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Walgreens is a Drug store located at 2707 W Carefree Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85085. It has received 113 reviews with an average rating of 2.6 stars.





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  • The address of Walgreens: 2707 W Carefree Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85085

  • Walgreens has 2.6 stars from 113 reviews

  • Drug store

  • "The service at the pharmacy is hit and miss"

    "This is my neighborhood Walgreens"

    "Went in to return a damaged good (box says 2 and I only received 1) and got the rudest customer service"

    "I have always been fond of Walgreens"

    "I’ve never been a fan of this Walgreens"


  • M Johnson

The service at the pharmacy is hit and miss. It varies far too much. They don't manage the drive-thru well at all. If there are 2 lanes, staff accordingly during the busiest times of day. If you're in the drop-off only lane - you may be there awhile while they service folks in the pick-up lane. And they don't do a good job of alternating between lanes, either. I've been in the drop off lane and watched as 2 cars went through the pick up lane and I'm still sitting there. Some of the pharmacy employees are incredibly rude to folks in the drive thru - I've experience this myself in the drop off lane and have heard if while waiting in line at the pharmacy inside the store. Rude service via the phone, too. This is what prompted my feedback this evening. The young lady who answered the phone was rude, put me on hold for several minutes, didn't return, the line was then picked up by another pharmacy employee that apparently wasn't aware that I was holding and had no idea what I was calling about. Had to explain the reason for a 3rd time (1st time was to the call center pharmacy, 2nd and 3rd times were to the local pharmacy). I think I'll be switching to Osco. Update: When I went to pick up the prescription later this evening, I used the 2nd lane (the Drop Off ONLY lane) forgot it was for drop off only (it was 730pm on a Friday, I was tired and forgot, also, the sign is very small and you can only see it once you're right up to the call box). The pharmacy employee was nice and didn't ask me to use the other lane. But she didn't seal the bag shut and it was upside down when it came through, so when I grabbed the bag the bottle of pills fell out onto the ground. I had to pull forward so I'd have room to open the car door. I get out of the car to pick up the bottle and see that it has popped open and a few of the pills has spilled to the ground. I had to go into the store and have them replace the 3 pills that fell out of the bottle. Instead of apologizing for the problem, I was told "This is why we don't do pick up in the 2nd lane" as if it's my fault. If it's a known issue, then SEAL THE BAG SHUT so the bottle(s) don't fall out! The pharmacist who replaced the 3 pills was very nice. I told her that had the pharmacy employee (pharmacy tech??) sealed the bag shut, none of this would have happened. She said "This is why we only do pick up in the first lane". There was no apology. The pharmacy tech (female, 30's, maybe early 40's, shoulder length dark hair & dark eyes) I've encountered her before and I wish I could remember her name. She can be nice, but if there's something out of the ordinary, I think it throws her because she can become curt and yes, even rude. She needs customer service training. She can be belligerent if she has to explain something. Customers are not the SMEs of the pharmacy; hence, we ask questions. It's clear she hasn't a mind nor attitude for customers. Perhaps she shouldn't be in a customer facing job.

  • Shanna

This is my neighborhood Walgreens. I come here all the time. The associates working here are usually very nice and honestly pretty cool for the most part. I usually come in and make the same purchase anytime I do come in which are tobacco products. Today I came in for the same purchase but noticed the tide was on sale. So I pick up tide before heading to the register to make my purchase. I added a coupon so because my attention was to make sure the $3 applied to my tide I had almost forgot to buy my tobacco product's. So I asked for it and she is visible annoyed but I ignore it. She gets what I request and then proceeds to tell me she will have to do a separate transaction because I was purchasing tobacco and my coupon had already been applied. Well as frys my coupons apply during and after sometimes depending on when I enter my number and I can always go back and add something. (Thought in my head) so I was curious to ask why I had to make a separate transaction. She said because the coupon was applied and that it cuts off the purchase from adding any more products. Well this just didn't make too much sense to me and when I stated that, BARBARA proceeds to get loud with me in front of other customers in the store. I didnt expect this because 1 why are you yelling? 2, this was such an embarrasment. And 3 this women was elderly so I didn't not expect this behavior. I asked Barbara to lower her voice because she didn't have to be so loud and her response was "this my personality." This behavior from any associates anywhere is not OK. I did speak to the manager who is a very nice guy he is so very nice and respectful. As well as all the other associates who work there. I am highly disappointed in BARBARAs behavior and response that "this was her personality " as she looked at other customers for confirmation of what she was saying. I was so embarrassed and nervous. I couldn't even speak because my nerves causes me to shut down. You just because she an elderly dosent mean that she's not a bully. She absolutely is. BARBARA YOUR NOT A NICE PERSON AND JUST LIKE I SAID TO YOUR BOSS I REQUEST YOU RESPECT ME EACH TIME IM IN THE STORE AND I WILL ABSOLUTELY DO THE SAME. TY

