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Your Pro Plumber - Blocked Drain & Emergency Plumber | Melbourne is a Plumber located at 24/139 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia. It has received 119 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.



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  • The address of Your Pro Plumber - Blocked Drain & Emergency Plumber | Melbourne: 24/139 Cardigan St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

  • Your Pro Plumber - Blocked Drain & Emergency Plumber | Melbourne has 4.8 stars from 119 reviews

  • Plumber

  • "Update to his response: STILL NO REFUND"

    "Dean is a legend of a person and plumber and of course it doesn't come cheap but you are buying peace of mind and his ultimate commitment to a job - truly one of the best Plumbers I have ever met, especially the way he invoice, explain every bit in detail - He is almost like a great doctor ( in the plumbing industry)! In my case, not only he did a great Plumbing job (blocked drain and sewerage) of one of the properties I was dealing with when I was away, he even spent time helping my partner who had to deal with some other plumbers who didn't do their job very well on the same day"

    "Dean from Your Pro Plumber provides a extremely reliable and high quality service and work"

    "Dean (your pro plumber) has been absolutely amazing"

    "Blocked drain emergency! I had a plumber out to clear my blocked drain but after several hours of trying, he was unfortunately unsuccessful"


  • Mouna Ibrahim

Update to his response: STILL NO REFUND. Came 22/2 not 23/2. Here 1.5hrs. No valve or clippings done. Told me pipes in walls. Told Dean previous plumber never charged for his time so no ripoffs. Rings me Sat 20/3 to abuse and swear at me after reading review - not to fix problem. His service not consistent to keep orig review. $100 just for callout fee. He did know about ensuite job. Only 50% issues resolved. Sent me txt for acct info & says "I am disappointed & disgusted in you Mouna trying to tarnish my business claiming I've ripped you off is just ridiculous. I hope your proud of yourself. Please never contact us again". I'm not a child to be chastised. Sent him detailed email with true facts and dates. No response. Dean sent out his apprentice on 16 March, 2021 to change washers because of a grinding noise when the hot water tap was opened. The apprentice assembled the taps twice after the first time around there was a high-pitched squealing sound when the water was running which was not there before and admitted he was at fault for not being thorough. I rang Dean after the apprentice left to advise him that this new noise continued and I wasn’t happy as I felt it shouldn’t be happening and asked him if he could come out and check over the work. After some reluctance he said he would come out later in the week and would be in touch. As I should not have to chase him up and because I still haven’t heard from him as of 7:00pm, 19 March, 2021 – not even to make a time for next week - and as I am sick of being ripped off by tradesmen and them walking away with my money for works not done properly and for them making false claims on their website to get the job, I needed to write this. I have found none of the following things he claims on his website to be true. I paid $150 to have the old problem still exist – most likely because the job was not done 100% correct and to have a new problem happen after the service. “CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we demonstrate this by delivering excelling and quality services to customers before, during and after a purchase.” This customer isn’t satisfied and the quality service after a purchase has not been shown in this case. “REPRESENTING INTEGRITY We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and reliable, giving our customers peace of mind.” This customer hasn’t got peace of mind having to put up with a new issue and the old one still there. “QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP We strive to deliver the highest quality of workmanship with a lifetime guarantee.” What happened to the “lifetime guarantee”? “GUARANTEE ON ALL SERVICES Whether it’s installing a new hot water system or simply fixing a leaking tap, we back everything we do with the Your Pro Plumber guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with our services for any reason, we’ll come back and fix it.” I told Dean I was dissatisfied with having to put up with a new problem created after the service and he hasn’t come back to fix it – I think that qualifies as any reason. Tradesmen make all these claims on their website to get the business but they don’t honour those claims. I just want to add that Dean was the first to respond to my enquiry for a quote and has had enough time to get back to me to fix it – even to make a quick phone call to arrange a time next week.

