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Unit 3/67/75 Garden Dr, Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia




Ray Biner Real Estate is a Real estate agency located at Unit 3/67/75 Garden Dr, Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia. It has received 50 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 stars.





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  • The address of Ray Biner Real Estate: Unit 3/67/75 Garden Dr, Tullamarine VIC 3043, Australia

  • Ray Biner Real Estate has 3.9 stars from 50 reviews

  • Real estate agency

  • "Absolutely 0 Professionalism from this company! Would not recommend them at all & very glad nothing eventuated from the train wreck experience we had with them! My mother looked at a rental with them"

    "After purchasing my property through this agent, it made sense, I thought to continue using this agent to tenant and manage my property"

    "My partner was dealing with Joseph from Ray Biner regarding a property in Westmeadows for rent"

    "These guys are the embodiment of "SlumLords""

    "Honest Professional Dedicated We were so impressed with the outcome of our first property SOLD by Ray and team that we had no reservation or concerns about entrusting Ray to also sell this property"


  • Andrew Finocchiaro

Absolutely 0 Professionalism from this company! Would not recommend them at all & very glad nothing eventuated from the train wreck experience we had with them! My mother looked at a rental with them. At the very beginning she explained her situation & needing a rental. The Property Manager then said to her she was a very nice lady & wanted to get her this rental & will put in a good word for her.. She had a look, was a whole 15 minute inspection time, she was rushed through & days later asked if she was interested. She was & was told to submit her application. She did that. Days later received a message from the property manager saying congratulations she was successful! Great! She asked if she could have 1 more quick look through as she was rushed through the first time, & didn’t get to see the garage & just wanted to bring her son through with her as this was a big step for her! She was certain to proceed though just wanted to have quick look to measure up something! She was then told to do this she had to pay the bond & 1 months rent - just to look at it! Wow Great service! She asked if she paid & by the off chance did not proceed would she get her money back? Puzzled No response from the PM! He then said if not wait another 3 days & there will be a scheduled open for inspection & to go then.. So we did! We went to that “scheduled” open for inspection, absolutely No one else was there! Had a look through, all good bar the 2story townhouse was advertised as ‘Aircon’ throughout’! Well it had 1 small split system downstairs only. Upstairs as you could imagine was extremely hot. Asked if another was going to be installed as it was a bit misleading to which the property manger said yes it is in 2 days. No problems. So all good, mind you my mother has days earlier been told she was successful. We said to him 2 week lease commencement & if he can put in writing also the Airconsystem will be installed. Nothing untoward about that.. He then said he will check with the landlord about the 2 weeks commencement. Call back in 2 hours to say we are about to pay the bond +1 months rent has he confirmed with the landlord? We’re then told “they are reviewing other applicants”! Are you serious? Days earlier my mother was told she was successful! Was told she will have an answer in 2-3 days.. Wow! So 3 days come & still no communication from the property agent. Decide to call him, no answer. 15 minutes later receive a text message to say sorry the landlord has decided to go with another applicant! Not even the decency to call my mother back! Absolutely Pathetic service! Still can’t believe she was told she was successful only days earlier! Extremely upset my mother asked for the Director of the company to call her immediately. Didn’t happen of course! Later that day I put a call in to Ray Biner himself through a private number which he answered (most likely because he thought I may have been a prospective buyer/seller). I voiced my total frustration at my mothers experience.. Told him this was extremely poor service & not acceptable! I then heard him out and say unfortunately these things happen ect ect.. Poor excuse! Tells me that I am lucky he is even talking to me. Wow! From the Director of the company, this is how they treat there customers.. I explained how a simple 5 min private inspection would have not escalated this situation this far! 5 minutes, surely not hard to organize seeing as though that is your job to organize inspections & keep customers happy you would think.. Ray then goes on to say he really wants to help my Mum (just like the property manager initially said) & offer her other rentals 4 suburbs away.. No thanks. Well Ray I refrained from writing this review but seeing as though the rental my Mum was told she was successful for, then days later told no she was not was let to someone else to now 3 weeks later still advertised 4 let on your website & realestate.com with new inspection times.. Pathetic service! These are the facts! You can write your typical one sided response! Worst experience ever!!

