Hobart Pet Centre

98 reviews

148 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia




Hobart Pet Centre is a Pet supply store located at 148 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia. It has received 98 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Hobart Pet Centre: 148 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

  • Hobart Pet Centre has 4.4 stars from 98 reviews

  • Pet supply store

  • "Very sad seeing rabbits in a small aquarium without any HAY and litter tray in a pet shop"

    "I'm sorry to have to say the staff here lacks knowledge in the pets in their care "

    "Service was prompt, polite and knowledgeable"

    "This was my first visit to the store and I have to say my main area of interest is fish and aquarium related, the variety and health of the aquatic life in this store is second to none in Tassie"

    "I cannot express how friendly and knowledgeable Ben (aka"


  • Sabina Laniova

Very sad seeing rabbits in a small aquarium without any HAY and litter tray in a pet shop. I am sorry but as a pet shop owners you should know better to set an example for a future buyer. Rabbits need unlimited Hay 24/7. At least 3 square meters of space to jump, run and play. Rabbits usually don’t coexist well with Guinea pigs either. Rabbits need a litter tray. If they trained properly they do all their business in there and can free roam homes without problems. Like my two rabbits. Rabbits are not toys but 10 years commitment. They are amazing companion animals and they absolutely don’t deserve to be treated like that. Please learn more about animals you are selling. Or better don’t sell animals at all. Charities are overflowing with abandoned bunnies because of businesses like yours.

  • phasesofthesoul “phasesofthesoul”

I'm sorry to have to say the staff here lacks knowledge in the pets in their care . I have bought sick animals from here just to save them and have done do because I have the knowledge and common sense that they should but have no clue of. One sales girl Lucinda, is very rude abrupt and harsh. They also seem t lack the ability to know what animals they have or much about the story of where they came from . They don't know what to feed them or don't care. Don't dedicate the time to interact positively with them. Is all about the Dollars . And nothing about the caring, neither towards the animals it the customer. I long for the day that animals are not allowed to be sold in retail pet stores .

  • sharon tabor

Service was prompt, polite and knowledgeable. The plants purchased were the best variety and quality I have seen available in the Hobart / Glenorchy area. Have been searching for over a month avoiding this shop ONLY because I hate shopping in the city. Could have saved time and fuel by going here first.

  • Shane Bollard

This was my first visit to the store and I have to say my main area of interest is fish and aquarium related, the variety and health of the aquatic life in this store is second to none in Tassie. Whether you are looking for the smallest Endler through to marine corals this store is the store for you.

  • Tiana Bakker

I cannot express how friendly and knowledgeable Ben (aka. the fish guy) is. He gives 0 judgement and 100% advice. His honesty and tact at explaining and helping you resolve sticky situations and dishing out the bad news is amazing. You couldn't pay me enough to go to anyone else for advice.

  • SylviaAlcatrazz

Friendly staff, quite a nice selection of items and i was left unbothered while i browsed a fish keeping book which was much appreciated, the animal stock seemed in good condition with clean tanks and cages.

  • JC

Convenience locations and good selection of aquarium stuffs. The guy works there is super helpful and always very friendly, however one lady staff always gives me uneasy feeling and she just stares....

  • Sue Christie-Cox

How good is this shop!! Wish it was closer to home (Sydney) Hobart you guys are spoilt!! Great range easy to find things different pets and not just mainstream pets the unusual got a looking too.

  • Mary O'Halloran

The Best Pet Centre !!! I 100% highly recommended it !!!!. • Great service! . • Very helpful with information and assistance !. The staff are just wonderful!! and do such a brilliant job!

  • Leigh Wolf

I went here to get a bird cage for my new Budgie. The people in this shop are amazing. They know what they are talking about and are so friendly. I would go here again for sure.

  • Yagi

Great store but I purchased two bumble bee platy ($5.50) each but was charged $8.00 and the following day one of them died. How and when can I get this fixed

  • michelle brown

Only store I could find a backpack for our Frenchy There’s plenty online but only one store in Hobart Excellent service and quick reply via Facebook …

  • Peter B.