  • Ricky

Went in to return a damaged good (box says 2 and I only received 1) and got the rudest customer service. The woman at the register (middle age, Hispanic) was so snappy with me and played a game of 20 questions wondering when did I buy it (uh hello! Look at the receipt!) and questioning why I took so long to ask for a refund (3 days). Well sorry if I have a life that doesn't revolve around driving to Walgreens every day. My bad if this was a gift and the recipient didn't inform me until a day or two later. My bad if I have a job or two and can't always bring it to the store whenever I feel like it. 3 days is not a long time. I digress. This woman then proceeds to call for a manager over the intercom to come over. He's confused as to why she called him over since he's not needed for a return (and I was also taken aback. Why did she need back up?). But he's not too concerned with how I'm feeling. She tells him what's going on. He then proceeds to exam the package for where it says there's 2 inside instead of one (because clearly I'm either confused or lying, right?). He gives up eventually and just does the refund. Meanwhile the woman says "Oh I can do it, I just didn't know what to do in this "situation"" uhmmm sorry why is this a special "situation"? The entire experience was not pleaseant and made me feel as though I was being accused of taking an item out and keeping it. So in other words stealing it. I did not like this woman at all. And honestly didn't like the manger either. No apology. No concern for what I'm dealing with. Nothing. All bullshit and I'm NEVER going back to this location again. Period. Rude people who shouldn't be in customer service.

  • Candice Puyana-Studley McCann

I have always been fond of Walgreens. When we lived in Buckeye I was right across the street from Walgreens and I was in there 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a day. They truly made you feel like you were in your small town, local pharmacy where everyone knows everyone and they treat you like family. At least that was my experience. When we moved to the apartments up in North Phoenix we were again very very close to a Walgreens. This one just down the street, maybe an 8 minute walk. But I was apprehensive because I was so accustomed to my Walgreens maybe this one was a bit more......reserved, more distant and professional. I really had nothing to worry about. Every time I go in whether it's 2 in the afternoon or 2 minutes to closing time, they always provide me a friendly smile, a warm greeting (sometimes by name if they remember) and any assistance i may need. I know there are people whose experiences are not quite like mine. The fact is not every personality gets along, you can't please everyone no matter how hard you try and some people just look for something to complain about. The store is always clean as are the restrooms, staff friendly and knowledgeable and they were truly amazing during the beginning time of the "Corona Crazies"(my term) when confusion, desperation and selfish behavior ran rampant. They continued to provide professional service and a friendly face. And they did what they could to ensure people were able to get supplies needed (i.e. toilet paper) limiting quantities of certain items so more people could have them. They definitely helped me feel better about moving to a strange place by making me feel welcome.

  • Philline Sokal

I’ve never been a fan of this Walgreens. I refuse to get my prescriptions here even though I live within walking distance. I went in to pick up my photos which should have been an easy in/out process, instead I was there for 20+ minutes. Customer service was prompt, but the communication is to be desired. The employee pulled my pictures right away, but then didn’t cash me out. She went behind the divider looking for a piece of paper (which I had found out was a copyright release after painstakingly waiting without employee letting me know what she was doing). When she finally came back to the register and I inquired what was going on, she then told me about needing a copyright release and then she needed proof that I had permission for my photos. She called the manager for help in finding the copyright release which they were out of. The manager replied they needed copies but didn’t think the copy machine worked and both she and the employee went to the back of the store where it was located only to come back to the scanner using a release they took from someone else’s order. All of this could’ve been avoided had the employee communicated with me in the first place. After calling home to find said copyright release I still had to fill out the paperwork. Seems as though critical thinking and problem solving is lacking. Usually if you don’t have permission to use a photo the word PROOF appears on the picture anyway.

