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Harvey Norman Aspley is a Department store located at 1411 Gympie Rd, Aspley QLD 4034, Australia. It has received 1201 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars.





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  • The address of Harvey Norman Aspley: 1411 Gympie Rd, Aspley QLD 4034, Australia

  • Harvey Norman Aspley has 4.0 stars from 1201 reviews

  • Department store

  • "Since -100 stars is not an option, I'll have to settle for giving 1 star"


    "Spent an hour and a half and got interrogated by three different people including the store manager to process one product care claim worth $130 (which was already approved"

    "The worst customer experience I’ve received in a very long time"

    "We bought an oven on the 01/10/22 and when we had it installed there was a problem with it"


  • Summer Graveur

Since -100 stars is not an option, I'll have to settle for giving 1 star. Let's begin three months ago when I purchased a laptop charger online for some $200+. This arrived within an average time frame of two weeks, but arrived faulty. I contacted the online department the next day, which happens to be located at the Aspley store. A few days later I received a reply saying I could either have my charger picked up by a courier or have a label emailed for me to attach to the envelope and send myself. Not wanting to inconvenience these horrible people, I opted for the label. I was then sent an email the next day with no attachments (no label for me to print). I emailed back again and never heard from this man again. Long story short, I spent the next eight weeks calling, being on hold, being passed along, being on hold being hung up on, being dismissed, being lied to, being on hold some more, waiting over five hours on the online chat, sending over ten more emails (all of which were ignored), and finally getting a hold of the online manager last week. After asking what was happening, as no one had updated me on whether the broken charger would be fixed or replaced, he told me he sent a replacement to the wrong address. This was interesting as the label the had eventually sent me clearly had my address printed on it, which he read aloud for my benefit. So after another grueling phone conversation he promised to send a new charger (in stock) that afternoon express. One week later....I am now at work getting my Karen on because these incompetent idiots STILL have not sent my charger. I asked for a refund as well as the replacement, given I have now lost two months of being able to use my laptop and been subject to the worlds worst customer service, and all the manager could do was say, "Sorry, can't do anything." I am taking this to the Fair Trades Office and I highly recommend anyone thinking about buying from Harvey Norman online (or at all) think again. Oh yeah then he lied saying he I never replied to his email (despite me having proof that I did). Disgusting, unprofessional, incompetent, stupid, unorganized, rude, pathetic, lowlifes.

  • Deedee Jennings

Dreadful. Felt invisible and ignored despite being prepared to buy an item priced over $1000. Finally found and approached a staff member who was heading for a customer who arrived after me but they said they couldn't help in the department I needed so I was made to wait for 10 minutes for the only employee for that department who emerged but kept his back to me the whole time that he fiddled with stock without acknowledging me in any way despite being told I was standing right behind him waiting. Not a word or even eye contact. Unbelievably rude. Finally got served by someone dragged from out the back (who I think was on a break) by another staff member who had seen me waiting for ages. All I needed was someone to process an order. I knew exactly what item I wanted and didn't need any advice or questions answered but it seemed an enormous ask to get served. Then I stood in line for 15 minutes to pay as there was only one cashier on despite approximately 20 customers waiting. The poor woman was overwhelmed and had to ignore the constantly ringing phone because there were so many people waiting. The only reason I didn't walk out was because I wanted the sale price on the item. Then had to ring them after not hearing from them for a whole month about my order, only to be told it was ready and waiting! Terrible experience. Clearly not enough staff on and indifferent to customer service. Go somewhere else to spend your time and money.

  • Abhishek Vora

Spent an hour and a half and got interrogated by three different people including the store manager to process one product care claim worth $130 (which was already approved.) They finally processed the claim but not without being utterly dismissive, throwing every excuse they possibly could, and making us feel terrible. They kept arguing condescendingly to the extent which made us feel we were going to have a massive blowup in the showroom. They are so quick and enthusiastic when they sell the product care but when it comes to actually process it - they make you feel as if you have done something wrong and make it terribly difficult to actually replace the product. In the end, they didn’t replace the product - simply refunded us the money which is no good because obviously the price of the product has now gone up and we will be significantly left out of pocket to replace it. STOP SCAMMING PEOPLE. We left behind a steam mop we purchased worth $400. No apology offered, no effort to turn an angry customer around. We have purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of products from this shop and have been treated like a third-grade person. Never again we will bring our business to your store.

  • Keegan McPherson

The worst customer experience I’ve received in a very long time. I placed an order on the 28th December for two bedside tables to match a set I had already previously bought from them. I was not told how long the wait would be only that i would receive calls to let me know when it was arriving. Five months and multiple chase up phone calls later, I was told by two staff members that they are ready for collection. I went in store and paid for the product arrived at their warehouse only to be told that they were not able to locate one bedside and the other bedside had been damaged. I was then redirected to wait for another call after they had spoken with the supplier. After this I went back in store only to be told that he could get the supplier to order them and arrive instore asap. As I stressed my already wait time he finally called Rothwell, ask for two bedsides and then tell me if he had of known five months ago that’s what he would have done. I then received the two bed sides that day only to find out that one of them box was damaged and the product is damaged. I will not be purchasing from this store again. This was incredibly poor service.

