First Bite Treats

376 reviews

531a Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 5S6, Canada



First Bite Treats is a Bakery located at 531a Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 5S6, Canada. It has received 376 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars.





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  • The address of First Bite Treats: 531a Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 5S6, Canada

  • First Bite Treats has 4.8 stars from 376 reviews

  • Bakery

  • "Can't say enough good things about this place! Upon first sight of the place, we were so excited to see the wall with the neon sign covered in pink flowers, which is a really nice touch if you want to get noticed on social media nowadays"

    "After trying First Bite Treats I am left pondering my life and the decisions that have led me here because without those decisions I would never have had the opportunity to try one of the greatest desserts of our time! The croffle is a genius idea; the flaky and buttery perfection of a croissant, combined with the crispy and fluffy nature of a waffle is a surprising melt in your mouth mixture of savory and sweet! I went with the family and ordered a pack of 6"

    "A local small business ran by people that know customer service and how important it is to treat each customer properly"

    "What a beautiful day to check out a new little place in downtown Ottawa"

    "Going on a date? Going through a bad break up and wanna cheer up? Thinking of birthday presents? Trying to find an ideal gift for a celebration? Or you just wanna have a boujee Instagram worthy picture"


  • Maeve Hazel

Can't say enough good things about this place! Upon first sight of the place, we were so excited to see the wall with the neon sign covered in pink flowers, which is a really nice touch if you want to get noticed on social media nowadays. There was also a round mirror on the opposing wall to take selfies if you so please. We ordered 3 croffles/$20 which is slightly cheaper than they are if you buy them individually. The cashier was notably sweet and offered us the option to customize our croffles in ways that they aren't set on the menu without extra charge, even if you're adding rather than substituting a topping. He seemed genuinely happy to be there helping us out and honestly I was not expecting that. I know that they are a new business but that genuine kindness was very refreshing. They were beautifully put together on the plate. The croffle itself was delightful - crunchy outer texture, but chewy on the inside, and no detection of dryness, which is a concern for me when it comes to waffles. They seemed to maybe not have been fresh out of whatever they use to make them (waffle iron? oven?), however they still tasted good - I assume baked that same day but maybe a couple hours earlier. The toppings were very complimentary to the croffles, however you definitely can only eat one per sitting or else it would likely end up being too sweet. I thought that it was cool that they have the biscoff flavour because you don't often see that in Ottawa. It basically is like a gingerbread flavour, which I feel like is more fun and complex than the oreo and strawberry. Overall, 10/10 experience!

  • Hammad Qazi

After trying First Bite Treats I am left pondering my life and the decisions that have led me here because without those decisions I would never have had the opportunity to try one of the greatest desserts of our time! The croffle is a genius idea; the flaky and buttery perfection of a croissant, combined with the crispy and fluffy nature of a waffle is a surprising melt in your mouth mixture of savory and sweet! I went with the family and ordered a pack of 6. The shop was really busy, but the order came out in no time, made fresh and to perfection. Even with the busy line, the owner greeted us himself and took time to explain the menu and the options. Both the owners were courteous and made great small talk while we waited for the food. The shop is relatively new but the word must have gotten out because it was packed! But after trying to croffle, I can easily see why. We tried a bunch of different options but I think our stand out favorite was the Biscoff Croffle. It tasted amazing! The kids loved the blueberry and Oreo croffles as well! The location is in a great spot, in the heart of the market. I would highly recommend this location to anyone who wants to try something new and exciting!

  • kb

A local small business ran by people that know customer service and how important it is to treat each customer properly. Not only that, their genius creative idea to bring croffles that taste amazing makes this an easy 5 star. I have visited the place numerous times and it’s a 5 star experience for me every time. Today they went above and beyond, cash only because their machine was down but me and my partner only had $5. The person working accepted it even though our order came up to a little over $10. Seriously, not a lot of business would do that. I will be dropping by during the week to get more and tip them generously for that act of kindness. In terms of the desserts, we’ve been getting the strawberry croffle lately but we love the biscoff one as well. They have weekly special croffles that are worth trying. I’m waiting and hoping they bring the Bueno back. Never tried it :( Their store is really nicely designed as well and always clean. Very “instagramable” as well. They care about their customers and they know how to run a business. It shows with their interactions and genuine personality. I couldn’t recommend this place enough!

