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Beinart Gallery is a Art gallery located at 307 Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia. It has received 231 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.





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  • The address of Beinart Gallery: 307 Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia

  • Beinart Gallery has 4.9 stars from 231 reviews

  • Art gallery

  • "Just brilliant! Beinart Gallery is an inspired, curated space that specialises in figurative imaginative art and I cannot recommend it too highly"

    "Jon and Corinne Beinart are champions of the extraordinary and imaginative"

    "Antipodes 2020 was my first experience showing at Beinart Gallery and I’d just like to say, publicly, what a great experience it’s been"

    "As an exhibiting artist and a customer of this gallery, I can confidently say that the experience is exceptional from both sides"

    "Creme de la creme"


  • Lisa Morgan Marshall

Just brilliant! Beinart Gallery is an inspired, curated space that specialises in figurative imaginative art and I cannot recommend it too highly. It is a real gem. Jon and Corinne showcase their passion for art with a creative, elegant, surrealist and at times oddball bent with style. The quality of works and diversity of local and international talent make for a rare showcase. Ranging from the delicately beautiful, playful and intriguingly bizarre to the exquisitely unnerving, the level of artistry is impressive. It is refreshing to see a gallery committed to both fine art and illustration this inventive. The shows are very well thought out and the interplay of stylistic vision and approach makes for group shows that are extremely engaging. The relationships the curators have cultivated both with artists locally and internationally mean they have an incredible body of creativity to draw on. The gallery presents mostly smaller scale paintings, drawings and sculptural pieces that suit the intimacy of the space. That said, some of the most diminutive pieces have an epic presence such as those of Japanese American based artist Naoto Hattori. Other artists of note include Tomasz Alen Kopera, Kim Evans, Sam Yong, Ben Howe, Courtney Brims, Chet Zar, Matt Dangler and of course Jon Beinart. The full suite of artists is impressive so I recommend you visit their website to understand the depth of talent. Whether your taste is pop surrealist or more on the dark side, Beinart Gallery won’t let you down. Pieces are well priced and affordable for new collectors. Prints and art books and other curiosities are also available for those whose budget does not stretch to original art. If you are in Melbourne, make sure you visit.

  • Lix North

Jon and Corinne Beinart are champions of the extraordinary and imaginative. This is one of the very best places in Australia in which to submerge yourself in exquisitely detailed figurative art exploring the curiously strange and surreal. New worlds collide and fascinate when you step inside this true gem in the crown of Melbourne's creative culture. As an exhibiting fine artist and graphic artist with more than 20 years working in the creative industries, my experience working with Jon, Corinne and their team has been a breath of fresh air. Exhibiting with Beinart I’ve received nothing but awesome feedback from complete strangers, followers, friends and fellow artists who've visited the gallery and attended opening events. Beinart’s stable of artists showcases talented emerging local artists alongside international stars and includes a number of my absolute favourite artists (Shaun Tan, Jana Brike, Susannah Martin, Scott Listfield and more). This is a very special gallery run by authentic, passionate, personable people making exquisite, inspiring and thought-provoking work accessible to art lovers of all levels. Always honoured and excited to hang my work at Beinart Gallery and grateful for the positive experience they provide for both their artists and visitors alike.

  • Jennifer Whitten

Antipodes 2020 was my first experience showing at Beinart Gallery and I’d just like to say, publicly, what a great experience it’s been. Jon and Corinne, the owners, are down-to-earth, affable, and just downright passionate about the space they’ve created—and it shows! On opening night, there was a crowd waiting outside before the doors opened; a testament to the community Beinart Gallery has fostered. My work, which is fragile and freestanding (painted glass on a plinth), was under the protection of Jon himself for the whole night—a job usually handed to invigilators, if to anyone at all. Corinne painstakingly cleaned the glass before the big night—again, not something gallery owners often tend to take upon themselves. And on top of that, when I thanked the pair, they seemed truly surprised and touched. The fact that Antipodes 2020 drew in 42 participating artists is further proof of the gallery’s magnetism (and curatorial skill!)—I’m sure I’m not alone in the sentiments behind this review. Thanks guys, and congrats on what you’ve built.

