Commercial Street Cafe

344 reviews

3599 Commercial St, Vancouver, BC V5N 4E9, Canada



Commercial Street Cafe is a Cafe located at 3599 Commercial St, Vancouver, BC V5N 4E9, Canada. It has received 344 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Commercial Street Cafe: 3599 Commercial St, Vancouver, BC V5N 4E9, Canada

  • Commercial Street Cafe has 4.3 stars from 344 reviews

  • Cafe

  • "I feel Commercial St"

    "The staff are very friendly, based on baked goods and staff this place is a 4"

    "That dive Cafè that is home"

    "My favourite cafe for homework"

    "Easily one of my favourite cafes in Kensington Cedar Cottage, and a frequent first stop on my way for a walk at Trout Lake"


  • Sophy Romvari

I feel Commercial St.Cafe is filling a void in the neighbourhood that was much needed. Its a central hub where you can go to meet a friend, take your family or just sit and do homework. I find the atmosphere to be warm and inviting. Not to mention beautifully re-done since the last owners. The rotating artwork is a great idea, always keeps it fresh. As well as the sound of albums turning on the record player instead of sports or top 40, how refreshing! As for the food: Wow! I have never been disappointed and its safe to say I've tried nearly everything on the menu. You can tell everything is made with care, home-cooked with fresh ingredients. I especially admire their presentation of the food with fresh berry garnishes and cucumber swirls. The menu is rotating so try not to get too attached to anything, but what ever they replace it with is sure to be just as good. The kitchen is also very open to any adjustments you want to make to your food, I even got a side of potato chips with my sandwich! As for the coffee, you can tell its made with care and is never watered down. The owners seem to be avid coffee drinkers as I always see them around the cafe with a cup of their own so I believe they would not be willing to skimp on quality. I love the guy who often works the front that does the corky latte art! So cool. I find the service friendly, welcoming and non-intrusive. I was able to sit at one of the tables with my laptop for about 3 hours doing homework with no disruption. Even on the wi-fi card it says they welcome you to stay for as long as you want, as long as all the new comers have a seat. As far as independent cafes in Vancouver, I think this one is a gem. Most coffee shops that I have been to have limited options for food, or just a few wraps/sandwiches sitting in the fridge all day. It really is unique and it feels like home. If your looking for Starbucks, go to Starbucks. If your looking for a lunch at cactus club with fake smiles and sub-par food, then do that. But if you are looking for something different, then I full heartedly recommend Commercial Street Cafe.

  • Diana L.

The staff are very friendly, based on baked goods and staff this place is a 4.5. It’s a busy place and cozy place that I wish I had a better review for because I’d really like to like this place. We bought a sandwich, yogurt parfait, cookie and a drink. Yogurt parfait had hair in in (it happens) but not a big deal. As we are sitting in the overflow room, we watch as the ladies prepare sandwiches and are having a good time, dancing etc while doing so (great to see). One of the servers pops by and the lady preparing the food keeps the fridge open as she’s preparing another sandwich and scoops a spoonful of food and feeds him (no problem) but then she places the same spoon back into the bucket and continues to scoop and make more sandwiches platters with salad etc :S From where I was sitting, I could see the kitchen of where they wash dishes. He didn’t even use soap for the utensils - just rinsed. :S So for hygiene and food safe - I’d give it a 0 but then again, what you don’t see, can’t hurt you!

  • Daniel J. Loney

That dive Cafè that is home. I first came to this cafè because is had a few good reviews and then 1 bad. For some reason that always sparks my attention. It is a small quaint place. Old tile mix in with aged wood trim and furniture. For atmosphere its your classic quintessential hipster coffee shop. Apart from the servers nether standing out in a positive or negative way. I drew great intrest in the patrons. A diverse crowed of young family's. A constant echo of good mornings and how are you. I should explain this was a Saturday morning. As for the dinning experience. The table was clean along with all the cutlery and plating. The cinnamon bun I had tastes fresh made. The vanilla latte I had was delicious. I would give the coffee a 8.7. Tims being a 3 and start bucks a 5... One thing that I did pick up on and do agree with the negative review from before is that the debit machine did implying a tip. Which I do not agree with. I would come back. I do recommend.

