Silva Lanes

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3010 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111



Silva Lanes is a Bowling alley located at 3010 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111. It has received 1379 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Silva Lanes: 3010 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

  • Silva Lanes has 4.3 stars from 1379 reviews

  • Bowling alley

  • "We decided to take my son here for his birthday"

    "Horrible service and they are very Prejudice against people who are not in the league"

    "Overall, I'd say mixed but OK"

    "I know it's one of the oldest in the city and it shows the balls are all cracked"

    "If you don't like huge places like Main Event, this place is for you"


  • Brandy Cnare

We decided to take my son here for his birthday. The pricing is comparable to other bowling alleys. So it was fairly inexpensive for us as a family of five. The lane we were assigned to did have some issues however an employee was super quick to fix the problems. I will say that even though we were pleased at how quick the employee fixed the issue I would like to point out that this place needs a serious face lift! Some new paint and a good scrubbing would go along way. I really wanted to give a better review however I was super put off by the concession stand employees. When I went to order the fries and cheese sauce the girl that took the orders was extremely short with her responses and had a fairly bad attitude. After I paid for my purchase she turned around to one of the employees that was also working the concession stand and immediately started talking about her personal problems which included a ton of foul language. For me as an adult, I was mortified because there was a young kid behind me coming up to buy an Icee. It is bad enough that I was subjected to this language but to subject a small kid was beyond unprofessional. We received our order and after our fries with cheese sauce were gone I decided to go back up to the concession stand counter and purchase some drinks. While standing at the counter waiting for my drinks the same girl who had taken my order opened up the cheese sauce machine and I was mortified that my children had eaten cheese sauce that had come out of this dirty, dirty cheese machine. The inside of it was absolutely disgusting! On top of the fact that this cheese machine was not well-maintained I again was subjected to a ton of foul language. I made it a conscious effort not to go back up to the concession stand however this was not the last time I was subjected to the foul language and unprofessional behavior. Before leaving we wanted to use the pinball machine, which was poorly maintained. We also decided to use the Fast and Furious racing machine, which was also poorly maintained. As we were using the arcade games the same girl who had taken our order at the concession stand sat in a booth right next to us right next to the arcade stuff. She proceeded to put her phone on speaker phone and curse out whoever was on the other line. The unprofessionalism that went on at this facility was enough for us to not go back.

  • Amber Adkins

Horrible service and they are very Prejudice against people who are not in the league. My boyfriend was told the leagues end at 9 last night and then we could have a lane to bowl note my boyfriend did let them know we were not in a league and were there to just have fun on a date. We bowled one turn and they turned off our lane because people complained that we were horrible at the game. They told us our lane would be off for a few minutes and then they would turn it back on and that people were just complaining that we were terrible bowlers too much so they wanted to wait for the others to finish. And hour later our lane was still not back on so we went up to cancel the bowling. And they gave us attitude and said they turned the lane back on and I said well we don't wanna play anymore cause we waited too long. My dad is a very respected former league bowler and my boyfriend is litterally a popular twitch gamer and affiliate yet you shut down our lane on our date night out. Oh and the drinks are way overpriced and the bartender slammed my boyfriends drink on the table and spilled half of it because she got yelled at by the other bartender and they still made us pay full price for that drink. Don't go here. They did not get a tip from us yet we usually tip at least 30% but they didn't deserve the tip!They dont even deserve to be open for bowling!

  • Henry

Overall, I'd say mixed but OK. The racking machinery is much slower than other places I've been. Most of the equipment, screens, seats, ball return, etc, looks like it hasn't been updated in decades. With many things mismatched, I'd say things are only replaced when absolutely broken and then only replace the single unit. Can't say when I last saw a CRT otherwise. I ran into one lane where the touch screen didn't respond and the machine randomly beeped at you for no reason. Another lane will randomly rerack and give you a score. Since the screen won't let you do anything, you have to go to the middle desk and wait for them to fix it. Sometimes that's walk + 10 seconds, other times you'll be standing there for a while. Another pair will glitch out mid-frame, fill in another frame for everyone, and be a PITA to fix. So trips to the front desk to fix things aren't uncommon. The food is ... food. The pizza was somehow a little blackened on the bottom and undercooked on the top, but was devoid of flavor either way. The "fry bread" was ... interesting. The Flaming Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese smells great & nauseating at the same time. So, if you must eat, I'd stick with the usual deep fried suspects, chicken, cheese sticks, etc. But I opt to eat after.