  • J C

As an exhibiting artist and a customer of this gallery, I can confidently say that the experience is exceptional from both sides. Jon and his team at this gallery are experts in their field, with an extensive knowledge and experience that spans not only locally but also nationally and internationally. The high level of quality and service they provide is truly out of this world. Every time I visit, I am blown away by the stunning artworks on display. The gallery offers an incredible range of pieces that cater to all types of budgets, and they always feature jaw-dropping works that leave a lasting impression. It is an absolute pleasure working with this team and purchasing original works from talented artists around the world. Overall, I highly recommend this gallery to anyone interested in highly detailed representational contemporary art. It is truly a must-visit destination and one of a kind in Australia. Thank you to Jon and his team

  • Stephan Taylor

Creme de la creme. This means best of the best, cream of the crop, top shelf. Add your own interpretation of what it means, but in any language, it comes out as being "superior". And this describes the beinArt Gallery succinctly. Superior. Representing, as it does, the finest in contemporary surreal-art, this bricks-and-mortar space brings you face to canvas with the foremost examples of the genre. From all over the world. Right here in Melbourne, Australia. Now that's surreal. If you can pay a visit in person, you will be warmly welcomed by Jon and Corinne, and be amazed at their passion and enthusiasm for the artform. Otherwise you can browse virtually, and be amazed anyhow. The breadth and depth of their knowledge is astounding. If this is your introduction, it is an eye-opening education, and if you already know what this is about, you are coming home to old friends. Either way, not to be missed.

  • Chris Leib

I’ve been a professional artist for a many years, and showing with Beinart Gallery is one of the most pleasant professional experiences I’ve had. I greatly appreciate Jon and Corinne’s professionalism, honesty and encouragement. They are passionate about the art they show and have been instrumental in bringing this particular niche of the art world to a global audience. I’m thrilled to be included in their shows, knowing they have very high standards for quality and creativity. It should be noted that Jon is a great artist, with a keen eye for detail. His aesthetics are solid, which is clear from their program and the amazing new artists one discovers at Beinart. I know firsthand two long established gallery owners in the USA that religiously follow Beinart’s shows, one in particular quite envies Beinart’s program. High praise when other’s very respect in your field covet what you’ve built!

  • Fa Bee

In a world of popping up “art dealers” , in brick and mortars , virtual shops , is hitting record high , but few young ones deserve being accounted for as galleries , and Beinart Gallery is one of those few! Dealing with art in Beinart is not selling unique merchandise to clients, but carefully curating art shows , with a sophisticated artistic eye of the curator / owner, and approaching the customer as a collector (anywhere from beginning your collection , or established collector, wether you are faithful to one genre, or willing to explore new venues ) Beinart has been one of top venues for me ...although I never stepped foot there , I managed to happily acquire more than a dozen of gems ! Thank You Jon !! 5 stars

  • Bryan Pike

Went to the opening night of the "Dark Art" exhibition. The artworks themselves were stellar, arcane and beautiful, strange, unsettling, richly realised and compelling. The owners of this gallery are to be commended for showcasing art that might normally be marginalised or dismissed. Wish the space had been a big bigger in order to accommodate the huge crowd, but the gallery space as is was open and well spaced, placing the focus on the amazing artwork. Proprietors very helpful at front desk, friendly and communicative. Copies of their Art Books selling for $5 at the counter! Will definitely return in the future and would recommend to lovers of surreal art to check out for themselves.

  • Roy Meuleman

Beinart Galley, nestled in the quaint little enclave of Sparta Place is a beautiful little gallery that exhibits a diverse range of art. If you have the time in the next few days make sure you experience the evocative work presented in the “dark art 2019” exhibition. I found this exhibition positively disgusting, and yet I couldn’t look away! If you manage to see it you’ll truly understand how art can impose a feeling onto you. If however, you’re unfortunate enough to miss Dark Art, the opening of a Cinta Vidal exhibition on August 10 would be an equally interesting experience. Make sure you chat with Jon (curator) as he’s very approachable and will give you further insight.

