Provident Hospital of Cook County

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Provident Hospital of Cook County is a General hospital located at 500 E 51st St, Chicago, IL 60615. It has received 231 reviews with an average rating of 3.0 stars.



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  • The address of Provident Hospital of Cook County: 500 E 51st St, Chicago, IL 60615

  • Provident Hospital of Cook County has 3.0 stars from 231 reviews

  • General hospital

  • "I received the most compassionate care at the Provident ER on 4/27/22"

    "I used to come here as a child because my sister and I were born in the original Provident Hospital building"

    "THESE NURSES NEED TO HURRY UP! becuase We doin THEM a favor!! I Gotta get outta here-" The nurse taking care of my wife While hollaring, and I MEAN HOLLARING"

    "It's no secret that Provident has a less-than-sterling reputation among most Chicagoans, and it is for this reason especially that I wanted to share my review of the facility"

    "The entire staff at Provident Hospital was EXCEPTIONAL including Plastic surgeon, Dr"


  • Diane Sorenson

I received the most compassionate care at the Provident ER on 4/27/22. Although I had to wait a few hours before I was seen, I was greeted by two wonderful nurses: Lydia Lynch and Amanda. Their rapport with patients was second to none and they were very warm and personable. After I described my problematic symptoms to Mrs. Lynch, she was kind enough to do comprehensive blood work to diagnose and rule out the suspected health issue. She took my health concerns very seriously and I felt understood, listened to and validated. I really appreciate the one on one time she took to examine what lifestyle changes I need to make to combat my fatigue and breathlessness. Nurse Amanda has an equally special rapport with patients with patients, too. She's very tender, has a special sweet spot and heart of gold. I saw myself in her, 15 years earlier, in the healthcare profession prior to where she is now, and we instantly bonded over the commonalities, joys, pressures, challenges, and awards seen in the health care industry. She really went out of her way to make sure I had a warm blanket, ice water, was comfortable and safe for the night. A special motherly touch is just as valuable as technical skill, and drawing blood is hard to do. It takes YEARS to learn....We all start from the beginning, and everyone deserves a chance to learn and grow at their profession. Amandà is a hugh asset to the Provident ER team, wait and see. I've been in her shoes. Not up as far in the ranks skill wise, but...get to know her and give her a chance. Her strengths and talents are coming to fruition, and she has strong skills with patients and good technical skill. Both she and Mrs Lynch have a great rapport with patients, so do many of the other ladies who treated me that night. I appreciate each and every one of your contributory efforts. That few hour wait was worth the five star hospitality and comfort I received that night and worth the two and a half hour travel. ♥️ (M.W.R.)

  • sabrina brown

I used to come here as a child because my sister and I were born in the original Provident Hospital building. It was a easy commute back in the day because family lived close by in the neighborhood. On top of this, the history connected with the Hospital and the Family’s Primary Care Physician being on the BOARD made it the go to for things HEALTHCARE. But something strange might of happened on my visit to this location today on 8/3/22. I came for a routine female exam and reports are coming back to me saying my primary care Physician by the name of Sylvie Chantal Tinfeng wasn’t the one who examined me but some Athlete (ALLEGEDLY). If this is true I will be getting Legal Representation right away because this woman is not licensed to practice medicine anywhere. She is a Athlete by trade and she gave me a private medical examine which was allowed by the hospital and staff. It was bad enough my paperwork was somehow lost by a staff member (WHO DENIED EVER SEEING ME OR SETTING UP PAPERWORK FOR ME) then they almost sent me to the wrong waiting room - room D is what I was told and WHEN there is NO ROOM D but I was quickly sent to waiting room B. I been to this Dr before back in 2017/2018 and received excellent care, attention and medicine. While dealing with this FAKE DR - ALLEGEDLY - she has the audacity to ask me if I wanted to get on high blood pressure medicine. When there was clearly nothing wrong with my blood pressure, what Dr. is going to ask U if U want 2 be on medicine, shouldn’t the Dr. Already know if your condition is serious enough to be prescribed medicine??? Yeah, something was clearly suspect about that line of questioning and I am done with being used as someone’s Guinea Pig for their show and visibility.