  • Natalie Nagasar

What a beautiful day to check out a new little place in downtown Ottawa. Move over cronut lovers, there's a new creation in town! Firstbite is a taking a delicious flakey croissant and turning it into a waffle, thus creating the Croffle!! This little hidden gem is located on Sussex dr and has been open almost a year. Owner AJ was so sweet and helpful. I do want to take a minute and acknowledge his amazing mural, I love seeing talented artist hired to make these beautiful pieces! We got 3 different wroffle, strawberry with milk chocolate, biscoff with caramel and I asked AJ to surprise me, and he made me blueberry with nutella, everything was so delicious. The croissants are made fresh daily, and you can see all the beautiful layers of the croissant as you bite into it. This place is a must try!! #supportlocal #ottawafoodiestalker

  • Kruti Bagde

Going on a date? Going through a bad break up and wanna cheer up? Thinking of birthday presents? Trying to find an ideal gift for a celebration? Or you just wanna have a boujee Instagram worthy picture. Honey, look no further! Because first bite treats has done it for you. You can find this gem in the heart of Ottawa which is run and owned by two of the brilliant minds. Who would have thought that merging a croissant and waffles could elevate the flavour of both baked goods! Well First Bite Treats Ottawa has done it! The place is quaint, and and the food tastes so fresh! Understandably, it is busy at all times, but the service was still pretty good! If you ever think of trying freshly baked desserts and don’t want the same old donuts, you must try out this place. I will be going back for more!! Can’t wait to try more flavours!

  • Alekhya M

Absolutely loved our experience here and fully worth all the 5 stars. The owner is extremely friendly guy and told us his story on how he started this place while making the delicious croffles. The decor of this place is also very vibrant as you can see from the pictures. He had a steady flow of customers come in and make great conversations with them. A lot of them seemed like repeat customers which is always a good sign! We tried the biscoff croffle and strawberry croffle. Both were delicious but we liked strawberry more. The strawberries were fresh and delicious. I think he mentioned that he switches up the menu. So I can't wait to see what'll be next when we visit Ottawa next. But definitely do visit this place in the heart of vibrant Byward market. Only suggestion is to use to paper plates instead of styrofoam.

  • Umm ‘Eesaa

12/10 - Highly recommend. It was my first time hearing of such a spectacular concept of two of some of my favourite things ever created, waffles and croissant. A warm, buttery, flakey, delicious croissant, with the texture and sweetness of a waffle; light, airy whipped cream with the toppings of your dreams. I honestly expected everything to over power themselves which was why I hesitated to get the lotus biscoff option but never will I question my gut again! It was DELICIOUS, beyond my expectations. We got Biscoff, Strawberry and Blueberries, aswell as the Oreo options and all three were amazing. I especially love the fact that they use Belgian chocolate, it just added even more depth to such an exquisite dessert. No doubt I will be back. Oh and I how can I forget to mention how adorable and elegant the decor is!

  • Sérine M

First Bite Treats - A Must-Try Dessert Experience! Definitely a new concept, one hard to find currently in Montreal! I absolutely loved the taste of it. The menu is fairly simple and that's perfect, just like. We tried the recommendation of the owner who was super friendly. He suggested, as a first-time, the strawberry and Biscoff one. Amazing recommendation! Flaky and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. When paired with those fresh strawberries, the textures were absolutely well matched. I would love to see more fruit combinations! I think the slight crispiness of the fruits definitely adds a great bite to it! Definitely recommend trying it, and it was very much worth the drive.

