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2/3 Overport Rd, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia




Bunarong Aquarium is a Aquarium shop located at 2/3 Overport Rd, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia. It has received 402 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Bunarong Aquarium: 2/3 Overport Rd, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia

  • Bunarong Aquarium has 4.7 stars from 402 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "I shopped here quite regularly for some time but will not go there again because I have concerns about how some fish are treated"

    "I have been a freshwater aquarist for a long time and finally decided to try a marine setup"

    "Place came VERY highly recommended to me"

    "Brett and his team deserve more than 5 star from me"

    "Interesting aquarium as it features marine life and reptiles, which have their own specialized needs to keep them housed comfortably for sale"


  • Dave Wills

I shopped here quite regularly for some time but will not go there again because I have concerns about how some fish are treated. There are many Bettas in cups, which I know a fair few places do. However, they’re in unfiltered and unheated cups and under severe stress and at risk of death. Even petbarn, who have their Bettas in tiny enclosure, at least have drip filters and heating. The final straw though was when I went in and saw a goldfish in a completely unfiltered, probably 10 litre nano tank on their cash register counter. Merely just a tiny air stone. The fish was distressed and gasping for air and they should know better. Goldfish produce a ton of ammonia and this one was being poisoned to death before my eyes. People who care about fishkeeping care about fish and this isn’t ok. I can understand the situation with Bettas and how it is very difficult for a small business to have these extravagant filtration set ups for individually housed fish, but there is no excuse for keeping a goldfish in an unfiltered nano tank as a decoration and I hope this is not done again.

  • Adam

I have been a freshwater aquarist for a long time and finally decided to try a marine setup. After extensive research and contact with multiple LFS, I decided to purchase a setup from Brett. It has been a great choice and the advice from Brett has been spot on every time. Brett has a no nonsense approach to fish keeping and is always willing to answer questions in person or on the phone (even for a newbie like myself to the wonderful world of reefing). Even before I had spent a cent in the store Brett was willing to spend time explaining what was required to successfully start a marine tank (lots of patience being high on the list!). I do not live in the area and will happily travel 30 minutes to Bunarong aquarium. Not only is Brett and his team friendly and knowledgable, they will go out of their way to assist you and provide after sales service that is unfortunately very rare these days. I am extremely grateful to Brett for helping start me on my reefing journey and providing expert advice along the way.

  • Sue Mills

Place came VERY highly recommended to me. I agree they have a fantastic range of fish and related products and their prices are good/comparable to other stores. Quality of fish seems good, although a few dead/dying here n there. Service - there was none whatsoever!! Two or three times staff said excuse me when they wanted to go past me feeding fish etc. Another couple of times staff greeted me. NOT ONCE did anyone ask if I needed a hand. I went to walk into another section of the store and I was ordered from the area, stated we are doing maintenance back here and you need to go back. A trolly was then pulled in front of where I had initially walked in. They didn’t bother to ask if I needed a hand. I had picked out several fish I intended to buy. After such rudeness by staff AND owner, I left without buying anything and highly doubt I will bother to drive 3 hr round trip again, nor will I recommend. Hugely disappointed.

  • Subhra Das

Brett and his team deserve more than 5 star from me. They delivered a massive WB Reef LX 340.7 and placed it inside the house. It was more than couple of hours job and seriously it was not an easy one. But when you have someone experienced like Brett in the team everything seems to be possible and the tank was on the stand with not a single scratch. I would also like to thank Brett for delivering not just the tank but heaps of other equipments as well on time. Also it's worth mentioning his after sales service, which is equally good. If you are thinking of getting a tank I would highly recommend "bunarong aquarium" to get your dream fulfilled. You won't be disappointment in terms of commitment and price

  • Barry Kelly

Interesting aquarium as it features marine life and reptiles, which have their own specialized needs to keep them housed comfortably for sale. Staff appear to be hardworking. I didn't find the personal advice offered in the upkeep of the animals for sale, helpful, but then I'm an experienced aquariumist. Others may disagree. At the end of the day it is their expert advice versus mine. Some retiles are notoriously difficult to keep and for an aquarium with such a diverse range of animals to sell, it must be an incredible chore to keep up with their living requirements before sale.