  • Krista Brittner

My favourite cafe for homework. I love the big wooden tables, the atmosphere (great tunes, friendly, big windows, great local art work, nice smells), I enjoy the staff and find them to be efficient and kind, and the patrons seem to be quite nice too. I also enjoy their baked goods. My favourite is their rice bowls, great for a long day (I often get tea and a treat, then get hungry later and have a bowl... I tend to stay pretty long). The green machine rice bowl is my favourite. I have even tried to recreate it at home (I gave myself a 6/10, theirs is better). I don't drink coffee and I do not have sugary drinks, I can say that their tea selection is great and that I very much enjoy their teas (Namastea brand teas - organic, loose leaf teas). They offer a few gluten free treats which I always love. I recommend it for studying, for a coffee date, for playing boardgames or a card game with friends, and for a regular coffee or tea with or without friends.

  • River Shannon

Easily one of my favourite cafes in Kensington Cedar Cottage, and a frequent first stop on my way for a walk at Trout Lake. The staff are so kind, funny, and cool - the strongest point in the cafe's favor. The coffee is decent, though their new Cosmic Cold Brew in the summer is outstanding if a little pricey. They have food, including fresh paninis and muffins. When I first started visiting, they would also make really delicious crepes, and this stopped with covid and never started up again. I'm holding back one star in the hopes they will expand the menu a little bit beyond ready made lunch fare. They have now opened a really cute indoor area, with large tables that are good for solo or group work. They have a small outdoor seating section with some shade - can be hard to find a table during busy hours, but that's because it seems to be a gathering place for the neighborhood.
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Diana Sonobe

This coffee shop is welcome for anyone who likes coffee and good pastry. I am obsessed with their mochaccino and cheese croissant. But they offer loaves, a delicious pearl and brie croissant sandwich, muffins, wraps, and more options for breakfast. Also, they have daily soup for lunch! recently they re-open the second room that looks like our living room, it's so cozy. The staff is another great reason that makes me feel welcome and wants to go back. I am so glad to leave nearly and enjoy this place. I really recommend it for those who like coffee, a good place to meet friends and appreciate the amazing customer service. As a bread lover, my only suggestion is they should include toast in their menu! Thank you for reading it, and I hope it is helpful! Enjoy what makes you happy!
Meal type
Price per person
Recommended dishes
Quinoa Waffle, Ham and Cheese Croissant

  • Katie Rempel

2020 update: Most staff do it automatically, but one person treats me rudely after I ask her to please stir my coffee so I'm not handling it on their counter...when I see her serving I go without or elsewhere to avoid the grief. She offers me a stir stick when I ask her to stir it...i just don't want to handle my coffee on the counter everyone pays from during covid and have explained this. Service has been hit or miss over the years, but has been ok recently other than with that barrista. There is another comment on here about staff being too precious for their own's a pretty good description some days - like I'm not worth their time or service.

  • Tung Nguyen Thanh

Unintended discovering this coffee shop. Somewhere in Vancouver, there is a corner coffee shop make me feel like in Hochiminh City. Did order a cold brew one with amazing taste note: purple grape, passion fruit, monkfruit, dark chocolate, almond, red wine, lime...hidden strawperry, nutty, black tea...finnishing with nutty, acrid and sweetness like white suger... The aromas and tastes are complex and keep changing every drink. If the bean was developed more evenly or slower roasted, it would be the best. Ah, it is a heritage building that built in 1911 with a chill outdoor seating place.
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Cale Hall

