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Located within The Pilates Club, C. de Francisco Campos, 12, Chamartín, 28002 Madrid, Spain



Maxifisio: Physiotherapy, Pilates & Yoga is a Physical therapist located at Located within The Pilates Club, C. de Francisco Campos, 12, Chamartín, 28002 Madrid, Spain. It has received 116 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of Maxifisio: Physiotherapy, Pilates & Yoga: Located within The Pilates Club, C. de Francisco Campos, 12, Chamartín, 28002 Madrid, Spain

  • Maxifisio: Physiotherapy, Pilates & Yoga has 5.0 stars from 116 reviews

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  • "Vivo en Singapur y acudí a María despues de 5 años de dolor de espalda por culpa de una lesion en el cuadrado lumbar y por culpa de una protusión en un disco"

    "I found the exercises to be just right for me"

    "Maria has been helping me with a cycling knee injury I’ve had for a few years"

    "I had a patella fracture surgery and I was really lucky to find Maria and start to work online with her earlier this year"

    "5+ stars and highly recommend Maria for anyone in the Madrid area! Maria is professional, friendly and so incredibly helpful"


  • newvalek

Vivo en Singapur y acudí a María despues de 5 años de dolor de espalda por culpa de una lesion en el cuadrado lumbar y por culpa de una protusión en un disco. Hasta entonces había probado practicamente todo tipo de enfoques de rehabilitación, acudiendo a varios fisios, osteopatas y quiropracticos e invirtiendo varios miles de euros, pero sin conseguir volver a ser yo mismo al 100%. A esas alturas, asumí que tendría que vivir el resto de mis dias con dolor crónico. Necesitaba algo asequible a mi bolsillo, personalizado y adaptado a mi horario Cuando hablé con Maria, le expliqué mis dolencias y decidimos hacer una sesión online personalizada y con ejercicios de pilates y yoga especializados en atacar mi problema. Las sensaciones fueron muy buenas así que continuamos con las sesiones cada pocas semanas, adaptandolas a mi progreso y a la evolución del dolor. La gran ventaja que tiene Maria es que no solo tiene una mas que probada experiencia dentro del yoga y el pilates, sino que al ser fisioterapeuta tambien, sabe exactamente como atacar cada problema sin comprometer mi salud, ya que debido a mi situación, muchos ejercicios no son recomentables para mi espalda y un profesor/a de yoga/pilates sin un titulo detras que se centra en enseñar lo mismo a todos los alumnos no otorga el mismo valor añadido. Tras 8 meses trabajando juntos, puedo afirmar que estoy casi al 100% y que despues de 5 años, he pasado de tener dolor diario constante a casi no tenerlo nunca. Todo eso se lo debo a ella y a su conocimiento y acierto en atacar mi patología de la mejor manera posible. Ademas, las sesiones personalizadas adaptadas a mi horario me han permitido no rendirme por el camino, ya que siempre despues de cada sesión recibía un video con el resumen de los ejercicios que habíamos hecho y explicados al detalle para poder hacerlos yo en casa durante la semana. Sin duda continuaré trabajando con ella ya que se ha ganado toda mi confianza al ser capaz de dar con la tecla desde el primer dia, donde otros muchos no lo consiguieron incluso tras varias sesiones. Gracias de corazón Maria y espero que sigas ayudando a la gente como me has ayudado a mi!!

  • Lynne Footit

I found the exercises to be just right for me. The classes are conducted at s pace that is comfortable to follow yet giving me a work out at the same time. I was worried about coping at my age (65) never having ever done any exercise classes before but i found them very helpful. I found the instructor was reassuring in telling the class that if we found any of the stretches too difficult, not to push it but do what is most comfortable but try to feel the stretch and it became easier with each session. I would recommend anyone at any age to join. My husband has also benefitted as he has no feeling on his right side since he was 12 yeats old and also suffered a 3 storey fall back in 1986. This resulted in later years to him dragging his right foot quite badly when walking as he grew older. We were to travel to Indonesia in a few months and knew we would be required to do a lot more walking and climbing stairs. Maria provided a set of exercises which we followed. i can definitely say that my family were all very impressed by his improved walking ability as a result of the exercises.

  • Sarah Davis

Maria has been helping me with a cycling knee injury I’ve had for a few years. I’ve been seeing her for a few months solely online due to the COVID pandemic. When I first contacted her for help, she was upfront and straightforward. She told me if she didn’t think seeing me via zoom was a good fit for me or my injury that she would refer me out. I really appreciated that because she puts her patients and their wellness before her business. During my treatment when she felt I could benefit from some manual work to relive some tension she referred me to someone. Working with Maria through telemedicine has been seamless. She checks in with me outside of sessions, is open to answering my questions when they arise via text, and creates personalized rehab sessions for me. During our sessions she goes over the exercises with me to make sure I’m doing them correctly and afterwards sends me a video to follow on my own. I really appreciate this because it’s easier to follow along with a video so that I know I’m doing my exercises correctly. Maria is awesome. I highly recommend her!

