


  • Daisy Luna

As I am looking for a new dentist I thought I'd leave a review as to why my family and myself will no longer be returning to Mint. We have came to this location for almost 4 years and received our whitening trays the very first time we went. The next time we went we were asked if we needed new trays or if the ones we had were still good in condition which we responded, they were still good. This last time went for a cleaning I asked if I could get a new set of trays as it has been some time from my first set. The assistant seemed to have been bothered by it and told me I am supposed to ask for it at the beginning of my visit. I apologized and said they usually ask if we would like them. She left and came back with the impression material and told me I'd have to come back another day for the trays. Told me to open and shoved the trays in my mouth, all the impression goo got all over my mouth and dripped onto my shirt. She then handed me a napkin and told me to have a good day. I never received a call letting me know they were ready nor did I bother to call and ask for them. I just thought she was very unprofessional and made me feel uncomfortable. My husband has also mentioned having pain on a molar every visit and is told everytime "its just sensitive". Now it is hurting with anything cold or hot he drinks, I am hoping he doesn't need a root canal at this point. With that being said, we will be going to a new dentist to get a 2nd opinion and hopefully be treated better.

  • Jacob Payne

If only there were a zero-star rating. ❌ I just returned home from my first visit to this location. Run, don't walk, to another practice! The first line of their website reads, "Patients choose MINT dentistry because they want a first-class experience." My experience was ANYTHING but first-class. Let me explain: SIGN-IN I was greeted by the three receptionists trash talking another patient. They were all visibly annoyed and had poor attitudes. I was asked to sign on 2 lines and told to be seated. Very first-class. X-RAYS The gentleman that helped take my x-rays was very pleasant and kind. The exam room, however, needed repair. The wall was literally falling off. The "massage" chair was more like a "massage" bed from a 1960s hotel room. Mostly rattled and shock. Very first-class. EXAM The doctor was pleasant enough. Maybe said 10 words the entire time he was in the room. CLEANING To the main event. The hygienist was bubbly at first. I explained that my gums were sensitive and bleed very easily. She was so rough while cleaning my teeth. All I could taste was blood. She never offered to rinse my mouth once. She then proceeded to "polish" my teeth. By polish I mean she tapped each tooth with the paste and then rinsed it out with water. Worst cleaning I've ever gotten. Very first-class. SUMMARY MINT Dentistry and I clearly have very different definitions of "first-class". What I experienced today felt like a first-class ticket on Spirit Airlines. No, thank you.

  • J D

Terrible experience! Not sure why so many good reviews. Nothing on their voicemail about massage chair, headphones, sunglasses, exceptional care was true in my experience. More importantly, the hygienist was painful and splashed water and gunk all over my face while cleaning my teeth. She flossed SO hard into my gums I had to pull away and tell her she was hurting me and I could taste blood from my gums. She blamed it on the floss. The girl that took my x-rays and my whitening tray impressions did a terrible job as well. The trays are poor quality and don’t fit whatsoever, I can’t believe they didn’t try these on me before I left. I called two days later and was able to get in that afternoon to get my impressions redone (only positive in my entire experience). Also, I called to see Dr. Spence and confirmed several times it was with that doctor but I was still somehow seen by another doctor! They said they didn’t have any notes that said my appointment was specifically for Dr. Spence which is ridiculous because my several annoying confirmations said dr Spence. I will not be going back to mint dentistry!

  • Jada Davino

The manager over at uptown very rude and unprofessional! They did my invisalign scan 3 weeks ago and told me in 2 weeks will call me to come in for the trays. No one has reached out to me by phone or email so i called to check if they’re ready. The customer service put me in with the uptown manager and all she was saying we didn’t send the scan to the lab because you didn’t sign other contracts! Which No one told me anything about it when i was there and i did sign some papers. all i was told you will get a call back to come in to get the trays. I was politely asking her why no one reached out and been clear with me about those steps from the beginning after they took the scan cause i have been waiting 3 weeks thinking they might be ready, and she kept on saying the same thing YOU NEED TO SIGN CONTACTS AND PAY! in rude manner and hanged up on me. I’ve never had a bad experience with Mint dentistry in any location that’s a first! Shame they hired someone with such poor manners and treating their patients in such way. Never going back to this location.

  • Cale Vaughan

Great at first; they are very friendly and nice going through the normal procedures with paperwork and x-rays. It changed when the dentist came in with the x-ray results. They said I needed deep cleaning because of mild bone loss and there was a need for visits every 3 months. I simply asked for some basic numbers as to how this may impact me if I were not to go along with the deep cleaning (given the frequency of visits i had up till then and plan on in the future) her response was "I have no idea." She got short with me ( not in a mean way) but seemed like she wasn't wanting to hear any of it. As if my opinion did not matter. This is where the real customer service went out the window. The actual dentist did not care for my pain points. She simply ushered in the next person down the hierarchy. The dentist may have been 100% correct, but its the customer service that I pay for. I have 2,000 options in my network. On to the next. Everyone else was amazing - except the dentist. The one I want to trust the most - not the help.

