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Houston Gym is a Gym located at 1501 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007. It has received 380 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





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  • The address of Houston Gym: 1501 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007

  • Houston Gym has 4.6 stars from 380 reviews

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  • "Short answer: great and highly recommend"

    "I really like this gym"

    "Becoming a member and working out at Houston Gym has made me excited about working out ️‍♀️ once again"

    "I joined the gym a couple of months ago and I love it! I am usually one to work out alone and keep to myself but the staff and trainers there are so nice & welcoming"

    "I found this gym in August when I was fed up with LA Fitness and the way they chose to handle safety and sanitation during COVID-19"


  • Rose Chnani

Short answer: great and highly recommend. Long answer: Everyone here is super nice, it really feels like home. I’ve been acquainted with the staff and they’ve all contributed to boosting me up when I see them. Big Jon set me up with the plan I need and can afford, and he gives a big brother vibe. Jay and I became good friends and now we workout together almost every time. He helped me understand how to use literally everything in there and I’m more comfortable with the machines. Josh is a personal trainer here, he will work you out like Ramsey Gordon from hell’s kitchen... just kidding. He does train you the best way for your goals though, and will motivate you during then. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him, and I’m extremely pleased with what he taught me. Josh understood my limitations, was very empathetic, and helped me push my limits safely to my benefit. You’ll get a couple of free sessions, and you won’t have to worry about a follow up session being super expensive. Also, Alex is another staff member who occasionally gave me advice on good workouts, and helped when he saw me struggle with something. Daryle is the sweetest thing too, he’s very approachable if you need help or have any questions about the machines or something like that. I’ve seen him train people and they looked focused and sweaty which means he’s guiding them good. Adam is super sweet as well. Everyone here is helpful and will definitely remember your name. The gym takes suggestions seriously, and they’re very considerate of their members’ needs. There’s a tanning room, massage room, and free yoga and aerobics classes included in your membership which is awesome. They have tissues to clean up the equipment before and after usage if you don’t like using them after someone, and the bathroom has deodorant, lotion, and blow dryer which is very thoughtful. There are some essential items that you may have bought for you but they provide them for use such as wrist support, or leg bands, as well as foam rollers. Customer traffic has peak hours, but if you like less people around you can come at times that aren’t peak hours. I hope I’m not forgetting anything... bottom line, it will be your happy place to reach your goals.

  • Kathlyn Lee

I really like this gym. I’ve never had a gym membership before and this has been a great first experience. It’s never really crowded besides random days on random weeks. I don’t ever have to wait on a machine, that was one of my main items because I am a get in get out person. The people here are super nice! If I ever need their help they are so quick to assist me with whatever it might be. The trainers are very helpful as well. I did the 3 free training sessions and I enjoyed it. The trainer Aldric is who helped me. He helped me with arms, back and legs. I wanted to learn band workouts for my back and he definitely helped me learn some new moves. The gym membership is very good priced for being inside the loop. I didn’t want to pay $100 for a gym so I am very happy with what I pay, plus it’s right when I move. They have tons of parking. I was told you could park at the burrito place if the gym’s parking lot was full. It’s never been completely full for me so I haven’t ever needed to. Overall this experience has been great and would recommend someone to this gym!

  • Sylvia Flores

Becoming a member and working out at Houston Gym has made me excited about working out ️‍♀️ once again. I have had multiple surgeries I am now able to workout on my own. The staff all ROCK! Houston Gym is a no nonsense type of gym which is located just off of the freeway. The gym is very clean and does provide different exercises group classes. Jon is my personal trainer affidavit with the Houston Gym to assist me with the type of workout that is best for my physical wellness. Houston Gym has a VERY friendly team who makes me actually want to go train. Everything about the gym makes me look forward to walking through the doors and accomplishing my training session for that day. Houston Gym is an excellent gym!! All trainers and staff are fitness professionals who are more than willing to give you tips and tricks to get the most out of every workout. I highly recommend making Houston Gym your workout gym.

  • Natalie Davis

I joined the gym a couple of months ago and I love it! I am usually one to work out alone and keep to myself but the staff and trainers there are so nice & welcoming. It feels like a small family here! I got 3 free training sessions to decide if I wanted a coach and after 3 sessions I decided to let Justin Nelson coach me and have not regretted it! I am used to running long distance and wanted to challenge myself and Justin does just that! He knows how to challenge you based on your body type and really knows the science behind it all so you will work muscles you didn't even know you had. I already see a change in my legs and stomach and feel like my muscles are toning up after just about 1.5 months. I walk in knowing that I will be greeted with a smile from the staff and I can't wait to see myself progress.

