New Life Aquarium Keysborough (K1)

545 reviews

214 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173, Australia



New Life Aquarium Keysborough (K1) is a Aquarium shop located at 214 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173, Australia. It has received 545 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of New Life Aquarium Keysborough (K1): 214 Cheltenham Rd, Keysborough VIC 3173, Australia

  • New Life Aquarium Keysborough (K1) has 4.6 stars from 545 reviews

  • Aquarium shop

  • "I spoke with a bloke named "Will" on the phone, and whilst I wasn't buying anything at that time, he still spent 10 to 15 minutes on the phone with me giving me very valuable advice regarding a specialized product"

    "The store has a fantastic team of knowledgeable and helpful staff members who went above and beyond to ensure a remarkable experience"

    "The variety of fish here is amazing"

    "Huge varieties and good quality fish to choose from,lots of other aquarium accessories,plants etc 5 different rooms were impressive and 2 more rooms are yet to come in action Got some very nice guppies(Males only) If you buy 6 or more u get a $1 cheaper deal but what I found strange was I had to buy 6 from same tank to get the offer even if it's same price I couldn't mix it to get the deal which I found a bit tougher option but yet I'm happy with what I've got and Will(staff) served well and communicated well about the fish and other informations It was worth driving all the way over an hour from Coburg North Strongly recommend and best days to go is on Thursday because that's when their most shipments come in which I didn't know but now I do"

    "I rate this shop very highly "


  • David Poland

I spoke with a bloke named "Will" on the phone, and whilst I wasn't buying anything at that time, he still spent 10 to 15 minutes on the phone with me giving me very valuable advice regarding a specialized product. It was so helpful and saved me so much time & dollars, that when travelling back from Melbourne to South Gippsland, I took the chance to pop into the store and have a look. There are loads of great, stand out things about this business including range and prices, but what took me by surprise was again their incredible service! I found the same bloke, (Will) who again saved me a bunch of money by steering me to a more appropriate piece of equipment, rather than what I was going to buy, and really helped out with knowledge and advice. I bought a bunch of stuff at great prices! Then he steered me to their supply shop a few doors down the road. - Wow!!!!! A great range of products & a lovely lady who could not have been more helpfull. I spent more money!! The extent that these guys help and assist you, without being intrusive, is uncommon these days, and they deserve to be rewarded for it. I have since purchased equipment and scaping materials over the telephone via John, and had another easy, positive, very helpful experience, all because of their fabulous customer service. Absolutely outstanding!

  • Soozhen Hong

The store has a fantastic team of knowledgeable and helpful staff members who went above and beyond to ensure a remarkable experience. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted warmly and made to feel like a valued customer. The staff's expertise was evident as they provided expert advice and guidance on choosing the right products for my shrimp tank . They patiently answered all my questions, taking the time to explain different options and offering valuable insights into the care and maintenance of aquatic life. Their passion for their work was truly inspiring. Their friendly and approachable demeanor created a welcoming atmosphere. They took a genuine interest in understanding my needs and made personalized recommendations, ensuring that I left the store with everything necessary for a successful aquarium setup. Thanks for the incredible experience. I look forward to returning soon and continuing to rely on your expertise for all my aquarium needs!

  • daniel moloney

The variety of fish here is amazing. Surely the largest selection in town. Each time I visit there is a fish I have either never seen or haven't seen in years. For long time fish keepers that have never been this is a store worth traveling for. For beginners, a great place to buy first fish as it is rare to see sick fish, a problem that is rife in the majority of Melbourne shops. For certain niches in the hobby there may be more suitable shops but as far as general selection and fish health there is nothing that compares locally...not even close and this has been the case for years now. I don't think it would be a stretch to say that if you drove to every aquarium in Melbourne today, New Life Aquarium would have twice the number of species in stock as the next best shop.

  • Romi rahman

Huge varieties and good quality fish to choose from,lots of other aquarium accessories,plants etc 5 different rooms were impressive and 2 more rooms are yet to come in action Got some very nice guppies(Males only) If you buy 6 or more u get a $1 cheaper deal but what I found strange was I had to buy 6 from same tank to get the offer even if it's same price I couldn't mix it to get the deal which I found a bit tougher option but yet I'm happy with what I've got and Will(staff) served well and communicated well about the fish and other informations It was worth driving all the way over an hour from Coburg North Strongly recommend and best days to go is on Thursday because that's when their most shipments come in which I didn't know but now I do

  • Simon Torossian

I rate this shop very highly . recommend anyone needing anything to do with fish or plants accessories etc. aquariums and pretty much a large variety of anything you need for a aquarium from start to finish beginners to experts everything you need is all there and all at great prices.. the last time I was there I bought a c02 diffuser and was so many to choose from for different setups but they had one that fitted my system. And I purchased a canister filter the time before that .. very high quality and easy to set up also has an inbuilt uv steriliser and was under $200 . . Be sure to check it out .. there’s also a second warehouse / factory just a few shops down which Is a 30second walk from the showroom .