  • Diana 23

I had a patella fracture surgery and I was really lucky to find Maria and start to work online with her earlier this year. I gain more than 40 degrees of flexion in my first month of physiotherapy (whoever had this type of injury knows that's a lot), but unfortunately the k-wires were near to my skin so my progress slow down afterwards. I remove the hardware (thanks to her advice I did it right on time) and two months after this second surgery I am missing a bit to be 100% recovered, but I do all daily activities without any discomfort. Maria is a very kind person, she gave me a huge moral support in this period, our sessions are never boring, she knows how to challenge me and bring out the best of me. She adapt herself to my condition always and she is there for advice whenever is needed between the sessions. Thanks to her I recovered also my confidence, not just my knee. I can't recommend her enough. She is a great professional and even a greater person.

  • Hannah Rutherford

5+ stars and highly recommend Maria for anyone in the Madrid area! Maria is professional, friendly and so incredibly helpful. I am in Madrid for work for a short period, with limited Spanish proficiency. On the first week of arriving I injured my back, and was in a lot of pain doing day-to-day tasks. At first I thought the pain would go away with time, and I was also slightly nervous to see someone over here with fear of being misunderstood. After a few weeks, with the pain much the same, I found Maria and I am so glad I did! Maria found the issue quickly and has helped in just a few regular sessions, giving me exercises to take away each week. This has helped incredibly and I noticed a difference each week. I am feeling so much better, and looking forward to being active again. This is all down to Maria. Glad I am so much better but I will also miss chatting with Maria each session we had! Thank you Maria!

  • Haydn Reece

I started using Maxifiso after injuring my foot in late 2018. As my Spanish isn't great, it was very helpful to have somone who spoke perfect English to help with my recovery. I am fortunate that I found her because not only was the physio and recovery for that injury great, but her attention to detail and recommendations were always helpful. Even when I moved to Barcelona, I stayed in touch for her advice and will continue to do so. As someone who has unfortunately been injured a few times, I've had a lot of experience with different physios in England and Spain, and I can honestly say Maxifisio has been the most thorough, considerate and caring of them. She has been great in recommending places that can help for scans and treatments that she couldn't provide and I've always felt that my recovery to the best possible level was her focus. I would 100% recommend her :)

  • Chris J

Maxifisio have been a huge help to me. I'm a long distance walker, but a year ago I was struggling to walk even short distances without pain. Maria understood the issue more holistically than the doctors, and got me back to 30km a day within a few months. All without the intrusive medical treatment that was originally suggested. Since then Maxifisio has helped me build strength and resilience to avoid further injuries, and was able to help with several other long term issues. This has involved a range of techniques including physiotherapy, pilates and acupuncture. Because sessions are available online and in person, I have been able to keep making progress when travelling, alongside in-person assessment and assistance when I'm in Madrid. Staff have worked extensively in the US and the UK, so everything can be done in fluent English where required. Highly recommended.

  • Mandy Salter

I have been going to Maria for at least 8 years for pilates both in a class environment and on a one-to-one basis (in person and more recently online). Maria is a natural and is extremely well tuned-in to your particular needs and physical issues and tailors her sessions to help alleviate and address them. She watches you closely even when seeing you online and picks up every detail of your movements and position. She uses her physio knowledge and on-going training to ensure that she tailors a rehab/strengthening/maintenance pilates programme to your specific needs. For me, Maria is the best pilates teacher I have known and whilst I have only very rarely seen her purely for physio treatment, this is definitely in large part due to how well her pilates sessions help me manage my pre-existing back condition. Thank you Maria!

  • Rocío Mateos Ruiz

Trato cercano y muy muy profesional. Horarios flexibles y soluciones adaptadas. María se implica con cada paciente no solo con el tratamiento que requiere, que es de 10, si no también ofreciendo el seguimiento adecuado y cercanía. Desde que me trató la espalda no me pongo en otras manos, basta una sesión con ella para volver a estar como nueva. La he recomendado a familiares y amigos y todos encantados. A destacar la consulta y tratamiento de salud de la mujer y suelo pélvico, muy delicada y sobretodo efectiva. Me ayudó muchísimo frente a mi segundo parto con ejercicios de preparación, y después, en el postparto, con valoración y tratamiento adecuados a mi estado para volver a estar como nueva. Si estás buscando un buen fisio de verdad, elige a María, sin duda!

  • Virginia cobiella carnicer

Mi experiencia con María ha sido maravillosa y solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento. En enero de este año, me diagnosticaron Epicondilitis Aguda y después de infiltrarme y recibir varias sesiones de fisioterapia en diferentes centros, sin ningún éxito, me recomendaron a María. Cuando empecé con María, estaba muy desanimada y desesperada porque veía que no mejoraba y llegué a pensar que no me iba a curar y que iba a ser un proceso muy largo.... Después de dos meses y medio con María y gracias a sus sesiones de fisioterapia y a los ejercicios que me recomendó para fortalecer mi brazo, fui mejorando poco a poco hasta curar definitivamente mi lesión!! Por este motivo, os recomiendo a María por su gran profesionalidad y efectividad en la curación de mi lesión.