  • Lawrence Safley

I know it's one of the oldest in the city and it shows the balls are all cracked. The building looks dilapidated and dirty. Surprisingly the bathroom seemed to be the nicest in the building. The bar was absolutely disgusting. Looked like rat droppings behind the bottles of liquor and that had been there for decades. You can clearly see the kitchen is just as disturbing. The grill was dirty it's like the staff have and do not ever clean the place. Honestly they need a professional cleaning company to go in and fumigate the place. If you've ever seen bar rescue. Jon Taffer would absolutely loose his mind. Come on honestly how hard is it to have your employees clean and respect your business. How hard is it to get rid of bowling balls with cracks and hole in them the size of the grand canyon and for the love of got clean and sanitize the places food is prepared and served. Not to mention the bugs I seen floating in the bottles of liquor. If u do go I advise eat first and if drinking get bottled beer. I would be shocked if people haven't got sick eating or drinking there.

  • Michael Postlethwait

If you don't like huge places like Main Event, this place is for you. Silva Lanes is exceptional because it has great service, plenty of room for a lot of people to bowl, and a great food selection. I ordered a burger and fries from there, and though it was estimated that it would be brought out to my table in about 30 minutes, it was brought out much quicker, which I definitely appreciated. And the food tasted exceptionally good. I ordered the double burger, which comes with two patties, and the burger was huge, which made the price of that meal very reasonable. I had no problems bowling--all the machines appeared to be functioning as they should. It was quite refreshing to be inside a building that simply has a bowling alley. I really hope this place sticks around. I intend to come to this place to bowl more often.

  • Jaeus 360

Its a bit of an old place, but pretty good for what it is. It's got a classic 80s-90s feel to it so thats cool, but I guess nowadays the newer things are better. Holiday Bowl recently remodeled their place and it looks more like an adult hang out place with a bar and everything. Silva lanes is still pretty good. Only issues I come across would be some lanes arent working very well. The one I was on ended up shutting off on me during the game for no reason, and it's a hassle to constantly have to notify the employees at the front desk. Aside from that, its not bad. There's a place to order some food like nachos, burgers, hot dogs. Some arcade at the front like a Starwars pinball machine, race car games and claw machines. The parking is pretty good, there's a lot of parking which is nice. Overall this isn't bad.

  • Cindy Romero

If I could give this place zero stars; I would. We were bowling and the people next to us came and removed the bowling ball we were using without an explanation. We had to stop our game to find out why it was taken. We were told it's for kids 8 years or younger and we could not use the ball. Even though no kids were in need of the ball. The attendant became hostile and said she was going to turn off our lane off and we needed to leave because I complained about the vaping going on right next to us. These young kids that work there said the owner vapes and called me every curse word they could. Worst experience ever. They pretty much said the owner is okay with their distressful behavior. If you vape that’s your business. Have respect for others who do not. This is a business not a kickback party house.

  • LiveLoveMusic246

Prices are alright. Food was was delicious! I love the bar area and pool tables! The woman working the bar was AMAZING. I love her customer service. It was pretty busy for a Sunday, but I was able to get a lane. However, the blonde lady with the space buns working last Sunday was EXTREMELY rude. She was rude when we asked about the price rates. We tried to pay for 2 lanes for 2 separate parties, she told us it wasn't doable. Which is fine but she was super mean about it and kind of snapped at us for even asking. I probably wouldn't come back to this location for a while. Hopefully she won't be working the next time if I do. If you're going to work the front at any business, you need to be approachable.

  • Ryan Heaton

Even though this place originally opened in the 1960's it's still a great place to go Bowling, have a Birthday party there. Back then it was called something different. I don't know what the place was called before the name we know and love it's still a great place to bowl eat and have fun. After some management the place was called Sliva Lanes in the 2000's and with the pinsetters we know to this day. When it originally opened it had a different Pinsetter. And in the 2000's they changed the pinsetters we know today. Staff is friendly. I would recommend coming here.

  • Kori W

I definitely wasn't impressed by the experience. The lanes continously broke down, water cost $2.50 when genuinely the rule of thumb water should be free and the prices overall to bowl are pretty pricey not to mention their COVID safe practices aren't really being upheld. On the upside however, to refill water is free, they played decent music, the lady at the food bar had exceptionally good customer service and I had a blast with friends during the blacklight session. So overall not thoroughly impressed, but not disappointed either.

