NCP Seldon

70 reviews

Selsdon Way, London E14 9GL, United Kingdom


NCP Seldon is a Parking lot located at Selsdon Way, London E14 9GL, United Kingdom. It has received 70 reviews with an average rating of 3.3 stars.



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  • The address of NCP Seldon: Selsdon Way, London E14 9GL, United Kingdom

  • NCP Seldon has 3.3 stars from 70 reviews

  • Parking lot

  • "I chose to use this car park on a recent day out in London given its proximity to the DLR station and reasonable parking cost at £6 for a 24 hour period when paying on the day"

    "Awful place"

    "NCP car is the most unsafe Carpark in tower hamlets your car is safer on road with the doors unlocked"

    "Despite being advertised as 24hr on NCP’s website and in Google maps, this car park does NOT allow 24hr access to your vehicle! I paid for several hours parking on NCP’s website to go to a concert at the O2"

    "Again NCP FAIL to correctly advertise what is accepted and not accepted in the car parks"


  • bob berry

I chose to use this car park on a recent day out in London given its proximity to the DLR station and reasonable parking cost at £6 for a 24 hour period when paying on the day. Sadly these reasonable parking costs turned out to be “unavailable". On arrival at the car park, there is a large banner outside advertising the stated £6 all day rate. Again, this rate is advertised on a board beside the pay machines. All seems good so far, however this is where my experience with NCP and the London Docklands Cross Harbour carpark took a turn for the worst. On attempting to pay for my parking session, I discover there are 2 pay machines within the car park. The 1st machine was willing to charge £6 for all day parking however whenever attempting to pay via the machine, it would come up saying “Transaction Cancelled”. Not a problem I thought, I can use the other machine. On attempting to use the 2nd machine, I was being confronted with a cost of £6 for an hours parking or £32 for the full £24 hour period. Figuring this machine must have had incorrect information, I spotted a sign allowing me to use “Paybyphone”. So I logged into my “paybyphone” account, entered the location code, to be confronted with a £12 charge for 24 hours parking (Along with a 20p fee for the convenience). By now I had wasted over 10 minutes in your car park, putting myself behind schedule for getting into central London. At this point, while feeling rather frustrated, I decided to download the “NCP Park Pass” app to pay this way, however again I was unable to pay £6 for all day parking, instead I was being confronted with the same £6 an hour or £32 for 24 hours fee that your 2nd machine was charging. At this point I decided to call the “Customer Services” department. Sadly they said they couldn’t do anything about the price the machines or NCP Park Pass were charging, nor could I pay over the phone directly and pointed me in the direction of “Paybyphone”. When I questioned the cost “paybyphone” were charging, they told me to take the issue up directly with “paybyphone” with a “not my problem” attitude. It seems customer services cannot actually do anything in relation to their car parks. Having already been in the car park for almost 20 minutes by this point, I reluctantly paid £12.20 via “paybyphone” to avoid being hit by a penalty charge which would have followed should I have driven out of the unmanned car park and been picked up by their ANPR cameras. As it was a weekend i wish i had parked along the nearby side roads free of charge. I have contacted NCP directly in regards to this but as yet have not relieved any response.

  • Dan Powell

Awful place. Parking and location is fine, however parked here on saturday and tried to leave in the early hours on sunday morning. Tried to pay for the ticket, it took my £20 note no problem but still had £4 to pay. It wouldnt accept any notes (old or new) because i had to pay for it exactly. Both machine coin slots were jammed or busted, and I was unable to pay the exact amount. pressed the intercom for assistance.... must have waited at least half an hour and still no repsonce. The last option (which after the ordeal I had already, i didnt trust at all) was to put my credit card in the machine and try it that way. Put my parking card in first and it spat it out to say ticket invalid. Phoned the help line and it went to answer machine saying they are closed so please try again monday at 9am (useful?? I think not) Was going to just drive through the already broken barrier when we saw the device you put the ticket in, to open the barrier, accepted cards as well. Thankfully it accepted the £4 and the barrier opened. Ive cancelled my credit card already as I do not trust its not clonned my card. so after over 45 mins from getting back to our car, we were on our way. Will never be using any of your car parks again. I will be writing to complain, and I would stongly advise anyone NOT to use this car park... and as a previous reviewer mentioned, it was stinking all wee all over the place. discusting place.

