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Hertz Car Rental - Austin - South Austin Hle is a Car rental agency located at 5717 I-35, Austin, TX 78744. It has received 159 reviews with an average rating of 3.1 stars.





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  • The address of Hertz Car Rental - Austin - South Austin Hle: 5717 I-35, Austin, TX 78744

  • Hertz Car Rental - Austin - South Austin Hle has 3.1 stars from 159 reviews

  • Car rental agency

  • "I went because I booked a car on Priceline"

    "Please avoid this location at all cost"

    "This place does not know customer service"

    "If I could give this location 0 stars, I would"

    "What a bunch dishonest and rude employees"


  • Ryan Carmicheal

I went because I booked a car on Priceline. While I should of done my due diligence and called to confirm the availability of these cars, I would think if there *wasn’t* any card available, that I wouldn’t be allowed to book or it would be blocked off. It let me book anyway and I take a Lyft to this location and the person says that there isn’t any cars available at all. I asked when it showed my reservation and she replied with around 45 minutes ago. So in the 45 minutes that I have made the reservation to now, she did not contact me to advise me that they’re were *no cars* available. I asked why she didn’t contact me and I felt like she took it more personal than situational and if you do end up reading this, it is still situational and not personal. Everyone is short staffed and every place is over booked or has issues in some sort of way, it is your responsibility to manage that because you being the only one there isn’t an excuse to not do something that takes not even a minute. I’m not going to disclose the name of this person because it’s not her fault that third parties show current availability when there is not; what I will say is that due diligence was needed on your part and you not willing to accept that is not cool. While she did offer to personally drive me to another location that *did* have cars available, it doesn’t take away from prior due diligence lacking. People come in expecting something, and you not apologizing is you not apologizing for the situation, not apologizing on a personal level that you have taken there.

  • J “Ryan 44” Seaton

Please avoid this location at all cost. Because of my experience with this location, I am not going to be using the company at all in the future.When I first reviewed this location I thought it was a good location. It seemed like it was a decent place the office was really small and the cars were limited ,but they seemed like they were working with us. We had some insurance issues and we're trying to resolve them. As listed below and into some of the other reviews the management is very rude and are unwilling to work with you. Also something that irritated me what's the fact that I was told by an employee that a truck had the same gas mileage as a car if not better when in fact I knew that was false. I don't like to leave negative reviews but I do leave honest reviews. please avoid this place at all cost if you want to hold on to your money, it may seem like they're working with you in the beginning but this company is really just not professional. I had spoken to several people at this company about charges told them our insurance was going to take care of things and they went ahead and charged a card putting my girlfriend and I into the negative. So this is a caution to anybody please do not use this company. I used to work in customer service and this is probably one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever had in my life.

  • Leah U

This place does not know customer service. First off lets start with someone answering the phone. Then I was to have an appointment to drop my car at the body shop on Monday to which Hertz answer was "we have no cars". So I asked Hertz when they would have cars and I was told tomorrow(Tues). So the next time I could take off to do this again was Thursday 3 days later. I told Hertz and they said great, just call me Thursday for pick-up. So here it is Thursday and guess what NO cars available and here I took off work to arrange this. So I called and spoke to Angelo who would give me his last name or last initial even. I explained to him that Hertz said Thursday was already set up and I should have a car here. To which he said we just don't have any cars. And I replied you had 3 days to reach out to me and let me know so I could reschedule again. Heck they had even until closing time last night to tell me. He kept making his excuses about not having cars which I said I didn't not understand why I wasn't even given a heads up. He had no answers for that. So I told him I wanted to speak to his manager, he said he was the manager. So I said I needed to speak to someone above him or his manager, GM or area manager and he hung-up on me. Worst service ever! If you need quality service or service above and beyond use Enterprise. LU

