First Choice Locksmith

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1163 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y9, Canada



First Choice Locksmith is a Locksmith located at 1163 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y9, Canada. It has received 50 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of First Choice Locksmith: 1163 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y9, Canada

  • First Choice Locksmith has 4.0 stars from 50 reviews

  • Locksmith

  • "My toddler was locked in the vehicle on a chilly day"

    "This is a fake company that overcharges and does not even know how to pick a Lock! I was told it would cost 65 dollars to unlock my door and the price jumped to nearly $500! In the end they wanted to drill my lock"

    "this guys are so scammers! they don't deserve any business! I wish I could rate -5 stars"

    "The owner cut two very expensive keys (about $20"

    "I called in after I had a key stuck in my lock at work"


  • Julio Golston

My toddler was locked in the vehicle on a chilly day. I called these guys. I told the person who answered that there was a child in the car and my location. He went to another location. After finally arriving, he spent another 15 minutes unable to open the vehicle. At one point he looked in the car and said "oh there is a child in here? WOW". Gee thanks, as if I didn't feel bad enough. He called someone else who arrived shortly and opened it immediately. Still charged me $195!! I was told by people at the restaurant I was at that locksmiths will open a vehicle free of charge when there is a child involved. SWAY AWAY AT ANY COST!

  • Marita Heid

This is a fake company that overcharges and does not even know how to pick a Lock! I was told it would cost 65 dollars to unlock my door and the price jumped to nearly $500! In the end they wanted to drill my lock. With a quick google search, it warns you that this is a locksmith not qualified to do the job! Tried to scam me when I was locked out of my house by overcharging! Their address doesn't even exist!! STAY AWAY and try to find a real locksmith company! I was able to get someone to pick my lock for half the price! AVOID AT ANY COST!

  • Jacinda Christina

this guys are so scammers! they don't deserve any business! I wish I could rate -5 stars. This company quoted me in total 80$ to help me open a locked door. Once this man ( who took over 3 hours on a not busy night) finally got to me and did his 5.5 secs of work asked me for 180$!!! There was no way I was about to give him a Penny more then I was quoted . He tried to fight me on it but I wasn’t going to budge . Never again will I call this company, I’d rather be locked out then stolen from. Shame on you people.

  • E L

The owner cut two very expensive keys (about $20.00 each) and they didn't work. When I told him, his answer was that they should work. I again said they didn't but there was absolutely no effort made on his part to find out why. He said my lock was bad. Well I can tell you that I have at least 4 other keys that work perfectly fine in that lock and his two don't look like mine. So I am out the money and I have two dud keys. Stay far away from this guy, he has absolutely no concern for customer satisfaction.

  • Nickie Duong

I called in after I had a key stuck in my lock at work. I spoke with Michel and he was so pleasant to deal with. We had a locksmith show up within 30 minutes and he was able to recognize the problem immediately. He started working on it right away; took the lock apart and fixed it within 10 minutes. We were charged a great price as well. High recommend this locksmith for all your needs!

  • Mohammad Mahdi

Very friendly service. Mike knows his business very well and is very good at coming up with solutions to my many problems. I don't hesitate to call him for any help that I need. Because of Mike's dedication, I took business away from another locksmith and brought it all here. I can honestly say that I have peace of mind knowing that he's taking care of everything.

  • Peter Marshall

I was directed here from the home hardware down the street when they couldn't replace a deadbolt mechanism that had broken. First choice offered me a slightly used but far superior mechanism that installed easily and runs smooth as butter compared to the old one. They offered to replace it if it didn't fit but no need. Thanks! Note cash or debit only.

  • Yannick Lockhead

Great service! Great prices. Why bother going to a big-box store and have a part-time teenager cut your keys when you can bring them here to the real pros. I had a couple of odd keys for vehicle cargo boxes that no-one's been able to replicate. This place had them in stock and were able to cut them. This place has a huge inventory!