Charming little café, super friendly and helpful staff. I tried a little of everything and it was all delicious. Muffins are amazing, breakfast sandwich was killer, coffee was perfect, banana bread was a tiny bit dry but still good. The burrito was mostly rice but yummy anyways and the chicken wrap was mostly green but again, still delicious. Highly recommend this place!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Recommended dishes
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, Chicken Beacon Wrap

  • Scott Phyper

Can’t speak highly enough about this place. I was waiting for my Airbnb to be ready, so spent ALL DAY. The food was delicious, the staff were friendly, and the ‘atmosphere’ was amazing. I sat outside and it was such a nice day, but then move inside to charge my computer. Great place for a coffee, snack, or a hang out.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

  • christine shuen

Great food, the waitress are very unfriendly never smile. I have been there at least a dozen times and have brought friends there and everyone feels the same. I asked what was the soup of the day and the waitress put her finger down on the menu and pointed without a smile , another time I saw a one of there waitress outside eating lunch and my friend said "what a nice day to have your lunch outside" she never responded. I recently met one of the owners and chatted, she was great.

  • Ian Simmons

Excellent very very cozy. I've only tried one of many different varieties of soups but I gotta tell yah it was fantastic I would strongly recommend that you should check this little cafe out it's very family friendly and the staff are very polite and very quick to to take and serve your order not only that but they continue cleaning organizing and keeping the place very clean I'd give this place 10 stars the prices are fair the coffees great and the food is phenomenal

  • Kimia Pourshaban

I came in to sit down early in the morning before an appointment close by and everything was great! I noticed they used Avalon brand BC dairy, which is awesome! And they had almond, soy, oat, cream and milk for coffee creamer available on the counter, so you didn't have to ask for it like most places. Give them a try, support local!
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Yassi Nikkhah

I wouldn't say I liked the atmosphere. An ancient building with an unfriendly welcoming. careless staff and unpleasant service. I never go there again. I visited someone other. Nothing was spatial. Inferior customer service. Even we dine in we served by to go dishes. Close by there is an excellent coffee shop named Florist, which I highly recommend it.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person

  • Rachel Ross

Went in and ordered a coffee, bagel and hash brown. The server blonde girl was forgetting the order infront of mine, so I guess she forgot to put in my hash brown, she cooked the bagel and let it sit on the counter while the hash brown then cooked. I asked if I could have the bagel and I guess she assumed I was in a rush because she gave me the hash brown half cooked from the oven lol thanks for the soggy hash brown.

  • Victoria Vandenberghe

Very cute cafe with lots of food and beverage options! I did order a breakfast item that had mushrooms on it (which was not listed as an ingredient on the menu) but staff was super quick to fix it and swapped that sandwich for one that didn’t have mushrooms. Excellent service!
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • John Tino

I used to like this coffee shop. They have decent coffee and decent selection of snacks. I do not like the fact that they do not offer reusable mugs when you have your coffee to stay but still charge 25 cents for the single use cups. This is just greedy. I highly recommend going down the street to Flourist instead. They offer a better and tastier selection of food, larger seating space and reusable cups.

  • D

I like the hidden location away from the Commercial Drive bustle. This place suffers from the typical lack of seats due to people who stay for hours working on their laptop or reading a book. The last straw for me - for several months now some malady with the refrigeration equipment near the cash register constantly makes this annoying groaning sound - and they won’t get it fixed. Well, I won't be back.

  • Jessica

My bf took me there for a quick coffee and I found this place to be charming. They have the art hanging on wall for sale and even selling the ice cream pops. We grab coffee, tea and a piece of chocolate zucchini loaf. I really like the loaf! I admit I am not a big fans of zucchini and to my surprise, I did not taste the zucchini at all and it had few chocolate chips too.

  • Raf Van

EXTRA Fees, I ordered a coffee to go and when I went to pay there was no default option for no tip, not sure if we're suppose to subsidize employee salary or if tip is expected for to go orders. if I recall correctly there was also a fee for single use cups, $5 coffee turned to $6.37 maybe I'm being too cheap but def not coming back to save up on unexpected costs.