  • Fair Weather Fan

THESE NURSES NEED TO HURRY UP! becuase We doin THEM a favor!! I Gotta get outta here-" The nurse taking care of my wife While hollaring, and I MEAN HOLLARING...SUPER LOUD, the same nurse was yelling about my wife NOT being stable enough to come up to the room and should have remained downstares in the surgery area. And how SHE was not going to be held responsible if "something bad happened to" my wife..And after the African workers were trying to Calm the Black american nurse, She started saying..IM SORRY FOR YELLING BUT I NEED YALL TO PUT IT ALL IN WRITING...YALL WANNA REPORT ME, THEN YALL NEED TO DO WHAT YALL NEED TO DO" still yelling. She stated the ROOM of the patient they were talking about...IT WAS MY WIFE'S ROOM...the guy comes into the hallwhere i was, and sees Im listening to the whole thing..Then says, "oh they were not talking about your wife"- THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE ROOM..MY WIFE!!! She had surgery that was to take only 4 hrs, but began bleeding, after the dr told me she assured the anastesiologist she would not. The dr told me that she would now be put in recovery.TWO HOURS wife...the security guards actually came up to the hall way to bother me asking.."sir may i help you?" ---IM HERE WAITING FOR MY WIFE......"she's STILL HERE?" I said is that unusual? he said YES, usually everyone is GONE by now, or in a room. SO EVEN HE, A GUARD saw there was something wrong....But i was played like it was all good. MAKE NO MISTAKE, it will not end here.

  • Rashad Singletary

It's no secret that Provident has a less-than-sterling reputation among most Chicagoans, and it is for this reason especially that I wanted to share my review of the facility. I don't know what conditions created Provident's negative press historically, but, at least as far as my experience is concerned, that tarnished reputation is no longer deserved. I visited the Emergency Room about a month back because I had come down with unexplained abdominal pain. The pain was enough to reduce me to the fetal position, so I figured it would be best to have a medical professional take a look (rather than waiting the symptoms out). From the moment I entered the ER, the intake clerk was nothing but smiles, friendly banter, and efficiency. She got all of my paperwork sorted and instructed me to sit into a wonderfully sparse waiting room. Perhaps 20 minutes after taking my seat, a nurse pulled me into a side room and took my vitals while listening intently to my description of my symptoms. 30 minutes after that, I was taken back to a bed where a courteous doctor evaluated me and prescribed medication after a round of testing. In total, I think I was in and out of the ER within 2 hours! My only complaint is that the restrooms were in need of more focused attention from the janitorial staff (hence 4 out of 5 stars rather than 5 out of 5). I'll definitely keep this hospital in mind should I find myself in another emergency scenario.

  • Jasmine Moreno (Jaz)

The entire staff at Provident Hospital was EXCEPTIONAL including Plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew E. Doscher. I have never been treated better at any care facility! The staff was very caring, friendly, and warm. Everyone handled me with kindness and so much love. They explained everything that would be happening and they consistently checked on me to make sure I was as comfortable before and after my surgery as possible. Hands down a FIVE star outpatient care facility. I was scheduled for a consult by Stroger Hospital’s ER and later seen by Plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew E. Doscher who did an AMAZING job with the surgery on my left hand over at Provident Hospital. The break was bad enough to require surgery for fixation and he made a small incision over my fifth metacarpal as well as inserted two pins into my fourth and fifth metacarpal. The incision healed so well after my stitches were removed with the least bit of scarring (barely a scar at all). It looks amazing. In a few weeks or months, my hand won’t even look like it was ever broken let alone that a surgery was performed on it. You are definitely in great hands if you have Dr. Doscher performing surgery on you! I was very nervous, but I am so glad he was the person who got my hand all fixed up. My hand mobility is wonderful, no swelling, and no pain! I am THRILLED!

  • Olivergavin Gavin

The 4 Men Only Health & Wellness Fair at: Provident Hospital of Cook County is not Free on Saturday April 27, 2019 at: 11:00am - 3:00pm it's a Fraud. They will bill your Hospital Insurance if you don't have any Hospital Insurance you are responsible for the bill this could ruin your credit. So don't be a victim to this event I went last year. Provident Hospital of Cook County they submitted a bill to my Insurance Company which in fact my Insurance Company paid the bill my insurance company call me on the phone and ask me did they perform the services I told them yes they did. So they said there paying them for the services they perform on me they told me last year that it was free they lied to me and that there was not going to bill my Insurance company but they bill them the full amount. If you need these services call your primary doctor so he or she can order you these test. Your primary doctor knows about your Health Condition better than Provident Hospital of Cook County. I highly recommend men not to attend this 4 Men only Health & Wellness Fair this event is not Free it's a scam and RIP off I give it a 1 star rating posted this on your Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter page

  • Gale Baphie

the psychology department is very good and offers DBT group therapy which is very helpful. went to the er once for suicidal ideation and had to get my blood drawn and was having a panic attack because of my fear of needles and the doctor (an older african lady) got mad at me for being afraid, shamed me for my self harm, and said that my mental illness was bc i lacked god in my life and lectured me about finding god. would appreciate it if religion wasnt shoved down my throat and shamed for being non-religious while im having a mental health crisis thanks. that doctor should be educated on how to treat people with mental illness, the disconnect between the good care received by the psychology department and her was shocking. i felt treated with very little respect and she became frustrated and injured my arm when she drew blood while i was panicking. she should not be treating patients if she doesnt have empathy and patience. shes my only complaint. the rest of the hospital is great.