  • María Valverde

I started out with prenatal pilates classes with Maria when I was 4 months pregnant, and I recommend it from the very beginning of the pregnancy! I hadn't really done much pilates before (I was used to team sports) so it was good to learn the basics in breathing, posture and pelvic floor while I was still capable of concentrating on that and not having to worry about keeping my balance as my belly grew! Maria is an amazing teacher, she explains everything really well and adapts the excercises according to the needs of each individual person in the class, suggesting different ways of doing it depending on your capabilities or limitations. She follows up on you and you definitely don't feel like you're just another person in her classes, she's great! :-)

  • Jody Thompson

I've been a client of Maria for more than a decade. She's simply one of the best pilates teachers and physiotherapists I have ever had the pleasure to deal with - and I have seen a lot over the years because of the various issues I have with my spine and resulting nerve issues. Maria is meticulous in her approach when it comes to her treatment and teaching and I know I couldn't be in safer hands. Much more importantly, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met, full stop. Her warmth, kindness, sense of humour and enthusiasm make every session with her something to look forward to, whether online or in person, and even when she's really pushing you as she puts you through your paces! I can't recommend her highly enough.

  • Chaya Gorman

I have been a long-standing Pilates client of Maria’, taking her classes for the last 7+ years when Maria worked in London. Maria’s online classes are just like being there with her in person and it is the same great experience. With Maria’s physiotherapy background, she has full knowledge of the body and can really help with injury rehab, stretching and strengthening. Now that I live in NYC and Maria is now in Spain, I can continue with my Pilates online with Maria’s online classes. Maria’s classes are unique in that not only do you get a full-body workout/stretch/strengthen, but I always feel calm and relaxed during and after. Maria brings a certes ‘zen’ feeling to her classes which I love.

  • Jacina

I had been having fluctuating pain (often times it was excruciating and debilitating) in my shoulder, neck and chest for several years. Maria has been helping me successfully reduce my pain to the point where I almost never have it anymore and I know in time, it'll be completely gone. Maria took her time to make sure she understood what the problem was and she gave me exercises and treatment that were tailored to me and my specific problem. She is so nice and listens very well and asked questions to understand what I was experiencing better. Lastly, for anyone who has been looking for an awesome PT that also speaks English, her English is perfect. I would highly, highly recommend her.

  • brYan w

I have been going to Maria for physio and Pilates for over ten years. With her help I have been able to maintain an active lifestyle even though I have a serious back and hip injury. Maria is best physio and Pilates teacher I have come across: - she treats you as an individual and creates a recovery plan tailored to you - she watches the way you move closely and has the experience to know what will work - she has the medical knowledge to know when to refer someone for x-rays, scans and other tests. - she never stops learning about treatments. She is always doing new courses that inform her work - her combination of physio, Pilates and yoga really works - she is a natural healer

  • Jane Sim

I first came to Maria for physiotherapy for a knee injury. She was extremely thorough and professional, quickly understanding what was needed and putting me at my ease. During the pandemic she moved her pilates and yoga classes online using Zoom. Her classes are the best I have ever attended! (and I am an ex aerobics teacher myself) Hitting the perfect balance of being fun and challenging, whilst at the same time giving easier and harder options for each exercise so you can continue to improve your fitness. She is informative and actively corrects each participant's posture during the class. I simply love her vinyasa flow classes on a Friday :-)

  • Cathal LOGUE

After picking up a hamstring strain I searched for English-speaking physios in Madrid and came across Maria. She's excellent and very professional in her approach. Straight from the start she asked me specific questions about how I normally train and what my goals were to establish the specific treatment I needed. Despite being sceptical of the online appointments, I was very impressed at how our sessions went. She demonstrated the exercises I had to do, giving me targets and progressions and after the session sent me videos of it for a recap. I can't recommend her enough. She also offers pilates classes and I intend to join them soon.

  • Tom Ryan

I would highly recommend Maria and her physio service to anyone and everyone. Really friendly, easy-going, and clearly knows her stuff. I went for physio less than two weeks before I was supposed to run a half marathon, but at that stage I was suffering serious back pain and was having difficulty just walking. In that period, Maria managed to fit me in for a few urgent sessions, where she solved the problem and gave me useful exercises to do. In the end, I managed to complete the run in quite a good time, something that had seemed impossible just a week prior. Really grateful for her help and expertise!

  • Olga García

Mi experiencia con María ha sido muy, muy buena. Llegué a ella con un dolor intenso en la escápula izquierda. Llevaba con físio semanal desde hacía más de medio año y no notaba mejora o mejoraba ligeramente para volver a dolerme una barbaridad un poco después. María me evaluó con muchísimo detalle y me ha estado dando ejercicios de fisioterapia que, prácticamente, han hecho desaparecer el dolor. Ya la primera semana con sus ejercicios la mejora fue tremenda. Además es un encanto de persona. La elegí porque tenía muy buenas recomendaciones y entiendo que así sea, porque es muy buena en lo que hace.

  • MARINA c

Clases de 10. Poquita gente, atención individualizada, adaptación total a las necesidades que he tenido como embarazada de riesgo. Limpieza y ventilación. Pilates para embarazadas con maquinas y a veces intercalado con yoga. La profesora, Maria, ademas de ser encantadora es experta en su campo, titulada, formada y además es fisioterapeuta. Clases amenas y a veces eran hasta bilingües en inglés si había alguna compañera extranjera. No podría estar más contenta con ella. Estoy segura de que todo lo aprendido me valdrá para cuando de a luz dentro de poco... Gracias por las clases Maria!

