Publix Super Market at Cotswold

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4425 Randolph Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211



Publix Super Market at Cotswold is a Supermarket located at 4425 Randolph Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211. It has received 1179 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.





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  • The address of Publix Super Market at Cotswold: 4425 Randolph Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211

  • Publix Super Market at Cotswold has 4.5 stars from 1179 reviews

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  • "This is, without a doubt, the worst Publix location in the greater Charlotte metro area"

    "Was the last customer and got locked in by employees"

    "Such an awkward place to be for a black person"

    "It is unfortunate that I have to give this store a rating of one star and only because there is not an option for NO STARS! I frequent this store because I am an Instacart shopper"

    "Went to this location and it was a total train wreck from the get go! I went there to get some fried chicken for dinner! They usually have it packaged up, but the guy behind the counter (middle aged Caucasian male) said it will be up in just a moment! Ok so I wait about 10 minutes still not up and he was like well I guess I have to go check on it! Comes out and said it will be another 25-30 minutes because they are working on a catering order which is more important! I get it catering brings in money! HOWEVER ALL CUSTOMERS ARE IMPORTANT! So I said ok well can I just purchase a few pieces of what you have right here! He got an attitude real fast and as he was packaging it up was like FYI it’s going to be expensive! Well guy who didn’t have a name tag on, I didn’t ask for your opinion or how much it was going to cost! If I wanted your opinion I would have asked! Because of his attitude and lack of customer service I left! Not that you care, but you just lost a customer at this location forever"


  • Emily Walker

This is, without a doubt, the worst Publix location in the greater Charlotte metro area. I have had numerous issues with both the deli and bakery fulfilling their online pickup times and today was the final straw after repeated attempts for them to pull it together. I placed an order at 11:10am for an 11:45am pickup for a wrap in the deli (surely over half an hour is enough time to prepare a wrap). I arrive at 11:50am to pickup my order and no wrap is to be seen in the online pickup location. Okay, no problem (they were a little busy) so I stand off to the side and patiently wait with an emphasis on not being in the way of people getting in line for the deli. After about five minutes, one of the deli associates shouts rudely over the counter to me, "Are you in line for something?" to which I reply, "No, I have an online pickup order so I am just waiting." He then goes on to again, yell over the crowd, "Well you need to get in line." Firstly, I did an online pickup order, that is now 10 minutes past pickup time, for a reason: to not have to wait in line. That is quite literally the whole point of online pick-up: to order in advance, pick-up and go. Secondly, do not shout at me across the deli/line when I am minding my own business, not in the way, patiently waiting for something that you now have had 40+ minutes to prepare. Instead, I decide okay I will give them grace once again and go ahead and checkout with my groceries that I ended up picking up while I tried to waste time walking around the store. I checkout, come back to the deli, GET IN LINE (which again is redundant), wait another five minutes just to get to the front of the line and be told, "We are out of the sauce for the wrap." You have got to be kidding me. When you place an online pickup order, you include both your phone number and email address in the event there are any issues with fulfilling your order so the deli can contact you in advance. Not only did they not contact me to let me know, there was also no attempt to say, "Well we do not have this item, but how about we make it a different way?" That is customer service 101, no matter what type of industry. This is a continuous problem with the Cotswold store. A similar situation happened last fall when I ordered a cake from the bakery on a Monday to be picked up on a Thursday morning. I showed up Thursday morning at the selected time and the cake had not even been baked yet. Four business days in advance was not enough notice to get it done. This store is the exact opposite of Publix core values. As a native Floridian that advocates to choose Publix over Harris Teeter for fantastic customer service and quality, I can no longer do that for this store. I get things happen, that is just life, but this has become the status quo for both the deli and bakery at this location. Get it together Cotswolds store, get it together.