  • Bailey Fudge

Went there with three of my friends and paid for an hour of bowling. Found out the next day they charged me twice for my lane and the shoes and did not give me a receipt as the clerk told me they had to keep them. Called to dispute the extra charge and told me I’d have to come in and talk to the manager. I told them I was no longer in town as I was visiting Albuquerque for the weekend. Ended up disputing it through my bank and Silva Lanes told my bank that the transaction was correct and that I should be charged twice for my visit .

  • Amanda Chavez

We called nd tried to book some lanes nd they said we cud book the day b for so we go nd the lady was rude as hell nd said we couldn’t book because they had tournaments booked. I explained that I already had spoke to someone over the phone and they said it was fine to go in on Friday to book for Saturday and she Shrug her shoulders and said I don’t want to tell you there’s nothing I can. I think if they are going to have tournaments on weekend they should have it posted that weekends aren’t open to the public until a curtain time.

  • DeAndra Wilcox

I held a birthday party for my son this weekend, and I cannot say enough good things about this place. They made planning so easy. I literally didn’t worry about anything. They made sure my lanes were ready, food and drinks were ready at the time I ordered it. She made sure each child had an appropriate sized ball. Everyone was so friendly and the price is unbeatable. This was the most low maintenance birthday party I have ever had for my kids; yet one of the most fun and memorable. I will definitely be booking here again.

  • sasunaru6788

It's pretty good, in my humble opinion lol. A bit crowded, so you'll likely have to wait about 15 or so mins for a lane to become available, but I had fun with my family on my birthday. The problem is that pretty much everyone, including most of the staff, is maskless. Now, I'm hoping that everyone who's not wearing a mask is vaccinated, or at least recently tested negative, but I've no plans to ask around to make sure so... I can only hope ‍♀️. At least they have signs up that support wearing masks.

  • Alicia Archibeque

This is definitely the place to be on a Saturday... if you like to bowl. Birthday package was fairly reasonable, especially being that we had at least 6-8 adults & around 15 children bowling. The food was suffice for a bowling alley, the food service was excellent and timely. There was actually a Tournament going on when we arrived, but as we were walking and getting our group ready they were clearing out 3 lanes... Friendly, price savy, fun and very accommodating!!!

  • Tulay White

Very affordable and nice place to play for a family. The outside was somewhat sketchy though....there was a guy laying on the floor right next to the side entrance close to the parking we had to park our car across the street where we felt it was safer. The ladies were a little pushy rude and very short with us that night, even though it was a week night, and not much was going on. But the price was right and we still had a good time

  • Breanna Williams

Worst experience. I can understand it was busy and had to wait for 30 minutes for a lane to open up, however I was told to come at that specific time to avoid crowds. Paided for a hour, and didn't even get to finish one game because bowling balls kept getting stuck and literally take for almost every turn take four minutes for the pins to set it. Either they were stuck in the air or not on the lane at all. Defiantly will not be coming back.

  • Gwen S (TeeLight)

As far as local bowling alleys go this is a nice place. The night I went was a black light night with a dj playing the music. The place was incredibly busy and very loud. The lanes were nice and the inside of the building was clean. It wasn't hard to get shoes or a ball and all in all it was a good time. From the outside I never would have thought it was that nice on the inside. It looks very dated from the outside. Cool place though!

  • Pam Keller (Cybelemoon)

I enjoy coming here weekly, usually three times a week actually. Two nights and an afternoon and I'm not on a league. Very affordable and a great Monday special. The people here are wonderful. Great staff. Scott is a wonderful man at the Deli and I've enjoyed every visit. The alley's are fairly nice and are like any and all other lanes with times where they are better than others, all depends on how busy they have been. Love the fun!

  • Dustin Marcum

Clean Bowling Balls, Friendly Staff and Fair Prices. Are Just A Few Qualities Silva Lanes Has. If You Like A Cold/or even Hot Beer. Silva Has Got You n Your Friends/and or Family Covered. One Major Quality I Found Most To My Liking an Needs. The Staff, Very Friendly an Courteous. Felt Like Myself and My Son We're More Than Welcome There Time and Again. Recommend 2 Any Avid Athlete, or Even Just Going For Fun. Worth Every Moment.