  • Ashley

Dr Spence is the only reason I drive 45 minutes to the uptown location instead of a Mint by my house. For years I’ve avoided the dentist because I have bad anxiety & every dentist before Dr Spence was very rude and judgmental. She doesn’t make me feel bad or judge me and she is so nice & answered all of my questions so I understood everything. If you have dentist anxiety, go to Dr Spence!!!! I can’t stress it enough. Also obsessed with the free whitening trays and gel. It makes me want to just come in for a cleaning all the time just to get more gel lol. It actually has whitened my teeth a lot & combining that with everything Dr Spence has done for me, I finally feel more confident in my smile. They know I’m not rich lol so they never pressure me for things I don’t need just to get money from me, if I don’t really need it they tell me & i appreciate that. Thank you Dr Spence!!!!

  • Neethu Kumar

It was my first time here. I was expecting bare bones but the practice is beautiful. Clean and designed well. But the best part is the staff. From the receptionist being welcoming to the amazing dentist. I saw Dr. Joshi. Highly recommend requesting her or going to whichever location she is at. She went above and beyond. I came in with tooth pain. I was 100% sure I would need a root canal, but Dr. Joshi instead did a full exam and recommended a deep cleaning with a special toothpaste trial first. She is very conservative and doesn’t recommend unnecessary intervention. I trust her judgment. I will definitely be following her for future care!

  • NeKey J

The entire Uptown team is superb . Amazing customer service from the the time you walk in the door. The minty (no pun intended) /eucalyptus / spa smell as you walk in the door is so tranquilizing. Emily is so personable and makes you feel clam as she is cleaning your teeth. The cool TVs in the ceiling and the massage chairs are icing on the cake!!!! Dr. Spence is so cool. She takes her time explaining all your oral hygiene needs and go over options that are most advantages to YOU and your oral health. My teeth and are thank Dr. Spence and the Mint dentistry team

  • Kristina Ciaglia

Mint dentistry Uptown is phenomenal. From the front desk staff who checks you in, to the MAs and dental hygienists, everyone is beyond welcoming and make you feel comfortable. The dentist here is also amazing and will walk you through any treatment plans or issues with transparency. I would come to this location for years and moved so went to another office closer to my new home. After one visit I knew I had to return to this location even if it’s a slightly farther drive. You can’t beat the service here and the massage chairs and freebies are an added bonus!

  • Denita Fair

Dr. Spence at Mint Denistry is the best Denist in uptown in the Dallas Metro plex area. She is Professional and brilliant..the office staff kindness overwhelms you.. they make you feel so very comfortable and at home. After my teeth cleanings and my crown and my partial-plate it fit perfectly,. It doesn't hurt my mouth. It fits perfectly. and they give you great gifts perks like sun glasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, clear traveling bags,s nacks.I Love going there..can't wait to go back in six months for my cleaning.

  • Scarlett Levander

I have had cleanings X-rays crown fixed etc at mint uptown (As well as orthodontic work in the Mockingbird location. I also finally decided on top veneers at uptown and love them! The staff always made me feel welcome especially Dr. Spence and Diana completely had compassion, empathy and understanding. I have my own company and this really was life-changing and I've already had people complement my smile and makes me smile bigger with joy. So blessed. Merci beaucoup and God bless. Scarlett Levander XX

  • Madison Patel

Dr. Lee and Sam were both extremely considerate and helpful during my visit today. I have a lot of anxiety about getting dental work done, but they talked me through it step by step and checked on me consistently throughout the 1.5 hour visit to make sure I was doing alright. Very kind and very sweet, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for dental care! Front desk personnel are also very helpful and patient. :)

  • Demarcus P

My first time with mint definitely my last time the radio commercials got me in the door I didn't get the free teeth whitening or anything just gave me an x-ray and said my blood pressure was high so I couldn't get my teeth cleaned couldn't get the free teeth whitening vause I didn't get my teeth cleaned charged my insurance and just showed me the door horrible experience if I could give zero stars I would

  • R A

Went inside to inquire about service and the girl at the front desk was checking someone out so I sat down and waited for them to finish up. I overheard her telling the customer that is was going to be more than what was quoted. After they left I sat waiting for 5 minutes and I was never acknowledged. I just got up and left. Places like this are impersonal. You probably see someone new every month.

  • Julie McKintosh

The dentists and staff are fantastic. They have strong customer service and care about the timeliness of your appointment. The front office is professional upon greeting and informative about cost and procedures. I have had several "need to get in fast" type of appointments, and they always fit me in. You can't go wrong with booking an appointment at this clinic. I am so glad that I found them.

  • Win Notermann

This place is a SCAM. Quoted me a couple thousand dollars worth of cavity fillings before my teeth were even cleaned. Teeth cleaning involved a water floss and polishing. This place is a joke and all of the reviews appear to be bought. Do yourself a favor and find somewhere local that will actually clean your teeth and not quote you some B.S. dental services.