  • Eddisha Duplessis

If I could give this location 0 stars, I would. Very unprofessional and disorganized. I booked a car through Priceline, and Priceline allowed me to book the car for 12:00PM, the same time that the location closed. You would think Hertz would communicate this to their partner—Priceline. Furthermore, the individual working at the south Austin location on July 3rd was extremely rude. I walked up to enter the building and she stood in front of my to block off the door and asked if I was there to pick up a car. I said yes and she said they were closed and then proceeded to ask if I had a reservation. I said I did and she said well we’re closed. I asked why would they allow me to book for 12 if Hertz closed at 12 and she just looked at me like she was annoyed. I asked her if there was anyway she could put me in a car as it was only 12:05 at that point and she said no because everything was already locked up for the day. I do not recommend booking your rental with hertz, especially the south Austin location. Very bad customer service.


What a bunch dishonest and rude employees. Ford got me a rental from these guys covered u see my warranty and the car came in dirty with pet hair in it. I did not really care because it was free and had to go pick up my son from the summer camp.5 days later, when I return the rental they told me that I had to pay $300 for detailed cleaning because I kept a dog in the car they said. I told the person it is ridiculous because that's how they gave me the vehicle at the first place and I currently do not have a pet around my house or any near place. I told them I must be mentally ill to put pet in the vehicle and not to clean it before return with a knowledge of pay in $300 out of pocket. This is a shame if they are pulling this bs out on every customer like that all the time. Maxwell Auto should change this operation to some other company. I called my bank immediately and that charge is being blocked as soon as they run it through. I will never ever do any business with Hertz again. This is not how you treat your customers.

  • Jeff Tanedo

We had booked a reservation for a small commercial van on April 22 for a June 21st rental. However, on June 20th, we were notified that the entire fleet of commercial vans for Hertz was removed and we would have to contact Hertz Business line to get our refund back. We began panicking because we had no time to find another reservation - not to mention the prices had skyrocketed since our initial search. We called back (after navigating Hertz' horrible automated system) asking if we could be switched to a truck or something similar while honoring our original price and thankfully the employee there agreed. In short - our experience of this establishment before making in-person contact has been a rollercoaster but that has been more to do with Hertz and their practices than the specific employees at this branch. I will update this review after completing our rental with them this week to reflect that as well. 1/5 - Hertz automated call system 1/5 - Hertz refund policies 5/5 - Employee phone customer service before rental

  • Point B

I was so done with Hertz… for the last few years I’ve made reservations through Hertz only to be told on the day of my reservation that my reservation couldn’t be fulfilled. This location had enough of what Hertz was putting me through. Neshawnda Jones and Nubia went above and beyond to make sure that this location (5717 S Interstate 35 Austin) was responsible and liable for honoring my reservation. My business appointment was very important and I was in a panic. Nubia and Neshawnda smiled at me, told me not to worry, went out of their way to get me a rental from a different location, handed me my keys and rental agreement, lol … I went from angered and outraged to “wait… what just happened”…. Lol… thank you so much Nubia and Neshawnda. I can’t say that I can trust any other Hertz location but I do know I will never rent from any different location when renting from Hertz. In 2 years this is the only location to make things right.

  • Tammy L

I recently had the pleasure of renting a car from this Hertz, and I must say that the experience exceeded my expectations. The car I received was in pristine condition and drove smoothly throughout my trip. What truly made this experience exceptional, however, was the outstanding service provided by the employee Dmontea Smith. Their efficiency and professionalism made the rental process hassle-free. He held my preferred vehicle for me while I made the 45 minute trip home and back to grab my ID that I had absentmindedly left home for the rental. He was the only employee manning a busy counter that Saturday, yet his patience and gentle demeanor did not falter once. I highly commend this Hertz rental employee for their outstanding customer service, and I will undoubtedly choose this location over the countless others when I travel to Austin for work (or leisure).