  • Nickole S

The bowling and most staff were pleasant but when we went to go get food, we were ignored by the snack bar guy. He was extremely rude and very unsanitary. He touched all our food with bare hands, no gloves, never washing his hands after repeatedly touching his hair and face. I would definitely NOT recommend getting food from there if these are the procedures they follow. Completely against the health code.

  • Nekai Tsethlikai

I used to like this place, but the blond lady with the little girl who works here is so rude. She don't give the league players their discounts and she makes up rules and pay times whenever she want. For instance it's by Game or Hour here and she forces people to pay by the hour which costs way more. The only good thing about this place is the bar crew and Sam at the desk. Already miss Zack in this place.

  • fiend2234

Fun but somewhat annoying that even though most of us are of drinking age one friend was not so we couldn't all play pool together. If at all possible I would love to see a way to play pool together even if we can't all drink. Otherwise it was a good experience until we were kicked out because the bowling league came and took up most if not all of the lanes. Really quite annoying but understandable.

  • Carrie Chavez

We had a blast made a reservation and was Told we would wait for 5-6 minutes because the lane we reserved wanted more time. After 30 minutes we asked the front desk...they apologized and got us the next available lane In about 15 minutes. We purchased an extra half hour and had a great time. I saw an attentive staff wiping down tables between families. Bar could have used one more server:)

  • Ashley Nix

The kids do the Kid Bowl Free program offered, and signed up for. They get to bowl two free games everyday all summer long. All we pay for is shoe rentals. It's nice and clean. A lot of summer camps go there as well, so we try to get there early so the kids can get a small enough ball. The kids have a blast and it gives us something else to look forward to during the hot days of summer.

  • Christopher Barber

Busy on a Saturday afternoon but the friendly, efficient cashier got us to a lane right away. Upbeat, clean family atmosphere. Quick food service, and our food was fresh and tasty. Our four-year old grandson was not at his best behavior, staff had to retrieve balls he left stranded in the alley -- we were embarrassed but they handled the problem quickly and efficiently.

  • loRen Rochelle

I actually had fun there before but my only issue is there is no price listing anywhere online that I could find and no where to find out about booking or league times. Incredibly hard to plan to go, does anyone know prices? I only see one review with a price, so maybe I will come back and do everyone a favor, maybe I can't figure out how to navigate their website???

  • Lawrence Talahongva

An excellent experience! Lots of lanes over 30 and plenty of space to not feel cramped and also social distancing. 3 billiards tables and a couple dart boards in the bar area. Small concession stand but not gluten free if asking. Everything is shared in one oil fryer. Restrooms are clean and well kept. Nice place to bring the family and have a great time! Enjoy!!

  • Cameron Harris

Worst experience I’ve ever had at a bowling alley. Ordered food, didn’t get a receipt, waited patiently and when I finally went to ask what happened to my order an hour and a half later they told me they didn’t have it. All they could say was sorry and didn’t even try to compensate me. I’ll never go there again, would never recommend this place to anyone.

  • Rlme Z

We previously went to Santa Anna bowling. Never again! Wonderful people, has available open lanes even with league bowling. The lanes are smooth and the balls well taken care of. Food is reasonably priced and if food is not your flavor is located near other food places. My daughter had so much fun she went back the next day to take her friends bowling.

  • Amaris Barela

Went on a Monday cuz it’s cheaper that day. Me and my bf got two shoe rentals and four games (two each) and it was $10.80. I think it’s def worth it on non cheap days as well. For reference, me and my bf totally suck at bowling and we still had a lot of fun. The lights turn off around 10ish and I felt way better once they did

  • Rachel Hollar

Here for the state tournament. You can see all of the bowlers turning red and sweating profusely. Yet no matter how miserable everyone is, they refused to turn the AC down. Hard to enjoy anything, including the bowling, drinks, snacks, or games when you're sweating profusely. We drove 3.5 hours for this nonsense....