  • Dmitriy Chitown

Worst experience ever in my life I myself worked in few different ER's and can compare but this was one of the worsest experienced ever!! I came here in excruciating pain because of my kidney stone. Triage nurse trated me like I was some kind of a junkie who came in for a fix. When I was brought to the back I was seen by a Resident (that looked like he doesn't know what he was doing) not even a Doctor and ordered pain meds for me that didn't do anything for me and they didn't even want to give me a hot pack (not talking about stronger pain meds) stating that it needs to be ordered which is not true... I could hear discussing them my situatiuon and saying that I don't have a kidney stone although I was diagnosed with them before. So after about 2 hours torturing me there they transferred me to Stroger where they found a 7mm kidney stone!!!!

  • Latosha Perry

Wish I could give this place no stars..i literally walked in around 1 something too see a doctor because I haven't been feeling well..i get inside its barely anybody in the waiting I'm saying to myself May be they can get me in and get me out its only 4 or 5 people ahead of me..soon as I sat down the nurse called me to take my vital signs once I did that went and sat back down in the waiting room I notice more and more people was coming on so the seats were filling up faster..still Me and the same 5 people were sitting there waiting too get called in the back..To Make a long story short..everybody that came in way after us gets called to the back way before me and these 5 people thats been waiting patiently too see a doctor!!!! Don't waste your time going too this hospital better off going somewhere else!!!

  • Kids AndKia

I was so disgusted with the dirtiness of the hospital the unprofessionalism is crazy even the doctors talk to you with no respect I went there recently I was referred to by a friend but never again will I step foot in that hospital they even lied on my discharge papers stating that they had filled me a prescription and did certain type of test that was never performed on me yet when I called I got yelled out by dr. Wayne in the emergency department I even called and spoke with a charge nurse who basically stated that dr. Wayne had gave me false information about my prescription and the way it had to be filled he assured me that I could not use any other Pharmacy but they're pharmacy located in the hospital which I knew was not true

  • teddy j

This is a great hospital..... I went there because I had a pain in my stomach only to learn my appendix was about to burst.......the doctor I saw said I got there just in time otherwise I would have had serious problems.....had me sign some papers and operated on me within the hour..... Put me in a air conditioned private room for a few days to recover and when I woke up the pain was gone. I'll go there before I deal with the foolishness at the County hospital...... They are top notch in my book and I wouldn't hesitate to go back......the only thing you gotta deal with is the area and lack of parking........if u can get past that it's a great hospital with caring doctors that have great bedside manners!!

  • fred dubose

Came for a colonoscopy that 7 hours. This hospital, in out patient ,floor 3 ,room 3020,was the worst service I've seen yet! We were 3rd to arrive and last to leave. The staff left before we did and gave us so much false information it was ridiculous. I would avoid this horrible place for small procedures. Staff was loud and rude as well, and called police when the same treatment was given to them. If someone is rite when they tell u about yourself nurse,be quiet ,take it and do better. The arguement I witnessed today between the nurse and customer was unnecessary, very unpleasant and could have been avoided. Will never come back if I can help it. I hope the service gets better,life is to short.

  • Marshaun Smith

Im in the emergency room and got seen by a nurse name Dorothy O., she took my vitals but when she asked whats the reason why Im here, I told here I threw up 10 times, within the past 3 days, haven't ate, unable to sleep and having non stop pain in my stomach, im weak and my vision is blury, she goes are we fighting?? Like are you taking anything im saying serious, that made me feel like there is no hope and that she's taking wha im saying for a joke, I have history with the same issue, im suffering and need help and how I was treated was not fair, she threw a temper tantrum like I couldn't explain myself to the security which I told the same exact thing when I walked in.

