Humble Bakery

267 reviews

50 Holt St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia



Humble Bakery is a Bakery located at 50 Holt St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia. It has received 267 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of Humble Bakery: 50 Holt St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

  • Humble Bakery has 4.5 stars from 267 reviews

  • Bakery

  • "We have visited the restaurant Porteño before and loved it, so you can imagine our excitement when we hear they’ve opened a bakery next door to their restaurant in Surry Hills, called Humble"

    "Humble Bakery is a wonderful bakery in Surry Hills that sells a delicious range of cakes, pastries and bread"

    "This has become one of my favourite bakeries"

    "Went just as they were closing so didn’t get to order a drink but I genuinely inhaled the treats I got because of how good they were"

    "Only two savory vegetarian options and I picked the falafel sandwich"


  • Sarah charles (Thewhereto)

We have visited the restaurant Porteño before and loved it, so you can imagine our excitement when we hear they’ve opened a bakery next door to their restaurant in Surry Hills, called Humble. Can we say, there’s no need to be humble when talking of this place, because it deserves the accolades. It has an impressive range of baked goods to go, or food to dine in, as well as coffee and gelato. We’re there spot on opening time and grab a pigs head sausage roll straight out of the oven. The piping hot sausage (from LP’s meats) is encased in a buttery pastry and this is absolutely delicious and worth a try. Don’t bother for tomato sauce for its perfect without. We also try a bowl of their honey roasted granola, served with yoghurt, fruits and it is certainly a generous serving and a darn good granola. We can’t go past a good croissant, so we try a lovely plain croissant and the absolutely incredible pecan, whisky, maple croissant. Outstanding, and you can see and feel the generous topping over the croissant, so much so it weighs down the pastry itself. What a treat! If you’re there for lunch, there are a range of sandwiches, whether it be ham, gruyere and zucchini butter pickle, and eggplant parmigiana with fresh mozzarella, so it’s perfect for vegetarians as well. The lunch menu also has salad bowls served with bread or rice. Sweets adorn the top of the counter with the likes of a golden Basque cheesecake, a flan and apricot tart, upside down cake or finger bun to name a few. In addition, we see dough rising in the huge ovens and loves of freshly made bread behind the counter ready to buy. White sourdough, ciabatta and baguettes are available and from 10 am there’s also a range of focaccias. Sadly we were a bit early for that, so we’ll be back to try them another time in addition to the lunch menu. A brilliant bakery and a good addition to the area.

  • Vanessa K

Humble Bakery is a wonderful bakery in Surry Hills that sells a delicious range of cakes, pastries and bread. I bought the basque cheesecake, the basque cheesecake was so good, it was undoubtedly the best basque cheesecake that I have ever eaten. The basque cheesecake was rich, creamy and caramelised in flavour. The carrot cake was also very good, the carrot cake was moist and dense with the most deliciously creamy cream cheese icing. The carrot cake was full of pecans and walnuts as well. Overall I was really impressed with Humble Bakery , the bakery just had such a home style vibe with an impressive range of cakes, pastries, bread and other baked goods. I definitely want to come back and try the other baked goods in their range.

  • Samantha (bitesinbytes)

This has become one of my favourite bakeries. I am probably here every two weeks (evident by the multiple photos I have). My go to order is the mortadella focaccia and a figure bun. I usually get a cold brew too. The finger bun is a must, it’s an upgrade from the bakers delight ones you probably had as a child. The dried fruit filled sweet bread is topped with pretty pink icing and sprinkled with coconut. You’ll find a generous slab of salty butter inside. The mortadella focaccia is huge and delicious. I’ll forgive it for being difficult to eat because I couldn’t get enough of that bread. If you’re not that hungry you can split the sandwich with someone else. I’ve also picked cakes from here for birthdays. Clearly a big fan.

