Top Impression Bakery Mascot

218 reviews

22 John St, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia


Top Impression Bakery Mascot is a Bakery located at 22 John St, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia. It has received 218 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 stars.





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  • The address of Top Impression Bakery Mascot: 22 John St, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia

  • Top Impression Bakery Mascot has 4.1 stars from 218 reviews

  • Bakery

  • "8/10 Long black ☕️ ->Pretty good actually, not so sour and bitter, I mean some of the long black have some bitter and sour taste that from the coffee bean, so overall all is just right, but one thing I don’t like is the paper straw:( it always softened in the middle of the time that I drink 6/10 Matcha Croissant ->Not bad tho, cuz I am not a fan of Matcha, so the taste for me is so so"

    "I love the concept of this place but they have to improve the service"

    "I used to love top impression, Mascot was my local"

    "This place serves delicious and affordable pastries and breads"

    "I have visited the Mascot Store first time ever last Sunday, inside the store, a male manager was telling his female staff off"


  • Grace Cheng

8/10 Long black ☕️ ->Pretty good actually, not so sour and bitter, I mean some of the long black have some bitter and sour taste that from the coffee bean, so overall all is just right, but one thing I don’t like is the paper straw:( it always softened in the middle of the time that I drink 6/10 Matcha Croissant ->Not bad tho, cuz I am not a fan of Matcha, so the taste for me is so so. If you are the fan of Matcha, I think you will like it. As the taste of matcha is very strong, and also inside have a lot of matcha jam(? When you bite the it, it just come out all over the croissant. Moreover, the powder which is on top of the croissant, it is much more than I thought. 7/10 Taro Croissant ->To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed. Cuz the taro jam(? is not taste that strong. Unlike the matcha one have a strong taste. Idk why, maybe we eat it as cold, I think better to eat in hot. In hot maybe more crunchy and the taste of the jam(? will much strong and better. Not just only Taro one and also Matcha one.

  • Gaia

I love the concept of this place but they have to improve the service. As I worked in hospitality my self, I am aware that the waiter available on the day has nothing to do with the fact that the store is understaffed (she/he is actually the person doing double the job that day!). We went there past midday and it was not busy. But the service was slow, dirty tables and the guy who served us (once again not his fault) he had to make coffee while take the payments and wash the cutlery quickly before giving it to us. The food was good though. I love croissants and the one I had (white chocolate) was flakey and delicious, although I would have put some filling in it. The coffee and chocolate ganache had basically no taste of coffee in it, but it was soft and fresh. The mushrooms and mozzarella one was very good. Will come back to give it another try.

  • Natalia Wilson

I used to love top impression, Mascot was my local. Ever since the most recent covid lockdown they haven’t done dine in with mugs which has taken away such an element of getting a coffee at Top Impression, not to mention how bad it is for the environment handing out as many single use cups as they do a day when many people dine in and could have it in a mug. The cafe cleaning also isn’t maintained. The past 5 times at-least that I have been there many tables were dirty. The coffee servings have also been reduced. My order from there is a dirty chai with oat milk and ever since the new management has taken over whenever I order this there’s half the coffee/chai in there that would normally be in a large. Pretty disappointing as they used to be such a great cafe and genuinely one of my favourites.

  • Alexandria E.L

This place serves delicious and affordable pastries and breads. In the display centred in the middle of the store, the shelves are laden with decadent-looking croissants, including one covered with white chocolate and rose petals - for less than $5! Ate a delicious walnut, date pastry twist too, which was fresh and lightly sweet. Their bread is incredibly affordable too, with a weighty, dense loaf of wholemeal bread for only $4! The plain croissant is simply the best croissant I've ever eaten. You can easily tell it's made with incredibly care and expertise. The staff are friendly, and always serve you with a big smile, asking if you'd like a drink too.