They gave me reusable can lids for free. I was about to around the city shop to shop until i found a place that sells them and they saved me doing that.

  • eloise h-c

I got accused of stealing. I didn’t even take anything. I’ve never felt so embarrassed and upset. Apologies for my rant but needed to express myself

  • Ben Goodluck

Great friendly staff. Very knowledgeable about freshwater tropical fish and plants. Very helpful, and very satisfied customer …

  • michelle foster

Everything you could possibly want for any pet but very expensive! I buy my dog a treat but only because it was 20% off store wide.

  • Camilo Andrés Miranda Echeverry

Good service. The fisher tanks are just amazing. I have learnt a lot from the staff about corals and marine ecosystems...thanks

  • Danni Pridmore

Natalie was friendly and helpful, an absolute sweety. Highly recommend heading here and having a chat to her! …

  • TheScotth89

Great prices on corals! Had a good chat with a staff member about my aquarium, will definitely be coming back!

  • Liam Saunders

A wide range of products with very knowledgeable and helpful staff to guide you to the right decision.

  • Megan Skinner

Amazing quality and customer service. Ben's marine knowledge is impressive. Always happy to help out.

  • Helen Hoang

Good pet store to get aquarium advice from Ben, one of the staff there. The loyalty cards are great.

  • Tyrant Goliath

They are amazing, and some guy that worked there really knew his fish. Excellent customer service.

  • belinda cossins

Great customer service and great range of salt water fish at reasonable prices. Worth a visit.

  • Abigail H (Tabby)

Incredibly helpful staff with experience in their own areas. And a friendly cockatiel.

  • Hobart Chic

Exceptional service and advice. Lovely experience, will return soon. Quality range.

  • Josh Morgan

The staff at hobart pet center really know their stuff. Buy with confidence here

  • Harley Bunbun

Nice selection of fish. Didn't have the wombaroo rabbit milk replacer in stock.

  • Alyson Fennell-Burge

Expensive. Have a pretty good range but its also crowded with too much stock

  • Glenda Whitley

Helpful staff and they had exactly what I was looking for ( DOG ramp)

  • Luke Muller

I buy ear cleaner for dog. They have ear cleaner for dog. Nice work.

  • Jamie Kean

Great range of aquarium products! But prices are on the higher end.

  • Ruskin Munro

Great range of fish. Staff know what they are talking about.

  • Marty Goss

Great customer service and knowledge for all marine setups.

  • jia xue

Very nice place. Helpful staff and super lovely animals!!

  • Fraser Philip

Nice people. Happy for customers to just look around.

  • Philip Fraser

Friendly and even let me in with my mad Kelpie

  • Bek E

Very helpful for both me and my pupper

  • Vaughan B

Staff could be a lot better informed

  • Leigh Ruller

Very helpful staff and great variety

  • Bernie Rakocevic

Really helpful and friendly staff.

  • Emily H

Nice Nemo fishes and anemones

  • Matt Bennett

Great advice and great store.

  • Danielle McCallum

Excellent staff. Very polite

  • Christopher Wallace

I like it, reasonable prices

  • JAKE Luu

i like the sea horse there

  • Michelle Glass

Nice clean and roomy.

  • Liv Marino

Do you sell bunnies?

  • Jayden Reeve

Great quality fish!

  • Warren Gowing

Nat was the best

  • Maddison C (Maddy c)

Friendly staff

  • Stephen Smith

Great service

  • xin bi

good service

  • Mia Wang


  • Somsakul Srisomboorn


  • Susan Wilson
  • Willem Logan
  • Rosaline Clarke
  • Liz Wolfgram
  • Rhett Goodwin
  • dylan johnson
  • Alexander McAndrew (Alex)
  • Luke McConnon
  • Josie
  • Alex Curtis
  • Luke Soden
  • Andrew Mutton
  • Anand Kumar
  • Shane Jackson
  • Caitlin Mansfield

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