Unlimited Fashion Store - HSR Layout, Bengaluru

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Shop No 1099, 14th Main Rd, South, Sector 3, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, India




Unlimited Fashion Store - HSR Layout, Bengaluru is a Clothing store located at Shop No 1099, 14th Main Rd, South, Sector 3, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, India. It has received 644 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Unlimited Fashion Store - HSR Layout, Bengaluru: Shop No 1099, 14th Main Rd, South, Sector 3, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102, India

  • Unlimited Fashion Store - HSR Layout, Bengaluru has 4.1 stars from 644 reviews

  • Clothing store

  • "Affordable price but very limited collection"

    "I purchased 3 times for garments & foot wear"

    "Worst customer experience ever"

    "Something is seriously wrong with the store manager- Mr"

    "Decent store for the casual and formal clothing shopping, branded cloths are good if you go for top Aravind brands"


  • Aditi Kumari

Affordable price but very limited collection. Poor quality products! My friend bought a jacket and after wearing it twice, the material started wearing off as if it has been worn for years and washed rigorously. Taking it back to the store, firstly the person at billing counter denied about having that brand's product in store. Later, the store manager came to address the issue who came with a prepared mindset of 'blame it back to the customer' attitude. Neither ready to listen to the actual issue nor addressing it rightly. Rather he had lame examples to correlate the issue with and blame it all back on us that we would have rubbed the jacket on rough surface. Not even a month, and such is the condition of the Jacket! And in addition, such a pathetic customer service by the store manager!! After a long heated conversation, the only solution they had was to get a complaint registered with no time frame of resolution or replacement! Also, the manager handed us a paper to write an application. What era are we in that we go for shopping and if we come back complaining about the bad quality product, we are asked to write down an application which should ideally be done by the people at store and not by the customers themselves!! Besides, we had last purchased for a total of ~3500 which made us eligible to get two vouchers of 500 each. Have received just one voucher until now. And I have NO plans to buy anything further from this store where not only the products are pathetic but also customer service!! No wonder why the store is gradually processing towards loss and taking decisions to shut the stores!!!!

  • A Sivaprakasam

I purchased 3 times for garments & foot wear. On 1.5.22 I purchased footwear cost 999 . Next day I went this shop for exchanging other comfortable size but sales staff at cash counter refused giving exchange even the footwear purchased was never used and was in condition, for which I have to request so much and staff 2 persons without giving respect ,treated me very badly ..I felt very bad choosing this unlimited shop as against good options available online with comfortable shopping . They never think customer are real masters for the market and economy . It appears Management not given proper training to tackle customers and how to speak with customers, and appointed staff with rowdy like nature.

  • Nithin Jose

Worst customer experience ever. Bought a cargo pants which they displayed under 699 in the floor and when i gone for billing they doubled the rate to 1299 saying offer is not for this and the girl in the floor confirmed the price is 699. I discussed this with the cash counter and a guy named Asif replied very badly saying this is the price and not ready to give any explanation. And his attitude towards us was really bad and he is like buy if you want. Very unprofessional and zero trained staffs this place has. They themselves don’t know what they are doing there.

  • Angad Chandhok

Something is seriously wrong with the store manager- Mr. Santhosh. My parents bought a few items yesterday and went to exchange one item today but were refused based on a missing price tag (not the brand tag but the store's own locally printed tag) even though the bill had been presented. Putting this incident aside, the store manager's manner of behaving with their customers has left a very sour taste. I wouldn't recommend a store like this to anyone. Please save your time.

  • Venkat Terugu

Decent store for the casual and formal clothing shopping, branded cloths are good if you go for top Aravind brands. At present store has minimal store staff, poor trial rooms (broken wrenches, missing corner shelves, just frames no pictures, messy cloths around) we can understand that during the tough times of high street business. The restrooms and hygiene care is good. Collections are limited with sizes and options. Overall good place for regular shopping!