  • Geoff

We bought an oven on the 01/10/22 and when we had it installed there was a problem with it. We wanted it replaced, HN said it was the manufacturer problem, but then they bounced the ball back into HN court. The salesman finally took responsibility and said he'd get it sorted out. But nothing happened, after waiting a few days, we tried to get in contact with him again, we were told by his manager he was on personal leave and not sure when he would be back and it seemed he was trying to dodge us in getting this resolved. After we complained, he finally contacted us. We had to make arrangements with the manufacturer to get the new oven delivered and to also have it installed by them. We had to make ourselves available on 4 occasions at home for assessment, delivery, install and removal. It seemed we were doing all the heavy lifting. So, after 1.5 months we can finally use our new oven. To be honest, if had not persisted to contact HN/manufacturer, I think that I'd be still waiting. I would not recommend buying from this retailer. I will never use Harvey Norman again, if I could've I would've given no stars at all.

  • Richard Murphy

I have had some great customer experiences from Harvey Norman in the past. But the last few visits to Aspley store especially the tech department was disappointing. Buying a smartphone was a nightmare as the sales staff was insistent on signing me up for a phone plan and buying their product care. There were incorrect advices (that it will be cheaper for me to buy a plan) and outright lies (when the phone battery runs out in 2-3 years, I'll get a new phone or voucher for the original purchase amount). When I politely refused the offer, the sales staff was extremely rude and walked away. A similar experience occurred when I refused product care for MacBook Air. The sales staff suggested that the battery will not last and I should sign confirming that I understand the risks. Obviously, there was nothing to sign as it was more of a sales tactic to force me to sign up for a product out of fear. I don't have a problem HN trying to sell their product but the desperation to sell is resulting in poor and sometimes misleading advices and ultimately very disappointing customer experience.

  • Sue Reynolds

It's extremely rare for me to be impressed by consistent and excellent customer service, but this definitely deserves a mention! I've just had the best customer experience when buying a custom-made leather lounge suite. From the start, the salesperson was knowledgeable and very helpful, but most of all she quoted up to our exact requirements whilst offering us a very competitive price. It was delivered today and once again the delivery driver was very helpful and polite. As it missed the usual weekly pickup, Harvey Norman arranged a special delivery to collect and deliver to us directly, just in time for Xmas! Lastly, as the leather protection kit was not included in today's delivery (due to the lounge suite coming directly from the manufacturer), the franchisee drove a 70km round trip to personally hand-deliver the kit to my house. Thank you Harvey Normal Aspley for such a wonderful customer service experience. Now, I can't wait to enjoy my new leather lounge suite! :)

  • Strange 7

My wife and I bought a Westinghouse gas and electric stove a few weeks back (online) and had it delivered. The gas fitter finalized the installation today and the burners wont stay on (seems to be an issue with the thermocouple), so we've literally used the stove for less than 20 minutes. I called the Aspley store today (for some guidance and help) and they said Harvey Norman had nothing to do with it, couldn't help as it was a warranty issue... so to call the manufacturer. This is really lazy service and I can't believe that Harvey Norman is just passing the buck on a brand new item (specifically the Aspley store I spoke to). If there's an issue with something you buy online or in store as soon as you take it out of the packet, you go back to the store. I suggest you revise your approach to customer service when people are forking out thousands of dollars and new items are faulty.

  • bibin cleetus

Abysmal and unprofessional customer service from the Aspley store tech department. I was milslead by the sales department into purchasing a product that was not as assured by staff. I was refused a refund and istead, was bullied into purchasing another product that was again, not as assured by the sales staff. My money is trapped and I have raised the issue many times with the store and have been treated with different lies and excuses each time. Since a refund has been refused, I have taken my experience to the Fair Trades Office and would recommend anyone else experiencing similar issues to do the same. My experience has been horrid and I would never risk buying from any Harvey Norman store again after this experience with Aspley. My advice is to avoid this store and go someone else that is professional, transparent and treats their customers with respect.

  • Michael Agi

Hi, like others, give this store a miss, presented a product 7 months old that had broken and quiet simply without looking at the product he said, misuse. Wow, I have never met an expert who can pass judgement without even pulling the item out of the box. Anyway, an hour of my day wasted, 40klm fuel down the drain. Called Microsoft directly and sent photos, and they could not believe we had been treated that way. Microsoft accepted the claim as the item broke at a joint, and now I'm sending the product directly to them for replacement. Australia consumer laws apply even to Harvey Norman Aspley, and God forbid if a product breaks while you use it, that's what it made for, to use it! I, too, as a customer who has spent thousands, will take my business elsewhere and warn others.