  • Jun Dam

Being an Ottawa native, I’ve always wanted a business to bring a piece of the innovative dessert scene coming from Asia. First Bite Treats took inspiration to make the perfect addition to the Ottawa food scene. One of my friend’s introduced me to this spot after dinner and after finishing my first one, I purchased two more to bring home. The combination croissant/waffle is the perfect something of familiar with a twist that will make you coming back for more. The crunchy exterior and fluffy inside of the croffle pastry paired with the sweet and crunchy toppings adds a layer of complexity to this pastry. Photographed here is the strawberry + milk chocolate and Oreo + milk chocolate.

  • Julia Ama Adjogble

The things you find in Ottawa…wow. I ordered the strawberry croffle with white chocolate and oreo crumbs on top. I had to go home first before eating it and during the ride home I randomly got sad and started crying. Anyways, when I got home and was finally able to eat the croffle, my sadness went away. Like deadass. Wish I could’ve eaten it fresh but it was still so good. The concept of waffle and croissant (i’m assuming that’s what it is) together is so fascinating to me. I came at like 9:30pm yet the employee was so nice and her smile was radiating. The shop is so small and cute and I would definitely come back. I was gonna go yesterday but Rogers prevented that for me

  • Sarah Phu

Located in the Byward Market this charming little dessert shop specializes in croffles (croissant + waffle hybrid). This was my first time having a croffle, but as a croissant lover, I definitely enjoyed this more than a regular waffle since it had that flaky texture of a croissant. The croffles were a treat to have, and made fresh after you place your order so it's still warm when it gets served. There are a number of flavors/toppings to choose from, and a few simple drink options (water, tea, coffee, pop) . We ordered the Strawberry and Buenos flavours. The person behind the counter was friendly, and the interior was quite cute with its black tables and chairs, and pink walls.

  • Oren Ngullie

First Bite Treats is the first in the city to serve this decadent treat — the Croffle. All thanks to Yelp, I had the opportunity to try a limited-time only flavour that starts with the soft and buttery Croffle topped with Nutella, whipped cream, Kinder buenos, Ferrero Rocher, strawberry halves and a drizzle of Belgium white chocolate and Nutella - just layers of PURE DECADENCE !! Their menu features a variety of combination of toppings like the Lotus Biscoff, blueberry, Golden Oren and many more! Once inside, you’re welcomed by bright pink walls with a wall of pink roses on one side, perfect for those IG worthy shots.

  • Ashley G

The Hubby brought me home a Nutella croffle and it was DELICIOUS. I've never had anything like this before. The bottom was crispy and caramelized with tons of Nutella drizzled on top. When he showed me what he got me, I put my nose up to it and said "just a waffle" This is not just a waffle , it's croissant pastry baked in a waffle iron, which takes it to a whole other level in the dessert game. By the time I devoured it, it was cold, but I think I prefer it this way. Def going to make a stop in when I'm in the area.
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Sayf Gani

This is the perfect combination of the heartiness and chewiness of a croissant, and the hardiness of a waffle. There’s a distinct freshness to the dough that is definitely not lost amongst the toppings. - Great customer service! Looking forward to the addition of various ice cream toppings and breaded chicken ! Imagine, a croffle topped with bite sized bits of breaded chicken, authentic maple syrup and whip cream Make sure to grab a picture in front of that epic pink rose wall! A great addition to any Instagram profile!

  • April Chan-Tsui

We stayed near Byward Market on our first night while on vacation in Ottawa and stopped by for dessert. We tried the Biscoff croffle, and it was to die for! Just the right amount of crunchy and gooey. We would have gotten a second one, but didn't want to wait. That's the only potential downside; there appeared to be only 2 waffle irons, so if other patrons are there, it might be a bit of a wait! Still, the croffle was delicious, and the people who served us were very friendly, so definitely worth a try if you're considering it!

