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Titan Comics is a Comic book store located at 3128 Forest Ln #250, Dallas, TX 75234. It has received 660 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of Titan Comics: 3128 Forest Ln #250, Dallas, TX 75234

  • Titan Comics has 4.5 stars from 660 reviews

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  • "The store's merchandise options and pricing are fine"

    "Unprofessional customer service"

    "Walked in while my wife was getting her nails done"

    "I don't live in Texas, nor have I ever actually been to the store"

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  • Jn L

The store's merchandise options and pricing are fine. The problem is with the manager (who is also the owner, I believe). He's incredibly rude to his staff. He insults them, is very denigrating when speaking to them, and tends to roll his eyes at his staff when chatting with customers – as if we're supposed to agree that good help is so hard to find. His staff, in turn, appear to be afraid of him. Maybe this is none of my business, as a customer who doesn't know anyone who works here. None of the staff have ever said anything to me about the manager, and I've never wanted to put them on the spot by asking about my observations. But the manager makes it our business when it makes the store's atmosphere so awkward, or even hostile. This is therefore not a place I go to hang out and casually browse, because I can't stand seeing how he treats his staff. I'm not the only customer who feels that way, either. Almost every time I've been in there, I've seen other customers wince along with me or exchange pained, worried expressions with me, in response to the manger's treatment of his employees. Additionally, the staff's fear of him means that any transaction slightly out of the norm clearly makes them uncomfortable, if not genuinely terrified of his reaction. If he isn't there, don't bother bringing up a common sense issue with the staff, even when it is financially beneficial to the store. It's not that they are unwilling to help you, it's that they seem very fearful of their boss's reaction if they do anything he doesn't like. The manager himself is actually pretty obliging when working with customers. So if you have anything vaguely out of the norm to address with store staff, wait till the manager is there, as he's likely to be helpful. And try not to draw attention to his staff. You won't be able to help shelter them from his derision, and it may actually bring harm to them or their employment for you to acknowledge what's going on there.

  • Deneva Productions

Unprofessional customer service. There was an inquiry in regards to The Amazing Spider-Man #1, and the employee communicated arrogantly; he disregarded the entire inquiry through assumption that the customer was unable to afford the item. After stating that there would be no financial issue with purchasing the item, he proceeded to demean and degrade the customer. Respect is not uncommon nor difficult to exhibit. This heinous experience was unacceptable; especially for a first-time customer, and this inexcusable behavior must be rectified. If zero stars was an option for review, it would be utilized. Update: In regards to the owner’s response, the customer respected the fact that the comic was not up for sale. However, it was unnecessary to express, “Do you even have $125,000 to afford the comic?”, in a demeaning manner; additionally refusing to answer any questions about the grading of the comic by stating that “the grading should not matter if you cannot afford it”. To reiterate, the customer stated that there is no financial issue. Thus, assumption overall was disrespectful with such comments. It was never expressed that it was never for sale until the end of the conversation. If it was expressed that the comic was not for sale from the beginning; especially in a respectful manner, then this bad review altogether would have been avoided. The customer is simply asking for respect for future potential buyers; especially for high-priced items. I appreciate the response to this review; it further shows the owner’s character and lack of basic respect for others. However, growth is necessary; the customer is hopeful that he will learn from his mistakes by taking accountability, compassion, and respect toward others for the future. Thank you for the time utilized for this review.

  • Steve Noriega

Walked in while my wife was getting her nails done. I typically do that and usually buy stuff. They always seem to hover over me like I’m trying to steal something but I always just shrugged it off because I thought they were just being helpful. I am Hispanic and walked in today because my wife was getting her nails done. I was the only person in the store and was greeted nicely when I walked in. I was asked if I was looking for something in particular and I replied that I wasn’t just whatever catches my eye. I walk to the back issues where they have the X-men books only to have someone else ask me if I wanted help. I said the same response, just seeing anything that I like. I go into the middle section and the kid is walking up the middle section. I go to the back and the kid sits at the back desk. Not helping me at all, just watching me. No biggie, I get it. You don’t want anyone trying to steal your stuff, I have no problem with that. So I don’t find anything and decide to look in the front for statues that I may like. Another guy (white) walks in and I wait to see if he gets the same treatment. They left him alone to shop on the back while the kid left his desk to come to the front. Guess I am a scary Hispanic with golf shorts and a v neck. I left the store buying nothing because I was disgusted with that treatment. As I said I am ok with being watched because nobody wants their things stolen, but to only do that to me is ridiculous. I will never visit the store again or spend my money there. If you can’t get over your blatant racism and recognize good hard working, military retirees who have no intention of stealing from your store, than you are a bad judge of character and don’t deserve my business.

  • Daniel Sullivan

I don't live in Texas, nor have I ever actually been to the store. However; I recently did business with Titan (on-line) for the first time, and they're absolutely outstanding. They're honest, attentive, prompt and very appreciative of their customers. When the book I ordered arrived, the condition was exactly as described; "like new". And this is important to collectors, the book was so well packaged that there was absolutely no chance of damage during shipping. The parcel carrier could have hit it with a sledgehammer to no effect. I honestly believe that even submerging the package in water would have done nothing to the contents. Barring dousing the package in lighter fluid and setting it ablaze, nothing was gonna' damage that book. That packaging could have stopped a .357 slug. I actually had difficulty opening it and finally getting to the contents (not that I minded). There's got to be something in here I said. I was like, these people are major OCD. You'd think they were shipping a priceless Ming vase to a museum. So if you collect books, action figures, comics etc., this is who you want to be doing business with. They sell on Amazon, and I assume they have their own web-site. And if I remember correctly, they've been around 32 years. In a time when even mega-brick-and-mortar stores are failing (Sears, Macy's and JCPenney which is next on the chopping block) we should support small independent shops like this, while they're still around. That's my sermon for today. Go now in peace.

