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Q-Park Park Lane is a Parking garage located at Park Ln, London W1K 7AN, United Kingdom. It has received 230 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.



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  • The address of Q-Park Park Lane: Park Ln, London W1K 7AN, United Kingdom

  • Q-Park Park Lane has 4.1 stars from 230 reviews

  • Parking garage

  • "Q-Park really need to train their staff and think about the customer experience"

    "The best parking I have ever used"

    "Wish I could leave no Stars, I parked there yesterday and literally can not believe how they are ripping people off with their parking fees"

    "Visited 03/17"

    "I've parked here a few times"


  • Ben Taylor

Q-Park really need to train their staff and think about the customer experience. After parking at Marble Arch yesterday we left the carpark via the Speaker's Corner exit, but there was nothing to tell us that this would be inaccessible on our return because Hyde Park's gate is locked at night. This would have been fine if someone could have just directed us to the correct gate, but ludicrously the person you get put through to when you seek help (Wendy) is in Yorkshire, and has clearly never visited the car park she's meant to be providing customer service for. Banging on about "nodes" and "speed gates" is no use at all to people who just want directions to retrieve their car in the early hours of the morning. It would also help if she knew the difference between Marble Arch and Hyde Park Corner, which a quick Google search reveals are almost a mile apart. Repeating the same things over and over again in an increasingly agitated manner in an attempt to cover up a total absence of knowledge helps nobody. Representative Wendy's total lack of empathy for the customer's situation was incredibly frustrating and unhelpful as well. Among us there was a heavily pregnant woman and another with a bad back and Wendy couldn't care less. Instead she kept insisting that we couldn't see a non-existent side door in a gate that she arrogantly stated that "hundreds of people use every day." We were looking right at said gate, while Wendy was hundreds of miles away. Not only is this utterly laughable but it should perhaps occur to Wendy that talking to customers like they're stupid is going to wind them up, especially when she's talking nonsense. I actually sympathise a little with Wendy because she's clearly not been given adequate resources to do her job. Given Q Park charge £40 for parking, I imagine they've got the resources to put the poor love on a train to London and perhaps SHOW HER the car park she's supposed to be presiding over? Crikey, if they can't do this perhaps they could get get her a map of London or show her how to use Google Maps. Q-Park put vulnerable people at risk due to their poor service and put their own staff on the receiving end of inevitable and understandable frustration.

  • Matt C

The best parking I have ever used. Excellent for shopping on Oxford Street and in Knightsbridge, (with quick links to further afield via Marble Arch station), you can easily pop back to your car to leave your shopping. It's also incredibly well lit, very clean and feels very safe. Good quality and well maintained toilets. Prebooked and just took a ticket as normal when I went in. Before leaving, I put my ticket in the machine in the foyer and scanned my prebooking document and it approved it. Nice and simple. The only downside is that the electric car charging points are not very user friendly. The smaller points only accept BP's card and I mistakenly created an account and put money on it, thinking I could just use them via my phone. The larger charging points I think you can use with a debit card or phone but it said maximum 2 hour stay. I don't want to have to come back to move my car, I'd rather leave it on charge all day. The pedestrian tunnels are a little unnerving and the drains in them are rusting and could be potentially unsafe to step on. I think there could be more of a staff presence as there is a front desk but I didn't see anyone man it in the multiple times I popped back to the car. Other than that, it was really good. It's also a good place to book if you're into your cars as there seems to be tens if not hundreds of classic, luxury and sports cars parked here which are quite nice to admire.

  • Sam

Wish I could leave no Stars, I parked there yesterday and literally can not believe how they are ripping people off with their parking fees. I went in at 20:59 and paid for my ticket at 21:58, which is less than an hour (yes i know only by a minute but its a difference between a £6 and a £13 charge) Anyway on my ticket it charged me £13 which is up to 2 hours, i was clearly not there over an hour, the time on ticket shows i left at 22:58 which is wrong. Pointed it out to Naqib Yahya, who kept interrupting as i was trying to explain whats happened, anyway after a lot of back and forth I was told I would receive a refund of the additonally amount paid but instead got a phone call from Sarosh to say no refund would be issued and he did not have a proper explanation as to why the time on my ticket was wrong. 100% feel cheated, this is a dodgy car park, run by people that have no sense of customer service. Sarosh was trying to tell me car parks all over london, Do Not Print the time you leave on the ticket, instead they print the parking threshold on your ticket instead so in my case cause it has ALMOST gone over an hour they just put the time on the ticket as if iv been there for 2 hours . Customer service on their website is a bigger joke. Made no sense whatsoever.

