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Ulta Beauty is a Cosmetics store located at 7844 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277. It has received 303 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars.





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  • The address of Ulta Beauty: 7844 Rea Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277

  • Ulta Beauty has 3.8 stars from 303 reviews

  • Cosmetics store

  • "Don't go here for waxing"

    "Had an appointment for a simple wash and trim at the ulta in Charlotte, NC on Rea road"

    "I’ve been coming here for years and it’s nothing special; it’s a makeup store with salon services"

    "To start off and say My hairdresser was nice and I am sure not intentionally giving the experience she did"

    "I normally get my hair cut and styled up at the Waverly Ulta, because there's only one stylist that I know is a master at what she does"


  • Rachel Weatherford

Don't go here for waxing. I was stuck in 485 traffic on the way to my appointment and called the store as I was sitting on the exit ramp at Rea Rd to let them know how close I was and that I was running late. The guy said it was ok and he would let the Brow Bar know. I walked in the store 8 minutes late and the girl refused to help me and said I had to reschedule. She was clearly mad that her coworker schedule an appointment for 6:40pm saying they aren't suppose to schedule her that late. If I knew that, I would have just made my appointment for another time. She was rude and had a straight up B attitude, wish I could get away with speaking to my clients like that, I would have been written up or fired. I'm not the type to make a scene or ask for a manager so after a few minutes of arguing with the Brow Bar girl, I rescheduled for the next day and left. Pretty annoying since I stopped in the middle of a work project and drove 20 minutes each way to Ulta. In hind sight I'm glad I didn't ask for a manager because she would have made the girl stay to do my appointment and no telling what my bows would have looked like as she clearly was in a hurry to leave. After my anger and annoyance grew on the way home I called and spoke to the manager, especially since more than once I have had to wait on the esthetician when I was on time. The manager was very nice and told me to come in the next day saying she would take care of me, to me implying my service would be comped. When I went in for my rescheduled appointment the girl was very nice and did a great job (different employee from the previous night). However, when I spoke to the manager in person she did not comp my appointment and gave me a few crappy free samples that have nothing to do with my hair or skin type that I will never use. I totally would have understood if I was 15+ minutes late or didn't call. I know it was me who was late, I was in the wrong there, but you can't make customers wait when you're running behind then refuse service to them the one time they are a few minutes late. I've been telling myself for years to stop going to Ulta for brow waxes. $21 is ridiculous when you can go other places for around $10. I have to say they do a good job which is the only reason I kept going back, but now I definitely will not be returning. Horrible customer service.

  • Kimberly Roland

Had an appointment for a simple wash and trim at the ulta in Charlotte, NC on Rea road. The stylist refused to do my hair b/c it was "too curly." He embarrassed me in front of other customers by saying he couldn't get his fingers through my hair and tried to pass me off to another stylist. He was completely rude and unprofessional and soooo offensive. I understand everyone is NOT experienced with naturally curly hair, but there were so many different ways to say that without humiliating me in front of others. I left the store in shock and without saying anything, but decided to go back and speak with a manger. I expressed my disappointment and she was very apologetic. I wish there was a lower rating than 1 b/c I would give it. Although the manager gave her sincere apologies I feel as though someone should have said something before I left. There were other employees there that had so much to say when I came back in to ask for a manager, but none of them thought to get the manager while I was there or have anythIng to say while they witnessed their fellow employee disrespect me. With all that said, I won't be returning. I have to add one more thing. I had an appointment for 4 pm and got there 10 minutes before. When Robert, the rude stylist, refused to do my hair, that canceled my appointment and no one was able to help me. So they wasted my time as well as offended me. The store manager apologized for the inconvenience, but the salon manager was too busy to come talk to me and she didn't even try to follow up with me. A customer service oriented business would follow up and try to offer some type of compensation for my time and embarrassment. I guess Ulta salons don't need returning customers. The only thing they did was try to rebook me for the next day. I'm going to report this to corporate, since obviously I'm not the only one who has had a horrible experience.

  • A. F

I’ve been coming here for years and it’s nothing special; it’s a makeup store with salon services. The store is usually pretty tidy, staff always friendly, but it can be hard to get help looking for a product when they’re busy or during the weekdays when there’s less staff. Really not a problem though, if you’ve every worked retail then you get it. I’d give it 3 stars before my most recent visit. Anyways, I was in the market for a new foundation so I decided to stop in yesterday. My skin can be tricky, it has weird undertones, and I didn’t want anything full coverage that would hide my freckles. I’m picky alright?? Right as I was about to wave the white flag and pick up a NYX BB Cream, as I had previously bought many of the high end foundations that met my criteria and been disappointed, a woman named Jolene asked if I needed any help. At first she was helping me look for cruelty free products but seeing as I had tried all the ones she recommended in the past, she asked if she could try a Lancôme foundation on me. Hesitant, I agreed. For the next 15-20 minutes, Jolene color matched me, chatted, gave tips, and applied the perfect shade all over my face to make sure I liked the match. She was so soft spoken and incredibly helpful. Everything I said about my skin she listened to. She even took me around the store for different lighting and different mirrors to make sure it was perfect. Seriously I cried in the car at how nice our exchange was; I haven’t felt this good in my skin in years. If every retail employee cared as much about their customers and was as knowledgeable about products like Jolene, the world would be a better place to live in.