  • Gopika Nair

Wrong billing…yesterday my friend bought 3 items and instead of billing one pair shoe they have billed twice.. and visited the store today and Mr.Santhosh doesn’t know how to deal customer properly..Something is seriously wrong with the store manager- and he is not ready to listen to our queries keep on telling ‘you need to take another product and no refund’ even though it’s there mistake and they are not ready to accept it ..pathetic experience.

  • Shamees Pv

My Friend and 2other people purchased metrial 2days before. Earned 4 discount coupen. Friend shared the coupen with me. Today me and athoer people purchased metrial above 5000. Coupen is every 1250 amount -500 rs discount finally billing time cashier said this coupen used. Actually coupon Validate is 15th july. Cashier said discount not available real cheating. The customers The cashier. And misbehavior the customers.. Very bad service..

  • Ravi Raj

Worst experience, they are the cheaters. Disgusting place. I request you HSR layoutians do not visit this place. They offer my kids to attend Art Challenge drawing competition from The Hindu Group for Summer season, and gave 500Rs voucher on purchase of 1500, after purchase of 2700Rs worth of cloths, they told offer only for particular items and staffs acted rude to explain.... They are not worth for one star also...


Something is seriously wrong with billing section guy. He is showing big face when we went for exchange today . He refused to exchange based on a missing price tag (not the brand tag but the store's own locally printed tag) The billing section guy way of behaving with their customers has left a very sour taste. I wouldn't recommend a store like this to anyone. Please save your time.

  • Anjana

They are showing 50% offer in promotions , when you went there and check you will know the truth. They are giving 50% only for orders above 6000!! Not that much collections too to buy for 6000!. All the available items are very costly too. It's better to go street shopping in the nearby streets!

  • abdul rafiq

Its been a worst shopping experience... I recently shopped for my kids... I was amused with amazings offers... Later post usage the cloths have shrunk after 1st wash and the cloths are leaving colour which has also spolied my other cloths... Very dissaponted …

  • Mamta Rivonkar

The collection was ok. There is hardly anything to buy in XL section. Fabrics look old and store is mis managed .. there were torn and bad clothes amidst good ones. I would not recommend this place for shopping. Rather go to Jayanagar 4th block for the same.

  • Anisha Gomes

The collections are average and very less. Price is okay but you don't get much options to purchase from. The outfits were not rightly placed and some outfits seemed very distressed. Need more staff to guide and they should upgrade the collection. It was ok

  • T.kowshik Yedida

You will find some good options for less price but sizes are an issue. You won't find those in their online portal as well which is a bit frustrating. You have to search a lot for size if there is an offer. It is the same like every other unlimited store.

  • yasodha kesani

Staff not clearly mentioned about 50% offer.we have selected everything then they mentioning only offer on selected products waste of time. Finally staff not responding properly. Very rude. Please don't go Unlimited. Waste....waste ....worst ❌

  • Divya Shirodkar

1. Why is there no display of the calculation the cashier is making? 2. I bought items worth 6000/- n one item was missed to be packed. 3. When i tried to contact the store they don't have the right phone number updated. This is sick !!!

  • althaf jamal

Its like a mall dedicated to clothing only. Even though the shop is so big the collection is very less. Pricing is reasonable. Not very expensive. Easily accessible. They have separate floors for men,women, and kids' clothes.

  • Abishai Noronha

Very bad experience, the collections are very limited and have cheap quality clothes, at first the gate keeper broke my steel bottle and didn't even apologise and the clothes had holes after removing the magnet tag.


Superb ... The way he took me to the entire store and the way he showed the collections really crazy . His way of talking and his politeness is awesome . Happy to shop here again just because of the hospitality

  • Vithal Sampagar

Good place to visit. It has only few brands. You should enquire clearly when they offer any coupon codes.. they won't tell you terms and conditions during purchase, you'll come know t&c only during redemption.

