26 degree Bakery Annandale

188 reviews

1/39 Booth St, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia




26 degree Bakery Annandale is a Bakery located at 1/39 Booth St, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia. It has received 188 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of 26 degree Bakery Annandale: 1/39 Booth St, Annandale NSW 2038, Australia

  • 26 degree Bakery Annandale has 4.5 stars from 188 reviews

  • Bakery

  • "I have come here a few times and usually the service is pretty good"

    "Quite good bacon and egg roll, though the egg was cooked a bit more than you'd expect so there was no runny yolk"

    "I had the pleasure of trying the beef pies at this bakery, and they were absolutely delicious"

    "Such a lovely little bakery with consistently smooth coffee and are packed with a wide selection of savoury and sweet goodies! The toasted sandwiches are a personal favourite because they’re crisp and loaded with flavour, and are very well-priced for quality"

    "the sausage roll was good - nice meatloaf texture, flaky pastry - but the funny looking meat pie was the best I can remember ! Lotsa tasty chunks of meat with nice flavour"


  • Marusha Ison

I have come here a few times and usually the service is pretty good. However I came here this morning and the girl serving me was pretty abrupt and rude and when she gave me my order she slammed it down on the counter I was really taken a back she said to have a nice day but there was no smile nothing just a grimace it really shook me off guard I paused to think ok what was that about she said nothing I took my order and left but felt it was such a bad energy the woman had medium length brown hair and I went in at about 950 this morning. It is such a shame as last time I came the service was wonderful but that made me feel really uncomfortable. It just does not feel nice receiving what you have ordered and it being slammed down hard on the counter I think if the food you order and you are treated like that it just puts you off altogether. Just confuses me I work in the a service based industry and I would not dream of treating anyone like that I mean just in general but yeah shocking

  • Elizabeth Munro-Ginn

Quite good bacon and egg roll, though the egg was cooked a bit more than you'd expect so there was no runny yolk. The sauce for the roll was a nice tomato relish, much more enjoyable than the commercial sauces you often find. My friend also really enjoyed her French toast. The coffees were fine, a bit weak and milky. I think the food is better here, but the coffee is better at Precinct 37 next door. Prices overall were very reasonable, we were pleasantly surprised. They were not doing table service when we were there, but it took them 10 minutes to mention that to us even though it was pretty quiet, and overall I didn't find the staff to be particularly helpful or friendly. The location has its ups and down. On Booth St next to the pedestrian crossing, it means there's a lot of traffic stopping and starting right next to you. There's also a lot of passing pedestrians and dogs, which makes for some good people watching.
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  • Sammi MA

I had the pleasure of trying the beef pies at this bakery, and they were absolutely delicious. The pastry was perfectly flaky, and the filling was flavorful and savory. They offer a wide selection of baked goods, from sweet to savory, and everything looks amazing. The staff was friendly and helpful, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. If you're a fan of great baked goods, especially savory pies, this bakery is a must-visit. I can't wait to go back for more!

  • Vivian Su

Such a lovely little bakery with consistently smooth coffee and are packed with a wide selection of savoury and sweet goodies! The toasted sandwiches are a personal favourite because they’re crisp and loaded with flavour, and are very well-priced for quality. I often get takeaway and eat at one of the multiple parks around Annandale and Glebe. This place is so underrated and deserves more recognition for amazing food and great local service.

  • ultimobile

the sausage roll was good - nice meatloaf texture, flaky pastry - but the funny looking meat pie was the best I can remember ! Lotsa tasty chunks of meat with nice flavour. Not sopping wet - help together nicely. Nice coffee, actual loose leaf green & jasmine tea pot - this is a place to come again. Sirens on the busy road - didn't last long - otherwise a lovely spot to linger after a trip to the pot plant nursery over the road.

  • Princess Greedyguts

A lovely cafe on busy Booth Street, the staff are so friendly. I had lunch here and tried the individual quiche as well as a ready made sandwich. Both were nice and tasty. There are many sweet treats on display and the chocolate brownie was nice but not as gooey as I personally like. Coffee was good. There is lots of bread available to buy for takeaway also. Almond croissant was very good with no boring bits!

  • Sebastian

Came here twice in the last fortnight and had two pretty average experiences. A food error on the first visit was met with an angry lady from the kitchen practically throwing the plate at us, and the second visit produced hard-boiled poached eggs. The staff other than the one lady were very nice, but it did mean that we didn’t bother getting the second error rectified. The coffee, however, was very good.

