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Zetland Veterinary Group is a Veterinarian located at 32 - 34 Zetland Rd, Redland, Bristol BS6 7AB, United Kingdom. It has received 433 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.



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  • The address of Zetland Veterinary Group: 32 - 34 Zetland Rd, Redland, Bristol BS6 7AB, United Kingdom

  • Zetland Veterinary Group has 4.5 stars from 433 reviews

  • Veterinarian

  • "Absolutely infuriated! First two trips to trips to the vets Ruffus seen two amazing vets Rebecca & Becca"

    "I don't think I have ever been so disappointed with a vets in all 30 plus years of owning a vet"

    "My dog had an emergency, I called my local Zetland vets in hotwells and while my dog was howling in pain they messed about trying to explain that there not able to help and I asked several times for the vet hospital and eventually got a telephone number"

    "1 star because you cannot do less"

    "I took my 10 week old Kitten in for her first check up"


  • Hannah derrick

Absolutely infuriated! First two trips to trips to the vets Ruffus seen two amazing vets Rebecca & Becca. Took him to get his nails clipped an the male vet “Charles” took him straight away from me; minutes later all I could hear was Ruffus crying. With that he came out with Ruffus and told me Ruffus was too anxious / distressed. NOT SURPRISED when you take him straight away from me/his owner! He’s a 7month old puppy! Ruffus has since been extremely nervous when going to the vets, not vicious, just shaky and timid. Anyway had to go to the appointment today for Ruffus’s eye & for the vet we seen to say on his notes it says he’s vicious and needs to be muzzled. I explained to this vet, he has never been muzzled before and is far from vicious, what does she think he’s going to do? Lick her to death? She then continues to say, she’s not happy to examine Ruffus’s eye because she was bit by a dog of a similar breed and is now scared of them. Ruffus is 7 months old, he’s a Staffie crossed with a collie! Ruffus went to give her paw and she ran a mile right back into the corner of the consultation room. So she said to me she’ll give me a cream and if it’s no better in 5 days they’ll sedate him to examine his eye.Absolutely disgraceful! Some people need to change their profession!! If you don’t like a select breed of dog, don’t be a vet! This would be like a GP refusing to examine a person because of their genetics, it just wouldn’t happen! My blood is boiling. I will never be taking my baby there again Feel sorry for the 2 vets (becca and Rebecca) that I seen previous who were phenomenal shame horrid 2 can change the whole outlook of the place! Will never ever go back! Hearing lots of things about this place since this incident today! Stay well clear! Absolutely awful.

  • Mary Taylor

I don't think I have ever been so disappointed with a vets in all 30 plus years of owning a vet. 1. They took my money via their pet plan during tte whole year plus of covid when I needed some flea treatment for the cat it wasn't available. ( I only do the cat in the summer) They didn't phone me and let me know I made a special journey to pick it up with my dogs and cats treatments only then I was told I would need to return to collect it. They do they contine to take my money when they vsnt offer the service? 2.My dog needed dental work twice I told the vet that I was planning to claim on my vet insurance, I was advised to check i was covered. I was than talked about this to another vet.At no point during either conversation did anyone mention that the insurance needed to be pre approved until the morning of the operation when they told me I needed to pay over £500 and claim it back. 3. My other dog needed to go in for dental work I checked twice this time that they had preapproved it.When she came out of surgery there where no appointment available for the check up and I needed to go to another branch.This surgery was booked over a week in advance, Good practice would be to book the check up when you book someone in for tte opp.I did tell the receptionist that I wasn't able to go to another branch ( which I wasnt branches are at Filton Westbury and Blackwell hardly close to F ishponds ) and it as it was obvious that my dog needed a post op check why wasn't this booked in for me. when I made the appointment for tte opp. I was told I was rude ( which I wasnt) then she came out after 5 minutes and loadly said that she was fed up with dealing with rude customer which quite frankly is unprofessional. I