  • michael edwards-vandenhoek

New Life Keysborough is by far the best aquarium shop in Melbourne, quite possibly Australia. John and Will are always super friendly and very supportive to everyone in the hobby. I witnessed them refuse to sell fish to someone because their tank wasn't yet cycled. They actual care about the fish unlike some of the other shops I have been to. Lachlan deserves 6 stars, he's so talented a catching even the most elusive cory. They regularly have stock of some of the rarest and sort after corydoras and apistogrammas imaginable. This place is better than a zoo, so many fish and the whole set up is very professional.

  • Lachie “Patches Fish Cave”

Newlife Aquarium Keysborough is my "local" fish shop even though it's 2 hours away it's the best around by far! Best prices, best stock, always great looking display tanks. Not to mention Will, John and the whole team, they always make time for me (as well as everyone else) and make sure I'm not struggling to find something or I'm not lost! (Although sometimes Will scares me by mistake when I zone out and stare into a tank and he comes to see if I need help) Love your work guys and keen on many more fishy adventures soon!

  • Craig Davis

I recently attended and was impressed by the advice given to me and how the staff assisted me with preparing my aquarium for fish. Once my aquarium Aqua scape was ready I returned and purchased 26 fish which are extremely healthy and have happily settled into their new home. I will be purchasing more fish from the new life aquarium in Keysborough and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to buy fish and plants. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and can be trusted. Thank you. Kind regards Craig Davis

  • Margaret Skitt

Great aquarium shop. The boys are very knowledgeable. I have never had a sick fish from them. I have moved a bit far away from them now. I still go back there for things I need. I am in bed. Don’t have a photo atm. So anything you need to know. You will get the best help at Newlife in Keysborough. Also a few doors down they have another shop. Very easy parking. This shop sell dry products, wood tanks etc. they will also make a tank for you. At a great price

  • Michelle Radan

Absolutely love the selection of fish, plants aquarium needs at new life aquarium, Keysborough. Prices are reasonable, afterpay is available, which is fantastic option. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and are always ready to help and give their opinion on what is best for your aquarium and fish. I have definitely recommended new life aquarium Keysborough to all my family and friends and will be going back in future.

  • hik.

Been going here for many years and it's certainly one of the best aquarium outlets in Victoria. Really neat stores, with a great selection of products, knowledgeable service and expertise, perfect spot to find your next aquarium or fishy friend! My only constructive criticism would be that I wish there were a larger variety of healthy plants to choose from for aquascaping, including tissue culture ☘️

  • Rachael Ackland

I am really happy with this aquarium. I ordered some beautiful celestial pearl danio's and the owner went above and beyond to get me some more. I also ordered other items and found them really helpful and honest with all my questions about plants , fish and substrate. Their delivery service was also spot on. Thankyou. Look forward to buying more from you as I am addicted.

  • Dion Koch

This shop was a good shop if you were after Freshwater fish. They had a coral tank in the middle of one of the rooms with a very small number of corals. The only Marine fish that they had at the time were colocated with the corals. If you were into Freshwater fish, then New Life Aquarium in Keysborough is certainly a must go to shop.

  • kkkKatie

This place is amazing. They have everything you can imagine and the staff are exceptionally helpful and knowledgable. It's definitely worth a visit if you haven't been. Both the service in store and online has been above and beyond expectations each time. Thanks NLA for my healthy supply of blackworms to keep my pea puffers happy :)

  • Dineth Wijendra

Very approachable staff that made me feel at home!! I was new to the hobby and quite intimidated but with their care and explanations I could quickly make do with what I have and they directed me to purchasing the right things for my paludarium and aquarium. With their help I have made two beautiful setups that I’m very proud of!!


Could not recommend these guys enough they have some one for everything! Always the best advice and quality fish! I travel 35 minutes past atleast 5 aquariums to get to new life because of the quality and customer service! If you are looking for a new aquarium this is the one and definitely worth the travel if you aren’t close!!