  • Tara LeBlanc

Overall, it was like any other car rental place. They were pretty fast and gave me a ride to and from home. The rental lot is in the back of a dealership which is weird. I have to say that the ride to pick up my rental vehicle was scary as I had told the driver I had just been in a traumatic accident the day before on the highway. She ran a red light and proceeded to take the highway route to the rental place instead of the much faster and less stressful surface streets. The gentleman who gave me a ride back to my residence after dropping off my rental made off putting comments about people of the LBGTQ community. His ignorance made me uncomfortable. If you are looking for a rental car and not stellar personalities, I would give them a call. I am not sure how the pricing was as the insurance company paid for the car.

  • Jon Nelson

After trying to rent a car on 3 separate occasions at the Hertz location in downtown, I finally gave up and called this location instead. The downtown location took my reservation each time but neglected to tell me there was a waiting list, a car would not be available by my reservation time, and each time I was charged a cancelation fee because they didn't have a car for me (I didn't cancel, but because I wasn't in a car by my pick up time, it automatically triggers a cancelation - VERY flawed system). Had to call corporate to get cancelation refunded, so infuriating. The South Austin location had cars, they were courteous, and they really went above and beyond with helping me AND apologizing for how I was treated at the downtown location. I DEFINITELY recommend the South Austin location! Will be back!

  • Brandon Jones

Poor customer service and disappointing experience, I booked a reservation on Expedia paid for and got in town and was told I needed a credit card to book a Tesla I intended to have for rental and a $200 dollar deposit which was not disclosed well on the Expedia website. However I was able to rent another vehicle using my debit and a hold of $500 on my card then they have the audacity to ask for my full social security number which is a infringement on my credit and identity which is the same as of using my credit card! The foreigner lady gave me a hard time and the manager there apparently watched it happen with no help or consideration of credibility! They all have a discretion on whom they enforce their policies on! Would never book a Hertz in my lifetime!

  • Kendell Gloria

My service interaction with the employees was great. Apparently the weekend I made a reservation they were out of vehicles and didn't know how I hadn't been contacted about this. But, they worked it all out and had something for me. Then while I was out of town I got a flat tire, which a stranger was very nice enough to help change it to the spare. When the tire was placed in the car, since there was no room for it in the spare tire space. I found my paperwork with a number to call for roadside assistance. I went ahead and called to inform that I would be taking to Discount Tire. They stated no, take to the airport and will exchange the vehicle. They helped ne with no problems and even got a free upgrade since they didn't have any other compact vehicles.

  • Christina Avalos

Was not told about not accepting prepaid debit card as formal of payment. Was lied to about manager being at location when asked to speak to him. After calling corporate office and speaking about my situation in front of other customers the branch manager then speaks up to inform me he was the manager and the was nothing they could do to help me. He then told me they would give me a ride back to the body shop where my car was so I could figure things out. Not one ounce of sympathy nor empathy was given just a whole lot could care less attitude! I will never do business with hertz nor will I allow family or friends to either. I came to enterprise and was greeted with a smile and was more than helpful

  • Steven Hartman

Worst encounter I've ever had renting a car. Completely disorganized and no concept of keeping track of your information. Had my car worked on just down the block and waiting a half hour with nobody behind the counter. Given a much larger vehicle, wasting much more gas than anticipated because it was "all they had", and hit with a ridiculous gas fee - in which they never could produce an amount specific. Customer service - both through their national phone number, and local employees were uninformative and unwilling to acknowledge fault in their service. I will never be using Hertz again - and will recommend all of my family, friends, and clients to not use them based upon the treatment I received.

  • Mark May

Sales person lied about what coverage my insurance would cover. Stating if I wanted to be fully covered I would have to purchase their insurance. After being told other wise by my insurance company I tried to get a refund from Hertz and stop payment. The main office was more then understanding and said they would return the amount paid after the rental was over. They said they could not make the return with a open account or stop the additional insurance but after it closed I could get full refund.Now that the account is closed they are saying I never talked with any one and are refusing to come through on what they said would do.