  • Hybrid N Go

NCP car is the most unsafe Carpark in tower hamlets your car is safer on road with the doors unlocked. They have kids wondering around checking if any cars are unlocked so they can nick or vandalise the cars. I have witnessed it myself and I can verify it. I have complained to the management over 6 times not even an inch of improvement no cameras only ANPR cameras to give tickets I’ve also seen NCP employees coming round with a van checking some Prius’s and when I approached them they left which looked very dodgy. You might think why do I know this munch information I park my cars which have dash cam installed and I’m gathering all this information so I can close this car park or make sure it’s running by a proper company. No need to operate this car park for 24hrs a day they should close latest by 10pm because that’s when all the trouble happens. NCP IF YOUR READING THIS PLEASE ACT NOT BEFORE YOU GET SHUT DOWN. if you don’t believe what I’m saying please enter the car park you will see 2 cars which are vandalised BMW and a VAUXHALL plus a LEXUS which has been broken since March. I advice not to park there for £6 a day when your car is unsafe your better of paying double for extra security. At least every wee there’s an attempt for a stolen bike or a stolen bike will be parked in the car park.

  • Andrew McDowell

Despite being advertised as 24hr on NCP’s website and in Google maps, this car park does NOT allow 24hr access to your vehicle! I paid for several hours parking on NCP’s website to go to a concert at the O2. On returning to the car park to head to our home in Gloucestershire, we found everything locked down. Because it closed at 23:00. Beware the posters are not always in line of sight and it certainly doesn’t tell you clearly on the website when booking. We managed to find an open pedestrian door that hadn’t closed properly when someone had left so at least we could get to the car to stay warm. To get out we had to pay £80 cash to two maintenance chaps that took over an hour to attend. Our only other option was to stop overnight in London (probably in the car) and then still be charged by NCP for spending longer in the car park than had been paid for. The whole situation put a rather sour taste on an otherwise great trip. I don’t trust NCP at all. They seem to be treating drivers as cash-cows instead of valued customers.

  • CJE220 (Cje220)

Again NCP FAIL to correctly advertise what is accepted and not accepted in the car parks. I will be following this with an official complaint. they have a gateway pass and every website for each car park say the accept it, I have now been to 7 that do not accept it. UPDATE YOUR SITES NOW. If you are unsure - do not listen to "use our website to find out information quicker" the information supplied on their site in 95% wrong. Make sure you call them up and get a definite answer. Considering the extreme cost of these tiny car parks i dont see how you cannot change each site to the correct information its ridicules.

  • Murshed Islam

As previously mentioned, it is a little tight navigating up and down the ramps however the bays are surprisingly wider than expected (well wider than Stratford Westfield). I had a small car (Nissan Note) however the bay next to me was used by a BMW 5 series and still had a reasonable amount of room to open the doors enough not to have to contort like a contortionist. The pricing has come down now to a flat rate of £6 a day. Machines are card payment only - no longer accepting coins here, however they use the PaybyPhone app. Would use again.

  • Bravo The Badger

Before the charges were £18 for parking for office working hours then it became £22 and now they have made anything above 4 hours as £32!!!! This is ridiculous pricing. Even the canary wharf parking does charge you so much. Moreover the ramps between floors are so narrow that many vehicles are sure to be damaged if the drivers aren't experienced enough. I am not parking in this place anymore.

  • Russell Wickham

Very poor. Billed as a 24hr car park but when I went to collect my car at 0445 on a Sunday the whole place was locked up. No way of contacting anyone so had to wait it out. Somone eventually turned up at 0540 claiming it normally opens at 0500 (not 24hrs!) but he was running late. Emailed NCP but heard nothing back. Disappointing as location is good.

  • Tim Askew

NCP Crossharbour is safe easy to get to an 55 mins to Canary Wharf by DLR or 15 mins walking. There is always space even at peak times and I have parked here daily for 3 years with no problems at all The car park is not staffed most of the time, but there is help via the pagans edit machines. Book early for discounts rather than paying in the day

  • Berat Sucu

£7 for 24 hours is a great deal in London. Location is also great. But the car park looks like its abondoned, i do not think your car will be safe in this car park. The way to go up&down are really tight, you might end up denting your car. I believe some homeless people stays here at night. I would not park here until I saw lots of other cars in.

  • Jean Shum

It's an okay carpark, as in, there will always be spaces, only 2 other cars on my visit, and the parking charges are reasonable, paid the £8.40 for 24 hours, with the DLR station just a walk away. Some negatives. Was unmanned, no barriers, doesn't seem maintained, payment is app only -RingGo. So no payment machines whatsoever.