  • S D

Was the last customer and got locked in by employees. I took the stairs out to my car and as I’m about to cross the gate it closes in my face. I go back up and the doors are locked and I have to knock hard to get someone’s attention. When I come in I ask was I suppose to take the elevator, no one told me? I just got locked in?” The only response was “I don’t know what to tell you we close at 9pm” the employees did not care and were not apologetic until I asked what was the protocol for final customers since it seemed no one was told I was the last customer heading to garage. The manager’s response was “mam you weren’t locked in because I was gonna do a perimeter walk and we close at 9” Once again I had to remind her, since she wanted to invalidate me and the facts, that I had to knock for about 3 minutes to get someone’s attention. And that multiple doors were locked including the one she was letting me out of with a key to access my car. Once again it was a careless attitude of “oh well sorry don’t know what to tell you” with a condescending air of it was somehow my fault. I’m appalled by the attitudes of these employee for whatever reason felt like it wasn’t a big deal doors were locked and on top of that one young male associate actually saw me and was ignoring me until an older female associate saw me knocking, like he did when he looked straight in my direction, which cameras will show. Imagine if it was your parent or grandparent this happened to, and maybe adjust your response since your manager and the “I don’t know what to tell you” male employee can’t seem to muster empathy. ETA: the attitude comes from their general Manager. This woman does not care. She is condescending. She also had an attitude of I don’t care. She didn’t listen and kept trying to ask gotcha questions that she should have the answer to using context clues if she was genuinely listening. At no point did she simply offer, oh I’ll have my garage closer take a glance up the stairs to make sure no customer is headed towards them or keep their eyes beneath the garage door until it closes. Simple. Or I will have my staff ask the last 1 or two customers take a specific way to their cars. But no she didn’t know how to take accountability. I hope a situation occurs that exposes this stores toxic management.

  • Wood Dweller

Such an awkward place to be for a black person. I can only speak for myself on this, this is the first time I have ever been at this location and I ordered two cakes for my daughter‘s birthday. You all have the perfect person working in the bakery which would be the skinnier Caucasian male with super curly brown hair and an attitude like a diva. Because my cakes were literally done poorly and he knew it by looking at them and observing my facial expressions as I viewed them, they were really ugly but because my daughter‘s birthday is in two days I know that she won’t be as critical as I am. Also why is the only image for Tiana the sad face one? Can Black people have one day that they can actually be happy. Contrary to popular belief Black people have the ability to actually be happy. That day would be a child’s birthday correct? So why is her facial expression really sad and holding the frog when at the end of the movie she had her prince charming? I ignored the awkward Caucasian stares for the sake of my daughter’s cake. Oddly enough it’s very evident that this location has some sort of upper scale class that I’m not really seeing but the stares and the way that everyone moved about as I walked inside of the grocery store definitely showed. I will attach the horrible photos below. I also cannot understand why parts of crumbs in the bread was actually on top of the cake, on the icing ? I pretty much have issues about the fact that I spent what I spent on these cakes and they look poorly done. I am not really coming back at this location ever again so yeah.

  • Donna Sims

It is unfortunate that I have to give this store a rating of one star and only because there is not an option for NO STARS! I frequent this store because I am an Instacart shopper. The cashier was not helpful, professional, or understanding in an everyday every transaction simple request, I asked for the receipt. This is so that if my customer requests the receipt, I have to return an item, review the recipe to confirm an item is on receipt, and for the protection of myself, Instacart, and the customer. I spoke with the customer service manager and the supervisor in order to obtain the receipt, but all were on one accord stating that it is not Instacart policy to give the shopper the receipt. This is a very disappointing and not Instacart’s policy, I am not convinced it is the stores policy either because I also work for this company and we are very accommodating at my location. I don’t believe the policy would change from store to store however; I do believe employees may take it upon themselves to implement their own policy based upon the situation or their own personal biases or discriminatory behavior in the moment. I will not be shopping at this store going forward, and I will make sure that Instacart is aware of the situation. I shopped at several different locations today and had no problem attaining the receipt.

  • mallory kaufman

Went to this location and it was a total train wreck from the get go! I went there to get some fried chicken for dinner! They usually have it packaged up, but the guy behind the counter (middle aged Caucasian male) said it will be up in just a moment! Ok so I wait about 10 minutes still not up and he was like well I guess I have to go check on it! Comes out and said it will be another 25-30 minutes because they are working on a catering order which is more important! I get it catering brings in money! HOWEVER ALL CUSTOMERS ARE IMPORTANT! So I said ok well can I just purchase a few pieces of what you have right here! He got an attitude real fast and as he was packaging it up was like FYI it’s going to be expensive! Well guy who didn’t have a name tag on, I didn’t ask for your opinion or how much it was going to cost! If I wanted your opinion I would have asked! Because of his attitude and lack of customer service I left! Not that you care, but you just lost a customer at this location forever

  • Kenneth Bland

Customer service at the deli needs improvement. Customers shouldn't be standing in line for 5 mins with no greeting. My wife and I were the only ones in line and they ignored us. IF BUSY, at least they could have said We'll be with you in 1 minute. BUT when a random white lady gets behind us she gets greeted immediately. Yes my wife and I are an interracial couple so I believe that has something to do with it. Then when finally asked if we had been help and we respond with "no, not yet" the lady catches an attitude. I did not get the woman's name that was rude but she was the old white lady with the bad make-up. Worst experience by far. I would recommend a customer service course for your associates so they know how to greet and make customers feel welcome. I will also like to say the lady at self checkout was extremely friendly and helpful. Just check on the deli section, they need help.