  • Nicky Clift

After purchasing my property through this agent, it made sense, I thought to continue using this agent to tenant and manage my property. After « screening » tenants and finding apparently fantastic tenants - assuring me all checks had been undertaken - barely a month after they started managing the property it became clear they didn’t have the skills or ability to actually manage the property, ignoring critical safety issues such as lack of smoke detectors etc and presenting incompetent tradesmen to quote on jobs where they offered little explanation of scope of works proposed and when I drilled further I found them to be well overpriced and non compliant to the Australian standards (should have been checked and understood by agent). I moved away from this agent only to find they had only done checks on one of the tenants (despite 2 being listed on the lease) the tenants stopped paying after the first month after they moved in until now - almost a year later I am still fighting to regain my property and any money for rent. I contacted Ray Biner to gain further insight into why they didn’t do the appropriate checks. I was ignored for months and then received a refusal to answer any of my questions and was bluntly advised I no longer paid them and therefore they had nothing to say to me. If I can save anyone from the trials of using this agency I will- check any review you can find. Some sites where they have a good rating it is by invitation (by agent) only so you can imagine how that sways the reviews... best of luck folks

  • Darren B

My partner was dealing with Joseph from Ray Biner regarding a property in Westmeadows for rent. Everything started fine put application in Joseph told partner her was glad she put in and would get back to us. A couple of days later we received the news we were successful with application. All this happened just before long weekend. When we tried to ring to organise signing of contract as we had gas and electricity ready to connect plus cancelled storage unit we were told property was on hold and Joseph would call back before long weekend. Then with no news over weekend , we find out today that someone else has now put in and they will decide today who gets property even thou they told us we were successful . Due to this unprofessional conduct and lack of any integrity shown by Ray Biner real estate we pulled our application. Real estate agents are bad enough to deal with on rentals but the staff at Ray Biner have shown they should never be in control of rentals if I was an owner renting I would avoid at all costs.

  • Mel Westwood

These guys are the embodiment of "SlumLords". PM - Joseph could not mange himself out of a wet paper bag. For the 4 years that he has been my PM he has never once taken responsibility for his job or his portfolio. My list is endless and still continuing . Anytime I have requested repairs in my rental property, he will do anything to avoid following up,where I have had to call a contractor myself. Then have the audacity to question why I decided to fix an emergency service on my own accord. Not to mention how he tests whether I know my rights and claims that other maintenance matter are the responsibility of the tenant. Which only means that he does this frequently and gets away with it. Do yourself a favour, even if this agent is advertising a property that you are really keen on, just stay away, you will be better of in the long run

  • Bulent Mehmet

Honest Professional Dedicated We were so impressed with the outcome of our first property SOLD by Ray and team that we had no reservation or concerns about entrusting Ray to also sell this property. Again Ray took the time to explain step by step the process involved. Ray was in tune with the property market in our area. At this point Ray engaged very professionally with us and his team to put our property on the market. He showed dedication, passion and kept us in the loop with every movement and potential buyer. To our surprise in 3 weeks our property was SOLD for the desired price.

  • VTX Adventures

Really unprofessional service with no follow up skills whatsoever by Joseph, then a rude phone conversation by The director Ray who firstly made an appointment for inspection then bailed out because he doesn't feel the need to "drop everything and chase" clients when this is his job to do so. Anyway, ended up purchasing instead of renting. Cheers Ray Biner In reply to your response* you've got the wrong person mate, never complained about any property as we haven't even got that far in a conversation due to lack of communication by you and your pets.

  • Shane Borderick

A BIG thankyou to Ray and the team at Ray Biner Real Estate. An outstanding result from the hard work and effort put in. Appreciate the honesty and integrity that Ray brings to the table. Transparent all the way with us as well as the interested parties. Choosing an agent can be difficult, but Ray was our first choice from our experience of buying the same home with him 13 years ago next week. His longevity and success in the industry says it all. We highly recommend Ray and his Team.