  • arthur tovar ferras

Massive change on this carpark now they have security dog patrols regularly All the rubbish that was there has been cleared you don’t see anymore the young kids or gangs that made the place unsecured the homeless have also left is extremely secure and safe I highly recommend this place specially with the security dog patrols

  • Valerija Ferras

Highly recommend this parking spot lots of space very secure we have seen massive improvements from having lots of rubbish, homeless people living there and lots of drug users to being very secure they have security dog patrols all night and I left my car went to collect at 4am on a Sunday felt really safe

  • Vinay Mistry

Cheap but very tight spaces and the ramps up and down make it easy to scratch the side of your car. Wouldn't recommend for anything bigger then a hatchback. No lifts or stairs or security. Way better off booking parking in the Asda car park across the road

  • Moe Riaz

24 hours £6 via parkpass app this is the best option, was easy to setup 24 hours £7 outside the app This is a bargain especially if you want to park outside congestion/ulez grab the dlr to go into central... Plus its open 24/7 including weekends!!

  • Carol Sharland

Not secure at all. Company van got broken in to and entire contents stolen in broad daylight. After being on hold to the car park for 25 mins to ask about the CCTV, I still didn't get through!!

  • JP

You will notice very few wide vehicles such as SUVs here he to how tight the ramps, entrance and parking spaces are. Really needs updating, however location is perfect for my needs.

  • B. ONE

It's okay for parking but the corners to go up or down are way too tight for you to drive. Ended up scratching my car really bad when trying to go down for the exit.

  • Anne Borkent

Drove in, downloaded RingGo app, only to find out I can’t use it with an international phone number. Drove out within 10 minutes hoping I won’t be charged or fined.

  • FabFab (F D B)

Not safe for motorcycles!!! They try to steal my Motorcycle on a Sunday afternoon at 1pm. Thanks god my friend was there. Also apparently is happening often.

  • Ram Dahaley

Ok for what I need it for... I've been parking my car here for a year and a half, first I was paying £80 now it's £99, ridiculous.

  • simon dean

25% price increase for a drug and urine riddled, filthy, dark, insecure and risky car park. Profiteering much Euro Car Parks?

  • Tania Williams

No trouble parking so far so good. Easy to pay online either day before your stay or a season ticket...

  • Mark Ross

This is now Euro car parks. Pay via Ringo, £7 for 24 Hours. There no lifts, they have been turned off.

  • Karl Woodhouse

Parking is ok but the stairwells frequently stink of urine and are littered with drug paraphernalia.

  • peter skeggs

Parked here for a visit to the O2, which is a 40 minute walk away. £8 for 24 hours, great value.

  • Kingsley Summers

A little tight, but great location, reasonable pricing if you pre-book.

  • Nauris Veits

Very weirdly tucked under flats but cheaply priced for a days stay!

  • Muhammad Ali

Nice option if you’re wiling to park for long time..£7 for 24hours

  • wojciech kurdziel

Piękne widoki. Najlepsze przy wschodzie lub zachodzie słońca.

  • Rumon Bai

Non secured car park my cars get vandalised every other day.

  • Jake B

Much cheaper than the adjacent NCP and more space.

  • camelia gamee

Expensive! £24 For four hours of parking

  • Josh

Good location for any events at the O2

  • Sandra Palmer

It a Car Park no guards or barriers

  • Manoj

Hard to find but well located.

  • Adam Loveridge

Good value at £6/day!

  • Arthur Zager

Good place to park.

  • Nicholas Sonson

Ease of access

  • Adam S

Needs a clean

  • Remigijus Stirbys

Very good.

  • Antonio Smitti


  • Shafiq “Explorer Moon” Mohyuddin

Loved it

  • Alexander Broxton

Big !

  • mark


  • Dennis Bean
  • M Ahmed
  • Mark Auer
  • Tom Haden
  • paul kassel
  • NegSenok
  • naz.nazmul Hossain
  • C Souza
  • Joey Compton
  • Idan Singh (Idan)
  • Omar Yacoub
  • Danny Wilcox
  • s maf
  • stephen clarke
  • Marius Nagit
  • Nubian Q
  • Nelly Lui
  • Sathish Kumar
  • Yeliz Yusuf
  • Matt Smith
  • Chris Taylor
  • Dolly A
  • Jamie Lesley
  • David Jacobs
  • Deepak S.B

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