  • Christina Cruz

This is my first review for any business. I typically vote with my feet so places I like I frequent and places I don’t typically care for I won’t come back. However, I had such an unpleasant experience at this particular comic store I feel moved to make others, especially minorities and poc aware. First and foremost, my issue is with the owner and NOT the other employees who have been fairly kind and helpful. I’ve been to this comic store several times and every time I’ve been bombarded with offers of assistance particularly from the owner. Once I understand but he asked three times on one occasion. I’m fully capable of asking for help if I need assistance. He makes it feel as though browsing is illegal or that I’m lost. I could bypass all of those awkward interactions if it were not for a situation recently. I was in a mood for some retail therapy and I was holding a stack of comics in my arms. The owner pointed over to a stack of boxes. I mistakenly believed he was suggesting I buy a box for the large amount of comics in hand. I was wrong. In a condescending tone he said “No no no these boxes are discounted items.” I felt uncomfortable in the tone he spoke to me in like he was saying not so subtlety that I was dumb for misunderstanding him. He spoke to me as if I were a child. My interactions with the owner have been awkward and uncomfortable and I will not be returning.

  • Brian Turner

It’s been a long time since my review and I actually never read the owners response until today (6 years later). I went back into the store a year or so later and it was completely different. The owner was very friendly and helpful and of course the store was/is amazing. My review change is based on the new experiences. Go to the store but be careful because you may spend a lot of money… This shop has amazing products and selection but unfortunately the customer service is poor with the exception of the helpers. I have been multiple times but have had enough of my questions about items (e.g. pricing and such) being met with sarcasm and questions about whether or not I can afford it. That and seeing how the employees and other customers on the phone and in person are treated by a particular individual. Kind of sad about it but I will not spend my money there anymore which is unfortunate because 1) the shop is super awesome and 2) I will have to find another place to buy the numerous books and statues I buy on a frequent basis. I recommend the store if you walk in there knowing what you want and do not need customer service... Or if you do, at least get someone in the back of the store to help you. Only one persons experience and opinion of the experience so be your own judge.

  • Shawn Hartley

First time visit greeted with excellent experience and customer service. Being new to comic reading and needing to purchase a gift with 0 knowledge of the character that I needed. I was greeted coming in and also asked if I needed help finding something by another person a few mins after looking. All 3 staff members there were extremely knowledgeable. One gave several suggestions and helped me search for what I had looked up to find and gave me suggestions that I would not have been aware of based on the character in question. I ended up going with their suggestions instead as she felt confident it would be a good read for my giftee. The overall selection was insane compared to the shop I checked earlier that day. I was highly impressed with the help i received. I ended up buying something I had been looking for even online I couldn't really find, and all the staff knew all of the authors i mentioned and showed me other characters/novels they had written. I will definitely return business here. This was exactly what I was looking for in a brick and mortar store and I didn't feel out of my element being new to reading.

  • K Penkert

Fantastic Store! Has just about any comic you're looking for and so much more. The selection is great! I was looking for multiple previous issues of a series and hadn't been able to find them at other comic stores. Titan Comics had every single issue from the series (about 24 issues) as well as second prints and alternate covers. Every issue was in mint condition and the older issues were very easy to find in their filing system. Titan also has a large library of paperback trade books. It seems like they carry every book made on every series . This will definitely be the place I go to in the future for special editions and books. There is a whole section for collectible figures, rare comics, and tons of Funko Pops sprinkled throughout the store. I'm not a super collector of any of these but even I saw some figures I had never seen. The store was very clean and bright. The employees were all willing to help me and let me know how the store was laid out. Overall, I think this is the best comic shop I've been to yet! Great selection and friendly staff. Will visit again soon!

  • TMB

I came to this shop while visiting DFW on a whim in September. I had sold most of my collection and was looking to reinvest and bulk up on serious graded keys as well as a few raw back issues.I figured I might find a few raw keys and call it a day. Jokes on me, almost everything in this store is a key, not just a Modern Key but going back to the Silver Age and all in high grade. I walked out with 5 slabs, all extremely reasonably priced, some were even under asking. For context, 2 of these are part of my holy grail collection. The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 and Something Is Killing the Children # 1 all GCG 9.6. I was expecting Dallas prices and the stereotypical Dallas people behind the register. Once again I was pleasantly surprised. The shop owner opened boxes in the back for me to look through and his counterpart employee was funny, informative and had an all around nice presence. Whenever I’m in DFW I make it a point to come to this shop and another in Fort Worth. Only thing that would make this shop better is if they were in Austin or Atlanta for my ease of convenience.