  • Lauren DeJoe

I found this gym in August when I was fed up with LA Fitness and the way they chose to handle safety and sanitation during COVID-19. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Houston Gym. From the minute I joined I have always been greeted by friendly staff, personal trainers and the owner who is great. I look forward to working out there and I am grateful that I found a gym that has a sense of community. Everyone is cheering on each other at this gym and I have never felt more safe and at home than I do at Houston Gym. I am extremely satisfied with my experience here I would recommend this gym to anyone who is looking to begin or continue their fitness journey. Not only will you be taken care of here but you can also be assured that they care about you and your well being ESPECIALLY during a global pandemic.

  • Mike Arndt

I go to this gym 3 times a week. Always in the morning. For what I want to do it's the best gym in the area. Ignore the other reviews complaining about contracts and pricing. So many negative reviews are stupid. The gym is too small? You saw it before you signed up and knew exactly how big it was. Other people pay less than you? Of course, they're a business and they run specials all the time at reduced rates. Either learn to haggle, wait for a better deal or don't sign up at all. Last but not least, people who sign contracts and then are surprised when they're held to their contract? What did you expect? This gym is clean, the equipment works and is well maintained and most importantly (to me at least) is it's got a good workout environment. Oh, and good free coffee.

  • Vania Mouton

Jon Kinsley, the manager, is in a word—amazing! His customer service skills are a breath of fresh air, in a world where sadly..right and wrong don’t always hold weight any longer. He was so quick to help me with some mistakes on my account (due to fraud from a stranger). Even gave me a refund with a great attitude, even though this wasn’t their fault. I’ve never had anybody work so quickly with me to make sure that everything is corrected, and my money secured . He’s an excellent listener, professional, and compassionate. No lip service here y’all. What a rarity and hidden gem. Thank you, Jon and thank you Houston Gym! Anytime I’m back in Houston, I’m your customer for life. Much love and have a fun/safe Holiday!!

  • Andrew Klimacek

I’ve been going to the Houston Gym for about two and a half years and I love the friendliness of all the staff there. I recently got Justin Nelson as a personal trainer and it has been a terrific experience. He is very knowledgeable and great to work with. He not only can show/explain an exercise to me, but was able to correct my form on certain exercises that I’ve developed bad habits with in a matter of minutes. He taught me about how the body moves and operates to the point where I have a better understanding of how to properly exercise even when we aren’t working out together. All in all it’s been a great experience so far and I look forward to our sessions every week!

  • Sarah Folsom

Training with Angie has been a whole new gym experience for me. She is direct and genuine, and listens while still encouraging me to push myself and learn to safely use equipment beyond just the machines. She has adapted and gone above and beyond to help me meet my personal fitness goals and has me feeling confident and supported during my workouts! Working out with the group of strong women she trains has been so positive and I have seen big changes in my body in the few months I have been working with her including five pounds lost and shoulder and back definition! Overall the staff at Houston gym are encouraging and positive, good vibes!

  • Casey Enzler

Houston Gym is the best gym I’ve been to! While the machinery is a little dated, I have never found it crowded, the staff and other gym members are very pleasant, and they are super quick to fix equipment! They have wonderful fitness classes, are locally owned, not pushy with personal training or signing up for extra stuff, and they really care about you as a member! Shout out to Adam who also always welcomes me in when I walk through the door! Make this your place to workout! It’s better than LA Fitness or any of the other gyms where all the machines are broken, the place is packed, and the indoor temperature is too warm!

  • Timothy Tse

This review is not only for Houston gym but also one of the personal trainers - Justin! Houston is the best, they are clean and staffs are friendly. If you are looking for a personal trainer, you don't have to look further - ask for Justin! I have been with him for almost 3 months and I have already seen my body transformed! My strength and energy level is getting better each day. Justin makes exercise fun. He will design a program that are different each session and make it challenging so that you won't lose interests. He cares about your form and push you to do better each time! Give Justin a try and you will not regret!