  • Lachlan Holmes

Highly recommend the team at Harvey Norman Aspley. Went into the store to see whether they had stock of iPads, which are currently hard to track down due to low stock. I was on a waitlist previously but hadn't heard anything, so tried heading in-store. Jordan assisted me with checking stock, and checked stock in the back area as the system showed the possibility of one being in stock. He managed to find one and brought it out and assisted me with the purchase. Overall, Jordan was great to deal with and extremely helpful. Malcom also helped out by installing the screen protector, and he was extremely friendly. Both Jordan and Malcom are assets to the team at Harvey Norman Aspley. I'll definitely be returning for my future needs!

  • Alexandra Baxter

I normally love Harvey Norman and get excellent customer service. But today at Aspley I had a horrible experience. I was buying a laptop and the sales people were trying to upsell the product care, which I was not interested in and made abundantly clear multiple times. They harassed me for like 30 minutes. 3 of them ganged up on me and were relentless and quite rude. They just made me feel like the worst person in the world. I’m a calm person but I’m sure most people would have gotten angry and chosen to spend their $1000 elsewhere! Edit: I did receive a personal phone call from the store manager after I raised my concerns. He apologised and said he would be taking action. I have a bit more faith in their customer service now.

  • 전하영_145018

I purchased a dishwasher from Ron in HN Aspley. He was exceptionally thorough and kind when showing me the products and shared his tips and experiences with using a dishwasher. This was the first of my own that I actually purchased for myself. So it was very good to have someone who's very helpful. I had some troubles with the delivery and the colour of the item due to contingencies on my part mostly; however, he patiently communicated with me and liaised with the team so I could get my best wanted item 100%. Much appreicated for your professional service, Ron. And the staff members were all cooperative and did not miss out on my multiple messages in delivering their service. Highly recommened for sure. Cheers. Scarlett

  • Al C

Purchased a wide range of furniture from both sections of the store and every time, I felt like the most important customer in the world. All staff took time to show me around and explain different styles, fabrics and designs and were quite knowledgeable in their range. From placing orders, purchasing item, picking up stock from their warehouse to even the delivery staff, everyone has been an absolute pleasure to interact with and no task seemed inconvenient or difficult. My only criticism was that all communication and updated with the staff regarding my order was initiated by myself but once I made the call, they went above and beyond to get the answers I need. I will definitely be coming back in the future.

  • Alister Crook (AliC)

Had the carpet team supply us with an instore quote for a unit with two rooms. We were happy with the assistance and offer of a at home visit to check colours and dimensions (already accurately supplied). After colours were decided the consultant indicated that the installation would be approximately 500 more due to dimensional issues of the rooms and that the wardrobes had not been accounted for. This is not the expectation when a quote has already been supplied and this was primarily for colour matching. My son was asked to get a quote for the 3 levels of common area for the apartment block. Neither is happening now and our business will go elsewhere. A simple lesson in how not to screw the customer.

  • A S

I would like to express my gratitude to the staff at Harvey Norman Aspley. I contacted the store after my Acer Nitro 5 laptop failed to start up. Over the phone the staff member instructed me to bring the device to redeem the product care. I was contacted by product care within the week and opted for a store credit. I was promptly contacted by the sales consultant Andrew (Andy) who understood my needs and came to me with his two best solutions. After selecting a device Andrew had all of the paperwork complete and I simply picked up the device and paid the difference. Couldn’t ask for better service. I have been returning to Harvey Norman Aspley for 5 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  • Nick Chong

Never buy from them. Just the worse service ever! Went in to buy a tablet and asked if it will work smooth as their display units weren’t working. Sales guy asked me to buy an entry level one and try it, if not, refund it and go for a better one. But they refused refund and offered to give store credit which is store dependent and incurred a 20% restocking fee. Rude sales people and I’m never gonna buy from them ever again. And anyone considering buying from their tech department should think twice. Cuz you’re never gonna get a refund if you’re unhappy with the product. If I ever buy a high priced item like a washing machine or TV I’d go elsewhere for the better after sales support.

  • Jose Chalackal

Very bad service, this is the second time I am purchasing items from the Aspley store, first time got a dishwasher and had to go through lot of formalities and waiting time to get the issue sorted out, simply because of the manufacture defect, no issue from my end. This time tried to purchase an iPhone 11 and they said it is out of stock, will sort it out in a week. I tried purchasing the phone on 29 December 2020 and today it’s 5/2/21. Much more than a month’s time, not yet received a call or info regarding the purchase, very irresponsible service, I am very disappointed and unhappy about the service and won’t take the service anymore from there or will never recommend to anyone.

  • Majid

Harvey Norman is a good store as long as you do not go close to the tech section. It was awesome 2 years ago but the staffs have changed. All the information provided to us for mobile phones and their specs were proved to be wrong. They hid information which may have changed our mind. They pushed hard to up-sell their products which made us super uncomfortable and made us buy something we did not need. It is not limited to mobile phones. The same happened to us when we wanted to buy a wireless keyboard and once we asked some time to think about it, the sale person became too rude and said "this is only a 200$ keyboard!!!", sarcastically. Not recommended at all.