  • Victoria

The best teacher we’ve ever had ... my husband had a very serious accident about 5 years ago and we’ve been to many different people to try and get some help. Maria is the first person who’s really helped and listened ... and put up with him! She is really attentive. Watches carefully as to how he is each day as to what to try and has really finally shown some progress. He also goes ! With so many before he used to not want to go or ended up cancelling. It’s been so lovely to also make a new friend and have someone who’s really helped both of us ! Highly recommended

  • María López

He estado asistiendo a clases de Pilates y Yoga prenatal online impartidas por María en estos últimos meses. Para mi sorpresa, la experiencia ha sido muy satisfactoria a la vez que cómoda. María, se implica mucho en cada clase variando la tabla de ejercicios y corrigiendo sobre la marcha cada postura, haciendo hincapié en el tratamiento del suelo pélvico que tanta importancia tiene antes y después del parto. Gran profesional que hace las clases muy amenas y flexibles. Sin duda, tengo intención de acudir a las clases postparto con ella para seguir recuperándome.

  • Maria Medusa

Estoy disfrutando muchísimo de las clases de yoga prenatal. Une desde mi punto de vista y experiencia, una relajación y autocuidado psíquico tan necesario durante el embarazo. Y mantenerme en forma, y con especial atención al trabajo del suelo pélvico, estiramientos, equilibrio...Noto muchísimo la mejora en mi flexibilidad o la respiración. Es importante estar activa durante el embarazo , y Maxifisio y María ofrecen una fórmula perfecta, poder hacerlo desde casa, con una gran atención personal y cuidada para cada una de nosotras. ¡No puedo más que animaros!

  • Soraya Saghbini

I reached out to Maria one week after my fifth 3rd degree ankle sprain. I was on a study abroad program in Spain, and finding an english speaking physiotherapist was super helpful. What I most respect is how much Maria cares for the well-being of her patients. When we had our first meeting, she told me that she would be more than happy to help but she would also like it if I saw someone in person. She proceeded to help me through that process, and has been helpful during and outside our sessions ever since. Honestly, great experience, highly recommend!

  • Deborah Li

I started taking prenatal pilates with Maria when I was 26 weeks pregnant. It was during Covid so the classes were all online. I was hesitant at first with the online format, but Maria is very attentive and will give you corrections and clear guidance to help you understand what you're suppose to do. As my belly got bigger, it was very easy to follow along the classes with the right modifications. Maria knows a lot about what is and what isn't doable for the pregnant body. Her classes helped a lot with my sciatica pain. Highly recommend!

  • Kirsty Shaw

I've been going to pregnancy pilates classes with Maria for the past month and have really enjoyed them. She was really helpful and patient whilst we found a time to set up a group class and sent reminders which definitely helped with being more forgetful during pregnancy The classes have been brilliant - Maria's explanations and demonstrations were clear and she helped to correct technique when necessary. I really enjoyed them, the intensity and duration, and would definitely like to return to her post pregnancy pilates classes!

  • Svetlana A. Prasasthi

I started attending Maria’s pilates studio last year, just before COVID-19 hit. Due to the pandemic, she started an online class, and they’re just as good as her studio sessions! I always find her classes therapeutic (especially during these difficult times) and I love her attentiveness during class (by addressing our postures and movements). Her instructions are always easy to follow, even for my toddler who’d sometimes join our Zoom sessions. I think that Maria’s pilates classes was the best investment for my body in 2020

  • Tom Priscott

I've been seeing Maria (virtually) for a number of months, she is absolutely world class. As a semi-pro athlete, I've been through more physios than I care to count! But Maria goes above and beyond to help me play my best. She has a vast network within Madrid which is incredibly useful if you need to see other professions, chiro etc. I've been doing sessions through Zoom and it's exactly like being in the same room, absolutely no difference and you can do it the comfort of your own home. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

  • Kelly Thornes

I started working with Maria in 2019 doing reformer Pilates. Since then, we’ve transitioned to online May based Pilates classes and also physiotherapy sessions. She is great, knowledgeable, supportive and calm! I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is in need of Pilates, yoga or physiotherapy. I was a little sceptical at first at how physio could work online - but she has made a real difference to my life as my pain levels are now much lower due to my strength increasing (from exercises she taught me).

  • Jessica Veira

Maria's classes have been more than just yoga for me; they are also a form of pelvic floor therapy. When I first reached out to Maria to ask her about pelvic floor therapy, she was so kind and offered me so much guidance. She had told me about her classes, so I decided to try them and am so happy that I did! They really helped me with my pain and to become a lot more flexible in that area. Not only are her classes amazing, Maria herself is a really kind person. Very happy to have gotten in touch with her.

  • Teresa

Me recomendaron a María y sus clases de Pilates y Yoga para embarazadas y no puedo estar más agradecida! Prepara cada clase con muchísima dedicación y cariño (no he asistido a 2 clases iguales!). Está súper pendiente de corregir cada postura, de amoldarse a cada una en función de la semana en el que se encuentra cada una y haciendo especial hincapié en trabajar el suelo pélvico. Las clases las emite online, y en algún momento que no he podido asistir me ha hecho llegar la grabación. Muy cómodo!