  • Ashely Fearlessly Fit

Severely needs some empathy training with their employees. The blond tech was more worried about closing down for lunch then helping get my prescription correct. I initially came in 30 minutes before they close, so not like I came in as they were shutting down. Insurance wasn’t covering the 90 day supply like they normally do the 30 day supply. she had zero empathy, rudely asked do you want to get it or not? making it seem like nothing was wrong with how it was ringing up. It was normally $6 it was ringing up for $75. Even a 3 month supply would only be $20. Still zero empathy or customer service / human decency at all. Asked to get just a one month supply instead. Didn’t even tell me how my previous transaction would be refunded. And rolled her eyes and said it’ll take 24 hours. If you can’t do your job with compassion and empathy don’t have a face-to-face job. By the way the other tech with the curly hair was amazing and friendly and was actually helping the customers even the ones that walked up as they were pulling down the barrier to close for lunch. The blonde seriously needs to reevaluate how she talks to people and her overall career choice.

  • Tim Holt

This is the most screwed up Pharmacy I have ever used. I have been a loyal customer for years in Washington. Never had issues. But this location always has issues. Twice they gave me someone else's prescriptions. Today I was having a prescription transferred from another Pharmacy that was out of the product. When I got there they said to wait for a bit as the transfer was not complete. 2 1/2 hours later I decide to call the other Pharmacy and they say this Walgreens keeps saying we are busy and call back later. Then I hear them talking to my other Pharmacy and they say call back again. I stop them from hanging up and the pharmacist says he is too busy informing me that they have 24 hours to process transfers. So I asked then why did someone tell me to wait for it? Then while processing it they they said they don't work with my provider. They could have seen that earlier. Had to pay full price 10 times my normal cost. I Asked to talk to the manager who was suppose to be on her way. 30 minutes later I left she never showed up. Guess I found the leadership issue for this location. Don't waste your time here.

  • Dan Rowley

1st, my experience with Mrs Listing, Marci, & Charmaine are AMAZING! They deserve 10 stars!!!! That being said, the store is understaffed 90% of the time, I never see a manager available, and on numerous occasions I have called to inform management that the lines are outrageous and the responses I receive are “ lack-luster and careless” at best! I find it irresponsible by corporate and management that customer feedback is treated as a nuisance and not acknowledged. If it wasn’t for the 3 wonderful women I listed above and their superior customer service and customer/ community rapport I would never step foot in this location again! I called the afternoon of 11/4/18 and asked for the manager, it was a female with a name that started with a “M” , and after making my complaint, she never apologized or even acknowledged the situation I brought to her attention but rather treated my call as a waste of her time. I hope corporate reads this and makes changes! This store needs change in management quickly!

  • Andres Turner

Just moved here. Had my prescription phoned in to Walgreen's from my Doctor in Oregon. Called them to ensure it was ready for pickup. The lady on the phone told me to make sure I had my insurance card with me, as they didn't have anything on file. I told her that I was retired Army, and that I had TriCare card as well as my retired ID card. She said the prescription was ready. After waiting in line at the store, when I showed her my ID and TriCare care, she said 'We don't take TriCare'. I told her I had just called. She repeated 'We don't take TriCare'. That would have been nice to know before I wasted my time and gas to go there. She was borderline rude, and I can do without the attitude and the lack of customer service. Tact will get you far in any endeavor. Walgreen's has got the last dime from me that they ever will. I will make it a point to ensure that all of my friends are privy to Walgreen's policy as well. V/R Andres Turner

  • Jonathan Stewart

The Pharmacy at this location appears to be unable to handle the number of customers that it serves. I have used this pharmacy for many years and within the last 6 months they have been unable to get my monthly prescriptions correct. Each month it requires repeated phone calls to my doctor and to the pharmacy. When I have called the pharmacy, staff members have been very short with me and unwilling to investigate my issue beyond a rudimentary check, so I have been going in person three to four times a week to walk them through it. Recently I had a tooth implant requiring a small prescription of Tramadol (light pain meds). The Pharmacy staff member at Walgreens told me it would take at least 48 hours (not exaggerating). I asked my doctor to send the prescription to CVS and they had it ready in 90 minutes. Although Walgreens has been my ‘go to’ pharmacy for years, I will have to move my monthly prescriptions to CVS.