  • Sissy Bud

Some of the rudest people you will ever have to deal with, the Hispanic woman obviously hates her job and it shows. The customers behind me were platinum members and treated worse than me. They overcharge and are not helpful at all. And if you return car before closing, pray they credit you accordingly. They say,"just give us keys and we'll email you receipt." It is now going on 2 days and I have not received email or credit. So now I'm being charged for a rental I no longer have. Shame on you Hertz for hiring incompetent and disrespectful,uneducated employees. You should be embarrassed with your staff.

  • Christopher Sahovey

I rented a compact car for multiple months from Hertz. They kept me in the same vehicle when I transitioned from rental coverage under my insurance to a personal rental; I appreciated this. I used this vehicle to get back and forth to work and did not abuse the vehicle. I've rented hundreds of vehicles before. Hertz charged my a $150 interior cleaning fee upon return. They claim this was because the backseat area was excessively dirty. No one sat back there other than a jacket. I will never rent from Hertz again. The company has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Take warning. Do not rent from them.

  • Anastacio Torres

I've rent from this Hertz often. The manager and sales reps are very helpful & it's unrealistic to believe that everything is always going to be perfect. You can only control so much & In the 25 times I've rented from here I've only had 1 bad experience & it kinda had nothing to do with this location so much but in business you have to accept responsibility for everything and they did and I appreciated that considering that they personally weren't the ones at fault. Every company makes mistakes but the ones who own up and make right is the company I want to do business with!

  • Jeff Smith

Overcharged my card, cannot explain the charges, and refused to give me a receipt. There's a sniveling little weasel who seems to handle all the rentals who is the rudest employee I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. He hung up the phone on me when I asked for a receipt to be emailed, and now just puts me on hold when I call back. I will be paying him a visit tomorrow, as well as contacting their corporate office and filing a complaint with the BBB and every other consumer rights agency. This Hertz location is a criminal operation.

  • David Hyde

THERE WAS NO GASOLINE CAR available for my reservation which was called "Manager's Special 2 or 4 door or similar". Only an electric Volt and I didn't want to have to sit and wait for the charging. Who has time for that on a trip? Just be aware, this place seems to have had a few electric cars in their lot. If I thought I had time for sitting at a charge station, during my trip I would have taken the Volt. But instead I had to pay extra for a gasoline car. Not happy about that unexpected extra charge.

  • Jenn Mcdavitt

They don't tell you they don't cover toll road fees unless you buy a pass. I ended up with a bill for roughly 65$ for the toll road-double what it would have been through tex tag!! The first time i went here they charged me 300$for smoke smell when no one smoked in the car they just saw me smoking at the office. I didn't want to even use them again but it was a Priceline option. Never again. The people are really rude if they even pay attention to you at all. Make sure you read the fine print!

  • Holly Myrick

Extremely terrible customer service. I had reserved a car a week in advance while mine was in the shop and was told by a very rude employee that I had to go downtown to get a car within an hour or I would not receive one that day. I was furious and he told me because I went through an insurance company that I was last priority and and ACL customers were first. I understand it seemed more of a corporate problem but his attitude towards my situation was repulsive.

  • WeRockDio777

Don't trust the price quote from this place. We needed a rental due to an insurance claim. The size of the vehicle was a bit small. The lady that was helping offered us an upgrade for 1.50 per day. This turned into a charge of 119 dollars for only 11 days. If you do the math. I should have been charged only 18. In addition when trying to work with them I got hung up on by the manager and told that it was all on me. I will be calling corporate and complaining.

  • Brian Smith

Quoted me one rate at pickup, then tacked on an extra fee at drop off for dropping off a day late. I dropped off BEFORE the original agent told me it had to be back, yet I was charged an extra fee for late drop off. Dishonest. Do not use. ***UPDATE: Tia, the branch manager, kindly contacted me after this experience and rectified the situation. Based on her professionalism, I will give this branch another opportunity the next time I'm in the Austin area.