  • Ian Weeks

My dog had an emergency, I called my local Zetland vets in hotwells and while my dog was howling in pain they messed about trying to explain that there not able to help and I asked several times for the vet hospital and eventually got a telephone number. I phoned the number and eventually got through as your on a waiting list. I asked for a dog ambulance as it’s supposed to be a Hospital for all animals. No such luck all I got was we don’t have one but we will call you back if we can find one. So in the mean time my dog now dies in agony. Had to phone my brother in law to come from Almonsbury to come and help as my car was too small to get my dog in while dead, Took to vets, first thing out of the receptionist mouth was how do you want him disposed of, and give a list of costs, they did not help move him from the car but they did press a button that made the door stay open. Me and my brother and law carried my dead dog through the waiting area and was told to leave him on the floor in a side room and then to come to front desk and pay the bill. Paid the bill for cremation and a casket and got a receipt and left. My experience of this vet but never again. Is not a hospital it’s not open 24hours a day and if your pets inside it will be left until next shift Take you pet to a vet that offers 24hour care it costs the same as zetland hospital but you probably get what you pay for and they might give a dam about your pet

  • Chloe Eardley

1 star because you cannot do less. Absolutely disgusted with them. Do not go to this vets. After charging the wrong amount to my card, they hounded me with unpleasant letters, after which I kept ringing back - 11 times, to pay the remainder on my account. It turned out that I had paid someone else’s bill and not my own so they had no record of it. They then referred me to a dept collection agency. After taking time off work and going in with my bank statement they finally managed to find out the account I had paid . Because they had already referred me to a debt collection agency I then had to pay 30 pounds for the privilege to be taken off it. I only owed them 30 pounds in the first place! Essentially, they charged my card the wrong amount (too little). They did not call me back on the 11 times I tried ringing to rectify this. Instead, they hounded me with unpleasant threatening letters, and then charged me 30 pounds for their own mistake! I am very upset by the way that they treated me: the aggression, their poor record keeping, and not once apologising for their own mistake of charging my card the wrong amount in the first place. If they cannot manage this, how can they possibly be looking after our animals correctly or lovingly. I will be leaving this vets forthwith and also consulting with the financial ombudsman.

  • Georgie C

I took my 10 week old Kitten in for her first check up. The vet informed me she has a grade 4 murmur and it warranted immediate investigation. The first thing the vet said to me was “you won’t be covered by insurance, I’m assuming you hadn’t had it for 14 days?” I’m disappointed I wasn’t warned of this before they took my kitten in for a health check, I would have waited the 2 days for my insurance to cover any issues that may arise. I was told my kitten immediately needed a scan at the cost of £300. I asked if we could do a wait and see/monitor approach as she showed no symptoms and kittens often grow out of them. I asked for a second opinion and another vet from Zealand called to tell me the scan is actually £1000. Due to the conflicting information and awful service, I left the practice and went to another vets. The new vets agreed with my wait and see approach and I can happily say my kitten, at 6 months, has no murmur. They will also be writing to my insurance to get the murmur taken off the record. *Edit There’s no point in calling you, nothing happens. I explained this to the receptionist when I left your practice. They just said “ok, thanks for letting us know” and hung up. No follow up, no escalation, nothing.

  • SJR 8

Outstanding veterinary practice. I had to bring my dog in for an emergency. I've never met such an empathic and experienced vet. She, (Kathleen), identified the problem within hours. My registered vet practice in Wales couldn't figure it out in four visits over five weeks. Their negligence almost killed my dog, despite their assurances that nothing was wrong with him. I am so angry and upset with them. In contrast, Zetland (Kathleen) listened carefully to everything I had to say. She explained what she was going to do, what she suspected the cause was in exact detail so I knew what was going on, and what to expect. Yet she didn't over promise and was careful to wait for test results before giving a definitive answer to my questions. She didn't jump to conclusions. She was also very transparent about the cost which I really appreciated, so it wouldn't be another shock on top of my dog being so sick. Zetland saved my dogs life. I will be forever grateful to them. If you need an emergency visit, you want a second opinion or your gut is telling you something's wrong, please visit them. They will help you and your animal, and hopefully set your animal on the path to recovery.

  • Carly Wilcox

I had only registered one of my four pets last Thursday as we were unsatisfied with our previous Veterinarian. I spoke with Julie, who takes the calls from the offices of Zetland Road. She registered us and made our appointment for the next day. I was immensely impressed with her kind, helpful and professional manner. This was a new experience for us as unfortunetly we did not have the same service with our previous vets. She had asked for our previous vets details to request my pets medical records. Of which, I had a phone call from them within minutes of putting down tthe phone. The vet we seen on Friday at Filton Vets was kind, caring, instantly put me at ease and listened to the issues that my dog was having. He offered all the options available and went into detail about all of them, he informed me of the pros and cons of each option and then recommended the best option for us. Unlike other vets we have seen, it wasn't based on the business/money they could get but based on his genuine care and professionalism. We are so happy with this company that we have now registered our other 3 pets and will continue using them. I highy recommend this company.