  • Thomas

Had a sandwich with my drink. It was not good, it definitely wasn't cheap and it was small so I was expecting that the taste was going to be on point. Nope. I would describe the sandwich as dry and lacking flavour worthy of $11. I recommend the Flourist bakery on the other end of the block, its much better. Service was good still. Just the products let it down.

  • Dan Deranleau

Really friendly staff and very comfortable place to hang. The food is great. The drip coffee is really good. The espresso roast they are using is a cheaper blend as evident by the bitter after taste. (Sorry...I’m super sensitive). The cafe is usually pretty accessible unless it’s between 8am and 10am when Stratford Hall mom’s are getting their morning fix.

  • Engine2 Diet

This place is too precious for its own good. It does not feel very inclusive especially if you are over 30 and not a hipster or a commercial drive person. The coffee is mediocre and your cinnamon buns which are frozen and passed off as fresh are substandard and $4 each. The two coffee shops at the other end of this block or way better in every respect.

  • Frances Roche

We got 1 almond milk latte (I was very happy because they use the Pacific Barista blend which is the best!), 1 regular latte and a chai tea latte. All three terrible. They were watery and disappointing. The place was cute and our barista was very nice but the coffee was so so disappointing. I would unfortunately never try it again. Not impressed.

  • Noel Hodnett

I have had the Smoked Salmon and Spinach crepes many times at the Commercial Street Cafe and have always been satisfied, but today they were SADLY lacking in spinach...which didn't seem to bother the staff any when brought to their attention. If this is any indication of what can be expected in the future, I shall be taking my business elsewhere.

  • Rachel Kelly

Been going to this place for years, sometimes almost daily. Pretty good coffee and food but a little tip... Staff really need to work on their service and friendliness. Much competition opening up around the area and I so would like to see you succeed, but you're reputation for customer service is not great. Thanks for the memories though.

  • Tim Wallis

Excellent customer service. Everyone who I encountered was happy to help and very friendly. I enjoyed a quick lunch on my break when working in the area. I will definitely recommend the breakfast sandwiches! The coffee was perfect as well. Great layout as well lots of space to eat in cool side room. Thanks for great service.

  • Jeremy Zsillei

Cozy place with cheap coffee, and decent soup. The vegetarian sandwich was probably the worst sandwich I’ve ever purchased. It was $10.00 for essentially some spread, a couple slices of tomato and cucumber (literally 2 or 3 slices) and some onions. I posted a photo, not sure if it will link to this review or not.

  • Sevda Inceoz

I’ve been coming to Commercial Street Cafe for the past 4 years and I was always welcomed so kindly. They have some delicious items on their menu and it’s such a cute place to hang out. My favourite food item so far is the muffins as well as the smoked salmon bagel - SO GOOD. Highly recommend this cafe!

  • Elaine Siu

Nice quiet cafe on the corner of a quiet street with both indoor and outdoor seating. Has a simple coffee and tea menu with baked goods and some simple dishes; bottled juices and drinks are also available. It is quieter than your typical coffee shop but always busy - most likely locals from the areas.

  • Cadex Tools

You would think that after 2 years of going in they would once say "thank you". Hmmm not a high service place. Just got my macaroni to go. Got home popped it in the microwave and when I took it out they had put it in the take out container upside down so now all the cheese is stuck to the container.

  • Lindsey Ross

Sweet little cafe with nice options for food and drinks. The staff was quick and friendly, and the atmosphere was nice. Our drinks were good. My meal was a little different than I anticipated from the description and it was the only fault for me. Likely better to give too much info than too little.

  • Terri Ponich

Friendly neighborhood cafe. Great coffees. Housemade goodies. So far the Spinach Florentino breakie sandwich, the brownie and morning glory muffins are fresh winners. Will continue to sacrifice my body to bring more Commercial Street café reviews. Maybe even get a photo prior to eating the goods...