  • Agnes Waye

Extremely friendly service from multiple staff members (I went here on different days). Quick and professional key copying services. The staff members were very kind and explained a lot of things about locks and keys to my son, who loves this stuff!

  • Jim Reicker

Three strikes and you are out. After three failed attempts by this 'locksmith' to duplicate an apartment mail room PO box key, I gave up. Another locksmith successfully duplicated the key on his first try. Google won't allow me to give zero stars.

  • Catherine Deschambault

First Choice Locksmith was helpful, efficient and very professional. They offered options to replace our broken front door lock and communication was excellent. They came quickly and were friendly and polite. Would highly recommend this service.

  • Ben Valko

Just had my wrx sti key cut by them and they were very nice and helpful. I don’t say it often but wow, unbeatable price. Guy wouldn’t even take a tip either! Hats off to this business for offering great value and service.

  • Melaine Toll

terrible service! called them after locked my key in my car. took them over 2 hours! the guy unlocked my car in less then 1 min and charged me 250$! what a rip off!! go somewhere else, this company feels very fishy!!!

  • Shannon Byrne

Mike saved the day when I walked in with a broken bike lock key. He made a quick temporary repair so I could unlock my bike and be on my way. Was very kind to do this on the house. Thanks a million!

  • Nick Cormier

Despite both employees not wearing masks when I walked in, they wouldn’t serve me because I wasn’t wearing a mask despite having an exemption due to health reasons. Super disappointing.

  • Pauline O'farrell

Great service! Keys were cut instantly. Very friendly. Gave me his business card and recommended further security options for my home to consider!

  • Wyatt Joubert

SCAM ALERT!!!!!! This is a fake locksmith company that will scan you for your money. Offer you a cheap quote and than charge you over $500$$$$

  • Patrick Trudeau

A real and reputable locksmith, was able to decode a lock and make both the master and user keys in no time at all. Highly recommended!

  • Judith Anderson

Front door lock was not working. They arrived within 30 minutes. Ordering new front door lock today. Super helpful. Thank you Michel

  • Barbara Porrett

Avoid First Choice Locksmith at all cost. This business is not interested in providing good service. Only maximizing profit.

  • Louise B.

Stop running around to have spare keys done. This is the place to go to. Fast service and pleasant employees.

  • Dani V

This is a legitimate locksmith company! Beware of fake locksmiths on the internet trying to scan clients.

  • Anderson Falla

They were able to make me a copy of a post canada box key that they could not do elsewhere.

  • Cole Lafave

Exellent friendly staff very helpful. Recommend this company for any locksmith needs.

  • Tyler Watt

I recommend hay thanks guys, my motorcycle key works great in all four tumblers.

  • David Crawford

Had me wait 40 minutes to be told to come back tomorrow to program a car key.

  • Ray Richer

Mike was very helpful and even had a great conversation! Thanks again Mike!

  • Ted Gzebb

Provided excellent on site service. Professional, courteous and prompt.

  • Ian Robb

Definitely the go-to place in the neighborhood for key cutting.

  • Kashmir A.k.a. Kash

They offer a wide variety of products that are expensive

  • Abdel W. Elkhalifa

Awesome service with high quality and great price

  • Marissa R

Thank you! Very friendly, fast and good people.

  • micheline aboumonsef

Excellent service and very professional …

  • Locksmith 1

They are very professional and extremely kind

  • Sean Murray

Great service with quick turnaround times.

  • Hannah

Very helpful staff and great prices.

  • Anthony R

Very helpful & professional service.

  • H B

Fast service, competent staff.

  • Gonzalo Navarro

Knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Ray

Michel is a real pro!

  • Mieke Bradshaw

Excellent service!

  • Doris Caya

Excellent service!

  • Lisa Miall
  • Laurie Lapierre
  • Rome Balestra
  • Lotus Cedar
  • Gobindpreet Makkar
  • Kenneth Dionne
  • Shawn Pope
  • Tommy C

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