  • Chris Hernando

Titan is a comic book store done right. Spacious and organized, but most importantly to me, they have a huge selection of new and back issues. Even though it isn't the closest to me, I prefer coming here because they carry almost all the books from the big 2 and independent. You can't always know what you want from the previews; it helps to open it up and see the layout and art, and since they get a lot of indies and lesser known titles, I regularly find myself getting something fresh. They can also get you on a pull list and hold your comics for a few weeks. Also, many of the DFW comic book stores are focused partly, or in some cases, mostly in card games. Some manage to pull it off; but many don't. I like Titan because they focus only in comics. Staff is friendly, but not pushy, they let you browse, and take your time. Back issue prices are average, not the cheapest, but definitely a place that will be able fill a lot of empty spots in your collection. Can't speak for the comic buying service, since I would never sell my comics.

  • Aspen M

I came here after hearing a good recommendation about this store and I was just visiting. So I entered with some stuff I brought from another store and the big bald guy who was sitting on the chair noticed me and asked me to leave my bags on the counter. Looked at me like I was some thief. I was okay? Since I needed to get some issues I was left behind. So I got a few stuff and I was waiting in line. Guy from earlier told the people in front of me 'Thank you for today, have a good night!" When I paid, the young cashier told me good night (who was the only nice person honestly) nf the guy from earlier looked away at me and said nothing. I guess he felt embarrassed because he assumed I was a thief? No worries, this was the first and last time coming to your store, there are 37367443854 other comic book stores with friendly people who are willing to converse too. I didn't give 1 star because the store has some great collectibles compared to other average comic book stores.

  • John and Matt Yuan

Titan Comics is the best comics shop in Dallas and one of the best in the entire country! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful; the store is brightly lit, organized, and clean; and the selection is among the best we have ever come across... and we've been to comic book stores from coast to coast. We found several comics here that we'd been searching after for years... and honestly, if we had had more time, we probably (likely) would have found more! You can get lost in this store for hours and not get bored! Highly recommended!!! UPDATE: Some reviews have accused the staff and owners of being rude, dismissive, or even hostile. We did NOT detect or see any such behavior from them and in fact all we received was friendliness and courtesy. We visited the store several times before writing this review and nothing changed in between visits. The staff and owners were never anything short of friendly and professional.

  • Gorge Gonzalez

Me and my friends had made a trip out to Dallas and the surrounding neighborhoods to browse and look for anything that might be interesting. We stopped by here excited to see what comics there were but not even after 5 minutes of browsing were we constantly asked if we needed help with anything and when we’d answer no we were met with ugly looks. After more browsing we were asked if we were going to buy anything if not to leave because there’s actual paying customers wanting to come in. Seeing by how the owner looks at these reviews and acts like a child when he gets criticized I wouldn’t doubt he doesn’t recall this ever happening but I don’t. I looked around and we were the only people of color in the store , so I know exactly what the issue was. No one else around us was getting watched and harassed , it’s unfortunate that I was 21 at the time and not till then was I racially profiled.

  • jose g

Unprofessional owner, very weird and it wouldn’t be a reach to say creepy. Went in for the first time and browsed, came across some items I hadn’t seen so I decided to search on my phone to see if there was any other related items. As I was leaving the store he says and I quote “ Enjoy Amazon” not only is that an invasion of privacy, it’s creepy and a guy like that shouldn’t be in charge of anything. I don’t know his name nor care but he’s not hard to notice as he is very loud, wears tiny glasses, is bald and has a resting grumpy face for reference. No offense intended. In the future if someone wants to browse items on their phone, they can. If you’re insecure about your overpriced items and assume they’re comparing prices (which they can) don’t let it affect customers. Beware and steer clear of this place if you enjoy the privacy of what’s on your phone.

  • Scott Schlee

Absolutely Recommended!!! Titan has an extensive collection of new and old comics. First-time customer that found the store woth a Google search. Was impressed by the pictures alone, and they did not disappoint. There was no pressure to buy anything, although the owner quickly picked up on my taste of comics without me having to say much and pushed a box of what he described as "temptation" my way! A box of beautiful slabs that were exactly that! Just goes to show he knows the industry and his customers, even if they are first-time visitors. Had a great conversation with him and picked up graded & raw short boxes, several raw keys I needed, and a Star Wars: Kanan slab that was under FMV! I could have spent hours there and will definitely be back. The rest of his staff was very helpful and knowledgeable to me and other customers who came in.

  • Gitti Janwatanagool

Worked with Jeremy on a remote order over phone, he had helped me with sending a large order to Kansas via UPS. I personally didn't have any major issues dealing with him and he is very knowledgeable about his inventory and the comics he sells. He even went out of his way to find the exact items I was looking for and send them to me at his expense. I have seen some posts here complaining about his demeanor; while I can't speak for everybody, my advice for people first coming to the store is be short and to the point as he is a busy guy handling a large store, also be respectful as Jeremy is willing to show you the same courtesy if you also extend it in kind. Overall, a pleasant experience with the store, Jeremy the owner, and his staff handling my situation; I will want to buy more from them in the future.

  • Bryan Stepanian

1st time there and love it. A true comic shop for collector's. I would recommend this shop for all comic collectors. Everyone is very knowledgeable and know their comics. If there's a issue your looking for more than likely they'll have it and in near mint or mint condition. Some ppl think the customer service is strict but I like it. It just assures that when you go into the store to purchase comics you will receive the best quality they can provide for collector's and I love it. Nowadays it's hard to find a store that takes pride in there products. Because what do you normally do when you buy something, you pick the one closest to the bottom to assure yourself the best one. At Titan you don't have to worry about that issue. I will be buying my comics from there from now on, it's worth the drive.