  • Anna C

Visited 03/17. £6/ hour (on a Sunday night). Secure car parking central location. Poorly lit: eco friendly lighting is meant to come on when it detects movement but mostly didn't, meaning a v dark walk in a more or less deserted car park. Entry ticket (supplied by barrier on entry) required to return to car park on foot. Mine was rejected by machine meaning a nervous wait for the intercom to be answered whilst some rather nefarious types swirled around me (one of whom had started to follow me down the stairs to the car park entrance). Eventually, someone did answer after a scary wait, Finally, having paid on foot, retrieved ticket, returned to car and attempted to exit car park (in car), exit barrier again rejected ticket. Fortunately, this time intercom was answered quickly & barrier was released, allowing car (& me!) out. Won't be using again!!

  • Stephen Casey

I've parked here a few times. It's not especially cheap but if you shop around a bit and/or book online they tend to have some good offers. But why mark a car-park as 5 stars? Well - there are plenty of decent sized spaces and it's not a gambit of whether you'll get your car around insanely tight spaces but most of all, if things go wrong, the staff on the other end of a line are courteous and helpful. Example, I parked based on a Groupon voucher this weekend. Their confusing redemption process (Groupon, not Q-Park) meant that I didn't have a barcode in hand when I needed to leave. Rather than strictly obeying the rules, the CS rep dug deeper, found my booking and didn't just blindly stick to their rules. I'd fully expected a battle with Groupon, the car park and my credit card - I was very pleasantly surprised. Thanks Q-Park...

  • Peter Forster

This Q-park Car Park is adequately signposted when driving North-bound up Park Lane, on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the Dual Carriageway so, be prepared and keep in the Right-hand lane! The Car Park is very well lit and, when I visited, was immaculately clean. In my opinion, this Car Park is secure since pedestrian access is only possible by inserting a previously-issued Parking Ticket into a reader, at one of the pedestrian access points and, vehicular egress is only possible by presenting a paid ticket to the reader at the exit point. I would recommed this Car Park and consider the Rates to be reasonable, for London. There are good transport links (bus and tube) to/from this Car Park which is situated beneath Hyde Park.

  • Chris March

AWFUL, don't use them, I was turned away at the gate by officials of the Hyde park radio 2 event I was attending, at the only entrance I had been provided, I argued that I had a booking, they told me the car park was closed to the public due to the event, so I shouldn't have booked it. I contacted Q-Park and got totally unreasonable excuses, no offer of a refund, I had to find alternative parking immediately which cost me twice as much. I used the second day of my booking to save more parking charges, getting out of the car park was chaos, no-one knew how to exit, queues of car and irate customers. NEVER AGAIN!!! it should have been no stars seriously.

  • Ed Bennett

Came here to charge my EV while waiting to pick a relative up. Despite the "charge your EV here" advertising outside, almost all the EV charging points are taped off and inaccessible. Those not taped off are either not working, or have internal combustion vehicles parked in front of them (with covers on, suggesting they've been there a while and aren't going to be moved soon). A waste of £21; I had to interrupt my journey home to charge at a Shell Recharge instead. Positives: relatively easy to find; slightly cheaper than other nearby car parks; very cool temperatures despite the baking heat outside.

  • Leroy Matthews

Parked up here after reading it was free parking for my motorbike, was very impressed on how clean it was and I felt very happy to leave my bike here after seeing a number of other bikes and very expensive cars ,my only concern was I couldn't find anyone on site and I need help ,there was a number on the office which I called but the person was very unsure about the answer to my question, but I did managed to talk with Colin via the intercom on the red box and Colin gave Me all the details I needed, thank you Colin and will most definitely use this site again

  • Mick Trott

Spaces drastically reduced to less than a third of the whole space compared to 20 years ago Most of it now rented out to businesses and car rental companies Toilets were always dirty now closed Pedestrian tunnel closed No staff on duty to ask for help Possible to gain entry without a parking ticket, a guy did piggy back on a car entering Pre booking is a good idea but I’m not sure it guarantees a space. We had to hunt for a space and there were only a few free and no obvious way of preventing non booked cars entering

  • Justin Gaughan

Was once a good car park, but they have raised the prices to a point where it isn't worth using it any more. This is reflected in the fact that it was mostly empty when i arrived. As usual you can't see the prices until you're inside and it's too late to turn back. I wasn't prepared to pay their prices so wanted to speak to an attendant to let me out. Surprise, surprise no one was in the office. I paid £5.50 for the privilege of driving in, and leaving 5 mins later. AVOID!