  • Lisa Montgomery

Close this nasty hospital down Bathroom on 1st floor restroom smell like a sweage. Windows haven't been cleaned in decades. Take months to see a doctor. Service is disgusting. Twice my personal ID wasn't returned. Takes months to get blood work. You only see a NP Certain medicine no NP can write a prescription for. I cry when I have a appointment to come to this poor clinic Mental treatment is a joke for poor folks. Most of the staff is extremely unprofessional TV's is very small. Equipment is outdated. You can rarely get any NP to exam you you will never see a MD As though they don't want to put there hands on you. You have to request blood work. Good look getting results

  • Benjamin Nwankwo

I had a craniotomy and stroke and my vision is kinda affected because things seem blurry so I decided to schedule an appointment with the opthalmologist,since February and I was told that my primary care doctor needed to send them my referral letter,it actually took about 2 days to get that done and because of the nature of my need I made sure bthe PCP sent them the referral to a number they provided but I'm still surprised that as at today being march 15th I am still yet to get a response from them,I'm just grateful that there are private opthalmologists all over the place Even if you call them to make enquires,they hang up before you even say jack

  • Kathleen Smith

I went with my sister for an appointment. We arrived on time at 2:30p. She was sent to the ER at about 3:30p, for one other test, an ultrasound test. We are still here coming to you live at 9:32pm on 03/28/2018. Now don't get me wrong, the staff is professional, but they the hospital as a whole, is slow as hech. Like I said we are still here, waiting for her discharge and pic line removal. I told them that she was diabetic and had to have her medicine, could they please hurry up. We are still here. This hospital is not even the very large Stroger, it's just an extension. But, they behave in the same pattern as there sister hospital.

  • antonio hassell

I brought my aunt in to get a vaccine and I saw only two young black women working giving vaccine 2 other ladies checking people in. One worker was sitting on his phone half sleep. I think his name was August or Austin. I remember him from the last time i came to get my vaccine he talks too much and blurts out too much of his personal information to patients. This guy thinks he knows everything about the vaccine you can't give people incorrect information. He even said he has only been a nurse for 8 months. That's a shame I know that you can't even travel as a nurse without having a year or more of experience.

  • Patricia Caldwell

I called prior to coming to the hospital to confirm the lab was open for walk ins. I explained I had an order from the doctor for lab work. He advised the lab was open and as long as I'm in the system I will be able to walk in for lab work. Unfortunately I was greeted with a very unprofessional employee who stated I had to wait to get registered prior to going in the back and her shift doesn't start until 8:00. It was 7:30 am at the time While all of that makes sense, it would be extremely helpful helpful if the Personnel who answer the phones are aware of all the procedures. Poor Customer Service!!!

  • J T

The worst treatment ever. I came into the ER with a Torn pectoral muscle ( in which I knew) and they misdiagnosed me as a torn rotator cuff! I was there for 10 hours and they took my X-Ray 3 times!!!! If they didn’t know that they were doing they just needed to say that! Wasted 10 hours there!!! Even the check in reception was rude to other people that needed attention! And The doctor at night isn’t very attentive at all! So avoid going at night if you can’t avoid it all together! Multiple patients were complaining and it wasn’t even a lot of people in the ER last night/ this morning!

  • Jameeka Foster

I have been setting at this hospital since 5pm and I was told that I had to wait for shift change I’ve seen over 7 nurses leave and that was at 7pm the staff at the front desk told me that they would be calling more ppl to the back around 7:30 that was a lie . They didn’t start calling ppl until 8:30 pm provident emergency room is very sad and unprofessional the wait time sad I watched the front crew go on lunch for about a hour no one was up front the security guard keeps going to sleep in the corner 0/10 I would not recommend this place to anyone this is my last time coming here .

  • Myshell Starr

My boyfriend is there now he is in excruciating pain and he told them he can’t walk or stand up straight this nurse who say his name is Tony say he can’t push him and the nurse is rude to him another nurse come she say she can’t push him because of her hand she refused to give her name they are rude as hell this hospital need a better set of staff he been waiting for three hours all they was told to do was apologize really this is the worst hospital ever I would not recommend coming here you would be dead before you are seen if I could give this place 0 stars I would

  • Shatony Tatum

Very poor nursing care! Help the people, stop being distant, try words of comfort. Lend a helping hand, that's what, we people of healthcare do! My aunt fractured her shoulder, came here for a check on it, Nurse couldn't help here remove her sling!? I was here 4 years ago, same treatment, I was in so much pain, no extending hand from the nurse to help onto the bed, undress, or even a shoe off! I did my best. When my (Love) aunt problem accurred, I had to write this note! *4 years late, from my experience Nurses help the people, they're there because they need you!

  • Jarissa Manard

Worst ER I ever in life been to the triage nurse didn't want to hear my chief of complaint didn't let me finish telling her my medicine that I was taking at the time she just said go wait and listen for your name I never in life had someone make me feel bad about myself as she did no good customer services skills at all as I sit there the young man besides me was very irritated because he said he had been there sense 1pm today and it was already 6pm complaints of chest pains i thought to myself if he's been here for this long what makes me want to get care here.