  • LuLu S

I have visited the Mascot Store first time ever last Sunday, inside the store, a male manager was telling his female staff off. He threaten her to "get out of my shop" and "whether you like it or not, I pay you, so you'll have to do whatever I want". I was scared because the male manager looks drunk and aggressive, so I ran off. I have been visiting Top Impression Wolli Creek for the past 4years and the newly opened Townhall store frequently. it's the first time I have encounter that, i felt disgusted and don't ever want to step into Top Impression Bakery ever again.

  • Dorethy W

Tried their plain croissant and matcha croissant. There is my review: For plain croissant, I can’t taste the flavour of the butter. The plain croissant is really plain... just slight better than supermarket croissant. The texture is more like a bread rather than croissant. Matcha croissant is not bad, but I am not enjoying the extra dust on the surface because it’s easy to choke and also easy to messy my mouth and nose. It’s really matcha power which I like. Not too sweet. I saw quite a few high score reviews. I’m confused. It just simply not that good.

  • Su Win

Best macha croissant in Sydney! The croissant is flaky crispy and has macha powder dusted outside. Inside is filled with creamy, and slightly bitter and less sweet macha custard. The croissant reminds me of the one macha croissant filled with mixed of macha and red bean custard) I had from one of bakeries in Umeda, Osaka and kyoto. Absolutely delicious, light and instagrammable! If you are a macha fan and need your Japanese sweet dessert fix, try macha croissant from this shop! It is $6.50 and totally worth it!

  • Mahmud

Good service the lady was nice, first time going and for some reason the barista took a couple minutes longer than usual. Then when I got the coffee I realised why. It's perfect coffee, like no joke perfect temp, press, sipper cup is good aswell they didn't cut any corners. I kinda wish they used a different bean and charge more for the price since every other coffee shop has the same been. The old tale of Asian people making the best coffee lives on.

  • Mel T

This place could be good if they had better hygiene practices. There’s always flies in the store landing on the trays you use to put the pastries on. There’s often flies in the display case where the pastries are kept and I’ve seen a pigeon inside on 2 occasions and the staff just let the bird roam around the store and enter the back area. Perhaps they could close the door to enter or put up a curtain at the entrance to keep these bugs and birds out.

  • Renee

This bakery bakes all of its pastries and bread fresh daily. You can definitely tell this in the taste. Every time I come here, it smells amazing and I always grab something. Whether it is a bread to go or an iced chocolate. Perfect way to start or end your day.
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Recommended dishes
Iced Chocolate

  • Ferdinand

Love the flavour and visual looks for croissant presentations. I had white chocolate, cranberries and pistachio croissant and not regret it. Buttery crunchy layered puff pastry playing around with sweetness from white chocolate and little sour and tangy from the cranberries and nutty sweet flavour from pistachio … it was match from heaven! Also those mango ganache bread was amazing too! Not so sweet and packed of mango flavour

  • Learning Tho

If you like green tea, then I would definitely recommend giving their green tea croissant a go. Though I don't recommend their coffee. It's too bland. It's drinkable but definitely not worth the price. Also, it was disappointing when they don't replenish their green tea croissant, already out at 1pm. Top Impression in the city make sure this doesn't happen. Mascot cafe should try to keep up with the demands.

  • Mami Bong

This is the first time i came to this place with my son. The service was great, my son complaint with the croissant is less topping and unfortunately the worker heard it and he brought my son 1 new croissant to his. Honestly the topping wasn't so poor i think it is good enough for 1 croissant maybe my son really love the taste and he wanna more and more. Really thanks for your service keep it up.

  • Hansel

Thanks to these guys for staying open during lockdowns! Loving the shop interior designs and fitouts. Pastries and Croissants are spot-on. Staffs are friendly and fast, thumbs up I found the coffee tastes okay, (nothing wrong with the baristas, but it is the coffee profile itself that does not really suit my taste), but still a great stop to get coffee and fresh pastries/bread around mascot

  • Kay N

The coffee quality is not up to my preference but it is the safe option in the area. This place offers wide range asian fusion pastries, really appealing but the plain croissant is pretty mediocre. however sandwiches are pretty limited and the chef doesn’t seem put any efforts to make them nicely. it is needed the improvement on sandwiches to be competitive with others cafe in the area.