  • Jo Jo

To start off and say My hairdresser was nice and I am sure not intentionally giving the experience she did. I made an appointment for one service of all over color, medium/dark brown. I got there at 4:30 and was there until 8:30. I was charged an extra $65 for some gloss I knew nothing about, was not asked if I wanted that and have no idea what it is even now. I did not say anything because it was late I was already going to be Late for work and was very frustrated because my hair came out black on top of that. I also think that it is very unprofessional to be looking at your clients phone and constantly making comments about what they are looking at. Multiple times. It took FOREVER for her to apply the color because my hair was a little tangled and the color had an oil in it that was making it sticky, Instead of brushing my hair before adding color to make time go by faster or be more efficient she added the color then used a comb on it which hurt really badly because of how sticky it was. My hair is below my shoulder, curly and thick so I understand the work and time that goes into it, But to keep making comments on her arms hurting because of my hair, making faces and comments about the thickness of my hair to make it seem like it was a problem for her. I do not wear my hair straight and it was blow dried straight and was not curled due to a time crunch I am assuming. I truly do not believe it should have taken 4 hours to dye my hair one shade of brown and blow it out. My hair is healthy, not box dye damaged etc. I hate to be this person with this long review but I just have never experienced this before.

  • Chaz Levine

I normally get my hair cut and styled up at the Waverly Ulta, because there's only one stylist that I know is a master at what she does. When she told me she accepted a management role–I was very happy she was moving up in her company. With her promotion, also came a change in location. She took the time to call, because I see how she valued and cared about her clients. I didn't have to think twice about it. I followed her to her new store at the Stonecrest Ulta. I'm talking about one of the best stylist I've ever come across in over 20 years of getting my hair cut. If you haven't experienced a great cut and style you need to book an appointment with one of the best Designers that KNOWS hair, enjoys working with all types of styles and keeps getting better every time I visit. I'm talking about the ever humble, very confident and super talented Taylor Teeter. Taylor does a great job at cutting hair–she styles both women's and men's hair. Once she gets an idea of what you want, she is there to make sure you are happy, look great and makes each appointment personal. Even with her level of expertise, she is always learning ways to improve her craft. She is a genuine person, who will make you feel at home and delivers great service every time. If I have a question about the health of my hair or products–Taylor always has the answer! One thing that rings so true about her, is her passion to provide excellent service to all her clients. She listens, cares and I always enjoy coming back for she makes me look and feel like a Million! Thank you Taylor for doing such a great job–every time!

  • Olivia Lott Schmitt

The worst experience I have ever had at any Ulta. I have been to this location 4 different times and have had the same experience each time with each different set of employees each time but only one thing in common - the manager on 2 of the 4 occasions. The problem I have had with this location is the extreme lack of customer service. The first time I went in a couple of months ago, a lady was in the middle of helping me and said, “oh, hold on!” and went on to help another set of customers as I stood there for 10 minutes trying to figure out where she went. The time after that, I asked a lady for help. Of course no one offered more e help, I had to go out of my way to find an employee - she said she would check on what I was asking for at the front for me. After 10 minutes of waiting for an employee this time as well, I had to physically go find the woman, and when I found her, she was gossiping with someone else in the store and had yet to help me with my needs. Each time afterwards, I have walked in giving the place the benefit of the doubt, but all 4 times, the customer lack of satisfaction gets a little worse. Not ONCE has one single employee ever approached me asking if I need help. I have watched the manager just stare at me and do nothing about these workers she “manages”. I see many reviews of customers having the same experience. It will be a shame if I have to drive half an hour out of the way to Cotswold just because these people have such terrible knowledge of what decent customer service looks like.

  • Jessica Johnson

I hate that I am even required to leave at least a one-star rating for this Ulta Salon. I am so disappointed with my experience today, that my return is highly doubtful, unless of course, all other salons in the state of NC go out of business. After I had completed a successful go & glow mini facial with Phyllis, she was lovely, by the way, I waited for Becca, my appointed nail tech to begin my gel set. I'm a regular gel customer, so I know the drill. The soak, the nail prep, the gel polish the drying system. Only, for some reason, this time with Becca was atypical. We began soaking...for 20 minutes, only for her to return to tell me that because the gel didn't "slide" off, oh, and because she had another client to accommodate in 8 minutes, she didn't want to damage my nail beds by removing the remainder of the polish. How considerate! Only, not really. Because, every single time I've ever soaked gel polish off, it's never "slid right off." So, she dismissed me, with a handful of apologies, my nails looking far worse than when I'd entered the salon. I even spoke with the manager, who walked away from me when I was expressing how unprofressional it was to bypass my service for another client, and then, to make excuses for failing to do your job as a nail tech. So, my much needed spa day, as a soon to be mama, ended up being a terrible disappointment.