  • weezer himself

Awesome shop! I go there weekly and they have an awesome selection of fish and reptiles/amphibians. They sell all of the essentials for reptiles, fish, amphibians and even some small mammals, (guinea pigs, rabbits etc.) The workers their are patient and friendly, they give the right advice and can assist you with any of your problems! The only problem though, once I went to the aquarium asking about a Blue Tongue, the worker there did not have a clue what I was talking about. Apart from that, would recommend it to any locals and/or any friends! -Sienna xoxo

  • Greer Dorling

Amazing! Great variety of fish (fresh & salt water) large range of accessories and tanks. Stunning display of tropical salt water fish and reptiles. The staff where just lovely! Very helpful and knowledgeable. I found two different types of nano fish that where sold out everywhere else and their prices are competitive if not far better than anywhere else! And I've looked at plenty of other places! Well done Brett and the team, the store looks great inside and out! It's refreshing to see compared to some of the fish store out there.

  • Mick Bacon

I have been a customer for over 20 years. I have always found Brett (Owner) to be extremely friendly and freely gives up his expert knowledge. I recently purchased a fully established set up from Bunarong. The staff who installed it for me at home were outstanding. They showed great care and attention to the delicate operation of getting it in to the correct location in the house. The whole thing was very heavy. I would thoroughly recommend this business to anyone wishing to get involved with any type of aquarium.

  • Kayezb Bradshaw

Absolutely wonderful staff. Always very helpful. I love going there. So much to look at. I had a problem with my filter, I was in the middle cleaning my tank so I really didn’t want to go out but knew I had to. So I went to Bunarong with all good intentions to replace it. Without hesitation the owner and his staff pulled it apart and fixed it for me! I was so grateful so I bought plants for my fish tank instead. Very happy customer. Thanks guys! You made my day. Xx

  • Infa Red

Called these people up to a so if the had a certain brand in stock. Yes, yes he said. Drove all the way there instead of my local specifically, got there didn't have the brand! Had some other cheaper brands instead! Now I ask Specifically for that brand, don't lie to me to make me come there and buy b.s. The store itself is nice though. Nice set ups, rock looking wall for reptiles . Had jellyfish there once. Nice store but the staff suck, always have an attitude.

  • Em Dee

I bought a Mexican Walking Fish from the Bunarong Aquarium, along with a tank and care products. I was nervous as I’ve lost a lot of goldfish in my time… the staff at Bunarong have been so incredibly supportive, professional, knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions and inexperience. If you are after an aquatic pet but aren’t sure how to care for it… I promise you, Bunarong Aquarium will make sure they guide you through the process. Thank you!

  • Karen Mason

Purchased tropical fish from them today. The young sales guy was very helpful and offered much useful information, he also was training another young person and was very respectful. Another sales person assisted with a query regarding aquarium plants, also offered plenty of insight about things I hadn't considered. Shop was well presented, staff friendly and prices exceptionally well priced. Thank you for your time today.

  • J H

Been meaning to share for a few weeks now. Took the trip down to this aquarium and it was so worth it! The owner is the most genuine and down to earth guy I have ever met, he showed me how all their setups work and is a genuinely passionate guy. To top all that, this place has reptile equipment I could find no where else in VIC for the price. Amazing shop, top two aquariums in Melbourne, possibly the best by my measures.

  • Debbie Troy

Brett and his team at Bunarong Aquarium are amazing. From the moment we decided we wanted an aquarium in our new home Brett has supported us with his wealth of knowledge and made our first large marine aquarium everything we could have wanted. Every part of our journey has been with ease and we couldn’t be more grateful. The shop is easily the best around. Keep up the great work. Troy and Debbie

  • Dad Alvarez

The manager advised me too bring a pump that i purchased at cranbourne aquarium because the manager at cranbourne wouldnt exchange it as it was full of water not my faultso bunerong exchange it a no extra cost so in return i bought some fish and plants costing $30 the manager made my day thanks bunerong and also the pump was half the price compared to the aquarium in cranbourne in the court

  • Steven Allen

This is THE best place in Frankston to purchase, and get advice on anything aquarium related!! The staff here actually go out of their way to assist and advise you in anything to do with aquariums, goldfish and tropical fish!! A great range of accessories and beautiful fish also to be discovered here. An absolute pleasure visiting, and purchasing here. I highly recommend Bunarong Aquarium!