  • Jackie Clark

My experience here was really horrible the case manager carl was not helpful he was extremely rude to me I wanted to cry. Also the phlebotmist the skinny black lady was really mean and had a bad attitude with me for no reason at all she attacked me I hope their boss read this because I'm going to write a bad review everyday if they dont.! The doctor Wyatt just wrote me off as well she wasn't trying to listen to my problems I felt my voice was invalid there and I left very angry can management please talk to these people please

  • James Caffrey

Went to emergency room at Provident because of chest pains. Triage nurses were wonderful and caring. Doctor sent my prescriptions to the pharmacy across the street and after waiting for about an hour I picked them up. Cook County's clinics and pharmacy's are very busy places and the staff works very hard to care for patients. My experience at Provident Hospital was so much better than Stroger. Thank goodness for Provident and their staff, wonderful caring people.We are lucky to have Provident Hospital in the neighborhood.

  • Anthony Minor

I was with my wife at the emergency room. My wife told some Asian nurse that she was 10 weeks pregnant and she was bleeding. The Asian nurse didn’t believe my wife that she was pregnant because she said that she didn’t look pregnant. She told her to take a pregnancy test. My called the hospital and found out the most obvious result that she was pregnant. I’m calling corporate for neglect and not treating my wife and filing a law suit on the nurse we are getting our lawyer ready

  • Kanesha McNeil

Worst experience ever.The ambulance that came to pick me up let me fall and didn’t help me up.When I made it to the hospital the staff acted like zombie’s. I was crying out in pain and no one came to help me.I was in the waiting room for over 3 hours.Mind you there was only 4 or 5 people in the waiting room.Everybody I’ve encountered in the hospital attitude was nonchalant and rude..Like they didn’t have a care in the world.This Hospital needs to be closed down.

  • Frances Tramble

I will never come here again!! Not clean people. Be careful coming to this hospital!!!! You might leave here sick!! COVID-19 is real and this hospital is making a mock of it! Staff is not properly thoroughly cleaning this hospital. Elevators in parking garage are completely nasty. Hand sanitizer stations have not been wiped in awhile. Waiting rooms seats and tables are dirty. Partition glass to speak to staff is dirty. Beware and bring your own sanitation goods.

  • Rhydian Cox

Brilliant ! As a visitor to Chicago with a relatively minor emergency, I could not have felt more welcomed. Every member of staff who helped me or who simply walked by me was focused on giving and caring. With humour !!! - it reminded me of the story of the NASA janitor whose job was ‘to put people on the moon’ ! In The Provident, everybody was working to help every patient feel comfortable and to recover. Thank you, the team at The Provident. Rhydian

  • Isaac

don't come here. when i went to the emergency room it took hours to be seen. i was just sitting there. some of the nurses were nice but it still took way too long. on top of that, when i called, the lady that answered the phone was so rude, like she didn't believe that I was sick? even though I've been sick for days. they said they didn't have any new patient appointments available so I guess if I was dying I would just have to die. what a joke.

  • Marie R.

The staff is really friendly and kind. I went about 7am I was out by 11ish am. I think the care was as good or better than any other hospital. For a county facility it was actually pretty good. BUT .......the young nurse did attempt to give me meds that she wasn't supposed to, so always question what they are doing and why. If I hadn't asked questions I would have been given antibiotics that were not for me. So that could have been a problem.

  • Jesikuh Jones

When it comes to getting through on these phones to speak to a rep at Provident Hospital they be playing games. Very rude and nasty attitudes are given to me because they be mad I know what im talking about. In addition, they barely even be understanding what i need help with or at all because they overtalk or underhelp. There is never a person answering for Medical Records either. I been a patient for years now. This is the worst its been.

  • Funmi Alabi

I went in today with my little sister to get her shots and they told me in front of everyone to take off my mask and wear the one they want to give me. Hospital with higher risk of Covid and they wanted me to take off the mask i got from work which is a nursing home and way more effective than a big loose mask they gave to me. Telling me i cant get on the elevator unless I change it in front of people. Please let that make sense

  • Robert Thomas

This hospital should be shut down. They told me I had the flu when I had strep throat. They are so quick to just throw out of the emergency room without actually helping you. They will send you home dying. When I went back to get treated for for strep they didn’t even give me an anitibiotic shot. The doctors are horrible the nurses think they know it all. I wouldn’t come back to this hospital if my life depended on it.

  • Linda C Short

I give Providence hospital 5 stars because they are the strongest doctor's, nurces, administrator and all workers that I know who works under stress, under-staff- not enough workers, the government want fund them the right way and almost free parking, to say the least! I pray one-day, that the government or somebody will give them more funds to run on and that food in the kitchen is banging too! Providence You Rock!!!!