  • Kadi Brown

I was there earlier tonight with a friend. While trying some of the testers out to find a new foundation, an employee (black hair, older woman) stared at me the whole time and even followed me around the store. If I would touch something, she would come to the isle I was at and pretend to fix something. At one point, I was squatting down looking at something on the bottom shelf and put the foundation on the ground so I could try out another tester. The lady then walked over to me and offered me a bag to shop with, I told her no and that I was okay, she then proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t put the foundation (that I was going to purchase) on that floor, because “it wasn’t good”. Eventually, I assume she called the manager who also came and very “sneakily” started “fixing” the wall closest to me. There’s testers for a reason! This lady needs to be shown how to treat customers. Instead of just staring at customers and making them feel as if they are doing something wrong, the employees should approach them and ask if they need any help, not watch their every move. The friend I was with didn’t even buy anything, because she was so uncomfortable. Never going back again.

  • Kim Anderson

I've only visited this store a few times. I am pretty specific with my product needs (vegan and cruety free) so I like expert advice. After asking around....no one even knew wht I was talking about....??....finally, someone knew someone that could help me. She recommended Clarins, high end (expensive) and she claimed one of the original ethical skin care lines. I bought foundation (sunscreen tint really bc they were out of what I wanted), primer and mascara. I expected excellent product. Not my experience. I found out after the fact that thy are not cruelty free (per leaping bunny) and the ingredients are just chemicals. Not what I wanted. My skin is breaking out, i guess from the primer.....im middle aged so not prone to any skin breakouts. I understand that everyone's skin reactives differently to different products. I'm most unhappy that the sales associate sold me what she wanted, not what i wanted. After looking over some other reviews, I'd note that I've never experienced any kind of rude behavior. To the floor personnel to the counter associates. Everyone has always been pleasant and helpful.

  • Sarah Robertson

I have NEVER been treated so poorly in a store in my life! The manager Julie is absolutley the rudest employee there! I had a return WITH a receipt and she denied me actually returning it despite the return policy! It was a hair product that the sales woman THERE actually recommened and it left my hair sticky and nasty. I used it once and their policy is as long as there's less than 20% used it is returnable. Everything there is 100% satisfaction gaureenteed, well obviously Julie did not get that memo! I had also contacted Catherine Hyatt who is the District Manager over that store and she left me a message (that I kept for proof) stating that I could return it no questions asked, and when I drove out to the store and told the casheir that the manager came out and called Catherine who then said no, she was going to research it first! That's NOT what my voicemail says! I am persuing this further and will get my lawyers involved if my issue does not get resolved! I am a VERY persistant person and will not stop until my issue is resolved and they honor what they promote and state in black and white!

  • Flavia Vazquez

I generally love Ulta, and I buy a lot of products from them (online). This location, though, needs some help with its customer service skills. I checked out and the very young cashier offered me the credit card and I said yes. What do I need? They (with another young cashier) hesitated and told me that I need to purchase other items so I can use the 20% off on my first order. The first cashier told me she couldn't help me unless I purchase more items. Instead of checking, she handed me the receipt and told me that if I want to apply I need to buy more items (for the 3er time). They did not have a clue on how to offer a credit card. I asked them both, then if I qualify I need to wait for the physical card, right? Oh yes, they said. So then why do I need to buy more items? She never offered me to redeem my points. I requested samples, they told me they had only one… The next cashier just wasn't very friendly. I had intended to buy a few things, but the attitude from the employees was unwelcoming and I left. I guess I will shop online instead, and would not apply fit the credit card.

  • Heather S.

I had the worst hair cut of my life. I have cried for 3 days straight. I have a huge event in 2 days that involve pictures that I have been so exited for for the last year and now I am dreading the thought of having to take pictures. I went in with a bob and a picture of a shorter bob and left with the ugliest shortest mess of a haircut I have ever had! It was pretty much a pixie cut. I had to go somewhere else to get it fixed, not that there was much left to work with. I have hardly any hair on my head at all. All I want to do is hide away. I feel so ugly and uncomfortable. I did not get charged, but that doesn’t help the trauma. I am actually looking into buying a wig because I don’t know what else to do. Do not trust Taylor with your hair. She did not communicate well. If she didn’t know how to cut the hair the way I wanted then she should have said so! I don’t think I will ever even shop at Ulta again, just the thought of the place will always remind me of this horrible nightmare.