  • Vinesh Chathurr

It is located on the side of the street. Parking is available on both sides of the road but it is not easy as there are many cars around. There is seating outside for ten people and inside for two people. Staff are friendly. It's primarily self service for the food items. Coffee is typical of any boutique cafe. The food items are very nice and a must try.

  • Kim Oscar

Staff aren't that friendly. Prices from $3.5 to $5. But the bread and pastries are below average. The filling not much and the bread itself a bit hard, not soft and fluffy like other places. On top of that, it felt like there was so much sugar in the bread. Unusually sweet. The place has good ambience though.

  • Debbie Hoang

Awesome bakery, delicious pastries and great coffee! Friendly staff and quick service. Let down is the 1.5% cc surcharge and no Amex. More appropriate on surcharging if a minimum spend not reach such as mini of $10. Nonetheless, highly recommend and look forward to visiting again.

  • Hayden Rolls

I have been getting my coffee each morning from around the time this place opened. The coffee is the best and there speed of service has improved so well. 9 customers in front of me and my coffee took 4 minutes and was absolutely delicious. Great work to these guys!

  • Sarah charles (Thewhereto)

New little cafe with a great vibe off of the side street from mascot station. Selling a range of sweet breads and croissants (an upmarket Version of bread too), breads and coffees. I like the space and you can dine alfresco if you please. Friendly service.

  • qd

the name was red bean and butter stuffed bread but so disappointed amount of red bean or butter? It just bread dough after one bite of red bean.. seems like need to put more stuffs in the bread otherwise, I wouldn't pay for $5.5 for this bread dough.

  • Watermelon

Felt it was more sweet potato rather than taro. Didn’t have as much filling as I expected. Nice little shop though!
Take out
Meal type
Price per person
Food: 4
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Jenny Xia

Not very friendly. They force the surcharge for credit card but I had a saving card. The pastry very nice and the cafe looks amazing. I prefer the service at Wolli Creek Top Impression Bakery Cafe but maybe they will change their attitude.

  • KaileySky Sky

Even though I'm not a fan of croissants but the croissants here not just look amazing but it's tasty! Crispy outside and full of matcha cream inside and have to scoop out because it's too much cream! plus, the staff here is nice …

  • Sonia Lusman

Most of the Pastry is amazing. The croissant is very delicious. However, the customer service has a very bad attitude. She frowned all the time and was rough when packing my bread. The shop also seems dirty, lots of dust and spider web.

  • Alan Nguyen

Great selection of croissants and other pastries. They not only looked great but were also delicious. Tried the Ferro croissant and Blueberry cruffin, both were tasty. The croissant had so much hazelnut chocolate filling!

  • Sipher Ken

Had a matcha one and the limited truffle one, both quite tasty, full of fillings and crispy outside. The matcha one has huge portions of matcha powder used made me stay up half of the night… quite pricy is the downside.

  • andra cadtuy

Everything is great coffee and bakery. Unfortunately they got pigeons inside the shop, coming out from the kitchen , walking freely like costumers. They are ok with that. Unbelievable. They need to do something. …

  • Rudy

coffee taste just like warm soy milk messy pastry display, not so clean joint and CS give unwillingness to serve impression barely say anything to you and keep talking among each other staff with their own language

  • Thomas E

Love this spot for great coffee and a large selection of pastries and sweets. They remember my order every time I go and the bread is always so fresh and tasty. Close the door otherwise pigeons will come in.

  • Vall

I’m a regular customer and always come to buy a coffee on Thursday-Saturday and the barista girl that working on that day really making a very nice coffee and provide such a good service …

  • Stephen Lu

Wasn’t a huge range and the shop displays looks half empty. The sausage in pastry was over baked and pastry was dried. Sausage was good though. Red bean bun was not soft enough. Flavour was ok.