  • John Warnes

I highly recommend Maria to all runners (like myself) who may need assessment/advice with any injuries that you may be struggling with. This is the 2nd injury that Maria has professionally diagnosed and treated me for, and the results have been very successful. Her method of treatment is very effective and she follows up to make sure that her treatments are working. A bonus for me is that Maria is fully bilingual, so I was able to explain my problem to her in English which I really appreciated.

  • Katie Ruiz Foz

María’s classes are excellent and are extremely personalized. Any areas you have concerns about or want to work on she will help you. The classes are small and Maria is not only a great teacher but a fantastic person to be around. She has worked all over the world and speaks English perfectly. It was a great class after having my daughter and I was able to progress to a more advanced class in time. The machines are new and the facilities are super clean. I can’t recommend a better place!!

  • MJ

I intially went to see María for a sprained knee which later turned out to be a damaged meniscus requiring surgery. Throughout the subsequent operation and rehabilitation process, María was great: putting me in touch with the relevant medical professionals in Madrid, offering advice on how to strengthen the leg outside of our physiotherapy sessions and consistently checking in to see how I was doing. I would highly recommend her (for pilates classes as well)! Thank you María :D

  • Virginie Maurandy

I have been working with Maria since late 2021 and can say I have seen and felt tremendous progress in my ankle. I am a figure skater and have even started jumping on the ice again. Her exercises were really well tailored to what I needed. Additionally, she sends you a personal video with the exercises you’ve done that day with her to do on your own after every session. Doing physiotherapy with her has been very pleasant and I couldn’t recommend her more!

  • Nayef Ahmed

I had an amazing experience with Maria for the 4 months I was in Spain (I was an exchange student for one semester). Maria was very accommodating and fully customized my treatment plan for rehabilitating my knee after getting surgery for a torn ACL. She was also very flexible to work with and easily shifted around her appointments to fit to my schedule. I would highly recommend Maria in the future as she's a very qualified and personable physiotherapist!

  • Alexandra Tyson-Beer

I’ve been seeing Maria for about two years, ever since one of her colleagues from her London days recommended her to me. María really cares about her patients and participants in her classes and is thoughtful and proactive about the advice that she gives them. I have been able to keep on top of the physical trauma from my first birth thanks to one to one and group sessions with her. I look forward to seeing her again after my upcoming second birth.


Fui a tratarme del hombro. Resulta que tenía fastidiado el "manguito rotador", lesión algo frecuente en los que solemos ir al gimnasio. Me gustó mucho por que, antes de empezar cualquier tratamiento, realizó una evaluación previa del posible problema. Tras 4 sesiones, pude volver a mi rutina normal en el gimnasio sin ninguna molestia. Además de la eficacia en el tratamiento (incluyendo acupuntura), destaca la simpatía y el buen trato al cliente.

  • Benjamin Heinig

I had several online sessions with Maria during the lockdown. Besides speaking perfect English (would’ve been a little tough with my still limited level of Spanish) she’s an extremely nice person and an absolute professional. Due to the exercises she showed me, I was pain free after 3 weeks. I want to emphasize that this proofs her level of professionalism as it’s tough to diagnosis via video chat. Long story short, 100% recommendable.

  • Tom Thornton

Maria is a superb physio with perfect English and the online course she gave to my nine year old daughter has changed her quality of life. My girl has scoliosis and (used to have) terrible back pain. Now - none. Tailored videos each week to show my girl what to do. Maria is not expensive either but if there is one thing to spend money on, it is the health and happiness of your daughter! So happy with the whole package. Thanks Maria!

  • Christoph Stehling

I went to Maria because I had experienced increasing back pain over the last months to a point where walking hurt (at the age of 25). Not only could she identify the cause and release the pain in one session but also taught me exercises that I could perform on my own, that helped me to never experience those pain again. Could not ask for more, 5/5! In addition to her competence, she's a very friendly and cheerful character.

  • Claire Sefton

Maria is a wonderful pilates instructor. I have been having weekly online classes with her for the past three years and I cannot recommend her enough. I have taken part in both the improvers and the pre/post natal classes and they have been excellent in helping me to improve my general strength and control. Maria has guided me through two pregnancies helping me to keep my core strong which I am forever grateful for!

  • Ana Duque-Higgins

Maria’s classes (both private and group) are excellent. She knows her stuff - asks you lots of questions, tells you to listen to your body, and offers detailed explanations of each move and how it benefits you. After working with her for only a couple of months, my core was stronger, my posture was better, and my back problems disappeared all together. I recommend both her virtual classes and her in-person sessions.

  • Tatiana Villacieros

Maria, the teacher is great. She does a very personalised follow up and the classes are adapted for all the students. When doing online classes, the quality for sound and image is great. She is super organised with the sharing of links, recordings and information and very easy going. The rhythm of the class is good, everything is well explained and she does a close follow up when needed. Very much recommended!!!