  • Pascal Pillot

It's nice to find a place where one can sit in peace and appreciate quietly a coffee. A way to escape from the hustle of the city. The baked goods are fresh and delicious. Hypster milléniums are not too keen on the smiley customer service... Understandable but it makes the place a bit unfriendly...

  • Josef Roehrl

Quaint, cozy cafe. Larger than you might think. Couple of tables and a comfortable couch. Quiet street, always a bonus.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4
Very inclusive overall.

  • Jill Grimmett

I live two doors down so it's very handy for me. The female staff are snobby and unfriendly. They never smile. There is one exception, she's a pretty blond girl who does smile and is more friendly then the others. The male staff are quite nice. It's over price, 1 liter milk is around $4 plus.

  • Jennefer Boudreau

Very spacious and quiet place to get some work done! The cafe is divided into two rooms. The side with all the art work is much more suitable for working on your laptop. Service is quick and friendly, and the food here is pretty good too! I would recommend the breakfast croissant =)

  • Nikki Berreth

It has Good Vibrations! My friend and I went for a sit-down with tea/coffee and it was packed inside. We found a tiny table outside in the afternoon sun. It was glorious and the staff are exceptionally friendly. I would definitely return if ever I was in the neighborhood again.

  • Bailey

Well if you live nearby, it's one of the only coffee shops so it is convenient. The shop is in an old heritage building & definitely has a cool vibe. Coffee is mediocre however and the lattes are way too milky. Like every single time. The cinnamon buns keep me coming back!

  • Rebecca Liggins

This is a little hidden gem, really casual cafe atmosphere with great coffee and the best banana bread muffins. I meet a friend here all the time and it's perfect for catching up, especially if you can get on the sofas in the next room. Friendly staff and family friendly

  • Petra

Very cute little garden-esk patio. Unfortunately the beef dip sandwich I got was very bland, greasy and quite overpriced for the poor quality. Coffee was okay. Approached the counter to two co-workers talking and not acknowledging me; not the best customer service

  • Laurel Richardson

Great lattes & fresh baked goods, with ample wooden tables outdoors on a quiet corner in a charming hood. Local painters exhibited + for sale Short stroll to Equinox gallery + Trout Lake. Looking forward to the indoor seating space re-opening - soon?? …

  • Ren J

I like the coffee and most of the food, and I’m glad it’s there when I need to grab something. But the food is too expensive for the portion sizes and the staff could be friendlier. I always feel like they think they’re doing me a favour in serving me.

  • Amrita Ahuja

What a great find. In a quiet neighbourhood. Food is amazing: we had the waffles and the lunch frittata special. Plus major bonus, they serve Matchstick coffee. Service was good too. I can see this place becoming a favourite for my husband and I!

  • Jay Holtslander

Best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. Seriously! (Maple Sausage) Will definitely return again just for this item. Could use more/smaller tables, less/big tables though to make seating easier. 2 people can easily use up seating for 8 here.

  • Nick Pashenkov

A small cozy coffee place on a quiet street, where people can sit outside with their dogs. It's a Heritage building by the way. Friendly service and really good coffee, great atmosphere. Highly recommend, especially if it's sunny outside.

  • Chantel C

Sweet little corner cafe in the neighbourhood. Located in a family friendly community. Good for breakfast and lunch. They have outdoor patio seating during the summer months. I ordered their savoury crepes the first time there.

  • Paul Cikatricis

Nice authentic place to have coffee and lunch at a really nice location at the quieter end of the Drive. Staff is very friendly and accommodating.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person

  • Danielle Markewicz

Tasty coffee and treats, and the staff was very friendly! They gave great suggestions when I wasn't sure what to order. I stopped in on my way to Trout Lake farmers market, this café is definitely worth the short detour.