  • Mike Roberts

I want to thank Malcolm in the Harvey Norman tech team at Aspley. In blind panic, my laptop failed to boot up, and as I'm a remote graphic artist this was a nightmare scenario. I went up to their store and was astounded by the service I received - in under half an hour Malcolm had retrieved my Windows product key and successfully fixed the computer's boot sequence. I was able to get back home and resume my work. He was very nice (ie calmed me down!), courteous and clearly knew what he was doing. To think that he not only resurrected my laptop but didn't charge for his work leaves me monumentally grateful! Can't praise him highly enough. A definite 5 stars!

  • Freddie Wang

I bought a Hisense 70' TV on Boxing Day for my new home which settled two months later. When I opened the box after moving in the new home I found the screen was damaged. I thought it might be a bit late to do so but I still contacted Harvey Norman Aspley. A gentleman from the TV department named Curt (as I heard on the phone) offered to fully refund me as shop credit even though the manufacturer Hisense refused to take any action. To be honest I was surprised to know I could have it fully refunded because it was two months later. So many thanks to Harvey Norman Aspley. You can always trust them! That's why they're always my NO. 1 choice for anything!

  • sos

We had a great experience at Harvery Norman this afternoon at around 2:30pm. We had come in to print some photos, and we did not know how to use the photo printing system. When I went to seek help, Sharon assisted us immediately, and with such patience and kindness. After she had initially showed us how to use the system, and we were fine to start downloading the pictures onto the system alone, she would still periodically check up on us to make sure we were ok, and that the downloading was working well. She was very very friendly, and kind, and is a highly valuable employee! Thank you Sharon for your help!

  • Angel H.

We attended this place to purchase our new washing machine as our washing machine finally break down. Extremely difficult to come to a shop and all they do is sales pitch like our previous experience at this store. But today was completely the opposite. We had Adam at white goods department to assist us. What an excellent customer service from Adam. He was very helpful, polite and had a good product knowledge. . We ended purchasing Miela Washing machine worth $2,500.00. It's above our budget but we were after quality . Adam clearly explained the difference and benefits. Excellent job Adam

  • Robyn

Called the Aspley store today for an update on my HP computer being repaired under warranty. Spoke to Cat, from the moment she answered the phone she was incredibly rude, dismissive and condescending - she even hung up on me! My computer has been with Harvey Norman for almost 1 month with no outcome, called for an update 4 days ago - no-one got back to me and today this service! I called back and thankfully got the Department Manager - he was great and very apologetic for the delay and the way Cat spoke to me. Sadly I will be reconsidering purchasing from this particular Harvey Norman in future.

  • ozmacguyver

Arrived in store, and Murphy's Law, more customers than staff, so had to wait about 8-10 minutes, not an issue, it happens. The sales guy (Kurt) greeted us, and thanked us for waiting, and he was pleasant (didn't sound like a fake comment). I asked about an Onkyo 5.2CH AV Reciever, which was not in stock, but ended up taking an Onkyo 7.2CH AV Reciever with an extended warranty, at an attractive price. We paid, and left the store, the usual thanks given. Very happy with Kurt, and his overall manners and sales etiquette, would visit the store again (on passing by that way), so thanks!!

  • Digambar Nagarkar

We have been at this store since ages, I believe! And still continue, genuinely knowledgeable staff. Good service. You get everything here. The staff is very supportive, knowledgeable, courteous and does all the service with a smile. No hunky dory thing, sheer good products. Never had any concerns about quality and timely delivery. The pricing too is decently comparative. They also have this service of delivery & assembly, both worked out in a package saving you $$$ And you'll find almost everything here, I would say "Pin to piano"!! Go for it. Cheers

  • Gratitude

Don’t expect ANYONE in refrigeration to get off their chair and assist you. Two young female sales staff watched me walk past all the fridges, no acknowledgement, I did notice one stood up to talk to the other as I left though. Went home and purchased Panasonic 4in1 microwave and Fisher & Paykel french door fridge from appliances only, first time ever purchasing electrical online as I’d rather support local business. Delivered the next day. Harvey’s do have a great range to look at 2 stars for that.

  • Subin Acharya

I bought a single bed in September 2021 which was delivered in October 2021. After fitting the bed next day or two , apparently leg parts fallen apart though they were properly installed and no any pressure to the bed . So i made multiple requests to Harvey normal Aspley to look into it but no response, visited the store couple of times if they could help me but they said they can’t do anything, rude staff . I paid $699 for bed which I would assume will be a donation to Harvey Norman Aspley store !