  • Jade M

Everyone was incredibly friendly and the hygienists are efficient and attentive. Plus, with the annual plan it cuts most of the costs in half and makes it incredibly affordable, adding on payment plans for the bigger expenses. I detest doctors and would definitely come back for the rest of my dental work here!

  • Jared Clayton

Friendly person at the front desk who was professional and warm. My dental hygienist (Emily) was AMAZING and super fun. My teeth feel amazing and she was so quick! I was in and out in no time. Very friendly doctor too. Service like this is why I’ve been going to Mint locations around DFW for the past 5 years.

  • Tangie Anderson

I had the most Amazing visit at The Uptown Mint Dentistry Office on yesterday! Everyone is pleasant, thoughtful of you and why you're there. In all honesty I have always had a nervousness about dental visits, the staff made me feel welcomed and my dental needs were important to them! Great Place to go!

  • Lauren Ragan

Really love how kind and efficient the staff is! Great location and clean office. My hygienist Barbara has been in practice for 21 years… I thought she was the doctor, she was wonderful! Super friendly, learned about her background, fast and my teeth felt great! Thank you Barbara!

  • Jennifer Berman

The staff is fantastic and everyone is trained so well! They are so kind, accommodating and knowledgeable. The office is comfortable and so updated to the times! Try them! You won’t regret it! I was referred to them and I’m so glad I am now their patient!

  • Thomas McMillian

I’ve been seen promptly at my appointment time both times I’ve been. Hygienist and doctors have been great. I’m always nervous about being pressured into procedures the first time I go to a new dental clinic. That hasn’t happened here. Very happy client.

  • Josh “Joshy”

Friendly Staff. Very welcoming since this was the first time at this office. Very throughout with the cleaning. Did not make me feel like I needed treatment to make them money on things I didn’t need. Very honest! Would recommend to friends and family!

  • Margaret Stewart

The knowledge and the atmosphere of this dentist is awesome. I was nervous from going to other dentist that I just didn’t trust them. So I decided to go to Mint dentistry and I told them about my past experiences and they assured me that I

  • Portia Griffin

I was pretty skeptical about this place because I think their commercials are a little cheesy, but I was curious so I tried it out. Honestly, I am 100% impressed. I will be coming back! The client service is out of this world and everyone

  • felipe castro

EXTREMELY upset this morning when I arrived. I have been here before and they are usually great. But today I drove and fought traffic for almost an hour to be told that my benefits were maxed out for they year and I would have to pay $350

  • Konnori Battee

Mint Dentistry provided the greatest possible experience I could have! I loved being able to watch Netflix while getting my teeth cleaned. I highly recommend them to anyone, and I am definitely going back in March for my next cleaning!

  • Ana Hernandez

Had to come in for myself to see what's the big deal with Mint Dentistry. I have to say customer service is definitely awesome. From the warm phone call to remind me of my appointment all the way to the end of my visit, such a great

  • Patricia Lipsey

The employees for the most part was very welcoming. There was an initial problem with finding my online information but was resolved quickly. The employee who actual cleaned my teeth was great. I welcome her service in the future.

  • casey

It’s been a few years since my last cleaning and I was pretty embarrassed! Emily was my hygienist and made me feel so comfortable the entire time! Can’t recommend this location and Emily enough Thank you, thank you! …

  • Denisha Chatman

I love how friendly the staff was! They all were very welcoming and made my first experience a great one. The doctors were quick with my cleaning treatment and informed me every step of the way. Highly recommend!

  • Kristiaan Joseph

Got the “Efficient Service with a Smile” thing down! A very attentive Dr. Spence did my check-up and recommendations. Happy ti have found this practice. And the goodie bag is icing on the cake :)

  • JustllRelax Massage&FacialBar

This was my first visit with Mint. The staff was very welcoming; the office was spotless. I couldn't ask for more.. From the massage chair to what type of music I wanted... They have your back!

  • Sam P

Each visit is consistently excellent. The staff is welcoming and engaging: they make it clear they were there to help support you. Dr Spence is kind and thorough. It’s a great place, no doubt!

  • Vanessa B

Had a great experience here as my 1st time. The staff and Dr were all amazing. I did also receive a whitening kit w/ my cleaning appt which was awesome.

  • Latrice Williams

Thank you Dez, Emily, and the new Dentist(my apologies for forgetting your name) for providing extraordinary customer service and care for my teeth!

  • Grant gooch

Staff is friendly and nice. Good service. The insurance department that is not at the local office tends to always get my bill. Payment confused

  • Keke Eva

They did amazing job on me. They have massages, and I also have a TV on the ceiling. OMG I LOVED IT …

  • Grant Gamblin

Excellent customer service, fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. Great experience as a new patient.

  • Alexandria Morris

Amazing people highly recommend for anyone! Always a great time here!

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