  • Racheal Cody

The customer service I received this past weekend was the worse I’ve gotten at any Publix location. I spent $300 on various trays for my daughters 1st Birthday. Everything from fruit and veggies to the sandwich platter. After placing the order online the previous week, I called the Friday before to confirm my order. The woman in the deli who answered the phone was beyond rude and proceeded to tell me well if you made the order . It means we will make it I don’t know why you called… i by passed it and didn’t say anything. My order was placed to be picked up at 11am. Only half was completed and I had to wait 40min for my order to be completed and ready. The male in the deli that morning was rude and inconsiderate. It was by far the worse customer service I’ve ever received at a Publix and I will not be going back to this location.

  • E Greene

I ordered cupcakes and a small round cake for my granddaughters 2nd birthday to be picked up at 12pm. The cake had custard, fresh strawberries, cream cheese icing and it was chocolate and vanilla. Heavenly is all I can say. My family absolutely loved it! My cupcakes were not ready and I was late by 4 hours but it wasn't an inconvenience at all because I wasn't on a timeline however... They were a little dry and again I had to wait for them and get them done with plain white cream cheese icing instead of the buttercream and birthday theme colors I originally ordered days ago. I'd still recommend this store and it's bakery to family and friends because I have always had a pleasant experience stuff happens and I get it! Thanks for quickly correcting the mistake with such a pleasant attitude ❤️

  • Tisha Harvey

This is the absolute worst location in terms of customer service and product availability. If you are black avoid this location. I literally drove 20mins to get here to be treated so dismissively and have the most disgusting person serve me nothing but attitude. I went to get wings around 11:15am, which should be lunchtime but instead they had none ready and the deli clerk have a nasty disposition about me asking her for something that was clearly on the menu. I was told to step to the side, she attended to the white man behind me (even her tone and voice changed while serving him). Only to get back to me and say she “don’t have none available and it’s go be a while”. No time frame, no attentiveness, nothing but a waste of time.

  • Ms. Bridget O.

I don't get to come here often & we use self check out when I do but when we do come here, I enjoy sitting & looking out the windows watching the cars go by. I've always been a people watcher (not in a creepy way lol) & even as a child, I always found it relaxing to watch the cars go by. I love the Cotswold area & when they built this Publix there, I was glad to see they had a seating area. I haven't tried their deli area but I do like the layout of the store. Easy to find what I was looking for even though I'm not one who shops here often. Just when I want to come sit & relax. Customer service? Well, I don't really have much contact when I am there so I couldn't say (introvert who prefers self check out)

  • Kari Herbert

Raised in Florida, Publix has always been the store my family uses. As a travel nurse, I always check to see if there’s a Publix nearby. The Pub subs are legend, and one of my friends from South Dakota (now relocated to The South) has become a Publix goer after having the popcorn chicken Pub sub. This place is HUGE. I love that the basement and first floor are parking, no more loading groceries in a downpour! The elevator to bring your cart up to shopping level is novel and bit of fun. The produce section is gigantic. The deli and bakery always produce excellent quality items.

  • Shantese McLeod

The people in the deil need a customer service training class , I placed an pickup order online at 3:30 and it stated it would be ready at 5:55 got there at 6 and my order was no where to be found and they simply just said they don’t have it and didn’t bother to fix it or try . When people get off work and has place in order they expect to have there meal ready after just getting off work and waste of gas and time and still didn’t leave with any thing! Why have good food if you can never get it what you order and the employees just standing around waiting to clock out

  • Timothy Parsons

My First visit. This review is entirely about the chicken tenders. Tried the chicken tenders at a different location and wanted more of the same. Chicken Tenders: over cooked, dry, breading falling off. Not suitable for reheating as already dry. Potato Wedges rung up as Sweet Potato Wedges, however these were slightly undercooked. Service? Excellent. Felt great about it while ordering due to the excellent customer service of the deli server. Got home and qas disappointed that I had bought extra to heat up for dinner later, knowing they will be dry.

