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Pets at Home Ilford is a Pet store located at Retail Park, 2, Newbury, Horns Rd, Ilford IG2 6BE, United Kingdom. It has received 664 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars.





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  • The address of Pets at Home Ilford: Retail Park, 2, Newbury, Horns Rd, Ilford IG2 6BE, United Kingdom

  • Pets at Home Ilford has 4.3 stars from 664 reviews

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  • "The worst vet clinic ever! My dog stopped breathing due to overexcitement on Saturday and first thing that we did was took her immediately to nearest vets, they were supposed to be working as it shown on their time table but when we get there they told us that they can not help us because its not busy and they have closed the vet clinic Somehow we bring her back to life, her mouth got paralysed and she couldn’t control it so we kept it open for a while and thankfully she start breathing … Since that day she was acting differently and we get worried and were hoping to get some advice from vets for any calming medication they could prescribe, so we’ve booked and appointment to the same vets"

    "Going here regularly lately, but mostly for Vets4pets which is an amazing team as usual"

    "I can only comment on the aquatic section as that's all I go for, but staff are very helpful, and every one I've come across so far seem very knowledgeable on what they're talking about, if not a colleague definitely will"

    "The reason I have given 3 stars is because the service is so hit and miss"

    "Sorry to say I cannot give more than two stars"


  • Milisa Sunina

The worst vet clinic ever! My dog stopped breathing due to overexcitement on Saturday and first thing that we did was took her immediately to nearest vets, they were supposed to be working as it shown on their time table but when we get there they told us that they can not help us because its not busy and they have closed the vet clinic Somehow we bring her back to life, her mouth got paralysed and she couldn’t control it so we kept it open for a while and thankfully she start breathing … Since that day she was acting differently and we get worried and were hoping to get some advice from vets for any calming medication they could prescribe, so we’ve booked and appointment to the same vets.. But I wish we never went there… our appointment was 1 hour late, I had to remind them that we are still waiting 2 times. When they called us in the lady was unbelievably rude, unfortunately we don’t know her name, but she looks japanese. She just listened to her heart beat and told us that our dog needs some scan because she has a tumour and could be cancerous, we’ve tried to explain to her that we’ve checked it already and its all fine and its not cancerous, she was giving us 2 not needed options or scanning that is dangerous for her life or some other tests and are crazy priced. When we asked her just to recommend us some medication from stress she went outside and we could hear how she’s laughing with her colleagues… that was unbelievable she also asked if we are in need of translate as in her point of view we could understand her .. we have just left from there without any needed advice. After we have received emails and letters to pay for this appointment .. ofcause we have paid but it’s ridiculous! I hope this kind of people to be banned from working with animals, they just want to robbe people without giving any suitable advice.

  • Mihaela-Elena Ungurianu

Going here regularly lately, but mostly for Vets4pets which is an amazing team as usual. Monday evening, we went there to remove some stitches, from a surgery cut. On our in, because my dog is 4 kg, and I held her all the way there, in the car, I put her on the floor for a few seconds sonshe can stretch, and then I would have hold her back. The lady at the till, even tho I do agree with her, very rudely told me to pick her up or put her on the leash, her tone imediately changed my mood and got me a bit upset. Went to the vet, talked to him about my dog potentialy having cancer/tumour... and on our way out, I picked up something for her teeth and some food. A different lady at the till, no smile, dropped our products, didn't say sorry... we gave her post code for VIP card, didn't smile, didn't say thanks, nothing. We paid and on our way out, me and my partner, said a very warm thank you and have a good day, the lady looked at us with disgust which we immediately noticed both me and my parter and we were left in shock. I can understand you are busy, or you have a problem at home, or you just don't feel good... but when you work in an environment which can affect both pets and humans, this is unacceptable. As soon as I stepped outside, being already down from the conversation with the vet, I imediately started crying... I am not going to shopping to leave sad and to be treated miserabily. This is unacceptable as I am going there every couple weeks for the past 6 years, and this is something that left me cold and dissapointed. Even tho you don't want to be there, at least say thank you, and bye. It's common sense and helps people a lot. You better be taking this into consideration, as some people going there, might even lose a loved pet, or going through something way much worse...