  • Liz G

I like to go here with my hunnie on date night! It's busy on weekends, but alcohol prices are reasonable. Pool tables & darts, they also show the ufc fights for free! The bowling is fun and you can get discounts online, the food is pretty good! I enjoyed the fried zucchini the pretzels was okay, kinda soggy …

  • darren webb

Just what you want from a local bowling alley. Comfortable fun environment. Big snack bar menu and better food than expected. Reasonable bowling rates and a great staff. Oh yeah, there's karaoke, pool tables etc. In the large bar... Enjoy. Facility could use a little upgrading. Certainly not a deal breaker

  • Brandt Maass

I've been coming here since it was built as EuCan Bowl. It brings back wonderful memories and although I don't bowl anymore I stop in often for a burger, fries, and drink. I never leave disappointed. I've bowled, played pool and enjoyed evenings here since I was a young kid. I hope it stays around forever.

  • Cameron Sellers

Been in there 3 times and have been turned away 3 times. Everytime I go they are having a league night (I have been on different nights). I asked why this is happening, turns out 5 out of 7 nights are league nights. But good luck knowing that before you go in because they don't put it on their website.

  • Lorenz Garcia

The monitor kept malfunctioning it would not let us add two bowlers. The screens are old and antiquated and we had to have the technician assist us three times to fix the issues with the screen that wasn’t scoring. I would’ve given two stars but they added 15 minutes to our time so I gave three stars.

  • Dominic Goodnow

Rude lady behind the desk. First time coming in years and you can't bowl Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday night as all 30 lanes are apparently used for league nights on all of those days. No signs anyways stating this. Website doesn't say this. Should just put that you close at 6 to the public.

  • Devin Nunez

Cashier guy with the snap back hat with long hair and looks to be in his mid teens to early 20s. Rude, like really rude for no reason. Acted like we interrupted his conversation with another co-worker when trying to ask for a lane/shoes. Attitude was clearly there and looked "done" with everyone

  • Reticent “Reticent_Misanthrope” Misanthrope

Three weeks in a row I have paid for multiple games and received only one. The girl at the front desk clearly doesn't want to be here. the lanes are warped and the balls are as ghetto i have since since Singapore. They are cheap, bit that does not matter when a business steals from its patrons.

  • maigan delara

Bought a Groupon and went as a family celebration. Got served very burnt pizza and the man at the snack bar got upset that we didn't want pizza that smelled and was black on the bottom. He also gave attitude when we wanted to order more food. Horrible customer service. Don't recommend at all

  • Michael Tucker

Great hometown bowling alley. Good selection of bowling balls and plenty of lanes. Shoes were a bit worn down and approach was a little sticky but the staff was great in switching out shoes and even have me a rosin bag to help the shoes slide. Cold beer on tap and onion rings were great.

  • franchesca montoya

Local bowling alley that's been here as long as I can remember! Humble and nostalgic. The classics from the snack bar, nachos, pizzas, and burgers. Small bar with karaoke and drink deals! No frills just a straight up great place to bowl and have fun. My go to bowling alley. …

  • M. “Skelly” S.

I've been going to this place for 30 years, I think my mom met her second husband in the bar here, not much has changed but it's a great place to hang out, throw some balls, sing some songs, and play some games. Can't go wrong with U-can named Silva Lanes....

  • ViTheFlower

The place was clean and responsible. The workers were kind and very patient when we kept going up to the front desk asking for help. Even gave us extra time when there was a problem with the pins not going down. Overall, a good place to have parties or just hang out.

  • Linda Riel

After not being able to bowl for several months it was good to get back into league play again. We were only able to bowl for 3 weeks but are hoping to start up again. They are working with the league's to accommodate what are needs would be so we could bowl safely.

  • Randy Ramos

We paid for an hour and a half and they cut us off at 1 hour. The snack bar was closed and apparently whoever was supposed to open it never showed up. The cashier was rude and on her phone most of the time. The bowling was good though. I will stay with sandia bowl.

  • John Gallagher

I went to this place with some friends and had a great time there. I would've given it 5 stars but I had a flaw with the concession stand. I ordered a 7 inch pizza which took over 30 minutes. If I do go back to this place I will not be ordering food there anymore.

  • Aaron Breeze Breeze

Use to hang out here in high school 30 plus years ago, had a different name but good memories. Spent several hours here today with family on Father's day. I was very impressed lots of fun, food was very good, service was also very good. I would highly recommend.

  • Jessica

Had a blast with the family but couldn't finish our game with just 2 frames left. Said because people were waiting but nobody came to the lanes to play for at least the 10 15 mins it would of took us to finish max but other then that everything else was good

  • Peter Lomax

Lanes dry, approach not well maintained. Technology needs update from nineties. Service for me, however, has always been pretty good, never rude, snack bar staffed and competent. Pro shop excellent service. I only go during the week around 5-7, however.