  • Noelle

I love the croffles here so much, the texture is just immaculate!!! My go-to is the strawberry flavour with the creamy marshmallow fluff topping and decadent milk chocolate drizzle. It’s not frequently available though, which is my only complaint. The lotus biscuit flavour is also worth a try. I love the subtle, cinnamon-y flavour and the way the textures blend so well together. Customer service is exceptional and the staff always make me feel welcomed. They also have the cutest interiors!

  • Nashia Ali

It was a small and cosy place. Limited seating available but well-decorated. Their speciality is croffles which is a cross between a croissant and a waffle. The flavours we tried were strawberry with white chocolate, biscoff with caramel and the weekly special Bueno with white chocolate, all of which were good. The croffles were pretty light as desserts and they serve a relatively small portion. Overall, it was good but not sure if I’ll revisit due to limited seating capacity.

  • Omar Paul Mansley

This is the best dessert shop in the city! The croffles are not only visually appealing, but extremely delicious and satisfying. In addition to such a wonderful delicacy, the service at this establishment is second to none. Everyone that works here creates such a warm and friendly environment that sets the bar for all small businesses. This is by far Ottawa's premier dessert location and everyone from, or traveling to Ottawa must do themselves a favour and try a croffle!

  • Sarah Jules

peopleeeeee…. if you haven’t had a croffle. don’t walk, R U N and get one. The employees are so sweet and welcoming. The croffle itself is heavenlyyyy; my first and only words were “oh…my…god” like Janice from ‘Friends’. this mix of deliciousness is better than a beaver tail. you can’t change my mind; so please fight with the wall. I WILL be returning for several more. if I could give this place and their people 10 stars, I would. PLUS it’s a cute spot for photos.

  • Elisa T

First Bite is my new favourite dessert spot in Ottawa. Their croffles are delicious and that’s an understatement. I would say it was one of the best pastries I’ve ever had. I had mine with a golden Oreo and milk chocolate.. it was delightful!!! The crumbly topping with the whip cream was so yummy. I wish I ordered a few more. The guys working there were also super friendly and provided great customer service. I highly recommend this place.

  • Tatenda Dubé

This is my second time coming to first bites and I love it ! The croffle idea is so original and there are so many choices to pick from. My only critiques would be expanding the drink selection as well as adjusting the prices to fit the portions
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Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Strawberry Bliss, Croffles

  • Sarah Zaman

The true gems at this place aren't the delicious croffles, but the owners/staff, who were so kind, warm and welcoming. In my 5 minute interaction with them I felt like I was talking to old friends. But back to the croffles, which were amazing. I got the Biscoff flavour and even with the whipped cream and caramel drizzle on-top, it wasn't overly sweet, but was definitely every bit decadent and satisfying. Will be back again!

  • Khoogela K

I love this place! The croffles are amazing and were higher than my expectations. It’s also super cute inside and I would imagine if the pandemic wasn’t happening they would have some cute seating inside. The service is amazing and I always leave with a smile. They really care about the customers and make sure you have a good experience. It is definitely going to be a regular dessert spot for me!

  • Lyan-Emilie BESSI

I was walking randomly on Sussex and I came into that bakery. Everything about this place is a 5 stars for me : the concept , the decoration, the food and above all , the service. Excellent I was offered some samples beforehand and I opted for the Oreo whip croffle . Man it was delicious I ended up buying three of those and I’m definitely planning to come back here ! Highly recommend ❤️❤️

  • Amelia Krelove

I can’t recommend this place enough if you’re looking for something sweet. The croffles, of all flavours, are absolutely to die for. Combined with the beautiful and insta-worthy interior it’s an amazing experience all around. What really sets them apart from the others is the customer service you will receive when you’re here. The staff were so warm and welcoming! Cannot recommend this place enough!

  • Nadia Harare

I had high hopes for this restaurant and when I actually got the chance to go, I am happy to say that I was not disappointed!! Perfect summer sweet treat as an alternative to the routine ice-cream. The staff was also phenomenal as I was greeted with smiles , inviting attitudes, and fast service. Lastly, the cute decor was the perfect setting for a great Instagram pic! Undoubtedly a great time!

