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Pringle Law is a Criminal justice attorney located at 10150 100 St NW #300, Edmonton, AB T5J 0P6, Canada. It has received 404 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of Pringle Law: 10150 100 St NW #300, Edmonton, AB T5J 0P6, Canada

  • Pringle Law has 4.9 stars from 404 reviews

  • Criminal justice attorney

  • "Calling Nicole Stewart at Pringle Law was the single best decision I made when seeking counsel"

    "I worked with Laura and so far the best decision ever in my life"

    "I was stuck in a really bad situation regarding my case"

    "Our thanks to the Pringle law firm for their professional & successful handling of a pressing legal matter"

    "If you’re reading reviews right now for criminal defense firms, you probably need a lawyer right now"


  • Patrick Howarth

Calling Nicole Stewart at Pringle Law was the single best decision I made when seeking counsel. If you are reading these reviews, it may be that you are anxious and unsure about where to turn. Call Ms. Stewart–the sooner the better–and rest assured that you have started the right way. Ms. Stewart and her team bring considerable expertise and a willingness to delve into new challenges. When things change, she has the flexibility to adjust, keeping your best interests in mind. She is exceptionally organized and efficient; she will bring you along step-by-step, protecting you from being overwhelmed by the long legal process. She will be frank and to the point; it is in your best interests to be frank and open in return. If you do, you will find an exceptionally good listener. I cannot overstate how important this was to me. I trusted she was informed–moreover, I felt comfortable. Her approach with all parties, in and out of court, is sensitive and respectful. At the same time, she is laser sharp and very prepared. She builds her cases with an informed understanding of the law, and argues them with clarity. Finally, Ms. Stewart is as compassionate as she is pragmatic. It is a genuine quality that earned the admiration of my family, friends, and especially me. I would recommend her on her expertise alone. But she brings much more.

  • Geeply George

I worked with Laura and so far the best decision ever in my life. My case was as complex and stressful more than I could handle. Laura listens, she puts her clients first and she promptly respond to her emails, voice messages or text messages. Working with Laura I realized that she is not just a defence counsel; she is a human that go above and beyond to represent her clients. When it seemed like the entire word dished me, career gone, some families abandoned me and my back was against the wall, the only person I could email and express myself to was Laura and she listens to everything I had to say. Over three years due to my legal issues and how it effected my ability to obtain employment, I travelled to more than 10 Countries around the world but along my journey I would send her an email and within 8hrs get a response. I honestly don’t see why anyone in the Edmonton area will not consider retaining Laura. Her legal knowledge is exceptional, the professionalism is superb and law firm is the best in town. In the end I am a free man with no criminal record! Even in my sleep or the next world I will strongly recommend Laura. Lol Laura’s aggression in the court room is something to see... she is experience and knowledgeable. Thank you Laura I am grateful. Chris

  • Roby Felix

I was stuck in a really bad situation regarding my case. I was charged for assault.. I was completely broken... did not know what to do.. I obtained services of this law firm.. From initial phone call to representing me in court was just awesome.. My lawyer Nicole was quick to address my situation and always assured me “everything is going to be just fine”. She was really patient with me and heard my part of story.. The firm has lots of good lawyers but I can say from my experience that Nicole is the best.. I had lost hope in myself but Nicole always assured me she will do her best and everything will be fine.. We won the case and judge supported Nicole’s arguments and my testimony.. Nicole is a fighter and never gives up.. She will give u not just 100% but 200%... I have never in my life written such a big review for anyone.. I just can say if you are charged with any kind of assault or any criminal charges Nicole is the best person to go too.. You will know your in safe hands.. And trust me if she says it’s going to be fine means you will be fine.. Just have trust in her.. Thank you soo much Nicole for helping me come back to my normal life.. I am forever grateful to you..

  • Will “Willy” Verdi

Our thanks to the Pringle law firm for their professional & successful handling of a pressing legal matter. Albeit an extremely stressful time & without first hand knowledge of what happens in the legal system we're thankful we made the right decision in choosing Pringle Law, specifically Dan Chivers. We'd like to thank the law firm for their timely and exceptional work, and their commitment to the client. Dan Chivers, Pringle Law's senior partner was the right choice for our needs. We are truly grateful for your assistance, thank you. We highly recommend Pringle law firm to anyone needing exceptional representation. After our initial contact and speaking with several excellent lawyers who were very easy to speak with and gain insight from regarding our specifics we decided that Dan Chivers best matched the particulars of our needs. Dan is very personable, thorough and well versed in the matters that needed to be addressed. Dan was excellent in keeping us abreast of all the details and particulars in a timely manner. He's genuine, easy to talk to and is a straight shooter. With his skill and knowledge he was able to successfully resolve the matter for us. Dan, Kudos! Many thanks!!!

  • Ian

If you’re reading reviews right now for criminal defense firms, you probably need a lawyer right now. Like yourself, I too found myself in a bad situation, and started reaching out to law firms. I was given a lot of advise from friends and family but trusted my gut and retained Kent Teskey. No lawyer can guarantee an outcome, but there’s an obvious value in having ethical competent legal counsel that will give you the best possible outcome. I’m extremely grateful for how my case was handled. I felt so out of control of my own life/fate. If you’re facing criminal charges, especially if you have no criminal background, you know exactly what I mean. I needed a shrink more than a lawyer, so it was comforting knowing at least I had a great lawyer. If I had any advise to anyone that is looking for a criminal defense lawyer, I’d recommend a few things: 1) Hire this firm 2) Trust your lawyer and let them do their job 3) Take a deep breath and relax. My charges were dropped. Whether or not yours will be as well, will ultimately depend on the specific circumstances of your case. That being said, if you want the best possible outcome, Pringle Law is your best shot. Good luck.

