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The Law Offices of Richard Wingerden is a Estate planning attorney located at 777 N First St UNIT 333, San Jose, CA 95112. It has received 41 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of The Law Offices of Richard Wingerden: 777 N First St UNIT 333, San Jose, CA 95112

  • The Law Offices of Richard Wingerden has 4.9 stars from 41 reviews

  • Estate planning attorney

  • "Estate planning isn’t the sexiest of topics"

    "Our experience with Richard Wingerden was great"

    "We needed to get a trust in place to protect our family and Richard made it both easy and informative"

    "My husband and I were in an unfortunate situation and needed representation"

    "Look no further because you found your attorney"


  • Theresa Mai

Estate planning isn’t the sexiest of topics. However, as a single parent, I felt it was important to plan ahead should the unthinkable occur. Richard made an otherwise daunting and obscure process seamless and enjoyable. It was clear from our first interaction that he is as experienced and knowledgeable as he is compassionate. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I had to hire various kinds of attorneys over the past few years. I can say with great conviction that Richard is a top-tier professional. He strategically—and efficiently—assessed my particular needs and was able to establish a trust in just under 2 weeks. Although his practice now focuses exclusively on estate planning, Richard still provided me with competent, thorough, and practical legal advice on a broad spectrum of issues beyond the scope of his retainer. Additionally, his enthusiasm, promptness, and flexibility was unmatched. Phone calls were returned without delay, rescheduling requests were a non-issue, and his rates were more than reasonable. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for estate planning services.

  • Paul Hwang

Our experience with Richard Wingerden was great. Planning for a trust can be stressful and confusing, but with Richard you can rest assured knowing that he has you covered. From the moment that we stepped into his office, he was personable, professional, and really put the law stuff into layman's terms that were easy to understand and more importantly easy to retain. After scheduling, he communicated with us via an encrypted messaging portal a few documents for us to review and complete prior to our first meeting so that the meeting would be as efficient as possible. It's important to take the time to fill that out as thoroughly as possible. The second meeting was a signing meeting and that went pretty smoothly as well. The location is easy to get to, with dedicated parking on the side and also behind the building (take the right turn, go past the first lot and then there's another one just behind it). The elevator lobby is right on first street. I highly recommend going to him if you're looking to create or update your trust. You will not be disappointed!

  • Paul deGuzman

We needed to get a trust in place to protect our family and Richard made it both easy and informative. Completely flexible to our schedule, the entire process of working with Richard was smooth. He was organized and sent us a clear list of the documents we needed to proactively provide (and why) to speed the process along, able to meet both in-person or virtually depending on our preference, and fully explained the different documents being created and their purpose/importance. Richard also took the time to answer all of our questions to make sure we felt comfortable with the process the whole way through and offered to answer questions after the fact should any arise in the future. All in all, we got wrapped up in 2 short meetings and a few emails. I’ll definitely be coming to him again in the future for my family’s legal needs.

  • Crystal Virelas

My husband and I were in an unfortunate situation and needed representation. For months before hiring Richard, the courts had my husband and I back and forth because they would "misplace" documents (three times). They would give us court dates every 4-5 weeks but there was never any progress made. Finally, when it was mentioned that my husband would be facing a two year sentence I hired Richard immediately. I met with him, he was very understanding of the situation and let me know he could help. The next scheduled court was the following week, and two years turned into 45 days! The orders that were issued by the courts were also dismissed. I truly believe if I would have brought in Richard in the beginning of this situation (September '15) that we would have avoided many months of headaches (case was resolved March '16).

  • Timothy Mateo

Look no further because you found your attorney. Richard is very professional. He’s very aggressive in his practice. He helped me get through a very tough time. When we first started working together. He had me write a short bio on my self. He’s not there to just take your money. He wants to get to know you. Get a better understanding of who you are as a person. He wants nothing but the best for you in whatever situation you are in. He’s very honest when it comes to the situation you are in and what he can do for you. His main goal is to always get all charges dropped or reduced. It’s always nice talking to him. He makes it a point that everything is going to be okay. An that you can breath and relax. Richard is amazing. I highly recommend him to everyone. You will not be disappointed

  • sue travos

After many years of anxiety and stress, we finally resolved to hire a lawyer and have a trust drafted. We contacted the Law Offices of Richard Wingerden and our first impression, even if only by phone, was that we would be enjoying working with him. We booked our in person preliminary meeting, where we discussed our needs and his services. The entire process, even though it was intimidating at times as we have to face our own mortality, was much easier and more pleasant than we expected. Richard was very knowledgeable, kind, and patient even with a few last minute changes in scheduling and content. At signing, we cleared some lingering doubts and left his office with a smile of relief and a beautifully packaged trust.

  • Tony S.

Richard was recommended to me by a colleague. After our initial meeting, I felt like a lead weight had been literally taken off my shoulders. Richard was completely candid and honest with me throughout the process, and he is a knowledgeable, highly competent attorney. His communication skills are top notch as he was ultra-responsive to my questions regarding procedure and strategy throughout the process. Moreover, he is completely zoned in on obtaining the best results for his client - for me, he exceeded my expectations. I have recommended him to family/friends and he consistently does top-notch work. I will continue to recommend him without qualification. Frankly, he is worth every penny.

  • Scarlett Soriano

Me and my boyfriend thought that we where not going to fix our legal issues, whe look around so much. Every lawyer we spoke to didn't have a resolution, they said it would take years to fix and didn't even promise a better option. Someone recommend Richard, a called him and he contacted me the same day. Schedule a meeting within the same week, I spoke to him and right away made me feel at ease. Made me get back the confidence on actually winning this case, he always had me updated on everything and always called me back as soon as I called him. It was the best decision taken, when we thought it was over. I would most definitely recommend Richard to everyone. He is a very honest person...