  • Gemma Bailey

Went in to purchase a laptop in April 2020. The gentleman who served me convinced me to upgrade my plan and said he was adding insurance on and never did. Also never got told that it was a 36 month plan he connected me to untill my first couple of bills. Have been trying to get this fixed since and has been so much stress as now I have a broken phone and no insurance and stuck for another 2 years. They don't listen to what you need they are only focused on reaching there own KPIs. Terrible service

  • A. M

Staff will give you false information when selling a product then wipe their hands of you when you have an issue. I bought a vacuum that does not do what it claims and the staff have not only denied to submit a warranty claim but have completely dismissed my concerns. Such disgusting attitude towards customers... I guess I would hate my life too if I worked in a full-time retail job, I suppose it explains the rude and dismissive behaviour but there is really no excuse. Do not buy from this store.

  • Tony McLoughlin

Just got my 75 inch TV from these guys, Adam was brilliant , friendly service and great product knowledge. Purchased the TV and it was delivered the next morning! very prompt great service, Highly recommended... Second time around just rang ahead negotiated the price over the phone for the second TV which i looked on their website, they had the invoice ready for me to pay at the front desk and i drove around to the storage area and picked my TV up! nice and simple, great service once again

  • Marion Sweet

Sick of the lies about products being supplied by Christmas and written in Big letters and customers accepting a fridge in a non-preferred colour so that they would have a fridge for Christmas. Hervey Norman, who had supply in stock when we enquired one afternoon and purchased the next morning, no longer have supply and only after our follow up three weeks later, they advise that the fridges will not be supplied to Queensland until the New year. Disgusting Harvey Norman.

  • Frank Read

Had an absolute amazing experience. Andrew who works in I.T helped me out a lot. I walked in not knowing whether I wanted a at desk computer or gaming laptop. But I walked out with an absolute killer deal and a great all round gaming and editing laptop. However the next day I had issues with my laptop recognizing certain devices. Andrew asked me to come and he and his I.T expert sorted it out in a couple hours. The team are really helpful and genuine. Highly recommended.

  • Karen F

We are so glad to have met Simon who was articulate, knowledgeable and fun to deal with at Harvey Norman Aspley. He made what could have been a stressful experience an absolute pleasure when we had to purchase an oven in a hurry. We will certainly be going back to see him in the coming months when we hope to replace our fading TV! Ps. Don’t know how much he is paid but it couldn’t be enough for the amount of work effort he puts in on behalf of the company!

  • Chandrama Sarker

I would definitely thanks to Amanda, one of the store operator. We went yesterday and quite struggled to find the right sofa we are looking for. She patiently went through all our queries to match the right model. She was with us for one and half hours, until the store closing time. Nick is also very friendly. Harvey Norman definitely have products you are looking for and I will definitely suggest Amanda or Nick to ask for what you are looking.

  • Alfiero Cardona

Hopeless service! What a shameful experience we had to go through when we purchased a single item from this shop. Two of the employees at the furniture department were so unhelpful the first time we had an issue with assembling a highly complex item to assemble. Their sarcasm and robotic way of dealing with issues is just a reminder that Harvey Norman should be much more careful in choosing people behind the counter and especially as managers!

  • Tayla Arrow

Thank you Jess and Christine (from small appliances) for helping turn a 1 star experience into a much better one. After receiving three faulty coffee machines I almost refunded my money and gave up on Harvey Norman. After the kindness from these two staff (particularly Jess today), I am happy to continue with Harvey Norman as they have shown me that even if everything seems to go wrong with the products - the staff will still support you.

  • Sam Colombo

We purchased a TV and dryer. Our salesperson Ethan was very friendly and gave us a great deal on both items. We encountered a small problem with the TV, Ethan was very helpful in arranging support which ended up with the TV needing to be replaced. Once again Ethan was very helpful in assisting us to get a replacement. The new TV is great. Staff are very friendly and it is clear that they are willing to do anything to help a customer out.

  • Georgee Klimantis

I purchased a Mitsubishi Refrigerator. The fridge was delivered with a faulty left door. The left door is not on right, protrudes and is not as sampled. The advice was to have it serviced or learn to live with it. So rude. Now I’m waiting for the guy from Mitsubishi to have a look at it, because they won’t let me return it. Instead I have to service a brand new product. Terrible service at Harvey Norman Aspley. Would not recommend.

  • Christine McKerrell

Huge store, great range and good parking. Was buying my first laptop computer and Sam in the Technology dept was really helpful, it was a quiet afternoon and he took all the time we needed to sort our needs. They also have the tech backup to sort any issues now or in the future. Would highly recommend. But for better service avoid peak periods. Staff are friendly and know their stuff. Great experience.

  • Matt Anderson

I went at a busy time but was acknowledged by several staff who directed me to the staff member who could help with my purchase. The gentleman was very helpful and processed the transaction fairly quickly. I had to collect the item from their warehouse nearby and was given a map and detailed directions. The warehouse staff were also lovely and within a few minutes were helping me load it into my car.

  • Janelle Jenner

Malcolm at Tech Team best service I have had from anyone in a very long time. My teenage kids also commented.. look after him a credit to your business. Alison sold us a sofa and pleasure to deal with as I was annoying with so many questions and then about to walk out and John sold me a dishwasher. All in all good service and will shop here for all my furniture and electrical needs in the future.