  • Aniruddh Guddi

I would say that it's definitely overrated, and had visited this place at 9, and they were already out of cream. But still got the waffles and could see that some of them were definitely undercooked. A totally average experience and would suggest to go to some other place for having waffles. They make waffles drizzled with some white chocolate and fruits. Nothing special about this place.

  • Ahmed Hussein

Woow!!! I keep coming back because it’s honestly GREAT, the staff are friendly, and most importantly its the best dessert in the city of Ottawa! The savoury sweet combination of waffles and croissants is A1. C’est vraiment appétissant! I HIGHLY recommend this spot. Parking is my only problem, the Byward market committee needs to figure that out... but yea You will not be disappointed!!

  • Yasir H.

Randomly came across this shop and was drawn in by the beautiful wall of flowers and the cool graphics on the windows. The 3 awesome people that were working that day were very welcoming and nice and help explain everything to us. The biscoff flavour and the Oreo flavour that we tried were phenomenal and the croissant waffle itself was really great. Highly recommended.

  • Mohamed A Mohamed

I’m a big Connoisseur of Treats and I have to admit I’ve never in my life seen anything more satisfying and delicious than ( First Bite Treats). The owner is an amazing person who makes the best experiences of his customers. I tried their bestselling Milkshake and it’s a really good one. I highly recommend this spot to anybody looking for the next best place. Cheers…

  • Maya Patel

Best dessert spot in Ottawa! They aren't overly indulgent and yet so delicious and satisfying. They travel well, so don't be afraid to take them home for later. I tried all the flavours and they're all yummy! Can't wait to go back ( I agree with others- Beavertails? What's that?) . The staff are also friendly and you can snap a cute photo on their flower wall :)

  • Shivika Singal

Perhaps I had way high expectations based on the reviews and rating. I would give this place a solid 4. The croffle was definitely good, but there is scope for improvement. The cafe is small but cosy and I loved the live plants for sale / decor. FYI.. they do not have a restroom, and don’t plan to sit in if you are with a large group.

  • Wanda Cain Johnson

A tiny space that is amazing. The flower wall is amazing for photos. The staff made us feel welcome and answered all of our questions. Now for the truth ... The food was amazing! There was not a single crumb of anything left. To be fair, conversation also stopped while people enjoyed their dessert. Thanks for a fun night out.

  • Chris Wenz

I received a tip from my waiter at a local restaurant when I didn’t order dessert. What a PHENOMENAL tip!!! The croaffle was an incredible treat…fresh strawberries, milk chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar. It went down so quickly and filled me with happiness like an old friend! I’m going back…you need to try it, too!

  • Michelle Lee

The croffle was nice. It was chewy, with the right level of sweetness. However, it was disappointing of the lack of cutleries, and the price. One croffle came to about $7-8, and it literally takes few bites to finish it. We also had to eat it with our hands, which could be worrisome especially during covid times.

  • Masha M

The croffles were beautiful and delicious! Two things would have made the croffle perfect though. First, a dark chocolate option, to help balance the sweetness of the croffle. Second, fresh whip cream, the whip on the croffle tasted very similar to something like cool whip, very artificial tasting.

  • Shane

The desert looks and was excellent, really well dressed. However, the portion size is very small for eight dollars on average for a treat it’s overpriced. I would go back if the portions improved. I compare to oh so good and I leave always satisfied and la Roca cakes are really well made.

  • Biftu Omar

I've been coming here for a few months now to satisfy my sweet tooth, and they get it right EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There is a flavour for every mood, and all of them are delicious. Staff is always super nice as well. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to try out a new dessert spot!

  • Farida Helmy

The gentleman working at the shop didn't close the store and waited until our uber arrived, which was 15 min after closing time. He let us stay in so we don't wait outside in the freezing cold weather. Thank you for being so kind!
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Quruuxley Iskufilan

The incredible fresh croffles (that you can save and actually eat the next day!), the flavours that you are able to remix with each visit…the kind and friendly service, the decor and that gorgeous insta ready flower wall! An Ottawa favorite! Such a great concept and experience.