  • Adrhachey H

I dealt with Evan McIntyre for an Agg assault case I was being accused of doing. Before choosing a lawyer I called at least a half dozen of them and right away with talking to him I knew he was the one to go with. He didn't try and price gouge me and told me exactly what I was dealing with and what the outcome could be from best to worst, not just trying to make empty promises to gain a client. He always stayed very honest with me whether it be something I want to hear or not. He answered me promptly when I had questions, was very knowledgeable and understanding when I was nervous or stressing out over the matter. He's a real down to earth guy who knows the law and what's going on inside the court room and prepares you well for what you can expect in there. Very reasonable in price and doesn't fill your ear with empty promises and in the end he got the job done! This type of situation was all new to me and I was blind sided by the accusation not knowing what to do. I'm glad I went with him and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer in Edmonton or surrounding areas.

  • Cameron Freckelton

I have had the pleasure of having Curtis steeves as my representation for some matters I needed professional assistance with and I can tell you this, I will never look elsewhere for another lawyer again, he was professional, responsive, upfront, unbelievably intelligent in his field. The people who back him are just as on par. They are willing to work with you with fair pricing, be very upfront, but I cannot stress the professionalism I experienced while having this firm help me with my Matters. If you are looking for a lawyer no matter what it be, This is the place you need to look because I have looked far and wide and I will always come back here if I need to. This is a firm that is here for the people not just the dollar value at the end of the day. I could not express this enough if you are looking for a true professional in his field in their field look no further than here. I truly thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me and my family. Keep doing what you guys do because the world needs people like you. Thank you truly

  • sam rawit ayano

My previous lawyer screwed me over big time. There was no communication; I could never get a hold of him. I was very frustrated. That’s when I found Pringle Law, and the receptionist transferred me to the best lawyer, Laura Matalas. I even told her she is sent from God. I explained my situation, and she didn’t rush me into canceling my previous lawyer. She advised me to talk to him before firing him, and she even discussed the matter with him. Before hiring her, she explained the legal details, answering all my questions much better than my previous lawyer did . She gave me time to think, and I eventually hired her. She discussed everything upfront, emailed me all the information and fees, and provided a good discount considering my financial situation. My case was going back and forth with no solution, and she got it dropped in one month. She is very good at what she does, caring, always answering calls, texts, and emails very quickly. I highly recommend Laura Matalas from Pringle Law . Thank you so much, and God bless you."

  • Kyle Dillabough

HUGE thank you to Nicole J. Stewart for everything she has supported me with. I have worked with Barristers, Solicitors and Lawyers all on a professional level from third party circumstances but never needed the support of one before for myself. After dealing with a junior lawyer at another firm, I actually dropped that partner to come and see Nicole as a senior lawyer on a leap of faith from a referral from a friend and I couldn't be happier that I did. Nicole was understanding, empathetic, professional, personable, transparent, honest and most importantly amazing at what she does all-around. The reason why I feel that she is amazing at what she does is she treats her client's (from personal experience) in such a way that inspires hope and to trust in her ability to make the best judgement on your behalf. I can say with the upmost confidence that I would recommend Nicole to my own family and friend's, even if it was in a circumstance that was potentially life altering; that's how much of an impact she had with me!

  • Canada’s Finest

I initially contacted Evan McIntyre about a potentially life changing charge. I had never been in trouble with the law and I was really scared about what the future held. Evan met with me, for free, discussed with me, honestly, what the possible legal consequences were and referred me to some other colleagues he thought could help me. He advised me to meet up with more than one lawyer so I could make this very important decision based on personality and intuition as well as level of skill and knowledge. I went back to Evan to retain him after those meetings and today, almost a year later, I am so happy to know that I am going to be able to keep my job, be with my family and go on with my life. If you need help from a lawyer who is compassionate and is a “no bs” guy, call Evan McIntyre. You will not regret it. Thank you Evan. You shifted my opinion about lawyers in a very positive way. I will recommend you now and for years to come. ae

  • Eric Laurin

I'm 45, never had any Criminal Charge against me aside from speeding tickets in my 20's. 25 years forward, happy married man with amazing wife and 5 kids I could not be more blessed until our Down Syndrome Daughter made a comment to her Teacher that got out of context and things turned around very quickly for us. I was truly Blessed when a very good friend of ours told us to contact Laura at Pringle Laws. She litteraly took all the stress and pressure from the charge I had and helped me out thru the whole process. 7 months forward after our first connection, charge are dismissed and me and my Family can live happily together again. We are so forever thankful for Laura and the amazing Team at Pringle Law. Do yourself and your Family a favor by calling Pringle Law for all Criminal charges you may have and never wished to have, the Truth always prevail!! Thank you so so very much Laura

  • Marianne

I unfortunately got myself into some trouble and experienced the worst time of my life. I already had a lawyer but wanted a second opinion. I immediately switched to Nicole Stewart after our first conversation! It was the best decision I’ve ever made, I can’t say enough good things about her. Nicole Stewart is an absolute amazing lawyer who knows the law inside out and explains things perfectly so you understand exactly what’s happening and going to happen. Nicole is also a genuinely kind, compassionate person. Nicole never made me feel horrible or judged for the situation I was in but actually gave me strength and helped me see that I can get through this with the best case scenario. That’s exactly what happened…Nicole stays by your side, communicating every step of the way and is constantly fighting for you! I’m eternally grateful for Nicole and the outcome of my case.

  • Justin Brittany

Because of my own stupidity I had the pleasure of seeking a lawyer... I spoke with multiple firms and found Evan McIntyre @ Pringle Chivers. After speaking with all the different lawyers I went ahead with Evan and I'm very glad I did. Legal proceedings can be scary, overwhelming and anxiety provoking. I really enjoyed (as much as one can after getting themselves into trouble) my experience in working with Evan along with the outcome he was able to achieve for me. I know with any cause there will always be an effect which deserves punishment. Evan did a great job at making sure that punishment wasn't overly extensive and fighting for me. I'd like to say I'll be using him again but I'm going to refrain from being an idiot but incase anyone else has made a bonehead move then he's a great individual to assist you. I definitely recommend him.