  • Tammie Szadurski

We originally purchased our property with Ray in 2014 and had absolutely no hesitation in working with Ray again in 2020 to sell our beautiful home. We are incredibly grateful to Ray for his professionalism, excellent communication, dedication and outstanding effort to achieve a sales result that we are very pleased with. From a buyer and seller's perspective we highly recommend Ray and his wonderful team to anyone requiring sound real estate advice. Thank you so much Ray. :))

  • Claire Bear

Ray was attentive and kind during my search for a home. he communicated regularly and got things done promptly. When i went to the office to sign paperwork, Annie was warm, welcoming and super helpful. I was made to feel like I was really being looked after which is something i have struggled with from previous landlords and agents. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a friendly team who are dedicated to their tenants or landlords. Thanks guys! I appreciate you <3

  • Mary Dunstan

Ray has a pretty good knowledge of the local market here in Pascoe Vale. We purchased our next home through him and immediately thought we’d love him to sell our home here in Pascoe Vale. We weren’t disappointed...Ray did everything you could expect an agent to do and more . He kept our hopes high all through the campaign and ended up selling our home for what we thought was a great price. We would never hesitate to use him again and we’d highly recommend him to anyone.

  • Mina

Advertised land for sale as residential land and when advised (although they are aware that it isn't developable, nor residential land) they didn't change the advertisement. Spoke to Raf to advise him that it is not residential land and he needs to change the advertisement as it is misleading, he ignored and has kept the advertisement online still as residential land. Would not trust and clearly waiting for an easy target with little knowledge of the property market.

  • Leigh Elizabeth Irving (Lizzy)

Warning, if you have property to let, do not use this agency as a landlord!! They do not reference the tenants properly and when things go wrong, they are inexperienced sorting it out. Sarah the property manager is very unprofessional. She allowed tenants living on welfare to rent the property (and didn't tell us they were on welfare). They trashed the property to the tune of $15000 of damages. Had to move to a different agent.

  • Fabrizio Scarf

Very unprofessional. Very aggressive and cunning. He is unpleasant and his fees are higher than competition. Extremely unhappy. Also their responses are always a lie as they took my money regardless i was happy or not. In my rental property they allow tenant to cook pills. I fund syringes in the ducts, the pipes were clogged because they disposed syringes down the toilet. This is because they look after my property.......

  • Tony Ashamalla

On behalf of my wife and I , we would like to thank you so much Ralffaele Nicotera from Ray Biner Real Estate for your outstaying work and professional advise in our house evaluation by you , you were listening to our requirements and needs in order to sell our house and maximise our selling requirement , you are very gentle man and we are more than happy to list our house with you Raffaele and Ray Biner .

  • Carly Ross

I do not recommend this business. After Ray Biner phoned me friday afternoon asking me to explain my previous review then pleading with me to remove it he then tried to call me at 9:30 sunday morning, then monday left a horrible response with false accusations, so I have now removed my previous review as I feel I have been bullied into doing so. I hope no one else has the same experience I have had.

  • Dominique Chauby

If you like to be welcomed, understood and you are sensitive to professionalism Ray Biner is the real estate agent to call. "guessed" in few minutes exactly what I was looking for, so visit Organised (not easy during Covid-19) and The house was as described. Merci Thank you. We are renting at the moment and If we buy one day, I promise you I will contact Ray Biner.

  • Thomas Hynes

Ray provided highly professional and insightful support for an extremely quick sale We were very impressed with Rays approach to selling our house. We were able to obtain a a sale before Auction. Excellent communication and a level of commitment combined with integrity puts him above his competitors. Highly recommended. Thanks to Ray and his colleagues.

  • kim nest

Buying our first home was made super easy with Ray. He went above and beyond for us and took the time to get to know us. He is really friendly, professional and easy to work with. We felt we could be honest and up front with Ray the entire process. Great agent and would highly recommend Ray to anyone buying or selling!

  • Alex Iacono

Professional, friendly and highly recommend Ray is a highly professional agent that is both skilled and friendly. He made buying a property an easy process due to his many years of experience in the market. I would highly recommend Ray and his agency to everyone who seeks a smooth property transaction.