  • J. L

I ended up getting the strawberry croffle and it was delicious! The croffle itself is a great balance between being flaky like a croissant and it has that rich texture and taste of a waffle. They open pretty late in the day and it IS pricy, but it's definitely worth a try!

  • Laura El Khoury

The croffle itself is tasty, BUT: 1- no cold beverages and you pay for water? 2- we barely got chocolate sauce on top of it, we had to ask twice to add the quantity so we get a taste. 3- Employee not so happy, he is kind but doesn't greet you warmly 4- the portion is tiny

  • Amar Abdisamed

Great service, friendly staff and most importantly the desserts are amazing mashaa Allah! The combination of waffles and croissants along with the unique flavours are second to none! Definitely coming back again! Highly recommend this spot. You will not be disappointed!

  • Paul Jackson

Beautiful! Great service, thoughtful employees talkative. Welcome to give their opinions on the bests in their eyes/mouth.helpful when navigating the menu. Addressed all of my comments, concerns and questions overall an incredible experience. Highly recommend anyone.

  • C Hayne

Amazing service and AJ is like your long lost friend you didn't know you had. The croffles, waffles or whatever you want to call them are fresh, light and you'll want to eat more than one so be warned! Had the Strawberry, with white chocolate and it was delicious.

  • Catherine Sands-Leith

If you've ever wondered what fresh croissant dough cooked in a waffle maker tastes like, wonder no more. Heaven! It tastes like heaven!!!!! If you are in Ottawa, stop at this tiny café (firstbite on Sussex across from the Connaught Bldg) for a delicious treat!!!

  • Isra Farah

Very pleasant dessert spot in an excellent location right in the heart of the city. The owner goes above and beyond to insure you have the best experience. The croffles served are truly one of a kind. A must try! Soft and warm every time. You won’t regret it

  • Nicole Affleck

I have gone here a handful of times with my husband and have always been blown away by the food and the customer service. The owner is SO nice. Please do yourself a favor and try their croiffles if you're in the area!! Such a fun and unique food experience!

  • Ashley

My favorite croffle shop!!!!!! Everything is so yummy to perfection! I went to another croffle shop recently and it made me appreciate the quality at First Bite so much. The staff is always so friendly and the store is so cute and clean. 10/10 recommend!!

  • Zahra Qidi

The croffles here are AMAZING. They come with many different flavors and toppings and can never go wrong. I love the aesthetic and how sweet the workers are. If you live in ottawa or come to visit, first bite is the spot you don’t want to miss. Trust me.

  • Christian Liu

I came here with my family to try their croffle (Croissant + Waffles). We heard about it but never tried it till we saw this place. We tried 3 different flavours and it was delicious! It's worth trying if you have never had it! It's soft and fluffy!

  • Lisa He

First time trying it and I’m so glad I did!! We got the strawberry and biscoff ones. Absolutely delicious and beautifully presented! And the staff were super nice and friendly and efficient too! I’ll be coming back for sure to try the other flavors!

  • Ashley A

Seen this place on social media and had to try it while in Ottawa. It was truly love at first bite! And the guy that was working was an absolute gem. I will be going back the next time I’m in Ottawa that’s for sure. (I got the biscoff craze 10/10)


What a deliciously innovative idea! Who would've thought combining croissant dough with a waffle iron would turn into such a mouthwatering creation?! I tried the strawberry and milk chocolate "croffle" and my partner ordered the blueberry

  • Sara M

Fantastic food and super friendly service. Gorgeous place. Food doesn't just look good, it tastes delicious and had the perfect balance of sweetness and portion size - it was fresh, light, super yummy, and didnt feel like diabetes or that

  • Ying Li

Pick your toppings, fruits or cookies, pick your drizzles. I don't think you can go wrong with any combs. I had strawberry nutella today and it's delicious. Not too sweet, creamy and fluffy. Definitely will get different combs next time.

