Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts

136 reviews

450 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012




Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts is a High school located at 450 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012. It has received 136 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





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  • The address of Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts: 450 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

  • Ramón C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts has 4.2 stars from 136 reviews

  • High school

  • "I began my high school journey at this school in 2014 and it was the best experience ever"

    "currently as a 9th grader in the 2015-16 year"

    "I am a freshman at this school and I have to say this is one of the best schools ever "

    "I am in 10th grade right now and I really want to move to this school"

    "At first I really wanted to go, but after reading many reviews, I have mixed thoughts about this school"


  • Ruth Jimenez

I began my high school journey at this school in 2014 and it was the best experience ever. As a Latina who attended schools that mainly had Hispanic students, it was pretty great being surrounding with other cultures (great diversity). My parents were afraid that I’d spend too much time focused on music rather than my education but the funny thing is that my vocabulary improved so much! Teachers were great! They felt more like friends than teachers, counselors really helped through college times. Made lots of great friends, I never witnessed any sort of bullying, it was easy to be yourself, and concert nights were so much fun!!! I remember our annual Multicultural Fair, we learned a lot from other cultures, and we even had a henna tattoo booth! Yes BK has a reputation but I mean what high school doesn’t have “drug” problems? If you’re looking for the high school experience (pep rallies, football nights) this is not the school for you. If you’re looking for ways to expand your creativity and try to understand yourself, this is the place for you! Yes LACHSA is the higher up but this school really helped me improve in my musical skills too! It all depends on the student wanting to improve or not. One of my dearest friends passed away a couple of months after graduating here and were so kind to make an alter for him (I cried when I walked up to the alter) Thank you VAPA for the great moments and memories, best 4 years of my life!

  • Scorpio Zodiac

currently as a 9th grader in the 2015-16 year...i tried to open myself a bit more but since now i have still made no friends. I have seen rats and mice on campus and one in a classroom. and they're as well pretty huge roaches around campus...if you ant the traditional feel of a high school, DONT GO HERE! No sports. No cheerleaders. No pep rallies. None of that stuff. Way too many stairs as well. and now to the alright stuff. Students there i guess they are pretty social. They have some really talented people (especially dancers) and they do these interesting performances and art shows that students can submit there artwork to, which is nice. The thing is that this campus is really small which kinda bothers me since they would've made better use with all those millions they had...lockers are small as well. BUT! If you are really really REALLY passionate about arts (drawing,acting,dancing,music etc.) Then yea sure go ahead to this school! But i guess this school was just not for me... i don't really feel apart of this school at all.. oh did i mention they sell art supplies at the student store? Cool huh? Well, to any future students..if you are really interested in this school good luck to ya!! :D -Someone who isn't really having a good time here at Grand Arts in the year 2015-16...

  • Angel Lewus

I am a freshman at this school and I have to say this is one of the best schools ever . anyone who says that lachsa is better is lying because they are very competitive and that's just not a good environment to be in. at Grand Arts there's so many people who encourage you and who are so nice to you and there are just so many opportunities at the school. In the beginning of the this year at Grand Arts I entered a competition for theater and I was so encouraged by The upperclassmen Who helped me in my group and I made so mamy upperclasdmen friends I believe that I wouldn't have made at lachsa. Grand Arts is one of the best schools that anyone can go to also lachsa is not a good school competition wise no offense to whoever goes to lachsa. Also the production quality that our school brings to the community is way better than the production quality that lachsa brings to the community

  • flower girl

I am in 10th grade right now and I really want to move to this school. The school I attend is really bad. People are rude and I don't have any friends. I heard people are friendly here and I hope to make friends here. I heard that people are social as well. I've gone through so much already and I just feel like if I moved here, I'd make great friends. I don't want to be alone anymore. Also, I already turned in my resume so hopefully I'll get accepted. It's been a week and a half since I haven't heard back from them however. Please wish me luck! Edit: I got accepted by the school! I hope to make friends, I look forward to it. ^^

  • jennjen24

At first I really wanted to go, but after reading many reviews, I have mixed thoughts about this school. I've been reading about a lot of drug problems this school has and a waste of time, but then again, I see positive reviews such as students encouraging others to come and that they haven learned so much. If anyone that goes to this school see this, then please be honest and tell me what you think about this school. Is it a waste of time? Does it have huge drug problems? Do you learn many educational things from this school?

