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3950 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203



Steele Auto Sales is a Used car dealer located at 3950 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203. It has received 111 reviews with an average rating of 3.7 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Steele Auto Sales: 3950 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203

  • Steele Auto Sales has 3.7 stars from 111 reviews

  • Used car dealer

  • "I bought my car from them so I thought to go back to them to see what they had"

    "I would not get a car off tthem"

    "I did call in hopes to reach Jr"

    "Sold me a 2013 sonic , had a slight problem Larry switched me out cars after a week and I love it ‍ great communication and gotta love tinaaa she so sweet and patient Update "

    "I am posting this for Elizabeth who JUST bought a lemon 2004 Nissan Quest van from Larry (that knows finger spelling)"


  • Natalie Veal

I bought my car from them so I thought to go back to them to see what they had. Bought a 2009 Dodge Journey On March 14th, 2016 from Larry Vancel. Test drove it he promised to get the heat fixed the next day which was a Tuesday and he was off, I was told by him to take it down to Indy Auto Man, long story short my brakes were going all the way to the floor and Larry agreed to also fix that. They had my vehicle back and forth at their shop for about a month and the brakes are still messed up, took it back because it was leaking brake fluid, claimed they fixed it but nope. Then my vehicle went to Garfield Auto to be fixed for the heat, another back and forth with this shop and no heat, also made my vehicle over heat because they forgot to put the overflow hose back on, expressed that they were so sorry, vehicle over heated about 3 more times left me and my children stranded multiple times. He also had it sent to Eastgate Chrysler and they diagnosed it and he never fixed it there kept taking it to these knock off shops. Oh yeah and I had a test done on it for a blown head and it was blown, my uncle from RON's AUTO BODY knew a master tech and they did the test. Talked to my uncle and asked about it he told me I have a blown head. Acted like I never talked to my uncle finally asked Larry what happened he said I have a bad head, I said yes I know they did the test and it came back bad. He said how do you know that, I said that is MY UNCLE you think he is about to lie to me like all these other shops only you talk to and they tell you the truth and you don't let the customer know, exactly. He called Garfield auto they said if they did a test too and it was bad they would replace it. Oh what do you know their test came back good; who would admit to blowing a head and having to fix it, NO ONE. Also asked PLENTY OF TIMES FOR RECEPITS FOR THE WORK FROM LARRY AND NEVER RECEIVED THEM. Finally I decided to take STEELE auto to small claims court for breach of contract on 7/25/16 I filed because Larry wrote on my as is paper that he would fix the heat problem. And after continuing the court date 2 times until November 10th,2016 I only got 700 because LARRY "fixed" other things on the car, what thing I do not even know about because still having the same problems. And after they received the paper work for the 700 and costs; they thought they didn't owe me my court costs. Contacted them to let them know and they said they weren't paying it. So I filed an order to appear and they finally paid it here after everything was said and done I FINALLY GOT ALL MY MONEY LAST WEEK, not to mention that isn't going to fix my blown head and heat problem that still exists. $3,000 later my car is fixed, they screwed me but that is ok. GOD DOESN'T LIKE UGLY THEY WILL GET THEIRS!!! GOD BLESS. Singed; Your FAVORITE CUSTOMER NATALIE!

  • rick downs

I would not get a car off tthem. They have a firebird which looks good but that is it. I payed 900 down on Tuesday and tried to return it on friday. They said there was nothing wrong with it because there mechanic said there was nothing wrong with it. But he couldn't put a door panel back on correctly nor put a correct heating know on right. The car has a bad oil pump.rusted out brake lines.bent rims. Rear seal out. Transmission pan gasket out oil pan gasket out but yet this car was in perfect condition I was told it can make it to Chicago Detroit wherever I need to make it and they tried to tell me that even though I took it to a regular garage and have them check it out for that garage has no clue what the f*** you're talking about that the mechanic is right but you have a mechanic didn't see the rusted out brake lines and I did not get my $900 back so it cost me 900 dollars just to drive a car from there to the mechanics and back so I would not recommend using them at all if you do I would be persistent and take your car to a mechanic before you give them any money. And yes I know it's a used car. Book value is 1800 and I was going to pay 6000 but to get it road ready would have been another 3000. Be careful of what you get off them. I would recommend going to buds auto. Just spoke Jr and was told no refunds. And would be talking to his lawyer.