  • John L

Update: Honestly not worth doing online orders for subs. The eta is 35 minutes out and I go at the given time I still wait shorter 20-30+ minutes each time before I just have to leave. Almost every time I order a sub online it’s still not there when I leave a half hour later. Update your signage. I’m tired of paying full price for things that are marked down or bogo. Worst Publix I’ve been to, but Publix sets a high standard so it’s not a terrible experience. Just annoying that they’re consistently bad at the same things.

  • Andrey Meroshnik

You would think they have employees who can put a sub together and wrap it as one should. Absolutely not, Margie put my sub together and every single vegetable I had on the sub had fallen out before she even wrapped my sub. She saw this, didn’t have a care in the world about it and kept wrapping all of the veggies around my bread and kept smushing the sub against the table so as to get a better wrap to it. Will never be coming here again for a sub, please get employees that actually care for other peoples food!!!!!

  • K Williams

I order plates for my birthday party on 12/15 to be picked up on Sat Dec 17th at 2:00pm. My order was not ready at all! Had to wait for 3 hours for them to try to make the plates. The vegetable lettuce wraps had the vegetable on the side of the lettuce and the sandwich was halfway cut and did not look like the pictures on the website. I called the store on Monday Dec 19, no answer. Then I called customer service and they promised to have the manager to call me back with in 24 hrs. I still haven’t hear from anyone.

  • Peter I

Clean, organized, well stocked! Always the best fresh meats! Great bread selection! I find some international foods , i wish they carried more! Some groceries have higher prices i cant understand why ( for example $3.99 single cucumber) ! However the courteous staff is always friendly and helpful with a smile! Today a gentleman at the bakery was super nice and helpful while working inside the bakery was paying attention to the customers and was offering assistance! Thank you Happy Holidays to all

  • Ellen Albig

While I don't shop at this store regularly, mainly because the prices are higher than Aldi and Lidl, I do find this store to always be clean and well-stocked. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Recently I was in search of pure vanilla extract at a reasonable price. Since the Publix website didn't list the price, I called the store. The woman to whom I spoke not only gave me the price for each size offered, but also checked the shelf to see what was currently in stock and the quantity.

  • Rachel Kennedy

Clean store. Good selection of regular dry foods and excellent selection of fruits/veggies. Good bakery. I got my son's bday cake from here because the online ordering process was so easy and simple...compared to other big grocery stores right across the street. Manager helped bag my groceries and even offered to walk them to my car for me down in the parking deck. Apparently this time of morning (0930-1030) is perfect cause this was the least crowded I've ever seen it here.

  • Jillian Davis

They never made my cake order for my daughter's 21st birthday and after they looked for the order slip they said that it was thrown away the day before which WAS NOT the pick up date! *Went to pick up a few things and when I came home to eat my melon you can tell someone had took a bite of it and put it in the bottom of the fruit bowl I WILL BE CONTACTING CORPORATE! Also I wanted a vegie salad but declined due to the work area being absolutely unacceptable!

  • Dorinthia Leeds

Went today about 2:00. Was getting food for people that needed a little bit of old time cooking. I was sadly greeted by a woman that acted like I was bothering her. I really needed to order a few more things and could tell she had other things she needed to do, so I didn’t. I was disappointed but I’ll go back….. probably this weekend. I do hope her day got better. If she doesn’t like her job, she would fit in at the DMV. The chicken is the best! I’m not giving up!

  • Mary Korosec

Terrific Beautiful store. I needed a roast alittle smaller than the ones in the case the butcher cut me a fresh one. Then wanted only a half a loaf of 10 grain Italian Manager sais no problem cut me a 1/2 one. I had a parked across the street and had groceries and a big Pumpkin purchased was going to have to make 2 trips but didn't the bagger carries pumpkin across the steet to my car. Great store, Awesome Customer Service and helpful friendly employees.