  • Mahima Mehta

Went just as they were closing so didn’t get to order a drink but I genuinely inhaled the treats I got because of how good they were. I would give the chocolate croissant an 8/10, it was nice & flakey. The pistachio cookie was a 7/10 - it had a strong salty pistachio flavour and wasn’t too sweet but I prefer my cookies to be more gooey. You could taste the quality in both of them and I’m excited to go back and try some more things :)
Take out
Price per person
Recommended dishes
Chocolate Croissant

  • YuWan鱼丸

Only two savory vegetarian options and I picked the falafel sandwich. The bread was way too chewy and it was served cold… But the taste was really good! Hummus + pickles + falafel can never go wrong! I reckon the staff were not in good mood probably because of the weather but they were a bit reluctant to help and not happy to clean up the outside tables/seats. The most popular pinky bun feels like cinnamon raisin brekkie roll + cream cheese + frosting. Not quite unique except for the color but again it tasted good

  • Misspiggyexplores

This Café/bakery was quite trendy, you can sit down and enjoy your coffee and the music. The coffee was very tasty, bitter and steamy hot, the way I like it! The customer service was very inviting as it is quite a new café. I noticed that they had fresh daily baked breads, delicious cakes, sweets & pastries which I will try next time I am there. I loved the lively ambience, and the décor was beautiful. This café is in the heart of Surry Hills. Go and try the coffee today :)

  • Charlotte Hudson

I came here on the recommendation of a friend and it was well worth the trip! The menu is small with a focus on quality over quantity but the selection does have familiar favorites. Amazing coffee, fantastic sandwichs and the best basque cheesecake that will haunt my dreams forever! It's a tiny little bakehouse and not the most convenient for a sit down lunch but you should definitely stop in for a coffee, some bread and a slice of cake to take home with you.

  • Marlon Dalton

Outstanding pastries and cakes. The small Danish filled with frangipane and what’s perhaps a sweet ricotta was wonderfully buttery and flaky, it also had a perfect topping of what seamed took be a house made marmalade. Perfect with their flawless coffee! I tried many delicious things but another recommendation is the ham and pickle roll on baguette. It reminded me of the freak rolls in Paris. Just go there while you can still squeeze in!

  • Emma Sophia

Fabulous pastries, a super delicious sandwich, and cute bakery set-up, filled with lovely staff. The only thing I wish is that there would be more vegetarian options!! Most times I arrive, the only thing I’ve got to order is the falafel sandwich. It is nice but I would love to try the focaccia!! All the pastries look divine and I can’t wait to try more of them!! One of the best bakeries in Sydney for sure :)

  • Jodie Alanna

The Focaccia’s, Finger Bun, Quiches and Pastries are delicious! Definitely treat yourself to those. Unfortunately the cakes I cannot say the same for. They look amazing but it ends there. We ordered the raspberry buttermilk sponge whole cake and the sponge itself was extremely dry and tasted days old. We also tried the carrot cake which looked amazing but again, it tasted days old. Very disappointing.

  • stuart abbott

I thought I might give this place another try as I’m a local. Previously I have found it very over priced and the quality was lacking, especially with their fresh items. Today I paid $12 for a loaf of bread that was burnt. There are plenty of great alternatives just up the road toward Crown… I won’t be giving this place another go ———— Update - I went again today - EXACTLY the same thing happened

  • E N

Easy to access from Central Station and steps away from the light rail. If you like your croissants on the softer and chewy side then do not give Humble a miss! Unfortunately arriving at 11am meant that I missed out on a savoury pastry (these tend to go quick!) - an excuse to come back for sure. Love the Al fresco seating options as well if you want to leisurely sit outside and soak in the sun.

  • Charley Aitchison

Super cute little cafe which always smells amazing. The baguette and the sourdough with jalapenos/chilli (only available on weekends I think - please bake this more often!) are both some of my favourite bread purchases in Sydney! Coffee is good too, and has a good selection of pastries and other goods like "happy" ethically raised eggs.

  • David Satti

This place does the most delicious pork sausage roll you will ever eat. Coffee is great too. All reasonably priced. Has become my fave spot on a saturday morning.
Meal type
Price per person
Recommended dishes
Rolls, Pork and Fennel Sausage Roll, Finger Bun, Chocolate Croissant, Pork Sausage Roll

  • Leana Chow

This place is a gem! The food tastes better than it looks, which is saying something given it all looks amazing! Service is great, we had to lined up to get in, but the it moved quickly! Highly recommend the finger buns, carrot cake and sandwiches! They are all next level! There some seats outside. Can’t wait to go back for more!

