Q-Park Knightsbridge

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Level 2, Q-Park, Kinnerton St, London SW1X 8EA, United Kingdom




Q-Park Knightsbridge is a Parking garage located at Level 2, Q-Park, Kinnerton St, London SW1X 8EA, United Kingdom. It has received 93 reviews with an average rating of 3.4 stars.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Q-Park Knightsbridge: Level 2, Q-Park, Kinnerton St, London SW1X 8EA, United Kingdom

  • Q-Park Knightsbridge has 3.4 stars from 93 reviews

  • Parking garage

  • "Warning: Do not under any circumstances park in any of Q Park company car parks! My child has been extremely stressed out by an incident that occurred recently"

    "DO NOT PARK HERE EVER! WARNING!!! We have been robbed from this car park few days ago as my family and I were spending the day in London"

    "As others have mentioned, spaces here are few and far between and very tight"

    "This car park is not secure at all, had many people complain of car being broken into and things stolen out of the boot"

    "DO NOT PARK HERE!! My car windows were smashed and bags stolen from the car park DESPITE there being CCTV footage"


  • V L

Warning: Do not under any circumstances park in any of Q Park company car parks! My child has been extremely stressed out by an incident that occurred recently. Both back windows of our car were smashed, and our belongings were stolen. Shockingly, there was no one present in the car park office to assist us during this distressing situation. When we called the helpline, they informed us that they did not have any personnel available to check the CCTV footage due to the "winter wonderland" event. I strongly suspect that the car park itself is involved in these offenses, as no other cars were affected. It seems they monitor the cameras to identify when people place valuable items in their cars, and then inform the robbers when to strike. It is outrageous that we paid £60 for parking only to experience this ordeal. Despite claiming to be a winner of safe parking, it is evident that this is not the case. I urge everyone to stay away from this company and any of their services.Additionally, I would like to mention that the Q Park team only provided us with an email address to contact them further regarding the incident. There was no on-site assistance or support available at the location. This lack of immediate help and guidance further adds to our frustration and disappointment with the company.

  • Fahad Bashir

DO NOT PARK HERE EVER! WARNING!!! We have been robbed from this car park few days ago as my family and I were spending the day in London. We parked here thinking it would be safe and q parking is a known place. We parked for 4 hours and came back to a smashed rear window and stolen our valuables worth £1000s! We had children us and a mid range car compared to the supercars parked around us. We do not know how they detected we had high value goods kept in the car. There was no on the site to help, called police and they took a crime report over the phone. We feel they are all working together. This car park is trap to rob you. upon checking this happened to others in the past. I believe the management of this facility is in on it. Warning for all, hope no one has to face the shock, sadness and trauma we have been through.

  • Steve Tupper

As others have mentioned, spaces here are few and far between and very tight. I tried 3 spaces before thete was any chance of me getting in. Its a card-only establishment. I've noticed some people saying that this is a safe car park. I arrived on a weekday at 14:45 and took 10mins to park. I got back at 21:30. At no point was there anyone in attendance, so not at all sure how safe it -------------- Following me writing the above review, I received an answer from Qpark informing me that the car park is on several cameras and that there is usually someone around, but maybe performing specific tasks. If this is so, I think that there should be more signs up telling you this.

  • Majid Hussain

This car park is not secure at all, had many people complain of car being broken into and things stolen out of the boot. It’s a regular occurance and they will lie saying it’s a manned car park with cctv, a lot of times this cctv is either deleted, missing, or non operational when your car gets smashed into. Take my advice and do not park here or you will be told the same lies saying how secure it is when in fact it’s not. All the cars there are chauffeur cars so it appears to be safe but it’s a thief’s den. Save your money and park on the road. Your better getting a ticket as opposed to losing your valuables.

  • Dennis Thatcher

DO NOT PARK HERE!! My car windows were smashed and bags stolen from the car park DESPITE there being CCTV footage. The car next to me had also been broken into. After having spoken to locals, they claim break ins are happening here quite often - with this knowledge Q-Park should take more precautions to ensure that the parking is safe like they claim it to be. Numerous emails have been sent to Q-Park’s head office regarding this but no response which is typical. No one was on duty and this is fraud; Q-Park claim they provide safe and secure parking. The latter is entirely false.