  • Gowri Sankar

Nice collections and there hospitality was soo good...ladies collection was quite good compared to the boys collection..ask for offers before buying bcz everytime they have certain offers for particular rates

  • Periyakaruppan N

Customer handling was good. However the Jeans pant collection and quality needs more improvement. I supposed to buy 4 jeans but ended up buying just one. Other items like shirt and t-shirt are okay to me

  • Aswathy Sreekumar

Too hot inside the shop. They switch on the AC only if we ask them to. And the clothes display layout is too crowded. Won't feel like staying inside the shop for long. Collection wise it is pretty ok.

  • Selva C

Got a good deal on the clothes and less crowded so got time to select items peacefully. Offers were good. But never suggest to but the gift options as the smart watch was utter waste of money.

  • Vishuenc App

Good location and no parking given. If you park in front of this shop then police mama will lock ur wheels.. Saw 2 cars locked during visit. Price of cloths are very high No offers No options

  • ChandraSekhar S Vasireddy

Good collection in all categories. However formal range in Arrow / other brands should be looked at and increased. Famous of the late 90s, Arrow blue formal shirts be brought back.

  • Jay

Clean, well lit shop-floor with good selection of clothes. Billing was very slow..took almost 20 minutes with just one person ahead of me. I noticed that both counters were slow.

  • Mahendra mahi

Worst customer service ever faced there is no trial at all they doesn’t how to behave with a customer I think the shop person itself think a owner and he says not use a product.

  • Bala Chandran

A place with decent collection of daily wear, winter wear, semi casuals at a value to price, quality is good compared to MAX showroom and prices are same as MAX. …

  • sandeep vs

No good selection or collection bad customer service.only the watchman who was at door really cared rest of the people weren't even bothered who comes and goes

  • abrar T

Very well trained and co-operative staff. Good shopping experience. And the salesman Sachin shah should really be appreciated for his efforts made.

  • Sai Charan Tej

Worst store and always manipulate the clothes with less price which in offer and more piece with no offer . We ending up with paying more ..

  • kusuma kusuma

I am looking to rate 0 star rating for the store managers Santosh's behavior. People will never revisit the store if he is like this.

  • Kishan Pulluri

super, Even though the shop is so big the collection is very less. Pricing is reasonable. Not very expensive. Easily accessible too,

  • Davika Satish

Very Cooperative your employee & talked about too polity good to recommended to friends & relatives happy to purchased thank you

  • Nikhil Bryan

Not a good experience.. very few brands, limited choices.. no good worthy offers, this is from shopping in the mens section.

  • Divya Khyani

A well managed fashion mall, you get decent quality clothes and home supplies! - affordable and good in terms of quality

  • Pavan kumar samakoti

Sales executive Mr.Rama Chandra is well aware of the products and discounts available at store and he is so helpful

  • Chandan Aiyappa

Pathetic shopper experience... Staffs are useless and billing takes a lot of time ...don't recommend this store ...

  • tanushree srivastava

Good experience....but the offer and coupon they provide you they have certain clause,one should really read it....

  • Z. Adil Khwaja

Good service and collection at affordable price. Bought Nehru jacket. Location is good in HSR shopping street.

  • Arshad Kollath

Collection is not that great now. They had a lot more options earlier. Choices are almost nill for teen boys.

  • Arnab Das

Customer service was very good and collection also but one thing i like to suggest you improve the quality

  • Christina Sebastian

The store has affordable collections. Store timing mentioned on Google is wrong though, opens only at 11

  • Karthik Dupakuntla

Good collection, good support staff, overall good experience. Support staff is very patient and helpful.

  • Aditya Johari

Good place for clothes shopping. Reasonable prices. Good support staff. Not big range, but still decent

  • Sushil Tiwari

I had a good experience in the store, sachin shah assisted me and helped me in purchasing the product.

  • Nagaraj P

Sanjay and team really helped me, kind and polite, very good shoping experience thank you yo the team.

  • Munna Sharma

Quantity is very bad I'm purchasing shoe 2days after broken the shoe very bad quality is there

  • mohamed arsath nisar

Good place to buy dresses in minimum amount and always discount will be there for all dresses.

  • Totan Mukherjee

Unlimited is excellent service I this shopping place.and very good quality products. …

  • Sharad H

Kabita and Sachin assisted well during selection. Kabita well understood our requirement.