  • Jessica Watts

This has never been one of my favorite stores, but it’s the closest to me so I continue to buy what I need. The customer service is always lacking. Today, I picked up my first online order and I walk in and see the online order pickup counter immediately to my right, next to the checkout counter. There are 3 employees behind the counter, one of which is ringing up a customer. The other 2 make eye contact with me but do not greet me or ask how they can help, or even say “one moment, I’ll be with you shortly”. I stand there for about 5 minutes before an employee (who I assume is of some manager level) looks at me and says “what do you need?”. I was taken aback as I’m certain there are other ways of asking how you can help a customer. They need to retrain their staff in how customer service should be provided.

  • April Pickering

I came in two weeks in advance to make sure my appointment was with an EXPERIENCED colorist with a good reputation because i wanted a change. Receptionist recommended two stylists. I made an appointment with #1. Somehow my appointment changed to stylist #2 before I arrived. But i decided to continue since he was one of the initial recommendations. He doesn't show up...... I end up with someone else, an hour later, with blah blah color, no styling change, and more damage than I've experienced in years. I would never count on this salon to do hair for an important event On the way out I purchased two Nivea products advertised as BOGO 1/2 OFF but realized halfway home I paid full price. Had to go back. ULTA did not impress me today, on any level.

  • Kelsie Hicks

I was searching for a particular eye shadow palette & there was no one around to help me. So I went to the check out counter to ask if they had the palette or if another store had it. A lady who acted like the manager (whether or not she was, I’m not sure but her attitude was sour) told me to go to the end of the counter & said someone would help me. Didn’t even attempt to help me & pushed me on to someone else. I guess if you don’t have anything in your hand to buy, you’re not very important. The lady who ended up helping me was very kind but where was she before I had to resort to getting in the check out line for a question? I’ve never had a pleasant experience at this location but I was desperate to find this palette.

  • Susan Castillo

I went in for a makeup session several weeks back and my experience started out awful. The makeup artist I was originally scheduled with was completely unprepared and ended up spilling liquid foundation on my dress. It got so uncomfortable and I was so upset that a new associate had to step in. When Sonia came over she was so sweet and attentive, she instantly made me feel much better and relaxed. She also went and got Luis from Urban Decay to come over and finish my makeup. The two of them were so informative and did a wonderful job walking me through the steps and showing me what makeup to get. I can't thank them enough for being so customer oriented and making my experience better.

  • Sri S

This store has the rudest staff. This is my second sour experience with them. The first time I thought it must be an isolated incident and gave this particular store another chance as people are different. So when I had the same demeaning, downright disrespectful behavior by another staff-member during checkout my heart broke. Ulta you need to take another look at the training you’re providing the staff. It was worst as the manager was standing right behind her and she didn’t intervene. I shall never return to this store. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! FYI I’m a Plantinum member at Ulta, not that it should matter in the way they should treat their customers.

  • Maddie Stephens

This is literally the only ulta near where I live. I go there multiple times a week and I usually don’t have a problem. I get my hair done there and it’s great. Most people are friendly. However there’s one employee, older lady, looks Hispanic, who is usually around smashbox and the perfumes who ALWAYS follows me around. She’s even done it while I’m with friends. If we’re Looking at the products and trying stuff out she will stare at us blatantly and she’s called managers over multiple times as well. It’s so upsetting bc I love going There but after tonight’s experience honestly I can say I won’t be setting foot there bc I don’t know when that lady is going to work again.

  • Shelly HInes

Had the pleasure of Mani transforming my hair. We had to improvise since my hair wouldn't lighten enough for my original color choice, but the end result is AMAZING!! He listened to me- really listened, and gave me the perfect cut in addition to the color. Lauren also had some great tips and suggested products to help my firery red stay firery!! Both made my experience delightful and will definitely be the only folks I will trust with my hair going forward. These two are definite assets to this location; it is so obvious they really care about their clients and love what they do. If I could give 10 stars- they'd get it! Thank you Mani and Lauren!

  • Kayci Jo Angstrom

I came into this store after receiving two black eyes from a bad relationship that had just ended. Found myself in a tough spot, 3 days before Christmas and already at a loss for what to do. These women were so compassionate and really took their time to love on me. I feel so empowered and grateful for these women. Make-up artists, JoAnn and Suzette at the Lancôme counter, y’all are the real MVP’s! Thank you for all of your help and the confidence you have given me to move forward with this holiday season. It’s been tough but knowing there are other women out there who are willing to give a hand up means so much to me. God bless you! Kayci Jo

  • Miss Bee

The only thing I liked about this store was the location... went in on my lunch to pick up my free bday gift that came to my email and employees congregated as I stood there waiting for assistance. Finally 2 employees came to open 2 registers as i stood online at checkout, but they Both asked customers behind me to take whos next.. then when i requested my gift, he said they didnt have it, and i said yes can i see what u do have, and when he pulled it out, he laid it on the counter for me to reach over the register for it.... i guess they dont sell for "my skin type".... Ill stick to MAC where I feel welcomed :-)

  • T H

The store is reasonably clean but the workers leave a lot to be desired. Despite there being a number of employees on the floor, the only have 1 register open no matter how long the line gets. And if you need any guidance or help, good luck. It was 10:55 and I saw an associate doing her own make up on the floor; I asked if she could help me locate a foundation brush to which she said “I’m not on yet”. Ok, then don’t stand on the floor. Another attempted to “help” but merely showed me where they were with no suggestions or guidance of which to choose. There’s just a general lack of customer service.