  • John Duffield

If you are after a good sandwich definitely consider one from Humble Bakery. I shared 2 different chicken ones with my wife and they were both quality. The baked goods on-site looked and tasted great. My favourite was the Danish and i have to say it was one of the best i have ever had. I can't wait to reattend and try plenty more

  • Edu VN

Humble Bakery is the new cafe / bakery space of the Porteño team in Holt Street, Surry Hills. The team is attentive and helpful, and coffee was on point. I really enjoyed the mushrooms toastie and bakery goods, but the prices are way too high for what’s on offer. More reasonable prices would make it a 5 star experience.

  • Bojan Kovacevic

You could argue which bakery is the best in Sydney, but whichever way you look at it, Humble is up there! Do yourself a favour and get one of everything, though probably not at once! There is always a line, but it moves fast and you’ll never wait too long. Coffee is good, staff are awesome, you won’t regret it!

  • Bartholomew Tan

Second visit and only came here to takeaway sourdough this time. Didn’t get photos during our first visit where we had the finger buns, focaccia, snails and etc. Had the mini sourdough ($8) and wholemeal sourdough ($12). Great texture, chewy, tangy. Would definitely recommend their sandwiches!

  • Jane B

We're so glad you do catering! We didn't know until we visited your website. I ordered for my team a focaccia slab, which was delicious, and their extra large lamington cake for afternoon tea - also AMAZING! We will certainly be back asking you to cater for our pitch meetings. Thanks!!!

  • Laura Sharpe

This place has ridiculously delicious baked goods and also excellent coffee. It does feel a little bit expensive but it is so so worth it. I've been back an embarrassing number of times for the finger buns. They may sound like a standard boring option but NO they are amazing. Try it!

  • Barbara Gonzalez

I ordered the basque cheesecake, nut (almond) croissant and chorizo fougasse. The three were amazing. Can’t wait to go back and try more. The croissant was buttery and sweet. The chorizo in the fougasse made it I wish it had more cheese but overall it was delicious. …

  • Judy K

I wanted to see what all the hype about the finger bun was about but was sadly disappointed. It wasn't as soft as I expected and I honestly prefer the super cheap ones from woolies over this one (sorry). But the carrot cake, paris brest and plum tart were pretty good.

  • GetUsThereAlready

Visited Humble bakery today. Lined up for about 10 minutes. Bought two finger buns for $14.30 (including a 15% public holiday surcharge). The delicious glazed fruit bun has butter, creamy pink icing and coconut sprinkles. It’s the tastiest finger bun I’ve ever eaten.

  • Tim Owen

New, shiny and full of bread. Watch them make it as you eat. This is the newest bakery on the block and pretty cool. The food selection is short but food. The coffee was strong and artistic. Not cheap but what do we expect from Holt St! Long may it live!!

  • David

Regular here, easily the best cappuccinos in Surry Hills! Tastes like you’re in Italy. Also great meat pies and salami focaccia (which they’ll toast). Outdoors area is chill.
Dine in
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Jennifer C

Fresh, crispy airy baguettes at a good price of $5. The Paris Brest choux pastry with hazelnut cream filling was delicious although a bit of a splurge at $10 Queue to order moves fast and staff are friendly. Will come back to try other baked goodies

  • Renato Rispoli

Once a week I travel from Lake Macquarie to Sydney. First stop is Humble Bakery for a coffee and a finger bun. It's puts a smile on my face, a glow in my heart and a smirky tummy satisfaction . Ain't nothing gonna stop me now. Thanks HUMBLE. More

  • erinxeats

had to pick up one of these bad boys on my way home from work, and im so glad i did! they nailed the rich, earthy flavour of pumpkin, tying together fall-inspired spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to compliment its smooth, creamy filling

  • Nina Gao

Tucked away in the nestle of Surry hills, brings a new & exciting bakery… and surely did not disappoint. There was a line out the door but it went quickly indicating something special! Super delicious pastries and friendly service! Highly

  • Wendy Lim

Bought the bread here and the expectation was the same as the review! Felt the top bread is so good. Will revisit again. Can try it if it’s available!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person

  • James Murray

Very humbling experience eating this cake. Best birthday ever! Thank you @Humble Surry Hill
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Milos Masar

There is no need to be Humble anymore! They do their pastry with precision, love and understanding! It's different, it's fantastic because it's done right! Lovely place to dine in, staff is always kind and coffee is tasty.