  • Mohd Mujibur Rahman

I have never been charged in my life and I was almost lost with a charge brought against me. After going through the online reviews I went to Pringle Chivers Sparks Teskey law firm. Barrister Evan V. McIntyre, a lawyer of the law firm with excellent personality, defended my case seriously. I was completely depending on him and he answered all of my questions, provided sound and reasonable explanations of the process. He demonstrated extreme professionalism and knowledge of legal matters. His excellent case presentation and defense technique resulted in my complete acquittal. I am extremely pleased with him and highly recommend him. It is worth mentioning that his legal fees are reasonable and affordable. I also thank Mr Dan Chivers for appointing Barrister Evan to deal my case. The front desk staffs were very friendly and caring too.

  • Nicole

I am so grateful to my attorney, Nicole Stewart. I had a very difficult case and Nicole was very straight forward with me that our chances were less than 50/50 but I still chose to go forward. She was very caring and informative and really went above and beyond for me. I was facing two charges, Nicole was able to get one thrown out before court , on the court date one witnesses wasn't able to attend and instead of having my date reschedule Nicole was able to get the whole case thrown out with her argument and proving there wasn't enough evidence. The case didn't even make it to the court room. I am so grateful for all her hard work and for giving me a second chance. She was truly amazing and put everything into my case. If you want a great attorney that really cares about you and that will work every angle ask for Nicole Stewart.

  • Kate Rog

I submitted an email to Pringle Law website yesterday looking for some advice/help and within a couple hours, Stephen Brophy called me back. He was very professional and kind. Said he would look into some stuff for me. He told me he might give me a call back that same evening and if not, the following day. After we got off the phone, he did some work, gave me another call-back 30 mins later with the info/help I needed. It was extremely prompt service, I was surprised at how quick someone was able to reply and help me out. I asked if I could make payment for the work/help I was given but he declined and said no charge for helping me out! I am very grateful. My issue has thankfully been dealt with but I will definitely be giving this office a call back in the future if more legal advice/help is needed! Great short experience.

  • Kyle Kindjerski

If you are looking for a lawyer stop RIGHT NOW and call this firm!!!! Evan McIntyre saved my life, I was in a pretty stressful situation with a lot to lose. He was responsive and easy to get ahold of whenever I had questions. He was understanding sympathetic and non judgemental. My matter was resolved in a timely manner with what I feel was a better than expected outcome given the circumstances. Shopping around for a lawyer is stressful, I found a few that were pretty dismissive, I am very happy I found Evan and would highly recommend him or any of his partners. Thank You again Evan I cannot convey how important your support and knowledge was to the outcome received and I think without you I would probably be in a different situation right now as opposed to at home with my family where I should be.

  • Chrischris Monte

evan macyntire fanominal performance in and outside the court house. back to back court cases I was saved from serving time due to a horrible human being x girlfriend I had in my life after a break up multiple breaches and serious charges all dropped bail hearings as well dominated with confidence and never gave up my life was being intruded severely so could have destroyed my life this man knows what he's doing and cares about his clients I couldn't have chosen a better lawyer for my problems that kept occurring every where I moved homes as I was being blackmailed and lawfully treated sickning unfairly evan financially worked with me and went above and beyond what he needed to do saving me repeated times now it's finally over I can live my life normal. thanks doesn't justify how greatful I amn

  • K H

Today is the best day of my life because of Evan McIntyre. Complete professional, extremely thorough and prepared. He listened to me and believed in me. Throughout the preparation for my trial I grew a tremendously amount of trust and respect for Evan. By continuous preparation he built a confidence inside me that we could beat something that I thought was unbeatable even though I was 100% innocent (as the judge declared today). It was a pleasure to watch Evan in court during cross examination and final argument. He didn't miss a beat or leave any rock unturned. My family and me owe our future to this amazing attorney. Out of any recommendation I've ever gave in my life I endorse this one the highest. I honestly cannot say enough. Thank you Evan we are so thankful to you. God bless you

  • funkzG

I got in trouble for the first time in my life and as I went through everything alone I was scared!. From the police interrogation to finding out the crown wanted jail time, I was super lost and felt like my life was over!. I decided to look for a lawyer. I found Dan Chivers we talked and I hired him. Short but sweet he resolved everything for me. I didn't even have to step into a court building. He's an absolute legend the 5 stars speak for themselves. Now I can sleep again and not be stressing. If you get into trouble, don't be like me and try and do things yourself ( at the time I didn't know anything) just hire a lawyer from here and it will all be handled with our causing severe stress. Thanks Dan if you read this Im forever grateful I found you.

  • Lee Clarke

I can't say enough about this firm and the people there. We were going through an extremely difficult and stressful period in our lives and Dan Chivers and his team helped us get through it with their wisdom and professionalism. Dan is an intelligent and experienced lawyer and also displays a kind, gentler side towards those whom may not be quite as familiar with the law. He is also "down to earth" and highly relatable. Dan and his team were able to eliminate all the stress and guesswork from the process. Not to mention that Dan delivered exactly what he promised. I would highly recommend Dan Chivers and this firm for any and all your legal will not be disappointed as they are guaranteed to deliver an amazing product and results.

  • Phil Levesque

I need to give a huge thank you to Mr. Dan Chivers. I was wrongfully accused and charged with a criminal offence with a previous company I managed. This being my one and only experience I have dealt with, Mr. Chivers worked with me on all aspects of the charges. Not only did Mr. Chivers help me through the entire ordeal, helped alleviate the stress and feeling of dread. Mr. Chivers took care of all the questions I had. Not only was all charges dismissed due to the hard work of Mr. Chivers and his staff, but the support you get it hands down the best in the industry. I not only owe my personal career to Mr. Chivers, but also my sanity. I can not thank you enough for everything you have done. You are truly an amazing individual.

  • kimberly lupaschuk

Evan handled a DUI charge for me . Charged me a flat rate and was very helpful and honest about my case. Evan told me the bad and good news so I was prepared . He always replied to my calls , texts , emails so I never had any trouble to get a hold of him . I’ve never been in any trouble so I didn’t know much about the process , so he was very understanding and helped me through it all. A few weeks before my court date he informed me that he submitted a written argument to the crown explaining how my rights were breached . The crown dropped the charges . I can’t thank him enough and can’t give enough credit and praise for how well he treated myself and my case . Strongly recommend him. Thank you so much again Evan .