  • George Bishop

This place presented so well its a shame i was given a warm cup of milk instead of coffee. The fact these businesses get away with this frustrates me considering they charge considerably high.

  • Bikash Khadka

I am a regular customer but the coffee made by girl working there is really not good. But on Monday, there is one boy he makes good coffee but the following days i really do don't like it

  • Jack Robson

Nice little bakery cafe I came across accidentally! Great coffee and unique Asian like pastries. I got the taro croissant and the blueberry cream cheese bun which were both great

  • Hanif Kamail

Cool interior, variety of pastry and croissant. And they are so delish! Soft, buttery and balance. Friendly staff too. Must try their coconut twist and vanilla croissant

  • Michael Z

Delicious croissants; better than other bakeries in the area. Their special Chinese New Year durian croissant was nice, as was their standard macha one. Photos attached.

  • Utkarshaa Varshney

If you love croissants, this is a place where you have to be. Absolutely incredible selection. Was a but disappointed by their hazelnut chocolate ganache roll though.

  • Noemi Simaki

Been here 4 times over 2 weekends. Delicious croissants and the Espresso and mocha are so good I came back the same afternoon for more. Finally good coffee in Mascot

  • nurul ezzati

Love their pastries!! So many choices. You gotta try matcha croissant though the filling a wee bit much but all in all a good try! Definitely coming back !!!

  • Lewis Nhan

Delicious pastries. Their white chocolate filled croissant was crispy and flaky. Loved it. Alot of variety to grab something quickly for breakfast or lunch

  • Dino Sugirun

I went here this morning to get my favourite floss bread. Soft and delicious as expected. Just notice they have a loyalty card for Coffee purchase as well.

  • JiaQi Leong

Went to try their croissants. It was so dried and not as flaky. Would rather go for coles or woollies croissants which cost way cheaper and taste better.

  • Sabrina Lee

Find this place a little inconsistent. If your pastries are burnt like these you shouldn’t serve them (and I got these delivered so I couldn’t select)

  • cynthia evelyn

I bought 2 bread this morning 5/9/2021. And I really feel disappointed because 1 of my bread have insect inside. Please take care of your hygiene.

  • Pam P

This place so nice, love there fancy croissant, matcha, white chocolate and more they got a lot of variety of pastry and sweet, coffee also nice

  • Ganesh Gunasekaran

Beautiful extra buttery pastry, but the price is approx 50% more compared to other shops. Would have given 5 stars if not for the price tag.

  • The Boss Lady

The most delicious pastries ! We had a few different sweet and savoury pastries and none of them disappointed. We can't wait to try more x

  • Blake B

They do wonderful coffee! Very nice people and really good looking pastries. Would like to see more variety added soon

  • Karen Wijaya

i’m a regular customer and buy a coffee from the thu-sat barista, it’s really nice as always and such a good service

  • Kaerka

10 times better than all the croissant shops in Melbourne.
Food: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5

  • Elvan Cheng

Feel disappointed when I have taro flavor’s croissant. Haven’t taste the real taro, only artificial flavor.

  • Lillian Do

I like the croissant here, they make fresh every day. There are some locations around Sydney for you.

  • Tuyen Ryan

Place looks cute and pastries look decent, but coffee may as well have been warm milk it was so weak

  • Happilee Munching

Beautiful asian inspired croissants. Recommend the matcha, taro and white choc cranberry pistachio

  • Stephanie Zhang

One of my favourite bakeries in Sydney. Staffs are friendly, really love their croissants!

  • Kenny Chiang

Rose petal white chocolate croissant is amazing and very Instagramable

  • Jenna

nice bakery for various near the train station …

  • MrB Thailand

I like the teste of coffee with buns here. Yumm

  • nina eats

Great pastries A lil pricy

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