  • Nellerichal Sreeju

Dean is a legend of a person and plumber and of course it doesn't come cheap but you are buying peace of mind and his ultimate commitment to a job - truly one of the best Plumbers I have ever met, especially the way he invoice, explain every bit in detail - He is almost like a great doctor ( in the plumbing industry)! In my case, not only he did a great Plumbing job (blocked drain and sewerage) of one of the properties I was dealing with when I was away, he even spent time helping my partner who had to deal with some other plumbers who didn't do their job very well on the same day. He has been very generous with his time and exceptionally detailed professional invoices from any plumber. Thank you Dean and team for being exceptional and keeping the such great standards compared to the rest of the general plumbing trades in Melbourne :)

  • Martin Kocan

Dean from Your Pro Plumber provides a extremely reliable and high quality service and work. We had problems with our hot water system and the water pump supplying toilets with water from the water tank. It has been very easy and quick to contact Dean from Your Pro Plumber, get a quote and organise the repairs. Dean from Your Pro Plumber has a great expertise and knowledge as well as a passion for his job. He has been very clear and honest with us during the whole process which we personally value very much. Dean together with Ben solved all our issues and demonstrated professional and high quality work. Moreover, Dean has a very cheerful and positive personality which made the whole experience even more pleasant. We strongly recommend Your Pro Plumber to anyone with any plumbing needs as we had an extremely positive experience.

  • Adele Di Virgilio

Dean (your pro plumber) has been absolutely amazing. I have never left a review online before because I have never felt so confident with the work that someone has done at my house. Dean has changed that. He is a real problem solver. He thinks about all possibilities and talks them through with you. He is very clear in describing the work he needs to do and the costs involved before he goes ahead. His team is great. They know their plumbing and seeing them in action really shows that good work is being done by people who know their stuff and love their job. We have already called Your Pro Plumber twice (for two different jobs) and when we renovate our new home we will be booking them in. Thank you from Adele and the family.

  • Luke Tanner

Blocked drain emergency! I had a plumber out to clear my blocked drain but after several hours of trying, he was unfortunately unsuccessful. I was told I needed to spend big $$ to fix the blocked drain. Slightly concerned to reach out to another plumber but my friend highly recommended calling Your Pro Plumber, so I did and I'm very happy that I did! They came out the following day and unblocked my drain in under an hour! Matt was friendly, polite and explained the situation to me clearly so I could understand what the problem was which I found very helpful! Thank you once again for your help. I definitely recommend this plumbing company and will call them again if needed in the future.

  • Daniel Masters

Dean and his team were the best plumbers I've dealt with. Dean is an expert who offers no-nonsense advice. We had a hot water system that failed. When I first called him up, he was generous with his time and talked me through the potential problems and solutions. His prices are competitive and he wants to look after you. He is reliable, prompt, and patient. He finds solutions rather than seeing challenges. I am planning to engage Dean and his team for future planned works. His affiliated electrician, James from JMAC Electric Solutions, was prompt, skillful and looked after us too. I highly recommend this skilled trio for anyone in need of plumbing and electrical work.

  • Peter Strachan

Really happy with the service and jobs done - highly recommended. I've called on Your Pro Plumber twice now - the first time to fix a running toilet, the second to fix leaking pipes under a kitchen sink. In both cases: - Dean (the plumber) turned up exactly when he said he would; - The problems were accurately diagnosed and efficiently fixed; - Both fixes were successful (it's been a couple of weeks since the latest work was done and everything is still great); Personally, I found Dean great to deal with (friendly, good communicator, advice that makes sense) - he's the bloke I'll call if I have any plumbing issues in future.

  • Raston Nga

There was a water pipe leakage outside our property and it was adjacent to a sewerage pipe. The first plumber tried fixing this and ended up making it worse. He gave up after about 30 mins. Thank god we found Dean. He thinks outside the box and is a problem solver. Like a plumbing surgeon he was able to replace the water pipe without causing damages to the surrounding. The best part was his personality - professional, friendly and easy going. He whistles when he’s doing the job, that’s when you know someone is in his element and you’ve engaged a gun plumber. What a legend Dean, highly recommended!

  • Keshav Lalsing

Having had bad experiences with other plumbing companies in the past; It was a good change dealing with Your Pro Plumber. I recently had a minor leak from the bathroom; Dean was able to provide great insight and advice about how to tackle the issue from the initial phone call. When he arrived at the property with his team; they were professional, very thorough in their assessment & diagnostics, honest in regards to pricing (they actually have a rate card by activity) and overall they showed a very friendly and easy-going attitude. Highly recommend Dean and his team!