  • colin xie

First time here, proly wont come again. Could be a 5 stars for the helpful stuff members and the variety of fish they've got. BUT fishes arent in good conditions comparing to other aquariums. Also William really struck me down with his arrogance, wont let me pick my fish and when I finally got home one is dead already.

  • Luke Zece

What an awesome experience. Such a great range of fish species I have ever seen, the most variety of dwarf chiclids available in Melbourne!. John helped me with some unique and uncommon products to help with my new vivarium build. Will defineately be going back for all my aquarium needs! Thanks guys,! …

  • Heidi Gabrys-Dahaj

From the outside it doesn't look much, but once you get inside the store it another picture. They have a huge variety of fish and small sea creatures on offer. They also have a large variety of ornaments, tanks, fish food and other accessories. Great place to visit with kids to look at all the fish!


This place is possibly the best aquarium I’ve come across. An amazing range that I never saw elsewhere and I’ve been to damn near every aquarium I can find. The only other shop I could compare them to has closed. Go to this shop. It’s a 30 minute drive from where I live & it’s WELL worth the trip.

  • Street Heart

Great selection of fish and supplies and very helpful with questions, actually going to each other if unsure not just guessing or assuming as you get at many aquarium/pet shops which leads to miss identification etc etc Things like that make a big difference in opinion, will definitely be back.

  • Trevor Allen

The guys down at New Life Aquarium at Keysborough are very knowledgeable and helpful in respect to all things related to the aquarium hobby. Their livestock is always of the best quality and also reasonably priced. I can not recommend these guys highly enough, keep up the great work!

  • F3ar

Really nice customer service and good variety of fish and stuff, I liked the wide variety of fish so it is the perfect pet store to go to. It has everything you need including another store that sells tanks and aquascaping items. Really nice pet store and customer service is alright

  • Luke Kassanis

They are the best friendliest people I have bought many fish from them, and I bought a new big tank I took it home. There was a problem with the manufacturing they did not hesitate to change it for a other. Very nice people. Good business keep up the professionalism. Luke Kassanis

  • Phoebe Bourdakis

The staff are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable , they've helped me cultivate a healthy thriving environment for my fish and I highly recommend them. They have all kinds of fish to! From tropical to fresh water! ( here is a photo of my lovely beta fish purchased there)

  • kobe

this store is amazing I love the service they provide I came in Saturday, Lachlan and Will are very helpful with finding what im after. ill definitely be a loyal customer and be coming back regularly, I will also be mentioning this store to many people service is amazing

  • Wayne Diffey

I've been going to this aquarium for over 15 years. Since John and will have taken it over they have renovated the space to a modern standard. They have always given me the best advice when I needed it and even helped with shipping fish for me interstate.

  • The Average JOE Garage

We bought most of our fish from here. (We have 6 tanks) There are good selection of fish to choose from. Most fish are good quality as well. They also have another shop, which is pretty big, few building down the road which selling just the equipments.

  • Hakan Subasi

These guys have a fantastic team of guys working for them, always happy to help out. The store has come a long way over last year or so, with a huge variety of fish and equipment. Pleasure dealing with these guys. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Jeff Darvill

I have been to a lot of aquarium supplies lately after getting back into the hobby after 20 odd years , both outlets are fantastic and staff are very helpful, all stock are really healthy Now my go to supplier Rural Gippsland customer

  • Brendan Regan

What an awesome shop. Tanks full of every fish imaginable, plants and aquascaping supplies and super helpful knowledgeable staff as well. All of the livestock was really healthy and the prices were very reasonable too. I'll be back again soon.

  • Julie Tran

Wonderful, clean setup with a great range. The staff were friendly and very helpful; they gave advice freely and recommended products based on personal needs instead of what was more expensive. They also had a pretty amazing setup on display.

  • Sarah W

Very helpful staff. I had to arrange a phone/internet order and a pickup, and they made it very easy and answered my multiple questions. Great range of aquarium stock and supplies and I can't wait to go have a big browse in-store one day.

  • Jeffrey Hillman

I have have always been welcomed whenever I have been to the Aquarium and no question is too small leanne and Andy are always helpful even if I,m not sure of what I,m asking is the right thing and they are so knowledgeable on everything


Awesome business. They have lovely staff that are always willing to go above and beyond. I always order online and if there is anything wrong they don’t hesitate to ring you to make sure they can do everything they can to help.

  • alex rowe

A hidden gem, wasn’t sure I was in the right place from the outside but oooen the door and it’s a magical aquarium world! Great variety of fish, well organised also by strain and lots of beautiful colour and breed strains.