  • Candy Davalos

This school is AMAZING!!!! 9th graders who are coming this year don't feel shy just be yourself and nothing will happen you guys will make lots of friends at this school, I'm happy I passed my 9th grade. Now I'm ready for 10th grade (: hope to make more friends. This school is a second home to me because everyone are themselves and treat others right I love every performance every academy does and I can't wait for the new students arriving this year (:

  • Susan Lew

I really loved this school. I graduated here in 2015, and I didn't regret for one second about going there. This school not only made me open my mind but it also made me realize what my dreams are. This high school was my favorite place in the whole world, and it still is now because it's such a beautiful place. I love it! If I didn't choose to go to this school, I wouldn't be in my dream college today.

  • Jessica Maker-Bilandzija

Incredibly lucky to have our daughter at this school. The talent is thick, the leadership is solid, and the education is rich. If you are looking for a school that provides incredible artistic opportunities and excellent academics, then this is the place. This school is a stellar example of what public education can do when the arts are placed as a priority. Thank you LAUSD!

  • Sonia Bravo

Great school academic wise but full of drugs after finding my daughter on drugs her third week of school there. Even the school police warned me it was full of drugs and the sad thing is that the school didnt do anything about the situation. If your kids attend there or are going to, i suggest you have a drug test on your hands

  • Lizeth Diaz

This School!!!! Is AMAZING!!!!! Am a Freshman And am loving this school so much!!! It doesnt feel like school its a different feeling it feels like you known these People Since ages's Anyone so respectful and Kind to eatch other I recommend you To come to vapa its a Amazing Experience That you wont experience anywhere else.

  • hello I'm jorge

Great school been here for 4 years convenient glad I came well I didnt know much on the process on getting into high school.In middle school all they gave me was a paper with the Belmont zone of choice thing and I chose this school.Great school no bullying wonderful days. Graduated !now go to this school now!

  • abi Neff

No offense to Grand arts LACHSA is way better in my opinion i go there and i'm in the dance department it so great not to spread rumors but they say grand arts it the school people go to cause they didn't get in to LACHSA wish i could put zero stars but i cant so they get one no shade

  • Faith mom

I know someone who goes to this school and the lunches they give out are poor quality he bary gets anything to eat, like today for instance one chicken leg and that's it, how sad. Please feed your students more nutritious available meals. Or it will be reported

  • chiogaxiola

Parents please make sure they go to class, many of the students are smoking marijuana EVERY MORNING behind of Burger King. Sometimes the police comes to take care because the neighbors call, the school should notify the parents when the student doesn't show up.

  • Breauxski

I might attend LACHSA, Grand Arts Academy, or Idyllwild Arts Academy. However, they all seem great and my mom and I will choose next year. In conclusion, I've heard many great things about this school. WE'LL SEE!! :]

  • Lilly Shakwane

I sooooooooo want to go!!! but im so far away!! I would go if it were a boarding school!!! but i'm really not sure about it,but I doubt it. I would rate it 5 if it had a boarding,but sadly it doesnt

  • Rodica “Rachel” Carroll

Good school. Great specialized programs. AMAZING, attentive team, who is involved in your teenagers development & well being. It’s a large school, with a small school feeling. A true gem.

  • EZ “EZ” Meyer

If they had a school like this when I was young I probably wouldn't have ditched, screwed up and would have a different life now........maybe. High hopes for my kids …

  • Dallas Martin

This school is built over the site where the Native American natives say the lizard people may live or have had once lived as referenced in the LA Times on January 29th, 1934.

  • Carlos Salazar

Amazing things from this place. Had good friends go there and i was cheering them on. Art is some thing not every one can do so those who try will get what there there for.

  • Araceli Sanchez

Mi daughter attends this school, this is her senior year, she got perfect GPA, I highly recommend this school especially if your teen likes dance, art and music.

  • Genaro Morales

This school is a waste. Most kids don't recieve a good education. Teachers hate the Principal. Kids hate the principal. They are sell outs to the colleges.

  • Rebecca LOPEZ

My experience as a parent has been great! My daughter has been engaged in class by teachers, offered help and received help when needed in academics.