  • Craig Wright

I had a few needed jobs done on my day off today and called in your pro plumber. They arrived on time on the agreed day and proceeded to quote the job for me. I was very happy with the quote and impresses by the fixed price system they have so no guess work. I proceeded to get all the jobs needed completed and done very efficently and re checked his work before heading off. Google reviews are a key decision maker in who you get so as such from my experience I have rated 5/5 and do not hesitate to recommend to others. Craig.

  • Sungmin Hwang

Dean did an amazing job. We had water leaking in my apartment from possibly multiple areas causing carpet damages in the corridor. He attended the site to inspect water leak. The job turned out to be very tricky but he found out a large amount of water leaking through the floor penetration above the apartment. Because of leaking was not from my property, this will be all insured by OC insurance. He is great at investigating the property. He is very professional. I recommend YOUR PRO Plumber Service.

  • Anouska Milstein

Dean was so great to deal with from the first interaction to the last. He arrived just a few hours after my initial call, and though he didn’t have time to complete a second job (requested during the first job, not prior) he returned first thing the next morning to do so. Job is perfect. He was very clear in explaining the work needed and outlining all costs prior to commencement. Super lovely and trustworthy, I wouldn’t call anyone else for any future jobs ! See you next time Dean :)

  • Davina Paratene

Dean is an amazing plumber and human being. He is professional, honest and very highly skilled. Dean ensured we were aware of what was required to fix our issue, no hidden costs were presented on completion of the job. Great verbal skills and fantastic Customer Services. I would not hesitate to recommend Dean and his team for any jobs you may have. Thank you Dean for your outstanding work, thank you for being The Best Tradie I have had the pleasure of meeting.

  • Rachel

Highly recommend this plumbing company. They were very helpful with resolving my emergency flooding issue caused by a blocked drain. I was stressed out and they instantly helped me feel like they had the situation under control. The plumber was very polite and friendly to deal with. Can confirm what other reviewers are saying about this plumbing company. Happy to say they will be my go to plumbers from now on. Thank you once again.

  • Chris

Fantastic service from Dean fixing my box gutter on the roof. After the initial inspections, he explained very clearly the drainage problem he saw and why and what needs to be fixed. After fixing the problem, he provided further advice to make sure the problem will not happen again. I appreciate his detailed explanation very much. His friendly and professional demeanor really puts me at ease. Thank you very much!

  • Phillip Mansour

The team at Your Pro Plumber have been absolutely amazing in unblocking our drains at home. Our drains were constantly getting blocked, Your Pro Plumber has the equipment that showed us where the drain was blocked, they also helped us repair the cracked pipe with special relining equipment which saved us thousands of dollars and saved us digging up the backyard. Amazing service, highly recommended!

  • Brian Gate

My overall experience with this company has been nothing but seamless. I have used them multiple times over the past few years and they continue to exceed my expectations. Always well presented and very knowledgeable providing me with priceless advice. If your looking for quality plumbing work, you can call on these guys. Highly recommend! Cheers once again - Brian & Annette

  • Bobbi Beans

I had a small urgent plumbing problem and, as a cafe owner, I cannot afford long downtime or to be without water in the middle of service. Dean understood the urgency and came out immediately to fix the problem. His knowledge and professionalism makes me feel comfortable that I have a great plumber for anything that may arise in the future. Thank you again. Bobbi

  • Megan Tingate

Dean came over to fix a blocked toilet. He turned up on time and clearly outlined everything prior to doing any work. He went above and beyond in explaining the issue and potential work that may be required in the future. The price I paid was exactly as he had discussed prior to starting the job, no surprises! 5 stars - I would absolutely use his services again.

  • Amanda Lee

Dean and Ben were absolutely fantastic. Very charismatic, extremely reassuring and reliable. Dean answered my call and took on the job almost right away. He did his best to diagnose the problem over the phone and when he arrived he got to the root of the problem very quickly and fix it within the hour. Top bloke, knowledgeable and highly recommended.

  • Matt Holyoake

Dean came out to inspect a few defects on a property we were buying. He was super responsive on the phone, the only plumber that could make it out in time, and really thorough with his inspection. He took the time to clearly explain all his findings and recommendations, and was easy to deal with. Would definitely use these guys again …

  • Nicole Tosev

I recently had Dean's team out to complete a few jobs for us. They were punctual, professional and delivered great customer service. It's a real struggle finding good, honest and quality tradespeople these days, but if you need a plumber, Your Pro Plumber is the way to go. Seriously, you can't beat these guys!