  • Mandy Cox

I have used QPark Park Lane/Marble Arch many times and never experienced any problems at all. Pre-book is easy and Live Chat with any queries has worked for me twice, perfectly. The access can be tricky off of Park Lane but that's not QParks fault, it's just being careful to abide by London's tricky rules and regulations (and I'm English!). The car park is really secure and if you love cars they have some spectacular vehicles parked up that you can look at as you go by!!

  • Justin Lees

THE car park for central London. Q park app is great, allowing booking and payment seamlessly. ANPR entry and exit. Time overun no problem with automatic payment. Very clean facility. TOILETS! Also clean. Electric charge points available. Helpful manned pedestrian entrance point. Used many times. Will use again. Taxis readily available over at park lane hotels. Route in from south avoids congestion zone.

  • Paul Axworthy

I know it's just a car park but it's massive, under ground, secure and full of fantastic cars. I believe parking here isn't the cheapest but it's a good location, tube nearby or on a nice day you can walk through Hyde Park or Green Park for Knightsbridge or Westminster. We used Q-park for motorcycle parking and it was excellent, well lit, security cameras everywhere and a lot of staff activity.

  • Naz Hussain

BEWARE, Do not book online, I paid £50.40 for 4 hours of parking online. When I arrived there, the price's that was on display at the car park was a lot cheaper, why is this Q park? On your price display board at the car park said £50 for 24 hrs, your 4 hours was a lot less, so why did I pay £50.40 for 4 hrs online? Taking advantage of people that have travelled! Never am I using Q park.

  • Sarah Garghan-Watson

Beautiful car park, sign posted easy to find and access. Clean wide parking spaces. This is where the elite park their cars. I saw more bentleys, rolls, ferraris and teslas than id seen in my life. I was delighted to find the toilets were clean and smelt of bleach. I didnt pre book as i wasnt sure how long i would be. Fair prices for a central london parking. Would definitely park again

  • James Khalid

Very convenient car park but a bit on the pricey side. This location even has an alloy repair centre how awesome is that? They do repairs to all vehicles.. muscles, supers, exotics from Rolls Royce to Aston Martins etc something very handy to have. Would definitely recommend Even if you go in there the amount of luxury cars you will see in that car park it's astonishing

  • XxJackson MelodyXx

Used the parking for winter wonderland. It is very tight to park in, access from the roads is good and clear. But seriously have to have good parking skills in squeeze in. Also had to use the bathrooms and they staaaaaank!!! Very dirty should have used the bushes instead. Great location for parking but tad expensive as expected for London

  • Sam Orange

Overpriced rip off merchants who have sold half the car park off to small car businesses and a BMW dealership making it inconvienient and more awkward to park in! I would advise parking elsewhere if possible and have a nice pleasant cab journey in, therefore avoiding the walk for the car park anyway. The prices are now a JOKE!

  • Sophie

What a lovely car park. It felt really secure and safe- it was fully lit and spotlessly clean. There were staff dotted about giving people directions and just overseeing things which made the whole place feel a lot friendlier. The spaces were a decent size and it's in the perfect location. Would definitely recommend!

  • Berke Koyluce

Very good parking spaces, spacious and very secure. Ideal if you’re going into central and prices are not bad for the area and compared to parking nearby. If you do wish safety of you and your vehicle I recommend all Q-Park locations. I recommend pre booking to avoid hassle and you can get offers from booking online.

  • Vlad Zoicas

I went last week for 5 minutes to drop someone off, they charged me £50, saying that they can't find my registration number on the camera, contacted customer support they said the same, I've told them o don't need the whole amount, but no one responded. Basically they stole £50 from me, stay away.

  • James Pates

Great location and usually a good car park. Lacking on investment as of late. Men's toilet has been out of action for 4 months. Main gate on marble arch was left open for 3 months and now the most convenient pedestrian entrance is out of order... how long will it take to fix this?

  • Ben Anonymous

Definitely the safest car park in London, if not the Country! You can tell because there are always ultra rare supercars and Hypercars parked in here. Good prices considering it is super safe. Definitely a great place for car spotters, saw a 1/60 Aston Martin lagonda in here too!

  • utubeworldwide1

Decided to take car into London over the train and found the car park worked a treat. Booked using app, barrier opened as we approached and the same as we left, clean and space to park car and felt safe. QR code worked when we got back to car park so a good experience.