  • LeAnNe EvAnS

This a retrospective review of the hospital services given to our beautiful and complicated dog Fangles. He was admitted a few times over his lifespan to Zetland Road, mostly due to siezure control as had complex idopathic epilepsy and had cluster siezures ( from age of 2 to 10.5 years). The response, treatment and professionalism and honesty was relayed everytime we attended with it him, by all members of the team. In his later years he developed heart failure & likely unknown abdominal cancer but maintained the best quality of life until a very quick decline, where he attended again as an emergency due to symptoms. This sensitivity of vet ( Charles I believe) nurses and reception staff were without fault as we said goodbye to him. I cannot fault the heartfelt service we have had here for our boy over the 8.5 years to support us in emergency situations with our complex needs boy. Thankyou.

  • Natasha Sebastianelli

Unfortunately I had to take my poorly boy to out of hours vets and unluckily for me it was Zetland rd vets, awful service received made me feel awful for saying he had parvo and needed proof of vaccines for it thinking I was lieing. Kept going on about insurance which I didn’t have but had no problem paying for whatever he needed done, I seriously feel that this place failed all treatment and they pushed me into having my 1yr old dog down, I was distraught as you can imagine and they showed absolutely no remorse! Just kept mentioning payment! I decided to get my boy cremated and when I went to collect ashes they told me they couldn’t find them! This place is absolutely horrific and I warn anyone never to take their pets here as they don’t care about the animals or the owners! Please go somewhere else if you want to be spared with years of regret and grief!

  • Laura_and_Geoff Wedding

More great service from the Zetland Vets Group :) My cat had been lost for 2 weeks so when we found her I was keen to get her checked over by a trained professional, even through at first glance she seemed fine. I appreciated that, when I rang, the receptionist I spoke to consulted with the vet on whether I should bring my cat in, and that an appointment was squeezed in for that day. Cat did indeed need treatment for an injured eye, so it was good that we were fitted in. I appreciate it may have delayed another animal’s appointment slightly, so I’m sorry if any other owners were inconvenienced, but the practice’s flexibility on this ocassion meant my cat got the treatment she needed, and I was reassured. I’m very grateful.

  • Jonathan Brown

Lost our poor dog fully confident our insurance company More Than would cover payment taking away some of the pain of losing our incredible dog, Zetland assured us we could sort out finance after our dog was put to sleep.. BE WARNED This was not the case this awful company held our poor animals ashes as collateral until payment is made !!! Our insurance company gave us full reassurance this will be covered, this veterinary surgery said this was not the case THEY REQUIRED US TO PAY IN FULL PRIOR TO RELEASE OF OUR ASHES !!! AWFUL TO THINK THIS WOULD BE THE CASE. Following discussions with Lisa Horton - Practice Manager she assured me this is how they deal with clients as many never pay. !!! WOW STAY CLEAR

  • Iain W

We moved to the Zetland Practice after finding out that our previous vet had voted for Brexit . One of the consequences of leaving the EU was that we had to start paying £200+ for an animal health check every trip abroad, so that made us pretty cross with him. We've been delighted by the reception and veterinary staff at Zetland and our dog has received first class care. The vets have had an emphasis on preventative and health enhancing work ideal for an ageing dog. Reading the somewhat negative review below, I wonder if the writer upset the receptionist somehow. They also don't seem to have been a client of the practice so maybe it's a competitor trying to damage the practice's review record?

  • Rhianna

My 9 year old Border Collie was referred to Zetland Veterinary hospital when he was suffering from a severe urine infection. He was in such a bad way when we dropped him off but after a 4 day/3 night stay he made an amazing recovery. I cannot thank all of the staff enough for all of the hard work they did to save my dog’s life. I particularly want to thank Amy and Kathleen for providing us with regular updates during his stay. I’ve also been very impressed with the aftercare my dog has received and the advise we have received about further treatments. Pricing was also fully transparent and fair. I would definitely recommend this vet hospital to everyone.