  • Dream Ha

Bring back the OG big carrot cake slice!!!!! Cupcake is not the same and not as moist staff explained its the same weight but that's not the point! It is also the presentation and aesthetic it had as a sliced cake …

  • Lyndon Burke

Great sandwiches and a super nice quiet spot as well! Massive range of sweets and savouries, perfect to stop by for a little baked good or a full meal. Sandwiches are always a highlight and their finger buns rule

  • Abbie Love

A fab bakery in a lovely light and airy setting. It's great to see the bakers making the bread in the background - the dough looks so beautifully soft and delicious - and the bread also tastes amazing.

  • Paulina Andrea

Amazing assortment of baked goods from breads, cakes and pastries. I love the open kitchen space and seeing the magic happen. The coffee isn’t to my liking but tbh it’s the bakery itself that’s the star

  • Sharon

Delicious freshly made pastries, cakes, slices, breads and sandwiches. Basque cheesecake is to DIE for!! Melt in your mouth deliciousness!! The lamington and apple danish are also incredible.

  • Lynette Ingram

We are from NQ. We visit Sydney regularly. We stay at Circular Quay so we can enjoy the delights from Humble bakery. Fabulous bread. Carrot cake and pink iced ginger buns to die for.

  • Giosuè Gullà

You made me cry. The focaccia was sooo good. And the Basque cheesecake was perfect! Thanks for this I will always come here. Best focaccia. (Only cons, it was a bit too oily) …

  • Jackie McMillan

(4.5 stars) With my favourite dessert reviewer, Dessert Addicts Anonymous, positively simpering over Humble Bakery, I bumped it higher on my must-try list. The popular

  • Yukun Dai

Nice food. However, the black thing tasted like burned, bit bitter. Ask the staff she say is supposed to be like this. Emmm… so yeah interesting! Anyone can explain?

  • Thea Chen

I try the Basque cheesecake,it was sooooooo good. I can taste the goat cheese and the cake is moist and dense. Remember:their almond croissant only sell on weekend!

  • Jason Lau

This place doesn’t disappoint. Good coffee and great selection of baked goods. Ordered the croissant and the pork and fennel sausage roll. Both were delicious!

  • dontwaitdate

Loveee a good cookie! but everything else that I tried have been good too. Next to Porteño in Surry Hills so easily accessible from Central station.

  • G H

Love their beef empanadas and sausage roll! Empanada were filled with meat and sausage roll had a buttery crust. Highly recommend this place.

  • N A

Croissant was fabulous! I think it was my favorite amongst my croissant hunting trip. The lady who served me was very friendly and helpful.

  • Dan Elliott

Superb baked treats and friendly staff. Wonderful to sit outside on a nice day. The key lime tart was a particular favourite..

  • Briar Lucas

in my humble opinion the best orange blossom cake I have ever tasted
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • L G

Oh my goddddd the vegan choc chip cookie is to die for... Like I'm actually dead after eating 2 of them. …

  • Jason Wall

Thanks Humble, your cakes are delicious, big shout-out to Liz who helped us with our order - it was perfect! Cheers :)

  • weisss

This is SO DELICIOUS!!! and the coffee also very gooood! I would definitely love to try other bread in humble soon!!

  • Arthur Leung

Great bakery, with wonderful sandwiches, good prices, and friendly staff. One of the best cafes at Surry Hills.

  • Satjit Singh

Awesome range of food! Wish the focaccia breads were available earlier! Big fan of the finger buns!

  • Michael Hui

The shop looks and smells fantastic, their bakeries are top notch but the coffee is not to my taste.

  • Shaun S

Awesome bakery - bread is fresh, pastries are delish! Will try the coffee next time

  • Francesca

Kind staff, they helped me with my requests and focaccia was really nice

  • Nishat Saleri

Seriously can’t justify $12 for a nothing special carrot cake muffin!

  • Rami Mukhtar

Best finger buns ever.
Food: 5

  • Yuan Zhou Zheng

Ice soy latte decaf 4.5 Babyccino 5 Epi baguette 4.5

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