  • Laura Kaziavin

Decided to get back into fish keeping after five years and bought my new tank from here. The guy was really friendly and helpful with picking out a tank size to fit my space. Will definitely be back for fish and supplies

  • Kailash Seehoo

The store had a wide variety of fish species. Everything was well-maintained and clean. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, and I’ll definitely be returning for any future aquarium needs. Highly recommended!

  • Tina Z

Absolutely wonderful customer service, William was patient and had accurate knowledge of my fish, he was incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend new life keysborough to anyone looking for quality fish

  • phuoc tran

Thanks Will and John for beautiful tank which I can’t find any place to made it here as Curve tank, also thanks for your professional advice on how to keep the fishes healthy and keep the water tank clean!

  • Chris Duell

Amazing aquarium shop huge selection of fish everything from the common ones all the way to some pretty rare fish. Good selection of corals and saltwater fish as well as all the dry goods you need.

  • Nathan Keogh

Large range of good quality fish for all experience levels and a team with expansive knowledge, friendly nature and always happy to help. Genuinely my favourite aquarium!. Can’t recommend higher!

  • Tracey

Absolutely A1 friendly service. Fantastic range of fish and aquarium products. The team are always happy to answer any questions and they are very informative. I highly recommend K1 and K2

  • Screenshot Mania

Best aquarium out there. Great fish and equipment I recommend going here for all your fish needs. Fish are very healthy and staff are very friendly and have great advice for fish keeping.

  • Jesus Prayer Ministry

The best aquarium I've been so far. The wealth of knowledge they have is absolutely amazing regarding what you want to buy. The staff are so helpful and would definitely recommend them.

  • Jamie Cook

John & will are absolutely amazing with their knowledge and massive stock arrangement and their prices are fair for the quality of their fish and tank accessories. Love your work guys.

  • J H

The owner and other guys are great help and friendly. Amazing selection of fresh snd salt water fish. Always find cool little gadgets from asia that you cant find elsewhere. Go to LFS

  • guardianoil

Always came for the great selection of fish & live food but the new addition of a Hardscape shop is an absolute blessing!! Got exactly what I needed for my new Blue-Tongue enclosure

  • Ben Morrissey

Great shop great range. However waiting over 45 minutes to not get service then having to leave with crying kids because we didn’t get any fish. Suggest putting on more stuff!

  • Kylie Murdoch

Huge selection of fish! I have never seen so many varieties of corydora in one place! Super reasonably priced and staff were friendly and helpful. Very much worth the drive!

  • Abi Mahajan

Amazing service with very competitive price. This place is more of a fish paradise, always stocked up! Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Very highly recommended …

  • Rachel Andrews

All time favourite aquarium store. Their prices and selection are unbeatable, I only wish they were located in the northern suburbs. Will continue to return and recommend!

  • Diane Laurie

We love New Life Aquarium Keysborough. Our tank is mainly discus and the staff are all very informative if we need advice. Thankyou New Life we will be long term customers

  • lexx3x

I can only say positive about this shop , very friendly guys , very good professional knowledge about fishkeeping, awesome selection of fish and fair pricing . Keep it up

  • Troy McCormack

Amazing aquarium. Hands down the biggest tange of fish and accessories ive ever come across. Be sure to also wonder over to their second building a couple of doors down!

  • Tolis Moure

Highly knowledgeable and always eager to help! Have been a customer for 2 years and will keep at it! Visit K2 for some awesome aquarium options and natural decorations.

  • Gary Forshaw

Excellent range of fish and a massive variety, especially their apistogramma range, knowledgeable and friendly and being open till 630pm daily makes fish shopping easy

  • Maya Milosevic

The staff are really helpful. I had one guy be honest about what I need and don't need and didn't try to up-sell. I'm really happy about that so will come back again.

  • Yu Venus

I’ve been to over 10 stores and this was the best so far!! The fish were all in great shape and happily swimming around. I am definitely making this my go-to store!!

  • Maria S.

Amazing place with a great range of varieties to have a look at and choose from. Beautiful animals all around and excellent customer service. Thank you guys …

  • Alex Gritzalis

Always a great experience with amazing customer service. Anything you need or want, New life have and they always aim to supply a variety of species and produce.

  • Zero Chong

It's a very comprehensive aquarium with tropical fish and small ornamental marine fish. I really like the environment inside and the employees are very polite.