  • Adele Gleacher

Personal belongings stolen out of the boot of the car- was only parked for 2 hours. All the other reviews here are accurate! Don’t park here. The CCTV on site isn’t actually operating so in retrospect, it feels like thieves are aware they can come off the street and down into this quiet parking lot and steal without anyone watching. It’s the perfect set up to be stolen from. No on street witnesses, and no CCTV from other buildings in the area to access footage. Rich area with expensive vehicles…

  • Lorraine Starkey

Not a great experience to be honest. Parked here for The Rolling Stones Concert at Hyde Park. The situation was ideal, just a 10-15 minutes walk to the park. However, after parking up, we found we struggled to get a wheelchair up the ramp to get out which was too narrow. Also, had to wait for an oncoming car to approach before the roller went up and then make a dash for it before it closed. Extremely stressed and disappointed. The one staff member we found was reluctant to help in any way.

  • 3ishaa !

do not park here as this is not a secured car park. Your car will be broken into! The drain covers from the car park will be used to smash and gain access to your vehicle and your personal belongings will be stolen! The CCTV is non operational as stated by the management, there is also no staff present and when your vehicle gets broken into the cctv is apparently not working or deleted. staff are in on it don’t park here.

  • A B

Toilet out of use, after a 3 hour drive into London (after having to ring HQ to acquire the toilet code, then discovering that it has been locked out of commission). No security on-site despite it being marketed as ‘secure’; it’s not, as anyone may simply walk in off the street, and last but not least, it’s brutally expensive (that would be OK if toilets were open and security was present).

  • Atkinson David

Got broken into yesterday afternoon. This is supposed to be a safe, secure car park in one of the wealthiest areas on the planet? Paid £38 for approx 3-4 hours and this is what happens?! Parked next to the most expensive cars in the world but yet they smashed our rear windscreen in and stole my personal items. I strongly caution anyone using this facility. Never ever again will you see me.

  • Dean Clarke

Decent enough carpark. Obviously not the cheapest Q parks but based on the area decent value. Good sized spaces with high quality cars. Security booth was unmanned which was a little annoying as the barriers didn't open for pre booked parking, a fair few spaces avaible so pre booking wasn't really necessary.

  • George Farnon

Do Not Use This Car Park... Garage has signs up saying that it is secure with staff on patrol - my car was smashed into with a drain cover with £10,000 of equipment stolen out of my boot. Took one hour for an attendant to arrive. Have heard this has happened to multiple people. Complete scam!

  • Alam Rahman

The car parking spaces are very narrow and difficult to squeeze in to, I was in a BMW 3 Series so not exactly a massive car and just about got in. Majority of the spaces are reserved, there are a few normal size bays near the entrance but they go really quickly.

  • Kitti Németh-Diószegi

It was absolutely great place. Unfortunately the sign of the pedestrian way wasn't so clear but finally you can find the way to go outside. Anyway i recommend this place if you would like to find a safety place for your car. It is not so cheap but worth it.

  • Adriana Smoleanu

I would like to mention the car park supervisor, Nadiq, who was extremely helpful and friendly. He has helped me with the barcode scanning and he went above and beyond to solve my problem. I would highly recommend him to any other car park customer!

  • Tabbi 1963

They should try and higher more attendants like Jackee. She is the only helpful person if you ever need anything. I would also suggest that they have someone available all the time. Such a size parking should be looked after by more people

  • Nick Guttridge

Don't park here, I'm yet another victim of crime. My rear window was broken and valuables taken. No one saw me put my valuables in my car apart from the CCTV which was pointed right at it. Surrounded by luxury cars. My Volvo was the only

  • Jerome Coutinho

Ripping off customers £8/hr but charging minimum £16/- which is unfair. They closing the gate and then charging maximum. No response if u call their office and every delay to open gate charged to customer. I was ripped twice this week.

  • The Spartanite

Stayed at the Hari Hotel and my car back window was smashed when they brought it back. The hotel staff were so ashamed for these useless people who cannot even man a car park properly. Costing me 115 via Autoglass. NEVER park here.

  • Christopher Dooley

Expensive, but so is everything else in the area. The spaces are often very tight. The pre-booking system has failed for me twice and forces you to make a call at the machine. The staff at that point are very helpful.

  • Blamemaleeka

Car was robbed. Personal belonging stolen. No CCTV (dummy cameras). Not secured at all - fire door wedged open. Do not park here! Staff are unprofessional and justify such crime. Failure of a service!