  • Tammy Drennan Conn

Today I had the most pleasant experience at the Cotswold location. The cashier Chuck was such a super nice man. I purchased a rib roast and I missed the sale by one day. It is for my mother-in-laws 94th birthday dinner and Chuck gave me the discount from the sale. That is above and beyond great customer service. I have been shopping at the HT across the street for years but todays service has made me change over. Thank you Chuck keep up the great work

  • Pegasus Gold

My dude ari in the deli… great guy who is very nice. But I can promise you his sandwiches are not up to par with other stores. With the cheese, it was quarter slices. With the sun sauce….he just kept pouring. The not closing the sun before rolling. My man I could do it better that’s whack. I open my sub at home and the bread is soggy as heck. I sit here on my balcony gazing into the sun eating my soggy bread with a straw. Thanks Ari

  • Penelope Santos

Who is ever answering the phone for customer service on September 12th, 2022 at 10:40 should brush up on their customer service skills. Your job title is pretty self explanatory. I called to ask about what formula was in stock, which I’ve done previously with no issue. I shouldn’t be getting grief because you have to do some work in the morning. Hopefully a better experience next time because I shop here frequently.

  • Kristeena Meade

Older lady in deli / sub area refused to add extra mayo to my foot long sub suggested I use a packet for a foot long sandwich then added a small knife full as if that would do something for a foot long sandwich and then almost forgot to add the rest of my toppings before attempting to roll my sandwich in paper 7/13/2023 Older black lady wearing cheetah print under her uniform shirt @ 1:20 ( estimate )

  • Bryan Holland

I'm not from a big city so this was kind of awesome! It was like, the grocery store sitting on top of a parking garage! It was like, totally stacked up and we had to take an elevator just to get there from the parking garage. I felt like I was the second beef patty in a Triple Decker big mac! Moving elevator doors open, it was right there in front of us the whole grocery store and we were all like, dude!

  • Bill Hunter

Wow this Publix EVERYONE should go at least once if you love class & Elegance the building entrance was was my 1st time there...I said to another shopper as I was coming in"I feel like I should be paying more for whatever I came for..we both laughed, she agreed...don't miss this experience Cotswold & Publix you nailed it...I am a customer for location as long as I live in Charlotte

  • Kelly Calvert

I came in tonight (my first time at this location) to order a sub, I didn’t get her name but one of the workers in the deli was one of the most ill-mannered people that I’ve ever met in my life. She was rude to me for no reason, I’m always very polite but this woman made me either want to cry or cuss her out. So I decided to just walk out, definitely won’t be back as long as she’s working there.

  • Rami Dalal

Beautiful, clean, well-lit, new store in Cotswold. The staff are very welcoming and friendly (maybe because it's brand new with a lot of corporate folks in the store, but maybe not). The bakery, seafood, meats, produce, floral and other departments are similar to the Harris Teeter across the street. The drawback at this Publix is the parking garage and traffic getting in and out of the store.

  • Paku Lo

The store is a very clean and trendy downtown location. Has street level parking garage with an elevator to the store on 2nd floor. The sandwich and deli bar is placed perfectly on the right as you enter the store. I work across the street and stop in often for sandwiches, $5 Wednesday sushi and groceries after work. All the employees are very friendly and quick.

  • Anara Wilson

I have been to this Publix numerous times and each time, I encounter a staff member who is friendly and helpful. From the Deli to the checkout staff, they have a great crew of people working at this store and it is so refreshing to come across kind people. It truly makes shopping a pleasant experience. Great job Publix for hiring wonderful people!

  • Terell Miller

Ordered from deli online,took 45 minutes for three footlong subs . Older white Lady with the black lipstick looked like she hated to serve us lol I guess that's why I feel she purposely made us wait maybe I'm wrong then maybe im right . That's fine Harris Teeter is across the street. If you have a problem serving all people then just quit.

  • Heather A

Everything is super clean and organized. They have plenty of parking in the deck attached to the building. I wish they would improve the software on their self check out registers. It's constantly telling you that you didn't bag an item and not letting you scan the next item. Really slows down check out when you're in a rush.

  • Emma Bogdan

Would really love to see more gluten free options that aren't $8 loaves of bread that are half the size of regular bread. I've been to 3 stores in search of gluten free graham crackers and all the main stores have failed me. The prices for GF stuff is outrageous, it's not a fun fad for those of us that have Ceiliac!!

  • David Cameron

This is the best grocery store in the Charlotte area when it's raining. They're a bit pricey in general. They offer good customer service. The big carts roll forever. The terrazzo floors are delightful. I wish they would refurbish the short double decker carts' wheel bearings to be comparable in rolling forever.