  • Johanna Soto

I recently was hit at a red light by an uninsured driver. My car was taken by my insurance company. I am in the process of buying a car. My husband was at work. I walked to this Walgreens; took me 10 minutes to be at my covid test appointment. I stopped working to get to my appointment. I didn’t have symptoms but I was at Disneyland. My sister was driving from Denver and she is in remission from cancer. The pharmacist didn’t want to do the covid test via the drive thru and asked me to call an Uber or a Taxi. I couldn’t believe that she asked me to call an Uber. She should of known that Uber will not take me via the drive thru. Some employees will go above and beyond to help customers in need. Unfortunately I didn’t experienced that at this Walgreens. I explained that I am not AZ native. This employee showed no empathy to my situation. Moving forward I will get my prescriptions at Fry’s in Dove Valley.

  • Candice Puyana-Studley

I go here nearly daily. It's like my corner neighborhood store. The people, for the most part, are friendly and knowledgeable. And their inventory I'd reasonably stocked. The freezer has been broken for some time so they have no products that require freezing like ice cream, frozen dinners, novelty desserts, etc... The pharmacy is open at 9:00 am. The pharmacy is my only real gripe. I wish they opened sooner. Its extremely inconvenient to have to wait but not worth losing sleep over. And truth be told, I'm not entirely fond of everyone who works in the pharmacy. But, they are all competent and they know their stuff so I guess having a more pleasant disposition is a luxury not necessarily required to do the job. Their prices are typical for a non-grocery store or non-pet store that carries such items. Little more for most things, a little less for a few. It's always clean and well-kept.

  • Cindy Kobold

This will be a dual review for myself and the woman in front of me. Both of us called, well in advance, to determine when our prescriptions could be picked up. We both showed up the day we were originally told they could be picked up, to then be told they wouldn’t be available until the next day. This was an extreme inconvenience for the woman in front of me who was in the store with her daughter. It was the same for myself due to living in Flagstaff. I called before driving 2 hours to this location but all I got upon arrival was “not sure who you talked to.” Well I’m NOT SURE who trains folks to a. Give incorrect info then b. Come up with a lame excuse like that. This location has continuously been a problem. Do better or find people who will. Just because you’re a big company doesn’t mean that customer service should fall by the wayside!

  • Xianghou Zinjiang Hu

My prescriptions were delayed for no reason with no notice. Pharmacist didn't want to tell me why they were delayed even though I already knew they literally forgot about my order. The only reason I found out it was delayed is because I had to call in and ask 3 different people what is going on with my perceptions. If I would have not called in, the medications would have never been finished processing. Was told I'd get notifications on my phone- that never happened. Employees seem unprofessional. Girl at the window was unprofessional and would talk away from the phone while giggling with another employee. Will never come back here. Not to mention Walgreens pharmacy always has the highest prices. Save yourself time and money and go somewhere else. Will never return or recommend to anyone.

  • Michelle Gasparino

The pharmacy tech who I spoke to on the phone was incredibly rude and unprofessional. From the beginning of the call you could tell she had an attitude and did not want to assist me. I’ve had an issue with this location refilling my prescription multiple times now. I have documentation of my doctor sending the prescription last week, yet I’m still left without my medication. After attempting to pronounce my doctor’s name she said “whatever her name is”....really professional. This is the third time I’ve called over the past several days, with no resolution. Apparently they fail to realize that some people actually need their medications, it’s not something I can wait a week for. Don’t bother with this location, it’s better to drive to somewhere further but actually receive respect.

  • Brenna Dixon

Unfortunately the staff at this Walgreens has been rude and incompetent on multiple occasions. The often blame their laziness on being busy. When the store is “out of the medication” you have been prescribed they will not call the provider with the issue. Today they were out of the antibiotics prescribed for myself and my children... I actually had to go back to the doctor’s office with my sick ones to try to get new prescriptions... I am an RN and in graduate school to be a nurse practitioner. I’m appalled at the lack of concern or caring for their patients as well as their lack of work ethic.

