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RAS Accounting & Taxation is a Accountant located at 570 North East Rd, Holden Hill, Adelaide SA 5088, Australia. It has received 202 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of RAS Accounting & Taxation: 570 North East Rd, Holden Hill, Adelaide SA 5088, Australia

  • RAS Accounting & Taxation has 4.8 stars from 202 reviews

  • Accountant

  • "Let me make this clear that my review is real i am a real customer"

    "My experience was horrible! First of all at the outside of the office it is clearly written that “Free Consultation”"

    "Firstly, I would like to thank Mr"

    "My experience with Mr Navodaya at RAS Accounting has been very promising & exceptional over the past many years"

    "As part of my uni, I have just completed a placement here for 2 months, and I have learnt a lot from this company outside of my Uni class"


  • Robin Singh

Let me make this clear that my review is real i am a real customer.. I can't emphasise enough how good these guys are. First off all they gave me a super quick appointment on the same day. Only $65 for an income tax return, even for the previous year. Where some other agents were asking double the price. So these guys are very reasonably priced . I also love their screen setup for the customers, because you can see exactly what they are doing, that is if you can keep up with what they're doing because you can tell these guys are Professionals and they know their way around the website and the software and they work so quick that your eyes would spin in your head. I had quite a complicated and lengthy tax return and the dude made it look like a child's play. They were super professional very friendly and I would recommend it to anybody if you live around this area, or it's even worth travelling a little bit of a distance to come see these guys for your tax return. Dude even got on the phone with ATO to sort out a couple of issues they had with my account and got me a great refund. They even have this cool electronic sign system where you don't have to sign a thousand papers manually they send it to you in the email and you just sign it once and it automatically places you signature everywhere where it's needed. Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate your help because I was dreading doing my tax because it was going to be so complicated but you guys made it so easy for me.

  • Samira Khan

My experience was horrible! First of all at the outside of the office it is clearly written that “Free Consultation”. I am a disability support worker. So as a disability support worker I can claim my client to client travel expenses, my uniform, a % of phone bill etc. I went to their office to discuss about my tax return. The Tax agent’s name was Anis Navodiya( may be the owner). After taking my TFN number and all the information he said that I can not claim my travel expenses and etc. so without going further with him I said, okay I will have a discussion with my employer. So today that’s all. So when I was about to leave, he said you have to pay $65. And he was literally forcing me to pay. I was absolutely surprised, because it is clearly written at the outside of the office that “free Consultation”. After that I told MR. Anis Navodiya, that , without lodging the tax return how can you charge me $65. His behaviour was absolutely rubbish. He doesn’t know how to behave with a client. Unbelievably rude man. He insulted me in his office. I was feeling unsafe. My 17 months old baby was with me . So I left the office right away. But seriously I am absolutely stunned at his Behaviour.

  • Adeel Khoja

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr. Anis Navodiya for his excellent support rendered for the past three years in filing my tax return. His team is truly inspiring and works really hard in order to meet the deadlines and stay on commitment. Mr Navodiya's work ethic is really strong and has always gone above and beyond in legally maximizing my tax return. I am honored to have him as my Accountant and will always recommend my family and friends to take advantage of his exceptional services. I wish him all the very best for his future business and endeavors. Amazing experience again last week, highly recommend his professional services, has years and years of experience. Qualified tax return agent. Best regards.

  • komal Jaitly

My experience with Mr Navodaya at RAS Accounting has been very promising & exceptional over the past many years. His expertise in Accounting and Company Laws helped me to design the best-suited structure for my emerging business. With his continued guidance and support, l feel that my decisions are righteously maneuvered from time to time, keeping me relaxed and giving me much needed peace of mind. My tax returns are timely & efficiently filed without blowing my budget. I would highly recommend him for the whole range of Accounting and Taxation services at the most competitive price with great customer service executed by an efficient team.

  • Ella Zea

As part of my uni, I have just completed a placement here for 2 months, and I have learnt a lot from this company outside of my Uni class. I learnt how to work in a professional way, applying my accounting knowledge to the job, and using various accounting programs to do bookkeeping and BAS. I just want to say "thank you" to the owner and staff for giving me this great opportunity. It was great to be part of a great team, with friendly staff with high performance to get the job done. This is such a great experiences to make me get ready to hit the ground running.

  • nirmal cherian

Pathetic service. Drastically different from last year. I booked an appointment at 12 pm and was made to wait for half an hour despite two employees twiddling their fingers, looking at their screens with not one customer around. I left the office after half an hour as I was not provided any explanation for the delay even though I checked with the staff multiple times. Would rate it even lower if I could.

  • Sanjiv Satija

This person has no professionalism and no courtesy. He kept us waiting nearly an hour even with an appointment and still didn't say a sorry. Not much impressed with his communication skills either. He is showing us other people's documents (tax related) as examples, I was shocked how he deals with privacy. I am glad we ended up not filing through him. Will NOT recommend him to even an enemy.