  • Xiao Zhou

If I could, I would leave zero stars. This was my second attempt to get my hair cut at Ulta. The hair stylist was cold and unwelcoming when I checked in. Then I was told she was running really behind, which is understandable except it was going to be an hour late. There was no attempt to contact me beforehand that she was behind. The first time I tried to get my haircut there, I waited an hour. I was told at check in that she was finishing up. I would not recommend anyone getting a haircut there. Will never go back there again. I normally do not leave reviews but that was just unexceptionable.

  • Miss Essie

Didn't like the fact that when I asked a salesclerk that was standing around for help finding a product she just pointed me to the other side of the store and stated "it's over there on the wall" then after much time and with the assistance of another customer after finding the product I continued to shop and while trying the different colognes she gawked at me and was following me around instead of asking to assist me. Finally I asked her if I could assist her. She pissed me off that I left my $300 purchases there and walked out the store. So glad they opened another shop on Providence Rd.

  • Kristina Villella

This store SMELLS AWFUL. I know they are aware of the problem because I contacted corporate over the issue, but it still hasn’t been fixed. No one wants to shop in a store or have salon services done while smelling a horrible sewer smell. The employees are nice, but I’ve had a few problems in the salon. One “expert” left my hair looking like I used box dye at home by myself because the color didn’t match...twice. Then she tried to tell me that sometimes the color fades. Another salon employee had no idea how to style my curly hair. I have never had my hair look so bad leaving a salon.

  • Robin Frisby

I really wish I could give this store more stars. When you walk in that store and are disabled and then you realize there are only baskets and no carts, it makes it hard to shop there. I use a cane and had my purse so it was hard to shop with the basket. I managed to get all the way down to the end of the store to get my product but was not able to shop around. I did not see anyone on the sales floor for help except the 2 ladies up front. Next time I will just have to order online with curbside pickup or get the product from a more disabled friendly store.

  • Maria Echeverri

Awful customer service!! (I work in retail so I have an on what to do and what not to do) The workers just make a face at you and don't even try to help you. They were caught up talking amongst themselves and trying on testers for their own purposes while ON THE JOB! I was in there for about 30-40 minutes and not ONE PERSON tried to talk to me or help me. Plus everything I was looking for was out of stock (I was looking for 15+ items) and the store, especially the samples, WAS A COMPLETE MESS. This ulta is awful, too small, and I will NOT be coming back.

  • Tayla Hall

This store has the worst customer service. The manager was extremely short and rude when I asked her about a specific item. I accidentally was getting ready to purchase a tester product, which I had no idea because it didn't have a tester sticker and the woman behind register grilled me as if I purposely want to buy a tester product. Everytime I come here, which I dont know why I keep returning to this specific location, it's a horrible experience..Judging from the other reviews the last couple of weeks, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Unacceptable.

  • Asia O

Will never shop at this Ulta again. Always the WORST customer service. Today was my last straw. LISA the prestige manager is EXTREMELY RUDE and doesn’t know her own store policies. I as a customer should not have to reread your own policies to you, that are written on the back of the Ulta printed receipt, in order to resolve my issue. I also should not have to ARGUE with the manager on the sales floor, at the register in front of CUSTOMERS. And stores wonder why more people are shopping online, because customer service like this is unacceptable.

  • Gabriela Delgado

Only giving 5 stars because of one specific employee! Which is Christian ! ❤️ He is absolutely amazing and such a sweetheart. Giving me a welcoming environment while he took care of me and my needs/questions. Helping me and hyping me up about getting back into doing my make up again Usually just do basics (mascara, eyebrows, lipstick) but he finished convincing me into getting into the whole make up thing again after like 3yrs of not doing it. He is definitely the go-to if you visit this location! Amazing service and person overall!

  • john swenson

Your cashiers would not do a return for me. They could not look up a receipt because I did not use a phone number. I had the original receipts and paylent method, your cashiers did an excellent job. The general manager however was an absolute waste of time. She talks down to people and will not actually resolve any problems. She pawns any problems off on guest services. I did a chargeback and already got the money back. The fact that the fort line staff was so helpful and the management was so unhelpful is absolutely telling about this place.