  • Lemisha Nelson

Came here on a Sunday evening. This place was nice and workers were great. One thing that was annoying was that the lane pins kept getting stuck. We continously had to call for help. Other than that it was great. Changing area for babies in area.

  • Gerald Klein

Love these lanes! Great place for casual bowling or for more serious events! The house oil pattern makes for an interesting challenge. The control system, all though old and out-dated is still in great working shape and is easy to navigate! 10/10

  • Bennie Pate

Used the Groupon and it was a great bargain. The guy at the counter was very helpful. We had to bowl next to the rudest groups that I have ever experienced. The two groups on our left had no clue about bowling etiquette and seven out of

  • Luis Varona

Place is dirty and staff don’t really clean anything, staff don’t clean at all and are super rude, a fight broke out between 2 groups of people and the staff didn’t do anything about it, I ordered a pizza and they 30 minutes later they

  • Jacob Carpenter

This place is a pretty nice bowling alley. The lanes are straight and free of any warping from what I could tell. They could definitely stand to update their facilities, as the touchscreens they have for setting up the lane and such is

  • Miranda Gallegos

Always so much fun here. Went out on a Saturday, wait was only about 20 minutes to get two lanes side by side. Staff was friendly as always and took their covid precautions which is appreciated. Bar and bowling alley appeared clean.

  • Jamon Trujillo

1 $. Bowling on Monday nights 9 -12. They have a full bar. Great staff. Puff puff pass outside the back door 420 if relaxing makes them pins drop easier. Love this place. Great for all ages. O yeah the balls are old lanes are great

  • Gary Patneaude

Pure fun! The staff are ALWAYS so kind. The bar selection is decent, and the food is always made to order. My family and I have been going here for years. They participate in the "" which is awesome for all of us!

  • Maggie Rayne

Bowling was super fun and the vibe was awesome, the food was okay. The pizza was not great but the wings were spicy with fat mozzarella sticks. Small bar with adult slushies available, but with a 1 drink per purchase maximum.

  • Terry Haack

The food gets 4 stars but the customer service at the snack bar gets 1. She brought us our food to lane 34 and told us to go get forks ourselves. Her exact words.What's wrong with these young kids these days with no respect?

  • Nathanial Salazar

The price was a little much and the cleanliness of the table and floors could be better.we also keeped stopping because the pins kept falling out of the mechanic before we could bowl are turn which was half of the time.

  • Sean G. O'Mara Sr.

Bowled in a tournament there today. Nice house, machinery operates as expected, good staff. Bar was busy. Food is pretty good, But They charge for a pitcher of water. Grew up bowling in this house. Good place to go.

  • Anabell

The bartender was just horrible! So worried about being tipped. It was just such poor customer service from the bartender that served us. She should definitely be replaced by a more professional bartender. Smh.

  • Ben P

Friendly, clean, reasonably priced, great fun for the afternoon. In a busy day only had to wait about 20 minutes or so for a lane to open up, nice employees, nice atmosphere. Had a great time, will come again!

  • Mishka

Silva Lanes never disappoints. Sure, it’s older than other bowling venues and many don’t appreciate the dated charm, but the wait times and prices are reasonable (even on busy weekends) and it’s always fun.

  • Zach Hines

Probably one of the funnest places I've been to at karaoke!!! All the employees are just down to Earth!!! Happy as can be!! I will be going back more often!! Wish I could give him a higher rating …

  • Mark Singleton

If you like the HOTTEST beer in town and use part of your bowling time, which is charged, settling your tab that was charged twice by all means go there. I will NOT be back. And it is incredibly hot inside.

  • Monique Ehlers

Pretty good for karaoke, except towards the end when we kept getting skipped and other people sang twice... Not a cool thing to do just to please regulars that drank alcohol I guess... Kinda a let down

  • Diana Owen

My daughter was invited to attend a birthday party here & it was a lot of fun. It's a perfect place to host a children's party (ages 7 & up). The equipment & shoes are a bit dated but still work.

  • Ashley Faye Holder

Our first time here. We came for a birthday party; had a blast! The food was really good too so we'll be back in the future. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for some fun!