  • lynah vow

First bite treats is such a lovely establishment & the peeps there are even lovelier ❣️ Thank you again for the courtesy, he loved your delicious croffles desserts! biscoff was our favourite bliss coming here :) check them out ~ …

  • Olivia Clergyy

OMG ! It was my first time eating Croffles and I'M IN LOVE! It's one of the best dessert i've ever eaten. Its 100/10 ! The customer service was also amazing. I can't wait to come back to Ottawa to eat more croffles! …

  • abbas saied

This is the best dessert I’ve ever had in Ottawa. The only bakery in Ottawa that sells Croffles = Waffle + Croissants. We had Strawberry and blueberry Croffles and they were so delicious. Can’t wait to try again when the store opens!

  • Anyssa Doiron

I have been wanting to try this place for so long! So glad we went today! Had a delicious croffle with strawberries and nutella. It was warm and crispy on the outside. Perfect treat on this Sunday afternoon! Definitely will be back!

  • Gretta D.

Went for the 2nd time and got a biscoff croffle with white chocolate! It's quickly becoming my favourite dessert spot in Ottawa, the guys there are awesome, so welcoming and very helpful. I definitely plan on going again soon!

  • Jessica O

Underrated! They just look like little waffles with some toppings but then you eat one and you want about 5 more. They are fresh and warm, the toppings are yum and the guy behind the counter was awesome. Biscoff for the win!

  • Kimleng Nhean

I was walking home from the grocery store and saw this place. Took a peek inside and thought it looks like a place I should come back to even though the concept seemed kind of basic. Croissant + Waffles? How good can it be?

  • Sarah Liao

We had super delicious desserts here! Heat-pressed crispy croissants into delicious waffles, paired with sweet and sour fresh fruit and chocolate, it tastes really good! If you have a trip to this place, don't miss it!

  • Camille Théophile

Brand new concept in ottawa and people love it! I’ve never seen a dessert like this in the city. The biscoff flavour is a must try. Superior!!! The decor is soooo cute and the staff is welcoming, chatty and so kind.

  • Catalina A

Amazing dessert and great service. Had the blueberry white chocolate and the biscoff - both were delicious. Very special dough taste, a mix of waffle and croissant. Perfect from the first bite to the last one.

  • abdulasis Mubarak

Food was amazing, excellent service, to those who are ordering for the first time I would recommend the biscoff cookie + milk chocolate croffle. Savory, sweet and not overdone. You won't regret coming here.

  • Andrew Latty

Went to First Bite Treats for the first time and the dessert was amazing. It did not disappoint. Top quality service and lots of variety. I had the Nutella Croffle and immediately had to order another one.

  • Sanaa Mraiheen

Amazing taste and great Custer service!! The idea is very creative and new ! A must try dessert in Ottawa. The whole experience was great from the moment we walked in to the moment we had our first bite !

  • Marian Nur (marimai)

Absolutely phenomenal, newest gem in Ottawa and Black owned. The variety of options as well as the customer service not to mention the care you can see in the decor, I will for sure be a regular here

  • Alexandre Gracovetsky

The service from Ihsan was excellent. It was our first time and she took the time to explain the menu and their setup. We took 6 portions that was shared. The kids quickly devoured the whole thing.

  • Ekko Man Highlights

Best waffles/croffles in Ottawa 100%. The menu had only a few items which in my opinion is always a good sign. Owner is very friendly and gives really good vibes. A must visit place in Ottawa!

  • Jean-Manuel Bock

Nice little spot to try a sweet cross between a waffle and a croissant. Nice staff and cute instagrammable wall. Fair price and quite tasty. Worth trying before there is a permanent line up.