  • Adrian Cox

As an artist that has worked with Beinart Gallery for several years now, I have the highest regard for Jon and Corinne Beinart. They are extremely professional, are very proactive with promoting their artists/exhibitions, and are always sensitive to the concerns of their exhibiting artists. In addition to the established artists that they show, Beinart Gallery takes risks by exhibiting new and upcoming artists (as I was when I first exhibited with them). This not only shows that they have an artistic eye in their gallery programming, but also makes Beinart Gallery a great place to discover new artists!

  • Cat

Visiting from Sydney, I went and saw the incredible Dark Art and Chet Zar exhibitions at the gallery this morning. Such an amazing collection of work, this was absolutely the highlight of my trip. Many of the artists I have admired for a long time, so it was wonderful to see their work in person. Jon was lovely to chat to and very welcoming. I follow the gallery's exhibitions online, and they always look fantastic. Definitely go there if you at all like art that is weird or surreal. A unique and special place, I wish there were more galleries in Australia like it.

  • Hamish Waters

Pretty much a north-star for surreal art in Australia, you would be hard pressed to find another gallery that showcases the sheer volume of quality art as can be seen at this location every other week. If you are a fan of weird, challenging and masterful art you should definitely go out of your way to spend some time here, additionally if you find yourself in Brunswick on a regular basis then this should become a common stop-over as every single show offers something incredible to witness and the staff are all super-wonderful folk!

  • Richard Purssey

Fantastic new gallery showcasing the absolute best in figurative new contemporary art from around the world! More than having unique, challenging, and thought-provoking art ~ Jon, Corinne, and the rest of the beinArt team have created an amazing gallery experience, friendly, helpful and welcoming. beinArt has filled a void in the Melbourne and Australian gallery space in the display of local and international new contemporary, pop surrealism / lowbrow art movement. Richard Purssey Co-founder, beautiful.bizarre magazine

  • Cristelle Olsen

My favorite place to visit when i go to the city...with always something new to look at. I'm always greeted with a friendly smile and could spend hours looking at the pop surrealism art and small range of gifts which include things like Doll head candles and diaphonized animal's!! This place really has something to suit all budgets and you never feel pressured to buy. If you don't follow this place on Facebook then you miss out on all the exciting events they have!! They have some marvelous exhibitions

  • Scott Johnston

This is truly the best gallery to deal with in Australia and one of my few favourite galleries in the world!! Living in country Queensland has not prevented me from accessing and collecting fantastic pieces. Beinart are always so helpful and friendly, it makes collecting art so much more fun. The quality of the artwork is truly fantastic and they attract amazing artists locally and internationally. My pieces always arrive carefully packaged. I can't recommend them enough, both to collectors or artists.

  • Michael Camilleri

If you’re interested in visionary art it’s the most exciting gallery in the Southern Hemisphere. Work is of international standard. The new bigger space has room for multiple exhibitions so there will probably always be at least one artist to fall in love with. And along with the featured artists there are regular group shows and a salon-hung stock room. It’s a mad grab-bag of jewelled treasures, grotesque fantasies and hauntingly beautiful numinous visions. And the people are friendly to boot.

  • Charlotte Vignau

I’ve been checking out the gallery’s work for a couple of years now and I just love their universe, the curation is always beautiful and strange, with works that come from the realm of the dreams. I particularly liked their latest show where I got to see the art of Ben Howe in flesh, delightful. Overall enchanting, beautiful, somber yet charming, beinart gallery will bring you into an experience between nightmare and dream that triggers fascination. Thank you for all the work!

  • Matthew Quick

Beinart is unique in the Australian gallery landscape, not just in genre but in but the scope of their artists and the reach of their audience. I can think of no other gallery that have worked as hard as are they in researching, contacting and curating shows that are truly global, and then getting this in front of a global audience. That they manage to do all this as a couple with young kids, and still remain nice, friendly good natured never ceases to amaze me.

  • Stephanie Kilgast

I have been following Beinart Gallery on instagram for a while now and love their art selection. I was lucky enough to be selected in one of their group shows and as an artist, I can only say they have been so wonderful to work with. I made mistakes and one of my artwork arrived broken, but they were very helpful and restored it without any difficulties. They're just super helpful on top of being great artists and curators :)

  • Christine Kreger

I found Beinart Gallery on Instagram a year ago and am continuously impressed by how Jon and Corinne curate some of the weirdest, loveliest, and intriguing art out there. Let me add that I don't live in Australia but their graciousness to buyers is so appreciated. Plus I love how much they really support every artist who graces their gallery. This is truly one of my favorite places to admire and purchase art.