  • John Matallana

I was looking for a change in scenery after years of training at a large corporate gym, so I decided to give Houston Gym a shot. I was not disappointed. I was very impressed with the facility, equipment and the price and decided to sign up immediately after my first free workout. Also want to give a shout to my personal trainer Travis Pitre. He’s been fantastic to work with. My workouts were becoming “stale” and he’s given me just the spark and motivation I was looking for; not to mention results! Highly recommend him whether you are new to working out or seasoned and looking to break past your plateau.

  • Tyler W

Discovering this hidden gem of a gym was a delightful surprise! The nostalgic atmosphere transports you to a bygone era where everyone knows each other. The staff’s warmth and genuine hospitality create a strong sense of community. With its vintage equipment it’s a haven for fitness enthusiasts who appreciate old-school training. The intimate setting fosters connections with like-minded individuals, and the well-maintained space keeps workouts enjoyable. This gym is a refreshing change from impersonal fitness centers—a place where you can forge friendships while pursuing your fitness goals.

  • Amanda Villanueva

I started working with Angelique in September. I thought I was doing pretty good on my own with my weight loss goals but she has gone above and beyond all expectations! I've lost about 30lbs in such a short time thanks to her meal plans and customized workouts. I enjoy going to the gym and working hard with her. No two workouts are ever the same and she teaches me something new each time. She does great with group workouts and is super patient with all of her clients. I cannot thank her enough for helping me be the lightest I have been in 10 years, and she is not done with me yet!

  • Daniele Annis

I joined Houston Gym after some months of working out on my own. Jon Knisely one of the managers was immediately welcoming and helpful. He never asked to train me, just always asked questions. His wealth of knowledge and energy was so overwhelming I asked him for help. He's not the only one at this gym that has this inclusive helpful attitude. It's part of the culture of this gym. Justin and Daryl also are extremely gifted trainers and good humans. Jon has exuded positive energy and the staff follows suit. I'd highly recommend this gym to anyone at any fitness level.

  • johnphoenix17

The guy working there is incredibly rude. Dude has no peoples skill. I go to just ask general information about the gym and it’s pricing and he’s like”you need to fill out this form first with name, email, address, and all this additional info, before I give any details from the gym and provide a tour. You don’t fill this I DONT show you anything.” And he said all of that with a huge attitude. Like dude, there’s hundreds of gym in Houston, I’ll gladly leave somewhere else where they treat others like a normal human being. Don’t recommend this place, go elsewhere.

  • Dane Bell

The team of trainers and personnel are all really caring and supportive, especially Aldric my trainer. He helped me get out of the monotonous rut you can sometimes get in from working out for years. He always had something new and challenging for me to do to make me appreciate working out again and he motivated me the entire time. My only complaint is the old equipment and space. There is about every piece of equipment you could think of in there, but it is dated and packed in there with not much room to spare. If I didn’t move I’d still be going there.


I have been a member of Houston Gym for about 10 years. I enjoy the atmosphere and positive energy of the gym! It is also great having Matt back as general manager. i have has several excellent trainers here at the gym.. My current trainer, Justin Nelson, is one of them. I have been training with him for about two months. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He is helping me greatly with mobility and balance issues. He gives very clear and precise answers to my many questions about the effectiveness of particular exercises. Thanks, Justin!

  • G P

I love coming here, it’s a small gym and I love it. When you come in everyone knows your name, and is excited and willing to help teach you form or how to use a machine! Big John and Eric were a huge help to me when I had questions over my account/ and advice on gym exercises. I couldn’t say enough good things about this gym and the staff! It’s the best kept secret in the loop! Also training with Alex has kept me motivated and committed to coming to the gym. He is effective and tough yet motivating! Do yourself a favor and sign up

  • Nam

[a former member here for 3 years] My biggest gripes that made me leave this gym were about the previous management (“Big John” & Bobby). Matt, their new manager, took the time to reconnect with me to tell me how much things have changed since I was last there. I appreciated his efforts & the latest reviews from everyone else showcases this gym’s positive turnaround. CONS: - Small gym - Older equipment PROS: + Great location + Has multiple parking lots to handle most gym rush hours + Tasty restaurants nearby

  • Shelley Simpson

Love this gym and group exercise classes! Very friendly and caring staff. I have been a member for over ten years. They have experienced, knowledgeable and friendly instructors. The group exercise classes that I attend (mostly zumba and yoga) are excellent. It's easy to do them at your own personal comfort level. Boot camp is excellent as well. In addition to these classes being a great workout, nice and fun people attend them too. I highly recommend this gym and their group exercise classes.