  • Godhalakshmi Raj

The store is good nicely maintained But I met some racist customers, A black guy in the red car with no name plate honked at me using f—- word While waiting in the sub sandwich line A white guy was intolerant with me Overall the front billling desk were nice to us Which made us happy. I did like the sub aswell

  • Steph B

My girls in the deli are excellent and I forgot the lady's name that's a little older than the others there; but she puts nothing but love into making those deli subs!... Fyi, they have the softest bread and freshest ingredients that I've seen or tasted of off any sandwich line! …

  • John Kevin Towe

This is a great Publix location. The only frustration is items they put on sale are usually out of stock. Then magically the day the sale ends they have full stock. I'm not sure if this is Publix wide or just this location. They are still not offering rain checks due to the supply chain which is getting old.

  • jason s*****

The 3 lady’s at the sandwich counter in the deil were more worried about each other than the customers. I’ve been going to Publix for years. Since they moved into the Carolina’s they might as well rebrand. At least I know now if I want a great sub and good customer service I’ll do it on vacation in Tampa!

  • M Tooson

Everyone at this grocer provided Exemplary customer service and care. I ran in before work to grab my celebratory cake and I was In and Out. Our Publix stores in Charlotte have "Raised the Bar" for the competition in customer, offerings and value. Thank You, Valued Customer

  • James Hopkins

This is especially to do with the pharmacy. The store is great in general but the pharmacy is superlative. The staff makes it felt like a small town pharmacy. The staff is meticulous on the details. They double check interactions and risk factors. They remember their customers.

  • Heather Atha

One of my favorite grocery stores in Charlotte. The employees are extremely friendly, the store is clean, the produce is always fresh with a nice variety of berries, passion fruit, mango, papaya, even taro and yuca. Also love all the bakery items including vegan cookies now.

  • Sherita Mckeever

The customer service at this location was top notch. HOWEVER, I wish Publix would take their time and clean the chicken it's really nasty to try and eat chicken with that many feathers. And it's not just this location, Publix in colonial Heights VA had feathery chicken too.

  • Donella Richardson-Graham

I do not know how I had missed this store. I ride pass here all the time but never stop. My husband and I stopped. We were blown away. The store has cozy places to sit and eat or read a book or even complete some work. It's set up like the Target in Midtown but it's nicer.

  • Mr. Grim

What can I say? Publix is Publix! I usually find what I need and then some, never had any bad service, product is normally fresh and in good shape. Prices might be a bit higher than some? But it is one of the best grocery stores to patronize in MHOP!

  • Saad

This store is very very very clean , customer service are very helpful satff are amazing price I would say not the best there is ,but the quality of products are really good . The aisles are very wide and everything is stacked in a very good way .

  • Jenny Peralta

I'm going to be honest here. I am an Aldi regular customer, but if need to go out of my way this is the place to go. For me the best customer service ever. I don't really know what it's that make a huge difference between Publix and Harris

  • Leslie Lemley

Prices are high but I have always enjoyed my shopping experience until a week ago. I wanted to play the lottery prior to shopping. The was a young man or boy at customer service who was too busy on what appeared to be a personal call to

  • Stan Beaulieu

While shopping, the store had an employee follow me around. The young man had on a safari hat and safari like outfit. He also had an employee badge hanging on his clothes. He followed me around the entire store. When I went to the self

  • Tony Scotto di Carlo

It's a very nice store with more room to maneuver than any Harris Teeter I have been to, but the prices are higher and the vegetable selection was bad. Of the veggies we picked up, most were near the end of edibility. I don't recommend.

  • Jean Harms

Seem pretty good about restocking items, employees are usually friendly and helpful. However, in recent months I've had to resort to shopping across the street since Publix has discontinued quite a few brands of items that I purchase

  • Jay Cavalli

Snack section was reasonably well stocked. Gotta love those pop tarts! On BOGO this week so be sure to stop by and pick up a 12pk. I have to say that while the Publix deli is not what it used to be- this locations was fantastic! Very

  • Renee L

Publix is fantastic. There is parking on the 1st floor and you can either take the stairs or the elevator up. The deli is always so fresh and my fiancé and I just love the Publix fried chicken. Shopping is stress free here and the

  • Mikael Moronta

The Publix was super nice. The concept of a multi-story Publix is super unique, but not as cool for the workers... As a fellow Publix employee I could not imagine bringing loads of carts up and down the elevators all day.

  • Janna H.