  • Help Webmasters

I booked a rent a car on Expedia to pick up on Saturday, but they are not open on Saturday. Instead of letting me know this in a timely manner, I got a txt msg saying they didn't have any cars because of unexpected high demand for rental cars. Thanks for canceling my vacation and vaccine shot appointment!!!! I have an idea, why don't you make sure people can't book cars on the major travel sites when you are not open instead of screwing people over.

  • K Norbert

I wish I can give NO stars!!! Called for a reservation, arrived at 8:30 to a crowd of people waiting to find out no one was there. Called Hertz Customer Care multiple times, only to get the runaround that they are running late and would be there soon. By 9:30am everyone started calling again only to find out that now other Hertz locations are telling us they are closed. This location screwed up a lot of people’s reservations on this day. 5/30/21

  • jorge crum

Not happy with this location we have a rental it took almost 2 hours to get it, and went not even 2 miles it stop at light didn't turn on we call the location if some can help , they never picked the phone so we call road service but the time they send someone to help it took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there then the service man said that was a bad alternator battery was not charging, nada service it took almost 4 hour to get on road

  • Ariel May

After a month of dealing with Enterprise in Buda we decided to go with Hertz. They were able to get us in a car the same day! A fully gassed ready to go Ford. Thank you Liam for helping us out and hearing our frustrations. We dropped our keys off to Liam right after they closed because he was still there. Thank y’all so much for working with my husband and I, we will be returning and hyping this location to our family and friends.

  • Shannon Ludwig

I originally picked up a rental on 10th street and had horrible customer service and ended up having to get my rental towed. I had return this vehicle at the this hertz and the staff was amazing. Explained I had gold plus status. Gave me a breakdown of any charges and took time with me and provided a ride to my work. I will only rent from hertz at this location. Thank you for great services.

  • jeremy davis

Absolutely worst car rental company I’ve ever had to deal with! Wouldn’t let us put the $200 deposit on another card as our bank put a hold on card (out of state) and the manager smiled the entire time he left a family of 6 and a baby stranded ! Pathetic place of business! Don’t worry enterprise got us a car 10 minutes later. Guess they like assisting paying customers ‍♂️

  • Jill Clark

I just have to take a moment to talk about the amazing customer service we received at this Hertz location from Nubia. We had a large passenger van, and Nubia the manager went out of her way to personally assure that it was clean and ready after having come from the shop and we got there earlier than our reservation time. She even vacuumed the inside herself. Amazing!

  • Cyndi Cole

I had a great experience with this location. Close to the airport and got a good rate. They called me the day before to confirm and car was ready when I got there and even upgraded my car. Everything went smoothly and fast and extremely nice. I was worried because of some of the reviews but I have nothing bad to say. Will definitely use again when in the area.

  • Alejandra Tena

Shanda is amazing! She was handling multiple tasks (several phone calls, coordinating with the employee cleaning the vehicles, & helping out people showing up) with so much grace and such a great attitude. She def deserves a raise because that’s entirely too much for one person. I would recommend this location all due to her awesome service.

  • Bella B

Super timely and very open and reliable communication. I called and picked up same day. Had a small wait (due to system issues) which I didn’t mind at all. ended up leaving with a water bottle, since They were out of water cups. This with the awesome service definitely saved my day and whole week.

  • Charlotte T

Thank you so much for getting me in & out with in minutes & no hassel like what I went through with Enterprise rental company. He was so polite & upfront with everything from the time I called to the time I walked to the rental & drove off Thank yall again for the great customer service …

  • Rodney Robson

If I could give no stars I would.. Rented a box van weeks ago for my son to transport items from Austin to Dallas. Got there, and was told we don't have a VAN. No excuses, no reason for it, just didn't have what we reserved. No such thing as customer service anymore. Don't rent here.

  • joy ambrose

They refuse to answer the phone or truly aid you in getting you reservation. I called a total of 7 times and the 1-800 number for customer service was a waste of time as well. Save the headache go somewhere where your time will not be wasted nor will you be given the run around.