  • Abanob Attia

Their pies are immaculate. Worth a try, also very well priced for the area and everyone there is so kind will definitely come back multiple times! Keep it up !!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Recommended dishes
Beef Bourguignon Pie, Chunky Beef Pie

  • Gaye Yıldırım

0 customer service. Obviously they just care about their regular customers. When you say good morning no one replies which is kinda weird. 2 baristas at the coffee machine but they are busy talking to each other rather than making an eye contact with the customer or replying hi/good morning. That’s ok, I go to next door if you don't want new customers!

  • caryle deaver

Food and staff are great
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Toasted Vegetarian Sandwich
Vegetarian options
Veggie sandwich n pies
Kids welcome

  • Greg New

A beehive of activity is what you’ll find at this super bakery/cafe. This seems clearly the locals’ favorite. OMG the choice of fresh baked goods is mesmerizing. Breads, pies, pastries, quiches and great coffee to go with it
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Lana

Just asked for 2 chicken pies at the Annandale store only to get home to find the young Asian dude gave me 2 beef pies which have gone straight into the bin because my friend & I don’t eat red meat - that’s $15.00 down the drain. Double check your order before you leave this joint!

  • Adrian Mena

Not bad ham and cheese crossaint + coffee. Their bacon and egg roll could use bacon and for some reason they use a flaky pastry on the entire pie which kinda goes soggy and doesn't have that satisfying crunch. Overall a decent choice if you're in the area but nothing to brag about

  • N C

Very happy with the coffee we had for the first time at Stoneground Bakery. And that chocolate croissant was delicious! I was pleasantly surprised by the generous chocolate filling inside. Pastry was well made too. Friendly service. I'll definitely be back …

  • S Ella

Lovely little cafe in Annandale, with kind and attentive staff. They have a great range of healthy lunch options and cakes, and the GF banana bread and freshly baked GF bread were amazing. Some of the best coffee I've ever had! Will be back with frequency

  • Leana Chow

This is my favourites place for coffee on Booth St and they have amazing baked goods and sandwiches! Definitely recommend getting a sandwich, they’re massive, fresh and delicious, also decently priced!
Take out
Meal type

  • Maryam Ng

The food and coffee both is great
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Toasted Vegetarian Sandwich, French Toast

  • Marea Brake

Love this place. Awesome service, food and coffee. I think Gaye Yildirim might have mistaken the bakery as a speed dating venue and expected concierge service from the baristas who are always absolutely flat out making coffee. Mxx

  • Matthew Knee

Excellent food horrendously let down by one staff member. Miserable looking long haired fella wiped his nose with his hand before grabbing my plate. I pointed it out and he denied it before just grabbing another plate. What a pro.

  • K N

Early morning bread delivery driver hurls abuse from across the road and makes threatening gestures. Deal with him, he needs to learn to keep his personal opinions to himself while on the job. (Black iLoad in ordinary condition)

  • Alan Walmsley

Popped in for tea and something sweet and what a great experience! Nice friendly crew, excellent choice, great ambience. Chose English Breakfast and strawberry tart and came away very pleased. Top place. …

  • Phoebe Ludemann

The chocolate croissants are top tier and the steak sandwich will change your life. Staff will make you feel like a regular, even before you start going every day for a chocolate croissant or steak sandwich.

  • Amber Gagnuss

My kids were fussing and I forgot to order my coffee as non-dairy - which is a dietary requirement. I mentioned my report in passing and the staff kindly remade the drink dairy free. No fuss, pure kindness.

  • MJ Pride

This place is buzzing with locals. Coffee is popular with locals lining up outside waiting for their usual brew to be made. Sit down at the cafe for a meal or grab a pastry/cake/loaf of bread to take away.

  • Ashima Chaudhary

Discovered this place last week and now it's my favorite coffee in Sydney. Regular order of coffee and Strawberry toast. Staff is friendly and smilining even through difficult times through lock-down.

  • Jukka Vesala

After about 100 long black coffees in Sydney, the best one of them was in here. Combined with in-house made sausage roll (slight on the dry side, though) and super friendly service earns the 5 stars

  • Karena Stolz

Used to be great! Had a Quiche here today Pumpkin Feta and Spinach and ALL you could taste was egg had to throw it out! A skerrick of pumpkin and no feta at all just EGG ... Coffee was quite good !