  • Haji Zaman

One of the secured carparks I ever been to, even need the ticket to gain entry to the carpark with out any car pass you cannot enter, think i would park there again, £45 to atleast peace of mind. Your car will still be there when you come back

  • Steve Humphrey

I believe it’s about £40 per day extremely easy to find being directly opposite the MBW Mini showroom just after the bus & coach stop, simply turn left down the underground ramp take a ticket gates open then pay at automated booth on leaving.

  • Simon Tipp

Needed a car park near park lane was very impressed clean well laid out plenty of space for each car not just cramed in like other car parks Will definitely use again and recommend to my friends a car park that recognise cars have got bigger

  • Malcolm Lay

I would always recommend this car park been going there for years clean tidy and pleasant staff. But most of your car is safe you are parking along side some very expensive motors totally recommend. Not cheap but hey it safe and hassle free.

  • James Foster

One of the best London car parks. Generous sized spaces, well lit, clean, modern and well securitised. Yes the prices are high but that’s London for you. I’m always rest assured my vehicle is safe here so the price isn’t an issue.

  • nick piper

Fantastic experience. Maybe a bit pricey but it's London, everything is price linked. Very clean, safe environment, well spaced and easy to use. I would not hesitate to recommend. Nick price linked. Very clean, well laid9 out

  • joe hearn

Came up from Somerset for an overnight stay on my motorcycle. Contacted Qpark to enquire about parking. They were very helpful and confirmed free parking. On arrival it was purfect and very secure. I will be using it again.

  • S.M

Prices are ridiculous and this car park is clearly only for the wealthy £40 an hour if pre-booked in this cost of living crisis is beyond wild. We ended up parking within Hyde park itself for a much more affordable price.

  • Barry Curtis

Booked to park here, got quite close, however the road was shut due to a nearby music event. Q park were excellent, gave a refund even though it wasn’t their fault. Have and will Always consider using Q-park in the future

  • Pierre-André Chassang

Some of London parking can be small and old. This one is modern and spacious, perfect location just outside congestion charge and if you use the qpark app you'll benefit from great rates. Not expensive without it though.

  • Derek Memory

£39.00p for a days parking in central London sounds expensive but it is not. Nice big spaces, easy in ,easy out. Very well lit and secure at night. Plus you save the congestion charge into the bargain. Would use again

  • Joe Elliott

For where it is and what's provided, it's pretty fair value. Every time I've been, there's been Duran Duran piped out of the speakers. Easy to find, well placed, plenty of space so you're not struggling to manoeuvre.

  • Bearded Cowboy

Spotlessly clean parking place, right in the centre of London. My first choice when parking in London, and always look for a discount code, for even better value. Good walking distance for a lot of local attractions.

  • Baljit Singh Dosanjh

Pre-booked for 5 hours to visit Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. Safe car park, space for cars has got smaller. 3 cars together is a tight fit especially for larger type cars. Make sure you get there before midday.

  • Young's Academy of Dance

Super location and decent sized spaces. Only downside is the cost but if you like your car's it's worth it to see fabulous array of quality cars as you'd expect in park lane and Mayfair!! Will definately use again

  • TheresNoOne Outlook

Not bad at all, prices on par with the area and actually pretty good for all day parking. Just outside the congestion zone which is handy but it didn't seem very secure and also the parking spots are pretty tight.

  • Mihai Cristea

I’m so disappointed about the coffee machine and the other 2 machine cause you pay and you have nothing …. I think someone set up just to ale the money not to give for what you pay….. please some one check that

  • David Powell

Great place to park: 1. Outside of congestion zone 2. Very secure 3. Very clean 4. Spaces are decent sizes 5. Valet cleaning service is great 6. Some amazing cars there!! 7. Cheap by London standards

  • Richard Gorringe

Good car park outside of congestion charge zone. Expensive, but what London parking isn’t! Convenient for Hyde park and Mayfair. Lots of nice cars inside, making is feel my car is safe!

  • Captured Art & Design

Excellent secure car park under Hyde Park that is not as dear as you would think. Thoroughly recommended for any event in the park or going to Oxford Street anywhere near Christmas.

  • Angelmum Oluwaseun

Nice place ,the car park is very tiny and trying to get out is very difficult, due to the layoff and size of the park. The layout is not very great .,however, I love the location.

  • Shafiq Ali

It is only space I found nearly the central London. One of the adventure, it is close to the bus stop. However it can be expansive if you are parking for line period of time.