  • Denis Boukhvalov

This is a great aquarium with a huge variety of tropical and salt water fish. This aquarium has one of the biggest range of cold water fish in the South Melbourne region, and the only aquarium that actually had snails in stock! It is a great place to buy fish, plants, coral and accessories for your aquarium. Would highly recommend it, especially with the highly knowledgeable staff.

  • Georgia Weinhandl

Super helpful and very friendly! They were so happy to help me start up a new tank and answer EVERY question I had (which was a lot) as well as walk my through the beginning steps. It's clear that there is heaps of knowledge and passion over all staff. I will 100% be returning and I'm looking forward to learning so much from what this store has to offer.

  • Rachael Dumonic

Having just set up a new tank with no prior knowledge I can’t thank all the staff at Bunerong enough. They are so helpful and knowledgeable with great variety of fish and products. I drive quite a distance to the location however worth it for the service- and thanks for the phone service too when I can’t call by . Very happy customer.. great service!!

  • Elizabeth Timms

Amazing little shop!! Really has everything you need to start up a new tank or for experienced pet owners. There is an amazing range of fresh water and saltwater fish and animals. They also have lizards, turtles and snakes. The staff were friendly and very helpful and knowing from what I observed walking around. One hundred percent would recommend!!

  • Bruce Gonsalves

This is my pick for one of the best aquarium shops in Australia with a wealth of experience in all aspects of aquarium keeping from the kid that want to get into the hobby to the high end reef keeper can gain knowledge,with great prices and good quality products thanks Bunarong looking forward to the new Reef section it’s going to b mind blowing

  • Billy Taxidis

Brett and staff have been nothing but helpful in setting up and getting me set for the cycling of my saltwater tank. Rang multiple aquariums and found Bunarong to be the most polite and helpful. Although I’m from the other side of town they’ve definitely got me for a long term customer as they go above and beyond in each dealing. Thanks guys.

  • Patrick Prosper

Loving the new 4x2x2ft tank and the pine stand is well designed and well made (and the price is better than anywhere else in Victoria). Looking forward to my next purchase as the service via email, phone and web-store made the experience really easy ++ they utilise a great and affordable tank delivery service which didn't break the bank!!

  • Lyle Ground

Living in Tasmania makes sourcing aquarium equipment tricky. I was looking for a marine aquarium and equipment so emailed a number of Melbourne stores to see if they could ship over to me. Brett at Bunarong was by far the most helpful and responsive. He promptly shipped me my new Waterbox and lights without any hassles. Highly recommended

  • yes i do fish like a girl

I never tire of this place. There is always something different and exciting to see every time you come in. Tanks are kept spotless and animals well cared for. They also have a great range. The staff are passionate, knowledgeable, friendly and always happy to help or answer any questions you may have. Service is fantastic.

  • Ed & Leah Smith

Brett and his staff are very friendly and helpful. They are generous in their advice and support and have a great understanding of the different products on offer. The shop is well kept and has a great layout and a large variety of stock. I will be only be using Bunarong for all my marine aquarium requirements from now on.

  • Chris Dixon

Great store with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Excellent array of fresh/salt water fish and reptiles, with an abundance of accessories for the experienced or novice aquarium enthusiast. Range of services available too; from water testing, to project planning and everyday advice. Highly recommend.

  • Michael

Awesome LFS, worth the drive from the other side of town as they have a great selection of fish, corals and equipment at good prices. Brett also went above and beyond with a warranty claim on a pump recently via mail as I couldn't get there due to lockdowns, very quick and easy process. Thank you!

  • Leigh H

Bunarong Aquariums is such a great shop. There is a wide selection of fish and fish products. I loved the wide marine range. A visit to this shop is a must. The layout is also amazing with all the varrying fish tanks showcasing the beautiful fish and reptiles. The shop never ceases to amaze me.