  • Cecilia Xu

My husband and I just completed the signing process for our estate planning yesterday. Richard's expertise and attention to detail in preparing the legal documents were truly commendable. He was very patient in answering all our questions and addressing our concerns, which helped us feel at ease and confident in our decisions. Pamela's support throughout the process was invaluable. Her prompt and clear communication made everything run smoothly. We appreciate their assistance in coordinating the signing and other logistics!

  • Frank

Richard is a wonderful lawyer for giving us estate planning. The whole process is extremely smooth. Richard is a good communicator and educator. He communicated clearly from the beginning, what looks like, procedures, timeline and cost. During process, he always patiently explained clearly what we did not know and he educated us certain scenarios. We learned a lot from this process. He even graciously offer beyond point helps. It is a excellent experience and I strongly recommend Richard.

  • Alan Travasso

Richard is awesome! He was really quick in response, and took the time to understand my situation once we started talking. He used his experiences as a basis for the sound advice he gave me while facing a seriously complex situation. I would recommend hiring Richard for almost any situation you have going on, give him a call, he will listen to you and help you make the best decisions for your future. Give him a call!- He will call back- and quickly!

  • Phil Casella

We hired Richard to do our estate planning and living trust. He made the process easy as possible and also took the extra time to show us that he had concern for us as clients and also as fellow San Jose residents. His wife and him are neat folks and the work performed was excellent. We couldn't be happier with the price and quality of the work. The bonus was how caring and kind they are.

  • David Cramer

I utilized Mr. Wingerden roughly 10 years ago for a case wherein I absolutely needed representation from an individual with a strong work ethic, integrity and character. This was Mr. Wingerden. I was absolutely pleased with his assistance and service, and I'm happy to know that he is still serving as a lawyer in case I need his services in the future.

  • tom edwards

Richard Wingerden is not what I expected from a lawyer. He is a down to earth person. Easy to talk to and very approachable. It was a pleasure do ing business with him. Because of his many years of experience he is very knowledgeable and thorough. I found him to be a very ethical lawyer and I will use his services again in the future.

  • JoAnn Frantz

I highly recommend Richard Wingerden as a very qualified, competent, caring attorney to take care of all your trust documents. I hired him to make several changes to a trust document I already had and he did an excellent job at a very reasonable price. I am extremely satisfied with his expertise, knowledge, and his personable manner.

  • Han Pham

I really enjoyed working with Richard. He was very knowledgeable, organized amd professional. The entire process was smooth and efficient. Richard was patient and addressed all of my questions and concerns. He was also funny as well. I will definitely refer him to my friends and families.

  • Charstie Enders

Richard and Pam are phenomenal! I was hesitant to do my estate planning, but they made it so easy and I am confident I have the best legal plan that covers it all! He really thought of everything! Don’t even try those DIY services out there… Richard is the real deal and the way to go!

  • Gabriella Blanton

Working with Richard was wonderful! He is very good at what he does, and we are very happy with the project that he worked on for us. He is very easy to talk to and work with, and we will recommend his services when we can! Easy 5 stars , thanks Richard!

  • James DuMont

Richard told me when I met him that his goal was to get all charges in my case dismissed. It was not easy, it took some time... BUT HE DID WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO! All Charges Dismissed Protective Order Terminated Bail Exonerated Thank You Richard!!!

  • Katie Teigen

Our future is now built on a solid foundation thanks to Richard Wingerden’s expert guidance. Richard presented our Trust plan portfolio in our follow-up meeting, which was comprehensive and straightforward.

  • Tom Mason

Richard is not only easy to talk with ,he explains things in plain language not legalize. To say he is thorough would not be giving him the proper amount of credit he is due. So glad we went with him.

  • Emily Bazinett

We had a great experience with The Law Offices of Richard Wingerden in putting together a trust. Richard was very helpful, answered all of our questions, and the entire process was easy and timely.

  • Robin Walwyn

Richard helped me modify my living trust. He is very knowledgeable about trust law and answered all my questions. He was very responsive. I highly recommend Richard Wingerden to do a trust/will.

  • Giang Nguyen

Richard was able to help me on a short notice (~1 week v.s. typical multiple weeks for setting up a living trust), explained things very clearly, and was very friendly. Recommend!

  • Carlos Rivera

Richard Wingerden was very pleasant and informative on setting up our Living Trust. His explanation was on point and his suggestions were also very well taken. Highly recommended.

  • John Powell

The most honest and helpful attorney in the bay area. No need to go elsewhere for your specific needs. First class gentleman! First class office!

  • Zack walwyn

I would highly recommend Richard for anyone! He is very knowledgeable and his experience in the business really shows.

  • Nimesh Patel

Received the quality services from Richard. Very professional and completed the task within the time frame. …

  • Rachel Silveira

Richard was awesome and walked us through all the details for creating our family trust. I highly recommend!

  • Barnie Parker

I believe most of the reviews in the system are either fake or outdated, definitely not recommend him.

  • Patricia Stroh

Richard is professional and friendly, knowledgeable, available, and efficient. High recommended!

  • Jarrett Jang

Richard was very easy to communicate with, making the entire process that much better!

  • Ayush Garg

Great lawyer! Highly recommended for any of your legal needs. Easy to work with.

  • Troy Bridges

This is the best lawyer in the bay area and will work his A.. off.

  • Radha Govindaprasad
  • Hemant Barbhaiya
  • vcjazz
  • Liza Smyth
  • Ryan Hunt

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