  • stephen olson

I would say many splendid things of this place but one notable thing is it is on Commervial Street not Commercial Drive.. This may seem obvious to some....but many are confused of this as well....keep in mind .

  • Dru Chan (Kitoshi)

This small little cafe does a lot of coffee/tea well. And it is a little gem within Vancouver if you want underground cafes. Good delicious meals with a salad and a sandwich. They make all muffins in house.

  • Ava Russell

Great simple but we'll made brunch and lunch options. Their coffees and drinks are delicious. I love the casual atmosphere and gorgeous setting amongst the boulevard gardens. Can't wait to come back.

  • Mike C

A very nice little old school café that's clean, beautiful inside, has friendly helpful staff and lots of yummy treats. You can even get a nutritious and filling breakfast or lunch. Love this spot!

  • Kathrin Kilburn

Lovely, casual neighbourhood coffeeshop with nice outdoor seating in the summer. The muffins and panini are especially good! Only downside are the short opening hours on weekdays (closes at 2pm).

  • John Cummings

Very nice cafe. They provided great weather, we sat outside and had a great morning glory muffin and a chicken and pesto bagel. Nice vibes.
Food: 4
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 5

  • Sheridan Mohammed

The space is a beautiful room; gave me the feeling of being in their private solarium, enjoying great coffee, a crepe, and tranquility-perfect for early morning, computer work loads-peaceful.

  • Katie Piper

A stellar location for a cute coffee shop. Delicious treats, delightful staff and quick service. The cafe currently has plenty of outside seating. This is a go to spot if you’re in the area!

  • Tempo S

it's unexpectedly hard to nail an excellent chocolate chip cookie (since it's such a classic) - but they did it!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • Adam C

Love these guys! We own a shop down the street, and all of our staff goes there regularly for coffee, crepes, grilled chees sandwiches, and rice bowls. Consistently friendly and delicious!

  • Vincent Lee

Quaint little place . Odd little hours from 8-3pm. We enjoyed our americanos . Would love to know what blend you use. We will ask next time we visit this part of commercial drive. …

  • Angela Nee

This is my living room away from home tucked away in a neighbourhood. A wonderful neighbourhood coffee shop with some couches and coffee table. My go to is their Chai and Cinnamon Buns.

  • Amber Lee

Awesome cafe! Such warm and friendly staff! Great service, Great coffee, yummy food and good chill vibe with lots of places to sit and hang out or work. My fave place …

  • Alex Li

Very cute cafe with decent coffee. Great place to catch up with a friend or do some reading.
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 4

  • Alex Thumm

Great food, croissants, and the neighbourhood feel is its winning feature. Really unique heritage building with lots of interesting seating. They even have a vinyl player.

  • Tara S

Breakfast sandwich was horribly dry and stale. Zero flavour. Tasted like a microwaved egg on top of a piece of cardboard. Coffee was delicious and fresh. Avoid the food.

  • CV

Multiple visits, terrible service, horrible attitude. And on top of that, their coffee isn't great. You can only give a place the benefit of the doubt so many times.

  • Rosy Lee

This spot is cozy with great staff and tasty muffins. I would come all the time if the wifi was more reliable.
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 4

  • Rachael Stableford

Brew matchstick coffee, make a mean misto and have great breakfast sandwiches. The location is perfect and they have table to stretch out and work. Hidden gem.

  • Maria Mainart

Gorgeous place, delicious ham & cheese croissant, super friendly service and the art hanging on the walls is fascinating, wanna come back to try their coffee.

  • Andrew J

Its ok. Typical cafe a bit off the grid. Their focus on high-quality ingredients & healthy options is great, but food was a bit bland, and far over-priced.

  • Matt Henry

Cozy local coffee shop. Great place to grab a snack or just a coffee to go. There is a fair amount of seating which is nice. Def one of my go to places.