  • Diego M Moreno

I’ve been coming here for over a year and it is a great facility with everything that you need. It’s smaller than one of the “big mainstream gyms” but this is one of the things I like about it. At times it almost feels like a private gym! I come here 6-7 times a week and it’s a good community with nice people and good trainers. They’re also competitive priced. Honestly don’t have anything bad to say about it, a no frills gym with everything you need if you’re a serious gym go-er.

  • Ryne Diaz

The staff, trainers, and fellow gym members make this the most successful program I have ever experienced. The valued expertise, rigorous programs, and myriad applications available in the gym make every day entertaining and new. Wether working out inside or out, for the first time or for a long time, this gym is well equipped to meet all your needs with professionalism and a powerful attitude to make even the most stubborn and incorrigible of us keep coming back.

  • kris martin

I love this gym. Great location and great equipment but the best part is the gym is so friendly and helpful, especially the staff. Big John, what can I say about this man but I totally love his training. He takes the time and listens, prepares and gets you to your goals. It’s a love/hate but I wouldn’t trade him for the world…. Look for him when you go to visit, you will not be disappointed. Big John knows what he is doing and has a program for you!!!!!!

  • Allison Malone

Definitely the best gym in Houston! All the employees are friendly, professional, and encouraging! If you’re nervous about stepping foot in a gym, this is the spot for you. Everyone is there to work hard and be the strongest they can be. They have literally every machine you could need and so many dumbbells so you hardly ever have to wait for the equipment you need! The trainers know what they’re doing and will know you by name! 10/10 love the vibes here

  • Crissy Outlaw

I started going to Houston Gym in February (2020). From the first time I walked in I felt at home. I've lost 14 lbs since then with the help of my trainer. I love how kind the staff is and they always acknowledge you when you come in and leave and sometimes I stay just to chat with them! I've been to other larger gyms and just felt extremely intimidated but at this gym I feel very comfortable. It's just a great place with great people! Highly recommend!

  • Jennifer Ortiz

I’ve been a member of houston gym for years now and always loved the atmosphere. A few months ago I brought my friend to join me and she ended up joining and training with Justin Nelson. I join them some of the days they train and he’s so amazing. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my body since. He knows what he’s doing and he’s super good at understanding everyone’s individual goals and creating specialized work outs to meet them. 10/10 for Justin.

  • Margaret Sasaki

Houston Gym has everything I am looking for in a gym including great trainers who really care about my personal workout goals. My trainer Alex always keeps me on track during workouts - he's willing to modify exercises so that I can get through the reps and feel good about my accomplishments. Alex is also very knowledgeable about physiology and teaches me the benefits of specific exercises. Oh, and he's funny, too! Thanks, Alex and Houston Gym!

  • Gregory R

If you are looking for a gym with nice equipment, a friendly owner and an amazing atmosphere you should give this gym a try! We were only in Town for 2 days and needed a gym just for the day. We got welcomed so nice, even got an amazing Shirt with the Print „straight outta Houston gym“ on it as a gift. Daypass well worth it! Thanks again for having us, if we are back in Houston one day, we know where to get a lift in! Carla and Greg

  • Ann Marie mcgill

I have only been a member of Houston Gym for a couple of months and training with Aldrick for a couple of weeks but I can say my experience so far has been FANTASTIC. I am always greeted with a warm welcome by the front desk staff. Big Jon always has a smile on his face. My trainer, Aldrick, pushes me to my limit but keeps me interested with encouragement and funny quips. I recommend Houston Gym for anyone looking for a serious gym.

  • Paul Albanese

Best gym in Houston hands down. Not only is this facility clean, they have every piece of equipment you’ll need to attain your goals. The staff themselves are very knowledgeable and have great customer service. They also respect veterans and hooked me up with a great deal for my membership. Recommended to anyone around the Houston area that wants to workout at a real gym, where people actually take their fitness seriously.

  • Ben Gonzalez

Awesome personal trainers. Before I signed up with Angie basically all i would do at the gym was bench and squat. Progress was SLOW. I have been working with Angie for about 2 months and she has forever changed the way I will work out. She has fixed my bad habits and now I am lifting more than ever. If you want to get your money's worth from a personal trainer and meet your goals quickly Angie is the trainer to work with.

