La Michoacana Supermarket

706 reviews

2020 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218



La Michoacana Supermarket is a Supermarket located at 2020 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218. It has received 706 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of La Michoacana Supermarket: 2020 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218

  • La Michoacana Supermarket has 4.2 stars from 706 reviews

  • Supermarket

  • "We went the other day to Michoacana to buy lard"

    "They had expired yogurts for sell , asked to speak to the manager to tell him and he didnt even say thank you , and also the lady at the carniceria was very rude , she didnt acknowledge me because she claimed i was not standing in line , when they dont have a sign for a line and there wasn't anyone waiting to get helped but me anyways "

    "Good place to get produce and hispanic foods for reasonable prices"

    "For a small neighborhood grocery store it was okay"

    "Recently changed the name"


  • Auxy Cadriel

We went the other day to Michoacana to buy lard. It was on display and priced at $1.89 each. I bought the 8 pints that I needed. When I got to the cashier they rang up at $1.89 per pound. I had taken a picture of the display and showed her where it said EACH not per pound. The manager came and tried to argue with me about it and she is not letting me have it at that price. So my husband stepped in and asked her if she was going to change the price on the display and she told him yes. Then he said to her then you know it’s incorrect and you are not going to honor your mistake? So said she she would let us have only 5 st that price. I can't believe how difficult it she got and I argued with us.

  • JOSS

They had expired yogurts for sell , asked to speak to the manager to tell him and he didnt even say thank you , and also the lady at the carniceria was very rude , she didnt acknowledge me because she claimed i was not standing in line , when they dont have a sign for a line and there wasn't anyone waiting to get helped but me anyways . I would totally understand if more people were waiting but c'mon , she was just tripping probably had a bad day and wanted to take it out on me . I was like okay lady just give me my meat . I aint got time for that .

  • Cathleen Palomino

Good place to get produce and hispanic foods for reasonable prices. I'm not sure about their meat department as I haven't really looked other then one time that I was looking for tripe for menudo. Regular groceries here are pricey and I consider it a convenience to get them here. I tried to buy something from their hot foods department but the language barrier was a problem as no one spoke English. I definitely will go back for produce.

  • Linda Arredondo

For a small neighborhood grocery store it was okay. They have a better bakery, deli and fresh produce section than you'd think and the staff was friendly. Price wise this store was higher than other major grocery stores in the area, with the exception of a few items. They do however carry a very thorough selection of niche Mexican/Latinx products, including almost every spicy snack available.

  • laguirre8892

Recently changed the name. I love the mexican sweet bread from here, but you have to get it on the day they make it fresh. Otherwise it's kind of hard. And the chocolate donuts are not that good, only becuae whatever they use for the chocolate icing does not even taste like chocolate. You can find your basic needs and then some as far as mexican items go and regular produce, etc.

  • Heaven Handley

La Michoacana is the bomb! The food from the kitchen is just as delicious as bought of the mercados in Mexico. Excellent pan dulce selection. All my favorite mexican candies. Nice variety of carnes for the barbeque and mexican crema. You can buy paletas, mexican sodas, fresh hibiscus for your aguas y todo. Our family loves our La Michoacana outings! Good cheap fun.

  • Elizabeth Bruno

One chicken breast was $7 in something Which is outrageous at $3.99 a pound Butcher Did not really speak English the food that was prepared over over that was already cooked like it had been there all day the cashier was very friendly the staff was very friendly just very hard to understand The stove is very clean and organized just the prices were very very high

  • Raymond Delossantos

The food is good the place is cold during the winter and the servers lack serving you promptly due to a cluster with the other ladies serving. Also we stand there ignored for a bit and were in a lunch break only allowed 30 min. They should be more organized and ready to serve. Also most of us buy tacos so how about having tortillas warmed up.

  • Ruben Rodriguez

I've probably been to the store like maybe once but this is a good store. They have everything HEB pretty much has except gas. My granddaughter wanted snacks and they had what I wanted except chamoy, which was necessary for her hot Cheetos. But these stores are very convenient, don't have to drive to far so, will be back again!

  • Daniel Hill

Hispanic grocery store with decent prices and great food selection. Fresh meat and small kitchen if you don't in. Usually stop when in area for wife's fresh vegetables and tamales. 22Apr05. Yes, store make up has changed as far as produce concerned and I believe the"dine in". Looks really good. Wife likes the prices.