  • Megan Mason

Always very helpful and good advice. Large variety of fish. I have gotten quite a few fish from there now and they have been very healthy. Highly recommend!

  • MarianaTrench x

Great customer service. Really great knowledge on fishkeeping as well as authentic and honest advice. Healthy range of fish and plants, highly recommended.

  • sf2372

Very friendly service and a very helpful bunch of guys. Definitely my favourite aquarium shop at this time and I have been at it for almost 40 years.

  • Russell Moore

New Life has an amazing range of healthy fish & hard scape items, the staff are always very helpful. We love a trip to New Life Keysborough!!! …

  • Heather Petrauskas

Great place for all your aquarium needs, their show rooms are awesome, so many varieties of fish, friendly staff and amazing customer service!

  • Luna Wolf

Everybody here is so nice, also chatty and helpful which is nice. I really like this place and will definitely be coming back more often.

  • Alex Luchetta

Biggest range of fish I’ve seen, cold, tropical and marine. Fair prices and healthy fish, great customer support and knowledgeable staff.

  • Sarah H

Love coming to this store its worth the really long drive great selection of fish and supplies not to mention some outstanding displays..

  • Phu Lai

Best aquarium store in Melbourne along with Coburg Aquarium. AMAZING collection of fish, and looks like they are very well looked after.

  • Jay Delceppo

Always helpful and very knowledgeable I would always go to new life for any one of me needs from tanks,filtration to care of fish

  • _c Kelly

Great service, staff are always happy to help. Prices are great and always take home nice healthy fish!!! Couldn’t recommend more

  • Brendan McLennan

Fantastic shop and very helpful staff. Definitely my go to shop for all thing aquarium related. Keep up the great work …

  • Zena

Great place, very friendly and helpful staff. That is our favourite aquarium shop in Victoria, we travel 40 min to get there.

  • Pavan Imsara

Friendly staff.Service they provided was so amazing, it's one of the best aquarium ever visited since I moved to Melbourne.

  • Dantha Samarasinghe

Very friendly and helpful staff. I am a longtime customer of them. They have big veriety of fish species most of the time.

  • Hayden Watson

Amazing shop so much to look at awesome friendly people have everything you need keep up the amazing work guys …

  • michael siggs

The best Aquarium in Melbourne. Competitive pricing and a great selection of fish. Good advice and friendly staff.

  • SuperNikkinix

Great range of fish and plants with good advice if you need it Local and always open with all your aquarium needs

  • David Parker

Always get good helpful advice with any question. And a great range of fish and goods. Well worth a visit. …

  • Josh Keagan

Awesome store layout, healthy fish and friendly, knowledgeable staff! Couldn't recommend this place enough.

  • Rebecca Perry

Amazing variety of fish he is great owner always welcoming knows alot about fish highly recommended …

  • Ian Thrussell

Amazing place, great range of fish, tanks, food and accessories and great service the best I’ve been to.

  • Sunny Syme

Very kind and knowledgeable staff, amazing variety of fish that I haven't seen available anywhere else!

  • mma Aung

These guys are amazing, very helpful with my questions. The best range of fish and plants . Dylan …

  • Steve Ott

Great range of products and fish, super helpful and knowledgeable staff. Keep up the great work …

  • Lauren Cosshall

Best aquarium in Melbourne! Great selection, everyone there is incredible helpful and knowledgeable!

  • Paul Reams

Very friendly people and wood recommend them for fish and we will be getting more fish from them

  • Neville Simmons

The shop is really well done tons of different fish and very good prices enjoyed my time there

  • Daniel Millhouse

Awsome shop. Super friendly and very knowledgeable. I wish I lived closer. Huge range of fish.

  • Jason X

Amazing stock. Friendly team. Very busy. Just wish location was better. Parking is horrible.

  • Max Ozy

Fantastic customer service. They always go above and beyond to leave their customers happy.

  • Angelo Salguero

Great place for finding fish, lots of variety and beautiful fish. Customer service is good

  • John Perry

Great place looks like starting up. Really good range of fish and they are still building

  • Che Gittus

Best aquarium I have been to. Really knowledgeable and willing to help. Highly recommend.

  • Fehmida Ali

Very professional and sincere business owner and workers are all polite and friendly

  • Chris Tolhurst

Amazing variety of fish/plants and supplies, great customer service also …

  • Bev Phillips

One of the best Aquarium places I have been too. Staff were great and very helpful.

  • Unsocial Butterfly

Great range, perfect for my new hobby of aquascaping! I will definitely be back.

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