  • Jacob Byrd

Friendly safe atmosphere with very helpful staff that know and love to talk about comics. This place convinced me to start buying single issues again physically after 10 years of being digital. They have a great figure / statue selection and very organized backlog section. I drive out of my way to go here vs a shop closer to my house for the service and focus on comics. Also if you have a weekly pull list right when you walk in the door they say hello by name and have your books waiting at the front counter. update still great be sure to check out Jeremy's weekly pull videos on Facebook Cassie is the best so helpful and has turned my wife on to books she would not think to try. So your wallet may not like it but you will when you read her recommendations.

  • John Branch

This place had what i was after at a reasonable price, which is why I'm not giving it a 1 star rating. The owner displayed arrogance and unprofessionalism. Jeremy told me I needed a mask and when I asked if that was a Dallas ordinance, he blurted "This is my business and I run it the way I want it!" I bit my tongue and accepted a mask because I had driven all that way from Grand Prairie to get what I came for. I know covid is bad; I just had it two months ago but that's not my point. I use to visit this business off and on over 10 ago when it was at other locations. Jeremy can be nice and easy going but today was not the 1st time he displayed this recent mannerism to me. Over the years, I developed little respect for someone of his tone. Corey

  • Michael S

I love coming to this shop, they have the biggest collection of comics I've ever seen in one place and I know a lot of nerds :) Jeremy has an encyclopedic knowledge of Batman and most other comics. Brian is always down for a conversation, and all the other employees names who's names I haven't memorized yet are super friendly and attentive. I love that they showcase comics and novels that elevate and feature LGBT, poc, and other minority characters. I've found so many heart touching stories from displays on their shelves. Also they have a rotating and extensive collection of statues and figures, and TONS of Funko pops and other collectibles. The only reason I don't come here more is that if I did I'd blow my rent money! Titan comics for life.

  • William Knisley

Looks like they have a very large collection and provide alot of the services that comic book fans love. I did call ahead looking for help and was told to come in and get help. But I was waiting for about 30 minutes before I got any help about purchasing. If you're needing help in buying something as a gift, then you need to make it very clear that you need help. Owner does come off a gruff, but I don't think it's intended. They do have alot of rules, but nothing thay wouldn't be expected when you're talking about print media that can be easily damaged, which significantly reduces value. Kinda dumb that ita closed on Sunday and not a slow day of the week. But also, this is NOT a tcg, ccg, or gamer shop. Purely comics ans figurines.

  • Derrick Dedmon

The gentleman behind the counter was incredibly rude to me when I walked in the door. I had a mask in my hand, and I wasn't even 3 feet into the door before the guy went completely ballistic on me about wearing a mask. When I showed him I had a mask in my hand, and was putting a mask on, he chose to tell me three more times that you need a mask sir, you need a mask sir! I showed him that I was putting my mask on and then he said it one more time, so I turned around and left and I will never be back. Obviously I'm not an anti-mask guy cuz I had one in my hand, but that was too much. I will never be back. Updated: I saw their response, and it doesn't surprise me at all they they would call their former customers liars.

  • Tarrah Finlinson

I am incredibly disappointed in the gentleman behind the counter. Rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional. He was horrible to my twin sons as they were simply looking around. Accused them of being the type to steal. They were simply minding their own business when out of no where he began raising his voice to them. There is a nicer way of handling things. Any one that speaks to any child like that should not be allowed to work in a place that children like to go into. We had every intention of spending money there as they found many things they wanted. I will not be going back. My advice to to steer of the over grown man child that can't seem to respect anyone's children.

  • Shea H.

First time consumer at this location. Walked in to be followed around by, I assume the owner or manager. Had a specific item in mind, so was looking for it. Would have loved to have looked around and browsed more but it's uncomfortable being followed around the store(within a step of me). Maybe they have a theft problem and it's the way they cope. Checkout girl was very friendly. Manager/owner followed me there, I made a comment about what I was buying and he made sure to argue with me about it, and I guess show his superiority on comic topics. When it boils down to it, I came to buy, I did, but would have liked to buy more, and I will, elsewhere. Unpleasant experience.

  • Richard Enya

I have seen reviews of the owner being this and that...from my experience he was awesome! I pre-ordered some comics and picked them up the following Thursday. I didn't have a lot of time to spend while I was there but the size of the store is pretty large and seems like they have a ton of back issues, which is where I will spend some time in the near future. This place puts most Dallas comic book stores in a corner, if you will, as their shops are much smaller and the customer service is non-existent. This place makes newbies like myself feel right at home. Awesome job Titan Comics! I will definitely come back and spend more time/money in the near future.

  • Sara Kilgore

I honestly don’t know much about comics. My husband loves them. About a month ago he mentioned he had a comic book when we were kids (20 years ago)where Superman was in Gotham and that he had been looking for it for quite some time. That is all the information I had when I called Titan Comics. Not only did they help me find that particular comic book they informed me of the counterpart to that comic where Batman was in Metropolis. I ordered Both as a gift for my husband had them mailed to me within three days! He was thrilled! He had no idea the counterpart issue even existed! Thank you Titan Comics for helping me knock this out of the park!