  • Raul Zuniga

I'm honestly impressed by this location I normally don't shop at la michoaca grocery stores because of prices and quality, but this location here caught me by surprise every time I've come here the food is delicious the meat is fresh and the store is stocked and clean, I love stopping by here when im in the area

  • adrian r

The amount of groceries you can't find anywhere else is astounding. Their meat market will custom cut any meats and cheeses for you. They even have breakfast and lunch here in case you get hungry while shopping. The produce department is not top-tier but still boasts items your local grocery store may not have.

  • Arisbeth vallejo

Need any Mexican items? Well this store has it. Fresh cooked food from their restaurant or if you want to cook it at home. I always go for their seasoned meat. It's ready to throw in the pan or grill for those lazy days. Pan dulce is always on point with my coffee (Go in the morning pan is freshly baked).

  • Pete Morales

Like I always get a fresh cut of meat from here anything I need just beware the cashiers will stand around and gossip while you're standing in line trying to get out of there with your groceries and they're gossiping up but what happened last night and that's the only problem with these kind of places

  • Jumping Flash

They have this rice there called "arroz taqueria" and !!!!!! It's some good rice! It's located on the heating contraption when you enter, but people have been buying it up and that's okay because you can walk over to the food court area and get some there too. THIS.IS.DELICIOUS.RICE!

  • Diana Palagonia

They have your basic food items, wasn't happy with the meat department. They were attending with a terrible attitude, however, when one of their usuals came in a complete different attitude surfaced. Also, prices are way more expensive than HEB...won't be coming Herr anytime soon

  • Garrett Lee Odom

I love the tacos here. I go literally everyday except when the ladwith kight red hair and bangs in the cafeteria Is working. She over charges me on the same order I get everyday band won't listen to me when I tell her different. If you're white you will be over charged for tacos

  • greg schwartz

Extremely slow. Might have just been short staffed but they only had 1 person in the meat department and only 1 register open. A manger/supervisor walked by the register at least 3 times and literally turned her head not to look at the 6 people standing in line.

  • Ruben Vazquez Lopez

This place is really good to get stuff Hispanics use to cook, chicharrón, and many more Latin America grocery products. Good quality and affordable. They also have hot lunch available if not mistaken. Lots of plátanos and goya products. Recommended

  • E Mason (Miss Ann)

The store is nice and well stocked. I like the fact that you can order and eat a meal, that way you don't shop on an empty stomach. The location is great, I can get there without getting on main roads. I will be shopping here more often. Love it!

  • Jessica R Galvan

Went to buy breakfast tacos and saw roaches under the counter. I Canceled my order. Asked if there was a manager and they said yes but then when we asked to speak to her they said she wasn’t there Didn’t seem interested in why we were asking

  • Sandra Clark

Manager was very disrespectful not kind to customers whatsoever did not even bother to help out the customer which is me I would never go back to the location very rude I mean very rude I give it a zero stars and I would never go again. And

  • Brandon Medina

Bought chicken there today they double wrapped it and when I opened it my wife said it smelled funny.. I thought she was tripping. I took a good smell and it smelled like itwit road kill. Disgusting. Never again. Not trying to be a Karen...

  • David Green

Great selection of produce and even greater selection of meats, though sometimes it does seem like the produce is near its "expiration" date. Still, I much prefer buying the majority of my peppers and meats from here than anywhere else.

  • Lee Harris

Went in and wanted to get some breakfeast tacos. The top part that was over the food was very dirty. One of the work men that stopped to get some breakfast was able to draw a sad face in the dust over the food. It's like a cover part.

  • James James

They have a big meat selection. Can not tell if the meat is being kept at the required cold temperature since there are no food thermometers showing that to the customers. I do not believe that it is a city health requirement but, it

  • Jorge Alvarado

I bought a molcajete some carne asada tacos and a pound of pre-seasoned beef ribs this past Saturday .Everything was good except the beef ribs were spoiled when I tried to cook them today on Monday the bag smelled bad they had been

  • davina sampson

I would not shop over here because the area was so dirty. But its been cleaned up and I really enjoy the store now, I love the selections and their meat market is wonderful. I am so happy that we have such a grand place to shop now.