  • Anthony Torres

I moved here from spring. It was a custom to chain gyms like LA fitness. This gym was a complete change of pace. Adam, who I believe is the owner is incredibly nice. He knows my name, and always greets me with a smile and kind attitude. The signing up process was incredibly easy with the help of AJ even the members here are incredibly nice and thoughtful when using equipment . Cannot say more good things about this gym

  • Jeanette Cortez

I am new to this gym, but I already love everything about it. The clients are respectful, and it feels like a family here. In addition, my trainer John is fantastic. He makes me feel welcomed and comfortable, BUT do not be fooled by his kindness. He will push you, and your body will be sore after training. I recommend this gym to anyone looking for a change, to be motivated, or to be part of something positive.

  • Stavros Kondylopoulos

Joined Houston Gym in June, and signed up for personal training sessions with Angie for 3 months. With her 5 star professionalism and guidance she has provided custom meal plans and custom workouts that have helped me attain any goal that I have thrown at her. She truly goes above and beyond when it comes to her clients and straight up gets results! Nothing short of 5 Stars for Angie and Houston Gym Overall!

  • Coco Bates

I came in for a private workout session and John was able to take care of me. He walked me through the equipment and assessed my skill level. He was super motivating without overworking me (I haven’t worked out in a gym setting in over a year and he was able to accommodate my lack of skill lol) I ended up scheduling more private training sessions in order to help me to reach my fitness and weight loss goals.

  • T'Nia Sample

i LOVE this gym ! it's the perfect spacing so it's not overwhelming the first you come & everyone is so friendly & welcoming . big john is thee best if you want training or meal plans . he gets so excited seeing progress & works with any & all schedules to help you become your best self . the variety of free weights & equipments in addition to the late closing is what really sold me fave gym thus far .

  • Vincent Morton

I have been going to this gym for about two years now and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. They have every piece of equipment you would need to workout and offer great prices on memberships. All the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and always make me feel welcomed when I come into the gym. I highly recommend this gym if you are a seasoned gym goer or looking to start working out.

  • Leon Daniel

Wife and I have been members for a few years and so far everything has been very positive. The staff are friendly and helpful, our personal trainer Angie was especially great, got us back into shape when we were starting to plateau with our fitness goals. There is plenty of equipment and everything is properly maintained. Would definitely recommend the houston gym for anyone for all fitness levels.

  • Jacob J Santos

I have been training with Alex for a couple of weeks now, and I am incredibly happy with the experience. He is always challenging me to go outside of my comfort zone and to accommodate exercises to my fitness level and body type. His communication is also grade A; I never have an issue rescheduling or reaching out to him with questions. I highly recommend Alex as well as checking out Houston Gym!


Hey guys and gals!!!! I want to share my experience that I’ve had at Houston Gym , specifically of my personal trainer Aldric. I’ve been working out with him now for 8 weeks and I love it. I also love the results that I see. ❤️He’s motivating. He is always positive and is a wealth of knowledge in fitness . To add, he’s delightfully funny.... even at 5am! You should check him out at HOUSTON GYM!

  • Casey Welsh

This is a great gym. It's not fancy. It doesn't have a daycare. But it is staffed by amazing people and has lots of different weights and machines and other fitness tools that greet the job done. My trainer, Aldric, is awesome! I may not always want to do what he's telling me but he is helping me see some fabulous results. With his help I've lost more than 15 pounds with more to come!

  • Garyn Grace

The gym is the first place I really got involved in when I first moved to Houston, since then it’s become like a second home to me. I’ve been working with Big Jon for about 7 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve had. My main mission was working to get stronger, and he’s helped me look better in the process. 10/10 recommend this place and training with Jon!

  • Sarah Kennedy

I train with Angelique, and she has been so amazing to work with. Her support and training has built up my strength, confidence and comfort while remaining challenging and motivating. I've never enjoyed being in a gym but I genuinely look forward to going and working out. I find Houston Gym to be a great environment and Angelique is an excellent asset to it. Highly recommend!

  • Noel Cavazos Jr.

I'm from Conroe and sometimes stay at my friends near the area and need a place to workout. Houston Gym isn't a 24 hour fitness, it's family owned and has all the equipment I need and more. The times I've came, it hasn't been packed. Shout out to Big John for showing me around and helping me with my day passes. Very friendly and he made me feel like I was at my normal gym.

  • Cassy Hernandez

Great gym atmosphere, there's plenty of equipment, amazing personal trainers, along with a tanning bed and massage therapist for after you workout. I have been going for about 6 months and love it, everyone is always so friendly when you walk in, and they always have a towel ready for you. Which if you forget your towel all the time like I do, that is a much needed treat!