  • Erik Icenhour

UPDATE: 9/19/2020 After being away from collecting for two years due to life circumstances, I’ve gotten back into the hobby. Of course, my first stop was Titan Comics. Same great shop as before. Excellent customer service, a selection not matched by any comics store I’ve ever been into and I’ve been collecting, on and off, since 1983. Other comic shops should take a page out of their book when it comes to organization! A business highlight in the city of Dallas, for certain. Original Review: One of the best comic shops I’ve ever been in. Meticulously organized. Fantastic customer service. I could go here everyday, and sometimes do!

  • Gary Makries

Amazing folks and I'm sad that I have only just found this place! Such a wonderfully beautiful and well spaced shop. I'll definitely be back even though it is far from my normal path when I'm in the area. They treated me like a regular customer even though they had never seen me before. That's the way to run a collectible shop. Added bonus was I came during a sale and not 10% off my statues! Icing on the proverbial cake, for sure. I was mainly shopping for myself and my comic book statue collection but I have a good friend who loves Sailor Jupiter and found cool stuff for her, too. Check this place out!

  • PiNeBoX9

Be careful and mindful here... The Manager is super rude to his own daughters, so good luck if you're in his way on his "bad" day. Other than that the Manager is known to harass people about buying comics he has in a box for you that you DIDN'T ask for. The last few times I did shop here, I wasn't even given my discount for my subs, had to ask for it and then that was awkward enough. Basically, if you sign up for anything you are signing up for harassment and more than you bargained for. Not to mention, the Manager is so rude he will hang up on you on simple inquiries if he's in his mood. Stay blessed!

  • Taylor Morgan

I love the comics and all, but I agree with most reviews that the customer service is downright garbage. My niece was treated rudely because she went from the little kid section to me a few times, I was treated rudely for being a teenage customer who I guess to them dosen't have any money for good comics, and my last visit a few months ago was met with the owner yelling at his staff for the whole store to hear and treated every customer or people bringing comics in after the same way. I enjoy the store and it's large comic selection, but I don't think I will come back unless I can't find another store.

  • adan carrion

I am from out of town bout 8hrs away and just typed in comic shop and titan was first on list. I will not lie the drive to get threw dallas was a pain. But........it was so worth it. I got rhere 1 hr before they closed and I wish I had come in sooner. I could have spend hours there. They have a HUGE selection of back issues and current. They have more TPB and Hardcover books than I had ever seen. And the statues.......all I cam say of wow. I own several statues but there selection is something I have never seen before. Some are almost 2ft tall and so detailed. I will definitely be com8ng back soon.

  • Eric Bess

Took my son, 7 years old, to this comic book store because we just happened to be in the area. What a wonderful place! Jeremy was so helpful and talked to my son like a real person. He asked him what types of comics he liked and directed us to the "kid friendly" area of the store. Another employee wanted to make sure my son was enjoying his visit and asked him about his summer. After we made our purchase Jeremy gave my son a couple of free comics and made his day! It was such a great experience that I would definitely return to this store even though I live in McKinney.

  • Velse 9

I come here from time to time when I’m book hunting for anything Dark Tower related. I haven’t bought anything from here yet but it’s a nice store. Madness used to be my go to but after they got rid of 2/3 of their books, Titan Comics is the better of the two (for books and statues) atm. Shop owner may come off rude but he’s old-school and a straight shooter. Don’t feel discouraged when you’re shopping around here and you grab his attention, he is businessman with a lot of assertiveness. He certainly knows his stuff and is attentive with keeping up with previews.

  • Andrew Langley

This is the kind of shop that you walk into and are immediately greeted. The staff was very friendly and their selection was great. I was impressed how many harder to find books I saw while looking through the shelves. I ended up not buying anything my first trip so I can't comment on the purchase experience but overall every interaction I had while in the shop was so positive that I believe the actual buying process is just as good. Definitely a shop I'm coming back to just going to have to wait till I can splurge on all the books.

  • John Vukelic

I travel for work and one of the benefits of that is in my off hours I get a chance to check out the local comics shops. Really like picking up comics by the local artists in the communities I visit. Titan Comics, in Dallas, Tx is a great find. Super selection of comic titles with shelves and shelves of omnibuses and books to choose from. Staff was very gracious with their time and walked me around and helped pick out the titles by the local artists. Incredibly helpful staff. Will visit again next time I am in Dallas.

  • RPMredliners

The manager/the owner was rude. I went in looking for the secret wars issues and he tried to sell me a paper bag comic not the original.so I told him I was also looking for the #8 and he said that’s to expensive, like with and attitude like if I couldn’t afford it. I told him I could he ended up selling it to me for $75 witch is not that expensive this guy was tripping from the moment I walked in I was also trying to ask questions and he had and attitude it’s a nice store but the manager/owner just brings it down.

  • Ju Ju

So I heard many things about this comic store , and have been told to come visit many times . I was there the owner is very funny and has many manyyy comics, books, marvel toy statues! , the store is beautiful it’s large enough and sells a few very expensive pieces of marvel art … anyone that comes here can most likely find something that you are looking for, but one thing about this store is it’s not cheap so have your pockets full when visiting this store full of fun , unique toys and comics collections

  • Jeff Veytia

Fantastic customer service. Drove from Fort Worth to this shop because they had Legends of the Dark Knight Death Metal that came out today for cover price. Many other stores were out of stock and Keith's Comics said they had copies for $20 instead of the cover price. I will be visiting Titan Comics again because they have a fabulous selection of back issues, statues and anime merchandise. I also bought some backe issues while I was there, prices were fair along with the already mentioned great selection.