  • Wadsariya Ameen

Fantastic service , I have been associated with them from last 7 years. They are above and beyond any other Tax Professional that I've used in the past, RAS accounting team ensures you get the best return possible whilst offering helpful advice and unlike other well known accountants, makes you feel like they actually cares and wants you to get the most out of your return. Highly recommend.

  • Farhan Khan

Rang Anis to book appointment with him at a certain time and he told me I could come in at that time. When I arrived there, I was then told It will take another 2 hours before he'll be free and I should lodge my return with someone else there. I find it really unprofessional. He could've told me over the phone that he's not available at that time. Definitely will never go back there.

  • Palwinder Singh Johar

I have been using ras accounting from 12 years i used to use them for my personal tax,Now I m running three companies they are very good and also l m from Melbourne but they are in Adelaide they are very responsive they help me with good advice I came Adelaide 12 years ago I have been using since than thanks Ras accounting

  • Harkiran Kaur Dhaliwal

Great service, friendly and helpful staff. Heard of them from a word of mouth and I was a bit sceptical of not having been filing a tax before, or how to go about it in general, they were kind enough to make me feel at ease and not make things seem complicated. All in all, a must visit for any of the financial matters.

  • BabyGiant

This tax agency is the most efficient transparent tax agents I have ever dealt with in Adelaide. Willing to work with you on individual employment/ business structor. 10/10 will never leave these agents. They went above and beyond and fixed my last tax agents mistakes and are quick with there customer service skills :)

  • Akbar Patel

Doing my Tax return with RAS Accounting Mr. Anis Navodiya since last seven years. My experience with them is always good. They have always tried thier best out of to get my maximum Tax return benefits and have also guided me with thier very professional attitude to gain returns on my income. Highly Recommend!!!

  • Kristine Chávez

He got this big screen for you to see the details on the form. Then he'll let you sign it electronically from his tablet and at the end of it all you'll have an electronic copy of your tax return on your email, done and dusted for the year :) Super easy and convenient. I'll give him 6 stars if I can.


RAS ACCOUNTING has been very responsive and efficient for preparing taxation. I did my taxations in last year as new client. someone used my TFN nu but here I got the best solution. Trustworthy too. so I would like to recommend all RAS Accounting. This is the best place for Taxation and Accounting .

  • akshay kariya

I have been doing my personal and family taxation for nearly 8 years. The team works for your best interest providing personal service. My few friends and relatives have been dealing with RAS team for the services after my positive experience! Excellent service by RAS team. Highly recommended.

  • Sachin Malik

Well i would only say that, in Adelaide if there is anyone who works hard for their Clients & try to get maximum returns, is one & only Anish Navodaya of RAS Accounting. He has been continuosly helping me since last 5 years in my tax returns. Very professional & knowledgable. Highly Recomnend.

  • Mohinder Singh

I strongly recommend RAS accountants. They gave me some sound initial advice and has recently done my annual accounts, and will be doing my personal tax returns from now on. Their work is of a very high standard, prompt, and professional. I suggest everyone to go for RAS Accountants.

  • Yashvi Bhatt

My husband and I visited for the second year in a row for our tax returns and will continue to return every year. They provide a fast, efficient and friendly service each time and are very thorough professionals who ensure they provide a personal touch to each client. Thank you.

  • KGN Computers

I stroongly recommanded, no matter what the question is - RAS Accountant always has the answers. They are always happy to help and understands that by investing time in start-up companies like Tigermoth Lighting, they will gain loyal and successful clients in the longer term.

  • Sohail Makhani

Mr Anis is looking after our company's accounts since last 3 years now, we are very satisfied with his service. He is very passionate about his work and above all he keeps himself and us updated with all the changing rules and regulations every now then. Strongly recommend.

  • Wendy C Yang

Have done an internship at RAS last year, gained really professional and hands-on experience on bookkeeping and tax return work, then after that, I got my finance officer job at commercial. A good place to work and learn, generate local public accounting experience.

  • Geet Verma

Not happy with service I already did call so many times and about email I send my documents which are failed I all things explain to a front dest boy but he also didn’t give any response so M really frustrated which is wasting our time as well

  • Tanvi

As a client for many years, we have always had a positive experience. Excellent service, warm and friendly, highly recommend, wouldn’t go to anyone else. Very thorough, provided advise and helped us with all our accounting taxation needs.

  • Sneha Boney

Me and my husband booked in for assistance with our tax return and we are extremely impressed with their service. Anis is very efficient, reliable and friendly and gets the job done very quickly. I would highly recommend his expertise!