  • Robert Frusina

Have been going here for the past few months...is a great no frills gym! Great workout environment! I am sure all of the trainers are great but from experience Aldric is THE man...great workouts, positive energy, and over-all super good guy. Never did the same workout twice, always switched it up, and saw results within a couple of weeks. Recommend to anyone at any level

  • Katherine Cunningham

This gym has been my fitness home for the better part of 2 years. They treat you like family, it is a place for all fitness levels, and I have never been in a fitness space that is so incredibly welcoming. If you’re looking for a fantastic place to get in a workout surrounded by great folks, this is it! PS Adam at the front desk is the actual greatest human.

  • KS Wong

Both my partner and I absolutely love coming here. They have every strength training set-up imaginable. The staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. The gym is very clean and all of the equipment is sanitized regularly. The personal training is top-notch too (Thank you, Darrell!). Can't recommend Houston Gym enough. By far my favorite gym in the city!

  • J S

Great gym that has every piece of equipment needed for a good workout and even some equipment that cant be found at other places. It has a great atmosphere where you feel like you know everyone there and enjoy your time hanging out with friends. Have always been treated professionally and always there to help with any questions or product suggestions.

  • Chris Mathews

If you struggle to find a gym that’s open late on Sundays like I do then Houston Gym is the place for you. They have all the equipment you could possibly need and a unique upstairs cardio area. Adam was super helpful checking me in and made my first experience a great one. This is an excellent gym with even better customer service. Highly recommend.

  • Patty Shackleford

Big jon is a very good trainer. He understands your goals. His employees are good mannered and polite. The facilities are clean .the prices are within reasonable range. His meals and dietary planning. Nutritional information availability. I recommend this place highly.. good for rehab as well. Sorry for any misspelling of words I'm in a moving car.

  • Shannon Jungman

Angie is a great personal trainer. She is highly knowledgeable and can customize your exercise and meal plan to meet your goals and preferences. I highly enjoy working out with her and look forward to our sessions. Her enthusiasm for her work keeps me motivated, she will definitely help push you towards your goals, whatever they may be. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Sasha Willis

Just signed up today and I couldn’t be more excited. Everyone there was SO welcoming, and made signing up easy and stress free. No pressure for add ons, and all the equipment you could need plus awesome classes. If you’re looking for a nice gym, with a family style atmosphere this is your gym. So glad there’s a place like this in the heights.

  • Chad Hallmark

Houston Gym is a refreshing experience compared to the mega gyms in the area. You're treated more like family here. The equipment is great and is always maintained to work as it should. The other members are friendly and accommodating as well. I highly recommend Houston Gym if you are serious about working out and ready to be your best.

  • Happy Taxes

Thanks Big Jon for being my training and for motivating me even when I didn’t want to. I’ve lost 25 lbs. I’m nice and firm in the areas I didn’t think was possible. You are an amazing person as well. Keep up the amazing training. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a healthier life to start with you, I’ll see you next week!!

  • Margo Hanson

Today was my first day going to the Houston Gym. Although it was quite fun, I definitely wasn't prepared. I worked with my friend's personal trainer, Alderick. He made sure I was comfortable and helped with all exercises. He pumped me up and kept me determine and it was just the type of motivation I needed. Recommend this gym 100%.

  • Rakib Morshed

One of the best gyms in the city! The quality of staff and trainers is amazing. I personally train with Travis Pitre and I'll highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get back in shape. He has helped me regain my range of motion and overcome my shoulder pain and discomfort sustained over years of bad form and injuries.

  • George Van Bortel

Used this gym for more than 2 year and loved being a member. Big John and his staff were more than welcoming. Unfortunately - I’m moving, and I called Big John about canceling my membership. He didn’t charge me the extra month or anything - nothing less than what I would expect given his history of being a great manager.

  • Janette Proa

My husband and I have been coming to this gym for almost 2 years now and we love it! It has everything you need to get a good workout regardless of your fitness level. Definitely beats all others! The staff is also super helpful and friendly. If you’re looking for a gym, I highly recommend you try this one out!

  • C Barker

Been here for a couple weeks and can honestly say love the gym. Staff is very friendly, they will help you on any assistance you need. Love how they keep the gym organized and cleaned. Another thing that sticks out is they have a security who over looks the parking lot to avoid any trouble with your vehicle.