  • Russ Zimmerman

I really wanted to like this comic book store. I have been going there for the last month. The selection is amazing and they have a lot to choice from. My one star goes to the customer service. It's really a shame but I don't like saying thank you to someone after checking out and I get a "Yea". I buy a lot of books, I will just have to continue to go to my other local store where I get treated like a human being and not get treated like I'm an inconvenience cause I am buying items.

  • Casey Chavez

they have good quality figurines and the first time I went to the location I had a positive experience spent $500. Second time wasn’t the case at all.Very rude. Frida seemed annoyed to help me. Also planned on buying a $600 figurine and was told not to touch it. I’m sorry but if Im gonna spend the money I’d like to look at it closely and honestly I didn’t have that reaction from the other girl or guy last time. I’m dissatisfied and will take my money and business else where.

  • Kevin Dollar

We had a problem with an item being sent incorrectly and in less than a day Jeremy had issued a refund and corrected the situation, not just to my satisfaction, but over and above any expectation I had. Totally satisfied with the service here and will always be comfortable ordering from this place. Knowing there is a real person who cares about customers makes a huge difference. The best way I can put it into words is to order with confidence...you will be taken care of.

  • matt spaulding

Awesome store...lots of back issues comics. One store that is priced fairly. Loved the employees....I am hard of hearing, but they seemed very patience with me despite the Covid19 thing going around. Be curiosity to them and they'll treat you the same(this sayinggoes a long ways. Follow the rules and have fun. Had a long time friend with me, so we had a good time and found many key issue we needed. We will definitely be back again. Thank you Titan comics.

  • Sara Rodriguez

I love this store. You have to wear a mask and sanitize your hands before entering. Me and my younger sister stop by every now and then to look at what is new. You are always greeted with a big "Hello" and if any sales are going on within a month you are told about them. They are kind and certainly have a funny and lighthearted dynamic. Stuff we have bought from here: Sasuke figure, Evel Knievel funko pop, Naruto funko pops and trendy buttons.

  • Sam Rodriguez

My dad brought me here years ago as a kid when they were a few doors down in a smaller building & I have always loved this store! I still come here every now & then by myself & have to buy something every time I visit. To anyone who says that the owner “yells” at them, he does not. He just speaks a little louder so you can hear him all the way at the door when entering. I definitely recommend coming to check them out if you haven’t already!

  • Kenneth Shelley

Been shopping with Jeremy and company since just before Dc Comics' Rebirth. I've always been treated well and never had any problems. Jeremy is smart and funny and will always do his best to find what you need. Even during the pandemic he's been working with me to get my comics since I'm not able to get in the store regularly. Always helpful and friendly, I highly recommend anyone check out the store, you won't be disappointed!

  • Donnie Henderson

I absolutely love this shop! It has everything you could imagine from a ginormous back issue selection, already graded comics, pops, and their statue selection is HUGE. I see quite a few people complaining about the staff and I've never had anything but great experiences when I wander in. I don't get to stop in here as often as I'd like due to location but it is always my first stop before eBay when searching for a back issue!

  • Andy Chupka

The Comic Tour ROLLS ON!!! Today I'm coming to you from MY home store in Dallas TX. I've been coming to this store for about 20 yrs now. Jeremy and his crew are FANTASTIC!! They are very friendly, knowledgeable and all about comics!! You need something done, ask they are willing to help out. Tons of statues and busts! Back issues galore!! If your in the area nerds DEFINITELY STOP IN!! Enjoy!!

  • Vincent L.

This store has a superb selection of silver-age back-issues. One good thing about this store is that the bins are very well organized; which makes it easy to find the comics you’re searching for. However, the owner is intimidating with his polices, and he is a little rude; which kind of puts a damper on the shopping experience, but the comic book and merchandise selection definitely make up for it.

  • Mike Oleson

Popped in this afternoon for the first time. The shop is clean, large, and has pretty much everything one could hope to find. The shelves and drawers are in alphabetical order which makes finding your comics easy. The staff is friendly, enthusiastic, and in the best possible way, a bunch of nerds. Exactly what you want in a comic book staff. I will definitely be returning on a regular basis.

  • Jennifer Byrd

Titan comics is a fantastic store. Clean and impeccably organized. The staff know their inventory and are the most welcoming and helpful group. Bryan always has a great recommendation based on what you like but is never pushy or overbearing. The owner Jeremy is excited to see every customer and makes sure he learns your name to welcome you in. It is worth the drive in DFW traffic to visit!

  • _ “‪Ajaxx‬” _

Owner is very knowledgeable and friendly. This store has an amazing and wide selection of comics, graphic novels, statues & figures, funko pops, and art. The prices are great, store is always clean and VERY well organized. I’ve lived in DFW for 20 years now and have visited MANY if not all comic store In the metroplex… have to say Titan comics is a gem- easily one of the best finds.

  • Jeff Klein

I had always heard good things about Titan comics. The knowledge and their stock always had good buzz. Well, I finally went in there. Great selection. I really like the way the store is laid out. Everything is brightly lit and easy to see. And when it came time to sell some of my old stuff, we made a great deal that left me satisfied with the price and happy to recommend them.