  • Jessen “R” R

I can only comment on the aquatic section as that's all I go for, but staff are very helpful, and every one I've come across so far seem very knowledgeable on what they're talking about, if not a colleague definitely will. The staff know what fish are appropriate for what sized tanks, and which fish work together etc. The choice and variety of aquatic animals is good, with sections for Coldwater (goldfish, comets, shubunkin), temperate (danios, platys etc.), and tropical (freshwater - plecos, tiger barbs, mollys, angel fish, tetras, shrimps). No Saltwater/marine fish as I guess they are a very family-orientated chain and so it would be quite expensive to stock these kind of fish and more importantly, sell them. So it could be very disappointing for children who come in seeing beautiful marine fish and finding out they can't have them straight away due to care difficulty and of course price! They sell LOADS of tanks/ornaments/decorations/water treatment products/cleaning aids at competitive prices. Probably cheaper online but what isn't these days! This particular Pets at home doesn't currently stock African cichlids. Also, it would be nicer if they sold some bigger tanks in-store. Biggest I've seen there is a 120 Litre I think - perhaps the only 2 points I would put as how they could improve the aquatics section. A very reliable provider for good quality fish/snails/shrimps. None of the fish I have bought from here have died and I've been keeping them all for at least 3 months now. Great store overall (the aquatics section) and staff are helpful and kind.

  • Melissa Dawn

The reason I have given 3 stars is because the service is so hit and miss. I’ve had times where it’s absolutely fantastic and times where it’s not. The vet (he is an Italian man) is the most lovely man and this is one reason I continue to come. Today I came in because you puppy had diarrhoea and I needed some new betting for his creat. I had to ask for help and when I did I could tell that the lady was really rushed and needed to be somewhere else and was quite quick to just leave me to it. I was looking to get a few bits and she probably could have had a bigger sale from me had she spent more time on my needs. She kept saying “ok I’ll leave you to it” and I had to say “I need your advice on something else” When I arrived at the till point the same lady was talking to an other colleague at the till and I had to ask to be served. I was standing at the other till in the line. They should be aware customers are lining up to pay when there is an other till available. Other times I have been to Pets at Home in ilford and reduced attentive care. When there are so many easier options nowadays such as Amazon you really need to give your customers a reason to visit. I felt to day as though I was being a nuisance which is not a nice feeling when you are spending money. I came today more out of convenience. I hope what I have said will be taken in to account. The nurse however was very helpful and gave me medication.

  • Cathy Smith

Sorry to say I cannot give more than two stars. The service at the till today and last week was friendly and helpful, and there was a lovely lady called Sam who cheerfully helped me to assemble my cat carrier - thank you, you personally deserve 5 stars. However, I ordered the carrier on 26 Nov and was told it would arrive 28 Nov. It didn't. No text or email the next day. I rang up, and someone who sounded very rushed said the item was not in and I would be notified when it was, she didn't offer any apology. Later that same day, I rang up, to be told the item was now in, but no text or email to say this. I collected the carrier the next day, glanced in the box, all looked ok, got it home to find no handle for the carrier. Had to take it back and reorder. Was told it would be in on 3rd Dec. It wasn't. Again, no text or email. I rang up on Monday 6th Dec, not in. Have to say, the man on the phone this time was polite and apologetic. He phoned later today to say item was in. Nice service when I got there, and as I say, help to assemble the carrier and check everything was there - many thanks to Sam especially - But why did it all take so long and why was it all so difficult? I will think twice before using click and collect at this store again!

  • roxy ford

went to pets at home ilford to look at the rabbits up for addoption when i arrived i was pleasently suprised at how clean and well looked after the shop is with a wide range of stuff for all types of animals. I found the rabbits up for adoption and a lovely white rabbit caught my eye his name was oleg and i had to adopt him. The staff were helpful gave loads of advice on how to properly care for a rabbit asked me lots of questions you could see how much they care for the animals how well the animals are looked after and. I then went round buying extras for oleg so got to see what a variety of stock they have when it was time to pay for the itwms and take oleg home it was lovely as one lady who worked at the store came up and asked if she could say goodbye to oleg as she had been taking care of him juat goes to show how caring these workers are about the animals they look after so 5 stars for this lovely helpful friendly store who actually care

  • Zaman Zaman

Great store for your pet needs. Staff are very knowledgeable and polite. There is such a friendly atmosphere there that I never feel lost or confused. They offer great suggestions for alternative products if they do not hold the initially chosen product. I have been shopping at this stores for years and besides the odd inconvenience/ faults made, they are a trustworthy team. You get what you expect at the best of prices. I would recommend this store to all pet lovers as its a great place with an extensive selection of products. If they started selling water snails, it would be perfect. I have a fish tank which I purchased from here before lockdown and only resold it due to it not being required any longer whilst in great condition. Sturdy and reliable products are what you get when shopping here and also pets that are cared for to the fullest, it's endearing. A loyal brand, they are, the go the extra mile for their customers.