Very clean store and parking was not terrible, everyone was very helpful and friendly while shopping here. They had everything on my list and great deals on a few items. Will definitely shop this location more often

  • Matt Jacobson

Normally a decent go-to. Recently picked up a pre-made vegetable tray and the celery was slimy and gross and the broccoli had black/brown spots all over. I salvaged what I could, but half the broccoli was tossed.

  • Elizabeth Nava

Ari at the Subs|Sandwiches department was awesome! This was the best sub I’ve ever had, and he gave top notch customer service to us! We will definitely return and hopefully see him again! Go Heels!

  • Mary Johnson

Very, very clean . Good selection had really good experience getting our flu shot which made me decide to order my food there. Pickup was fast . Only problem was bags packed to heavy for old ladies.

  • George

It's my go to super market, has everything I need, and the 99-cent Arizona Tea is a big bonus. It's a little hard to navigate but the workers are extremely helpful and it's easy to get used to

  • Bella Rose

It is one of the nicest and cleanest locations I have been to, and I've been going to Publix all across the Southeast my entire life. Definitely will going to this location more often now.

  • Mike Smith

Andrew is the best pharmacist I have ever dealt with. He is super friendly, always remembers my name, extremely knowledgeable about medications and gives the most pain free shot ever.

  • Paula Nelson

Refreshing to visit a Public after 11 years of living in a state that doesn’t have this food chain. As usual, fresh veggies, meats and large variety of products even international.

  • Tip Tharrington

absolutely loved this location. Jennifer is a deli worker who we enjoyed talking to . she gave great recommendations . will be back to that location,its clean and organized.

  • Nikicia Lindsay

I loved my experience with the bakery!! I called and asked for my pickup time to be earlier and they were more than understanding about the situation. Definitely the best

  • Mike Vickers

I'm giving 4 stars because the deli and produce departments are somewhat lacking, but I shop here regularly and I'm usually happy with the savings and inventory.

  • Robert Elliott

Very nice store. Clean and bright. More costly than Walmart ant not as many store brand offerings.. but the store is really nice.

  • Rhosonda Marzette

Publix have the best meat It's always fresh the people are nice .So if you are looking for fresh meat this is the store to shop.

  • Grizz The Green

Simbia in the Deli is such a Queen, so helpful and knowledgeable. I'm not sure if she is a manager but definitely should be.

  • John Abrahamson

Best Publix in the Charlotte area, that I've visited. The birthday cake they made for us this weekend was really delicious.

  • Sophia Ceasar

This is my favorite publix in the whole world because i get some free stuff sense my mom works here plus they have PRIME!!!

  • Hunt Blatz

Nice store an atmosphere. Prices are a bit higher here for several of my staples, l like soy milk, and whole wheat flour.

  • Rian Bolin

Love this particular Publix location. Employees are helpful and the selection is great. Can find some great BOGOs too.

  • Dan Penny

People are friendly. Store laid out like the one I shop at in Richmond. Much rather go here than HT across the street.

  • Brett Griffith

The deli serves sandwiches with mold on the meat and bread. This was the worst experience I’ve ever had at a Publix

  • Sharea Harris

Everyone should enjoy this store publix jas everything fresh and you can tell the difference best customer service

  • Elizabeth Burk

Store manager chose to profile my family buying BABY formula instead of helping his associates during lunch rush.

  • Karina Larrea

Staff was super nice and store was clean! Had a little bit of a hard time getting back to my car lol …

  • Nlkki Houston

I'm very pleased with Publix, especially with the meat department! The store at a whole was under rated!

  • K Gibson

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of the store and the great experience that I received while I was there.

  • Tabetha Goforth

My cakes are always the bomb coming from Publix. Love the fresh fruit and veggies. Amazing......

  • Annie Flint

Lots of items, nice clean store. Interesting parking situation. High prices.

  • sylvietta c

Always a great feeling going to Publix compared to any other grocery stores.

  • rick angstadt

Very clean, modern & well stocked store. Prices are a little high.

  • Steven Umphlett

Always a pleasure. Great staff. And really nice selection.

  • joseph pearlman

They will order live lobsters. Price is reasonable.

  • Neek H

Good experience. My familyfamily loved the cake.

  • angela otero

Clean, organized, just like I remember them.

  • Rob McCarver

Pricey, but great service very clean..

  • Brooke B

Love Publix! They have good sushi

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