  • Melissa AnnMarie honeybeed Davisson

I did call in hopes to reach Jr. or whomever else could help me out with a couple questions pertaining to maintenance, as I am driving a vehicle that come from their lot which was a family members of mine who had purchased it there. Unfortunately nobody was available to answer their phone. Aside from car business I had been a longtime friend with some of the family and also have mutual friends of mine that know them as well. Aside from any maintenance Inquiry ,I was going to just see how everybody was doing . I hope to catch them on my next attempt. For those looking for a good used vehicle ,I would tell you they are worth checking out. I have known them to have a very good history with having good quality Vehicles, low maintenance and they've always been very pleasant and accommodating to those who have purchased vehicles from their lot. Best, Missy

  • Dwanna Cotton

Sold me a 2013 sonic , had a slight problem Larry switched me out cars after a week and I love it ‍ great communication and gotta love tinaaa she so sweet and patient Update was problems needed an engine car sat a while month offered me a charger , the shop messed it up n he really sold it ( shop told me ) it was items in the charger when it wasn't I test drove it . Basically after this it was I'm waiting on cars I'll let u know and nothing , I stopped paying and went else where , I kept every text from mechanic that they sent me to , from diagnostic being ran to emails and receipts , and videos . I'm just waiting on them to send me to court cause baby I'm ready . Sad it turned out this way I loved my car but learned they only car about the dollar . Smh

  • Judy A Miller

I am posting this for Elizabeth who JUST bought a lemon 2004 Nissan Quest van from Larry (that knows finger spelling). He ripped her big time by lying Saying the engine light came on cuz need oil change -- really??? Found out they were------oxygen sensor O.E. Type, wheel bearing/hub assembly front, exhaust muffler clogged. Larry said tv player was working when it's NOT!!!! What kind of a business is that ripped the customer out!!!! That dissed me for being an Unhonest salesman! This rating is definitely a -10. Not a plus! RECOMMENDATION---DONT go there!!!!


They are running a Lemon Lot, overpriced high mileage cars, thry try to bs around with repairs after they put Band-Aids on major problems hoping you make it past your warranty time. You end up piling up repair cost which in turn may make you late with your payment, then they repo you and get the car back in better condition than they gave it to you in. Not very trustworthy or honesty people, can't wait until this damn car is paid off and I will never recommend them to a soul, heading to the BBB page now to report them as well

  • Shay Taylor

Horrible company, they sold me a truck they was barely drivable, taking their sweet time to fix it, haven’t been able to drive the truck since i bought it and said if i don’t pay they will repo, I’m paying for a broke down truck, haven’t had a ride to work because my truck doesn’t run, the owner is very disrespectful, i wish someone would have warned me before i did business with them. They sale junk cars for high prices. Larry have poor customer service. Save yourself the time and look elsewhere

  • Stacy Newman

I am a very unhappy customer. I will never buy from this place again. They seen a desperate woman come in with a 500.00 down payment and gave me the crapppiest car they had on the lot. I have had nothing but problems from day one of getting my car. My car is sitting in my driveway now and again isn't running. This has been an ongoing thing since I got it in October of 2015. Please do not buy from here. I have never ever had this much trouble with any car I have gotten from other places.

  • Nikiya Felder

Larry Is A GREAT HONEST SALESMAN! I met him back in 2018 and I’m now on my second vehicle purchased from him and wouldn’t have it any other way. Communication is the KEY because if something is wrong they will figure out a way to fix it instead of ripping you off. Jr is nice and I love Ms Tina they are like another family…..IF YOU NEED A CAR AND NOT TRYING TO GET RIPPED OFF STEELE’S IS WHERE YOU NEED TO GO.

  • Ian Hammond

Bootleg car lot sends u to mechanics that don't even have a lift(Garfield's, and L+h) not one certified mechanic will touch the car your purchasing. Overall u will grossly over pay for cars of very poor quality car. Larry is a liar and will say anything to get his commission check. P.s. always watch your receipts They forget to add payments daily so your payment Prolly went to Larry

  • Vonda Johnson

After day 1 check engine light came on. Took car back. Sent to a bogus mechanic that acted as if he fixed the car. Next day car did the same. 4 really really bad tires.The ignition was broke every time u take the key out the whole switch came out. My advise have your mechanic go with u. Because these cars are bought and never serviced. Buyer beware.

  • Melissa Scott

Everything that Larry said he would do, he has done. He seems honest and quite personable. These people complaining are ridiculous... You're getting a used car from somone willing to help out those of us with much less than perfect credit, what the hell do you expect?? I love my car and expect to buy from Steele again when it is paid off.

  • Rogue Video Productions

My mom got a 2007 Dodge Ram Hemi off the lot. She loves it. It’s fast, reliable, and does everything that it should. Engine light was on. They had it fixed. I even took it to my own mechanic before letting them take it to theirs and havin it fixed. I will be gettin a vehicle from them as well as my fiancé. Love them. Great people

  • Dustin Pierson

Im on my 30th vehicle from Steele's auto from dad Jerry to his son they have been so very fair & honest about there vehicles. I bought 6 in the past 15 years from Larry so thanks guys & keep up the good work and you guys got my credit up .. I will see you soon sincerely #1 buyer Dusty now I'm loyalty 4 sure. Have a great Year..

  • Jim Stine

Pushes bad cars on unsuspecting buyers and offers no assistance to make things right. Sold my daughter a car that was missing a spare had known transmission issues and was generally unsafe for the road. I understand that a buyer must shop smart but to have a dealer knowingly pedal an unsafe vehicle is unconscionable.