  • Żaneta

My kitten was feeling poorly so I booked an appointment. I was told that it will cost £46 + costs of antibiotics. They took my cat I had to stay outside due to covid. Ended up paying £145 because they decided to do whatever they want without discussing it with me... They did scan said that Vet will call me back but never did!!! I called 2 times they always promised that vet will call back. Went to Zetland Rd to ask them about results but said Vet is busy and will call me back which never happened!! It’s been 3 months now they took money for nothing and put my poor kitten in danger!!! Disgusting behaviour I’m very disappointed. Want refund ASAP!!!

  • Matthew Pearce

Took our dog to be put to sleep, cost £200 to see vet ect. Have her cremated as well all in was over £500... Told we could pay off in a month, she passed awat and as we were leaving we were told there may be an additional charge?. By the time we got home (25mins) we had a message saying we had a week to pay!!!! But signed a contract for a month.. Will never use or recommend this place again.. In reply to the vet... We have written proof, and a message from the practice.. So please don't try to play down what happened. We lost a dog that night and it has upset us dearly, and as I said we would never recommend your veterinary service.

  • Sandra Mccahill

I found them very cold towards my dog..she had to be out to sleep unfortunately staff would not allow both my partner and I to go in..policy 1 ar a time..I pleaded to let us go in together and was told No company policy..1 person only..yet I saw a couple together with their dog at reception laughing n joking with staff..good on them.. ut most staff left work n they still would not let us both say goodbye together to our baby of 15 years..Gutted didnt describe how I felt..PDSA..are so caring,understanding and brilliant with the pets..true love of Animals ..zetland rd is all about the money! Never again.

  • Alicia Savage

Go to Whitchurch if you have a rabbit or other pet classed as an exotic. Zetland said they couldn't do anything else for our rabbit, since developing a respiratory issue and trying him on Baytril for a couple of months. I did a bit of research and found out there are other anti-biotics which can be used on rabbits, but you need to find the correctly trained vets who know what to do and suggest. The vets at Highcroft Whitchurch, did this and saved his life. I'm sure Zetland are great with cats and dogs, but with rabbits I wish they would just defer to the experts and refer you elsewhere.

  • Lynne Perry

They are ok till you owe money....Been with them a long time then was treated very badly. NEVER AGAIN.....Even had to go for 2nd opinion elsewhere. They discharged my dog from 'hospital' as scoring a zero for pain... He actually had acute pancreatitis. (Which they missed in the blood results) Hmmm pain free??? I don't think so! I was also pressured to pay my bill before we'd even been sorted properly. I was told "well we are a business you know"!! After 10 years with them all I can say now is NEVER AGAIN....

  • S Farrow

When our chihuahua was suddenly taken ill we were directed by our usual vet to go over to Zetland vetinary as they had an emergency service but also cared for sick and wounded animals overnight. Which turned out to be a blessing as half way through the night our little dog took a turn for the worse and was brought back from the brink by the wonderful and caring staff. We cannot thank you enough for your expertise and caring. She isn't out of the woods yet but thanks to them she now has a fighting chance.

  • Charlotte

Visited here during Covid restrictions. A very well organised and safe system is in place. I was there providing a pet taxi service so not with my own pet, but they listened to what the client had to say and were very thorough with their examination and gave very clear advice on what they were doing and what needed to happen in the following days. I arrived with a very worried client and left with a very happy one. Superb service, I would happily recommend them based on what I experienced today.

  • Geraldine Talbot

My daughter took her fully vaccinated 5 month old puppy here when she arived there was over 6 other dogs waiting outside in pools of blood all with parvo our dog pooed outside we informed a member of staff 2 hours later still there. How many other dogs caught parvo well suspected parvo. No one was willing to let uss know what was going on. Very rude staff and this place has no precautions in place for parvo or any other illnesses passing to other pets. Absolutely disgusting should be shut down.

  • Lizzie Harper

Last year we took our newly adopted cat in who was seriously ill, after only having him a few weeks. The vet was patient and compassion and did everything he could to support our cat and us during his health decline. The situation ended with us having to put our cat down, but the vet who had been helping us all the way through his treatment stayed with us overtime in order to put our cat down, to make us and our cat feel more comfortable and supported. We couldn’t have asked for a kinder vet.