  • caleb kay

The lawyer I was set up with Evan macintire was an excellent lawyer. He was with me step for step all the way! He was very truthful! Made sure I understood every step of my long battle with my case. Took consideration I made a bad choice at a tough time and believed in me. Got to know who I was and understood I was not this bad person the crown try to label me as! Love that he stayed in touch every time there was a change in anytime of my case and explained very detailed. I highly recommend anyone who is in trouble to call this guys indeed! They battle for you and get to know you personally. Loved that about Evan. We won my case but I do understand what I did was a mistake of my actions! Thank you Evan!

  • clyde Ashley (CLYDE)

Hi I got involved in a situation where I desperately needed a lawyer and upon researching I found Mr.Sparks. He was the only lawyer that reach out to me through the phone and when he did our first consultation (which is for free!!!✨) he was super duper kind and helpful that all of my nervousness went away. What I also love about him is that he always replies whenever I email him and always answers my questions nicely☺️ overall my case was withdrawn and it’s all thanks to him✨✨ the money i paid was super worth it and the service provided is just amazing the receptionist or specifically Mrs/Ms. Kristin was super kind too. Definitely try doing a consultation with him and you will see for yourself ☺️

  • stevie rachel lawrence

I highly recommend retaining Evan McIntyre in legal matters.I had the chance to have Evan McIntyre represent me in a serious matter before the courts.He did an amazing job and made my options clear and was willing to fight the case until the end.He was confident and smart in his approach in dealing with my matters where as a previous lawyer had a different stand point and was a waste of money.Evan got me a deal of a lifetime better then I had expected,Which also showed good negotiating skills. I would recommend him because he did not sell me out,gave me options and worked the case and got the best possible outcome. In my experience I 100% can say hes a good lawyer I highly recommend

  • Steve W.

We retained Lindsay Tate to help us in a time of very challenging and emotional matters, and could not have been more satisfied. Working with Lindsay and support team was amazing, as we were working with real people who listened and supported you in time of needing help and didn't just treat you just as a client but as real people. Lindsey was there for us early in day to wee hours of day sometimes. Communication was easy to make, quick responses to questions and clear answers never left in dark wondering. This firm provided excellent methods of managing costs with competitive rates for high quality services. Thank you Lindsay and Pringle Law from our family .Highly recommend this Law Firm

  • tweeanne

I had the pleasure of working with Laura Matalas. Sometimes in life you will deal with an unfortunate situation and honestly the best feeling is having a lawyer who can help you and guide you out of that situation. Being extremely stressed and honestly what felt like the worst days of my life, Laura guided me and even explained and walked me to all my options. She truly made me feel an ease and explained the process to me thoroughly, was very professional and punctual. I can't say this enough that I am truly grateful for her and hiring her was the best decision I made. I now see why Pringle Laws has so many 5 stars review when I goggled and was searching for lawyer. Thank you again Laura!

  • David

Within a few minutes of submitting a request for a lawyer’s consultation on the Pringle Law website, I was called by Nicole Stewart. She was just on her way to court and advised me that we could chat in an hour. Because of my legal issues I was an emotional wreck, so was very thankful Nicole contacted me within the hour and immediately calmed me down and explained what she could do for me, including all the costs that would be involved. It was very evident from the get go that Nicole was a compassionate, honest and respected lawyer. I will forever be grateful to Nicole for achieving the best possible outcome for my situation and would highly recommend her. Thank you so much!! Patricia D.

  • Lucas Tremblett

Simply put, I found myself in a situation that was beyond overwhelming. When I began searching for a lawyer, I didn’t just click on the first name I found. Then, I found Nicole Stewart. My first contact with her was an after-hours email. She responded to me that same evening. I knew from the beginning that it was a good fit. To say that Nicole went above and beyond would be an understatement. I truly believe that the experience, knowledge and social skills that Nicole brings to the table is unmatched. All throughout the legal process, Nicole kept me well informed and made me feel extremely confident in the work that she was doing. I can’t recommend her enough for all that she has done.

  • Baiju Ummachan

If you find yourself in an overwhelming situation and is in need of a lawyer, I would recommend Mr. Kent Teskey and his law firm. Mr. Kent was really kind and understanding about my case. From the initial consultation till the trial, I received immense support and help from Mr. Kent. Without him, I would not have been able to get through this obstacle. He was really understanding about my financial situation and even reduced his fee for me. I was able to reach him anytime and he would respond very quickly and answered every question I had. Thank you so much for guiding me through this case Mr. Kent. Thank you again for everything you have done for me. With infinite gratitude, Baiju.

  • J Y

Before a verdict was given (in my favour), I told Mr Evan McIntyre that I was completely happy with the defence provided to me. That's exactly how I felt as his client whether won or lost. He delivered. I trust Evan. He provided guidance throughout years and when the time came, ruthlessly defended me towards our shared goal. His foresight, strategies, and the wealth of knowledge were unparalleled. At all times, he had my best interests and gave me a rational, clear-cut advice. He was a rock and a source of comfort to have by my side. As someone searching for counsel, you have many questions unanswered. Evan has those answers and will walk you through with his open mind.

  • Lee Scott

I contacted Nicole after being charged with uttering threats in relation to a verbal altercation with my wife's ex husband. I felt the charge was vexatious as it was laid by the Military Police and based on information provided by one of their members. Nicole took charge and was able to successfully conclude this matter by having the charge withdrawn. She ensured my employment would not be affected and manage to remove the stress associated with this matter. I will forever be in her debt. If you need assistance with any criminal matter, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole. She will guide you through the process to allow for the best conclusion. Thanks Nicole!