  • Abhiram L

Loved the western collection and prices are reasonable only if you have offers or coupons

  • Gayatri R

Great collection for women specially all the nightwears and its very affordable Do visit

  • Surendra Singh

This store is amazing. The best brands are available in this, it is a very good store.

  • Pendli Yashwanth Reddy

The offers provided by them seems attractive but have look at the terms and conditions

  • Amit Kapoor

Sachin shah is a good and hard working salesperson. He helped us in all possible ways

  • pankaj sharma

Excellent support n service. Atanu das is brilliant is customer service. Thnaks a lot


Good collections, but they often run out of stock and doesn't have the required sizes

  • Shweta Dubey

Good collection for clothes and main the staff member is good. Thankyou Ganga ji.

  • Naveen Kumar Pulikinti

Nice clothes..visit on offer period where you will get things for value for money

  • Nithy Anand

Very nice place for shopping, Cost is very great compare to other retail stores

  • Srinivas V

New outlet and it may take sometime to be known to public to achieve popularity

  • Kajal Borlepwar

Women's collection was really good and affordable in traditional wear section.

  • Yogesh Mahajan

Use 3000 off on 3000 deal for regular purchase, you will get real price then.

  • uma senthil

Sharadha was so patiently helping us to select kids dresses… good collection

  • Nithiya Rejil

They have good collection of dresses... Wide variety and mind-blowing offers

  • Santosh Pujari

The cost is affordable. need more collections. Overall experience was good.

  • Robio Sunny Sekh

The cost is affordable. need more collections. Overall experience was good.

  • Farheen Mushtaq

There a huge offer gong on and u can visit here for casual and ethnic wears

  • mansoor Kayalad

Very bad behaving the cashier.. He is angry the customer... Bad behaviours

  • Shripad Kulkarni

Wide Variety of Men's Women's and Kid's Collection at reasonable price.

  • Venkatesh M

Unlimited is high rate.. 50% discount.. but Sachin sales guy is good..

  • ramesh yadav

Ramchandran very polite person helpd us alot to look around the things


you might get something good in a cheap rate if you have an eye for it

  • Pratibha tigga (Shimmi)

It's was okay. They don't have very good collection in western style.

  • Ravi Raj

At very good location.....nd collection is also very much impressive


Well mannered floor manager, guided well and it was nice experience

  • lokesh mohan

Nice collection but staff response is very poor at the cash counter

  • manibharathi NR

G Ramesh helped me a lot and I purchased a lot because of his help

  • Navtech

Good value products, ridiculous billing slow and lot of confusions

  • Arpitha Bj

Simply they will tell offer/discoount n all bt cost remains same..

  • Danish Haider

Like the collection of t shirts it's average price ...recommended

  • Tilak B N

Great for shoppers ..prices are on lower side ..great offers...!!

  • Mohitp313

It really good mall to shop I really appreciate staff of vmart.

  • Sujal Jaiswal

This unlimited fashion store is good for the traditional dress

  • naveen silveri

Sachin ( he is good rapport and nice behaviour with customer)

  • pavan kalyan

Good place to buy clothes and footwear but less collections..

  • MridulMadhav

Good options for all varieties of dresses at reasonable price

  • Md Idris

Good store staff are very humble co operative and good all

  • asadullah khan

Good collection.. discounted prices are very attractive

  • bhavya karodi

Very helpful and interactive to choose the right one

  • mohan kumar

Nice good quality and great to 50%off sale it worth

  • Neil Desmond Francis (Cynical Brown Guy)

Really good collection at affordable prices. …

  • Charan Jeet Singh

Good quality collection. Helpful staff. Thank you

  • Rakshith Rebel

Ambience and the staff response is very good

  • shammi hembrom

Awsome collections!! Frequent discounts.

  • Yethindra V

Good but limited stocks with the offers

  • Abdul qadar Shaikh

Kavita help a lots thanks for helping

  • ranjani shetty Ranju

Very good experience, very good staff

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