  • Pierre McDonald

Worst nurses In the entire city. Right now I have been sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours. Because they didn't send a referral to stroger, a week ago when I was here for nine hour for a broken finger. You would think they say let me get on that cause I didn't do it right the first time. 4 hour to send off paperwork they should've sent the first time. And I'm still waiting. Worst nurses In the entire city !!!

  • Chenice Cathery

This hospital should be closed down. The staff is rude and very unprofessional. One of the main doors to the emergency room is broke and can’t close, it feels like 35 degrees inside here, the security guard said the door has been broke for a week, I guess it’s not a priority. Came in for one thing a left feeling like I have the flu. If I could rate them a half of a star I would and that would still be too much.

  • King Poo

This has only been my primary care for 2 months and I can’t wait to find another hospital .i was told 3 weeks ago that I would receive a call to schedule an in person appointment and have not heard from anyone since . I called back and was told rudely that the doctor would call me when you they can get to me . The lack of care from a place thats supposed to be a hospital is really sad

  • shanee williams

Horrible experience. Went in because I was in labor & original hospital was too far away. Tried to strip my clothes with my curtain fully open, random men walking around. They kept sayin they dnt deliver babies yet they wanted to deliver my baby so badly. Got my name wrong & put in ma chart I am a diabetic which is not true. Very unprofessional & unorganized. Just horrible

  • Gina Misner

Horrible experience, one of the worst E.R. visits. Staff was rude and unattentive, very little interaction with a doctor or communication about test results. Poor to almost no pain management. Bled all over when I.V. was removed because nurse didn't hold proper pressure, and then tried to blame us for it. Staff was loud and not conscious of patients needing quiet and rest.

  • EbonyJè _

I only went to this hospital because of the feedback on here. I must say I was impressed with the staff. I go back in the morning for a follow up and may need surgery on Friday. We'll see how my experience with that goes! I'm optimistic that it'll be comforting. I brought my two daughters with me too and the nurse gave them sandwiches, Graham crackers, and juice.

  • JD King

Have nothing but good things to say for both emergency care and regular visits. Staff always courtesy and informative. In emergency room, they explained why I had to wait, and they were courtesy when I complained about the wait. Adequate and professional care given each and every time. Good listeners, too. Even the billing department is kind and courteous.

  • Charlotte Jackson

I call to make appointment, first I waited on the line for at 7 minutes than when someone picked up the phone their wasn’t any kind of greeting just what you want. Then when I thought a person was going to talk to a live person a recording gave me another number to dial and something else with no repeat and hung up. Bad operator Bad customers service.

  • Crystal Howard

Ive been to this hospital before and doctors super nice! But the staff horrible. But I Tried to call to have them direct me to the dentistry deparment(oral surgeon) to schdule an appointment. And who ever picked up the phone was very rude. And told me they dont have oral surgeon and she just hung up the phone. She didn't try to direct me or anything.

  • Annastasia Portis

I went to this ER at least 6 times within a month EACH TIME they told me nothing was wrong with me…….yet I COULDN’T BREATHE ! When I told the doctor it hurts to take a deep breath she said “stop talking deep breaths” and sent me home lol…..I went back to the ER and a different doctor found a blood clot IN MY LUNGS lol them people would’ve let me die

  • Luis Alvarez

idk how y'all services are. but I work for health care. and this is the worse place to ever call. the wait times are seriously enraging of how long they are. and I have to call EVERYDAY. so I get pretty frustrated having to be on hold for over 45 mins EVERYDAY . FOR A HOSPITAL. hire more staff or coordinate better. or something. just pitiful excuse.

  • Kekeli Lawson

I went to a free std clinic didnt took me 2 hours and i got my result back but i went to this hopistal and 3 hours later im still waiting to see a doctor for my fracture ankle like i was passing out and starving. I think they need to work on how fast and good they work and i left without seing a doctor. Too much long wait time

  • Jeanette Mac

I was here on may 31 2019 and I was in the er for more than 4 hours and it was only 5 people there no one got called during that time terrible service and for the record they should offer more than the penicillin shot I'm allergic to that so for patients that need a shot they should have a alternative antibiotic sad

  • Sandra Mcnutt

I enjoy going to Providence my doctor is at Providence the nurses and the staff are pleasant with me patient and time I have never had a problem the security is kind and attentive if you need help with the wheelchair I saw them come out and help patients if they need a little assistance in walking their helpful

  • Tra Evans (MsTra That Gem)

This place is terrible. I love my doctor I hate their nurses. Especially Jasmine in the clinic she has no bed side manners. You can't ask questions you just have to take their bad service and the mess they try and pump you with. Ridiculous. I can't stand this place. You're dealing with people health be better.