  • Skuiggles Klg

Nothing but great things to say about Stephen's abilities and professionalism. A long overdue case for an impaired that could have had some dire consequences. Was facing multiple criminal convictions in regards to this. Stephen took all factors into consideration, including a lot of empty holes in the prosecution, worked out a plan with Crown counsil. Long story short, he saved me from a great deal of issues in my life (employment, license etc.) Managed to get me a traffic fine in latter of the rest. Truly a great lawyer. Highly recommend him, and most definitely will be using his services again should I ever need (knock on wood) Thank you for everything Stephen!

  • Lerence Sibug

I highly recommend Nicole to anyone in need of legal representation. She recently represented me in a legal matter and successfully had the charges against me stay. Nicole's expertise and dedication were genuinely invaluable throughout the process. She was always professional and responsive and communicated clearly and effectively with me. Nicole went above and beyond to ensure that my case was handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. I am highly grateful for her exceptional representation and support. Thank you, Nicole, for your hard work and dedication in helping me. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of legal assistance


My attorney Curtis Steeves displayed a high level of professionalism from inception of the case till the battle was actually over and I am free forever. There was effective communication, I was given opportunity to contribute always asking for my opinion at each crucial point in time, However he was straightforward and blunt, anytime my opinion seemed defective he never wasted time to drop the idea and do what was professionally right. Above all I am free at last , I will forever be grateful to him , I have no reservations in recommending him and the organization to whoever that desires professionalism per excellence

  • Tara Daubert

This is by far the best law firm in Edmonton. From the moment my husband and I met Evan, we knew we were in good hands. Excellent communication & he is extremely knowledgable. We were above & beyond prepared with our case and Evan was very organized. If you threw him a call or text, he'd respond back to you promptly. If you had a question, he'd give you a detailed & straight to the point response rather than beating around the bush. Fantastic firm, fantastic lawyer, fantastic experience. If we even need a lawyer again, Evan & the Pringle team will be certainly our first & only choice! Thank you!

  • Daniel Mackinaw

all the years in and out of the courts ive only trusted using one lawyer but he no longer serves as a lawyer any more so i had to find myself a new lawyer and thats how i came across nicole stewart she represented me in my matters which i was looking at jail time but with the help of miss stewart and her knowledge she kept me out of jail and at home with my kids if anyone is looking for a good criminal court lawyer here she is did a awesome job for me. And when it comes to keeping intouch with her clients and keeping them informed and up to date with whats going on she never leaves you hanging

  • Monica Saavedra

Stephen Brophy was very devoted and determined to helping me become a proper member of society..He is professional and respectful to the courts and his associates. A very supportive individual whois dedicated to his clients and work ethics. I am forever greatful of your assistance and I will personally be recommending you to other individuals who are in need of your help.. .I thank you for your time and consideration.. Thru my rehabilitation into a new found life and showing me that you care about ur clients and that truly helps when your facing things on your own... Sincerely,Monica Saavedra

  • Farida Hussaini

I want to start this review off by saying how pleased I am with this firm & lawyer Nicole Stewart! Being in a situation where you require a lawyer can be quite stressful-I am so happy that I found this firm and Nicole when I did. The response was fast , professional & reliable. From the beginning Nicole assured us that she would do her very best! She was successfully able to get us the best resolution possible for the case & we are truly grateful for her professionalism & advice. If Nicole tells you that you don’t need to worry then please trust her! She truly is the best at what she does!!

  • William Simpson

Very efficient Law Firm. They were excellent in resolving my matter in a timely fashion. You can definitely feel your money being put to work, from the initial phone call - to the end resolve with a final follow up email. I contacted their office on a Friday and by the following Wednesday they had completely resolved my matter. I would not hesitate in retaining the law firm of Pringle Chivers Sparks Teskey again to remove a court matter. I sincerly appreciate your help Dan and Nicole - especially on such short notice. And also, thank you for the very reasonable retainer and payment terms.

  • S Rae

Evan did a fantastic job with my case. Not only was he thorough but he communicated with me throughout the days/weeks before and during my trial. When ever I had a question no matter time or time of day he always made himself available. Even if we had not won my case I’d still highly recommend Evan for he was professional, knew his work, very communicative, Informative and all around has a great work ethic. Thank you Evan for your hard work and dedication to my case, myself and for all that you did helping me to get ready for my case as well as for everything during the trail!

  • Nilson Paez

I had the pleasure of having Laura Matalas represent me in a very sensitive assault charge case that could have been very detrimental to my character. She worked hard and always kept the communication open with me with updates as the case progressed. My charges were dropped last week and I never had to step Into a court house at all as she took care of all of that as well. I will highly recommend Laura and the law firm she works at to anyone that will need a very professional and determined lawyer who from the first time I stepped into her office believed that I was innocent.

  • D W

Best outcome I could have hoped for. I originally spoke with Dan Chivers about the case. After reviewing it he gave me a few different options, and was genuine with his advice. He referred me to an associate Stephen Brophy who he assured was every bit as capable, but more in my price range. Stephen was professional and to the point throughout the entire process, which ended up being dismissed in my favour. Very happy and grateful for the work they put in to the case which at first seemed like it was a tough one to win. Highly recommend this firm. Thanks again Dan and Stephen.

  • Rajon Rondo

I highly recommend Laura Matalas for any criminal law matter, or any legal matter really. She is very kind and made me feel cared for and prioritized while representing me for a matter relating to fraud. Furthermore, she is extremely knowledgable at what she does and gave advice which ultimately yielded the best results (charges were withdrawn). She always made herself available when I needed to speak and disseminated information about my case to me on a timely basis. I couldn't be happier with my decision to have hired her, and I have no doubt in my mind that you should too!

  • Christi Rollings

My lawyer was Evan McIntyre and he was very pleasant and straight forward to deal with. He resolved my problem very quickly and caused me no stress with the whole process. He walked me through what to do, and made it very easy for me. I have never had or needed a lawyer before and was scared to have to do all of this. Evan made it a very good and easy experience and I have no regrets with the law office I chose to represent me. I was given the name of the law office from a friend who used them in the past. And we both had very good outcomes with their lawyers.