  • Nate Dame

Incredibly helpful staff. Helped us fix issues that Expedia made with the rental in spite of Expedia being a bit difficult. Really went above and beyond and called the next day to make sure that our problems were solved and that we got the refunds from Expedia.

  • irene rosales

Don't rent from here. Left a pair of brand new shoes in trunk. Gone. Just 2 weeks later. Sad thing is they are special made for a man's foot. Horrible service. Hertz you should pay your employees more so they don't have to live off your customer belongings

  • cole

I went in to swap a corporate rental due to mechanical problems 15 minutes prior to closing. Rachael Gamboa (Manager Associate), stayed 40 minutes after closing to help me get the rental swapped. This is my 2nd time using this location and it's been great.

  • Maricela Jaimes

I had a great experience at this location Nuvia was friendly and knowledgeable of what she was doing at first I had been scheduled to pick up at the bastrop location but they was closed do to not enough employees I was disappointed but then

  • Sara

HERTZ CHEATS!...DONT USE THEM!!! The man at the rental counter flat out LIED!!!! My car was in the shop and when I rented the vehicle he said I could rent the car for a week and would be refunded for the days I turned it in early because

  • Daniela DaSuta

Was trying to handle this with Hertz privately (and kindly) for months but now I'm getting really annoyed. I had a work event to go to in November and booked a car through Hertz. I showed up and the associate told me that my license had

  • Stephanie Flatt

The car i rented was fine and I had no issues with it, however the people that work there are rude and dismissive, if and when you can get them to answer the phone. Location has ridiculous hours, not open on weekends or open past 4 pm.

  • Kim Ehardt

Hands down the worst rental car experience I have ever had. Ever. The guy at the counter clearly hates working in customer service, sorry for your luck. Time for a new job? I asked for an economy car, got an SUV (the alternative was a

  • Rachael Mata

Very bad service, there was only one employee that was very helpful and was willing to help me, but the other employees excluding the manager didn't explain all the policies. I will not use Hertz again or recommend them either.

  • 70 c10 350 jtown

Incredibly unprofessional! Wouldn't hold the specific vehicle I requested then told me I missed my appointment from 5 hours earlier! And they don't accept DEBIT card?? Website is buggy and seems fake. Amateurs!!!

  • Salvador Alvarado

The first excellent impression of this office has drastically fallen down with the new personnel. I've been renting for decades with Hertz and the last two experiences with this office has been the worst ever.

  • Patrick Townsend

Extremely busy location but always friendly! They always take care of me when I rent, with the best prices in town! The new location is a little small but they try to get everyone out the door as

  • Armand Daniels

Sean Williams is an exemplary employee with Hertz. Friendly, courteous, and genuine personality. He quickly processed my rental and provided me with a vehicle that exceeded my expectations.

  • Robert Hayes

My experience here was seamless. I got the size car I reserved VERY quickly and the return was as simple as handing in the keys. Not sure what they could have done better.

  • Jessica Taylor

I rented a really nice electric car bf Ron these guys and definitely was not disappointed. Service was great. Thanks Liam :) dm me on insta hehe @jettstellar

  • Dana Lynn Moyer

I was charged $14.95 a day for toll fees after I declined it. I did not use toll roads at all. I also had extreme difficulty finding their office in Austin.

  • Sant w

Made reservations and when I came in they didn't have a car. No apologies, just said we don't have to have a car for reservations made within 48 hours.

  • patrick jenner

Not helpful, rude , will not work with you , will not help you with the issue . God forbid your rental is because of an insurance claim.

  • Eve (EG)

Poor communication and poor service. Never had such an awful experience. They need to hire staff and train the ones there appropriately.

  • James D

Thank you Matt for your above and beyond customer service, despite my miscommunication!

  • Art Perez

Great customer service from Liam. Processed my van swap; quick and courteous.

  • J

Had a great experience. Liam was so helpful and so cute.

  • Javier Pereyra

The staff was very helpful. Thank you Liam!

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