  • Marie Matthews

Bloody awful place. Twice used this vet in an emergency and TWICE received awful treatment. This time told one thing by admitting vet and told another by take over vet. So all tests, xrays and scans told NEEDED to be done never even done. Excuse! Because pdsa treatment and emergency have to keep costs down as pdsa is a charity. It was pdsa who sent us there to begin with. Now have to go back to pdsa tomorrow and put him through this all again. Wouldn't even give it one star if I could.

  • Ann Holmes

I wanted to express my thanks to Matt, Senior Vet at Filton, for his care of my elderly Dachshund, Barney. Matt has been treating him for a likely spinal infection for several weeks, and despite his age, 14 years, Matt has treated Barney with antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication. We discussed to what extent further invesigations were indicated. I am pleased that my wishes regarding Barney's treatment were taken into account, and my pet's best interests. Thank you. Ann Holmes.

  • craig harrington

After being able to see a senior vet on operation day the cost of Niko's operation turned out to be a good fair price and not as much as first quoted. Thank you Zetland group at Zetland Road for your amazing help and support with outstanding service that was provided to help my boy Niko and the removal of his tumour and hopefully allowing him to see out his final years without any discomfort fast and fantastic service you are all amazing people. Xxx Thank you again.

  • Jon Tan

Outrageously poor customer service after they made a billing error — even after being provided with proof they refused to correct their mistake. Their default position seems to be that the customer is always wrong and should bear the cost of mistakes the practice administrators make. The vets seemed to do their job well enough, but I cannot in good conscience recommend a practice with such a disgusting attitude to customers to any pet owner.

  • Rob Maggs

Throughout the past 8 years we have dealt with the group. A couple of sad times for us as not everything has a cure. Everyone at the group loves their job and makes a personal connection with the pets that they treat. It is always a pleasure to attend the practice in Patchway, where we get treated as friends. A special thanks to Emma and Clare for everything you have done and will continue to do for us. Couldn't fault you of I tried x

  • Harriet Cook

Really disappointing. Reception was abrupt and un-concerned on the phone and didn’t bother to phone back when they said they would. 2 Vets we have seen here do not seem knowledgeable or experienced. After two separate visits, we are still none the wiser to why our 4 year old dog has suddenly become completely incontinent and in so much dis-comfort. No suggestions of possible causes were made other than ‘she has a very upset stomach’.

  • Ben Pearse

Very dissapointed with my exprience here. First they accidentally charged me £40 more than they should and took ages to correct this, then they struggled to provide basic information on flea and worm treatment, and i asked for a prescription weeks ago which they said they would ring me with but they still have not done this. Very polite and nice, but ultimately useless and as a first time per owner i don't feel safe in their hands.

  • John Darcy

Despite the current situation they have maintained an excellent standard of care.my dog had a large growth removed and has made a great recovery despite her age a massive thanks to sebastian and carol. Once again zetland vets have provided us with another successful operation and after care .Amy and the team have gone above and beyond to provide my dog with the best care possible.thanks to all envolved--Recommend.

  • Mark Pickering

This company has repeatedly failed to deliver on what they agree to do over 8 years. I went from not being happy with their reliability to deliver on what they agreed to complaining about it to not bothering complaining anymore because they are genuinely not bothered. I’ve now changed vets and would recommend no one use this company as they just are awful at delivering on what they agree over the phone.

  • Aimee Talbot

Fantastic veterinary practice - I brought my rabbit here for an emergency appointment a couple of weeks ago. Despite a bit of a wait due to more serious emergencies, the vets themselves and other members of staff were very helpful and incredibly friendly. Really made the whole process a lot easier and calmer for my rabbit, who is thankfully much better since treatment. Would definitely recommend!

  • Anna-Marie Brunskill

Fantastic veterinary practice. They managed to squeeze me in for an emergency on a bank holiday weekend. The vet (Kathleen) was extremely practical and efficient, extracting my cat’s torn claw as quickly as possible and explaining to me what to do to keep going with treatment at home. They handled my slightly grumpy cat with kindness and total professionalism. Could not be happier.

  • Pete Britten

We've been to a few vets in Bristol, and finally settled on Zetlands. All the vets and nurses are lovely, and fill you with confidence that they will look after your beloved pet(s) to the highest standard. They are a bit more expensive than some, but you get so much more than you get from other vets. Emergency vet service is great too, just saved one of our dogs lives...