  • Geeta Vora

Can a international student get admission here for 11th grade for performing arts course ? And also what will be the tuition for 2 years?

  • Jessica Maker-Bilandzija

Grand Arts has been the perfect school for our academically and artistically driven teenager. We are grateful to have her at Grand Arts!

  • bertha zabaleta

es una escuela exelente pero la de la oficina la q atiende yamadas tiene un genio muy feo es muy cortante secree demasiado inportante

  • Josh Sandusky

I don’t go to this school but whenever I drive by I love the building, it’s amazing. I’m giving it 5 stars for the architecture!

  • em _

shout out to some matthew kid who said this was the best school ever. he wrote a bad review on LACHSA. go check them out

  • Lara P.

The architecture is amazing, I can't believe it's part of LAUSD. Is there a swimming pool? Or am I hallucinating?

  • Jairo Loaeza

Unfortunately this school has teachers with favorites and for those who want to learn I believe LACHSA is better

  • David Cruz

As a student of Grand Arts if you are given a chance to get accepted to do it it is a life changing expirence

  • that_ tomboy31

Well iam in the 7th grade but my brother went there and i think i will go there too sounds an awsome school

  • Gaia Hime

Awesome high-school, I went there even as a bad little kid that I was , I was still going places here.

  • Kimberly Sanchez

Amazing experienced teachers only attended for a year but my vocal range really improved

  • Lilly Erazo

Excelente escuela, la recomiendo. Los maestros, y consejeros son muy buenos.

  • Timothy Sherriel

Newer LAUSD school. This school provides regular Ed and special Ed classes.

  • Odyssey Orchards

Excellent school. Our oldest attends and she has had a great experience.

  • chavez person

Overrated af. Fire half the staff then hire better teachers please.

  • Francisco Mireles

Its wonderful. It was mostly the background scene for Iron Man 2.

  • Edwin Minera

my seet is to cold evry morneng, they shuld have seet warmers

  • pikachu hernandez

I think its a awesome school and imma attend next year

  • Dear Bee

My child is super excited everyday about this school

  • moca frape

Aki ce graduo mi hermano patrick jameau alos 17años

  • traci hallen

its not at all school for sports , or cheerleading

  • John Pina

Different from any school, in a good way.

  • The Gutierrez


  • Natalie Metzger

Beautiful campus. Great facilities.

  • Woobii Milan

i wanna go. i wanna go. i wanna go.

  • Alain Faddis

One of the best schools to skate.

  • Carlos Vasquez

Great school views I wish I went

  • Rahul Kumar

Best Reding you school students

  • Brigitte Activity

What is the high school mascot

  • Joshua Thomas - Student

OMG doja cat went here!!!!!!

  • مراد العزاني

Great, I was studying there

  • Ashley Interiano

my friend goes here i think

  • Samuel Juarez

Beautiful building …

  • Víctor Palencia

Oe Experiencia Fascinante

  • SolorioRMora

My school is the bestest

  • Christian Molina

im coming here next year

  • Canova Edwards

great place to work

  • jabirali ansari

Home Decoration

  • Frankie Banderas

Go to LACHSA :)

  • miranda morales

Great school !

  • 杨帆


  • Galvin Tan


  • Demarius Bell


  • Kassandra


  • Maria Rauda
  • Alejandra García
  • Feever 1999
  • Kwon Jimin
  • Felix Arrioja
  • Fernanda Pena
  • Joe Alin
  • adrianne
  • Claudio Tatenco
  • Edward Garcia
  • Jonathan Armstrong
  • edwin cruz
  • Jenya St
  • Fernando
  • 林智紀
  • Fong Kwok
  • Monica Vazquez
  • virginia gutierrez
  • ᴍᴀʀᴍᴇʟᴀᴅᴋᴀ ღ
  • Jonathan Renoj
  • Jaz Lor
  • Wucy R
  • Jay Barron
  • Jennifer Rosky
  • Mirtha Vargas
  • daniela tochihuitl
  • Astrid Barrera
  • chengyi chang
  • Jimena Fuentes
  • elena hernandez
  • Jazmine Vazquez
  • Raul Gavidia
  • Big Abè

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