  • Avylon Guynes

My daughter is there now and has been waiting to see the dr for 3 1/2 hrs. They keep doping her up instead of doing their job in finding a diagnosis. She may have fibroids or endometriosis and they're so nonchalant and callous. Are there any decent hospitals with competent doctors and nurses that care left ?

  • Lakesha Powell

Well ive never had a problem since i been coming to this hospital i use to have to wait for long hours other than that that was the only issue they were very nice they have gotten better over the years with the waiting issue and they still are nice they got me in and out staff were polite and not mean

  • Tia Bia

WORSE ER EVER DO NOT COME HERE EVEN IF YOUR DIEN !!!!!! They WILL let u DIE here . The staff are RUDE and ghetto , you’ll be waiting 6+ hours EVERYTIME before you’re even seen. WAITING ROOM IS FILTHY !!!!!!!!!! The receptionist are VERY RUDE AND NONCHALANT!!!!! Go another place for care PLEASE !!!!

  • Alexis Hudson

The operators are nasty and unprofessional. It's just like they were never trained. They answer the phone when they feel like it. The man who I attempted to speak to, cut me off and transferred me to a department before I finished my question. I would never recommend anyone go there. EVER.

  • Edward Rios

I had an oral surgery here today 09/18/2020. I had a great experience, the staff was super friendly, super clean hospital, and very professional staff/nurses. Thank you to my surgeon, Dr. Shah. I’m feeling so much better after my surgery. Would definitely recommend this hospital.

  • Nell Harrington

Only come here if you have 10-12 hours to wait. They allow people with active Influenza to sit in the waiting room. The staff are very unprofessional and ghetto especially the house Administrator on 2/25/2020 11:30pm. 1 star is too much for this establishment. DOES NOT RECOMMEND!

  • CDenise Price


  • Cody Hadley

Nobody in this hospital seems to communicate with each other, pharmacy takes way too long, receptionists don't want to listen to what you have to say, my concerns were ignored but hey at least they scheduled an appointment I didn't want a month from now. Go anywhere else

  • Latoyakey Sanders

I love going there because you can watch tv. The only thing that I hate is that I have to sit there all day until they decide to call you. Even though they sitting around and they are not doing anything but sitting there ant doing nother …

  • Cynthia Robertson

I gave birth to all three of my kids at this hospital and I had a lovely experience each time. I had my own room, but back when I had my kids they made you pay to watch tv lol. But I’m glad I chose this hospital to have all three of my beautiful daughters at.

  • Meleydi Llury

Provident hospital dr. Ronda gans. Is not attentive at all, I have to call every single month for prescription refills and she never is available on cook county portal. She does not pay attention to patient needs . As if she’s just there to get a paycheck!

  • Shaamya Dishner

I just had the most wonderful experience going to provident emergency room. I was nervous that I'd be in there for hours but we were out and had been seen in less than an hour. Nurse Owens was an angel, very upfront, and honest and we appreciate her...

  • Amani Korey

This was actually the hospital I was born in! It's a really great hospital, and they took really good adequate care of my mother. This hospital is special to me because of the history behind it. Me being 13 I know well that this hospital is the best!

  • Mike Habrelewicz

My wife had an out patient surgery yesterday and everyone was just so nice to us. They made sure we had everything we needed. God Bless all the good people who helped us yesterday and I pray they all stay well in this terrible time of our history.

  • Azadeh Fatemi

Thank you for letting me come to such a beautiful event. I had an amazing experience here such a knowledgeable staff and wonderful patients here. Our association that has been connected with this hospital has been a pleasure. Wonderful atmosphere.

  • Okinawan Shorin Ryu

Went to lab had to give urine bathroom is beyond nasty a dog wouldn't go in there it's ashame it's like that. Nobody will do anything about it that's the sad part ghetto is a understatement and you wonder why other races look down on poc.

  • A Bennis

I been in the waiting room since 4 am its 7 am and im still waiting to see a doctor to top it off its people been here since 7pm and they haven't seen a doctor im very disappointed with this hospital …

  • Rachel Vick

The hospital has very good Doctors The receptionist service is very unprofessional you can never get in contact with whoever you were trying to reach over the phone cause the receptionist I’s not doing their job professionally

  • Susie Vaz

This hospital wasn’t actually bad the time my father was there he was well taken care off, the nurses were patient & helped. The only problem was that sometimes when you will call to check in there will be no answer .

  • german solis

The worst hospital ever! Definitely don't recommend it to anyone. They took out 5 tubes of blood, we wasted 7 hours waiting only for them to tell us that we need to go see a primary care doctor. They are pathetic!