  • Katherine Gifford

I have been so impressed by the service I get at Zetland Road. They've been vaccinating our pet rabbits since we got them, and more recently have done an absolutely amazing job when one of our rabbits was poorly. We were kept informed about the costs of the treatment, and it seems that the whole team seem to actually care about our pets. Would definitely recommend.

  • Jenny Crosby

Called to ask for some advice about my new kitten and what services they offer. Was immediately shut down by a receptionist who told me they, and all other vets, were too busy because everyone had bought puppies and kittens in lockdown. Said I was just looking for advice but she wouldn't even entertain the conversation. Unfriendly and poor service.

  • dave Player

Been a customer for years, rang up to arrange to order and collect for my dogs free treatment ( which I pay for in advance monthly) on hold for 5-10 minutes, when answered I was Was informed that they are to busy to process my request and TOLD to email it in, call was terminated. Train your staff properly and get more staff - discussing service!

  • Chris Dinsmore

Convinced me to keep my dog overnight despite him improving via emotional blackmail. They put my dog in a crate with his harness on and didn't monitor him all night. He had shedded his harness by the time they finally woke up and checked him. Dangerous and totally untrustworthy insurance money grabbers. Never leave your dog with them

  • otty

Quite rude on the phone when I called to ask about a lost dog. Refused to take my name and number despite me reiterating several times that I do not know if she had been chipped. Didn’t ask the breed or anything. Seemed quite unbothered. The vets themselves might be better but the reception staff I spoke to was unhelpful at best.

  • Sarah Taylor

Zetland Vets have provided care for both my dogs over the last decade. A lovely practice, with warm Reception staff, nurses and vets, I've never received anything but exceptional care and service. We have since moved further from the practice, but I wouldn't consider taking my dogs anywhere else. I'd absolutely recommend them.

  • alison weston

Our pup, Fenway, is more than happy going to vets at Stoke Bishop. All the staff make a fuss of him and don't rush us, can ask any questions without feeling foolish, as a novice dog owner this relaxes me too!! We've had several visits, for various things, in his short life but nothing seems to worry him. Highly recommend them.

  • Cassia Ozdemir

Me and my family have always taken our cats to this vet as it’s located very conveniently. The fact that it is also a hospital has been amazing when emergency situations have arisen. No vets are cheap but I have always had amazing care provided for my cats and would highly recommend. All of the staff are always lovely too!

  • Holly Mercer2

Would definitely recommend. Clean, efficient, everyone was friendly. I got a next day appointment (although they were available on the day too). I took my dwarf hamster for an eye infection and was a little worried about cost. It was only £21 for the appointment and medication in total. The staff were all lovely, thank you

  • Perseus Allen

Very tidy, it is evident they maintain frequent cleaning by the strong ammonia smell. When I required emergent care for my dog, they booked an appointment that day without question, and even made time for her when we had to go before the appointment time. Great with emergent care and patient with the owners anxiety.

  • Emma-Kate

During what has been a very difficult time for everyone, the team in Zetland Road made me feel welcome and safe, they treated my dog Sadie with the utmost care and attention. The passion and dedication for the work they do and empathy to the people and animals they support is exemplary. Thank you all so much ❤ …

  • Tom Seaman

The Staff at the reception are all really friendly, helpful and absolutely love seeing our puppy on his many recent visits. He loves getting fussed over and quite enjoys visiting here. Very impressed with each vet who has seen him here they give very easy to understand advice and information about our Dog.

  • Hamilton Road

Brilliant vets, consider ourselves lucky to live fairly nearby. Saved our sick 6 week old kittens who were on a drip for 4 nights a few years ago. Gave frequent updates on how they were doing and let us visit them when we needed to. Always really competent and go the extra mile to care. Thanks.

  • Premier Vet Alliance (Premier Pet Care Plan)

Just want to say a massive thankyou to the Vet and staff at Zetland. Our dog had two major operations on his hind legs and has bounced back to his full self. I'm very glad we had the pet plan as this problem would never have been detected. We are very grateful and recommend you highly!!!

  • allen ross

Really can’t fault them. Easy to get in contact with, provide advice over the phone and don’t pressure you to come in for a paid consult. All the staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. You get offered the most appropriate treatment rather than the most expensive.