  • cassandra Harvey

This was my first time coming here and the Workers here are very nice and helpful. It's very clean here. Extremely fun! Fair Price. The food is good and fresh! Really good music .

  • T*Jaye Hndrsn

1st time here. Price is affordable and well worth it. Fun place to bring the kiddoz to have fun. We all had fun and enjoyed the snacks. We will most definitely be coming back.

  • Laura Frazer

Really fun environment and friendly staff. We had a 45 minute wait when we showed up (around 8pm on Father's Day Sunday) but we had a lane in about 20 minutes. Good prices too

  • Kim Jeff

After a covid year of doing nothing, we had the time of our lives. Best way to spend a birthday for sure!!! Quick service, friendly, accommodating. Great staff!! See you soon.

  • Louisa E

$2 Tuesdays!!! Woohoo!!!! Awesome employees nice friendly respectful caring I can keep doing. Place is always clean! Bathrooms are always clean! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!!

  • Tracy Tafoya

Silva Lanes is a fun place for the whole family! We hadn't bowled in a very long time, lots of gutter balls, but it was still super fun! Thank you Silva Lanes! …

  • shana Stevens

Had such a blast tonight!! The workers there joined in on our fun and we all introduced each other, they were so funny and very sweet. Made my damn night …

  • Mr. Skittles

It was a fun place, they have really good pretzels they put a lot of butter on them, the costumer service is alright needs a bit work but after all it was okay <3

  • Brittney A

My family and I had a really great time there. I did have a mixed drink from the bar and I have been deathly ill for the past 3 days! I will not do that again!

  • Josh Eldred

$34 an hour for 4 people. Good selection of balls, an older bowling alley. Bathrooms could use some attention. Lots of trash and food waste around our table.

  • Jamie Douglas

Good bowling. Friendly folks. Overall fun! Met my husband there, some years ago... So how could it be rated less than 5 stars when it brought us together? ;)

  • Amanda Leighton

Went here for my brother's 40th birthday. He wanted to bowl with me while I was in town. My niece who's almost 6 had a blast trying to bowl with us too.

  • Lightning Octo

Polite employees, shoes intact, not overly expensive lane/shoe rental and booze. Fries were soggy but my friends had crispy ones. Will be back for sure.

  • anna w

Bartender is very rude and gave me straight up pineapple juice.. total rip off! She had blonde hair and very short.. mid 40s.. had very racist vibes

  • RogueParticle

Been playing here since I was young. Service is excellent. Good food options,bar is open, pool and other games are available. Fun time all around.


Was clean fair priced all the way around , we enjoyed ourselves a bunch ! Lots of fun and laffs to make you want to go back again an again..

  • Tina Hite

We enjoy bowling in a bowling alley where bowling is the main focus. We've met a lot of friendly people here and the staff is wonderful.

  • Ysabel Felt

Amazing, non-expensive place to have fun!! Lanes are well kept, tables are clean, bathrooms are clean! Love it every time I go bowling!

  • TheChaosInHarmony

A fond memory from childhood, I still enjoyed it after 30 years. The fried pickles were super good too. Looking forward to going again.

  • Bre Deora

I’m new to the area. This alley is really nice! $30 per lane is a okay, but not if it’s just you by yourself…. Still a great place!

  • short kid

amazing! employees are really nice and respectful! really fast service ! food is honestly pretty good and overall pretty cheap !

  • Jason Justice

I love this place... Its clean, everything works... The employees were helpful and nice.. Awesome environment.... Thank you


I really enjoyed the atmosphere. It's comfy, cozy, old but everything works and is clean. The pizza is not bad either

  • Luis Martinez

Bad customer service I got here at 10:00 and it was on a Sunday and they didn’t not let me play or get food

  • J J

Fun times!! Pay by the hour (we got two games in with 3 people). Food was delivered to lane quite quickly.

  • Anne-Marie Jean

Came for the karaoke, left feeling so sad and rejected. I guess I wasn't honky tonk enough. Boo …

  • micapeakproductions

Super nice staff. The scoring equipment could use an update. Otherwise, it was a very good experience.

  • Dell Lovell

Great Prices! Cheapest in town...but their lanes are outdated, they do work well though. Food is good.

  • Shanelle Rosetta

This place is very fun, exciting to see your kids having fun and laughing enjoying the game ! …

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