  • Aiste

Popped in a week ago to ask how a purchase of a hamster is done, to find out if I need any travel cage or anything else. Was told it would be packed in a box provided. Week later I arrived to make a purchase with all the supplies for it in mu car and was refused the sale, because A i can not buy it if it is not for me (for my friends son(10th birthday gift), who is very excited about it), B I need to own a home and C i can not transport a hamster in 30min car journey because it would be to stressful for animal. A week previously this information was not mentioned to me. I am all for making sure animals are going to good well prepared homes, but this is a little extreme? Are all the hamsters born in shop? Do I need to have had written agreement from my friend to show that i am not lying and it is not a surprise?

  • SV v

Awful customer service from the lady at the till with Orange hair. Store lost at least £200 worth of order from me and possibly more from the 2 other waiting customers behind me who walked out.The one in front tossed his order on the till and walked out in disgust. Instead of serving waiting customers she is busy chit-chatting away her whole life story to some random customer. Sorry but you are getting paid to do a job so do it, and do not waste my time as it is far more valuable. Will be taking my business elsewhere from now on as it seems like they do not appreciate it. Store manager possibly same too...0 stars for the co-worker who lied when i phoned in to ask the name of the staff member as she fobbed me off saying that she is new, when in fact she was managing store that day.

  • Fermin Gaekel

I have a split feedback here. I truly believe that the staff at the tills are just superb! There is not one time that I've been there that they are not great! However, the reception in the back were the vets are, is another story. They are very much rude and honestly they don't really know what customer service is; even when you speak to them they just ignore you, its almost as if you are going to ask for something for free. I don't believe they are underpaid but surely they are earning good since the service is very, very, very bad. As it from now we are changing vet and also where we get our tablets and more for our dogs. Sadly I didn't get that girls name, I wished I had so I could blame her directly for the terrible service.

  • Staci Lupson

Absolutely diabolical. Distrusting service. No one knows what they are doing there. Quoted me £63.00 for blood test then charged me £128.00. Still awaiting an explanation as to how it’s doubled from Friday to Monday. Asked me if I wanted to wait in reception for results…they said 30 mins. I said I’ll leave & call later. Called later, was told the vets were busy & they’ll call me wen they are finished with I waited & I waited. Wen I rang back AGAIN..a/phone said they’re closed. All day I’ve been worried sick & now I’ve gt to worry all night b cos of their sheer incompetence. What a complete abomination. Never ever have I been so let down & dissapointed in my life. They are total amateurs.

  • Kathleen Draycott

My partner and I would like to say a big thank you to Jeff who is always very helpful whenever we have visited the store in Horns Road Ilford. In particular he went over and above last Sunday, we had just collected our cat from the Royal Veterinary Hospital after an operation and needed a pen to keep her safe at night as we had to stop her jumping up on furniture. Even though he wasn't supposed to be working and the store was almost closing he arranged for us to view different size pens and put different size litter trays and beds in it so that we got the right one. Nothing was too much trouble. He even carried the flat pack out to the car for us. Great customer service. Thank you. Kathleen and Tim

  • Sharon To

Staff are too focussed on trying sell packages and not enough on providing what has been asked for. I went in yesterday to get some panacur paste for my kittens and 2 members of staff were intent on trying to sell me a monthly package, when I repeatedly said I did not want it. The manager eventually got the paste and when going through the instructions, he told me the wrong dosage, even after I questioned him, he insisted his instructions were correct. They were not and I overdosed one of my Kittens (which thankfully is not harmful) but meant I do not have enough to complete the course. I returned to buy more and now both this store and the Loughton has ran out.

  • Lorna Read

Never had a problem with Pets at Home and normally have orders delivered. I needed dry dog food asap and used click and collect to pick up at Ilford Horns Lane branch. Member of staff got my order. Please note bag was not in a box so staff would be totally aware item was damaged. Unfortunately I did not notice as it was placed into a large carrier for me. Contacted pets at and they have arranged new bag to be delivered. Member of staff online could not believe this was given to me. Ilford store do not off load your damaged products to customers!! All customers make sure you check items, unfortunately I did not at the time.