  • Chris V

Maria is a fantastic trainer. She has excellent knowledge to personalize your exercises, this was particularly helpful to me to recover from a minor back injury. In addition, she provides very well-designed classes (virtual) for all levels and all goals, during which you receive a great level of personalization. Most of all, she is awesome to work with and passionate to include you and help you in her programs.

  • ForeverFree

I was having muscle pain in my calf due to excessive sport activities and was looking for english speaking physioterapist in Madrid, who could help me to fix the cause as soon as possible. Maria was very helpful, because she readjusted her schedule to see me the very same day I wrote her. She managed to help me with my problem and for that I'd recommend Maria to anyone, who needs a good physioterapist

  • Alexandra Vollebregt

I have been doing classes with Maria for a year now and I have never been more comfortable and motivated! I never saw myself as the pilates type but she made me love it! There are classes for every need or level, wether its private or a group lesson she will pay attention to each single student. There is a wide variation in exercises with no class ever being the same as another. Plus Maria is a joy!

  • Marjorie Scheker

I had a really great experience at Maria´s postpartum Mom & Baby pilates class. Maria is very knowledgable on the issues postpartum women face and what exercises are most appropriate and beneficial for their recuperating bodies. It was lovely to be able to work out with other moms and be able to bring my baby along. He loved playing while I was exercising. I would highly recommend Maria´s services.

  • Samantha Pantowich

I can’t stress enough how FANTASTIC Maria and this class are! I started the year with immense back pain where I could barely walk and through personal physio and the Pilates I haven’t felt that pain in so many months. I was a total beginner and I never felt overwhelmed, even when I started taking the small group classes. It is the perfect workout every week and I can’t recommend it enough!

  • Nola

Definitely recommend the online hipopressive classes. Within the first class I learned the technique and from there Maria's offered increasingly difficult exercise routines, adapting to my level. She sends you a video afterwards with the routine to practice at home (no need to take notes!) and whenever you are ready for a new challenge Maria is always flexible to schedule the next call.

  • Oisin King

I had two sessions with Maria who was wonderful to work with. She told me what she thought was wrong with my knee and once I got my mri results it was clear she was 100% right. She gave me multiple rehab exercises for my knee and they have been working a charm. She was very helpful and was quick at responding to my messages. I couldn’t recommend her enough. 10/10 experience.

  • Lorna Pugh

María is a brilliant teacher! I would highly recommend her classes. I took her Mum and Baby classes and they really helped in my postpartum recovery. I then went on to take her reformer classes. María has a lovely manner with her classes, she's clear, kind and extremely professional. The facilities in Maxifisio are modern and kept spotlessly clean. Thank you María!

  • vicki cooper

I’ve really enjoyed these classes whilst both pre and post natal. Maria is a great teacher. She gives really clear direction and insight, and the classes provide an appropriate level of challenge whilst feeling safe and comfortable at all stages of pregnancy. They helped me to feel aware of my pelvic floor both within and outside of the class. Really recommend!

  • Bhumi Patel

Loved every single class. Maria is a very good teacher who put all her energy and effort into each class. She is thorough with her guidance to her students and ensures everyone is comfortable with the movements, if not, she suggest alternatives that are more suitable. One of my highlights of lockdown has been her classes. Can not recommend her enough. Bhumi xx

  • Teresa Soriano Paradinas

María es una excelente profesional. Llevo asistiendo a sus clases de yoga y pilates prenatal desde hace 5 meses y estoy encantada. Lo explica todo muy bien, está pendiente de ti y te corrige y gracias a su trabajo, me encuentro fenomenal ya en mi octavo mes de embarazo y he conseguido disminuir los calambres que tenía en las piernas. La recomiendo al 100%.

  • Patricia de Cruz Bernal

Las clases de Mum&Baby Pilates de Maxifisio son una estupenda forma de retomar poco a poco el contacto con la actividad física a la vez que pasas tiempo con tu bebé (2x1!). He ido a varias clases y he salido encantada. Además, la atención es súper personalizada, y María te adapta los ejercicios según tus necesidades y las del peque. Las recomiendo 100%.

  • Jimena Sedano Hurtado

Estuve en clases de pilates para embarazadas con María y la experiencia ha sido genial. Nunca había hecho pilates, pero María en todo momento ha estado pendiente de todas nosotras guiándonos y ayudándonos en los ejercicios. Aunque no he podido hacer tantas clases como me gustaría por falta de tiempo, me voy muy contenta con la preparación realizada.

  • Maria Gisbert Sorolla

Trabajé varios meses con María en sus clases de pilates y yoga de preparación al parto y me vinieron genial. Son clases muy completas y muy bien dirigidas. María es una gran profesional y siempre está dispuesta a ayudarte con cualquier duda o problema que pueda surgir durante las clases o fuera de ellas. Os recomiendo que os pongáis en sus manos : )

  • Kathryn Doyle

An easy 5 star review! Maria clearly communicated prior to class about time, address and payment. The reformer Pilates class was fairly priced for the facilities, reformer, 1 hour duration and small class size. The class was easy to follow with personalised corrections. If I am in Madrid again I will be certain to reach out to arrange another class.