  • Rashanda Ellis

Glass half empty half full... lol ok so at the checkout and I have to say I wear my cake a different way but she had so much makeup on I could have scrap it off with a knife. And her inflated chest didn’t help nor did her short temperament. Even the guy had on cake makeup. Retail isn’t for a lot of people. And the lady with the stroller down the small aisle make sure you don’t run any one else down, seriously no one cares if you have a child. Just a thought if retail is all your know how to do; do with intention of I like my job....

  • Cami Tepper

Was shopping for makeup today and had things all picked out when the nicest employee, Dillon Guinn, asked me if I needed assistance. He asked if he could test a couple of colors and products different from the ones I had picked out. Wow! What a difference. He really was knowledgeable and didn't just try and sell me the wrong items. When I got home and tested them, they really brightened up my face as I had mentioned I wanted. Very happy customer! Will ask for Dillon from now on and highly recommend him.

  • Mina Levin Neugass

It's a great place and the people that work there are very kind and patient. I hadn't been doing a lot of shopping for cosmetic things cuz I had needed them for quite a while and I needed some mascara so I walked in and got help from one of the people that work there and got my product and got into the queue. The line was very long but it moved very quickly. And also it's a good way to talk to people around you. You're not going to meet people sitting in your house. I like the story very much.

  • Claire Johnson

To the blonde Hispanic lady who assumed I’m over the age of 30 (I’m not)- Thank you for ruining someone’s day and self esteem. You would think for someone who works in a beauty and wellness store, the associates would be trained let alone have common sense to be mindful and not assume a woman’s age. I know she didn’t mean it, but coming from someone who has worked in a women’s retail store for 10+ years. I would never assume someone’s age the way she did. Only Sephora from now on!

  • KMD

I despise Ulta at Stonecrest. The Stonecrest location never has anything in stock. Most of their employees are rude and unprofessional. I use to get my hair done at the salon there too, I've since moved to another Ulta location. I would highly recommend going to he Ulta in Cotsworld or Steele Creek (my fave), also if you're looking for a Hair Stylist go to Madison at Steele Creek location. I switched to her over a year ago and have been incredibly happy with her!

  • Cmldzab카밀라

I come here so much honestly because it’s so close to my house, but it’s so frustrating that the sales people on the floor literally assume every time that I’m stealing because I’m walking around testing all the makeup... the store literally has testers so we can try things before buying to make sure we get the right color/shade/product... it’s extremely frustrating. I used to go there every weekend, now I only go when I’m desperate for something.

  • Christy Harner

I set an appointment with Taylor at Stonecrest, but when I arrived I realize that the “Taylor” currently at Stonecrest is a NEW “Taylor” as a Fall 2018. I decided to give the new Taylor a try and she was fantastic! She gave me the best hair coloring I’ve ever had. I guess they have good luck with Taylors there! I recommend her as your stylist if you have blonde or curly hair and want to get rid of the brassy tones but keep your hair healthy.

  • Shelley Schuster

Robert at the salon is the BEST!! Makes me feel beautiful every time I come in with great service !! I went to another salon in the area, needless to say....didn't turn out well... but Robert saved the day and transformed my hair to a beautiful blonde!! Straight baller when it comes to hair, color and cuts.. never ever been disappointed and makes sure he gets it right with his great attention to detail! Go check him out ! ✂️ ❤️

  • Dana G

Check your products and make sure they are sealed. Got a lip balm that wasn’t sealed and noticed as soon as I got in the car. Went back in to exchange and to let the clerk know and she said it just happens sometime. She let me change mine out. Then I found 3 more that we’re not sealed and gave them to her, and she put them right back in the shelf to sell to someone else!! Just make sure you’re getting new sealed products.

  • Maddy Atkinson

Full of some of the rudest workers I've ever seen. A lady confront of me was returning something she had purchased from a different location, and they looked at her and asked "Why don't you return it fro. The one you bought it." And refused her return. Also accused my sister of stealing because she didn't have the receipt from a Christmas present, and refused the return aswell. Will not be going to this location again.

  • Erin Gallagher

This place is ridiculous! One of the employees was helping me pick out a curling iron and then left me to go check other people out. I was under the impression that if you have a customer you stay with them, one of the other girls who we're just standing around should've helped the people up front. The staff here have awful customer service. The owner of this Ulta should be embarrassed. I will go to Sephora next time!

  • Mara

I wish I could put negative stars. The only good thing about this place is its products. The employee's here are the worst, this is the worst store I have ever been in. Customer service sucks, cashier's always look pissed, I have never once been greeted when I walked in, and every time I need help no one is there and I get ignored. Il just stick to online shopping @Ulta because this store does not deserve my service.

  • Irina Tea

I usually love Ulta but this was the worst experience I have ever had!!! If I could give negative stars I would. The staff has the absolute worst customer service ever! Everyone was rude and mean! Please avoid this location at all costs if possible! I have never felt so uncomfortable! Even after all that the place was a mess! Manager is rude and has no talent for talking to people! Terrible abosultely terrible!