  • Jonathan Laybolt

Have you been wrongfully accused and are looking for someone who you can trust with your literal life? I was in the same position recently and once I talked to Nicole Stewart I know that things were going to be better with her and her team working on it. Nicole works very hard for her clients and she truly cares about the best outcome for you. In the surreal moment of being in court and seeing your lawyer in action I knew that I undoubtedly made the right choice in Nicole Stewart and her team. Reach out to her team now and let them help you too!

  • charles cameron

After a poor experience with another Lawyer who took 9 months to do nothing for me. Daniel Chivers took my case. He had it dealt with in less than 3 weeks. The process is fast effective and practically automated. Considering how effective he is, the service he provides is worth every dollar. Daniel outlined everything very clearly and made it very easy to follow up. I have nothing but great things to say!! I have already recommended him to others. Hopefully they're smart and call him. Thankyou Daniel for helping me, you're the man!

  • Richard Olson

Evan McIntyre was the greatest help an individual could have recieved from a defense lawyer. He was very informative, honest and was always available to talk at anytime. He is very knowledgable in his profession and gave me and my family the best possible out come and fought for us the whole way. Thank you so much Evan from the bottom of our hearts. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of a great defense lawyer to contact Mr. Evan McIntyre as I find him to be the very best for anyone who needs an honest defense in their lives.

  • J D

I never had to use a lawyer in the past and I was sure glad that I got in touch with Mr. Kent Teskey. I was falsely accused of something that never happened. I was really scared. His skill as a Lawyer and a good human being is summarized in my situation. I received regular communication from him to update me on the case and what was going to happen. He was prompt in returning my calls and emails. He is so kind and helpful. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is in need for an excellent criminal defense lawyer.

  • Tanner Wilson

Dan Chivers is the perfect combination of confident, realistic and genuine. He always returned my calls and emails immediately, day, night or family day. Dan gave me non stop updates on my cases, whenever I needed to be reassured. He never strayed from his end goal, and we got the result we wanted. Charges Withdrawn. I owe Dan more then I could ever write on a review. While I hope to never have to deal with you again, anyone i come across in trouble will be sent your way. Thanks Mr. Chivers! Cheers

  • Chris Mooney

Dan Chivers is the lawyer you should hire. In fact I don't know why you would consider anyone else. Not only is he amazingly personable and reassuring, but he will text or email you back within minutes. He took what could have been a very problematic misunderstanding and made it go away entirely. He has a huge amount of experience and I am extremely grateful I made the choice to call him when I did. The entire process was easy and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Dan!

  • Alex Bayley

Curtis, I would like to thank and express to you my gratitude on the outstanding outcome of my DUI case which concluded with a dismissal. I greatly appreciate all of the time, effort and hard work you put into my case. You always answered my calls and discussed any questions or concerns I may have had. You explained everything in a clear and concise manner. This was one of the most stressful times in my life and I am 100% satisfied I chose this firm to represent me. Thanks again, Alex

  • Iman Yehia

Highly recommend. Evan McIntyre and Laura Matalas did an amazing job for my husband, Who has never been in such a situation, and with English not being his strongest language. They had got him an interpreter, and helped him understand everything and explained everything thoroughly. Laura never let him take a deal with the crown prosecutor, He came out not guilty and charges were dropped. We are very thankful and appreciative of their support in the worst time of our lives.

  • Jesse Gardiner

Having reached out to the firm and being pointed towards Evan was a blessing and the best thing to happen. His professionalism, and error on the side of caution with his experience, led me to the outcome that I don't either of us expected, but the best one at that. All the T's and I's were crossed and dotted Sharing my concerns, and hearing his experience, brought resolution in a timely and favorable fashion. I would recommend reaching out to Evan in an instant to anyone.

  • Laura D

Curtis was knowledgeable, respectful and fast when dealing with our legal issues. Never stepped a foot in a court room, he took care of it all. He responded to my emails and phone calls right away and always had time for me, as if he was my own private lawyer. He billed me fairly and reasonably priced and worked with my budget for payments. Super flexible. I would highly recommend him. In the end, my charges were dropped because of his hard work. Thanks so much!

  • PravThat

I enlisted the legal services of Dan Chivers as my lawyer to represent me for a charge. He was professional and always kept me informed on the progress made with my case. Even though courts where closed and the case was delayed, during the COVID outbreak, when it became possible my case to be heard. It resulted in the criminal charge being dropped. Very pleased with the win. I highly recommend Dan and would most certainly enlist his services if required again.

  • Kevin Haugen

I retained Dan Chivers. My situation had a few twists and turns. There was a lot of information to deal with. My stress level was high at times because of what was happening. Dan handled the situations with ease because of his skills and depth of experience. He understands that these issues are emotional for everyone and he handles that aspect of it very well. He is very good at finding the best resolution to a situation. I highly recommend him and this firm!

  • Bianka T

Dealing with legal issues was very confusing/scary for me as I had never set foot in court in my life. I am more than grateful to have come across Nicole, as she guided me through the whole process with compassion and honesty. I could open up without feeling judged that was exactly what I needed in those hard times. The outcome was beyond what I had expected, she does operate her magic with professionalism and straight forwardness. Do not look anywhere else!

  • Andrew Roy

Please do yourself a favour and select Pringle Law if you are need of legal representation. I had the pleasure of working extensively with Evan McIntyre and watched as he performed nothing short of a miracle to get me out of the situation that I was in. The amount of professionalism and devotion that he brought to the table was unprecedented and I can not thank him and his team enough for the work they did. These are the guys you want to go with, trust me.

  • Mike B

We got in contact with Dan Chivers concerning charges my son had gotten. Dan was happy to assist, we gave him all the details, we sat back ready to follow instructions. Dan was able to resolve the case and even had the charges dropped. He looked after us very well. We never had to go to court. Dan was exceptional and worked within our budget. Dan Chivers really did do an exceptional job helping my son out with this case. Thank you Dan Chivers.