  • William Walker

It's mainly organic& home made baked goods& sandwiches, has several tables in& outdoor, but not cheap, about$11 for a Turkey sandwich, very tasty though

  • M Bhatti

Great little coffee shop off the beaten path. The service was amazing, staff are friendly, and the food was equally as incredible. Highly recommended!

  • Cam Loeschmann

cute little corner spot! a little out of the way but they have great coffee, great tea and a nice selection of baked goods, with some vegan options.

  • Stefan Green

Great place for a coffee and a quick bite. Get the morning glory muffin. Will change your life.
Take out
Meal type

  • Kim Schneider

Nice place but the coffee is hit or miss depending on who's making them. Overheated thin cappucino, milk scalded, too hot to drink, disappointing.

  • Jay Lyonns

I enjoy the café regularly. Great setting. Get there early for fresh daily muffins baked in house. The coffee is best in the 4 shot giant cup.

  • David Leong

One of our favourite places for lunch. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. Nice artwork decorate the walls. Love the buritto.

  • Aline LaFlamme

I go nearly daily for the BEST cafe latte in Vancouver made by wonderful, friendly staff. It's a fabulous place with delicious coffee and food

  • Andrew Le Patourel

Pretty decent coffee and a good food, the sandwiches would be so much better if they toasted the bread a bit though. service is very average.

  • Anna Yof

The Lead Cook "Shantelle Em" is rude, aggresive and she harrasses people online. Wont ever be coming to this location with her working here.

  • Chelsea Anolik

I work close by and I’m there often. Every time I’m in there, it’s felt super pretentious and everyone is snobby. Over priced goods as well.

  • Luca Intini

Beautiful place,but slow service and terrible espresso
Price per person
Food: 3
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 5

  • Amy

Nice cafe to work from - I sat on the patio with umbrellas to shade from the sun. Was lovely. Service is nice and my mocha was yummy!

  • Uli Laue

A nice neighborhood coffee shop with a lot of potential.
Dine in
Meal type
Price per person

  • henry lo

Staffs were very friendly, they let me stay till the store closes - not kicking me out 10 minutes beforehand. Coffee was alright.

  • Brett Shields

Good coffee, good food, and friendly staff. Offers a warm and comfy environment and uncomplicated fare. I like this place a lot.

  • Tanner Prevette

Great local cafe and setting. Moderately priced food that has a very home-cooked , comfort food vibe. Nice laid back service.

  • Caroline Carson

Casual, trendy, very Vancouver. Wooden tables and chairs. Great coffee and food... had salmon crepes. Delicious! Has wifi....

  • Stephanie Hendy

Fantastic coffee, service, ambiance. Huge variety of drink and small foods selection. They have soy, almond, and oat milk.

  • Tim Braun

Loved this little local coffee place. It helped that the weather was good and the outside tables were available. Sweet.

  • Josh Usher

Great little neighbourhood cafe. Not the best coffee or food in town by any stretch, but decent and a good atmosphere.

  • Zen

Ate the smallest, priciest breakfast sandwich here. Seriously, the size is a joke - should not be called a sandwich.

  • Angela Kim

Service is good and lovely outdoor tables for respite. But majority of menu is not available as they do not cook.

  • Mat Davy

Super nice folks. Steady but not overly busy. Good food. Good coffea. Great mix of local residents and students.

  • Tiffany Timbers

Deliciousness breakfast sandwiches & coffee. Great atmosphere & friendly staff. My favorite local coffee shop.

  • Julien Realtor

1 of the rare coffee spot in Vancouver where when you ask for an espresso... You get 1 and in a stylish cup

  • Hi

The veggie crepé is delicious and goes great with the hot chocolate, and the outside seating is very nice.

  • Bran-tastic

Great atmosphere. I love the two-sided layout. Nice coffees. I like that local musicians play there.

  • Cameron Wallace

Good food and coffee. Service wasn't cheerful, but it was fine. Nice atmosphere and location.

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