  • Hobo

I keep trying to like this store for it's convenience and selection but the staff is awful. The people that roam the floor act like they don't have time for anyone and the cashiers are consistently rude. Not to mention the high prices. I'm not going back. Too many other options. I can buy online and not have to deal with the people working here. And by the way, all of them have glumped on too much makeup!

  • Allene Pinder

I should have just gone to Cotswold if I knew a pickup order for one item was going to be a hassle. I practically had to get the item myself anyway upon arriving to the store to get an update. I’m not sure why if I placed an order at noon for one item, at 6pm it is still incomplete. Not to mention the curt, cold reception I received from the employees. This will be my last time visiting this location.

  • Britt Hadsall

The lady at the counter, I believe her name was Belle, would not stop harrassing me for my phone number at check out. I said no multiple times and she must’ve asked AT LEAST five times. This is not the first time she has done this - it happened a couple weeks ago as well with the same employee. I will not be shopping here again.

  • Kaylee Vaughan

I love this store! Everyone is always super helpful and willing to answer any questions I have. I've had wonderful experiences here, and I highly recommend visiting and getting help from any of the beauty advisors and managers. They are knowledgeable and willing to help you find what you need or want. Love love love this store!

  • Sav Brewer

Used to come to this location all the time but definitely won’t be anymore, customer service is awful and was given the wrong product. Cashiers don’t pay attention and just stand there talking when there is a line of people waiting. Clearly this location needs new management because they aren’t being given the right direction.

  • Jordynn Tacori

I was really nervous when I got there but Ashten was really Amazing. She told me It's okay that I was nervous which helped a lot. some people where staring at me cause i'm 14. I didn't get all the stuff I needed cause I was nervous but I can go back Ulta is my favorite beauty store and all the staff there are really nice!

  • Stephanie C

For the first time in a beauty store, not a single employee offered to help as I tried to find 2 specific things. They weren’t busy. Also, they didn’t carry those 2 very popular brands so it was a very quick trip, in and out! The store is maybe 1/3 the size of other Ulta’s I have been in. Didn’t buy anything this time.

  • Fara

Ashley did my hair color today and I am super happy with the results! The thing that stood out to me was her kindness - not to get into details, but she noticed something with a portion of my hair that I've been self conscious about. She knew how to fix it and to prevent it further. Very grateful customer …

  • All Natural

Super kudos to the Hair Salon! Margo did a fantastic job explaining everything to me regarding coloring my stubborn gray roots, washing & making my scalp feel absolutely special. My scalp is still smiling. She shall surely see me again. Thanks again Jasmine, Faith & the gentleman who gave me my water bottle! ♡

  • Taylor Kaminsky

The girls that work here are rude and often act unprofessional. I ask for them to look in the back to see if they have a product and they never come back. Cashiers forget to give me free gifts with purchase all the time. Overall this location is garbage, the Waverly and Cotswold locations are much better.

  • Jennifer

Perfectly normal store but I hate coming here -- because the sales associates just bother you constantly. I've mentioned this to the managers before but nothing changes. I cannot imagine why anyone would want someone harrying them as they shop, but that is the experience when you come here. I hate it.

  • Steven Jayy

Mom lked great & she was happy they tk time doing that kind of stuff she said the varity of makeup companies with staff participation is wonderful... what? ... to bad she dont have a boyfriend or a manfriend which one lol... Nevermind... Shhhh ooop's I'm n trouble now.. …

  • Abbie Gibson

Joanne who works in the Lancôme section was so helpful! She took the time to learn about me so she could provide the best recommendations. The cashiers were very pleasant as well. Wide selection of options for all budgets - much better than going to a pharmacy or grocery store. Thank you!

  • Bonnie Erhardt

Salon "artist" decided to create what he imagined instead of giving the customer what she wanted. Cut 2 inches off the back to hairline and lightened too much. Added layers. All this after the "artist" was told THREE times not to, before and during customer visit.

  • Gloria Gao

The makeup selection is amazing, very affordable but there’s also some cool high end stuff. HOWEVER the skincare could be improved and I hate how there’s only a dinky little shelf for Cosrx. I could literally buy all of the skincare items at target. But nice!

  • Alexa

Sharon was extremely helpful in helping me find my shampoo and conditioner today, even though it was right in front of me lol. The girl ringing me up was extremely friendly and helpful as well. Lovely people and customer service here, will definitely be back!

  • Susan Rose

My daughter purchased three Smashbox Holidaze palettes. After she rings up she asked for her free gift. The cashier said oh, I already rung ya can't give you it. But the cashier could have refunded her and re-rung if needed.. very cheap and distasteful!!

  • Kalyani Warudkar

Joanne is a wonderful person. She is the best. She was very helpful and took time to explain all the beauty products and it's application. She was very patient. I recommend her for any consultations. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and honest.