  • chethumal

I bought some fish and they were infected with fin-rot disease which Was not visible when I made the purchase and it was transmitted to all the other fish in my tank. Few of my fish died due to this issue. I saw some fish already infected with fin rot disease and fish ich and informed the staff when I had been to buy medication for my sick fish but the staff ‘s response was very poor towards my problem.They seem less knowledgeable regarding the fish infections. I would not recommend this place to buy any ornamental fish as sick infected fish would transfer the disease to healthy ones and ruin your aquarium.

  • Sarah Carr

Never again, took my dog to the vets there and they tried their hardest to rip me off. My proof was 2 different consultants tried charging me different prices for the same treatment. They obviously wasn't in communication with each other. Had the cheek to wrongly diagnose my dog and palming me off with various medications. Only went in for their booster lol. Went to another vets for a health check and guess what my dog is very healthy STEER CLEAR

  • Arthur Nuser

A great place where you can get everything you might need for your pet. Lots of products and lots of customers as well. Another great thing is that they sell even pets. Going there with your pet might sound like a great idea but taking there my dog I told myself I will not do it again. It's like taking your kids to a toys store. You simply can't get them out of there. Thanks to the great stuff which are patient and understanding.

  • Gloria Smith

My local store, staff on tills always pleasant and helpful, but there is a great lack of staff on the shop floor, although this in general is the same with most stores now days, sometimes people need help finding the product they are looking for, and there's no one to ask, so they walk out. At the end of the day you are losing sales. It's not all about profit customer service should come first. Storekeeper need to wake up!!!

  • Lani Roberts

The friendliest staff!!! They all know my puppy by name and shower him with love and cuddles when he goes in. More importantly they’re very knowledgeable and helpful. Jas in particular deserves a mention. Went to see her today for some advice on a fussy puppy that’s not eating. Followed her recommendations on new food and bowl and an hour later Milo licked the bowl clean!!! This is by far the best PaH I’ve visited.

  • LM A

I have been a few times now due to newly moving to the area. The workers here are not the friendliest, and today, when waiting to pay, I saw a gentleman who walked up when I was there first and served him instead whilst I was there waiting to be served. No apology or nothing just looked at me embarrassed. Only saw two workers on a busy Saturday, minimal stock as well, quite a few shelves were empty.

  • ayphy83

I want to say that this pets at home is the best one ! It was my first time there and the staff were lovely , helpful and amazing . Me and my puppy were treated great, they gave to my baby 3 differents treats and lots of pampering . The vets4pets inside of this pets at home is amazing too, they were really nice and kind ! I know that all the staff working in this company love animals :) Thanks .

  • Marion sorkin

When you buy a guinea pig what is 18 weeks old on the 31st of January 2020 and you obviously keep to his diet what is mine at eat and then he passes away 24-2-2020 i'm advising everyone who uses pets of homes do not buy any animals because I have evidence that I have booked a appointment and they said they don't have him on the system but they said he was registered to them with a eye infection

  • Gillian fletcher

It was my first visit to the vet all staff were friendly and knowledgeable. My cat was castrated I found out he had no teeth and a ear infection he is ferral. The vet was lovely and I was surprised to get a call the next day from the receptionist asking how was bogus (Yes that's his name) The shop floor staff are so helpful and happy. Well done Newbury park pets at home

  • Michaela Surovecs

We went to shop for some cat food today. When we arrive at the store the staff was very nice and asked us if we need any help. After we couldnt find what we wanted, which was standard cat food, the member of staff told me that sunday was the worst day to go shopping there as they only have delivery on friday or Monday. Not what you would like to hear. I wont be going back again

  • Saleh muhammed

I would like to say a Big Thank You to the veterinarian ladies for their professionalism service, kindness and caring attributes when I had visited the Pets at Home with my poorly cat named Bubbles. Also thanking the staff named Connor for his comfort and kind words he had expressed to me when my heart was filled with tears after Bubbles was lied to rest at peace. Mrs Nortey

  • Lee-Michael D'Souza

One worker snarkily remarked, "We don't identify our hamsters as male or female", when I told her I was looking for a female one. Not only was that unnecessary, but her tone was also rude and dismissive. The guy that helped me was alright though. Two stars for the cute animals. Also, apparently their hamsters are mostly male because their breeder holds on to the females.