  • Enza Dee

Dean from Your Pro Plumbing has been professional from day one. I found him to be clear and consice in his communication and quoting. I was very impressed with his standard of work which was completed on time. Finally, his integrity stood out and I have no hesitation in recommending Your Pro Plumber to anyone.

  • Barbara T

Fantastic service Dean was very prompt, friendly & genuine. He patiently explain, answer all my questions & very professional. The way he work is very effective & efficient fixed my clogged toilet issue very quick & make sure its working fine. thanks so much Dean you've done amazing job, highly recommend.

  • Harry

My plumber Dean was able to get to my job within a couple hours of contacting Your Pro Plumber. The service was quick, effective and professional. Dean was able indentify and fix our problem with our commercial dishwasher within an hour and everything has been running smooth since. Highly recommended!

  • Belinda Mutton

After calling many plumbers for an emergency call out Dean from Your Pro was recommended as other 24hr plumbers couldn’t attend. He was very responsive and promt, he was able to attend within the hour and fix our issue quickly. Definitely recommend Your Pro and Dean for any plumbing needs. Andrew Ward

  • Nick Jia

Dean and team have recently delivered amazing work for restructuring the storm water system of my house. Dean comes with the great idea and solution with the consideration of cost, performance and future proof, love the work and strongly recommended to anyone looking for help. Great people and work !

  • Caitlin S

My toilet was looking like a scene from a horror movie and I needed emergency services to unblock the drains. I highly recommend these guys, they successfully solved the problem and now I feel comfortable to defecate in my own toilet again. Thank you so much, lovely man and a lovely service!

  • Kathryn Juraschek

I would highly recommend contacting your pro plumber for any plumbing needs. The boys are professional and did a great job. My plumbing issue was a nightmare and it was sorted on the day and quickly. Communication with Dean was easy and prompt, I couldn’t ask for better service.

  • Rhett Balliet

Dean at your pro plumber was professional in his service, didn't charge a call out fee because I'm in the city and catered to my inflexible timetable despite having an urgent issue. Your Pro Plumber will definitely be the first call I make the next time I have a plumbing issue.

  • Lizzy Hancock

I was more than impressed with the efficient service that was provided to me by ‘Your Pro Plumber’. They were very knowledgeable and worked in an efficient manner, saving me lots of money too! I would recommend them to anybody looking for fast, affordable and reliable plumbing!

  • O

Absolute breeze to deal with, not a second wasted! Bad leak late at night and Dean couldnt have come down any quicker. Also fixed a few issues at my parents house, who speak very minimal english and again, provided very quick and cost efficient services! Definitely recommend.

  • Ali Hodge

Fantastic service. Dean attended my property within an hour of my initial phone call for a water leak. He explained what the issues were so I could make an informed decision as to how to proceed with the works required. Professional at all times. Highly recommended!

  • matthew vamvakidis

These guys are tops! We just moved house and had some nasty problems with the plumbing. We found these guys on Google and gave them a call. They were able to schedule a time to come out that was good for us and get the repairs done the same day. A+++. Recommended!

  • Hui Goh

Had a clogged bathtub drain, and a plumber was sent in about an hour! Super speedy response, very punctual to the eta provided. Our plumber was great, and very respectful to the house. Transparent upfront costs quoted too on the phone. Highly recommend these guys!

  • Austin Chia

From the initial call through to the completion of the job, Dean was very professional. He's a super friendly guy and it was evident that he takes pride in his work. If you're after a reliable plumber, I have no hesitation recommending Dean and his team.

  • Dave Oakley

My faith in plumbers has been restored. Great customer service and very knowledgeable, polite plumbers! From communication to pricing I was more than happy! Highly recommend Your Pro Plumber for any plumbing services. Thanks again guys

  • Vanessa Cockburn

Great service. Turned up on time, they were quick and efficient. They communicated clearly about pricing and about what work needed to be done. From my initial contact, through to finishing the job it was all pretty hassle free.

  • Claudia Battaglia

Highly recommend Your Pro Plumbing! They were amazing to communicate with, they resolved our plumbing issue promptly and explained the process and how they resolved the issue so we had a clear understanding. Thanks so much !!