  • Sharon Lauderbaugh

Made an appointment for 4:30 for a Covid test. Sat in drive thru for 15 minutes and not moving so decided to go in. Waited in line inside for 10 minutes only to be told they only do Covid test in the drive thru. WHAT?!? Went back out to the drive thru (only 2 cars had moved) to wait again. Why do I have to make an appointment if that time is not going to be honored? The pharmacy tech doesn’t even administer the test, I do it myself! Finally got to the window at 4:55 and had been waiting for 35 minutes. Ridiculous. If I didn’t have to have a test, I wouldn’t shop here at all.

  • Jana Dae

Came here to get mountain dew and a pack of gum ... While at the checkout counter,was told by Tim that the gum i wanted was in an aisle close to checkout counter. I found it in less than 30 secs of which three more customers came up, and instead of taking me next he said the line's back there. I put the two things I really didn't need any way on the counter and I walked out. Came back in to ask for his. And sat in front of the parking lot and made this review. You never know who you're talkin to. And without customers you will not have a job.... Or a business.

  • Ronda Hall

Thank you Marilyn In the Pharmacy for taking such great care of me tonight. I was released from urgent care at 8:30 and My medicine was sent to Walgreens. The Pharmacy was closing at 9, so I asked if there was anyway they could fill my perscriptions before they closed. Marilyn and her assistant said no problem. My perscriptions were filled and Marilyn took time to make sure I Knew what dose to take and the side effects. I really appreciate the Pharmacy staff. Thank you for making my nite so much better. You deserve 5 stars!!

  • Adam Picas

Went in for some hair cream and passport photos. Wanted to buy the hair cream and make myself more presentable for the photo. The lady doing the photos showed attitude and irritation and was like just take it and I'll ring up both when your done. Said thanks went and did my thing. Which took all of 30 secs then sat in front of the photo area for 15mins and she never came back and I couldn't find her. Gave the extra star for the very nice lady at the register.

  • Carole Miller

If I could give minus five stars i would. Called this pharmacy for a mutual patients RX and they had me on hold for over 40 mins during business hours. Wonder why they would be in a business that requires their staff to answer calls but clearly no one does. The patient needed their medication and I needed to clarify with them and after over 40 mins I had to hang up. I certainly cannot do business with them and I fell sorry for anyone that does. >:-(

  • M M

Always Uber busy to the point where prescriptions are never ready in a reasonable timeframe. Usually takes HOURS for a simple refill. Not Staff’s fault- they’re working as fast as possible, it seems that the volume of patients is way to large for the size & staffing available. With the money raked in for drugs one would think they could afford enlarging the prescription area, opening another drive thru lane and hiring more pharmacists & technicians.

  • Jordan Weaver

I’ve never seen a slower more unprofessional Walgreens in my life not only will it take them hours to fill your prescriptions when you get there they act as if they can barely read let alone use a computer don’t worry with this pharmacy you get the pleasure of hours of pain after your surgery while you wait for them to fill your prescription hopefully it’s not an emergency or you might actually die from waiting for them to do there actual jobs

  • Robert Glenn

When calling in a prescription for patients in need of medication, the last thing I would expect is for some pharmacy tech named "Jake" to give me a bunch of lip for asking for alternative treatment options and their prices after they didn't have the preferred treatment option available. Disgusting behavior... "I've had a long day", "give me a break", "you're really making me work here aren't you". Lousy excuses and ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE.

  • Dennis Sanderson

The pharmacy staff is knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful in every way. Their texting system is effective in letting you know the status of your prescriptions. The pharmacy staff is always letting you know how to obtain your prescription at the best possible price and works with you on this. A terrific pharmacy. And the employees who work in the store are friendly and very helpful as well. I highly recommend this Walgreen’s.

  • Jaden Bates

This Walgreens is fine. It’s the damn cashier Barbara. She hates her job, is the slowest and most backhandedly nice person I have ever interacted with. You can NEVER just run in and out of this Walgreens to get what you need if she is working. I will purposely be going out of my way to never come here again due to the MULTIPLE times I have waited 5-10 mins for a cashier to acknowledge me and then be rude at check out. RIDICULOUS

  • Joseph Waters

1 star because we were trying to get a phone just now and it was locked up behind the counter. The cashier didnt have the key and called the manager to come up front. After 5 minutes of no manager coming to help us we left. It is unprofessional to keep someone waiting as a manager when you're the only one that can help because you have the keys to unlock the phone case. Way to miss out on us spending over $100.