  • Ashleigh Makes Art

After four visits this year I can confirm that the Beinart Gallery is one of the best gallery’s near Melbourne cbd with well rounded group and solo exhibitions showcasing artists in a variety of mediums from painting to sculpture. Well worth a trip to the vibrant area of Brunswick (can travel to the gallery easily via public transport) for art viewing and for contemporary art buyers.

  • Eith Lei

An amazing gallery in the heart of Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia). An incredible array of International and local contemporary/figurative/surreal artists' work is always on display. New monthly exhibitions keep this creative space popping and the gallery owners and their team create a warm and friendly vibe that puts you at ease, a 'must visit' for all lovers of contempoary art.

  • Miranda Costa

Inspiring and captivating – it's always an experience visiting Beinart Gallery. Thoughtfully curated collections of various forms invite and engage new ways of thinking. The calibre of artwork presented is high, and I'm thankful for the numerous artists I've discovered through visits. A very welcoming space to spend time absorbing the details. Highly recommend the visit.

  • Elspeth McIntosh

Beinart Gallery is a world class institution! Their professionalism and presentation is of the highest quality with not only original artwork but also prints and smaller items for sale. It's a dynamic space with all kinds of events being run from the space. Don't miss out on being involved. They're super friendly and have incredible work coming in from around the world.

  • Fiona (Fioski)

This place is a must-see not just for fans of surreal/pop-surreal/contemporary figurative art genres, but anyone who enjoys incredible craftsmanship, beauty and strangeness in art, full stop! It's a friendly, welcoming non pretentious place to visit, where you don't feel like you have to tiptoe and whisper. Melbourne is really lucky to have this place.

  • Mark Seabrook

This is a wonderful gallery that is even better in its new premises - larger, lighter, with high ceilings and even more work. It is always expertly curated with local and international artwork of an incredibly high standard. All of the staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and are more then happy to discuss any of the work. Well worth a visit.

  • Jen Chau

Fantastic. This place is a gem and I highly recommend people to go and see the exhibitions which have been carefully curated. The gallery is currently showing works from dark artists who I never in my life thought I'd ever get to see in person and I'm extremely thankful that there is a place that showcases this genre of art from such talented artists.

  • Brigida Veritas

Visited today for the first time for the Shaun Tan exhibition "Untold Tales" which also closed today. It's a small space but congenial and the staff were very friendly and helpful. A small selection of gifts and cards add to the appeal. The location in Sparta Place is very pleasant with other nice shops sharing the pedestrian only space. Will be back.

  • Matthew Lokan

Working with Jon and the Beinart Gallery for a national Art Series Hotels campaign has been an absolute pleasure. His passion for the exhibited works and relationship with each artist is clearly evident. I really look forward to collaborating again in the near future and regularly visiting the gallery to see what peculiar art features next!

  • George Powell

Love this gallery! There’s always an eclectic arrangement of new contemporary art from international artist that just blow my mind. Jon, the owner is always happy to tell the story behind a particular artist you might be interested in. If your a collector or just a fan of new contemporary art, this gallery is definitely worth a visit.

  • Bo Kitty

This is Melbourne's best independent art gallery, featuring a stable of wild, surreal, challenging and wonderful visionary artists from all over the world. Definitely an iconic presence in the fabric of the Victorian art scene, this gallery is always one to watch. Get on the mailing list for previews of the works. …

  • dale keogh

It's great to see a Gallery like this in Melbourne, let alone Australia, with art work from around the world and locally by famous bizarre artists, I'm a fan of fine detailed artwork of the surreal nature, and I'm so happy to see it here. Kind and helpful staff. It will be my first stop next time I'm in Melbourne

  • Warren Bonett

I loved the gallery in its previous location but this new place is just fabulous! Great lighting for the work, thoughtful hanging and presentation all up, and great range of artists represented including some of my favourites Shaun Tan, Marina Dieul and Scott Listfield. A must for collectors and art lovers.