  • Rhi Craft

This place is amazing. Had a really scary emergency where my puppy literally fell off a small cliff (thankfully she's somehow ok!) and they saw her immediately and were so kind and comforting during a really scary situation. Thank you so much, Zetland Vet Hospital!

  • Will Falconer

As the last person in the World who thinks we'd all be better off without pets, I have to say our elderly cat was given first class attention and a sensible suggestion for treatment. The surgery was busy when we were there at 6.00pm but we were seen quickly

  • Michelle Hart

Emergency out of hours appointment for our poorly dog. Never been here before , not our usual vet. Could not enter due to covid. What a great service, they took our dog in and consulted over the phone. Very happy with the service from all involved.

  • fern halfpenny

I have been going to Zetland vets ever since I can remember, and both my mother and grandmother have been going there as well. The receptionists, vets, and nurses have been nothing but wonderful, and treated every cat we've had with great care.

  • Gee Williams

Every member of staff my dog and I have encountered here has been absolutely lovely. I came in for an appointment today when they were super busy on Christmas Eve and I was having a panic attack, everyone sprang into action to get me a seat

  • Jay Hayes

Absolutely fantastic care of my cat when an emergency arose out of nowhere. Booked me in asap, very reassuring, calm, compassionate and caring. Knew details about my cats stroking preferences when he was collected so I knew they had spent

  • Karen Pyper

Always able to get an appt . Polite lovely staff at the end of the phone and vets that know their work . The vet we saw yesterday at the Fishponds branch even gets down to the dogs level before and after being out on the table . Top vets .

  • gorators

Monthly Pet Health Club is a scam, they take monthly payment for flea and worm treatment but dont provide this. On sign-up I was promised text reminders which stopped along with the prescribed treatments, but they kept taking my money.

  • Katrina Purser

Absolutely brilliant. Got a second opinion after Downs vets tried to insist on putting my cat to sleep. Due to kindness and 2nd opinion from Zetland and a simple course of antibiotics....totally recovered rather than dead!! So grateful.

  • Nicky Pedwell

All the staff were brilliant my dog nearly died and due to their expertise they saved him.I am so very thankful.They kept me updated on his progress every step of the way.My dog is making great progress.All the staff work so very hard.

  • Julie Stephenson

All our pets over the last 35 years or so have been to Zetland Road Vets. We have always found them very professional and very caring. We have always felt our pets are in very good hands here and would recommend them to everyone!

  • Jonathan

My deaseced cat was brought here after being hit by a car. I arranged to collect him as I wanted to burry him myself. The staff said they couldnt find him, then said he was to be cremated. After a wait they finally found him.

  • Oats

Always friendly staff to greet you, a nice clean airy waiting room, and some free treats for your furry friends! I've always recieved a great service from these guys and my kitten seems to quite enjoy her trips to the vet!

  • Miriam Grazier

I have been using Zetland for 20 years for my cats. Their service is professional and excellent. They really care for the pets they treat and their customer service is kind and sensitive. I would highly recommend them.

  • Joshua Wells

We have just got a new puppy and unfortunately it's not been a smooth transition due to an abscess on her back. But the team at Zetland have gone above and beyond to make this challenge easier through exemplary care.

  • wayne england

I brought in a hedgehog I was worried about. The staff gave the little spikey dude a once over and he/she received a clean bill of health. So good of the staff to take a look at 1am in the morning. Total legends. X

  • Helen Gladwin

Our cat had to have emergency surgery here and they managed to treat him within a few hours. The vet gave us excellent information and we were kept up to date at all times. I know that our cat was in great hands!

  • Morag Ruffell

I have used Zetland vets for a few years now, both on Zetland road and the branch in Stoke Bishop. Both experiences have been great. My cats have felt cared for, respected and in safe hands. Thank you!

  • Grace S

I've found the staff at Zetland so caring and lovely. They really seem to know what they're doing, and they'll always ask you to come back (at no extra charge) if your furry friend needs a check up.

  • Viv wilkinson

I use the Straits branch in Lodge Causeway. They have always been excellent for me. Just had pet treatment costs refunded from Petplan thanks to super-efficient service of form processing in surgery

  • Wendy Hall

Able to establish positive working relationships with humans as well as animals. Straightforward and honest. Good at explaining health issues and options. No pressure to spend unnecessary money.