  • Cara Wilson

I highly recommend Maria as a physiotherapist - she has a fantastic manner with her patients and works tirelessly to get to the root of a problem and work out the best cure. She is very accommodating when organising appointments and gives you 100% attention every time as well as suggesting helpful exercises to do at home. Speaks perfect English too!

  • Gabriela Ilizarova

I have been attending Maria’s classes for a year now. She has been an amazing instructor with an attention to all and each of her students! Even during the pandemic when she switched to zoom she still manages to teach, demonstrate and correct you at the same time! Anyone who had an opportunity to attend her classes whether on/offline are lucky :)

  • Suzanne McJimpsey

Online session with Maria after a football injury to my sons knee. The backlog and wait times are queued out in the UK for Physiotherapy so we gave it a go and were delighted with the consultation and recommendations provided. Professional service, straightforward to arrange and great set up that Maria has in her studio. Would highly recommend.

  • Patricia de Cruz Bernal

Estoy haciendo las clases de Yoga Prenatal con María y la verdad es que me encuentro mucho mejor desde que comencé (¡ojalá las hubiera hecho desde el principio!). Al ser online, es muy cómodo y María te va corrigiendo para que hagas todo correctamente, lo cual te da mucha confianza y sabes que es tiempo bien invertido. Totalmente recomendable.

  • Maxence Popineau

Maria has a really professional approach and helps you all the way along to recover. She perfectly identified my needs and established a step-by-step program that helped me to recover quickly than expected. In addition to her great professional skills, she is friendly and try to make her best for each of her clients. Thanks again !

  • Jen Munnerlyn

Maria is an excellent trainer and physiotherapist. She is consistent, professional, and motivating. She has excellent English skills - which was essential for me as I was recovering from an injury. I love working with Maria online and at the studio and would highly recommend her as an English-Speaking trainer here in Madrid.

  • Emily Gill

I really enjoyed this place. We had a great teacher (Maria) who really showed us how to use the reformer machines safely. It was the perfect beginner session, we got great individual attention and the weights were adjusted for our separate capabilities. I would highly recommend, especially for English speakers in Madrid.

  • N K

Excellent! The reformer Pilates class has great facilities, 1 hour long with a small and initiate class size. The classes are easy to follow and Maria always ensures to personalise weight and form for each person, ensuring you get the most out of each session! Would highly recommend for any level, beginner to advanced!

  • Irene Iglesias

Best online Pilates and Yoga classes ever! María is very professional and friendly. Even though it’s and online class, she’ll correct postures, as she’s on point looking at everyone. She’s also very flexible, if you can’t attend a class she’ll send you the recorded version. I always feel a lot better after her class :)

  • Alistair Patmore

Maria is excellent and has helped me to adapt my stretching and training routines in order to alleviate pain in my hip. She has also helped me with strengthening my glutes and improve the biomechanics of my knee! Would definitely recommend as Maria if you are looking for a great, professional and knowledgeable physio.

  • Maddie S

Highly recommend the classes for pregancy. Good pace and focus on pelvic floor throughout to help you prepare. Suggestions for adaptions for each person's needs or stage of pregnancy/postpartum. She regularly checks in on your posture and makes suggestions to help you. It is something I look forward to each week.

  • Allison Marino

AMAZING experience! I went for the first time and loved how attentive the instructor was. Being a beginner in Pilates, I felt very worried about staying in pace with everyone else but Maria was very encouraging. I even felt a difference in my stamina after a few classes. I must and will definitely come back!!

  • Paul Latham

It is with much enthusiasm that I make this recommendation. Maria has helped me to improve movement and strength in my shoulder after an injury. She is extremely knowledgeable. Identified the problem immediately and implemented a plan for recovery that worked perfectly. Extremely personable too, which helps.

  • Lucy Kirk

Maria was great; she gave clear advice and made me feel at ease on our online appointment about piriformis syndrome. She even made me a personalised work-out video afterwards, with the self-massage, strengthening and stretch exercises we’d done together over Zoom. 100% recommendable, will definitely go back!

  • Jane Paauw

Very much recommended! I was pregnant in my 3rd trimester and in lockdown due to Corona and Maria helped me stay in shape and get my body ready for birth. Thanks to her pregnancy pilates classes (once a week we focussed more on stretching and once a week we did more cardio) I had a smooth physical recovery.

  • Leila Stein

Incredible! Maria was really accommodating, helping me with a last minute emergency appointment. She was thorough and really explained what my issue was and how to go about helping with exercises while I was still travelling. Really recommend, especially if you find yourself in need while visiting Madrid!

  • Rachel Englender

Maria’s online classes are exceptional. Innovative classes with brilliant results. Being a fantastic physiotherapist as well Maria has complete understanding and empathy regarding sports injuries, how to modify positions, she also has eyes like a hawk if you make one slight movement that is incorrect!!!

  • M. Garcia

Viajo mucho por trabajo y llegué a Madrid con una contractura muy fuerte. Maxifisio fue un acierto: María es una gran profesional con amplia experiencia y formación. El tratamiento fue impecable y solucionó el problema, y además me enseñó estiramientos para prevenir que se agravara. Sin duda repetiré.

  • Lucia Perez

María es una excelente profesional. Tras una lesión en el tendón de Aquiles me está acompañando en mi recuperación, indicándome cuales son los ejercicios mas adecuados y adaptando el entrenamiento para que día a día pueda ir notando la mejora. Sin duda es una persona a la que siempre pediré consejo.