  • Ben yaamin

hurrable and racist that is all i can share. filled applications made us wait and wait asking lots of ducs and told us we got the tanancy after they give property to someone and told us its not in market no more its leased. its hard to be leaser but this made it much harder and felt very bad

  • Mustafa Cicek

Could not be happier with the service we had received from the team at Ray Biner. Joseph our property manager was great to deal with, always professional and got all the maintenance requests rectified in a timely manner. Highly recommend the team at Ray Biner to friends and family.

  • Muhammad Kashif Shahzad

I was looking for a rental property on urgent basis. Ray helped me a lot during inspection and application process and came with a positive response within the same day for my chosen property. Wouldn't hesitate even for a second before recommending Ray Biner Real Estate to anyone.

  • Janan Hussein

We have successfully sold our house before Auction with Alex and with a great result. Alex was professional, honest , excellent communicator and made us feel comfortable. we will not hesitate to use Alex in the future. i strongly will recommend Alex to everyone. Great work Alex..

  • Kerry McNeill

Extremely happy with the team at Ray Biner Real Estate. The communication was outstanfing. Ray was passionate and dedicated and offered ongoing support and advice. He achieved a fantastic result in a very short time. Would highly recommend Ray Biner Real Estate.

  • Ali Kasrm

Not good agent I applied for rent house and try call them didn't give answer also I called Sarah the preperty manger on her mobile didn't answer me also send text on mobile just the want some applications but already the have some friends to give them the house

  • Joe B

5 stars! My partner and I Jesse had a wonderful experience renting our first home. Joesph Trad was extremely professional, thorough and diligent. Extremely satisfied with the whole process and couldn’t recommend this gentleman any higher.

  • Maria Ghersi

Ray Biner was an amazing agent, professional, kind, attentive and looked after us when purchasing our property. He has so much knowledge when it comes to property and made the entire experience painless. I would highly recommend Ray .

  • Rebecca H

From the get go the customer service and help from this real estate has been exceptional. I would like to personally mention Ray and Joseph, thank you both. Looking forward to having a long term rental lease with your real estate.

  • Wayne Sartori

More than happy This is the fourth time we have bought and sold with Ray, he has always approached each sale with total professionalism and personalized service, I can only highly recommend to any prospective buyers or sellers

  • Heath Yasunaga

Very happy and grateful having had Ray help us to get to a successful purchase. Providing us with a professionally balanced experience. Appreciate all the efforts you made Ray and thanks to everyone at Ray Biner Real Estate.

  • Les Smith

Excellent service and extremely professional Alex, Ray and the team did an exceptional job selling my family home. They were professional and offered great service. I was very happy with the way Ray conducted the auction.

  • wayne wright

We sold our dad's deceased unit Ray made a difficult process very easy for us it was all done professionally with no problem at all Ray was lovely to deal with thanks from Sue

  • Jan Watt

Raffaele was excellent to deal with and couldnt b more helpful! Thanks Raffaele for your attention to detail and time spent with this purchase and appreciate all your efforts.

  • Faris Khoury

Joseph Trad has been the best property manager I could ask for. Well educated on the property market, well mannered, and respectful of our requests. Highly recommend!!!!

  • Z “Zdownunderc” C

Ray his team did a great job to get our unit sold. He kept us in the loop at every point during the process. I highly recommend him if you want to sell.

  • Jarrod Hughes

We had a very positive experience purchasing a house through Ray Biner. Ray was friendly, reliable and a great communicator. 5 stars!

  • Sasha Obeid

Our dealings with Ray Biner and the team (Joseph Trad) as manager of one of our properties has been wonderful. Highly recommended.

  • Shaun Camilleri

ray and his team did a great job selling my property with a record price would definitely use them again

  • Mohammad Ayad

It was a delightful and smooth journey dealing with Ray Biner and team! Highly recommend :)

  • Cheuk Lun KWONG

Joseph is a nice agency that provides professional service and replies question quickly.

  • Sergio Militello

Best Fish & Chips in Rye

  • Anna Achilles

Excellent service

  • Osman K


  • Shagun Sood
  • Joseph Cardillo
  • jasmin Morrison
  • Andrew Dyer
  • Marie Mammone

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