  • Bethany Rhodes

This pharmacy is by far the WORST. If I could give zero stars I would. Never have been treated so rudely by the pharmacist when picking up a prescription. I understand people have a bad day but her behavior was atrocious. When you cuss at your customers for no reason and then lie about it to the manager you should be fired!! I will be switching to frys where they actually treat you like a person.

  • David Joss

The staff is pretty good, they seem pleasant and helpful. The new video refrigerators are terrible! It shows items are in stock but you open the door and it's not there. Alot of the fridges seem to be empty every visit, today was my last attempt to buy a cold Gatorade... The Gatorade again shows in stock but not one was in the cooler. When it was glass doors they stocked the refrigerators well.

  • Kayleigh Packebush

Worst customer service, they never have anyone in photo to help and when u ask for someone they say “u will have to wait till I am done checking people out at the front of the store” as if they only have one person working all day! This has happened to me about 19 times in the last 5 months, I am done w this place it’s the worst!! cvs will be getting all of my business from now on!!

  • Sarah Benson

I called the pharmacy and I was on hold for a total of 10 mins and in this time they picked the phone up 4 times didnt say anything but I could hear people talking in the background and then they would place me back on hold all I wanted to know was if my son's prescription was ready so I didnt have to drive down wait in line for them to tell me it wasnt ready super annoyed!

  • Michelle Troxell

I would give the pharmacy no stars if it was an option. Without going into personal detail, be warned if you carry state insurance. This pharmacy does not care about children or the safety of them. Be very careful and keep accurate records of your receipts and prescriptions. It’s absolutely frightening and this pharmacy needs to be reported to the state board of pharmacy.

  • Trudy Schuett

We've been getting all our prescriptions at this store for the last five years. The pharmacists here are highly skilled and particularly knowledgeable in regard to insurance issues that sometimes arise. During the worst of the COVID crisis, they were able to answer all our questions about the vaccines and were very helpful and reassuring. We'd never go anywhere else!

  • Jason Archer

Horrible experience with this store. Go anywhere but here. The pharmacy refused to fill a prescription for ivermectin ordered by my provider as prophylaxis. This is in violation of AZ state law. I will be reporting the incident to board for investigation. This type of rogue behavior puts all of us in danger and decreases the possibility of positive health outcomes.

  • Jennifer Van Gysel

I very much like this Walgreen's but have to give it 4 stars because there are certain times of day that the pharmacy is not staffed well and the wait is insane. Around 3:30pm on weekdays till around 5 the wait both inside and out can be crazy. They really need more help. Otherwise, the store is clean, the staff are friendly, and they seem to keep it well stocked.

  • Drew Reed

The pharmacy is horrible. They didn't notify me until almost five pm they were out of my sleeping medication. This means I can't contact my doctor because it's Friday I won't get my prescription until Monday. Please find another pharmacy to use the people here don't care enough to contact people soon enough that they can make plans to fill their prescription.

  • Priscilla Flanagan

I’m not one to write a bad review on places but this pharmacy here is absolutely terrible. They tell you they have your prescription ready and you go to get it and they don’t have it ready. So you have to drive back home or wait in your car for another 30 minutes . Ridiculous. I wish there was way to give zero stars because they don’t even deserve one.

  • Jacob

Pleasant experience with the photo department. Shawn was friendly and helpful in assisting me with getting what I needed and helping me with getting the correct sizing. He had attention to detail to make sure my poster print had no smudges and perfect edges. He went as far as packaging it so there would be no chance of it getting bent.

  • Erics Bhole

Very rude pharmacist. Signed up for a shot online, came in and she said you must have done that today, and then wouldn’t do it even though I had an appointment. It was the way she said it that really was rude. They need to fire this person because she is bringing the whole operation down. Look at the reviews, she is a huge problem

  • Tab Fitts

Review mainly of the pharmacy. Constantly in a state of "temporarily closed", with no notice or explanation. Gaby, the pharmacy tech is extremely rude. They never get prescriptions ready on time, constantly delaying orders for "insurance issues". (it's almost never an issue with insurance) Use a different pharmacy.

  • Mary P

Checked walgreens online and it showed that they had the item that I needed in stock, and there were six of the items in stock. Drove out of my way, as this was the closest Walgreens that had the item that I needed, only to find there weren't any in the store. A collosal waste of over an hour of my time!