  • Louisa ben

Amazing caring service, even when they were fully booked they still found time to treat my dog. The results were perfect, she's completely better. The receptionist was working alone and superwoman managing to still deliver 5* service. The vet was extremely thorough and clear when explaining the options available and what was wrong. Would highly recommend 10/10

  • Renata Rosário

Was expecting a good service just like on all Pets at home shops but unfortunately it didn't happen. Called for help and was asked to wait which I did, waited 20 minutes for someone to come and bag me a fish and they never showed up, serving other costumers that came after me. Eventually left without the fish and no one even realized we left. Very disappointed

  • Anastasia Jankauskaite (Rowen)

Mostly it's a good store. There is a little range of pets like dwarf hamsters, syrian hamsters, chinchillas sometimes, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and lots of different fish. So in total it's a nice place to shop for pet products. However, the issue I have with it is mostly the vet. They are useful sometimes but haven't really helped any of my pets much.

  • cristinaion

We would like to say thank you to Nikki! She is always so kind and so patient to give us advices for the fish tank that we bought from the store! We don't know anything about tanks, fishes and we had some problems but she is very well prepared and she has an answer for everything! Thank you so much! John & Cristina (the pregnant girl )

  • zahid zaman zaman

The place is great with lots of products but the staff are racist and will drop your change and give you snide looks, avoid if possible if you are a minority, Also I don’t know why people are giving this place positive reviews as I have had nothing but problems, which leads me to question the ‘reliability’ If the reviews on here

  • Hassan Ali

Lovely staff a pleasure to visit.Lucy at the till was excellent. She asked me if I had vouchers so I shower her my online VIP card. She said you have a free dog food bag to pick up and went to check it was in stock, which it was. It was nice to see someone go out of there way to get it. Thanks Lucy. Keep up the good work.


Terrible service in Ilford branch shop!!! Some members of staff are rude and racists including branch Manager too!!! Ignoring and do not want to service and lying!!! Be careful before coming to the shop in Ilford branch!!! Better to choose another branch or shop, specially if you want to visit shop with kids!!!

  • Lesley Trundle

Very disappointed with this they have not had any WoodChip in since the beginning of January. I was really interested in purchasing two Rabbits that were put up for adoption and they were unable to provide any information on them, three times we went back and asked in the end we gave up.

  • Julita Boubekeur

Great place to shop. Got Syrian hamster with much needed supplies to make him well come to his new home. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Matus was great he explained very well how to take care of our new pet. Shop has quite large free parking. Excellent service, very pleased.

  • R Gasston

On the 19.11.2020 I purchased a dwarf hamster with my granddaughter and the young lady assistant was knowledgeable and helpful. We bought the hamster, which she gave a health check and advised us on the best cage for us along with food, bedding and toys. We would recommend. Thank you.

  • Janis Trops

Bought some ily fishes there, now every day found one dead fish in my tank. Try treat them, but nothing helps. Same story with my brother fishtank, bought in Pets for Home and killed his aquarium, been spend so much time and money, to try treat fishes, but nothing helps all dead.

  • Mike mh

Friendly staff, very helpful, came out of their own way to help with products and some recommendations. Unfortunately this pets at home is one of the further stores away from me, but I will more than likely to keep returning to this branch as they're all friendly and v helpful

  • M (TOHMary)

The staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Though at one occasion I had 3 lots of cat litter - seemed they were short staffed no effort was made to assist me, previously on occasions there had been. Been back since a few times - staff have been more helpful and friendly. +1star.

  • Gurdeep Bhatia

Great selection of small rodents and fish and all the associated accessories that go with them. The staff are knowledgeable and willing to help. Great place to look at a few animals to get an idea what may be suitable for your home. Lots of parking outside in free carpark.

  • Hatice Bodur

All the staff are so lovely and friendly, simonne and Connor are amazing great always put a smile on our faces, I'm so happy I registered my cat here, Binx is so calm and comfortable when we visit for her checks ups. Binx is a luck girl to have such wonderful veterinarys.

  • Riaz Ali

We were given very good help and guidance with what to do and the staff ensure that you know where everthing is and how you are, whether you are an experienced pet owner or beginner. They are really friendly and welcoming. The shop also has an in-store vetinairy clinic.

  • Shahin

The vet there is awful. They put your pet to sleep for no reason and then tell you that the operation will be more expensive after. Even though agree price before hand. They don't check animal properly. Avoid the vet there at all cost go to normal vet clinic.