  • James

Considering the location, the price is not terrible. Always great parking up next to one super car or another. Plus there is a car wash/alloy wheel refreshment centre inside

  • Jack Middleton

Great secure parking and not too expensive if pre-booked. Some stunning cars in storage down there too and central London/Hyde park easily within 5-10 min walking distance

  • pistolpete Mac

Excellent experience, clean, plenty of space. Used on Sunday for family day out. Far easier than using train as we wanted to take our roller skates to hyde park. Recommend

  • Tasha Jane

Easy to access , big spaces well lit ,has a toilet and felt safe as a single mum walking with 2 children with me, returned to the car at night and felt secure

  • Rob Fisher

Gate allowing entry back to car park with your ticket was broken, as well as the barrier to get out once paid, poor for such an expensive car park.

  • Sammie Harvey

A great place to park, secure, clean, lots of good sized spaces and toilets too. And staff are always happy and friendly. I recommend to everyone.

  • Garth McAuley

Very convenient parking for visiting Hyde Park! The only down side is the EV charging was members only which would have nice to know beforehand

  • Zhihong Zhang

Place needs to get WiFi. Very limited phone reception as it is underground which can be annoying. Apart from that it is just a normal car park

  • Tom Seeler

Ruinously expensive but otherwise fine. Make sure you are coming north up park lane as it is inaccessible from the southbound carriageway

  • Sylvanus Perry

Very big car park, well lit, clean, electric charging points. Only problem, you get no network signal unless you go close to the exits.

  • Kevin

Expensive with dirty toilets and the attendant kept watching us suspiciousl and we felt discriminated against, I will not be returning!

  • Khush KAPZ'GURU Jabble

been parking my car here for about 30 years - NEVER had an issue - great service and a safe space for your car - keep up the good work

  • Monique Lewis

Toilets look so bad in here for what they charge people. The staff are lovely. Toilets are SO BAD. They need serious renovation.

  • Simon Wheeler

Great car park, great location and just outside congestion zone, loses a star for the price - I know it’s in London, but wow!

  • Jim Brown

Massive car park - loads of room and super central - and if you have a look around there are plenty of super cars to oggly!

  • kristian kelly

Nice place to park up but a little expensive has toilets and quite handy for being quite close to shops park and bus stops

  • Islam Abdallah

It's secure, clean and has a good location. It has bathroom. But I believe it's so expensive comparing to other parkings.

  • Sacha Gavriloff

Enterprise car rentals down here, wasn't ly accessible and great central location. Very cool set of tropical cars too

  • Andy Baynes

Ridiculously expensive and has a leaky roof so don’t expect to find your car in the same condition you left it.

  • shadab azwar

Best kept secret in London. Ideal for visa runs to embassys compare to last minute train ticket from Midlands.

  • Littletime

Parking facility was ok and not stupidly expensive but signage could be improved to give instructions bettet

  • Patrick DVB

Not cheap but safe and secure convenient parking with toilets and just outside the congestion charging zone.

  • Graham Bedford

Great location, just outside congestion zone. Had a issue leaving but otherwise safe and secure parking

  • Renata Nikolova

Clean , well labelled parking - £35 for a whole day it’s not bad price for a London. Happy customer!

  • emo hairi

Good car park but pricy..safety is there main concern..even go to toilet u need the car park ticket

  • Hungry Beast

The exit corridors stink of urine it's horrible when your going winter wonderland with kids .

  • Sundeep Dhillon

Decent size parking bays for Central London, its also just outside of the congestion zone.

  • Nick Townsend

Great car park with large spaces. Watch out for the speed bump when entering the car park

  • Stefan Tanase

Very close to Oxford street ! Many expensive cars inside, so I trust it and it worth it.

  • Raj Gujar

Safe, secure and a great location. Remember to pre-book to get the best prices

  • Lisa Nortey

Went here to pick my new car up massive car park reasonable parking prices

  • Miggy Flux

Excellent parking just outside the congestion zone and not too expensive.

  • Karthikeya Dasavaram

All the Rolls Royce models are there in this parking And many more cars

  • olly moore

Nice clean safe car park, our parking choice when visiting london

  • Leto SD

Went here to park for Winter Wonderland, was safe and convenient

  • Nurein Mudhir

great spot to park and charge your car if uour an uber driver.

  • Alexandra Negoita

Very safe car park, giving peace of mind; but pricey.

  • Tom Chapman

The best place in town to park your rolls Royce

  • Aysh Khan

Very expensive but very secure car park

  • George C

Good prices and Friendly staff

  • umakanth panchagnula


  • Chris Tomlin

All good

  • Rule Maker


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