  • Teacher Egg

Purchased a container of pinhead crickets for $9 yesterday, there were so few in the container my baby beardie has eaten them all already. So I didn't even get 1 day out of a $9 container! The last container I bought from another store (cheaper) lasted me 3 weeks. Feel extremely ripped off.

  • Owen Crozier

Wide variety of fish at affordable prices and incredibly helpful staff, the owner of the store is very helpful and clearly has a passion for the hobby. after buying from stores around the peninsula. its clear that Bunarong has the cheapest and highest quality pets and the friendliest staff.

  • Ryan Bartlett

Ive been coming here for years for all my aquarium needs. They are always professional and well knowledged in all aspects of what they do. Recently refurbished and looks great. Could spend hours in there looking around at all kinda of fish and aquarium reptiles. Highly recommend a visit

  • Antonio Faella

Wow what a great shop . Brett and staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Great range of products and very happy to assist. Daniel is a star. He came over to install all the accessories. On time, friendly and did a fantastic job getting tank up an running. Highly recommend them...

  • Sal Douglas

My favourite aquarium shop, prices are only a couple of dollars more than online so this is one of the only places I shop in-store and they always have what I need. Tanks are beautifully maintained so it is lovely just to walk around and look at all the fishies and reptiles.

  • Upbeat_Garbage 030

I've been going to Bunarong for years and it's great. To simplify it, the staff are welcoming, friendly, educated, the animals are healthy, the products are great and the owner is so nice too and the products are priced well. I love it and will never stop going to Bunarong

  • Liana Ray

Know everything about fish, reptiles, diet for your pet and all you need to know. Extremely helpful Staff, have all types of equipment to house or use for happy pets. Open every day except Tuesday. A fascinating place for Young and Old to visit. Best for unusual pets!!

  • Jamie Scicluna

I really love taking my son here. Lots of fish, lizards and snakes and they are very knowledgeable. I only wish they offered free water sample testing instead of charging $30 like other aquariums and Petbarn but still this place comes highly recommended.

  • Angelo De Silva

Wow what a pleasant surprise it was when I stumbled on Bunarong a few years ago. Plenty of quality products in stock. Do yourself a favor and visit them. Just be prepared to spend a few hours browsing and walking out with your hands full. …

  • Brad Frew

Brett and the team go above and beyond. I made the leap into a marine tank last year and their knowledge has been invaluable in getting my tank successful. Always friendly and happy to answer my questions.

  • Carlos Dankha

I would just like to say thank you to Brett from bunarong aquarium for his great customer service and help with everything ...much appreciated I have had a marvelous experience thanks again guys ! …

  • Leah Gillis

Always helpful if even the smallest question. Knowledgeable and reasonable prices. Brett is great at helping you through issues especially with marine. It's been my local shop for the past 12 months.

  • Hansii S

Have been coming here for years! Very helpful and friendly staff! Will make sure they do the best they can in order to get your aquarium on track. Cannot fault this shop! Best in town.

  • Mariann Kiss

Great fish on display, nice and healthy and a big range available. Helpful with info but sometimes a bit busy to chat in length. Highly recommended, best aquarium store in the area!

  • Ruby (Ruby.dooby.dooooo)

Great prices! Good setups but not very helpful staff! Bought a fish with a bump on him without noticing on Sunday came back today and asked if he was sick, nobody was helpful!

  • taryn paige

Love this aquarium! So helpful and knowledgeable about everything, I haven’t lost one fish since buying them from here and having them take care of my water tests and advice.

  • Kally Higgins

Decent range of livestock. Currently undergoing renovations so not as many as I'd hoped to see but I assume once the new renovations are finished it will be looking amazing

  • Roto Makara

Nice staffs, very helpful and informative, my first experience with my first tank for my daughter and wife, staffs went above and beyond despite the busyness in the store

  • May Kwa

I frequent this Aquarium shop a lot ! I really like them . They have high quality fish there. The staff are very pleasant and helpful too! Thank you ! …

  • Christian Robinson

A regular visitor to Bunarong. Great supplies but also love the displays and all types of reptiles and fish they sell. They offer great advice for amateur enthusiasts.

  • David Blair

I've been shopping here for years and always received great advice and quality products. Would highly recommend anyone in the area to utilise this local institution.