  • Sabi G

BAD! Google saying it's open 24/7 arrived to Q-park at 9am shutter closed at the entrance car park completely closed..very bad experience..ending missed my appointment at the embassy..

  • Arshad (Ash)

It was very easy to find parking. Expensive but if you have to drive there and need parking then should consider this. Charged about £18 for 2 hrs. Convenient but not pricey. Thanks

  • A Kay

My car was broken into, I should have read the reviews before parking here. No CCTV, No security, Not secured at all. My valuables have been stolen do not park here.

  • Andrew Hargreaves

What a dreadful experience. The tickets aren’t reliable to let you back in & nobody answers the help button. I was stuck without my car until another person came.

  • garno PSA

Always Park here for Harrods trips. Good to see new access/exit NPR stops all the faffing and toilets more easily accessible and clean. Well done Q.

  • Umair Raj

24/7 Parking, neat and clean nice facility. Its cheaper if you book in advance on the website. Neat and tidy Toilet facility is available as well.

  • Edmond Chan

very expensive around 10 pounds/hr max charge 6 hrs can park upto 1 day. If you need to park whole day, you can think about park there.

  • milan mitrovic

The only downside of this car park is the sizes of the spaces if you got a bigger car but good location secure easy booking online

  • ExDee “The Player Of Games” Wobblum

Prices are steep, spaces are wide, chargers located in the back corner near the exit. Maybe booking in advance will save money.

  • Diana Banu

Convenient car parking near Belgravia,but most of the spaces reserved privately and not too many spaces for the use of public.

  • Simon Eady


  • Abdullah Riaz

Like any London Parking Place, congested, Expensive 9GBP per hour, narrow space, height restriction. EV charging available.

  • Mohamed Ali

My car window was broken and things stolen. No security and no one to assist inside the parking …

  • Luke Atkinson

Free motorcycle parking! well done Q park, motorcycle theft is am epidemic and this helps a lot, thanks.

  • Robert Kerekes

The cheapes pre booked parking was in the neighborhood. £15 at lunchtime from 11am till 4pm in 2018.

  • Armin Konsten

Jewel of a carpark in the centre of London. This carpark I would like to recommend to everyone.

  • Anne-Elise Hansen

Fairly good but my first use of the site was more tidious easier now that I know my way round

  • Danny Webb

Easy to book and use, in good walking distance of Hyde Park, great if you're attending events

  • Suparna Dey

Only problem is that not enough spaces for one day parking most of them are reserved

  • L Panourgia

the most expensive car park ever and it is so inconvenient. dark dungeon!

  • Robert Telford

Very good for electric vehicle charging points, plenty to choose from.

  • Isabelle Butez

Parking près de Harrods et pas cher 28£ la journée très bien sécurisé

  • iPlexi

very expensive parking, very large problems finding free space ...

  • Stefanie Bradley

Not many free spaces and difficult to navigate in. Very expensive.

  • Jack

Easy to park plenty of spaces. Good price for the location.

  • Max

Great cars but the staff were unhappy with me taking photos

  • vishal srivastava

A bit expensive and exits are not marked rightly

  • Andrew Jones

Very cramped and couldn't understand signage.

  • Julian Marcon

Free parking for motorcycles. How convenient!

  • Martin Nunez

Excellent location, but extremely expensive.

  • andy gowrley

Decent size carpark best to book in advance

  • Hamza Berat

Beware. Card only. You can't pay by cash.

  • robert traherne

Secure off road parking well tucked away

  • Alexandru Furdui

it was closed in the middle of the day

  • Dov Pachtinger

Good location, but expensive parking

  • Mo Z Hussan

Best place to park in Knightsbridge

  • Peter Ma

Great location but bit pricey.

  • Joe Vittoria

Very friendly, great service

  • Henrique Caixeta

Great service and very safe.

  • Ayie Jetsetter

Safe place for your car

  • Rupert Wolfe Murray

Impressive soup kitchen

  • Bosaa3d Alhumaidi

Not really good spot

  • Khoo Shirla

Expensive car park.

  • Incognito


  • Olivia B
  • Mariusz Lewandowski
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  • Ian Abbott
  • Nicko San
  • Mafalda Gaiola
  • Shinywhite_84
  • Kurt Ollie
  • Amr Helweh
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  • Ahmed ALketby
  • Nandana Dinamithra
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  • Joe Ryland
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  • Rebecca Tariq
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  • Mangala Choueiri
  • Joland Knolle
  • Mohsen Almakrami

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