  • Taru Bansal

Anis and his team are professionals and best at their work. Very approachable, flexible , easy to communicate with and work with their clients to get the best outcome. Would highly recommend seeing them for all your financial services

  • Navdeep Singh

Pathetic service !!!!!! Wasting my time from more then 1 month for and abn And now asking me to call ato as he dnt know what's the purpose of my abn I already provided reason while applying. When asked for refund There a Big Fat No

  • naufil polara

RAS Accounting has been very responsive and efficient in preparing my tax return claim and I get my refund. He made it all seem too easy, and it looks as though I'll be using him again in the new financial year. Thanks RAS.

  • Anju sharma

Excellent service, I visited here for the first time for tax return it was a really good experience in my life by watching the behavior of staff specially anis sir, he is very polite and knowledgeable highly recommend

  • Rashpinder Singh

Excellent and friendly customer service. Have been going to Anis for all financial services for personal and business purposes for last 5+ years. Highly recommend this business for all financial and taxation needs.

  • Pranav Patel

Awesome Service, Service is great compare to fees. Always get maximum tax returns with his skills, never down us. Always answer the call round the year for guidance. Never Ever Disappointed. Very Good Character

  • Abdul Shaikh

One of the best accounting services I ever came across.i m in Melbourne have engaged ras accounting for last 5 years for my business .I found them very helpful ,knowledgeable. Keep up the good work team.cheers.

  • Jessica Ha

Anish is very helpful to help me and my partner for tax return. Very responsive and responsible! Thanks Anish! I highly recommended coming to him by end of Sept or Oct for tax purposes since he is very busy!

  • Nishant Dani

I have been going to Ras Accounting from last 5 yrs and all doubts and queries have been solved. I recently started my company too and thy handled all the paperwork excellent work and good work ethics.

  • Vanessa Godenzi

Great team here at RAS accounting! They really tried to get back as much possible for me in my tax return. Been coming here for several years now and will definitely be returning! GREAT RATES TOO!

  • Sarangi Brahmbhatt

Just visited them for tax return for my family. Really appreciate their help for tax return.he is really good and I would like to recommend RAS Accounting to all as they provide excellent service.

  • suleqa habbad

I do my tax with Anis and he is professional, response in a timely manner with any questions throughout the year making the tax process as stress free as possible. Thank you for all your help!

  • Parth Padam

I have found one of the best agent in adelaide. Very helpful with clients and very understanding, helped too much in paying lower taxes and doing it in very quickly. Thanks alot for your help

  • Kawaljit Singh Dhingra

Excellent service Using RAS Accounting services last 5 year Wonderful experience, never had any issue. I can rang any time for any time of advice related to taxation. I recommend to everyone

  • Harsh Bhatt

Great service, fast and efficient. The staff is very accommodating. Have been with them for past 2 years for my tax returns, will definitely go back to them for all my tax needs.

  • Palak Patel

Excellent service and getting best possible tax returns. Filing tax returns since Anis started RAS Accounting. He is good person as well, i know him before that. …

  • Priyanka Sharma

Great service and always helpful and available when you need assistance . Specially Anis sir he is very helpful, Best accounting services I have found highly recommend!!!!

  • P B (Peter)

I have been using RAS accounting service since last 4 years and I don't think I would go somewhere else. Thanks for your all valuable advise and solutions to my business.

  • mehmuda pirzada

I can share my experience working with Anis Navodiya as a trainee, it was so helpful for me .Anis is very co-operative and respectful to his staff and clients as well.

  • Trupti Patel

Honest, on point and very great service. I visited them for tax return but I also got great property under my budget on rent. Thank You So Much Ras Finance

  • Patel Parth

Amazing service, he hears me out clearly and made suggestion in areas I was not aware and was really quick in processing my requests of trademarks & taxes

  • The Trap

Amazing service, he hears me out clearly and made suggestion in areas I was not aware and was really quick in processing my requests of trademarks & taxes

  • Masoma Entazami

My first time going to RAS Accounting & Taxation for my tax return and I must say Anis was very professional and helpful. I highly recommend him !!!

  • Baby squash

Iv been coming here for 1 year now and notice once they know you and your circumstances the service gets quicker Aswell as they are very transparent

  • Mates Link

Great customer service. Dealing with ATO matters is super easy with their assistance. Will surely recommend to everyone to consult RAS accounting.

  • pt patel

Excellent service and make me aware about lot of information, that normally accounts never gives, especially for their own benefits or grab money

  • Amer Ajeti

10/10 service , very transparent and will hear you out completely and make suggestions to improve your circumstance that you where not aware of.

  • md taj

Good team here at ras accounting. My first time tax filing experience was very good, quick and easy ! Definitely would suggest everyone I know !

  • Dushyant Shekhawat

Highly recommend! Anis and team are amazing at what they do. They are very professional and always step forward to help even for basic things.