  • Yvonne Beckman

Except for a couple of hiccups it's a good place to go and they got large amounts of stuff there the chicken go through you could spend all day they're trying to choose something because when you have a look at the next one that's better than the first one and you just don't know which one to get the very helpful very understanding and just a pressure to go in there and do a bit of shopping

  • Frazze

Where can I begin to start. Came in to buy a laptop yesterday and was served by Michael he was so helpful and really made the whole process so easy. He taught me about the need for anti virus software and how you can get a sweet deal on 365. Not to mention free lattes, felt like I was in heaven. Definitely will be coming back here to grab whatever I’ll need in the future!

  • Hoangthihong Hoang

This 5 star rating is for Shane. First, he was so lovely to talk to. Secondly, he has willing to do anything to help a customer out. Even though we bought an item at a different store but I was mistaken it was them and called up for warranty. But no trouble at all he rang up all the store and then call me back to let's me know. Such a great asset to Harvey Norman Aspley.

  • Lothar Ledgerd

I have had so many mistakes with my orders from here. Often an item missing or incorrect. Today it was just a sauce packet missing. But it is probably 75% of the time there is a small mistake like that. Also usually very slow to prepare orders. It’s at the point where I now consider whether I forgo the convenience and just find a more expensive meal at my destination.

  • Carl W.E Scott

Always have no problems making purchases here , even when I have had issue with things not being as expected ( damaged/ product failure ) I've had no issues getting the issue sorted very promptly . Have had money returned , product exchanged and replaced with no issues . Always bargains available if you're willing to take the time to look and talk to the helpful staff

  • Luke Mccaul

I was looking for a fully automatic coffee machine and had been looking for a while. I was at HARVEY NORMAN and found one it was a great price. I was also buying a new comfortor for my bed and found the one I wanted. The staff were very helpful and very understanding to what I was looking for. I would highly recommend HARVEY NORMAN Aspley to all my friends and family

  • Raye Jocson

Got carpets done. Poor communication and bad organization from the harvey norman flooring team to their tradies. Sitting and waiting around all day for a set time, instead they show up hours late. I do not recommend and would not get carpets or flooring redone from them again. The only good thing was their friendly staff Nick, who did his best to sort things out.

  • Kiarcha Toalo

I got greeted as soon as I entered the store. They have all of the proper precautions in-store in accordance with the current pandemic occurring. Excellent customer service - thanks Cameron! He was very knowledgeable on the products I was looking at and I got a great deal. Thanks to the ladies at the main counter as well !! Had a great experience all round.

  • Jarrad Ng

Half decent shopping experience. I purchased a laptop for when I'm on the go, the staff took ages to respond and assist me when i wanted to buy the laptop. The insurance is also crazy expensive as it added an extra hundred or so dollars onto the cost of my laptop. I only got a discount as I was a returning customer. I will be buying elsewhere next time.

  • Nafis Bolourian

Customer service is great.From visiting the store to delivery,Assembly ,everything was smooth and easy. They value their customer’s time.Delivery and assembly team were polite and nice.I had bad experience with some other companies.Now I am happy that finally I see something nice from a customer service . I’ll definitely buy more items from them.

  • Lauren Burridge

Super FABULOUS. BEN in phones was so helpful, understood all I was asking, Super POLITE, Nothing was any trouble and was happy & willing to repeat and show again anything I didn’t understand. OMG …COULD NOT GET BETTER SERVICE ANYWHERE IN AUSTRALIA. RYAN also in phones was SUPER HELPFUL & POLITE when Ben was busy. I WILL ALWAYS RETURN

  • Shane

5 out of 5 start for the exceptional service I received today from Ethan in the Electrical department at Aspley Harvey Norman. I had lots of questions but Ethan knew all the products well and took the time to go through the pros and con's of each product to help find exactly what I was looking for. I honestly wouldn't shop anywhere else.

  • PK Savy

I have been in and out of Harvey Norman Aspley lately. Christine helped me with the purchase of a new Tefal Steam Generator on Saturday - great price and great service. A week further back Hayden was a champ with a steam.cleaner and John with a new washing machine. Thanks guys - competitive pricing and service that makesa difference.

  • Ethan Schomberg

Absolutely incredible experience today, I went in to buy a new laptop for uni and a new work set-up. We spoke with Daniel for over an hour and he made sure to find the best possible prices for everything and to find the best quality products for what I was looking for! Will definitely be returning for any future purchases

  • Brett Trevorrow

Despite Acer denying my insurance claim the bloke there (Sean) was exceptional with his communication, regular updates and interpersonal skills. Lesson learned: buy product care. Realistically I would buy from them given the quality of their customer service alone, which can be poor in similar stores. Recommended outlet.