  • Dwayne Moore

Poor telephone support or service! If they bother to answer the phone, they are rude. However, they generally won't answer the phone! I'm quite sure that they purposely turn away people who need their services!

  • Deima Jurkute

Hands down the worst hospital experience ever!!!!! Went here for a simple doc appt at 1:30pm... it is now 5:30pm and I’m still here!!!!!!! Go anywhere else just not here!!! Very dirty and unprofessional!!!!!!!!

  • Fernando Gonzalez

People been waiting for so long while the nurse was on her phone laughing Then a friend of the nurse walked in and the person didn’t have to wait five minutes while there was people waiting for over 5 hours

  • Olivia Thompson

Hands down - the best ER treatment I've ever received. I was having an asthma attack and the ladies of the ER and triage staff were the most responsive and professional I've encountered in my adult life.

  • Sneaky 16

There pharmacy workers are very rude and the wait time is outrageous if you are getting out of surgery the same day you told that you can’t sit in there and wait for your medicine you have to come back

  • Chris K

Waited for like 3 hours to see a primary doctor, and I was right on time for my appt. I think they provide services at lower cost for those who are uninsured though. Let's see how much i'll pay

  • Helen Moore

Great staff came in er at 910 am on a sunday for servere leg pain and cramps was out by 11am and staff was great had to get a shut where the sun dont shine thou. At least the nurse was gentle!

  • Jenuine’s Catering

Unprofessional they never answer their phones and when they do they transfer without asking to whom you would like to be transferred to been trying to get test results for almost about a year

  • Marquita D Leak

The staff in parking lot, the staff in the ER all had very pleasant customer service attitudes today. They made a bad situation flow easier. My family member is still alive. Thank you all.

  • Jessica Javier

Thank you to all the team in the 3rd floor holding area and pre op my surgery went great and the the staff where amazing all my nurses that where in my care and doctors! Thank you so much!

  • Shohunna Dowd

What is the purpose for an emergency room in a hospital when they have you sitting for hours before you see a doctor. It’s Sad people can get sick waiting in to be seen. Needs to do better

  • Omar Chacon

Take a year for referral appointment and ride , and the don't send notice of the appointment they are no good . Dr tingfang it is the best but shi had no support from staff

  • Yvette Tomaszewski

If I could I would give the staff 0 stars, extremely rude, they need to take a course in compassion and empathy towards their patients. I would never go back there again.

  • Beulah Darden

Hospital staff is rude hospital was dirty waited 6 plus hours to be seen than when was seen had to wait another 6 hours for a visit from a family …

  • Autumnsmom

While entertaining the lobby, you can't help but notice this lovely mural. Also, I was well taken care of when I received medical care in 2020 as covid was raging.

  • LaVonda Brown

I have only visited Provident twice, and I agree, this hospital is not cleaned and while I've didn't experience rude people, they are slow and not very helpful.

  • me too

Been sitting here 11/27/2023 since almost 11am called off work to bring my daughter to get some health care it’s now 6:53 pm and we still haven’t been seen yet

  • ashley thompson

It was horrible, I sat waiting for over 5 hours. I tried to ask security and the triage nurse how much longer and they were rude. This place is awful.

  • Jesus Martinez

3 hours and still waiting to be seeing by Dr. The receptionist said it's a system that takes in to consideration every ones unique situation …

  • L Warren

The Staff was great that was on duty....Perhaps they were over worked as in many hospitals. The hospital needs upgrades and expansion. God Bless!

  • Tobias Toles

Very disrespectful staff, waited 4 hours to not be helped with a cut that has been bleeding out for over 12 HOURS!!! Go somewhere else!

  • Gregory Vlahos

Great patient care. On time appts. In & out in record time. Doctors are great. I had all my psych needs taken care of and then some.

  • Daisy Rivera

Came in with my fiancé waited over 3 hours to see a Doctor, The window slammed on his finger and split his finger tip. Ridiculous,

  • Vines Lindsey

Speedy courteous service. Wish staff would speak louder considering they're talking through mask and at times glass and mask.

  • Cathey Poindexter-Taylor

Oh my! This hospital has come a very long way! It is peaceful now! The emergency waiting room is less congested.

  • Sha Rahman

The service is a little slow. Wait time to see a doctor or any procedure may take almost between 60-90 minutes

  • Don Corleone

Probably the worst in the city the operator extremely rude , hospital not clean and wait time is horrible.

  • rory tatum

This is literally one of the worst hospitals in cook county. They should actually be shut down.

  • Alicia Biz

They make you show up 6 hours early for surgery on an empty stomach. bring a phone charger.

  • Iantha Swingler

Y'all have the worst restroom! If you are trying to get cov go to your bathroom discussing!

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