  • Sahib Dhaliwal

Great gym, homebody experience, community that knows each other and very friendly and helpful staff. If you're looking for a place to grow physically and socially, Houston gym is the right place. Only thing I will mention is that they don't have a sauna, but they have everything else that a gym should have.

  • Linda Lord

I have been a member of Houston Gym for over 5 years. Everyone is very nice and provide very good trainers if you want a workout boost. A friendly neighborhood gym where you can workout at the level you choose on your own or with trainer assistance. Handy and convenient. BTW, Justin is an excellent trainer.

  • Kirsten Jaycox

Houston gym is awesome! Aldric is my personal trainer, and he is great. All of the staff there is super friendly and helpful. I’ve hit personal fitness goals and continue to progress even further than I expected. Houston gym is good for beginners or those more advanced - there is something for everyone.

  • Carissa Aguirre

I’ve never really felt comfortable going to gyms, but after coming to houston gym, i immediately wanted a membership. i’ve been here for about a month now and the staff is absolutely amazing. everyone is super helpful and personable and they make me feel more comfortable than i have at any other gym.

  • Kyle Soares

I recently joined the gym and have enjoyed my time here. They have all the equipment you need to reach your fitness goals, and the fellow gym goers are kind and equally inspiring. It’s the cleanest gym that I’ve been to and it never gets too busy that you can’t get a good workout in. No complaints.

  • Christine Megarity

Awesome gym! Everyone is friendly and helpful. Jon Knisley is an amazing trainer. He is very well educated on how to structure a perfect workout to help each individual person to reach their goals. Very positive and supportive during training sessions yet pushes you to your highest level!

  • Lily Krisel

I had a great experience at Houston gym. I always felt welcomed when i would walk in for my workouts. One of the trainers was wonderful to work with. Aldric is great. He knows his stuff and can get you where you need to be! He also makes it a lot of fun to get in shape. Highly recommend.

  • David Dupont II

Recently moved from Charlotte to Houston and was looking for a gym. I was greeted by Big John and Eric and immediately felt welcomed. Houston gym has all the equipment, handles, and pulleys you can want. If you’re looking for results and investing in your health, this is the spot!

  • Jessica Fisher

I went in one day just looking for a gym to start using. A day later, I have an awesome trainer who pushes me to be a better version of myself than the me I was yesterday. Jon Knisley is the best trainer I’ve ever had and everyone of the staff is always friendly and welcoming.

  • Tony Burden

Small but well-stocked gym with a great community. Jon and his team are eager and willing to help with any requests or questions. Beta of all, nobody is here taking selfies, recording their workouts, or harassing you. You’re left alone to do your thing. Couldn’t be happier!

  • Stephen Botts

Been working out and training here since October. I love the staff and always feel great when I workout here! For personal training I would highly recommend Angelique, she’s got a variety of workouts and helpful info to set you up for taking down your fitness goals!

  • Starla Wittek

Big Jon is very attentive and keeps me to my goals. He's always checking in and chatting with me and asks me what he can do to help me to achieve my goals. He also keeps me to my meal plan because I stray easily. He's a great trainer and I highly recommend him.

  • Emery Ohao

Visited this gym and I have to say that it is one of many amazing gyms in Houston, this gym has amazing staff, machines and other things that you wouldn’t normally see at other gyms, check this one out if you guys get the chance, and also got a sick pump too!

  • Jessica Findley

John is a really knowledgeable trainer that goes the extra mile for his clients. He will push you mentally and physically until you get to where you want to be. They have great staff and an awesome place to workout whether your a beginner or a fitness buff.

  • David Tabib

Great gym ! Has everything I need to keep succeeding with my fitness goals ! But there is one employee his name is Adam. He goes above and beyond for members ! Always working ! Always smiling and treating people good ! GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE …

  • T. Scott

Aldric, Jay, and Jon are the best in the business!! I’ve learned so much from all the trainers at Houston Gym! The staff is EXTRA helpful and the environment is safe for your car and wallet!! They have a parking lot attendant that watches your car.

  • RizzoCoog

I love the gym and the staff. The gym has everything I need to reach my goals and I love the set-up. The staff knows their craft and truly the friendliest group of people you'll find anywhere. They create an amazing atmosphere for self-betterment.

  • Jay Cardenas

This gym is incredible and everyone is super nice. Big john, Thomas and Cassandra are amazing and extremely knowledgeable Individuals. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get in shape or find a new gym close to everything in the city !