  • Stallion B

Regards to Chris Chris Montes comment I experienced some what similar issues with Evan McIntyre with my x this guy holds his head high and speaks with confidence dominating alpha body language and Thural firm but respectable voice of opinion crushing the key points of the evidence into the crown prosecutor until they are speechless with nothing to argue ! Thanks Evan hope I never have to see you again in a good way bud ! Haha take care man

  • Ahmed Jemale

Have you been wrongfully accused and are looking for someone who you can trust with your case? I was in the same situation recently and once i talked to Nicole Stewart i know that things were going to be better with her and her team working on it. Nicole works very hard for her clients and she truly cares about the best outcome for you .i would strongly recommend Nicole to be your lawyer she was really kind and understanding about my case.

  • Chris Kosar

Don’t forget, every case is different and depends upon many factors before you give a bad review- After searching online and many calls to different lawyers, I chose Curtis because I felt comfortable right from the beginning. Excellent legal representation; after only a couple meetings he knew how my situation would play out. He was honest and to the point with all of my questions. If anybody needs a lawyer, I suggest Curtis Steeves.

  • prabi prem

Mr. Evan Mclntyre appeared for my case and all my charges were dropped . He was really professional and knowledgeable. He was available any time I had a question and was with me right through the end .He told me his fees before I signed with him and I didn’t had to spend a penny more . I did my reviews before signing with him and I did the right choice. If ur looking for a lawyer who you can trust with ur case , look no further !!!

  • Katie Raimondi

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the lawyers at this firm named Stephen Brophy. He provided me with a free consultation on a legal matter and was so completely thorough, honest and forthright. I asked him whether a lawyer should be retained in the scenario and he advised that it really wasn’t necessary. What an unbelievably honest person. If I ever need or know of anyone who needs a lawyer, he’ll be the one I’ll recommend.

  • Stephanie Heather

I had a number of (serious) charges to go along with my record. I was in a bad position and needed representation in Edmonton as well as Peace River. I’ll be honest, it all looked bad on paper. But Evan McIntyre’s perseverance, legal connections, and smarts got every single one of my charges dropped. Bonus: I gave my bail officer his card and got treated much better than previously. If you need a criminal lawyer, call this firm.

  • Jaime Carter

It was a difficult time and even though going into the court room my nerves were all over the place, I am super glad we had Evan on our side and the victory was ours. It was easy dealing with him from start to finish and there were never any doubts or unanswered questions. If you are in a position where you need a knowledgeable, tough as nails lawyer then call this office and talk to Evan won't be disappointed.

  • Tim Garand

I was recently represented by Nicole Stewart of Pringle-Chivers-Sparks-Teskey, and was more than satisfied with her skills and ultimately, the outcome! Nicole’s strong command of the legal process and her confident personality made me feel at ease and I immediately knew I was in great hands. I strongly recommend Nicole and would definitely seek her out again if needed!!! Thanks Nicole, you’re amazing!!

  • Cody Desjarlais

Mr. Sparks did every thing he could and more with the budget I was able to afford due to slow work cause of the pandemic. He was extremely flexible, understandable and personable. Very honest when working with me. Didn't take me for a ride and try to get the most out of me. We talked on what I could afford and what he could do and he was able to do more then I expected. Thank you again Michael Sparks.

  • Wais Essar

I'm extremely satisfied with Nicole Stewart legal expertise and professionalism! Nicole played a vital role in guiding me through and resolving a legal matter. Her remarkable attention to detail, clear communication, and unwavering dedication make her an exceptional lawyer. I highly recommend Nicole Stewart to anyone in need of legal assistance; she consistently goes above and beyond for her clients.

  • Megan Gibson

Nicole Stewart is an amazing, kind and compassionate person. She’s an exceptional and wonderful lawyer. Nicole Stewart helped me to solve my situation as soon as possible and the outcome was better than I could have ever imagined. I owe Nicole Stewart more Than I can ever truly express. She saved my job and my future. I highly recommend Nicole Stewart. She the best lawyer you can have on your side.

  • ernest anka

My name is Emmanuel. I will like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mr Evans and his prestigious law firm for their great service to me. I was impacted by their high level of intergrity and honesty to their clients. This post here is real organic experience with the firm. I will definitely recommend this firm to anyone looking for a great law firm in the Edmonton area. Five stars for me

  • Randy Skarpinsky

Evan McIntyre and his staff were extremely helpful with my family’s case. From the first time we meet, which was over the weekend- he made us feel like a valued client. If I had any questions day or night, he responded promptly. Evan and his team were very professional and kept us informed frequently. He came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends.

  • Justin Evans

Curtis Steeves was amazing from start to finish. He helped me through every step of the way. Curtis was honest and genuine throughout the whole process. He worked hard on my case. He would answer all my questions regardless of what hour. I would highly recommend Curtis Steeves to anyone. I’m extremely grateful for what he has been able To do for me! And I am extremely pleased with his services!

  • Quinn Allen

I was incredibly apprehensive upon hiring a lawyer for the first time. I spoke with Michael over the phone while shopping around and decided to meet with him. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. Michael was incredibly professional, honest and informative in helping me make the best decisions for my situation. I have used his services twice and would highly recommend him.

  • Casadiamor Maat

I was fortunate to be represented by Stephen Brophy, he was very professional and let me know right from the start his commitment on getting me the best outcome . He is reachable , explains things clearly at every step and what to expect going forward. Therefore giving me the confidence of his counsel. I definitely would recommend Stephen to anyone looking to get results in their matter.

  • Brad Johnson

It Warms my heart being able to leave a 5 star review for this law firm .. Stephen Brophy fixed and made all my crimal charges go away. do not hesitate to hire this law firm ..5 stars! having a good lawyer takes away so much stress. I'm forever grateful. thanks again for helping me and my children get back to a normal life. ❤ sincerely 1 very happy customer .

  • Lloyd Bentz

Kent Teskey is a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer. He is also a kind and understanding person. Kent was able to support our family when we were faced with a challenging circumstance. He provided us with insight into the justice system and he was able to resolve the issues we were facing in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Kent Teskey if you require a criminal justice lawyer.