  • Laura D

this place was wonderful yesterday! My mother and I came in looking for her foundation since she ran out of what she normally uses. Unfortunately, we didn’t remember the color. We were approached almost immediately by a staff member who was

  • Ifelunow TV

Staff and Prestige Mgr. are always wonderful, cheerful and helpful. It’s a great store to visit in your local neighborhood. The Clarins Double Serum is the #1 Serum in the World. It boast of 65% Turmeric and 20 other plant botanicals. The

  • Katia Pressell

I had an appointment for a haircut. Today in the morning, I made the appointment at 4pm. 15 minutes left to my appointment, they call me to cancel it. I can understand a cancellation a few hours before, but this seems disrespectful to me.

  • Destiny

I love their skin care produces and hair products. Most of all what got my attention was there great makeup and perfumes. I also think they are super great because they sale men things too. They also sale blow dryers and other things.

  • Donna White

Two employees I talked to were rude and didn’t want to spend any time helping me, the store was not busy they were just busy standing around talking to each other. Disappointed because I typically love shopping at other Ulta stores.

  • Patricia Rubien

I was new to Ulta and Regina was able to determine the ‘matching’ root color needed! She provided a great haircut and style. I found her professional, friendly, gentle and skilled. I will be booking with Regina regularly. Thank you.

  • April Lowery

The Girl at the register with the Curly Hair and Glasses she was so sweet to me and Nice..... and Jonathan the Manager gave me great customer service his urgency to give me Good customer service was Superb!! I will be back again!!!

  • Courtney Sander

This location has non-pretentious, helpful, and friendly staff with a good selection of products—just as I’ve come to expect from Ulta. Unfortunately, the check out line was a bit long—just as I’ve found at other Ulta stores.

  • Viri Mndza

Went in today and it was sooo hot. Made me want to run outta there. Plus the store was dirty. A lot of the palletes were either missing colors to test or missing the product completely. Very slacking store. Get it together.

  • Summer Lucille

I called prior to driving 45mins to get Juviasplace new foundation and the rep lied and said yes. I drove and nothing was there. She was just to lazy to look. And then manger gave a fake "I'm sorry". Do better Ulta

  • Maggie Barclay

This Ulta location is amazing! It's easy to quickly find what I'm looking for. The employees are also super helpful! When I couldn't find the lotion I was looking for, an employee walked me right to it! Thank you!!

  • Shenora Lofton

Pros: convenient location, stocked, and clean Cons: staff needs some customer service training. One Staff member walked past me three times never asked if I needed help and she was on her cellphone talking.

  • Jessica D

First Ulta experience. First person I spoke to had no interest in helping me, but then I found Sara. She was a fragrance specialist who was very knowledgeable and incredibly patient with my indecisive self.

  • Allison Miller

The lady at the Chanel counter this afternoon was incredibly kind and made my day! She helped me pick out a foundation and had wonderful advice/product knowledge. 11/10 would recommend to a friend :)

  • L T

Patty the salon manager is so great. I got a perm for the first time and it turned out great! The staff is also very nice and they make a great team which leads to a great atmosphere!

  • Mariana Tellez

Came in on sunday for a blowdry service sat 2 hours in a chair it got greasy after 3 hours ☹️ and had to wash my hair monday night. Its expensive to get a blowdry here! …

  • Betsy Burns

I get my brows done at the Beauty Bar. The ladies there are always so nice. My hairs are thick and deep, so I am very sensitive, and they always take good care of me.

  • B Devyne

My Wife and I received the best service from Jackie, Today! She was beyond polite and you could tell, it's just who she is. Thank you for the recommendation Jackie!

  • Ash Z

They were out of a lot products I was looking for. But i did get help from a lady working the Estee Lauder counter. Help me find my match for foundation

  • Moha Milad

Morgan, the eyebrow girl, is completely unprofessional, and her speech is very rude. It was the first and last time, and I do not recommend her at all.

  • Necole B.

Very rude staff, wish I'd read the reviews about the customer service before entering the store would never come back to this location. Zero stars

  • Teresa Ferrell

It’s a great feeling when you return an item and with no questions asked other than will this be a refund or exchange. I love Ulta Beauty.

  • Danna Funderburk

Maria - at Stonecrest helped me with my brows. She was so wonderful and I loved my brows. Will definitely come back to see her again!

  • TP

Morgan is awesome, gentle, knowledgeable and perfects my brows every single time! Highly recommend getting a lamination from her!

  • J D

So happy you have the Benefit Brow Bar at this location! Morgan was friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. My eyebrows look amazing!

  • Janice Saya

Awesome experience. Customer service with contagious positivity and gratitude for the opportunity to satisfy her clients

  • M Graham

Best Ulta hands down. I was comfortable and the staff was willing to assist severe step. Thank you!

  • nell delillo

We took our granddaughters to go shopping. The love the variety of things you have.

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