  • Anita

Worst service ever! Came in on black friday to look and listen to soud bars with the intention to buy. First guy wasn't keen on helping at all. Second guy told me usually people come in on days like today and know what they want and just buy it. Not keen on letting me listen to anything - just interested in making sales.

  • Aaron Francis

Had to wait for 40mins for a sales person so we could make a purchase. Then finally get the hard up-sell for their add-on warenty etc which I didn't want. Took longer rebutting the up-sell than it did to actually make the purchase for what I wanted. In-store stock is good and your are able to demo most products yourself.

  • Mark O

The AV salesman did his best, but in this case couldn't compete with the deal i was comparing from another retailer. But he was polite, professional, did try and was honestly transparent. To be fair, I got an epic deal elsewhere on run out floor stock, but everything else was flawless. I'll go back again for sure.

  • Sonya Burt

Bruce offered professional, old-fashioned service. He demonstrated outstanding product knowledge and was forward-thinking when assessing our family’s future needs. It’s so rare to discover this superior level of customer care, expertise and courtesy in retail anymore. Bruce is an asset to the Harvey Norman team.

  • Grace Egginton

Great experience, we bought the matress called Medici, it is superb. The two men who delivered were just so professional and really went beyond their duty. I have an injured hand and they took the old mattress downstairs and put the new one on. Thank you so much for your amazing customer sevice Darren and Luke.

  • Corp Traveller

Searched around for a new TV, ended up purchasing a Samsung 85 inch with slimline sound bar and the usual bevy of cables, extended warranty etc. Simon in the TV/electrical section was great to deal with, very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend him if you are after electrical items in the Aspley area.

  • Rae Gregory

Went in last Saturday to look at buying a television and left very impressed. We were served by Kyle. He took a genuine interest in what our requirements were and gave great advice. We left very happy with our purchase. If you're looking at buying a television I would highly recomend you talk to Kyle.

  • Jess Meg

Very, very helpful staff. I needed to get my parents microwave replaced under warranty and was able to do this with ease over the phone with a lovely staff member from small appliances. A brand new microwave was collected from my parents local store and we are all happy. Thanks for the good service.

  • Steve Ramsauer

Recently I needed to replace a dishwasher, I contacted the Harvey Norman store at Aspley, I spoke with Kurt from the Appliance department. His swift service made the entire transaction a breeze. I collect the dishwasher first thing the next morning without a hassle, excellent customer service.

  • Janet S

Amanda was amazing! She helped us with an outdoor setting and her customer service was fantastic, really friendly and helpful. Gave us a call when our delivery was a couple of weeks from arriving and assisted again when it arrived. Couldn't ask for better customer service, thanks Amanda!

  • Rachel M

The staff in electrical were great today but the furniture store was really bad even went to the checkout and not one person helped even walked past me with their coffee as if I was in their way. I can not blame other customers as there were hardly any. don't bother with this store

  • Gabriella Loch

I got what I wanted with no fuss. Very pleased with the MacBook Air. Also the other stores like Office Works and JB Hi Fi, did not have it in Gold. It was so hard to find a store that did, have that colour nearby, yet Harvey Norman had it available. So pleased with it thank you.

  • kul thapa

Worst customer service. I purchased a sound bar . Had a trouble in the sound system and they took for repair, Could not fixed . The sound bar was around $ 1200 . It was under warranty nut that refund me only 662 . I will not recommend any one to go to harvey noman . …

  • Kennith Randall

Had a great experience buying a new washing machine. John gave us a great run down on the machines plus a good discount on the extra 3 year warranty. He was straight to the point and did his job well . We will be going back there to get my new fridge within the next month.

  • Col Payn

I am very pleased, I went in looking for prices on laptop computer. The service was quick and very helpful. The salesman asked questions on what I was after and I think gave me a machine sized for me with the extras I needed and at a good price. Thanks guys well done.

  • Mrs J M

I’ve just visited Harvey Norman Aspley to buy ear buds and left pleasantly surprised. I was approached by a sales gentleman named Shawn (spelling??) to ask if I needed help. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and I was happy with outcome. Thank you Shawn

  • Louise Michau

Customer service was disgusting. Waiting at photo counter in line behind 1 other lady while at least 6 staff either watched us or walked past us and completely ignored us. Made no effort to acknowledge, make eye contact or even a hello. Will get my photos elsewhere.

  • Fiona Hay

Fantastic service. I was at Rothwell Harvey Norman shopping and was quickly informed they had sold out of the item I was looking for. After a quick check for nearest one, I was sent to aspley and was given a bigger discount from Aspley then I asked for. Thank you.

  • Steve Williams

Not the best start with a now ex employee lacking integrity but that has by far been outdone by the professionalism & ettiquette of Ben Finlayson. Fantastic communicator & has handled our situation very well. Thanks Ben we really appreciate how you go about things

  • J P

We bought a cushion online and it was the wrong photo. We've been trying to return it for weeks to get an exchange or refund. Communication has been poor. Twice they said they would come collect it and no one showed up. Don't expect any support from these guys.