  • Shameem Malik

Staff not very helpful, approachable or friendly at all. The sales person that served me wasn't very forthcoming. She saw me and I had to ask her to come back over to e to help. Then it was like she was doing me a favour. Beckton store has very friendly staff

  • JOAN thomson

Telephoned to ask if they had someone who can sell Advantage to me, yes I was told, OK on my way. Arrive a shop sorry we are out of stock, Why was I not told this when I telephone, You did not ask was the reply. Not impressed having driven 4 miles each way.

  • Fayy _

Very big pets at Home compared to Beckton. They have a wide range and variety of fishes. And the service I have received there is really good and also an elderly lady who works there she's amazing with her service and her knowledge about the fishes.

  • Jorge Ramirez

Very good service, big variety of products and the prices are reasonable. They have high quality products and the customer service is very helpful, my wife needed asistant with and allergy that our dog had and she is very happy with they support.

  • K

A must visit for all pet lovers. You should visit them even if you aren't a pet lover at the moment, who knows you might find your new passion! The staff in their fish section is the best in class and the most helpful I've ever interacted with.

  • Lucille Dunford

My woofer has been seeing the vets instore for over 5 years. They are kind, patient and accommodating. The staff at Pets at Home are friendly, knowledgeable and kind. This store has a good selection of pet necessities and goodies too. …

  • M M

I thought they might have some animals to buy but they had just few rabbits and couple of hamsters. I would love to see few cats and dogs to buy and discuss with staff member. 4 stars because they had veterinary centres inside …

  • Rainy Alexander

Family member took her 2 cats for their injection Vet Stavros used the same needle on the cats and placed the needle on a dirty pen on the table the owner is now so upset please be careful if your taking you beloved pets there.

  • A Ka

The shop is great however the variety of frozen food is getting worse by the week. There were about 6 different type last year but by now it has reduced to 1. It is not worth going there because even the staff is useless.

  • Tarantino British Shorthairs

These Guys Are Amazing Very Helpful & Supportive I Just Wish They Supported Early Neutering Because It Would Save Me Going Northampton For Early Neutering Each Time! BUT I Can Only Hope One Day They Will …

  • Linda Billington

Popped in here to buy doggy toothbrush and paste after advice from the vet. Initially, I couldn't find it, but I asked a helpful member of staff, who took me over to it. The checkout staff were friendly and helpful too.

  • Liz Martin

Went there to buy a Christmas present for my sisters puppy. Had no idea what was appropriate for it so asked one of the staff members. She was very friendly and helped me pick out a toy. Very happy with my experience.

  • Ieva Veiveryte

Most sweetest staff everytime I go there, a helping environment when u just got a kitty. The best retail sphere, where I believe a pet makes people so much more pleasant! Thank you loads, stay that way people!

  • Stewart Young

Really knowledgable staff about fish. They always check what tank you have at home and if you know what you are talking about. Have always had healthy fish from them, and been given solid advice when needed

  • Vijay Shah

Went with my mum to buy a pair of Roborovski dwarf hamsters. Staff were very helpful and took great pain to explain the nuances of caring for the new pets as well advising on supplies and ideal housing.

  • sara ibrahim

Absolutely lovely staff who were really helpful!! Both the lady at the till and the gentleman who gave me advice about flea control were knowledgeable, professional and really really nice!! Thank you!

  • Ingrid Walters

Made us wait for ages due to an emergency and stressed our poor cat out, as she was in her travel box ! So annoyed They should have contingency plans for such emergencies honeslty.. .am still fuming

  • Michelle Haydon

Limited parking was given damaged goods, did get this swapped but had a lot of agro doing this due to front being taped up and unable to get trolley through with large items. No help from staff

  • amanda reid

I would like to give some feedback on a wonderful member of your staff called Jeff at Newbury Park . Excellent customer service . Always got a smile on his face . A great asset to Pets at home

  • Toqeer Gilani

Incompetent when it comes to collection pick up. Second week back cat food no dog food there delivery system and management is absolutely beyond belief speaking to the manager in the store.

  • B S

All your pet needs at your fingertips and wide range of products. Very good tropical fish selection and children's sections selling gerbils and rabbits etc. All round great pet shop chain.

  • Christopher Witt

Great selection of pet products... not necessarily the cheapest, but they have a big selection. Bought some tropical fish from them, and they have proved to be very healthy and energetic.