  • Ethan Rowland

I’ve been working with Aldric. He is very knowledgeable and pushes me to my limit every workout. We never do the same exercise twice. I highly recommend training with Aldric. Houston gym has a great atmosphere and everyone seems to be friendly.

  • Ryan Platek

Great small privately owned gym. In a warehouse style building this place is functional and not fancy. Plenty of quality equipment and rarely too crowded. Staff is friendly and personable. Great variety of people work out here. A good range

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

I came here for a couple of months because I lived just down the street. It is a great place to go if you are serious about working out. I wouldn't say this is a gym you come to if you are interested in meeting people or socializing. I did

  • Kimber Mickens

Ok...this Dude Jon made me actually WANT to work out! Nice facility, pretty welcoming staff, great atmosphere... equipment all looks to be in really good shape. Jon Knisley gave me the tour & I got a peek at a couple of success stories -

  • Sam Kancewick

Be extreeeemly careful when signing up for this place, not saying it isn't a decent place to get a workout in but they keep the contract grey and make a lot of oral promises that are misleading. Their 'discounts' always have two sides to

  • Maria Blanco

Everyone here is so friendly and as soon as you come in Jeffrey makes you feel right at home. He is polite, professional and goes out of his way to make you feel special. Jon is awesome as well! This gym puts you in the mood to work out!

  • David Reeves

In town for 2 weeks - staff was very accommodating to set me up with a 10 day pass so I could exercise there. The facility is great and the staff very nice. I recommend if you live in the area or are visiting for more than a week!

  • Antonio Garcia

Great small gym. Most people there are serious kinda of a serious atmosphere. My roommates been at this gym for a few months now and lost 50lb so I joined as well. So far enjoying my stay, wish they offered more than Zumba classes

  • Vivien Rivera

Great local gym with a comfortable feeling to it. No need to worry about being an unidentified client here. Every piece of gym equipment one could want in any large gym is basically found here. Competitive pricing. Great location!

  • GrimBlush (Grimblush)

I've been a member of this gym since February, and have been training with Justin Nelson for the past couple of months. Generally, the crowd here means business. It's a friendly atmosphere should you decide to crawl out of your

  • Zain Razvi

Great equipment and people at Houston gym! Shoutout to big John and Adam. I love that the gym has some nice old-school bodybuilding equipment, tons of different barbells, trap bars, safety squat bars. Really great environment.

  • David Flores

By far the best gym I have been in. They have all the equipment you need to get results, and the staff is super friendly! I've been going here for almost two years and will continue indefinitely! All other gyms watch out! :)

  • Neha Singh

Do check this great gym. All of the staff is warm and welcoming. Great group classes. The gym is well equipped and you would not be disappointed. See Big Jon fir ur trainer needs. Highly recommend this hidden gem of a gym.

  • Kemin Richardson

I’m fairly new to the gym (almost two months), but I’ve enjoyed it so far. My trainer Jon keeps me motivated and is definitely teaching me things that I was doing wrong in previous years while working out. He’s great.

  • Rob

Sad to leave this place. Moving to CO and I have to say, this place has been awesome. Great staff, great machines, a little small for how many machines they have, but it has a great iron feel. Stay Classy Houston Gym!

  • Morgan Nash

Well equipped and clean gym with friendly staff! The gym has plenty of equipment, and more equipment is added based on member feedback. Great gym for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and general fitness enthusiasts.

  • Evelyn H

Absolutely love this gym! The place is spotless and Big Jon did an amazing job showing the gym. You can tell that they care about their people as soon as you walk in through the doors. 100% recommend.

  • Emma Williams

LOVE LOVE THE HOUSTON GYM!! Big Jon is the best trainer ever! And the staff is always friendly. If you're looking for a gym with great trainers & knowledgeable staff this is the best place in Houston!

  • John Ross

Great gym, and great people. Working with Angelique has been an awesome experience. She knows how to push you to your limits and teach you the fundamentals. Our sessions are high points in my week.

  • Ana Medina

Customer service skills are great!!!!! Love a friendly gym where they really care about the people. Darrell has been very helpful. This gym has all the equipment you need, I definitely recommend!

  • Mutlaq Dowaihy

Of all the Gyms I've been to, Houston Gym is my favorite. Great trainers, and highly reccomend Big Jon. Been training with him for the past year and helped me improve so much.

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