  • Laura Cashman

Lovely staff, decent coffee and a wide selection of baked goods including hot and cold, sweet and savoury and even gluten free options. We are big fans of the bacon and egg pastries for breakfast!

  • J L

By far and away the bet and most consistent coffee in Annandale. I have tried them all (we live locally) and while some are good at times, they ALL lack consistency. We wouldn't go anywhere else

  • Jaz Vinson

Staff pet and scratching the dog and touched the food and continued serving customers without washing hand and no gloves...well done ..5 stars food safety and hygiene...disgusting....ewww !!!!

  • Marina Younger

Love this place, the best coffee, friendly faces, such efficient service and I love eyeing off the cakes every morning and treating myself now and then to one of their delicious croissants.

  • Mac City Australia

Best coffee every time, i drive from the city just to get a coffee from here because they get it right all the time and just has a great taste They have great homemade pies too …

  • Rowland Perry

Food from here is pretty good but the coffee was terrible! My long black was burnt and bitter. And my wife's flat white tasted like the milk was off and was completely unaware drinkable

  • Minji Suh

Had some trouble figuring out how to transport my baked goods but figured it out in the end! Thank you stoneground bakery for the yummy tarts for our staff team morning tea! ✨✨ …

  • Andrea Rotundo

Worst place, worker doesn't know what they are doing, let me there 30 min for a sandwich and was still cold and the wrong one. Product very poor, expensive price. Not recommended

  • Traci Tritsaris

A fav hangout, the best barista ever! Food is fabulous and super friendly staff. Best brownies, amazing pumpkin feta pies and only wish the crepes returned to the menu!

  • Amber B

Really good coffee and possibly the best vegetable pie I've ever had so delicious! My partner had the steak pie and also loved it. Will definitely be back …

  • Al Fuller

This place has the friendliest service and best tasting coffee in the inner west. You can tell the pies croissants etc are made on sight they taste amazing.

  • Alexie Davis

Pie was dry as an old boot and coffee was burned. Staff barely able to speak without scowling. Wont be returning EVER, and will be posting my review on FB.

  • Kanako H

Great and quick service. Delicious plate. Weekend gets crowded so I normally go there during the week. Its a bakery so bread is amazingly high quality!

  • Kel A

Absolutely beautiful food and friendly service. Great atmosphere,love the staff singing to the music,it always makes me smile. Best bakery in the area.

  • Ellie Davies

I love 26 degrees. It has the best coffee in Annandale and possibly the world. The baked goods are also phenomenal. It has a great local feel about it.

  • Angela H

Friendly staff. We bought a selection of mixed cakes for takeaway. All delicious. Look forward to returning to try their lovely looking savoury pies.

  • Laura Robinson

My fav coffee shop in Annandale - and I’ve been to all of them. Friendly service and perfect coffee. Recommend their coffee frappes and frittatas.

  • Office Talbot's Services

yum yum yum yum! Lovely staff, fresh croissants and delicious coffee; and I can say this as I eat one right now. :) Keep up the great work team.

  • Etienne Spangenberg

Awesome brekkie spot! Very well priced and absolutely delicious food! Staff is also super friendly! Baked goods look amazing too! Treat yo self!

  • Lucie Z

I tried several sweet and savory items from Stoneground Bakery and I have never been disappointed. The almond croissant is absolutely amazing.

  • Phoebe Armstrong

Best brekky in the inner west! Super friendly service, great coffee and selection of food, cakes and pastries. Try the salmon croissant …

  • amanda jones

good vibes, coffee, and the freshly baked items are all 5 star. really appreciate the quick, friendly, efficient service that never falters.

  • Georgia Wing

Love this cafe. The coffee, staff and food are my favourite! I esp love Alfie the barista, he always brightens my day. Highly recommend!

  • Michaela Le

The kindest staff and the BEST chunky steak pie you'll ever have!! Great coffee as well - can't wait to try every pastry in the window.

  • Johan Tanadi

If you're looking for a place for good coffee, wide range of pastries and amazing bread - this is the best place to go in Annandale

  • Ariel Arpires

THE best French toast I have EVER had! ♥ Great coffee keeps getting better
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Kristi Klausen

Their spinach and cheese slice is amazing! They do excellent coffee too and staff there is always friendly and professional :)

  • Jennifer Whyte

May we just say what a gem this bakery/cafe is. Food and coffee always great. We commend your staff members especially Franny.

  • Jason

Been coming here for coffee since they opened, generally great coffee and meal prices are good. Could work on their cs a bit.