  • Sam Das

I had been purchasing from Harvey Norman Aspley for last 5 years. They have been excellent until recently. The technology department only thinks of sales and no customer service! For last one year my experience was bitter. I am changing shop because of this.

  • Matthew brown

Purchased new leather lounge recently love the quality good old service still exits had problems putting it together called the store and Tania arranged for Kieran salesperson to come out same day and help out ,brilliant service happy customer thanks

  • Matt

Went in to buy a new TV and not knowing exactly what I was after was shown a handful of TV's but when I mentioned they were probably out of my price range. The salesperson failed to show me any other options. Apparently my wallet wasn't thick enough!

  • Bill Appa

Great people in the flooring section. Were very helpful from start to finish. Even worked out a solution during the Covid shut-down. Did a terrific job laying the carpets despite the 3 flights of stairs and no lifts!! Will definitely use them again.

  • Bonnie Bloomfield

We have purchased alot of furniture and electricals from HN Aspley, we have had 2 warranty returns as well. Every dealing in this store has been great, helpful and knowledgable staff. Lots of parking, good amount of stock, well laid out and clean.

  • Melinda Rhook

The Electronics Team really go above and beyond to provide good service and helped me with all my computing and internet service requirements. Would highly recommend shopping with Harvey Norman Aspley. A big thank you to Jordon, Glen and Igor

  • Mercedita Ochea

My partner and I bought our De Longhi coffeemaker on a discounted price! It was a good buy really. Actually It's my partner who introduced this store to me to be reliable and sells a lot of quality brands for one to get a variety of choices.

  • Lodewijk Odolphi

Had problems with a faulty TV. After dealing with the manufacturers and getting nowhere I contacted the Harvey Norman TV team and through their effort got things sorted out. A big thanks to Josh,Simon and Kurt. Give them 6 stars if I could!!

  • Noodles

I went to Harvey Norman ASPLEY this weekend to buy a computer. There were staff in this particular section  and none bothered to even look up, or ask me if I needed help,  they just kept walking past me. No eye contact, no greeting and no

  • Robert Packer

My apple MacBook Pro crashed before Christmas, luckily I noticed it had been slowing etc so backed it up on to a 500G time machine external drive; no worries. Went to this store to buy new one to back up my old one to. Went there with the

  • Corey Petroff

I Always forget to get peoples names because I want to mention them in the reviews. Thank you to the people who assisted me with getting my brand new Apple Watch. Everyone at this store is super friendly and super helpful. Love coming here

  • Ian McBride

Bought a Gardone lounge. It was installed by Harvey Norman staff. It only had three feet and the bolt on the other corner has destroyed our floor. Harvey Norman offered a fourth foot under warranty but nothing for the damage to the floor

  • Vonnie Violet

Amazing service! We’ve never left there unhappy. My daughter had to replace her laptop last night and thankfully we were helped by Brendan and Malcolm. Nothing was too much trouble, great service and humour! Cannot rate highly enough!

  • Jack Cashman

Completely unreasonable laptop repair turnaround, waited one month and 10 days for a laptop repair only to find that the original problems still existed. Refused a refund. Would avoid this location when purchasing any technical goods.

  • Scott Poynting

Very pushy salespeople. Went in to get a cheap laptop for one of the kids for school. Knew exactly what I wanted. Sales person was helpful and got it for me, once we got to the register he tried to sell me so many different warranty

  • Steve Smith

Good range of products, staff in the white goods area are extremely knowledgeable & helpful. Not overly happy about having to wait months for a product, but at least you were happy with a ten percent deposit, unlike other providers.

  • Disha Jethwa

Absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish! David from Aspley Harvey Norman and his team that delivered and assembled our shelf were very kind and courteous in their customer service. They went above and beyond! Thank you!

  • Michelle Carroll

Good chain Aspley store not so much. No Service on 2 occasions, below par. Go to the Everton Park store so helpful they spent 30 min helping me choose a Dyson vac & an airfryer only to find they weren't in stock but Aspley had them.

  • Harry

Amazing experience! Staff was very helpful when shopping to replace appliances not working in a newly purchased property. Worked with our family to get a great deal on great appliances. Highly recommend John and the entire team.

  • Peter Lane

Igor was very helpful and took the time to show us everything that we could purchase in regards to me daughter's computer. In the end we were presented with a very good deal and came away with a smile on our faces. Thank you.

  • anna cronin

On Wednesday morning I found myself in the flooring department and this lovely salesman blake provided exceptional customer service and heaps of product knowledge. Definitely coming back to finalise products and installation

  • Alex Mny

Great customer service at Aspley branch. Glenn , in IT section, was very helpful, professional and friendly. He helped me to find the right purchase for my purpose with big savings at the end. Highly recommend this branch

  • Leanne Hunter

They have everything you need to improve your home!! If you need anything to do with beds and bedding go see David. He is a legend and helped me with no problems at all!! This store had everything I was looking for!!!

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