  • Andy Dojcsak

Excellent service, after calling a few other plumbers and them not arriving Dean came out at the time he said he would arrive, fixed my roof leak quickly and was very affordable, will be passing his details on to my friends

  • Daniel Gibney

Called up regarding a blocked pipe. They came within 24 hours and ran through every step of the way. Was unblocked within the hour. Showed me the damaged pipe and what's needed to fix it. Great service and communication

  • Sonia Yarak

Finally an ‘emergency plumber’ who is actually an emergency plumber. Answered the phone after hours and was extremely polite and helpful. The pricing was really competitive and the service was outstanding. Thanks Dean.

  • Fiona Somers

LPS plumbers were highly recommended to us. They came out promptly & inspected issues we had after a roof restoration. Very professional report & assessment of damage. Rectified issues. Would also highly recommend.

  • Georges Yammouni

Thank you Dean for the work you performed at my property. Your reliable and you responded my call immediately. I highly recommend YPP to anyone needing a good job done. Thank you heaps. George & Julie. …

  • nadine maclean

These guys fixed a problem with my gas heater that several other companies could not. They were professional, knowledgable and reasonably priced. Lovely to deal with. Highly recommend.

  • Matt Barron

First time using Your Pro Plumber. The level of professionalism and punctuality had me very impressed. Glad to know I finally have a reliable plumber I can use for my future works.

  • Monique Henry

Very professional, knowledgeable, punctual, trustworthy and great customer service. Reasonable transparent pricing. I would highly recommend Your Pro Plumber for any plumbing work.

  • keneth gohil

Had very goood experience with pro plumb very reliable can make time on our suitability and made a good friend dean very genuine person. I am glad that i have a goood plumber.

  • kez ozkaraoglu

Would recommend Your Pro Plumber to anyone needing any plumbing work done. Boys were very helpful. Got the work done that two other companies failed at and only made worse!

  • Erhan Yildiz

Had Dean comes out to our rental property today for a roof leak he found the leak and did a temp repair. On time and fair on pricing very happy with the service thanks.

  • Alice Le Huray

Callum arrived promptly, considering it was 6pm on a Friday, and resolved my issue right away. He also offered well needed advice on how to stop further problems.

  • Brett Furlonger

Dean provided superb advice and is an honest tradie - he is on our speed dial to use again if we need help with plumbing - I highly recommend him.

  • jenny lau

Dean is absolutely amazing, helped me fix my blocked drain and had all the equipment to ensure the job got done within 2 hours! amazing service.

  • Erica Girmenia

Very happy with the service this company provides! Found Dean the plumber to be a really knowledgeable upfront man. Would highly recommend!

  • a b

Excellent service, Dean came to our office within thr time he said he would and got the job done like a true professional! Highly recommend

  • Kirsty Chiaplias

Dean came out for a small job and ended up not needing to do much! Gave me great advice and service! Will definitely use him again!

  • Amanda Farquhar

Dean was a pleasure to deal with. Knew his stuff and was very professional. I’ve put him in my essential contacts list already!

  • Damien Brown

Prompt service (within a couple of hours), explained everything, sorted a heavily blocked outlet and cleaned up. Great service

  • Blake Donnelly

Yeah nah good service aye fixed all the toilet issues and found another issues and fixed that as well seamlessly

  • Kim Amornmakin

Fabulous work, I have got good communication from Dean! Thanks! Highly recommend Your Pro Plumber …

  • Venessa Trombetta

The most efficient, honest and prompt pushing service we have ever used! Highly recommend …

  • Beckstead Stough

They have professional team members and very responsive, completed my work on time with reasonable price

  • Muddassir Nabeel

Dean was on time, courteous and talkEd me through his findings and options. Happy with service.

  • Aaron Yates

Reliable service. Plumber was on time and was able to determine the issue and resolve quickly.

  • chef Santos

Great service Dean is super helpful and very knowledgeable. I highly recommended them .

  • Shruti Singhi

I loved dean’s work. So smooth and efficient. Would definitely recommend to a friend

  • mohit verma

Amazing work and genuine pricing of the services. Can trust them with the work

  • Wendi Li

Very professional and came to my rescue asap! Should be your go to choice.

  • Sharon Yang

Reliable and fast service on the same day.

  • FC1979

Great work. Nice guys

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