  • Coel Williams

Let's start off with the positives of this place. Huuuuuge backlog selection! Staff will ask you if you need any help. But their backlog is very well organized. If you don't find it here its a hard to find key. The downside to having a bunch of staff, the prices are higher, so less likely to find deals. But the owner willing to negotiate so thats a plus.

  • solana castellanos

Titan is a great store! The employees are extremely friendly, and the owner is a gem who will and can go above and beyond! Every time I have visited them, they have always been wonderful. The selection is amazing!! If I had the time, I could spend hours there! If you are looking for a comic store, this is definitely the place you want to go!

  • Jerome Manzala

The place has an amazing selection and I found the item I was looking for. However, one of the workers there, old fellow at the front, was very rude and came off with a terrible vibe. Made it seem like we weren't wanted in the store and there was only two or three other people there. Love the variety, but the way he acted came off douchey.

  • krazy rocker

I went today to get 2 comics and came out with more haha which is still good for me. The place was very awesome, first time there and I was really amazed and love the store. The young lady that helped was very friendly and very helpful. I will return back again. If your a big comic collector and a collector then I would suggest this place.

  • Albert Fonseca Jr

Staff was friendly as we walked in and offered what sales they were having. They provide a variety of comics, statues, and pops. Prices on some pops such as vaulted or exclusives were reasonable and not overly priced. Also had some very cool statues and little statues behind glass and some I hadn’t seen. Would recommend for any collector.

  • Joshua Bergmann

While it's a bit out of the way for me, I always love coming into Titan when I can. A great selection of both current runs and back issues, and an absolute wealth of variant covers. I've come in here several times to fill gaps in my collection and have always received great customer service, I highly recommend Titan to fellow comic fans

  • Samantha Dindial

I was blown away when I walked into this store. Huge store and it is very organized, clean and so much inventory! Comics, and figurines/statues were amazing. The comics are so organized it’s very easy to find issues you’re looking for. Great FunkoPop selection. Employees there were so kind and helpful. I had a great time visiting!

  • Dustin McCammon

Very cool store. Lots of things to look through. I love how the comics are organized, especially the newer ones. Everyone I talked to while there was very friendly. 2023 update: Still an amazing place with tons to look at. Everyone was super nice to my family and I. If I lived in Dallas I'd pop in every week to shop.

  • Catherine Pridemore

Excellent service. So many comics it blows ur mind on what u wanna look for. Staff is so nice and they had a little play area for my 2 yr old daughter while i looked. I love love love this place and drive from frisco just to come n look. If you want service go here n he even has layaway on his collectibles.

  • Seth Callahan

This shop is excellent. Amazing staff that do all they can to take care of their customer! Large selection of comics from the past several months, including variants at cover price! Healthy back issue and huge hardcover/trade paperback selection. This place is a must for in-person comic shopping in Dallas.

  • Gary Brown

Jeremy was spectacular! Very glad to have met someone as knowledgeable on a vast array of comics. Selection are as vast as Jeremy's store is deep. Clean spacious and organized to the point of craziness. Each comic is coded on the protective bags as to the condition rating. Pricing was more than fair.

  • Ansel Vyrauen

Great experience at this comic book shop. Was in town for a couple days and decided to check this place out. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Ended up picking up Locke and Key after their recommendation. It did not disappoint. Will visit again if I am ever back in Dallas Fort Worth area.

  • Joseph Lee

Very nice and helpful staff and very well stocked with Marvel, DC, and indie comics. Even some anime too. A good selection of collectible figurines and cool stuff like that too. Definitely check this place out as they're probably one of the (if not) the best comic stores in the area.

  • Jerryd Wallace

I just found this national treasure of comics. It has back issues galore which is amazing, some omnibuses in the store, great trades, statues, and key books up front. If you haven't checked this place out and you love comics do yourself a huge favor. Its awesome. Great staff as well.

  • Vanessa Irino

Very nice and helpful staff!! This is my 2nd visit here and I definitely recommend this store. They have everything you would ever need. Even for me who collects everything Casper. Usually comic book shops don't have him. But this shop was well stocked. I'll be back for sure.

  • BeetleSalt

Excellent selection and very helpful staff! I highly recommend Titan Comics to anyone looking for comics from classic to modern! They even carry statues and figures. This place is an absolute wonderland, I enjoyed every second of my last visit and fully intend on going back!

  • David Orton

Huge selection of comics and figurines. Not much else. I personally came in hoping for Magic: the Gathering, and the friendly staff informed me that they may have a small stock of Yugioh or Pokémon cards, but no MTG. Still, a very impressive selection of comics and figures.

  • Chris Khou (LostAntiHero)

This place is awesome! Subscription service is great! Also, the "bald guy" is not rude at all. I've been coming to this shop for a little over a year now and I get the same treatment every time. It's a great place to spend your lunch breaks and a great place to escape to.

  • D Henderson

If you want to be harassed for opening a comic to look inside then this is the place. I appreciate customer service but to be asked by every employee if I need help multiple times is annoying. If you open a book be prepared to have on of them in your face immediately.

  • Kerri Hensley

I purchased a Captain America Hot Toys from this location. When I got home and opened it I noticed one of the accessories was damaged. I contacted Titan comics and they immediately responded and made it right. This is the kind of company you want to do business with!