  • Simon O'Dowd

I cannot think of a time when I have walked into Beinart and not experienced art that is incredibly rich in both the quality and the profundity of what it captures. The gallery is my starting point whenever I make a trip to Brunswick, and I find myself reflecting on the displayed pieces for days after.

  • Mei M

Really nice small gallery with reasonable prices, knowledgeable staff, and interesting rotating exhibits. Constantly has something unique that you probably haven't seen with an emphasis on Australian local artists. Swing by if you want to decorate your place with real art no one has seen before!

  • Stuart Amos

Beinart Gallery is a fantastic exhibition space in Brunswick, showcasing work from renowned surreal and figurative artists from all over the world. A truly original gallery for Melbourne. It has been a pleasure attending their monthly openings. I would highly recommend people check them out.

  • Ron Dickson

Wow! I love this place. I really look forward to opening night of the monthly exhibitions and try to get to as many as I can. Have been lucky enough to buy a few pieces and the experience was always good. I hope you guys are around to support these cool art genres for many years to come.

  • Lucy Hardie

Thank you to Jon and Corinne Beinart for presenting to Melbourne Polytechnic’s visiting BA Illustration students and for providing them with valuable industry knowledge and inspiration. A one of a kind gallery in Melbourne, highlighting skill and imagination in the artists they show.

  • karl persson

This is the only gallery of its kind in Melbourne (and possibly Australia). Anyone interested in skilled figurative surreal art and sculpture needs this place bookmarked. They have a friendly staff, a consistently high standard of work, and lots of great books and posters for sale.

  • Chris D

A must see for anyone wanting to see surreal artwork you just cant find anywhere else! The gallery has great people behind it who have been a part of the scene for years. Friendly, passionate place for imagery that may let you see through your brain backwards, in a good way :)

  • Khrys Antaw

Absolutely my favorite gallery in Melbourne. Showcases incredible artists Australian and abroad, a lot of low brow and pop surrealism. Each year they do a Small Works as well as a Dark Art exhibit, and exhibits are frequently changed over so there's always new art to see.

  • Kylie Dexter

I have been so lucky to purchase a number of incredible pieces from Beinart gallery to add to my collection. So many amazing shows every month from some of the best Australian and international artists. Love this gallery soooooooo much!!!!! Great people, fantastic art.

  • Simon Sackville

If you like the weird, wonderful and surreal then you have to check out this exhibition. I loved the paintings, but my favourites were the taxidermy and bone sculptors made from mashups of different animals. Have you ever seen a jellyfish skeleton? You can here!

  • Melantha Jansz

Absolutely love their work. Always an exciting showcase to bring a new perspective on art. Jon and Corinne run the gallery with alot of love and passion, and it shows! I am a big fan of their new "Small Works" collection. Looking forward to more in the future.

  • Julius Perks

Parking is a little difficult in the area, you might have to park a little far from it, but its worth it. Staff were nice and knowledgeable. Good arrangement of the exhibition we went to see. Lots of light, but that looked configurable based on the exhibition.

  • Nicole Evans

Beinart’s exhibitions never cease to amaze me. I am constantly impressed by the high caliber of the artists showcased who combine incredible technical ability with unique, thought-provoking conceptual ideas. Would highly recommend this gallery to everyone.

  • wendy olsen

I highly recommend Beinart Gallery as one of Melbournes best galleries for quality art. Pop surreal art of the highest standards from both local and international artists. As far as a Melbourne art gallery goes... Beinart gallery is first on my list!

  • Tim Molloy

beinArt Gallery is THE place to go for weird art in Melbourne. Showcasing local and international artists, the general aesthetic is dark, frequently morbid but often tempered with a sense of strange humour. Great location, spacious and light.

  • Damian Michaels

A breath of fresh air.... The Beinart Gallery opened this month in Brunswick within the Melbourne suburbs. The pleasure of attending the debut group exhibition pre-opening night was certainly not disappointing. Showcasing an exciting array

  • Aiden Pearce

As an art lover I am in absolute awe of Beinart Gallery. The gallery represents some of the top contemporary artists throughout the world as well as a vast array of talents from their native Australia. The current group exhibition "Small

  • Adam Walsh

The BeinArt Gallery is a must see for anyone with even a passing interest in surreal art. The works on display at the opening night were truly wonderful, with a world class level of contributing artists. In a great location too!!