  • Nathalie Whissell

SO GOOD OMG! Presentation was perfect, good size and not too sweet (which I love!). I had the strawberry with milk chocolate. Will definitely be back also, the owners are great! …

  • maria jose

I am a huge croissant fan!! Loved the hybrid version with waffles. The base was so soft and was so glad it is freshly made. There is not much place for seating. Service was very quick

  • H Ali

The owners truly came up with a piece of art! The croissant and waffle combo was amazing! Super yummy biscoff flavouring! Such humble workers and great presentation/taste of food!

  • Trey Mugosa

Casually walking downtown and stumbled upon this god given shop selling the most delicious delicacies. The pastries are immaculate and the service is so friendly and welcoming.

  • Esther Han

The staff named AJ offered us such Friendly and amazing service. The croffle tasted amazing, the croffle was crispy and the toppings went well with it. Wonderful experience.

  • Lina Hachemi

The croffles, or kerfuffles as my friend likes to call them, are SO soft and SCRUMPTIOUS!! I never got a chance to try the strawberry ones, but InshaAllah those are next!!!

  • Tanner Leavitt

Such a simple concept, and unassuming place, and yet the croffle (croissant+ waffle) was surprisingly delicious. May have to take this idea back to Alberta with me

  • Sanja Hoque

The protein is really small for the price of 7.89. I believe it’s over priced. The taste it’s sweet and crunchy and gives you the waffle taste. But not worth it.

  • Micky Yu

Great place to try croissant/waffle hybrids. Very friendly, and excellent croffles. Highly recommended for those looking for a new dessert place in the Market.

  • Swathi Mudili

I had their biscoff croffle, it was so good, I am certainly going back there again and again. And very great location, right in byward market, to grab and go.

  • Kwame

Beavertails what?!? Not even in a blackout could any other desert place hold a match to FIRST BITE TREATS. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. 11/5

  • arsalan syed

The croffle is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! It’s not too sweet, so it’s super satisfying! The owner is also very nice and courteous.

  • AldosWorld TV

10/10 Got the chocolate one, took a photo of my last bite lolol it smelt so good i forgot to take a pic before but def worth tryinf …

  • Tsunami Mob

Presentation is amazing along with the taste! If you ever need a sweet tooth or pick me up First Bites Treats on Sussex will do the trick! 10/10

  • Zawar Siddiqui

I never knew what a croffle was before but now I need more of them in my life! These were delicious and I'll be coming back to enjoy them more!

  • A A

It’s was amazing, the best waffles that I have ever had . We came late. The owner was so nice and friendly! Must try it if you are in Ottawa!

  • Safiya Mohamed

A lovely new treat for me and my family! Highly recommend if you’re looking for something sweet and new. My favourite was the lotus biscoff!

  • Julie Daet

I love desserts and this one hit the mark! Would love to come back! Perfect crunch to the croffle and delectable Belgian chocolate drizzle!

  • L A

I have been to this place several times since they have opened. The owners are gracious, welcoming and have excellent customer service :)

  • JS

Not ice cream but the waffles were soft, sweet, creamy, and warm. The staff are extremely sweet and friendly. Highly recommend a visit!!!

  • Yammie Choi

Wonderful dessert experience, staff is friendly. My first time of trying croffle and the strawberry and white chocolate sauce are match.

  • Ruth Inglis

Our first visit was simply wonderful. Try to eat your croffle onsite to fully enjoy the quaint atmosphere and deliciousness …

  • Shabaana M

Best croffles in Canada!! Definitely recommend the trip if you're in Ottawa. We had one of each croffle and they were all delicious.

  • Julien Santini

Great new spot for dessert/treat in Ottawa. Highly recommended. The staff is friendly and welcoming and the croffles are delicious!

  • Chenghao Liu

Guys there is a reason why this is 4.9 on Google Maps. Try it! Super friendly staff too. Portion size could be bigger nevertheless

  • Sawsan Abdillahi

Loved the ambiance, the service and of course the croffle. Had the biscoff one and it was divine! A must try if you are in ottawa

  • Milo Trauss

Super tasty and creative and the inventors are awesome. I hope they add a chicken (or vegan savory) version to the menu….. …

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