  • Cynda Walker

Great little neighborhood grocery. Tiny in store restaurant. Great Mexican food and tacos. Also an old fashioned meat market with lots of variety. Lots of cheeses and vegetable varieties from Mexico and Central America. Very clean.

  • Malu Cano

My place to go to get great meat and Mexican products than you can find anywhere else... Their carnitas and chicharron are super good...their vegetables are really good as well..the price are fair and the taste of their meat it's

  • Joe Tahay P

Big variety products made in Mexico an Central America Because if be import the price is very High. Compare to the equal product sell nearby stores Grear store Clean and ordered. Complete food market

  • Michel Loredo

Second time I've gone and some of the red meats look brown the salsas they sale are expired I also went to try there gill and the masa tamale was cold like it was just taken out of the fridge

  • Mitchell Jackson

I guess they cashiers at the Austin Hwy. location set their own hours. They lock the front doors 45 minute before the posted closing time. So I'll have to spend my money at another store.

  • Albert Tanguma

Great experience mini grocery store with hot deli food to go or eat in they even have booth seating, and best of all 1% check cashing. Mostly Spanish speaking workers but some bilingual.

  • Hilary Ramos

I love the botanero chicharrones but as the price goes up on them the quality has gone down. 10.99 a lb for burned, dry, old chicharrones ..... today was by far the worse I've had

  • Miguel Angel Carrillo 'Hay Que Joderse'

Me encanta! I love La Michoacana! Friendly staff always ready to make sure you find what you need and maybe want. Fresh fruits; veghies and herbs. Can't go wrong at La Michoacana!

  • Uzziyahu 65

I love going to this supermarket. What other store would show you your ox tail like this before cutting it to order for you in San Antonio. There can't be many here I'm guessing.

  • Vincent Sanchez

Good breakfast. Good lunch. Chicken breast tacos are off the hook. Always pon dulce. Meat market in back of the store. Grocery store in the front. Very friendly people.

  • Undercover Astrology

09/28/2021 I arrived just after they opened the store for the day. Everything looked stocked fresh and ready for customers. I'm hoping to come back at lunch time.

  • P

Ordered some tacos.they were ok. Agua fresca was not natural so I just had the tacos. Bought some meat for BBQ. Avocado prices are outrageous. Over three dollars.

  • jani matan

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised everything was clean, such a variety of seasoned meat, chicken etc. Choices glaore. The prices were nice so Ty

  • T R

I drive a good distance to come here from the far Northeast side because they have the best al pastor meat in SA and they're almost always smiling.

  • E S P

$1 to cash most payroll checks but the food is more expensive than HEB. The people are nice, you can purchase a hot meal and get good pastries.

  • Vic 4.6

Don’t any cooked food from here me and my girlfriend got really sick from buying the chicken tacos this is the last time I will come here

  • Heartless Redd Angel

Love the produce and especially the pan dulce And not all of them carry the verity but the Chicharones Botanero are amazing …

  • Juliette Mares

Thank God a store was open for Sunday Christmas Day really saved us. Thanks for being open. Please pay your employees well!

  • Timothy McCain

Their meat prices are great. I picked up marinated chicken wings cheaper than anyone elses price for plain chicken wings!

  • Jorge Arreola

They always got the hood meat and Mexican foods you won’t find at other stores! Here is where I always get my meat

  • ruben levrie

It's ok if you like cooking mexican food or else friendly employees not bad place to shop around.

  • Misty Gladden

First time visiting here for me. Nice clean, well stocked environment. Decent prices.

  • Angelica Trejo

I'm glad I found this store, I find all the meat I don't find at the other stores.

  • renato trevino

This is the place where I can get chicharrón sazonado, and the bread is the best

  • silvia patterson

Amazing market with everything you need for Hispanic meals love it

  • Robert perez

Clean and well organized store helpful and friendly staff.

  • Jose Martinez

Very good produce at low prices meat it's also very good

  • Renee Ivy

Ribs I bought were all bones. like soup bones

  • Michael Guevara

La Micoacana had me in pan dulce heaven.

  • Mary Wilson

Customer service was great …

  • Elias Martinez Jr

Great people gotta love them

  • Kyzer

They cash checks for 1$

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