  • Nuwan Rohitha (neuroblossom)

Galaxy-class surreal art right here in Brunswick! Always something to delight and enchant. I've discovered several of my favourite artists via the regularly changing exhibitions here. An essential fixture in the art community.

  • Marsch R

I went to the Dark Art 2019 opening night. The event was amazing! Nice ethereal dark artwork, nice wine on offer and a kaleidoscope of subcultures and backgrounds... just the perfect date night for my better half and I.

  • Izwan Shah

Wonderful new gallery in Brunswick showcasing dark, surreal, imaginative and figurative art from local and international artists. Great collection of works. A one of a kind gallery! Very highly recommended!

  • Luke Hadland

One of my favourite galleries. Every month a new exhibition of carefully curated, beautiful works within the surreal and magical realism genres. One room with a wonderful density of curiosities to look at.

  • Nicolas De Souza

Went for a group show of Aussie surrealist and figurative artists called Antipodes 2020 and thoroughly enjoyed the work. World class work on display and a quality set up in a great part of town.

  • Chris De-Ann

A friend and I went here to admire an acquaintances opening exhibition. The gallery was light, airy and served a selection of drinks. Conveniently located close to the Brunswick train station.

  • Malcolm Young

One of my favourite galleries in Melbourne, exhibits more of the darker, macabre and surreal arts. Just a delightful space for artists to showcase their expressions of a possible reality.

  • Maxine Thomson

My favourite place to be. Every piece of the dark, surrealist art is a feast for the eyes and mind. Always a generous selection of incredible artists, and always a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Woz Tripp

Amazing gallery with some brilliant pieces of art from both local and international artists. Featured exhibitions change often with something new and amazing to see every few weeks.

  • R C

Small but very fulfilling. One of the finest galleries I've been to in Melbourne, would absolutely recommend. You'll spend far longer in here than you may initially predict.

  • Elisa Tseng

Jon the gallery owner is very helpful and knowledgeable. I've purchased a couple of pieces of art from Beinart. Their selection of art is upcoming, freshing and quirky.

  • Joshua Smith

Hands down the best gallery to work with and exhibit in Melbourne. Jon and Corrine Beinart are lovely people who are very professional. Highly recommended.

  • Paul Garrett

High quality small gallery with quirky and very original works from local and other artists. Some very talented and collectable artists are regulars here.

  • Jasper Lopez

Great space, amazing art and helpful curator. The gift shop and unique building adds to the experience as well as the staffs knowledge of works.

  • Charlotte L

Dark art 2019, I absolutely loved the art! Trippy and thought-provoking I definitely want those 3 corned babies in my future bathroom.

  • Jenny S

Amazing artwork by local artists. An alternative to modern art, the artwork displayed here is provocative, intricate and mesmerising.

  • Ian Mynard

very interesting.. very unusual displays,, worth going back, I think, you might not know just what you will find there!!! excellent

  • Tanya Smith

For Surrealist Art, none better. A rare find. Always something interesting and thought provoking. Lovely, knowledgeable staff.

  • Mouri Karim

I went to a cool art exhibition by seeing it on Facebook. The art was dark and interesting and I got a complimentary drink.

  • Lucy

Very good place to look around!! Near here, there are my cafes and vintage shops. So i can spend my time with pleasure.

  • Katrina

Something free to do if you are interested in art. Gift shop has heaps of cool stuff aswell …

  • Mark Clyburn

A great Brunswick art space that support interesting artists and hold tight, fresh exhibitions

  • Simon James

Always love coming to Beinart for inspiration and feeding the soul. Apt gallery name! Simon

  • Seff Mudge

Really nice gallery and gallery staff. The artist line up is sweet too

  • Josh Bragg

Great Space, would love to have a show here. Also this door is cool.

  • luigi marzola

Cool place great atmosphere friendly staff and truly art

  • Amilliah

It's a small, 1 room gallery, nice art work Surrealism.

  • Doug Osborn

A lovely art space, great exhibition.

  • Beau Deeley

The new gallery space is top notch

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