  • Gilles Macey

Lovely staff and looked after our pride and joy during his dental operation. Very attentive and professional - perfect communication to ease anxiety during the post-op wait. Thank you Zetland x

  • Stewart Rowden

Always very helpful when asked to take look at injured wildlife. As Bristol Bat Rescue we have taken a few bats to them for examination and treatment, and they have taken bats from the public

  • Meg Finch-Jones

Highly professional, sensible assessment and advice and support with options for treatment choices. Our piggie was examined in our presence, which added to our understanding and confidence.

  • Nicola Berry

We have always had outstanding care for our very large Rescue dog. Everybody has always given of their best to help to understand her various needs and issues! Thank you so very very much:)

  • Yvonne Williams

Went here on an emergency call with my dog. The vet found the problem within 30 mins. Had been taking my dog to the normal vet for 3 years. Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended

  • Linda Roberts

Very professional. Helpful in the emergency situation we found ourselves in with a cat in breathing difficulties. Kept us informed of the situation every few hours. Couldn't fault them.

  • Richard Hicks

Our German Shepherd had an accident and needed immediate care. Zetland Vet Hospital staff were amazing and all of the staff looked after Inca through her previous and ongoing visits.

  • Lola Douglas

Everyone at Zetland Road was friendly and kind to me and my puppy when we needed help and offered efficient and excellent treatment within minutes. I am very grateful to the team.

  • Lorraine Holgate

My dog unfortunately was so poorly , she sadly had to be pts , the care and compassion I received and my dog was unbelievable, kind ,compassionate , happy to help , friendly staff

  • Jess Crandon

Brilliant vets. Always there for our cat, whether it's seeing him last minute, out of hours or helping over the phone. Understanding and calm, and their pet plan is a fab deal.

  • Dexter Davies

Very welcoming. Has separate areas of the waiting room for cats and dogs. All staff are welcoming and knowledgeable and there’s not a long waiting time for appointments.

  • Caroline Copsey

We’ve been using Zetland Veterinary Hospital for over 7 years and have always been hugely impressed with the standard of care and quality of staff. Would 100% recommend.

  • Simon banbury

The staff are excellent with the pets and keep them calm during the treatment. There is a very friendly and helpful atmosphere here. We have used them for many years.

  • Pickled Mimi (A life in Wine)

Have been Brilliant - admittedly the cat has not been ill! but she has regular check ups and they are friendly and professional. thoroughly recommended

  • Hannah Brookes

Amazing out of hours emergency service. Very busy but the care that was taken to look after my poorly cat was extremely reassuring. Thank you all!

  • Helen Noon

Cat had to have tooth out - the team were reassuring to me and great with my cat. Professional, friendly and understanding. Couldn't ask for more.

  • Sandy Hinde

Friendly helpful staff vet rang to explain what was wrong with my dog and what treatment he was receiving put my mind to rest very pleased

  • Siân

Fantastic practice. Truely dedicated in giving every pet the best possible care. They went above and beyond everytime with our little boy.

  • Angèlica Ramos

We turned up with an injured hedgehog on a Sunday afternoon and they were brilliant and found a dedicated refuge to take him in

  • Bland Thomas

Excellent service, I arrived 10min late and they said no big deal and cut my dogs nails, very nice staff, reasonable price.

  • Rachelle sully

An amazing kind and caring place. Our animals have all been looked after so well. Staff very kind and caring and helpful.

  • Paul MacLeod

Thanks guys, for giving us such great support at the end of Louis' days and throughout his life. What a fanastic team!

  • Disha Shah

Good and attentive staff. My pup loves going to the vets, thanks to them! Slightly overpriced services though

  • keri davis

Quick to see my cat who was poorly and gave me all information so know surprises .my cat is now on the mend .

  • Jess

Could not have received better help and care. Fantastic people and service. So honest and open about prices

  • Zelda X

Amazing, caring and very friendly. Myself and my puppy Luna left feeling reassured and happy …

  • Beccy Harrison

All the staff are so very nice and kind to us and to our pets. They really do care about animals

  • Mike Gove

During normal hours, fab service. Out of hours, rather expensive ; left kidney type costs.

  • mehrdad amrabadi

Thank you so much for saving vinci s life yet again. You lots are amazing people …

  • Anthony Fenton-Wells

Lovely experience. Kind and welcoming staff. First impressions always count …

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