  • phi tran

More than fair prices. Employees very helpful. Great back issue selection. Owner has great knowledge or knows how to find the answers. They have never messed up my subs (unlike other stores I wont mention on this post). Seriously though, great back issue selections.

  • Christy Jedigoddess

One of the best comic shops in Dallas hands down! Well organized, great layout, extensive statues, and a back issue collection that can't be beat. Jeremy, the owner, is also one of the most knowledgeable comic resources you will ever come across. Highly recommended.

  • Grey Peterson

My fiancé and I went in for our first time and we were blown away! Selection is incredible, staff are so helpful and friendly. We found what we were looking for after striking out at all the surrounding stores in the area. THIS is how a comic book store should be!

  • John Garza

This was my first time ever being here and instantly turned 8 years old. I wish I still had my money from 3 years ago,they'd love me. Big time Marvel and DC fan. My 4x4 monster Vega is Punishered out. This place is more than amazing. Million star rated place.

  • Maxine Rainbow

Excellent comic book store. VERY clean and organized and staff is helpful and friendly. My son has been actively searching for this one specific comic for almost a year, and he was able to find a copy of it here. Their selection is A+, I will be returning.

  • Ron Nag

Excellent selection, expensive, and staff is a intimidating/not friendly. You feel afraid to browse or touch anything - very much a you break it, you buy it vibe as if you are intruding on the owner's private comic collection - even though it is a store.

  • T Gray

Probably the most well organized comic shop I've ever had the pleasure of browsing. First time in and was able to find the back issue I needed in moments without help. That said there was always someone available and willing to assist. Wonder experience

  • Justin Allen

Knowledgeable staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful. If you need recommendations, someone there will definitely be able to point you in the right direction. They also offer a great store-wide discount for customers with who sign up for a subscription.

  • Erik Carranza

I just left TC and customer service was great. Thank you Cassandra for being helpful, TC has so much to offer. Huge selection on comics and Funko Pop. Overall great experience. I found Huge Rexy Tyrannosaurus Rex Fallen Kingdom Funko Pop btw

  • Steven Nasrallah

I love this shop! Jeremy, is so much fun to be around. This is a family run place and they make you feel like family. The prices on books that are hard to find are lower then every where else. Defiantly the best store in the DFW.

  • Troy Powell

I was visiting the area and another shop recommended Titan Comics when I mentioned I was looking for back issues. So glad they did! I found all 4 issues I was looking for. Great pure comic shop with awesome selection of new/old.

  • Chachi Flores

Been coming to Jeremy's shop for at least twenty years, and the selection + wealth of knowledge from him and his staff is unparalleled in DFW. This is THE comic book destination in North Texas, do not hesitate to come here!!

  • Wade Wilson616

Great store! Wide selection. Super friendly staff. Very clean, well organized and well lit. A little something for everyone, reader, collector. If you are in the are I highly recommend checking them out!

  • Alejandro

The owner is the type of person that not only knows his stuff but clearly loves what he does and is happy to share his knowledge. I will be a loyal customer her for as long as I'm living in Dallas.

  • brandon glaspie

I just received Spawn Batman War Devil, I purchased online. The book is in great condition as advertised. They were also quick to answer a question I had about shipping. I'd buy from them again.

  • CRTim

Wonderful service! Had not great experience with other comic shops in past, but this one was fantastic. The people were friendly and made some good recommendations. 10/10 5 Stars All the beans.

  • Neil *

Very cool little store! Staff are helpful, friendly and are clearly comic book enthusiasts. Even so, as someone who knows nothing about comic books, I felt very welcome here. Hope they do well!

  • Jeff Stanaway

Amazing shop! Never seen a shop so well organized, well stocked, and very fair prices. Staff was very kind and helpful. Stopped here while on vacation from Nashville. Hope to stop back soon.

  • J Hall

Found exactly what I needed and more.. excellent place to check out for any comics you may be missing, collectibles, lots of cool stuff..and he will work with you. Very pleasant experience

  • Jessica Claybrook

Very organized. Huge selection of comics. Some of the statues were overpriced, but other than that, we were able to get a lot of comics we've been missing, including whole series sets.

  • daniel covey

They had so many nostalgic items in stocks. Pair that with super friendly and helpful staff, and it is a must go to place for the casual and hard-core comic collector.

  • Doug Guy

Awesome store with a huge selection. Workers greet everyone and know most customers by name. I was helped out a lot picking out comics for my son. Highly recommended.

  • Aerith Evermore

Really nice space to get comics. Sells individual issues, graphic novels and figures/statues/toys! So many Godzilla toys! Adorable little kids section as well!

  • Eván Figueroa

Good variety and selection for readers and collectors alike. I thought the store layout was easy to navigate and well organized. The staff were helpful as well

  • Stephanie Flores

Super neat place lots of novelties and awesome gift ideas. My husband's inner child definitely came out when we walked it I would 100% recommend to anyone!!

  • Bellatrix Kale

Had a great conversation with the owner! Super nice and helpful. Also, they have such an amazing stock of comics and collectibles. GO HERE IMMEDIATELY.

  • Mark Skaggs

Great comic store!!! SOOO many comics! Easy to see what's new and classic. Great place to stop before or after catching a movie at the nearby theater.

  • Thomas Schwartz

Jeremy was absolutely amazing. We came in to find out some information and he was more than open and accommodating. Storic awesome go see these guys!

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