  • Alicia S

5 stars for the great sales assistant on the fish section called Jay. Helped me buy tropical fish for my tank which has been the best set up ive ever had. Very knowledgeable and friendly.

  • Toni B

Always plenty of stock. Staff friendly and helpful. Staff manage social distancing well by limiting shopper numbers but also at same time serving customers quickly in a courteous manner.

  • Not Just A Number (Tony)

My only concern is.. Nope got none! The staff are very polite and friendly, the shop is always well stocked. Left satisfied and likely to return frequently with my little pal. …

  • E G

Poor customer service. A ladys puppy did a wee on the floor and the moody sales assistant gives her a roll of tissue and tells her to clean it up herself. What a miserable bunch.

  • C P-C

Taran is always helpful every time I visit pet at home, absolute pleasure to talk to and always giving us really good advice about our pet. She would be a great manager …

  • László Attila Patik

Lovely customer service, even though they didn’t have to know the answers to my question they tried their best to inform me about my options in adoption as much as possible.

  • Dharmesh Mistry

Friendly knowledgable staff, will take the time to give you advise and great with pets. Large selection of food, toys, accessories etc. Vet is very friendly and patient

  • shiraj islam

For some reason a lot of the food products for my animals are not on the shelf. I come here nearly every week and this week it seems like something is not right.

  • Samira Alihanova

They didn’t let me touch the rabbit before buying it to check if there is an allergy. We left with nothing, and the rabbit continued to languish in a cage…

  • M Ali

Needs a larger selection of cold water and tropical fishes, not much variety what a waste of a drive, and the selection age group few weeks to a month old.

  • Frank Gallacher

Nice shop and with a handy vet in there as well. Went in to buy a cat carrier. There's lots of space to move around and plenty of pet food to choose from.

  • Hani bee

Best place to get any item for your pet, well laid out so easy to find items, went for budgie food had no difficulty finding it and reasonably priced

  • Will Knox-Walker

They're super friendly and supportive. It's a mid sized pets at home with everything you'd expect. The animals are always in clean cages.

  • tina

Trying to get outdoor boots for my bully is near on impossible, but thanks to the staff I've now managed to find a pair. Good service

  • Godfrey Lasebikan

Nice store with helpful staff and several items of fair price. Provide cumulative points and vouchers for VIP customers also. …

  • Kat Reynolds

Very good for animal products for Dog, cats, rabbits and other pets though a little expensive, great staff and amazing vets inside.

  • Jm Maniquiz

Staff are knowledgeable and caring to your needs and pets. Good parking. Excellent service highly recommended for pet owners.

  • Pavel Valchanov

For some members of the staff is hard to add and devide single digits and still they insist they're right when they're not.

  • Mohammed Akram

Good pet shop store. You can get most pet foods and items.There is a in-house vet, but it's pricey. Otherwise a good store

  • nadine kaymaz

Phoned around 1pm to ask for a guinea pig and picked it up withing 30 minutes, lady was very professional and helpful.

  • Kelsie D

Do not like this place one bit. No compassion! All they want is your money. Will never ever go to this place again.

  • Gerry Clinton

Excellent service saw our per Benjie at very short notice cannot thank you enough for putting our mind at rest

  • gopika prathipati

Worst customer service, the lady with on till with pink hair is so rude.will never visit this store again

  • Davinder Bassan

Excellent setup and good management of safety in the store. As always , vet and all staff were helpful.

  • Gail Nicoll

Choice here was limited compared to others I have been to, staff were polite and friendly though

  • Hayley Harvey

Really friendly and helpful staff, so many products to choose from, it's like pet heaven …

  • Christine Whellams

We love the vets and vetinary nurses at Pets at home. The whole staff are friendly and polite.

  • Jane Gorshkova

I love this shop. I can find here everything I need for my pets. Staff is polite and helpful.

  • Swet Lii Pat

I regularly take my cat to have her nails trimmed and staff are always very kind and helpful.

  • Mr Connoisseur

Love the service there, management and staff was very polite and helpful. I highly recommend.

  • Brunilda Osmanai

Very friendly staff they explain everything and helping you to get the things you need!

  • Ashley Slee

Had everything I needed for my pet reasonable prices great customer service skills

  • Sully Qureshi

Very rude and very bad customer service by the lady with ginger hair in the till

  • Fauzia Trafford

Nothing too much for the staff to help you find suitable food for your fur baby

  • Terry Patston

Cal always get what I need here and the staff are friendly and helpful.

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