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St Martin's St, London WC2H 7HH, United Kingdom




JustPark is a Parking garage located at St Martin's St, London WC2H 7HH, United Kingdom. It has received 26 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of JustPark: St Martin's St, London WC2H 7HH, United Kingdom

  • JustPark has 3.5 stars from 26 reviews

  • Parking garage

  • "Overall, I was satisfied with the experience"

    "Do not trust this parking app"

    "Just Park despite knowing for months through multiple feedback from customers that the entry to the car park is absolutely narrow is still letting customers book the site for parking without any pre warnings about the size of the vehicle"

    "This looked like a fairly safe parking spot (presuming the access code is changed from time to time)"

    "it's cheap, which is the only reason this is getting 3 stars"


  • Lalo Perez

Overall, I was satisfied with the experience. Even though the entrance was a bit tricky and narrow, I did find a spot that I could park when I needed it in a great location of the city (near the theater we were going to). I would have really liked it if they app command to open gate would have worked from my phone. Instead, I had to stop, get out of the car and type code on the wall. Which made my first attempt a hassle since I had a taxi cab right behind me and I felt I could not stop. Unfortunately, it took me 15-20 minutes to just come back around to it (because of how messy that part of the city is). I wish I would have just stopped on the side (a bit forward of the entrance) and waited for cars to pass by (consider that if you have someone behind you when attempting to enter).

  • Angie Huddart

Do not trust this parking app. We booked for parking today in Beverley, E York’s at 14 Athelstan Road and came back to having had our tyres let down. Called the space owner Dez on the app, claimed not to have signed up to this parking app and claimed not to know who let my tyres down. The neighbour however saw him do it. One way or another it’s a scam. Spoke to customer services who were no help at all stating that he may believe he had cancelled his space but hadn’t done so. I’d hate to think if I’d had my grandchildren with me…2 baby seats in my car yet the person who lives at the address still chose to vandalise my.vehicle. Absolute disgrace. Do not use this company


Just Park despite knowing for months through multiple feedback from customers that the entry to the car park is absolutely narrow is still letting customers book the site for parking without any pre warnings about the size of the vehicle. This is not only unethical but clearly a scam. My Range Rover Sport was stuck and damaged despite taking immense care to enter the site (attach photos). I will be making a claim against Just Park as they were reckless, knew about difficulty to vehicles entering the car park and would advice all to avoid this car park. The sever is not letting me upload the damage photos otherwise I would have shown to all the damage caused.

  • Philip Martin

This looked like a fairly safe parking spot (presuming the access code is changed from time to time). We had a Pulsar, but I saw some some regular saloon cars parked there and also one SUV and one people carrier (not sure how that got in!). The main issue is the turn into the garage, limited by a combination of car length and width. You might need a bit of back and forth, and someone to watch; not so good for drivers lacking in confidence. There are a couple of spaces with pipes over them - ok (just) for a saloon not for a higher car like and SUV or if you have roof bars.

  • Antony Berou

it's cheap, which is the only reason this is getting 3 stars. The car park is very tight to get into. There's a pillar right in the middle of the entrance and it's a narrow road so turning into it is really tricky, as evidenced by all the scuff marks on the pillar and walls from previous drivers. The parking spaces are limited. The only space available last night had restricted height due to pipework. If you drive anything bigger than a small car such as a mid sized estate or an SUV I would avoid this car park entirely.

  • Piyush Pankaj

Worst parking place....they should convert it to Bike parking place rather than a car, The only parking in London whose entrance has a pillar bang in the middle and you have to negotiate it well to avoid your vehicle getting scratched, Spaces are so tight that opening the driver gate is almost impossible, scratched my car and now have an impending bill of over £300+ to get paintwork corrected..... If you love your car, dont park at this location

  • Chris Redston

WARNING! DO NOT USE THIS CAR PARK (unless you have a very tiny car). The entrance is extremely hard to navigate as there's a great big concrete post right in the middle of it you have to try to get around. In trying to navigate around this, my normal size car got scraped all down the side and I now have a bill of hundreds of pounds to get it repaired. The parking spaces are tiny too - had to climb out of the passenger seat. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  • DA

Great parking location and price, it's a shame the entrance to it is a massive joke in that it's tighter getting in there than it is ever worth. How they have the narrowest gate and a pillar right in the middle simply baffles me I'm not entirely sure whos idea that was but if you don't want to scratch your car, maybe think of hiring The Stig to park your car in here

  • Martin Wright

Only any good if you have a very small car. Entrance is unbelievably tight. Any car smaller than a Polo/Corsa etc I'm sure will be fine. Any bigger than that you will damage your car on either the high kerbs or the posts on the entrance. BE WARNED. Would give one star, but rated two stars purely because of the good location and security.

  • Olac Coombs

Actually a very useful app/ service. Its easy to use and pricing is ultra clear. If you travel around a lot this is great. From hidden carparks to people's unused driveways. We also drive a high roof van and this app will give you relevant dimensions and even a picture or two.

  • Oliver brett-hill

Excellent location and price. Only really suitable for a car, suv at a push but got lucky on my space and fitted my van in there. Take great care entering as its a 90° entrance from the road but once in, all was good.

  • Theo Mavraganis

Avoid! Car park is in a very tight location also to turn in is very challenging. I damaged my alloys due to how awkward this place is. The parking spots are also extremely small. Very risky, safer on the street!!!

  • Neil Antonino

The gate won’t open in and out 4x I entered the code until someone opened it outside, I late my appointment caused of that.

  • Alec Blore

Yes the entrance is tight,ceiling is low but got in, out without any damage (vauxhall zafira)

  • Dan P

Tight space to get in but overall perfect for parking in the centre of London

  • Varun Srinivasaperumal

Amazing location to park cars in central London. Highly recommended …

  • John Matthews

Great carpark for price use it every time go London

  • cliff webb

Good well laid out car park

  • Agustin Alejandro RUIZ TUAZON

‍♂️ …

  • Stephen Hawke
  • Angus Adigun
  • Darrell Davis
  • XclusiveDJSOfficial DJSOfficial
  • Kipp Townsend
  • wendy ellis
  • Judy S

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