  • aditi patel

Friendly, Professional and promising. Best and quick experience that i have ever had with tax return. I would highly recommend this place.

  • Arindam Dey

Anis is a very professional and nice person to work with. He handles both of my personal and business accounts. I highly recommend him.

  • Najmudin Nathavani

Friendly environment and Very very good sarvice...... Answers all my questions and quarry. 100 % satisfaction ...... Keep it up ☺ …

  • Sunil Bhargav

Anis, is the best person to deal with your tax matters, I have been his client since past 8 years & extremely happy with his services.

  • Chetan Patel

Providing professional and reliable services at best price. Staff are experienced and very co-operative. Highly recommended. Thanks

  • Emmanuel Kosgei

The best place for maximum tax return and the best reception good environment and most welcoming.welcome all for the best services

  • Reuben moche

Highly recommend to any who wants to do tax return,accounting consultantation ,our job was well done. Thanks Ras accounting.

  • Adeshbir Kaur

Save your time and money by not contacting them Just for an abn I called them them 10 times and more then 30 texts messages

  • Erica Ionni

So glad I found this place. Very very efficient and friendly professional service and affordable too. Highly recommended.

  • Arth's projects

Well experienced people with greate service. We have been using this service since last 5 years and very happy with them

  • Mandeep Gill

Very helpful guy, even helps in out of office hours. He is very polite and never guide you cut the corners. Five stars.

  • Nate Leon

Since my first taxable job coming out of High-School RAS has done my taxes and every single time I get amazing returns.

  • Roxanne Belas

Second time to lodge my tax with Anis and just like before, he was very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

  • Nikul Patel

Very professional and receive honest advice . Always thinking about clients. Very good service . Highly recommended

  • mohit singh

Great service, I visit second time here very fast service and staff behaviour is also very good highly recommended

  • Sherin A

Anis was very good and helpful. It was definitely worth every penny. Very helpful!!! I would highly recommend!!!!

  • Mokshada Sharma

The staff is very good. I have been with them for past 2 years for my tax returns, Thank you for good service!

  • Mukesh Kumar

Excellent service provider helpful thankyou for advice about my gst thankyou to all of the staff very helpful

  • Gaurang Patel

Using Ras accounting services since last 3 years for tax return. They are professional and straight forward.

  • G!4D4

Best service ever: kind, professional, honest and best price in Adelaide. Thank you for taking care of us!

  • nghi phương

Always wonderful experience with RAS. Excellent services. Dedicated and friendly team. Highly recommended

  • ruth ovia

Very professional and helpful along with Excellent service. Will be going back next year for sure …

  • Igo Ovia

Professional service, will answer any questions to help you understand better Happy customer …

  • ritesh8899

Real time real Advise. I am using this service from long time and got the best result. must recommended.

  • Paramjit singh Dehot

Very professional and helpful. Highly experienced staff with exceptional services. Highly recommended.


Very prompt, Excellent work with high professionalism.....Best Price as well...Highly recommended...

  • aastha lakoul

Excellent service provided by very helpful professionals at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

  • alok janodia

One stop spot for all accounting needs..Extremely helpful people..Thanks Anis Naovidya and staff !!

  • Amal Choujaa

Friendly and professional have been going there for the past few years and never been disappointed

  • Kulvinderpal Kaur

Very experience, reliable and giving best services on best prices really happy with their services

  • Mukesh Patel

Very professional and helpful. Very good, experienced and qualified Accountant. Highly recommend.

  • Anil Saharan

One of the best accountants and best person thank you for helping me out in my gst and tax return

  • Puneet Khattar

Very transparent and totally honest, overall a great service... Thank you for making it so easy.

  • Md Moin

One of the Best taxation agent in Adelaide. Very nice and friendly people. Highly recommended.

  • Nitin Mutreja

Very quick service and friendly staff ! Anis sir helped and guided very well with the taxes!

  • aspon koech

It's been the best I have ever used with my friends for tax return. I appreciate their work.

  • Aneeta Karim

Appreciate the quick response and tax return done in a few minutes. Can’t recommend enough.

  • Shariq Qamar

Very good customer service. They are honest in their dealings. I highly recommend them

  • Harpinder Kaur

Very helpful and professional team that provides best services at affordable price.

  • Priyanka Dangi

Very quick service with reasonable price . Come here every year for my tax return.

  • Parminder Singh

RAS accounting services and all staff is No 1 in Adelaide ,good service …

  • Malik Surani

Providing very professional service with right guidelines and very friendly staff

  • sikandarkhan khokhar

An excellent service . Would definitely recommend to visit RAS accounting. …

  • Paresh Patel

Good customer service and Always provide better guidelines for tax matter.


Excellent service and great to work with. They have attention to details.

  • Kiran kaur (Kiran)

Staff is very welcoming and provide excellent service.highly recommended.

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