  • Madison Gray

This being my first experience dealing with lawyers, I have to say, Nicole Stewart is one of the best in the business. She answered all of my questions, provided sound and reasonable explanations of the process and helped get the best possible outcome in a bleak situation. I 100% agree with their current rating and would recommend anybody to this firm. Especially to Ms. Stewart.

  • Ryan Cadeau

Evan McIntyre handled my case, and was extremely knowledgeable and and informative to me due to the fact I have never been charged and was totally new to this situation. He was also easy to get ahold of and responded fast to all messages. I found cost to be very reasonable, and in the end had case dismissed. Excellent guy to work with and very down to earth. Highly recommend.

  • Christine Swartz

Our experience with Michael was very positive. Our matter was a very stressful matter with our son. Our needs were always the most important, Micheal was able to set appointment times at various times. Micheal was excellent with keeping us informed and gave us the confidence we needed to go threw this year long case. I would definitely recommend Micheal Sparks

  • joe drafter

The life event that brought me across Evan McIntyre was un-expected and was not something I could not have dealt with alone . His knowledge and experience with the legal system was tested with the uniqueness of my case and Evan always had an answer for my questions with a direction us to take . I would engage him again , but hope I never have to . Thank-You!

  • Brittany S

Stephen Brophy was a great help with my legal matters! He explained everything to me thoroughly, and what he was doing every step of the way. He made sure I understood the possible outcomes, and what he was going to push for. He was very professional, very helpful, and actually listened to what I had to say. . and best of all we got a favorable outcome. :)

  • The Adventures of G&T

Curtis Steeves is worth every star provided in this review. His professionalism and knowledge right from the first call was amazing. Very responsive, completely confident, realistic of the situation at hand, and it was felt that he genuinely wanted to help bring the truth to the surface. And that he did! I 100% highly recommend Curtis and this firm.

  • Christian Goodchild

Nicole Stewart is incredibly devoted to her work. From the moment I spoke to her I felt respected and safe to talk. Her legal advice and counsel is excellent, and comes from a place rooted in compassion and professionalism that I don’t care to look elsewhere for. I would suggest Nicole’s services to anyone I know, if you’re reading this, call her.

  • Fabien Yellowbird

I have known Dan Chivers since I was 18 and I have to say hes the best lawyer that has served me for going on 12 years. He's an amazing lawyer with unbelievably great personality and is doing things in your best interest. My name's Fabien and thank you Dan for all of your help. You are an amazing person and one of my favourite people in my life.

  • Crux Madison

If I could give 10 stars for Nicole I would. She went above and beyond to help me, and was very patient in explaining every single step along the way and would always answer all my questions. She was able to successfully get my case resolved and I’m beyond grateful for her professionalism and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended her. Thank you Nicole!

  • Chris Bay

I was fortunate enough to have Evan McIntyre as my lawyer. To say he was exceptional would be an understatement. He was a rock and walked with me through my personal nightmare to the absolute best possible outcome. Professional, confident, knowledgeable, experienced and readily available whenever I needed him. I just can't recommend enough!!

  • Greg Stott

Nicole won my trial, getting me the best possible result. With flat rates and fees it can be difficult to know which direction to go in as far as hiring an attorney, which is why I'm happy to recommend Nicole. I was impressed with her professionalism and good advice throughout, and thrilled with the result gained in court.

  • Liam Thomas

I am greatly pleased with the work that Evan McIntyre did for me. His work in my matter showed a tenacious and confident work ethic, while keeping the explanations of terminology and the process simple enough to understand. I recommend Evan and Pringle Law for any criminal matters in Edmonton. Thanks again for everything.

  • Denver Anderson

Dan Chivers did an amazing job and got me off of the charges I was facing without even going to trial. I couldn’t be happier. Dan was very easy to get ahold of and to talk too and kept me in the loop the entire time. Great job Dan, thank you very much! I strongly recommend going with Dan if you are in a similar situation.

  • Shawn Rooney

Curtis is an extremely tenacious, energetic and passionate Lawyer. When things were looking gloomy, he dug in his heals and put all his heart into providing the absolute best representation to myself. I absolutely think he is the best Lawyer in the world. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm and especially Curtis Steeves.

  • John Smith

Vita Wensel represented me on a breach of probation charge. Communication by her was excellent throughout the process, and she took ample time in ensuring I got the best defence possible. She was very effective in the courtroom and I was thankful to receive a good outcome to my case. I highly recommend her services.

  • alana clark

No need to panic when you hire Evan. He took care of our matters quickly and efficiently. He kept us informed the whole process and was ALWAYS available to answer our question. He did so much for us I can not say enough good Hopefully we will never need him again but would definitely go to him if the need arises.

  • Lukus Klunder

Curtis Steeves is by far phenomenal. He answered all questions I had and worked really hard on my case to give me the best possible outcome. Things do take time so anyone going through rough circumstances, don't think silence means nothings going on behind the scenes. I couldn't be happier with how things went.

  • Dchmne World

I would like to say thank you to my Lawyer Harini Kav for helping me with my case. She did very well with my case, she will update you and give you an advice for you not stress. Thank you so much attorney! P.S Her price is so affordable and you won’t regret. She will be with you until your case close.

  • Matthew Beddows

Evan McIntyre was amazing not only at helping me get the best outcome for my case but also calming my nerves and anxiety to the point where I was comfortable going into court. He is an amazing man and I hope anyone that has the pleasure of meeting and working with him will have the same positive outcome as I.

  • Mitchell Scott

Nicole Stewart was excellent, helped me beat an impossible charge. I highly recommend this law firm, very professional and caring. If I had gone with any other lawyer the outcome may have left me jobless and with a criminal record. Thank you Nicole you were wonderful and willing to go the extra mile for me.

  • Kevin Vansickle

I dealt with Evan McIntyre, he was great. I was a little concerned at one point that maybe he was not ready. After my meeting prior to trial I knew I was in good hands. Evan and his staff did an amazing job would most definitely recommend him and his team to anyone In need of the services they provide.

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