  • sun love

This Walgreens pharmacy has a very low rating for a reason - employees like Savannah. I'm visiting the area and as this is the closest walgreens to where i hike, I thought i would go there. What a mistake. Savannah does not belong working in any sort of role working with the public. Awful everything.

  • Rachel Finch

The worst pharmacy ever. the people are nasty when you ask them to do their job at refilling a needed prescription and never refill them on time leaving you without pills for days. go to the anthem one the pharmacists are much nicer and always have refills on time without you having to call in.

  • Maria Gray

I love my neighborhood Walgreens. I'm always greeted when I walk in the door. The employees are very helpful and personable. They take the time to remember the little things. I'm appreciative of all the work they do like staying open on holidays and all their kindness. Keep up the great work!

  • Jim Gehrman

They give me the price an meds because price was hi then wal-mart I ask for prescription beck the guy sayd I can't have the prescription after processing to the computer I have price from wal-mart and from Albertson but I have prescription beck from them..........not from walgreen.

  • Don McGrew

This is the worst Pharmacy that I have ever used. They mis-counted my prescription. They wouldn't help. They were rude. Did I say that they were rude. The line in the drive-thru is so long plan on at least an hour. Avoid this place. If you are this bad at least you could be polite.

  • Brian Shulda

My daughter is extremely ill and needed to pick up medicine as soon as possible. Pharmacy hours show 7am online. Arrived at 7:05am to pick up her prescription and they don’t actually open till 9am. Huge inconvenience… change your hours online, it’s not that difficult.

  • Modest Maxwell

Terrible service. They waste your time a lot. If it's any communication needed between the doctor and the pharmacy you can expect to do a lot of leg work yourself. If you prefer not to do half of their job for them, I recommend the new Frys Pharmacy around the corner.

  • Kevin Lincoln

Pharmacy wait times are long and the people are rude. It is clear they hate their jobs. Have gone to this Pharmacy several times,thinking maybe the person behind the counter was having a difficult day and to just let it go. But apparently that bad day is everyday.

  • Kevin McMahon

Terrible service. Sat in the drive thru pickup lane tonight for almost 40 minutes. Partly due to inconsiderate customer, partly due to pharmacist not being assertive enough to have customer come inside for consult. I will be moving my script to another pharmacy.

  • Ronda Hall

I want to give Brian 5 stars for his Great Customer Service last night. I was released from the hospital and needed my perscriptions filled. I pulled up right at closing and he smiled and said he would fill them for me. Thank you, I appreciate it so very much!!

  • scott stearne

Worst pharmacy ever. Call the pharmacy and you either get hung up on after one ring, or you stay in the que until it says one caller in front of you, then hangs up. Understaffed, slow as heck, even before COVID. Terrible customer service. I'm glad I switched.

  • Michael

Waited in a 30 minute line in the drive through. Order was supposed to be ready for pick up at 4:00. Finally got through line at 4:45 and then told I had to come back at 6:00. Horrible service! Will be going back to CVS. These people deserve no stars!

  • Keaton McFarland

This Pharmacy is the worst of all the Walgreens I’ve gone too. Prescriptions are never done on time (has happened multiple times) and they always appear to be short-handed. Some type of change is needed. It’s been like this for years now.

  • Cinnia

Set up an appointment for COVID booster, drove to the pharmacy, only to be told they were out of the vaccine. What's the point of their appointment system if they can't track their vaccine supplies or notify customers with appointments?

  • Katie Mehin

This location of Walgreens has the best pharmacy staff. There can be long lines if you're picking up between 4-6pm on a week night but the service the staff provides is excellent. There is a drive thru lane for this locations pharmacy.

  • Rick and Cyndy Thomas

Was 2nd in line @1:28 pm. Car in front of me got their prescription at @1:30 pm. As i pulled up next they saw me but quickly rolled the door down saying they were at lunch. Do not use this store. They do not care about customers.

  • Nikole Maldonado

Walgreens has tagged VITAL diabetes items incorrectly so HSA will not cover the cost! In Emergency situations like mine I was very upset, went to CVS and got what I needed no problem. I will never shop at Walgreens again!!!