  • Lewis Giles

Best cafe in Annandale. Fresh pastries and bread daily, great sandwiches and perfect coffee. Try the salmon croissant …

  • Reynaldi Hadianto

The best small cafe in Annandale, very down to earth and mostly local customer. Great pastry and amazing breakfast.

  • Steve Lesser

Good service and a cosy place for a late weekend brunch, this store is open 7 days and generally of a good quality.

  • Jane Oldham

A great range of brunch selections, fantastic coffee and friendly staff. We sat outside to enjoy the great weather

  • Nick fj Bexs

Great staff. So kind and welcoming. Ordered a coffee and pastry. Within 1 min of sitting down, coffee was served.

  • Sergey

A very clean cafe with a wide range of delicious pastries. Warm and cosy atmosphere, friendly and kind staff.

  • Dominic Monckton

What a find!? Pasty delights and mega sandwiches. Super friendly staff and happy to work with you for events

  • Anna Grey

Go to place for coffee and bacon and egg rolls! Beautiful bread, always sure to grab a loaf before we leave

  • Pam H-S

Amazing coffee and delicious food. Lots of sweet and savoury options. The eggs benny burger is to die for.

  • Kierra Thorn

Great service and their chicken pies are to die for, I get them nearly every sunday with my partner.

  • Esther Wheeler

Wonderful staff, very friendly. Make fantastic coffee and strawberry toast is worth travelling for!

  • Jonathan Fu

The kytherian honey is a MUST TRY if you are going to go with plain toast. A place for good bread.

  • Uyanga G

Very cute bakery. The choc croissant and sandwiches are yummy. Closes early, sells out early too.

  • V A

Delicious and decent sized croissant, value for money! Nice place, coffee is really good too.

  • Mark Sheehan

Great cafe and very friendly staff. Love they allow our dogs at the store. Amazing coffee!

  • hendry tanadi

My go to cafe in Annandale. Very friendly staff and their almost croissant is amazing.

  • Joyce Chun

The sandwich was dry and the menu was not that great. Food took along time to arrive.

  • Frankie Grace

Excellent coffee, great service and delicious gluten free bread. Well worth a visit!!

  • Bridget O'Brien

Great bakery in Annandale, always busy. Pies are amazing, a few tables for sit down.

  • Rushini Hewamana

Incredible coffee and food, topped off by the friendliest staff. Highly recommend!

  • Ben Rosswick

Best croissants in Annandale. Coffee is good, too but the bakery is the highlight.

  • Dani Pak

GF bread is good,but can't get it cut as they use same machine to cut normal bread

  • ET763

Ordered a chicken sandwich to go while working in the area. Wish I ordered a pie.

  • Giorgios Samartzis

Tasty products, good coffee and a service with a smile! Well done to the team!

  • Pheary Ban

Nice selection of fresh pastries. Amazing friendly staff. Definitely recommend

  • tommyfam2

Excellent staff, excellent coffee, excellent pastries, excellent everything.

  • Beverley Wooding

Wonderful freshly baked offerings every day. Great service and good coffee.

  • Margaret Noble

Excellent coffee bacon and egg roll good but nothing special. Lovely staff

  • Andrew Morrell

The most amazing cream bun I've ever had. Long black coffee - perfect!

  • Mohamad Awad

The best people and coffee in Sydney!! Make sure you give them a try!!

  • Irene Over

poor hygiene - dogs inside the store with staff interacting with them

  • Brock Westwood

Always worth the 20-minute d-tour for their chunky steak pie …

  • Miguel Hernandez

You have to try their almonds croissants baked fresh every morning

  • sue croaker

Best Cafe coffee outstanding and baked goods yummy …

  • Monica Raya

Great coffee and buy my delicious rye bread from here as well.

  • John Masters

Great pastries, coffee and bacon egg rolls (get all 3 sauces)

  • Ben Walkom

Super service cant wait to eat my sourdough and sweet treats

  • Dread North

Too expensive for my taste. Pastizzi at Newtown is better.

  • Francesca C

Great coffee and baked goods and a lovely, friendly team.

  • Kate Ballesty

That pastry display tho… shut up & take my money …

  • Jemima Skelley

Such good bakery goods! And delish coffee too for sure

  • Mayako Loasby

Great coffee, warm service and the bread is delicious!

  • Phoebe Pollard

Great sandwiches and super friendly service …

  • Celline Narinli

Awesome coffee and pastries. Super friendly staff too.

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