  • martin french

The owner went out of his way to check over my tank pump and told me there was no need to buy another one. Fantastic service and quality products and friendly staff

  • Beck Wilding

Great local aquarium with extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. They are happy to spend time with you to make sure you make the best selection for your set up.

  • Pat Boyd

Wonderful selection of aquaria and animals to populate them. Also amphibians and reptiles galore with food both alive and not. Great service from experienced staff.

  • david ingram

Great place, a good variety of fish,aquariums, reptiles and accessories. Staff helpful and knowledgeable. Plenty of parking spaces. I would recommend this shop .

  • kate baillie

First time here very clean plenty of fish at reasonable prices service was fantastic and lovely fighting fish which I bought a white platinum one!I will be back

  • Luciano

All aquaruim needs are met here and beyond. I have 2 other aquariums I can go to for supplies and or advice and I drive to Bunarong which is 10min further.

  • Samantha Ross

Tropical and Fresh water Fish, Corals, Tanks, Live plants, Snails, accessories, foods for the fish and reptiles sold, Turtles, Snakes, Lizards and Frogs.

  • Michael Hendry

Great friendly costumer service Fish all ways in good health wide range of everything you need for snakes,fish,turtles lizards and wide range of all

  • Dennis Volodomanov

Always eager to help and really knowledgeable. Brett, Erin, Richard and the rest of team make this hobby more fun and a little bit easier.

  • I snxged I

I have come here since it opened and have many tanks flourished from the advice and expertise found here, awesome business! ⭐️

  • Holly M

We get our python's feed from here. Always in stock unlike other pet stores, good friendly service and reasonable pricing.

  • Iain Finlayson

Extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great range of stock and support with problems. Definitely recommend

  • Alan Klys (adk)

Great place for all my kid's aquarium needs, always very helpful and full of knowledge and tips for a begginer like me.

  • Richard Douglas

They don't need my review. Best Aquarium around. Tanks on display are next level. Prices are good. Advice is on point.

  • Ina Hay

Love the place. They have a wide range of every thing you need for topical fresh water and salt water fish . …

  • Anne-Marie Carey

Good service, not a huge store but a decent range. Also good parking outside! Staff are friendly and informative.

  • Dale Criggie

Fantastic they really know their stuff Brett helped me out many times when I was in a jam, highly recommended

  • Wendy Martin

I have been buying my fish and fish tanks form here for 40 years they are the best and great staff. …

  • Lily Strickland

came in here yesterday, great service, fish were healthy, good range of products, Jude was very helpful

  • Rebecca Cameron

Excellent variety of fish,plants and anything else you can think of. Friendly staff and great service.

  • Bibe C

Pretty cool place, had what we needed for our turtle. Helpful staff very clean and organised shop.

  • Rody

Very friendly and helpful staff highly recommend all your aquarium needs in one place ...Thanks

  • Mark Rigsby

Nice people really knowledgeable, lots of interesting fish and reptiles. Will shop here again.

  • Andy Griggs

Great store. Wide range of animals and fish and great staff. Friendly owner. Highly recommend.

  • Daniel Thomas

Great place to pick up awesome fish and aquarium products .. my go to and I highly recommend

  • Vikki Adams

Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly, a bit pricey though but are worth it

  • K C

Been coming here for years, staff have always been friendly & knowledgeable.

  • george pilakis

Excellent and friendly. Shirley always there to help. Thank you. George

  • R.M.

Fabulous aquarium! Great range. Reasonable pricing. Friendly staff.

  • ashley morgan

Excellent service and good range of products , cool fish too..

  • Serge C

Excellent store and people working there. Highly recommended.

  • Jamie Poposek

Healthy fish, great service and lots of accessories.

  • Pauline Markham

Awesome staff Awesome fish so friendly & helpful

  • Nola White

Great staff and service. Definitely going back.

  • Shanker Sanjai

Very friendly staff and great customer service

  • karin penrose

Worth a visit Lots of fish, and saltwater fish

  • Dave Hanna

Awesome place, all the staff are very helpful

  • Hoss Z

great fish and advice!! friendly staff

  • Jason A

Awesome selection and customer service

  • Irene Rea

Great place if you want sea life

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