  • Rachel Kelly

I have been taking online Pilates classes with Maria for over a year and she’s a great teacher. Her instructions are easy to follow and she gives corrections to my posture when needed. The online classes are a convenient way to fit Pilates into my day, and Maria is always friendly and accommodating.

  • Verónica Rodríguez Muñoz

Excelente profesional con años de experiencia. Participo en sus sesiones de Yoga online que son una maravilla, muy centradas también en el bienestar y tratamiento de cada parte del cuerpo. Se nota su gran experiencia como fisio que integra perfectamente en sus clases de yoga. ¡La recomiendo 100%!

  • Marta A. Atienza

Acudí a María porque, debido a mi trabajo como diseñadora, tengo bastantes contracturas en el cuello y además lo tengo muy rígido. Salí de allí súper contenta, ya no solo por la calidad de sus servicios, que es altísima, sino por el trato tan excelente recibido. La recomiendo sin duda alguna.

  • Merel van de Hoef

I am really happy with the good help Maxifisio has provided during my injury. I was able to plan an appointment very quickly. As I am from the Netherlands, it was nice to be able to speak in English. I will definitely come back if I have any other injuries in the future. Thank you so much !!!

  • Carolyn Chambers

The pilates and yoga classes are well structured, engaging and are adapted to help you progress at the right pace. María really helps you get the most out of the class and is able to explain things so clearly which makes all the difference when part of a class. Highly recommended.

  • Alyson Aurigemma

Maria is an amazing Pilates instructor. She takes the time to learn about her clients and ensure that the workout will benefit them and push them without getting injured. Her classes seem so straight forward and easy, but you feel them (in a good way) the next day!

  • Sinem Altug

Maria is a Great Physiotherapist. She is doing great workouts via video conference which are very effective and even reducing the pain. In my case I have back problems and she helped me strengthening my muscles and reducing the pain.I would absolute recommend her.

  • Martyna Lisowska

Maria is a very professional, supportive and friendly person. It was a pure pleasure to attend her Pilates class! She was always there to correct my posture if needed or to answer any of my questions. I'll certainly come back! Many thanks Maria! :)

  • Mairead McElligott

I really enjoyed María's classes, she's knowledgeable and friendly and the classes were just what I needed to help get me moving again after pregnancy and a c-section. The space is also lovely, really clean and bright with good quality equipment.

  • Alexander Lyvers

I had peroneal tendonitis and could not run or sleep at night from the pain. After one session Maria showed me exercises to help recover and even made a personalized video of the routine. Now I’m running and sleeping again. Thanks Maria!

  • Sofia Asher

I have had an amazing experience with Maria! She helped me through my injury and has given me countless tips on rehab and how to prevent in the future.. if you are having any problems and need physio, I highly recommend coming here!

  • Joana Morales

Maria is an excellent teacher. Her online classes are very easy to follow, she aims to teach you how to do every movement properly and her explanations are clear and on point. She is also very nice, and the classes very pleasant :)

  • Daniela Freitag

I had classes with María for about 1 month and my experience with her was fantastic! She was very friendly , patient and took the time to explain and correct our postures while keeping the class fun. I highly recommend her classes!

  • Edith Stenvall

I took pilates reformer classes with Maria here for a while and the classes were extremely good and helpful especially for me as a dancer. Maria is such a wonderful physiotherapist and person, and I highly recommend this place.

  • Sophie Maria

Best teacher!! Amazing classes in Madrid but also online just perfect! Maria cares so much about everyone, remembering everyone’s pain points! She cares for real and does an amazing job! Happy I met her! Recommend her 100%!!!

  • Jessica Phillips

Had two remote physio sessions with Maria and she was amazing. Very helpful and professional (with perfect English), and provided really simple, step-by-step recovery videos with exercises to follow. Definitely recommend!

  • Nagore Izagirre

He hecho varias sesiones individuales con María para la recuperación posparto y he quedado encantada! Muy profesional y amable, con sesiones personalizadas y centradas en mis necesidades! Totalmente recomendable!

  • S MP

Fui a tratarme un dolor de rodilla que sufría al hacer deporte. María dio en el clavo con el diagnóstico y el tratamiento, no he vuelto a tener ningún problema. La atención y el trato impecables. Recomiendo 100%

  • Reagan McCracken

I had an amazing expirience at Maxifisio. I went in to have some help with post ACL surgery PT and Maria was amazing and very knowledgable and able to help me create a training plan. Also her english is amazing!

  • Adam Potts

María has been very helpful throughout our online sessions. She has provided thorough advice and explained detailed exercises that I have applied to reduce my hip pain when running. Highly recommended!

  • Victor Bentata

Maria is an inspiring person and great physiotherapist and Pilates teacher. She gets results, is bright as well as intuitive and is also very professional and personable. I would highly recommend her

  • Fernando Moreno Pérez

Hace dos años María me trató una rotura de tendones en el hombro. Dos años después he recaído y he hecho una sesión online y me ha venido fenomenal para trabajar desde casa y volver a recuperarme :)

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