  • Karen Hawley

The service was amazing and they got me in something that was on my price range and reliable I would definitely recommend my friends to go here... They work with your Budget and they offer oil changes and other services. Thank you Steele auto sales you have made a longtime customer

  • Renee Burgess

If I could give 0 stars I would. There very disrespectful just got hung up on by a lady. We paid our car off an I went an tried to pick up the title an they lost the title. How can a dealership lose a title.?? I’ll never purchase a vehicle there again.

  • Cody Chadwick

All there car's are junk they get them from auctions and half ass fix them up then charge you 10 times blue book. And as soon as you get the car you have problems that they won't offer to even fix. I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to this car lot.

  • Chuck Harrison

Larry is the kind of person that when you're truthful and honest with him he will do his best to get you into a vehicle with a small down payment . I was recommend anyone to give steel auto sales a try. I believe you have a good experience.

  • Tammy Teague

I bought a suv from them and weeks later my transmission went out . And they want me to pay half price and the owner pay the other half. I should’ve have to pay for nothing.. I would not refer a dog to buy a car from them

  • William Lacey

Went to look at a car today, was able to drive home today the process was quick and easy no hassle very upfront honest, I recommend anyone looking to buy a car truck or suv to stop buy u won’t be disappointed!!!

  • MaryJane Russell

Love this place! I will always come get vehicles from here. Larry, and JR are the best ppl to do buisness with. I feel like family. Honest and upfront sales. Best buy here pay here in indiana that i have found.

  • Kimberly Blalock

I love Larry & Tina. Great professional service, they actually care about their customers and its not ALL about the mighty dollar at Steel Auto its about fairness & honesty. Thanks Steel Auto for all you do.

  • King Shafer

Bad cars, bad service. As many of others have said, they do not service their vehicles before selling them. they will rip you off if you come with a large down payment. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone I knew.

  • James Abney

Purchased a van from them and have been very happy with it. It has had a couple issues and even though they dont have to Larry has helped with them. Good people to deal with so far.

  • Kelle Davis

Bought a car from them, good people, good deal, quick service, no hassle, I had to bring the car back for repair, they sent me to repair shop and covered the cost of repairs.

  • Vernice Hill

A good place to get a car they're very friendly and understanding is times get rough all you have to do is talk to them and they work with you try them their good

  • Rose Haney

My husband and I both got vehicles and they are nice and they do help you and very honest Iarry does what he says he is going to do thanks for the good experience

  • brandon thomas

I've gotten three cars from here and they have all been good cars to me. Larry has helped me in every way that he could to fix any problems that I have had.

  • Tammy Householder

The jury is still out. Being a car dealers daughter I'm a hard customer. We'll see if they hon honor everything they said they'd do. I'll update tomorrow!!

  • Perry Graham

Best dealership in Bethlehem brought a Dodge Durango from here today quick and easy will go here again.

  • Carlos Avila

Awesome place to deal with great people wide selection of cars I will be buying another car from them

  • kenneth davis

Not a place I would buy a car from and the sales people are very untrustworthy!!! …

  • Jacob Holmes

horrible business they will use you and will not fix anything never buy from those company

  • Christina Jackson

They are nice people. They also have nice and reliable vehicles with good service.

  • Diane Lemaire

Treated me well. Put me in a nice car I can afford. Everyone is really nice.

  • Richard Martin

The staff has continued to be extremely helpful and attentive to customers

  • Beach Family Adventures

Nice people. They do what they can to help you get in a vechile

  • Larry Johnson

Don't buy a car here!! Bad business and they'll rip you off,

  • VelRae Morgan

Dirty cars to expensive and disrespectful lady works there

  • J

They do not wear masks and the front lady is rude!

  • Renea Lawrence

Not only do they have cars, they've houses as well

  • Eric Lovelace

There cool people there they try to help you out

  • Amber Dawn

Too over priced for the junk they have

  • F Brown

Excellent cars great prices nice staff

  • Dakota Pinkiston

Junk cars do not go to this car lot

  • Johnny Etter, Jr.

Decent cars for reasonable price.

  • Miranda Monday

Good selection and great people!!

  • Troy T.

Very friendly and eager to help

  • Kathie Warfield

Nice people good to work with

  • Daniel Geraci

Will help with poor credit.

  • Fred Humes

Great vehicles good prices

  • Ayanna Thacker (YaYa)

Great Plan on going back

  • Kerry Boyd

Great people nice cars

  • Jeanelle Gregory

Larry is the BOMB

  • Danetta Alothmani

Five Star sevic

  • Mila Stewart

Friendly staff.

  • fred Servies

Bad salesman

  • Robert Doty

Good people

  • Robert Houpt

Nice poeple

  • Josh Byrum

Love it

  • Butta Bean


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  • Jazmin Davis
  • Robert D Baxter Sr
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  • Anthony Kelsay
  • Mark Loman
  • Gary Hensley
  • Summer Ullrich
  • Edward Shattuck
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  • Julie Bruce

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