  • Ralph Cowan III

Wanted to give a big shout out to Amber, the pharmacist at Walgreens on 27th and Carefree Hwy. Amber was extremely helpful with my issue and helped find a solution. Great customer service! Can't thank her enough.

  • Kim Rose

Needed to phone in RX for patient on hold for 20 min+ as well as they would click in say yeah what you wanted then click out. Unbelievable. Feel for anyone trying get anything taken care of from this location.

  • Peter Gossett

The checkout process was painfully slow and the staff seemed disinterested in helping customers. I would not recommend this store to anyone looking for a quick and efficient shopping experience.

  • Jennifer Dunsmore

Terrible customer service worst pharmacy around , chose a different one the female Pharmacist is rude and definitely not qualified to be in her position!! If I could give zero stars I would!!

  • Penny Warner

I have all my prescriptions filled there. They are always so pleasant and fast. The cashiers at the store are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure to shop there!

  • Brad

No communication in the pharmacy staff. All medication is overpriced and staff is rude and condescending. Very disappointing service will never go to a Walgreens for any reason ever again.

  • Mackenzie Schmid

If I could I would give the pharmacy -10/10. Soooooooo unprofessional. Waited on the phone for 10 minutes and couldn’t get through. Seriously answer your phones. Uncalled for.

  • Vasi Dee

The worst Walgreens store on Earth . They don't answer the phones, put on hold for 45 min ( still on hold as I write)..I had better in communist cube..shame on you!!!

  • Gio Avelino

No wonder of this place has so many bad reviews for their pharmacy they're a mess over there. Very incompetent and definitely does not know how to do their job!!!

  • Ed Swann

Contrary to the above review, I've almost always had a positive experience with the pharmacy. In particular, Marilyn is extremely kind, patient, and helpful.

  • Kristina Orach

New store manager & New Pharmacy Manager! Come check us out! Would love the feedback to make this your Health & Beauty destination that you love to shop at

  • Gavins Dad

Marilyn in the pharmacy was such an awesome human being. I have never received such amazing customer service. Thanks for making my bad day better.

  • Duane Fehr

Slowest pharmacy in all of Arizona. Going to have to find a different pharmacy from now on. Sad because Wallgreens used to be great!

  • Miss Massacre

Have never had an issue here personally. All the staff is very friendly and never have to wait to long or longer then expected.

  • Luis Cabrera

Always long lines here and costumer service could be better here. This applies only to the pharmacy here.

  • fran pritchett

Always friendly and helpful. I do enjoy shopping there due to the individuals who work in this location.

  • romancita gillwood

Always only one pharmacist on duty. Plan to wait for more than 45 mins. Bring a snack and drink.

  • Chris Larson

Beautiful location, neat and tidy appearance. Staff, generally courteous, but impersonal.

  • Jeanna Gibson

Always an awesome experience here. They know me bc my Mom is retired from this Walgreens

  • Barbara Thomas

I love this store. Always helpful and friendly. The store is always clean and organized.

  • Rick McClure

Dismal customer service. Despite the convenient location, avoid whenever possible.

  • Matt Dalton

Fast and friendly service for when you need to grab a couple of things.

  • Tony Sherrill Sr.

Staff is helpfull and courteous. If you need it they probably have it.

  • Kyle

I have had great experiences here, especially with their pharmacy.

  • Phoenix Wombat (#PHXWombat)

Friendly associates. Clean store, good selection of products.

  • Ken Troxel

The pharmacy window takes forever! Inside isn't much better.

  • Lorena Rascon

Encontré lo que iba a cobrar cajeros de mueven muy rápido

  • Nate Kaopui

Walgreens is always good to me. Always has what I need.

  • Katia Rossomme

The pharmacists are extraordinary & very helpful

  • Landis Bryan

Over 50 and they want I.D for smokes...STUPID

  • Meloniece Dukes

I would avoid this pharmacy at all cost.

  • Ben Zane

Great but drive thru is still closed

  • Sam Ile

The slowest pharmacy in all of AZ :(

  • Traci

It's Walgreens - predictable...

  • JoAnn Brooks

Good selection. Friendly staff

  • J Michael

Always great customer service

  • tsadler11

Horrible service

  • Joanne Cummings

Friendly staff

  • Stephan Shere
  • Patti Cole
  • Timothy Ivers
  • Arleen McCormick

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